so the ears arrived


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Member - Hoseok x reader

Genre - Angst, Fluff, (future) smut

[A/N] - only implied stuff in this chapter

Word count - 7.4K

Summary - On the occasion of your best friends wedding and high school reunion, you happened to meet once again, one of the richest heirs of the country, famous fuckboy Jung Hoseok.

While the world saw him as a cocky arrogant person and you, as a confident, strong woman, only the two of you knew the scars that were hidden, and things you both were unable to fix.

Only the two of you could see right through each others facade.

But could you and Hoseok finally break the gyves holding you back? Or were you the ones who shackled each other in the first place?

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Namjoon was feeling breathless.

As if the suit he was clad was not suffocating enough, there had been a sort of dread constantly constricting his chest for the past few days. Of course he was tensed because Jin seemed to rely entirely on him alone for the smooth flow of events but there was something else bothering him too. Physically he was present, assigning and over seeing work around the party but mentally he was lost. He only had one thought persistently ringing through his head Was this reunion a right choice?

Yes Namjoon did want to meet all the old school mates who were here - some of whom he had lost contact with over the years, some of whom who surprisingly managed to stick to him the past 6 years, some of whom till today remained no more than a business contact. Almost all 143 students of their batch were present here but instead of relishing the moment, all he could see was the underlying danger in all of this. The danger of revisiting the past, a place where things may not have happened the way they wanted it to.

And that’s why even though today he was standing amidst people he had practically grown up with, he was still unable to relax. Because as uncertain as their future is, that certain was the fact that their past was not something nice enough to be remembered again.

Walking through the chatting crowd, Namjoon tried to smile as politely as possible at all those who greeted him, hiding the days of tiredness on his shoulders, till he finally reached Jin.

“Jin, Listen up, Yoongi called a while back to tell he won’t be reaching today, some meeting or something came up apparently. As usual he is obviously making up excuses to avoid social interactions. Mark my words this fellow will only turn up, at the maximum, an hour before your wedding. That workaholic asshole.”

Jin shook his head exasperated as Namjoon checked through his list updating the groom to be on everything

“The situation here is pretty much under control. I’ve given Charlie instructions so he will make sure that all guests are handed props. The make up artists are also ready. They messaged me that they are in the dressing rooms so you and Mia can go change after your individual shoots are over. Jimin and Kate are taking care of all the food and drinks so everyone is well fed. As far as music is concerned,”

Namjoon balled his fists muttering under his breath. “Don’t even ask. The DJ is being such a pain in the ass. For some god knows what reason, he seems to play everything but the tracks we asked him to. You have no idea how badly I want to punch him in the face. I don’t even know why you hired that cocky arrogant little basta-

“Because no one but that idiot Jungkook knows how to mix tapes Joonie. I’m just waiting for Kookie to get his stupid ass here. I can’t wait to kick out this little piece of….” Jin narrowed his eyes at the figure standing behind the equipment earning a slap from Namjoon on his shoulder “Set your expression right Jin, there are cameras are flashing around you.”

Jin adjusted the collar of his black Valentino suit and forced a smile onto his face while whispering to Namjoon and posing for the photographers simultaneously, “ And yeah Mia was asking if all 144…“ Namjoon made a quick but noticable eye contact with Jin who cleared his throat uncomfortably.”….143 of them have arrived and checked in the hotel or not. Who’s yet to come?”

“Well almost everyone reached by yesterday. Yoongi was supposed to be here by now but since he postponed his flight, I don’t know when he will turn up now. Jungkook will be here max by tomorrow afternoon. Those three girls, ah I forgot their names, the three of them who got caught sleeping drunk in the classroom remember?” Jin nearly choked trying to suppress his laughter. That was a funny incident. “yeah they are reaching tomorrow as well and who else…” The two of them stared at the floor trying to recollect when Namjoon beat Jin to it. ” Ah Y/N is flying in today as well. In fact.” Namjoon looked at his Rolex. “She must be landing in about half an hour.”

“Really? That’s good. Mia will be happy. Did you send someone to pick her up?”

Namjoon sighed shaking his head. “No one is free now to go now Jin. Everyone has been assigned work-”

“Hoseok. Send Hobi, I’m pretty sure he is free?” Jin’s eyes scanned the crowd. “Where is he anyways?”

Namjoon let out a short laugh. “The day someone manages to finally figure out the answer to that question, I will actually write my entire fortune off the great person.”

“ If that’s the case then I’ll bet my entire fortune that my brother is probably snogging a woman in her mid twenties, somewhere near the green rooms.” The boys turned at the sweet voice and Namjoon felt his girlfriend reach up to him and place a soft peck on his cheek. “Hi baby. You look tired..”

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Drunk on you - Saeyoung/707 SMUT

My first smut fic! Enjoy!

I hope he isn’t too much OOC, but I just love to think that Saeyoung likes it a little dirty.

Smutty smutty smutty. Don’t read if you don’t want to, it’s explicit here.

You and the RFA guys sat on a table on a saturday night while enjoying some wine and beer. Everyone got invited by Jumin, who just got a big business deal and was in high spirits. You sat beside Saeyoung, your boyfriend, who kept on pressing about meeting Elizabeth 3rd.

“Come on Jumin, just once! Just let me pet her soft fur one time~“ “No way. You’re not gonna lay a finger on her.“

Zen just shook his head, murmuring about how he’s gonna sneeze from only thinking of the white fur ball, but nobody seemed to mind and everyone was laughing at Saeyoung’s many tries to convince Jumin that he would love her with all his heart and be good to her.

"You know what? I’m gonna go home now, and I’m taking ____ with me. If I’m not able to pet Elly, I’m gonna pet her.“

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First thoughts playing Mass Effect... 10 years since its release


  • kaidan i’m gonna punch who i want calm your shit why can’t you be more like williams
  • he’s probably still salty about jenkins
  • can someone explain to me why spider-bitch has her tits hangin halfway out of her getup
  • these form-fitting armors can’t be that protective, can they? where do they put the shield gener-… oh… oh
  • directional arrows in the citadel aren’t directional enough srsly where tf am i?
  • garrus what makes you think you’re gonna convince anyone with textures as shitty as yours (finally installs texture mod)
  • i want that eyepiece
  • yes keith david whisper sweet nothings into my ear. you’re so precious talking about intergalactic peril
  • do the council members arrive with those sticks already up their asses
  • … wtf
  • i’d pay good money for dlc letting me punch harkin in his fucking mouth
Bad Luck Lion Around, MLB minific

Based off of this-
I said I’d fic it so dammit I’m gonna fic it!!!!!
Adrien was very confused. Why did he have to have a photo shoot with lions??? Well, more specifically, lionesses. He shrugged and did the shoot, and figured that was that, and the giant tame cats would go home and he’d go back to his cold, empty house.
Then the lionesses went missing. He had been on his way to the park, bored yet actually allowed free time, when he heard the growling. He tensed up, and slowly turned around to see the six lionesses from before, each staring at him with twitching tails and tense body language.
He yelped in panic when they pounced.
Marinette wasn’t sure if she should panic or laugh at this ridiculous scene in front of her. She’d been walking through the park around sunset for fashion inspiration when she’d heard the short, panicked scream and a lot of loud thumping, and then… purring?
She’d gone to investigate, and had skidded to a stop at the sight that greeted her in the park treeline. “Adrien? What happened to you?!?” Marinette yelped, shocked.
Adrien looked at her helplessly from a giant puddle of huge beige cats that were currently nuzzling and purring and draped all over him. “I honestly have no idea?!?” Adrien whisper yelled, making a pained face as the main lioness that had him pinned licked the back of his head and ruffled his hair. Marinette tried extremely hard not to giggle at the sight of her crush being treated like a tiny kitten.
“Okay okay, don’t move, I’ll see if I can find their handler? They obviously aren’t wild… maybe I can get Ladybug!” Marinette told him, making a ‘stay there’ motion with her hands before dashing off. Adrien huffed from under a large paw on his stomach. “Yeah, not really going anywhere.” He grumbled, wincing as a soft rumble was followed by another head lick.
Adrien blamed Plagg for this. Him and his Chat Noir bad luck. Not only was he being cuddled by a pride of lionesses, apparently every cat in the city had joined in on laying on top of Adrien, anywhere they could reach. Strays and house cats, kittens and adults alike flocked to him and settled in, purring and nudging him and his hands ached from stroking so many ears and backs.
Ladybug, when she arrived with the lion handler, outright burst into hysterical laughter at the sight of him drowning in fluff. “There weren’t this many before!” He wailed, as a tiny black Bombay kitten purred from her perch on top of his head. A crowd had actually formed, not getting too close because of the lions, but close enough to take pictures and videos.
“Chat Noir would get a kick out of this.” Ladybug giggled as she cleared away some of the cats, the lion handler calling the reluctant lionesses away from the teenage boy. Surprisingly, Adrien almost didn’t want the giant cats to go.
For the first time in a long time, he’d felt… loved? And warm, and protected, and safe. But he held his tongue, instead choosing to cradle the stray kitten that had been on top of his head the whole time in his arms. She mewled and purred, big blue eyes blinking up at him.
Funny, that tiny black kitten was the second best thing to happen to him that day. He got to keep her, actually. It made the house a little less lonely.
He named her Bluebell, after the lead lioness and for her blue eyes.
It made living around the house more bearable, too. So much for “Lion around.”
I am done, I am satisfied, life is great and the moon is shining ;) and yes, the pun at the end is intentional. Fight me.

One of my favorite InuKag fics has them married with kids where Kagome can still go through the well and Kagome’s mom insists on a family gathering with all of Kagome’s aunts and cousins to meet her husband and the kids and Kagome is super nervous about them meeting Inuyasha for the first time (since he’s YOU know…from another time ((you thought I was gonna say the ears! got you))) so they all arrive and they’re all like “KAGOME HOW COULD YOU GET MARRIED WITHOUT US!! AND WHY ARE YOU HIDING YOUR HUSBAND!!”
And then you hear a yelp from upstairs and Inuyasha yelling “I CANT WEAR THIS SHIT” about the clothes Kagome begged him to put on and he forgets about Kagome’s extended family being outside so he walks out of the room wearing nothing but underwear and all the woman in Kagome’s family are staring with open mouths and gaping looks.
Kagome ushers him blushing back inside to get dressed and when she comes back out one of her aunts says out loud, “we understand now dear…”

“Understand what??”

“Why you kept that man hidden from view.”


And then one of the older aunts goes, “DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF IT!!!!”

I know, I’m embarrassing whatever

“Shortcut, huh?”

“Yes, and i am like 75% sure we are on the right track!”

“Well, that’s just delightful! If i wouldn’t have listened to you i would have arrived 2 hours ago! And i would be much cleaner too…”

“If you would stop whining we would be a few steps closer to our destination!!”

“I wish i have never bought you!!”

“…I could just leave you here….”

“Sigh…Just…just get me out of here!”

“Worry not, i’m 60% sure we will arrive in an hour or so.”

“Music to my ears….”

Not everybody can afford a big and strong companion. Others can only have acces to small guides specific to certain habitats (frogs for swamps, bunnies for forests, snakes for deserts…etc.). They usually do a really good job in guiding, but there are other times when things don’t work out as planned… 

I did finish this last night! I was just too tired to upload it. I spent like 1,5 hours making the background, just the background!

Suga (Part 2) - Yoongi x Reader

tired!admin finally finished it!

Group : BTS

Member : Min Yoongi

Genre : cheating (?), affair, smut (later), fluff

Word Count : 3108

Description : Y/N is absolutely happy with Yoongi, her sweet and caring who treats her like a fragile flower. But one day, she meets Suga, who looks exactly like Yoongi, only that his personality is the exact opposite. Only he can show her the “dark side” of love she never got to experience with Yoongi. So at day, Y/N is in the warm arms of Yoongi but as soon as night falls, she finds herself in bed with Suga, who seems to know all of her darkest fantasies….

previouspart I | next : part III


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I’ve Been Going Crazy, Don’t Want to Waste Another Minute Here.

Pairing(s): Nicomaki, Nozoeli, Kotoumi *hinted*.

Words: 3400.

Rating: T.

Summary: Just a glimpse of BiBi working at Hot Topic. All them trying to get through the last bit of their shift, but not before dealing with relationship drama & your nerd friends first.

Notes: So here it is guys, the first of my many one-shots for my Mall Rats AU. It took me a little bit to try & write this, but it’s finally finished! I plan on writing another one in the next few days, so be on the lookout for that! I’d like to thank both @theasteroid-blues​ & @nishiklno​ for giving this a look over, you’re both saints! If anyone needs a refresher on what my AU is about, you can find it linked here! If I made any grammar/spelling errors, I’ll correct them later.

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jeffreytheterribleliar  asked:

To the ears of certain person it arrives the not so known legend of the Armoia's String. It's said that it can't be cut but instead cam cut through anything if the one that uses the ball of that string knows what they are doing. The planet where it was last seen? Well, it's in ruins. A war that has nothing to do with the artefact destroyed most of the buildings. Now in that brown and grey planet thre is nobody left. Will Bianca want to find the artefact?

While Bianca herself isn’t interested, her client sure was. She had hired her to try and find the Armoia’s String. The reward’s too good to pass up.

After the bounty hunter landed her ship on the planet that’s now in ruins, she carefully studied the ruins to try and get an idea where she should go.

If only the clues actually made sense…

You’re Pregnant - Ashton Irwin Imagine

You’ve been dating Ashton for over 4 years, it is just after your college graduation you have just thrown a big party and it’s the day after. You aren’t feeling well and find out that you are pregnant.

You wake up to a loud banging sound in your kitchen, Ashton is not in your bed next to you like thought he should be. You go down stairs to see what on earth he could be doing. It was 9am, the morning after your big graduation party and you are exhausted. He had surprised you by inviting all of your friends over for a big party and frankly it was amazing, you haven’t had that much fun since he let you join him on tour a few summers ago. 

You walk into the kitchen to find a frazzled Ashton running around the kitchen in just his underwear holding a garbage bag throwing away anything in his sight. 

“Baby, what are you doing? It’s 9 in the morning; can’t we clean later? Lets go back to bed.” You say not realizing he hasn’t seen you yet. He jumped so high you tried not to laugh. 

“Sweetie, I’m sorry. I tried not to wake you. My parents called, they are coming for dinner. I have it under control don’t worry…” He only got that far into trying to calm you down when you quickly run to the bathroom to throw up. You close the door hoping he won’t follow you, even though you know it won’t work.

“It’s fine, Ash. I’m fine, just a hangover that’s all really.” Except that was a lie because you have been feeling sick every morning for about a week now. You haven’t told Ashton about it yet because you didn’t want to worry him. You were hoping it would just be the flu or something but your period was supposed to come two days ago and it hasn’t yet. You would take a test tonight, just to be sure.

“Okay, I will get you some pain medicine and make you some soup just in case. Go sit on the couch. I’ve cleaned the living room already; put a movie in and rest, I’ll figure dinner out, don’t you worry.” He was always so positive about everything. 

“Thank you baby. I love you.” You went and put Clueless in, one of your favorite movies. 

You suddenly feel someone rubbing your back; you must’ve fallen asleep. Looking at the clock you realize that 5 hours have gone by and Ashton’s parents will be here soon.

“Baby, wake up. Come on, time to get dress and ready for dinner. I made chicken and pasta, your favorite. Now go get dressed before my parents arrive.” He whispers in your ear ever so softly. You get off the couch feeling faint and remember what you told yourself earlier. 

You go into the bathroom and see that you have yet to get your period. You grab the pregnancy test you bought out of your make up bag and take it, waiting the appropriate amount of time. You start shaking uncontrollably, thinking about how everything will change the moment you look at this little plastic stick. This little plastic stick holds the answer to what your future will be, and you are so terrified. 


The bold red letters pierce your eyes. You fall to the floor in a flood of tears, possibly joy possibly panic-stricken. You are full of anxiety and immediately think what will Ash say. You sit on the floor in a ball of tears cradling the pee covered test for at least a half an hour before you hear Ashton yell for you. You don’t answer. You don’t know what to say. You can’t have this dinner. You can’t play like nothing is wrong. You should never have taken that test.

A billion thought are running through your mind when suddenly Ashton walks into the bathroom to see you. A mess sprawled across the bathroom floor, crying your eyes out holding a pregnancy test.

“y/n! What’s wrong? Are you okay? What happened?” He knelt down beside you and that is when he noticed the test in your hand. “What is that? Thats not, its not. It can’t be.”

“Its positive, Ash.” You mutter between sobs. He hugs you close to his heart. Letting you cry into him.

“Oh y/n! We are going to have a baby. Oh my God. This is so unexpected but can you imagine a tiny little us running around.” He didn’t seem too upset; or upset at all for that matter.

“Wait. You’re not mad?” You’ve stopped crying. You’re sitting in Ashton’s lap on your bathroom floor still holding your pregnancy test.

“Why would I be mad?” He sorta laughs. “It’s not like it’s really your fault. If anything it’s my fault since I’m the one that wanted to give up condoms. Come on babe! This is great news, I love you and I would love to be the father to your beautiful babies. There is no one else I would rather carry on my genes with. I love you and I want to experience life with you. This is apart of life, a big part actually. This is life; and frankly i couldn’t imagine going through this with anyone else. Now here I am going to call my parents and tell them we need to reschedule and we can have a chill night, sound good?”

“I love you so much, you will be the best daddy ever.” You tell him kissing him and knowing then that it will be okay.

If people like this there could possibly be more, yes or no?

On a moonless night, an owl relies on its sharp hearing to track its prey. It can hear the faint rustling sounds of a mouse nibbling seeds or tunneling in the snow.

At first glance, you wouldn’t think an owl has such excellent hearing: its ears are hidden under feathers on the sides of its head. In many species, like the boreal owl pictured, one ear sits higher than the other, so sounds arrive at each ear at a slightly different time and intensity. This helps the owl pinpoint where the sound is coming from, so it can hunt in complete darkness!

Meet more amazing creatures in Life at the Limits, now open. 

skyward sword zelda ears have arrived. im so excited bc these are so cute and i cant wait to paint them and allso see how they look with my wig <3