so the danger must be growing

Part four of my quotes collection is dedicated to the artists! This one is a little bit longer, but this is because there were so many good artists and quotes I couldn’t pick a select few. As always, I hope you enjoy these quotes!

Leonardo da Vinci

  • “You can have no dominion greater or less than that over yourself.”
  • “Learning never exhausts the mind.”
  • “Time abides long enough for those who make use of it.”
  • “It’s easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.”
  • “I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.”

Vincent van Gogh

  • “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
  • “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
  • “The way to know life is to love many things.”
  • “Even the knowledge of my own fallibility cannot keep me from making mistakes. Only when I fall do I get up again.”
  • “One must work and dare if one really wants to live.”
  • “It is better to be high-spirited even though one makes more mistakes, than to be narrow-minded and all too prudent.”
  • “The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others.”
  • “Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.”
  • “Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”
  • “As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.”

Florence Scovel Shinn

  • “Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.”
  • “You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which 'clicks.'”

Camille Pissarro

  • “It is absurd to look for perfection.”
  • “Everything is beautiful, all that matters is to be able to interpret.”
  • “Don’t be afraid in nature: one must be bold, at the risk of having been deceived and making mistakes.”
  • “When you do a thing with your whole soul and everything that is noble within you, you always find your counterpart.”

Pablo Picasso

  • “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.”
  • “Action is the foundational key to all success.”
  • “Everything you can imagine is real.”
  • “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”
  • “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
  • “He can who thinks he can, and he can’t who thinks he can’t. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.”
  • “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

Andy Warhol

  • “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
  • “People need to be made more aware of the need to work at learning how to live because life is so quick and sometimes it goes away too quickly.”

Salvador Dali

  • “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”
  • “Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.”
  • “Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature. Never try to correct them. On the contrary: rationalize them, understand them thoroughly. After that, it will be possible for you to sublimate them.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

  • “I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”
  • “You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.”

Artemisia Gentileschi

  • “As long as I live I will have control over my being.”

Henri Matisse

  • “Creativity takes courage.”
  • “You study, you learn, but you guard the original naïveté. It has to be within you, as desire for drink is within the drunkard or love is within the lover.”
  • “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
  • “He who loves, flies, runs, and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back.”
  • “Instinct must be thwarted just as one prunes the branches of a tree so that it will grow better.”

Corita Kent

  • “Flowers grow out of dark moments.”
  • “Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed.”
  • “Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.”


  • “Faith in oneself is the best and safest course.”
  • “A beautiful thing never gives so much pain as does failing to hear and see it.”
  • “There is no greater harm than that of time wasted.”
  • “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”
  • “Every beauty which is seen here by persons of perception resembles more than anything else that celestial source from which we all are come.”

Ah, it has been a while, and for that I am sorry, I am also sorry about how short this one is. This is a oneshot, but I do have more ideas up my sleve. Keep sending in requests and give feedback! 

She had been through enough, training was not necessary at the time, to hell with what Rowan said.

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X Company 3x10 aka the series finale aka the reason my heart aches:

  • I can’t believe last episode was actually Sinclair’s death. I said it felt unfinished and anti climatic since he didn’t get his big confrontation with Faber and I stand by that, but at least William survived.
  • I looooved Sabine really getting on board with the allies and hating that Faber had to pretend to be on side
  • Krystina silently shushing Alfred was amazing! I also love that Krystina is so close to Sinclair that she told him off for not getting proof of life. I wanna be Krystina when I grow up.
  • The Nazi professor hating that this award is getting in the way of his work. LOL
  • Aurora in the mirror, so reminiscent of the first time she truly walked into the lion’s den. AMAZING. But that thigh knife? I DIED.
  • Kissing Aurora Luft must be pretty amazing. Like so amazing you don’t realise she’s stealing from you. But holy crap, SO MANY LEVELS OF UNCOMFORTABLE. Aurora is intoxicating though, I’ll give him that
  • I was so nervous for Neil when he was telling Faber’s little dude about his niece. That’s so dangerous, Neil!
  • Neil saving William for Sinclair. :((((
  • Aurora and Faber’s scenes are always SO GOOD and this was no exception. Aurora begging Faber to end it, Aurora convincing Faber to do the right thing, Aurora reminding Faber about Ulli. AURORA LUFT EVERYONE.
  • Schmidt’s face when he found out he was being played. LMAO
  • The slow motion! Faber deciding to sacrifice himself! The Ulli flashbacks, the reason he’s doing this. THIS IS SO SO GOOD!
  • Aurora disarming Schmidt like damn
  • Krystina, Neil, Alfred and Aurora drinking together. MY HEART
  • Aurora making sure Sabine knows about the sacrifice Faber made. Aurora making sure that Sabine is safe. I AM LIVING FOR THIS MOMENT
  • The airplane scene! I am absolutely here for all these throwbacks!
  • The team’s goodbye made me so emotional! I cannot believe so many of them lived! AND WITH HAPPY ENDINGS! 
I’ve Been Dreaming About You (Bucky Barnes x reader)

requested from anonymous: Natasha and Steve are dating (soul mates), their best friends, reader and Bucky, have never met, so they decide to set them up on a date and turns out they have been having visions/ dreams about each other for a while because they are soulmates. [~3000 words]

warning: language

A/N: I really wanted to get this up today, so I’m sorry for any inaccuracies or mistakes (especially at the end) because I was very tired when I wrote this. Also, it was was my first time writing for a promt so I hope you like it like this.

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During his childhood, Bucky never randomly zoned out like all his friends.

But it was okay because Steve didn’t either and playing catch Bucky always won since he was the only one not to keep still all the time.

Who needs a soulmate anyway, he told himself, when you have Steve as your best friend?

Years later, when Bucky has long been going on his assignments and seen how easily his targets are distracted sometimes, he is glad that he doesn’t have to go through the same thing.

Who knows how many times he would have been killed by that point…

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Dark Souls Lore Ramblings #1

So before I go on, I guess I should make it clear that I haven’t played DS3 or DS2. So, if there’s any information that contradicts or explains something, I probably don’t know about it. I’ve just got what I absorbed through pop cultural osmosis. 

I don’t really have any particular order or priority in mind for what I’ve got to say, so this could be kind of all over the place. If you want to know my opinions on something in particular, you should probably drop me a message or a leave a comment or something. With that said, let’s start at the very beginning. I understand that it’s a very good place to start.

Dragons in Dark Souls

So, the Everlasting Dragons. I guess they’re the start of Dark Souls. In the beginning, it was all stone and mist and arch-trees and dragons. Everybody and their mother knows from the interviews with Miyazaki that the dragons are more like elementals than flesh and blood creatures. Their scales are made of stone, the same way the arch-trees are made of stone. So the dragons, the trees, and the earth are essentially all one in the same, to some degree. At the very least, the dragons are part of the landscape and the trees might be their own separate things, what with being the pillars of worlds and all.

Anyway, this is all to get around that whole disparity of existence thing. Rocks don’t die; they’re not alive, but they don’t die, or become undead, or whatever. They still succumb to entropy, but that’s real-world science being applied to a very broadly painted mythic portrait. The way I figure it, the dragons just sat around for millennia, fusing with the ground, coming out of the ground, going back to the ground, all in an endless cycle with no actual beginning or end. Seems appropriate.

Now here’s where things get tricky; did the Everlasting Dragons know about the First Flame and the Lord Souls? Were they trying to keep them down? If they didn’t, then the war against the dragons was perpetuated solely by the Lords; they began a fight with creatures completely beyond their comprehension and perspective. But then, why have a fight? The Lords didn’t even want the place that the dragons had; that would become Ash Lake. The Lords wanted the luxury suite in the arch-tree’s branches. (Whether that refers to exclusively Anor Londo or reality as a whole, I don’t know. We’ll get there when we get there.)

The way I see it, the Dragons did have some agency in this conflict. They didn’t just happen to be there. They were guarding the arch-trees, trying to stop the Lords from establishing reality. They actively opposed the First Flame and the cycle it brought. But why exactly? Well, the obvious, existential answer is that they wanted to avoid the pain and chaos of being. Why go through life and death and all that humdrum when you can be an Everlasting Dragon? Then I thought that it might be to avoid The Dark, or Death, or whatever else; something so horrible that the high point isn’t worth it, that an eternal purgatory is better than having to live with the worst. But then I started noticing details about the dragons;

Stone Dragon. Last of the OG Everlasting Dragons. Hatched in secret or hid away somewhere. Possibly also a Bonfire Maiden, but that doesn’t make any sense (or does it?). Offers Nirvana by offering an escape from the cycle of Light and Dark by becoming somebody’s scale-sona. Anyway, count the limbs on this guy and the dragons from the opening cut scene; four legs, four wings. That’s eight limbs in total.

The Gaping Dragon. Coolest dragon in dark fantasy. Succumbs to the pleasures of the flesh and grows a giant ass mouth to feed its gluttony, because Soulsborne runs on that kind of fairy tale logic. Locked up in Blighttown for a long while until its jailers were too weak to contain it or feed it; probably both. Got hungry, escapes, rampage. I like to think it was worshiped as some kind of sewer god for a while, but that’s pure fancy. On topic; four wings, and… well, eight legs. Twelve limbs in total, but I think we can make an exception given the whole freakish mutation thing.

Now Seath? Seath’s another horrible, freakish mutant. He’s got two arms, six wings, and a whole bunch of tentacles/tails. So that’s eight limbs plus whatever’s going on down south. I’ll be honest, I was going to cover Seath as his own separate business later. But Seath is important; Seath is described as being born. Not fissioning out of the stone, but being born. Birth is tied to death, implying that Seat, unlike the Everlasting Dragons, is tied to the cycle of existence. The whole point that I’m making over these last three is that the original Everlasting Dragons come with eight limbs.

Cut to Kalameet. So called by Gough as the ‘last of the great dragons’. Big boy. (That gemstone in his head might be a nifty callback to draconic lore; in both the East and the West, dragons were described as having magical glowing gems that they stored in their head. In the East, these were the pearls that lung used for flight and to control the sea, while in the West, these gems were the dragon’s actual brain, and had fantastic divinatory and alchemical properties.) I imagine he started rampaging around Oolacile after the Dark hit and the Four Knights fell to shit. But count his limbs; two wings, four legs. Six limbs. If Kalameet is the ‘last’ of the great dragons, then that means he is well after the Lords won against the Everlasting Dragons. He may even have been born in the last days of the war proper. But in any case, Kalameet is literally lesser than the Everlasting Dragons.

Similarly, we don’t know a lot about the undead dragons, but they follow the same basic rules. Four legs, two wings; less than the Everlasting Dragons. What’s more, they’re actually well and proper dead. I mean as much as anything that’s undead (and not an Undead) is dead. They’re corpses animated by some kind of magic or willpower, that’s all. But the cycle of life and death has absolutely affected them.

Also, their asses are in Izalith. I have no idea what that’s about. It honestly kind of infuriates me. I feel like I could just put the word “IZALITH” in great big, bold letters over these things and anybody who actually played this game would understand. Maybe something cool happened. Maybe the Lords fought their last epic battle against the dragons at Izalith, and dragon butts are all that remain. Maybe the Witches tried to enslave or tame the dragons, and when the Flame of Chaos destroyed Izalith, it killed the dragons, and the demons and dragons fought in some Heavy Metal war of fire and claws! Yeah! But probably not. Because it’s Izalith. So the answer is ‘rushed development’.

And at the very bottom are the dragons of today. Interchangeably called ‘drakes’ or ‘wyverns’, they have two wings and two legs; a paltry four limbs compared to the Everlasting. The Hellkite is a dangerous enemy, but the Blues are easy pickings for the patient knight. Ornstein hunts them for sport. (Have to guess that he must have started slacking off if something as big as the Hellkite could grow up there.) Even their habitat doesn’t acknowledge them as dragons; it’s ‘Valley of the Drakes’, not ‘Valley of the Dragons’. In essence, the Everlasting Dragons devolved; over the generations, they became less and less until their current descendants are no better than animals. Could it get any lower than this?

The answer is yes. The hydra is barely even acknowledged as a pseudo-dragon. The only thing that even ties them to dragons is that they drop dragon scales and are in the vicinity of dragons or something that a dragon made. It has no limbs, unless you count its ray-like flippers, and a bunch of seemingly useless tendrils hanging off it. I’ll be honest, the hydras kind of piss me off; the one in Darkroot I can understand, but how the Hell did one get into Ash Lake? It’s one thing for basilisks and mushroom folk to be there; they came in through the arch-tree. But how did a sixty foot long aquatic reptile get there?

I don’t know; frankly, I don’t think there is an answer. The best I can come up with riffs from Norse mythology. If we assume that the arch-tree is Yggdrasil, then the Stone Dragon is Nidhoggr, the dragon at the bottom of the world. In some versions of the myth, Nidhoggr is surrounded by a nest of lesser serpents. So the hydra is the Stone Dragon’s guardian? Offspring?

I guess I’m not really talking about all the dragons of Dark Souls if I don’t talk about the Path of the Dragon covenant as well. It really is kind of analagous to Buddhism in a weird way; through the Stone Dragon, you can escape the cycle of life and death, becoming, like the Everlasting Dragons themselves, something beyond any of the Lord Souls. In a way, it’s perfect for Undead; as a being already outside the cycle of life and death, an Undead is closer to escaping it than almost any other creature in Lordran. All they would need would be that final push to make the transformation a permanent part of themselves.

Of course, there may be a more petty side to the covenant; given that the covenant operates on dragon scales, it might be that the Stone Dragon intends for its servants to hunt down lesser dragons like the drakes and hydras. There’s no evidence to that, however, and it frankly seems beneath the Stone Dragon. Remember, its motivations and mindset are unknowable to anything derived from the Lord Souls. Petty vengeance doesn’t seem like it’s M.O.

So what’s all this add up to? Nothing much, really. It’s just what motivated the Everlasting Dragons, the setup to the establishing conflict of the Dark Souls mythos. The Dragons weren’t afraid of dying or the Dark; they were afraid of watching their own devolution. Somehow, I think, they knew that the cycle would wear on them, generation after generation, until dragons were little more than animals. Time ruins all things; it’s one of the big recurring themes of the Souls series. Even Dark Souls 2 (which, as I understand it, is stuffed to the gills with dragons) understood that.

The Dragons’ fight was the fight against definition itself; not as simple as stagnation versus chaos, but against the very act of being in and of itself. And I guess that adds up to what’s valued as important in the Souls universe; ‘existence’ is synonymous with ‘definition’. The very act of perception and processing that perception is the heart of reality, a notion that goes all the way back to Demon’s Souls.

Ultimately, like I said, it doesn’t really matter. The dragons are dead, stupid, or in hiding. But they tell us about the tone of the universe, and I had to start somewhere. Thanks for reading this far! Anything to add or ask for the next rambling?


I have no freaking idea when I will have enough energy again to finish Gwyn, at least his reference, so I’m posting this separately.

So, high school/college/uni/whatever AU with a pinch of magical powers. Because, apparently, I was bored and because I love classic AUs.

Very simple setting, Augus (who not-exactly-legally lives with his little brother Ash but without a guardian at the age of 17) and Gwyn (the same age) go to the same establishment, interacting only briefly because Gwyn always hides with his sketchbook (oh yes, I’m letting the boy draw something other than maps) and headphones, and Augus spends free time either preparing for the next class or talking to Ash on the phone.

Some people have magical powers (nothing really powerful, some simple stuff), or Talents, and must be registered and wear a badge (like Augus’ on the pic). Augus is a flora whisperer, he helps plants grow and is very sensitive to the toxic stuff, because of that he lives beside the border of the town to be able to breath clean air. And Gwyn can control electricity. Remember how I said Talents aren’t powerful? Well, I lied a little, ‘cause Gwyn is a really special snowflake yet again, being able to control even lightning, more so - he can control it over a ridiculously long distance. Basically, he is dangerous af, and - what you know - not registered. You can imagine Augus’ awe when he will see Gwyn literally taming a lightning. Oh, and Ash is a cute 7-year-old potato who can change his hair and eye colour.

And I, like, didn’t want to invent something.,. grim? Gwyn’s family is a bunch of wealthy dicks, but no stuff like beating him or anything. The worst that Efnisien has ever done is to burn one of Gwyn’s sketchbooks (which, okay, hurt a little a lot), the worst that Crielle has done is sabotaging his painting lessons by refusing to pay for them (Gwyn picked up a bunch of jobs where he could discreetly use his talent). Lludd… well, he is galloping over cities doing some business. Gwyn himself is very quiet, independent and doesn’t go out much. At first year of college fellow students tried to befriend them, but soon it became a standing knowledge that Gwyn is better left alone.

Gwyn meets Augus in the park where Gwyn spends the majority of his free time, sketching random people. That time he was drawing a cute kid whose hair flared up yellow and red when he was laughing. Augus thought him a creep for staring at his little brother, but Gwyn apologised and showed him his sketchbook and they worked everything out, especially when Augus remembered him from the college. Basically, after that Augus sits with him on the breaks between classes, sometimes they talk, sometimes not. If they talk, it’s about Ash’s shenanigans, Gwyn’s art and that time he travelled over the world, Augus’ summer work in the antique shop.

tl;dr, this is an inelaborate college AU with powers that is so very self-indulgent and sweet.

@not-poignant , hope it’s not too ‘wtf did you come up with’ to read :’D

Heartless - M.C

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I feel like I rushed this and I’m really sorry. Part here’s part 4 It’s also really long…like about 12-13 pages on my drive.

“So…which one of you wants to tell Adam that you kidnapped the wrong mother fucking person?” Michael asked the two guys sitting in front of him, Ashton sitting to the side picking at his nails knowing he did nothing wrong. “You had one…oNE FUCKING JOB! Lance doesn’t have fucking tits, so please tell me how you got Lance and whoever this is mixed up!”

“W-well, you see…when we snuck in, he was wearing an outfit similar to that, so when the power cut, we grabbed the closest person who looked like that…it’s not my fault that she has barely no boobs!” Danny, one of the men getting reamed said trying to defend himself as Michael rolled his eyes shaking his head.

“Get the fuck out. Ashton, drive them back to the clubhouse…I’m going to stay with the princess we have here,” he said watching as the new kid stood up, grabbing the keys as he nodded his head. Michael turned on his heel heading back to the room with the unconscious girl who was tied down to the chair, skin bruised from prior engagements, most likely, knowing none of the guys had even touched her at this point. His eyes scanned her skin shamelessly, eyes boring into each and every mark already etched onto her body as his heart wrenched a bit, Michael ignoring the pain in his heart know that it wasn’t his circus, and certainly wasn’t his monkey.

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Rick: *In a space tunnel vortex thing* 

There’s no earthly way of knowing,
Which direction we are going.
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing.
Is it raining? Is it snowing?
Is a hurricane a-blowing?
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing.
Are the fires of hell a glowing?
Is the grisly reaper mowing?!
Yes! The danger must be growing,
for the rowers keep on rowing.
And they’re certainly not showing…
any signs that they are slowing!

Morty: Fuck you, Rick.


  • After narrowly surviving their battle with the X-Men, the Secret Warriors have to get back to New Attilan to use what they have learned in the fight against Hydra…but Hydra won’t make that easy. As the danger grows, so does the distrust among the Warriors. Karnak is clearly making plans of his own. But why? With Hydra breathing down their necks, the team is tearing itself apart, and the clock is ticking on their plans. But first Quake must be ready to lead the Secret Warriors into a confrontation with her father, the Hydra commander, MISTER HYDE!

anonymous asked:

If you are taking requests, could you possibly write what happens after the movie like your prequel: Light Blue Sky, Bright Pink Flower. It could be a smut to show how much closer they have gotten after their adventure together and after confessing they love each other. Please and thank you.

Here you are my dear anon! :) I hope you’ll like this little fic (Fluff/Smut/Surprise at the end). 

When I read “It could be a smut.” my mind just elaborated “Do a Smut in that fic!”, so here you go. OwO Enjoy a little piece of my madness.

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That warm and bright evening was completely silent, just like the tired but satisfied Trolls, asleep in their colorful pods and under soft and fluffy blankets made of leaves and hair. Man, what a long day they had: after their return to the Troll Tree, that was right in the middle of the new and finally happy Bergen Town, the little singing and dancing creatures had a lot of work to do: building and making new pods, fixing the Tree’s broken roots and branches, secure the wild area, pulling weeds, moving things and supplies from their old home… yeah, that was exhausting and boring, but necessary.

And Poppy, the happiest, the most loved and the most positive of all of the Rainbow Trolls, was now the new and beloved Queen, so she had a lot of responsabilities and duties to perform. Of course, her father helped her with his long experience and wisdom, but still… The girl was in fact still awake, with big dark circles around her magenta eyes, and was talking to herself, resuming the day’s activities quickly and with attention: “Ok, so… It’s been a week, a looooooong week, and I must say we fixed and did a lot of work, that’s very good. The roots are ready, green and healty, as the crown of the Tree, full of leaves and flowers. But we need more pods because the population is increasing and the kids are growing, soon they will need their own little homes! Also, the Tree’s bark is far too friable and full of dangerous splinters, and we must create a zone for-…”.

“Woah, talking to yourself, Pops? Work and organization sucks, right? You look dead tired right now!” a familiar and gentle male voice called her from not so far, with an ironic but worried tone and crossed, strong blue-green arms. “You’re tiring yourself too much, you should go to sleep. You are working so hard these days, and for the first time of your life! No parties, no jumping in the fields, no smelling flowers or hugging randomly… you must be lost right now, am I right…”.

“Oh! Branch, it’s just you. Are you still up too, uh?” the royal female laughed sincerely and greeted her new and now happy boyfriend, standing up, quickly approaching him and resting her heavy and throbbing head on his right and strong shoulder, sighing and huffing out her great frustration. “You are right. I know I should get some rest, you’re totally right, but everyone’s counting on me and I don’t wanna let them down. Remember, we are in a big, big hurry. The cold season is coming, you know that, we can’t risk our subjects’ life like this. We’ll freeze!”.

“I know that indeed, that’s the worst time of the damn year and it’s hard to survive without enough supplies, but our work’s half done and the cold season will come the next month. We’ll be ready in a week or two, I promise.” Branch hugged her tightly, trying to comfort and calm her, caressing her slim and elegant back. “And I’ll be there to help you if you’ll need me, always. What you’re doing right now, tormenting youself and worrying too much, won’t help at all. Come on, let’s head inside, there are plenty of warm blankets and pillows, a good rest and everything’ll seem alright.”.

“I guess you’re right as always, you smart, ex-survivalist. Your help is invaluable, without your guide and precious advices I don’t know what I would do.” Poppy nuzzled his neck and kissed his left and slightly glittery cheek, closing her bright eyes and smelling him, finally peaceful and quiet in his arms. “You’ll make a great King one day, you care so much about me and our people, and everybody loves and respects you.” she added with a bold smirk, giggling and punching his back. “King Branch, sounds pretty good right? The bad thing is that you’ll have to wear a beautiful flower crown, eheh! I’m aware you hate them, I’m so sorry.”.

The colorful survivalist gulped and blushed visibly, rubbing his nape and looking away, embarassed and shy as always. “D-do you really think so? I’ll be good enough for the Trolls? For you? Do you really want me, will you really choose the dull, always prepared and strange me? I… just don’t know if I deserve that…”.

“No, you won’t be good enough, Branch.” the pink girl slowly shook her head, looking strangely strict, serious and severe, looking at him into his light blue eyes, now full of surprise and esitation. “You’ll be perfect for us all. I chose you, and maybe that was the best decision of my whole life. And I’d choose you, always.” she smiled widely then, amused by his unsure reactions, grabbing his strong but pudgy waist and, on her tiptoes, she pressed her perfumed lips on his, in a kind but passionate and needed kiss.

Branch groaned and smiled during that welcomed act of affection, his heart full of joy and pride hearing those beautiful words, and used his free and big hands to grab her fluffy hair and gently pull it, knowing how much she would like it. As planned, he heard a tiny but excited squeal and felt her body against his, hot and tempting.

When they pulled away, Poppy grinned and licked her wet and now flushed mouth, fixing a lock of hair and putting it behind her round ear. “I see what you did there, are you trying to make me relax in that way? What a naughty and smug Troll you are, Branch.” the Queen asked, lifting an eyebrow and snickering, a hand on her hip. “But I am too, so… will you join me in my bedroom?”.

It was not like they’ve never done it before or that it was their first time: in fact, during those short and maybe too fast weeks, they found themselves inseparable and deeply connected, in any existing form. Even in that form. But it was still a strange feeling for Branch, being inside his girlfriend’s form and whispering loving phrases, sweet nothings and poetries in her rounded ears.

“You ok, Branch?” Poppy panted with a little and kind smile on her face, her many freckles shone in the darkness as she looked into his light blue eyes, beneath his muscular but chubby body. Her slim hips bounced up and down slowly, meeting Branch’s unhurried thrusts. “You seem a little… uh, restrained? Like you want to say something.”.

“No, no. It’s alright up here. Are you ok down there?” the survivalist smiled back and laughed, kissing her forehead for a moment and continuing his movements, then the male got closer to her right ear and huffing: “But maybe you’re right, I would like to say something. It’s just… I cannot find the words to describe my feelings right now, and… damn, I can’t find the words to tell you how much you mean to me. Maybe I am a poet, well… sort of, but sometimes, especially when I’m around you, I can’t find the right way to tell you how I feel.”.

“Then show me. If you can’t find the right words, then use yourself because you, just you are more than enough for me.” the Queen hugged him, nuzzling against his chest, deeply touched by his sincere words.

The pink Troll felt her partner speeding up after a few moments of reflection and esitation, and his royal blue-purple hair twirling around hers in a passionate and affectionate dance they shared a lot of times, together and connected, in that fluffy and comfortable bed. “Mhh-!” she moaned, spreading her long legs a bit more, grabbing him by the waist, and moving her pelvis along with the survivalist’s.

Branch licked his rather sharp teeth, drooling a little and panting a lot, still not very used to those act of intimate affection, then he gently bit the female’s breasts, sucking them and using his tongue to lap her excited and red nipples, enjoying her wails and whines of pleasure.

Suddenly Poppy used her great strength and agility to lift her smaller body up, helping herself with her behind’s muscles, sitting on the blue Troll’s lap and smirking, happy to finally be on top. She loved it, when she could move and watch her boyfriend’s desperate expressions, closely. With a loud but muffled scream, she started to ride her companion’s rod with speed, while kissing him on the lips and rubbing his belly and nape with her free arms.

“Ugh!” Branch groaned loudly, his eyes barely open and his tongue out, sitting on the pallet and enjoying the show his girlfriend was putting up. He felt a warmth in his groin area and his manhood swelling inside her damp and dripping slit. “She really loves to be on top, uh…”.

“Someone’s approaching his peak, Branchie? Awh!” the smug and self-confident Queen joked while huffing, rubbing his cheek and pressing her forehead against his sweaty one for a second. “It’s ok, I-I’m reaching it too… j-just let it out… will you?”, Poppy knew how to make him come anyway, in fact she knew a really, really sweet spot of his: smiling and smirking, she opened her mouth again and bit gently his pointy and moving ear with her rounded teeth.

“P-Poppy!” he shouted with a not-so-manly and very surprised tone, his hands grabbing her slim hips on instinct and his organ emptying itself inside the Queen’s welcoming and warm canal, filling her up with his white and fertile sexual liquid, that poured out slowly, on the dirty and now messy sheets. “Mpgh…”.

“Branch!” Poppy shivered in pleasure right after him, clenching her muscular inner walls around her partner’s dick and riding out her own orgasm, while electric waves clawled up and down her arching back. “Ahh…” she concluded after a long minute, falling back on the mattress along with the survivalist, both of them dead tired, panting visibly and sweaty. But satisfied. Really satisfied. “I admit it… that… relaxed me quite alot.”.

“T-Told you… And guess what, that even helped me, you know… gathering a bit of courage to tell you something.” the survivalist laughed weakly, kissing her lips for the last time and suddenly sitting on the bed, grabbing his green gilet and searching for something in its pockets. When he found and took it, he turned towards his girlfriends, hands behind his naked back and an embarassed smile on his chubby face. “Poppy, we’ve known each other for so long, 20 years, and I never found the bravery or guts to talk to you, never. But believe me when I say that I loved you so, so much. I loved you with all my heart and soul, but I was a coward and I was scared. Scared to lose you, like I lost my grandma. Only during our journey and especially in that pot, when you lost your hope, happiness and colors, I found myself finally capable to show my real feelings and to tell you I loved you. I couldn’t let you go, I couldn’t see you all grey and sad like I was. And gosh, when you told me you loved me back… I just couldn’t believe it: you, the most perfect and… well, rather annoying dork, my love interest, my beloved party-loving and funny Princess, loved me! You didn’t give up on me, that’s why I fell in love with you long, long ago; with your smile you were able to bright my days and fantasies, especially when I wrote poetries about you. You are my bigger inspiration and an essential part of my new, colorful and beautiful life. And even if maybe’s too early… I’d like to make it official.”.

“… B-Branch? What do you mean, what are you trying to say?” Poppy asked, a little insecure and excited, with her big, enraptured magenta eyes, looking at the little and opened black box with a golden and shiny ring inside, right in front of her.

Poppy, will you marry me?”.

• After narrowly surviving their battle with the X-Men, the Secret Warriors have to get back to New Attilan to use what they have learned in the fight against Hydra…
•  …but Hydra won’t make that easy.
•  As the danger grows, so does the distrust among the Warriors. Karnak is clearly making plans of his own. But why?
•  With Hydra breathing down their necks, the team is tearing itself apart, and the clock is ticking on their plans. But first Quake must be ready to lead the Secret Warriors into a confrontation with her father, the Hydra commander, MISTER HYDE!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Game On (Part 1)

The request for this scenario: 

Can you write a JUNGKOOK smut where you sneakily pleasure him in front of his members?

Before I write part 2, let me know if it was good enough, Anon!

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Jungkook was what you could call a tease. He loved to play around and get you hot at the wrong time. No, not the subtle: long, tongue-filled kisses or a little slap on the butt type thing either. No, Jungkook was on an entirely different level of teasing. The sad part was that you knew about his little game and you still couldn’t help yourself. You could use yesterday as a perfect example:

“I’ve missed you so much” he said, hugging you. His voice was deep and sexy as he said those words, indicating their double meaning. Your back was against the wall, in more ways than one, as his lips made contact with your neck. He obviously didn’t care that everyone was still in the room.

“Really missed you” he whispered, emphasizing his intentions. His lips grasped purposefully onto your neck and you struggled to keep your eyes open. His teeth nipped at your skin and his finger hooked into the top of your jeans. ‘I should stop him, right?’ was all you could think to yourself. The rest of your thoughts were wishes for everyone else to leave the room.

He briefly looked up and over at everyone else, just to check if they were looking or not. “I wonder how far I can go before they catch us” he said, his teeth capturing his bottom lip. He looked down and undid the top button to your jeans. 

“Jungkook?” you said, looking between the members and his lustful face. 

“I love the way you say my name” he said slightly moaning. Your heart was racing. He wasn’t really going to do this, right? He always stopped before things go too crazy, didn’t he?

You felt him pull your zipper down and you swallowed hard. He pinched the fabric and started pulling it down. You could feel a breeze hit your hip and you pushed him away and quickly pulled your pants up. Your face was completely hot and your panties were way beyond the ‘drenched’ point. 

You quickly stalked out of the practice room and Jungkook smirked, enjoying how flustered he could make you.

He’d made it up to you later, as always, but it was still weighing heavily on your brain. Why was he always doing this to you? More importantly, why had you never retaliated? Your eyebrow twitched at that thought and you crossed your arms, standing right in front of the dance practice room. Since he loved playing this little game with you, why don’t you just give him a taste of his own medicine?

“Let’s stop for today” Namjoon suggested. You snapped back to reality and walked through the doors. Upon seeing you, Jungkook smiled and walked over to hug you. You noticed that he was moving a bit slower than usual and became worried. He kissed your forehead and you pulled back, looking at his legs.

“What’s wrong with you?” you asked, letting him pull you to a corner of the room.

“My legs are killing me” Jungkook said, flopping down on the dance practice floor. You looked down at his body and frowned. “Do you want me to massage your legs for you?” you asked. Jungkook jutted his bottom lip out, a pout, and nodded.

“You’re a big baby” you said, smiling. You got down on the floor next to him and he smiled. He puckered his lips toward you and you leaned over to kiss him.

You’d started out innocent, of course, but your mind flashed back to just a few minutes earlier. You’d decided to make his life difficult just as he always did to you. Could there be a more perfect time than to start now? ‘Game on’ you thought, smiling internally.

You decided to really massage his calves, trying to make your ‘baby’ feel better. After all, he’d been practicing for the last three days for hours on end and he should be sore. You sat in the corner of the practice room, your back to the other members, as you truly got into the massage, your fingers kneading his calf muscles. “___, I didn’t know you were handing out massages. When are you going to get to me?” Jimin joked. 

Before you could speak, Jungkook was answering for you. “Never. Get your own” he said. Jimin laughed and you smiled, shaking your head. 

“That’s selfish” Namjoon added to the conversation.

“That feels good, baby” Jungkook said loudly, showing that he was ignoring them. Your hands moved a bit higher, making contact with his slightly damp knee. “You are so sweaty” you said in disgust.

“I thought you liked when I got hot and sweaty” he commented, a smirk on his face. It was usually at this point, when he made a sexual comment, that you would shy away from the conversation.

“You’re right” you said, smiling back at him. Jungkook raised his eyebrows and pressed his back into the wall. This was an interesting twist to his usual game. You looked directly into his eyes and he watched you, wondering what you could possibly be thinking. You moved your hands even higher and he looked down, grinning as he saw your hands on his thighs. 

“Hmm, I wonder how far I can go before they catch us” you said, mimicking his words from yesterday. Jungkook chuckled lightly in disbelief and looked behind you. “Are you sure you want to do this? You’re playing a dangerous game, ___” he asked. 

You moaned loud enough for him to hear and eyed his growing erection. “I love the way you say my name.” You began rubbing him over his shorts and his eyes widened in surprise. He must not have thought that you would go so far. In the same way that he would’ve kept going, you were going to test the limits as well. 

You squeezed him through his shorts and he jumped a bit. He lifted his back from the wall and beckoned you over with a finger. You continued to pleasure him but brought your lips to him. You squeezed his penis again and he made a small noise before breaking off the kiss and breathing against your lips, his eyes closed. “Why are you so sexy?” he whispered. 

You bit down on his bottom lip and a little moan left him. You tugged at his shorts, your hand leaving his penis, and he quickly grabbed your fingers. “Guys, can we have a little privacy?” Jungkook yelled to his hyungs, his voice a bit strained. You hadn’t been expecting that.

“Why?” they responded. Jungkook pulled you to him, your face falling on his shoulder.

“___ is having a few family problems” he said. He rubbed your back and you rolled your eyes. He was cheating. He was not supposed to get them out of here. While he was busy making up some sob story to get rid of them, you began kissing his neck. You sucked the skin before placing just the tip of your tongue against his neck. Your tongue trailed upward, seeking out his ear lobe, and he grabbed your waist. 

“Please, just give me a second” he begged in a whisper. You smiled to yourself and waited patiently. 

After a few seconds, you heard the door close and Jungkook pulled you up for a kiss. His tongue hungrily sought after yours and his fingers moved to your pants. He had your button unfastened and the zipper down within seconds. Your shirt was the next to go and soon he was trailing his moist lips over your chest. You pulled at his shirt, urging him to take it off. 

Jungkook sat up, pulling his shirt over his head as you worked on pulling his shorts down. His penis, now freed from its confines, stood at attention. He moved back to your chest, pulling the cups of your bra under your breasts. Your hand went to the back of his head as he sucked your nipples. You moaned and let your other hand go down between your slippery folds. Jungkook released your nipple and turned you around, pushing you onto all fours. 

He pulled your pants down over your ass, letting them pool at your knees. You were taken by surprise once you felt his tongue prodding at your opening. You bit the inside of your cheek, feeling his tongue dart in and out of your soaking wet pussy. Despite your efforts, you moaned loudly, rocking your body back against his tongue. You were reduced to falling on your forearms, losing a bit of strength as he ate you out. 

He placed a finger over your clit, rubbing it slow and hard. You bit into your arm as your moans took over your body. “Oh, Jungkook~ Oh yes, yes, ye- shit” you squeaked out. You hung your head as your orgasm swept through you. Before you could take a breath, he entered in just the tip of his penis and you cursed aloud, your teeth sinking into your bottom lip. 

He smiled and pulled out, running the tip of his penis along your folds. Despite just having a climax, you were close to protesting but he pushed back into you suddenly.Your breath hitched as he fully entered you, all words escaping your brain. He rocked his hips, pushing and pulling his hard dick in and out of you. 

He moaned, running his hands over the soft skin of your back. It was mind-blowing for him, fucking his sexy girlfriend in his practice room. Everything about this was dangerous for him. With that in mind, he smiled, picking up the pace. He wasn’t far from cumming and he needed to get there. You moaned his name and that was all it took to push him over the edge. 

You came soon after him, your knees finally falling weak. Jungkook looked up at the ceiling, panting and smiling. He turned you over and kissed your lips. 

“I’m going to get you for this one” he smiled, kissing your lips once more.

Part 2

It is a truth without question, without conceit, that given enough time–given the time, say, afforded to soldiers in a war that was never optional, never a choice, that has been fought on a hundred million fronts for a hundred million years, and will still be fought when the soldiers who stand against the encroaching shadow are made of stone, or stardust, or the glitter of a dying dynasty–given enough time, the sea will wear down the stone.  It will erode what once seemed so indestructible, so permanent.  It will grind mountains into sand and sweep that same sand through underwater canyons, cradling it, keeping it, never letting it go.  The sea is not merciless.  The sea has her own flavor of mercy, her own kind of compassion.  The sea can love.  But the sea can no more change her nature than the stone can turn to air, and what she loves most, she sees worn away, made part of her, lost.


They have outlived so many.  That should be a comfort, she supposes; that they, who once thought themselves destined for early graves on a planet she has not touched in almost a century, have outlived so many of the ones they came to love.  But that’s the hook that kills the fish, isn’t it?  They had too much time.  Time to love each other.  Time to love more than just themselves.  Her heart was an ocean filled with life once, teeming with the ceaseless motion of their fins, the flicking of their tails.  Her little mermaids, and she the sea witch who struggled to watch over them, never showing how much she cared, never betraying her own shallows.  Let them think her only depths, only the drowning pressure of the deep-down, and never the sunlight lightness of the shore.  It was easier for her, even as she loved them, to hold them a little bit apart.  And now…

They have outlived so many.  Fire burns hot, but fire always burns out, because to do otherwise is to be less than flame.  Rei did her best to stay.  There is no question of that.  Rei fought to the end, until she was burning her own ashes, and when her princess bid her to rest, she had gone down into the dark in silent resignation, convinced that she had failed.  To die in battle, she could have understood.  To die in peacetime…ah.  Some punishments are crueler because they do not understand their own natures.  Usagi, who had loved Rei best of all, had wept at her funeral, and called her dying at home a “mercy.”

There is no mercy here.  There is only the erosion, the sea wearing away the stone.

They have outlived so many.  Jupiter, killed in an insurrection near Sirius, fighting back a rebellion by a splinter of the Black Moon, the only one of them to have died in her soldier’s shape, with her planet’s power burning in her hands.  Ami, whose death is still in question, who swam so deep that she did not surface again.  She could still be there, beneath the frozen surface of the world that most now consider to be her grave, gathering her strength, preparing to come home.  She could be.

She isn’t.

Setsuna has been gone for fifty years, retreating back to wherever it is she goes when the pull of time grows too strong.  Hotaru is with the Small Lady, small no more, finally lady in truth and not only name.  She grows into her strength and beauty every day, and she is the sea who wears away Usagi’s stone, and Usagi knows it, yes, she knows; she will go soon, will wrap herself in butterfly wings and break herself against a crystal sword, to spare her daughter the pain of knowing that only one of them can fully embody their shared world at any given time.  The Moon has been full for so long.  Let it wane.  Let Small Lady hold it close, and teach it how to grieve, that it might burn brighter when it rises anew.

The galaxy has known only the bright, fierce love of the full moon for so very, very long.  Perhaps the rest of the cycle will be kinder in its adoration.  Perhaps fewer children will be called to fight in her name.  But it won’t matter.  The sea will still wear down the stone; in the end, the sea will go on alone.

Michiru lowers her violin and turns to the gauzy curtains which shroud the flower-petal bower she shares with Haruka, here on this world without a name, whose soldier’s heart only now grows bright and ripe below her surging seas.  A Senshi will rise here before the moon turns full again, and another will take a turn out of the cycle to rest, to recover, to restore herself.  For there are worlds without number, and they cannot all be called to combat every time the war resumes.  They must rest sometime.

She must rest sometime.

“Are you awake?” she asks, in a tone which telegraphs her unconcern, her lack of care.  She is a fabulous liar.

There is no response from inside the gauzy dome.

Slowly, Michiru lowers her violin, replaces it in the case, seals the latch.  It is suddely loathsome to the touch, an artifact of Earth, which has no business here.  The war has paused.  The war has let them go.  But she couldn’t let go, could she?  She had to cling to the girl she’d been before she was a soldier, and so it has followed them.  The war is death, and the war is here, and how could she have been so foolish?  How could she have been so cruel?

“Are you awake?” she calls again.  This time, there is no lie in her trembling words, only need, naked and raw and terrified.

The curtain stirs.  A figure steps out.

Michiru does not scream, although, for a time, she considers it; holds that consideration in her silence, terrible-bright, cutting cold.  Instead, she looks at the girl in front of her, who has never become a woman, even as those around her aged, grew up, grew old, raised families of their own.  Neither of them speaks.

Fire burns; water drowns; lightning crashes.  The sea wears down the stone.  Death is the natural order of things.  But they have brought Saturn back into the fold, have sundered death and renewal from the fear that once surrounded them–and was that Serenity’s doing?  Was she, who so feared dying, who so feared letting go, the reason Saturn had been so long in exile?  For the first time, Michiru thinks she truly understands the old Queen; sympathizes with her, even.

I would stop the stars to keep you here, she thinks, and it is too late.  She has already lost.  They have all already lost.

When death is no longer to be feared, what is?  Why, stasis.  Shining bright and sterile and unchanging, never moving on, never growing, never dying.  Never letting go.  When death is part of the natural order, when death is required, the denial of it must be the most dangerous thing in the universe.

Perhaps someday, Small Lady will set her free.  Or perhaps not.  Perhaps Small Lady will always love her too much, and the harm she does is so minimal; she holds herself apart, stays in the shadows, stays away from those who might look upon a curse and see it for the blessing it never was.  Perhaps it will be another daughter of the Serenity line, one with hair the color of moonlight on the water, the color of sea foam, the color of tears.  Another silver daughter of the moon, who has never danced under the cherry blossom moonlight of Earth’s skies in the springtime, or seen the moon glow gold in the afternoon sun.  Another child, another cycle, another turn.  Perhaps.

“I don’t recall inviting you,” says Michiru, and if she has anything left to be proud of, it’s that her voice does not break.

“Haruka did,” says Venus, and she is still so young, and her eyes are so old.  It has been centuries.  The rest of them have softened and aged and broken themselves against the shore, and she is still so young.


“Because she was dying, and wanted to speak to me before you could.”


“Didn’t want this.  Didn’t want me.”

“So she would rather leave me alone?”  Michiru shakes her head.  "No.  She never wanted that.“

"She wants to be young with you again.  On another world, by another sea, looking at you through another pair of eyes.  She wants a life defined by peacetime.  Small Lady is still young.  Her throne will be strong for centuries.  The war–”

“Will return.  The war always returns.”  Michiru’s eyes narrow.  "There is always another enemy.“

Venus, who knows what she is and more, what she is becoming in the slow, steady march of days, smiles.  "But not yet.  Right now, I love you too much.  I know you too well.”

“You won’t.  We’ll have that new shore, that new sky, and you’ll still be you, prisoned in a skin made of crystal and ice, never changing, never forgetting.  You’ll come to kill us all one day, because we won’t be who you want.”

“Maybe,” says Venus, in a voice that sounds like I know.  She shrugs.  "But I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else.  Haruka knew you would, because you love like I do.  Soldiers for Love and Justice.“  She turns the words into a condemnation.

Michiru’s eyes go to the gauze, fluttering in the wind like a shroud.  "Is she…?”

“I love you,” Venus replies.  "I’ll always love you.  All of you.  And when that love turns poisonous, you’ll love me enough to set me free and bring me home.  Try to remember that, when you’re forgetting everything else.  Try to remember the love.“

Michiru says nothing, only turns and walks toward the bower, shoulders set into a line as tight and fragile as the bow of her violin.  Sailor Venus, who will never be anything else, not until she has become a story, a myth, a nightmare spun for the dear and delicate daughters of the moon, watches her go.

Barely louder than the wind, Michiru begins to weep.  Venus walks to the edge of the cliff, closes her eyes, and steps off.

For the love of Serenity, remember, she thinks, and is gone, leaving the sea to beat against the shore, senseless and eternal, wearing the land away one grain at a time.


Happy birthday, @docholligay!

Kylux Fanfic Recs

* Ad Augustana per Sciencia  by Star_flaming

Hux prided himself on being a man who managed to have interests outside of the military. His newest interest; history so old that many thought it useless in the modern age. And he could have been quite content, reading articles and books on ancient cultures if it wasn’t for Kylo Ren, who seemed to have made it his goal to inject himself into Hux’s academic pursuits when he wasn’t destroying the ship through his apparent self-destructive tendencies.

Or: Academia brings two idiots together and builds a new regime

The Adventures of Lord Vader by Syrum (the pre-Millicent Millicent fic)

 It was there that he saw her.  Small and fluffy, striped with ginger and just a little white, the kitten stared up at him with big blue eyes and mewled.

Hux ends up bringing a kitten home with him.  He hadn’t, in his wildest dreams, expected Kylo Ren to actually bond with the thing, though.

* Aletheia by imochan, reserve

“What have you been doing to me?” Hux hisses. His voice is like static: the low hum of fear and the pitchy crackle of desire.

Everything,” says Ren.

* The Call From The Light by seeyouin-Asgard (Sentiment_for_Lost_Creatures)

 Kylo Ren is an Alpha.

 He demands respect. And gets it.

But then they take the girl hostage. The girl who changes everything.

Betrayed by his teacher, by the Dark Side, the Force — it is little comfort that General Hux is all he has left. [A/B/O]

* The Corruption of Ben Solo series by dentigerous, wraithnoir

Ben Solo has been trying to find his place in the universe since he was eight years old. In between the Senate, the Temple and the Falcon, it’s been easiest to just adopt his father’s facade. While making a run for the Solo business, the young smuggler catches a snag when stealing First Order weapons, and takes a general hostage. The tension is palatable, and Ben finds himself intrigued by this man who has such extreme, complete convictions in his station when Ben himself never been able to find a foothold in the galaxy. Then the General offers him the chance to explore his power and Ben must make a choice; follow the General or fly the New Kessel Run.

(Or the AU where Ben doesn’t go dark side as a teenager, becomes a smuggler, and Hux corrupts him instead.)

* Crown Jewel by curiumKingyo

Kylo Ren usually leaves all diplomatic matters on General Hux’s hands but when the redhead receives an invitation to negotiate an alliance with the King of a small planet, the Knight feels something is wrong. His suspicion proves right when they are poisoned and Hux is tortured until his skin breaks, revealing a hidden treasure underneath. 

* Darkness on the Horizon by Cormyay

Hux had once dreamed of ruling the galaxy himself but soon found out that it didn’t come without a price. He defects to The Resistance before graduating the academy not wanting to simply be a tool for the First Order to use. Once on base he meets Ben who has troubles of his own, but they soon build a friendship and much more as the years go on, but things aren’t always easy. 

* Discovery series by neon_bible

When Phasma calls in sick, Hux is forced to attend a First Order Weaponry Summit on Corellia with Kylo Ren. Dreading the encounter, Hux calculates the number of hours he’ll have to spend in Ren’s presence, sixty-four (before incurring a three-hour delay) and counts down the hours until his sentence is up. 

* Don’t Fade Away series by MargaretKire

Hux watched in silence as the light swept over his body. The power stunned him, as did the bright jet of flame as it licked its color into his eyes. This was not the calm brightness of last night in the presence of Kylo Ren. This was a different sort of light altogether, massive and deadly. It overwhelmed him. For a moment Hux felt an aching regret deep within himself, the sob of someone he used to be, bubbling up from the cold. 

* The Enemy Ahead by codenametargeter

To get away from the influence of his father, Hux defected from the First Order when he was 17 years old. Now, years later and a Major in the New Republic Fleet, he still can’t outrun his First Order past. Fed up with the New Republic’s unwillingness to act, Senator Leia Organa and General Tycho Celchu have given him a secret mission to find indisputable proof that the First Order is out there waiting to strike. The only problem? They’re also sending Jedi Knight Ben Organa Solo.

* First Steps by Couronnebead

Follows the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the fallout after the destruction of Starkiller base.
An examination of Kylo Ren through Hux’s eyes.
Or in the words of NeuroVicky (who made some fanart, check it out!): “A post tfa fic that portrays Hux as lost and angry and a mess after Starkiller…. Everyone is a fuckup ( except for Phasma), there’s an undercover mission, bonding over food, feelings and the most satisfyingly resolved ust ever.”

* Focus by FemaleSpock 

Even after everything, Kylo still feels the call of the light, but there’s one person who fuels his rage like no other. 

* Fracture/Foundation series by Ezlebe

Do you understand, Hux?” Supreme Leader says, leaning down from that impressive height with his usual glower. “This boy is invaluable to the First Order.”

“Yes, Supreme Leader,” Hux answers, nodding once and determinedly looking forward. He doesn’t understand how this awkward, dark haired boy could be invaluable to anything; he’s all ears and has cried every night for the last three standard weeks.

Supreme Leader lifts his chin, countenance poised and inarguable. “Your sacrifice is not hollow, nor meaningless. You will assuredly follow him into greatness.”

* General Hugs by Aiambia

General Hux has a fan club. It consists entirely of small children who love him to pieces.

The funny thing is: it seems like he loves them too.

* Game Over by limit_breaker

Late one night in the officer’s lounge, Kylo Ren challenges General Hux to a game of billiards. That might have been a mistake. 

* The Ghosts Won’t Matter ‘ Cause We’ll Hide In Sin by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claricechiarasorcha)

Kylo Ren defects from the First Order, taking only one thing with him.

General Hux, however, does not appreciate being hauled around the galaxy like an oversized suitcase full of contraband garbage.

* Gottmord by sarensen

General Hux is not a religious man. The shining ideologies of the First Order have always brought him more comfort than any faith ever could, and he’s willing to cross every line to ensure the Order’s success.
Supreme Leader Snoke has done an adequate job of ruling the Order so far, but when the destruction of Starkiller Base goes unpunished, Hux starts to suspect Snoke might not be fully invested in the cause. With the lack of a strong leading power, the only thing left to do is embrace his destiny and take control of the Order himself.
Meanwhile, Kylo Ren all but worships at Snoke’s feet. To remove Snoke from the equation, Hux must first sway Ren to his cause. But Ren will not be persuaded so easily. Still reeling from the death of Han Solo, Ren’s emotions are wildly out of balance, and Hux must walk the dangerous line between taking advantage of his vulnerability and pushing him too far.
And to make things worse, his budding and frankly very inconvenient physical attraction to Ren might be starting to cloud his judgement. It would be so much easier to just shoot Ren and take care of Snoke himself, but that would be wrong.

Wouldn’t it?

* Gravity’s Union by heyronove

En route to Supreme Leader Snoke following the collapse of Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren grows restless and ever more suspicious of Snoke’s endgame. He voices these concerns - against his better judgement - when General Hux receives orders to personally accompany a reconnaissance team planetside. Hux, desperate to redeem himself, dismisses Ren’s warning and prepares to leave the Finalizer.

And so the master of the Knights of Ren becomes a stowaway.

* The Great Escape by thewightknight

When Hux and Ren are captured by the Resistance, Hux comes up with a plan of escape.  It’s going perfectly, but he made one major assumption, and you know what they say about assuming things, right?

* Growing in The Landscape, Darling, Between You and Me by impossibleamypond

He pauses in the doorway, debating his options. He could turn around and pretend like his subconscious hasn’t brought him here or he could press his palm to the control panel, step into the ward, and admit that there’s a slight chance that he might give a damn about Kylo Ren.

His stomach turns at the thought, the bitter taste of acid creeping up his throat.

In total and completely sincere honesty, he would rather set himself on fire.

[Or General Hux has a big old crush on Kylo Ren and neither one of them is handling it very well.]

* The Guilty Bystander by theascetic

“You like this story, don’t you Ren?   It’s awfully romantic.   Let’s pretend it’s true.   Let’s pretend we conspired together to overthrow him.”  

Hux gets in over his head.

* How To Be Human: A Guide for Sentient Beings by tatecorrigan

Kylo Ren has spent at least half his life training to be a perfect weapon of the Dark Side. It hasn’t left a lot of time for developing social skills. Only once he’s aboard the Finalizer, forced to work with the First Order, and General Hux, does Kylo begin to see the importance of his social interactions. Fortunately, the Finalizer’s data library has a collection of self-help manuals on file. Kylo Ren is a quick learner, and General Hux makes for the perfect case study.

* In Our Darkest Shadows by NatashaRS ·

One year following the destruction of Starkiller base, and General Hux is ensuring the First Order’s dominance over the galaxy. Suddenly, his life spirals out of control as assassination attempts are made, Kylo Ren returns, he must engineer both diplomacy and war, and the First Order begins to slip from his fingers. Meanwhile, he finds himself diving into the story of Anakin Skywalker, while ignoring his own feelings of affection towards a certain knight. As his world shatters and crumbles, Hux must ask himself if what he wants is worth it and how much he’s willing to sacrifice. The call of the Light, it appears, is stronger than he thought.

This is the story of how one man simultaneously lost everything and found the only thing that mattered.

* It’s Not Like You’ve Blown Up A System by SimonaGray

Kylo and Hux are defecting the First Order. Pure crack. 

The Last of the Great Romantics by acroamatica·

Kylo Ren comes back from a mission out of sorts and wanting something more from General Hux.

The galaxy’s greatest tactical mind can surely figure out a simple request like that. Absolutely. Without doubt.

* Let Go (Of Everything You Fear To Lose) by Kat2107

With Ren having left for the Resistance, Hux has pretty much given up on his ability to care.
He does his job because it’s his job, and takes care of his duty because it’s his duty.

Until Snoke pulls his last trump card and suddenly the question of whether or not Hux cares, and for what, becomes vital to the Galaxy.
Or, rather, for whom.

* Mewlings and Musings by  Isrut

Millicent’s cat diaries. Like Sad Cat Diaries, but better. 

* [A Nameless Feeling] by talkfast

Hux makes the unexpected decision to follow in FN-2187’s footsteps. 

* Never Tell Me The Odds series by Anorlost

Hux is trying to keep everything under control as he suddenly has seven Rens to contend with.  As he tries to keep them from destroying his ship, he fails to notice that the Knights of Ren have other plans.  Plans that involve…


* Not A Mistake by Redleafmornings

Hux was just looking for a good time when he met the strange man named Ben, but he ended up finding a lot more. [A/B/O]

* I’m a Doctor Today, I’m Curing Viewers by Thousands by grue

Hux does not wince at the sight of a ragtag gathering of misfits who managed to successfully repel a First Order-sanctioned Planet Acquisition. But he wants to.

“The General of the Resistance will not proceed with negotiations for a ceasefire unless Lord Ren is in attendance,” the old Mon Calamari says. Organa is standing just behind his shoulder and glowering at the screen like a raging wall of righteous vengeance. Or like an upset mother.

Hux cants his head a minutiae to the left and surreptitiously eyeballs Phasma. She shakes her head. He flicks his attention back to the holoscreen, grins with all his teeth at Organa’s pinched face.

“I’m afraid Lord Ren is currently in medical so a medroid can shove his intestines back into his abdomen. May I take a message?”

* In Need of Discipline by gundamoocow

General Hux is tired of Kylo Ren’s violent angry outbursts and decides to put a stop to them using an old-fashioned punishment. Unintended consequences ensue. 

* King of Corners by versus_a_blank_page

After Starkiller, Kylo returns from training to find that Hux has thrown himself into his work with a terrifying fervor. He’s set gears in motion for the creation of a bigger, better Starkiller, and if there’s one thing Kylo can’t handle, it’s the destruction of another system. When all else fails, Kylo forces the memories of the destruction of the Hosnian system into Hux’s head.

It’s too much for Hux, and the memories drive him to the brink of insanity. In an act of desperation, Kylo relents…but memory removal is a tricky procedure, and Kylo is more of a cleaver than a scalpel.

Left with a General that doesn’t know his own name, Kylo does the only reasonable thing: commandeers a ship and makes for the far side of the galaxy with a memoryless Hux in tow.

* Kylo Ren Needs To Stop Stabbing People series by evilblubber

Stabbing people comes with consequences.

1) Sometimes, your boyfriend becomes Emperor

2) Sometimes, your dead father comes back to cockblock/haunt you

3) [PENDING] Sometimes you end up at an awkward family dinner with your evil space nazi Emperor boyfriend, your mom, your dead dad and your far-too-amused best friend

* Lines On Skin by  saltandlimes

Ren has returned from training with Snoke to retake joint command of Finalizer. But something is wrong, and only the pain and control Hux is willing to give will help him find out what that is.

Hux has never owned anything important enough to keep before. He does now.

Neither of them is willing to change. They must find a way to play everyone around them in order not to.

* Monster(s) by 5ofSpades

Kylo’s final training apparently included some heavy body modification and a whole lot of weird Sith magic - now he actually has reasons to hide beneath his armour, though even then it’s obvious he’s changed, become larger and stranger.

When he’s sent back to the Finalizer he avoids Hux, fearing the inevitable rejection and disgust.

– –

A fluffy love story:
In which Hux changed from Colonel to General to Colonel and then back to General again.
And Kylo Ren was simply changed so that the exterior now matched the interior.

* No One Wants To Be Alone by ShinigamiKnox

Hux had pursued his career as if that were the only thing that mattered in his life. After the destruction of his life’s work, he feels himself falling apart at the already frayed seams. His dysphoria paired with the realization that he is alone has him grasping at anything to make him feel something other than depression.

After a slight mental breakdown after the destruction of Starkiller base, Ren takes it upon himself to make sure the general is okay, because he’s the closest thing he has to a friend, a rival who equally challenges him.

“So. How much do you want to know?” Hux asked.

“All of it. Scratch that, anything you’re okay with telling me,” Ren amended quickly.

“So, all of it,” Hux said with a nod.

* Once Upon a Dream series by NoirSongbird

The whispers of the Dark Side did not just include promises of power. For Ben Solo, they also include promises of a handsome stranger. Or: A very literal take on the idea of “seduction” by the Dark Side.

* Orange Lillies & Other Signs of Affection by The_Marron

Inspired by a post on tumblr.Hux orders very unusual bouquets, and Kylo absolutely hates him but does customized bouquets anyway.

* Princess by  evil_saint

The Resistance gets a tip-off from a Hosnian survivor that the First Order is active in the Core. “We lucked out, Ma’am,“ Finn tells her. "They stayed in a hotel on Cormond,” the Brentaalian capitol. “Our contact managed to set up a security feed in the room. It’s just under two hours long. Might have something.”

* The Red Wolf series by ofcorsetstrash

With the Starkiller nearing completion, the LAST thing Hux needs is to be sent by the Supreme Leader to the Core Worlds on some kind of spy mission. That is NOT Hux’s area of expertise, thank you very much.And if attending cocktail parties and playing nice with the New Republic wasn’t hard enough, General Leia Organa’s son seems to be a demon from the deepest nightmares Hux never knew he had. Honestly. Can’t the tall, dark idiot keep his hands to himself for just one minute?Featuring the Terrifying Prince Ben Amidala Solo, General “I have no chill” Hux, Badass Goddess Rey Kenobi, Poe “Definitely not a Resistance spy” Dameron, and Actual Cinnamon Roll Finn.  

* Reputation by Flyting

 Kylo finds out Hux is an omega. Functionally it makes no difference – everybody in the FO takes hormone control – but every so often medical deems fit to have someone go through a rut/heat. Alpha/omegas are uncommon enough that it doesn’t present real disruptions.

 Kylo is excited. He’s an alpha, and has never experienced being around an available omega. Omegas are supposed submissive, needy things – according to Han’s old romance novels and Snoke’s gender essentialism 101, at least. And the glut of porn. Subjugating the general sounds appealing.

 It turns out heat makes Hux mean. He’s aggressive, hostile, and doesn’t seem to give a fuck about Kylo or his fancy dick.

* The Rescue by  lionofwrath

Hux walks in on Snoke torturing Ren and rescues him. Now he just needs to keep them both safe, help Ren heal, and deal with his own feelings. 

* Return to Sender by  kaeda

In which Ben Organa Solo is a bureaucrat’s nightmare, General Hux is constantly frustrated, and the two of them cannot stop flirting via holonet.

* Rising Sun by goldandobsidiann

In a fit of rage, a newly-promoted General Hux makes the worst possible remark at the worst possible time, breaking one of the Supreme Leader’s sacred commandments.Kylo Ren sees that he pays restitution.

* Run Once More by leoandlancer 

In the wake of the Republic’s destruction, General Hux is captured by survivors of the fallen Republic, intent on his public execution. Disgusted by his own actions, but haunted by visions of Hux’s torture and death, Kylo Ren defies Snoke’s new general and goes after Hux alone. On their own and bristling with mutual animosity, hunted by both Phasma, and the new military force of the Revivalist Authority, Hux is forced to ask for aid from General Organa. However, even with the help of the best pilot in the Resistance and his bodyguard, Hux and Kylo struggle to find a truce amid their history, uncertain future, and growing dependence on each other.

* Runaways by KatHarkness_Katara, sunandoceanblue

A young Ben Solo decides he’s had enough, and he’d much prefer the open galaxy. Elsewhere, Cadet Hux is near the end of his tether, and a runaway kid may just be the breaking point… 

* Seeing Ghosts by Driverpicksthemooseic (Ratkinzluver33)

He was right, of course. Kylo could no longer trust his own senses, when flickers of light hovered at the edge of his vision, and faint laughter trailed down the hallways of the Finalizer’s emptiest wings. He could taste earth on his tongue, and there was this smell, of smoke and metal.(OR, Kylo Ren gets haunted by Anakin Skywalker, and it goes as well as can be expected.)

* Shadows and Stained Glass by hollo

Kylo Ren returns from his stay with the Supreme Leader changed in strange and unsettling ways. Hux’s unease grows as it becomes more and more obvious that Ren is no longer completely who he was. The incidents that began to occur only serve to highlight Ren’s odd behavior, and soon Hux can see that Ren is rapidly becoming something else, something terrible and inhuman. 

* Ship-Wide Gravity Malfunction by naevia_nadia

Of course, Hux thinks as he floats through the air of Deck 6, he can’t blame Kylo Ren for this.  Not even Kylo Ren, who is stubbornly stuck to the ground below him, could be blamed for a ship-wide gravity malfunction.

* Silence of the Room by hedgerowhag

There is darkness beyond, swallowing all light and leaving nothing but the absence of the void. That is where he belongs, where he is kept until it is considered that he is ready for the next audience. 

* Something About Volcanoes by betts
“Think about it.” Hux makes a grandiose, sweeping motion with his arm. “The drama. The chaos. The rumors. The only thing better than a destination wedding is a heartwarming coming-out story to take the spotlight away from your selfish loved ones and their horrid pursuit of emotional fulfillment. Then you wait a few months, and announce it was all just a phase and you’re in fact happily engaged to…I don’t know, one of those body pillow things.” 

* Smooth the Descent (and Easy Is the Way) by Metallic_Sweet

Hux is Force-sensitive.

 The gates of hell are open night and day;
Smooth the descent, and easy is the way

* Stormtrooper RN-001 by GrimSylphie

In a world where Supreme Leader Snoke determines that bringing Ben Solo to the Dark Side is more trouble then it’s worth, a new stormtrooper is born. RN-001 is all that remains of the boy who could have been Ben Solo. He is cut off from the force and brainwashed until he no longer knows up from down. He grows up without ever feeling the warm embrace of his parents. In its place there is only the inhumane and often deadly training methods used to produce the strongest infantry. Still, he becomes something special, his life inexcplicably entwined with one General Brendol Hux II.

* Synchronicity by pkabyssinian

They fought in choreographed synchronicity that was beautiful to behold.  Ren was all flash and flamboyancy with his lightsaber as he moved in arcs and widening circles carefully avoiding the man at his back.  Behind him Hux was all precise footwork and sophisticated movements that were a perfect counterpoint to Ren’s flashier moves.   Perhaps events would have gone differently had anyone guessed that Hux was Force-sensitive.  Perhaps not.  These two had always been unpredictable when together.

A System by pron

Five times Kylo Ren helped Hux and one time that Hux showed his trust. 


* Teenage Kylux series by RockSaltAndRoll, Shortsighted_Owl

Hux met Kylo when they were fifteen - the First Order’s finest cadet and Supreme Leader Snoke’s choice to lead his Knights of Ren. Thrown together, made to challenge each other and constantly outdo one another, their relationship started as antagonistic but as they learned about each other it grew to respect, and then to love. Until Kylo left. Disobeying Snoke’s order to kill the fledgling Jedi, Kylo went back to his family and left Hux alone to follow his path to the top.Fifteen years later and the First Order is on it’s knees; it’s finest former cadet, General Hux now a prisoner of the resistance. Held captive and awaiting trial, Hux is reunited with Kylo…only the Kylo he knew is now Ben; a Jedi strong in the Force and Hux’s principle jailer. Feelings still linger from long ago as Ben tries to turn Hux to the light; and memories flood every moment they spend together.Sometimes the path to the top is even lonelier, knowing you originally weren’t meant to be alone.   

* That’s My House But You’re My Home by  touchofgrey37

It’s only a supreme devotion that would cause Hux to allow his lover’s estranged father to take him out to lunch, but Kylo always did bring out the worst in him 

* Tinder and Flint by  thatviciousvixen

Reeling from the defeat at Starkiller Base, Supreme Leader Snoke comes up with an idea to unite the First Order under a figurehead they can rally behind: Hux. Despite their obvious hatred Kylo is named his knight and protector and assigned to stay by his side and follow his orders. Kylo Ren expects to hate being an acolyte of Emperor Brendol Hux the Second, ruler of the new Galactic Empire. He’s surprised to find otherwise.

* To The Ends of the Stars by My_Trex_has_fleas

Hux is no fool.

He knows that his failure will be met with grave consequences and while he is happy to throw other people under the starship, he’s not so keen for that to happen to him. So when Snoke tells him he must bring Kylo Ren to him, he hatches a plan.

If he’s going to be forced to barter for his life, he’ll need a bargaining chip. And what better bargaining chip than the Supreme Leader’s apprentice.

AKA Hux takes Kylo Ren hostage after the collapse of Starkiller Base and they go on the run with everyone after them.

* To Sleep, Perchance by GallifreyanOmnishambles

Brendol Hux isn’t quite what he seems. When Kylo Ren accidentally infects him with Dantari Flu the fever brings all of the General’s secrets into the light, including one that he didn’t know about himself… 

* To The Pure by K_dAzrael

Dear sir or madam, I am General Hux of the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer. I was recently strong-armed by a colleague into joining an order of mystic knight-warriors and now they want me take part in their team-building orgies. Please advise. 

* Virtue by  Eralk Fang (EralkFang) 

“It was my understanding,” Hux says, slowly, “that the Knights of Ren are a celibate order.”“They are,” Ren confirms. “But the Master is not meant to be.”  (Tagged as cannibalism due to the consumption of Jedi ashes.)

* Wake Up, Sleeper by penpenhooray

It would seem odd that the Resistance should always seem to get their information just a bit faster than the First Order. Of course, General Leia Organa knows the risks her mole is taking by sending her life saving information.

Luke was confident in his padawan’s ability to infiltrate the First Order to destroy it from the inside, and he trusted his pupil’s instincts.

And Hux? Well, he’s spent over a decade as a sleeper agent within the bowels of the First Order when he feels an awakening in the Force, and he’s decided it’s time to begin the destruction of the First Order. And he’s going to bring Ben back to the Light if it’s the last thing he does.

* The Way to a Man’s Heart by Gigi_Sinclair

When the Empire crumbled, four-year-old Armitage Hux escaped to the New Republic with his mother. Many years later, Jedi padawan Ben Solo encounters them living a quiet existence on a pastoral planet.

swanchester au | knight of hell + the dark one

Pushed to extreme circumstances, Emma and Dean must do what they have to in order to save their loved ones and rid the world of dangerous threats. Dean takes on the Mark of Cain so he can wield the First Blade and kill Abaddon. Emma digs deeper into learning her magic, toeing along the line between light and darkness so she can grow strong enough to take on a power hungry Rumplestilskin. After a mighty battle, they manage to vanquish the villains - but at a terrible cost. Killing Rumplestilskin with his own dagger transfers the curse unto Emma; the mark won’t let go of a fatally wounded Dean. Together, they exit the arena as the new Knight of Hell and Dark One.

Torn Apart : Saizo

You and Saizo had been together for six months now. You were better than ever, he has even started being more honest with his feeling too. Although , that didn’t mean that he stopped teasing you about everything.

“Are you still trying to lift that box?” He said , he was staring you trying to clean your room for an hour now. “Well , it would be nice if I had some help?” you replied. “Is that right now…?” he said and stand up to help you. “Where do you want to put it?” he asked, “Up there, right next to the other one” you said after showing him. “Was that this hard ,dear?” he asked with a smirk while finishing putting away the box. “Oh, isn’t this your father’s hairpin? You should take better care of it.” Your hairpin had fallen from your hair while trying to clean up , Saizo pick it up and fix it on your hair.

“There we go.” he said and smile. “Thank you” You replied and smiled at him. You were about to have a moment , but Sasuke rushed into your room. “Senseiiii!!” , Saizo clicked his tongue “Tch.. what is it now dear?” he said. “Oh (Y/N) am I ruinning your moment with Sensei~~” he jovially said. “Hey what are you-” you were about to answer but Saizo caught your speech “Just get to the point Sasuke.”

“Oh yeah right ,  there is going to be a festival tonight in the town and everyone is to go and have fun said Lord Shingen! Isn’t that awesome!” Sasuke was really into this.

“Is  it now..?” Saizo replied. “We should go it would be fun!” you said , you were excited , you haven’t been to a festival for a while!

“I get it , I get it , we will go , alright?” said Saizo. “Yaay!” you replied you and Sasuke.

~Time Skip~

“Dear , are you ready yet? The others left before us” Saizo was waiting you outside your room.

“I’m right there!” you stepped out and closed the door behind you. “Let’s go!” you said with a smile.

“Mmn..” he replied. “Hm..?Saizo? What is wrong?” you asked troubled “Hm.. nothing.. nothing..dear” he said not looking at you. “That dress.. it suits you..” he said a while after , you giggled and keep walking next to him.

Once you get to the festival , there were many people selling goods and enjoying themselves.

“Hm..!, Saizo..?”

“You don’t want to get lost now , do you…?” he said afte holding your hand..

“Haha, look over there , they are selling masks! I should get a fox one matching your!” you said full of enthusiasm. He messed with my hair and said “You are not going to need that, right..?”

“Oh what about this goldfish! It’s so cute…!” you said again.. “You can hardly take care of yourself, how are you going to deal with a goldfish too,,,,?” he said with a smirk. “Then what about this hairpins?!” you said. He avoid to answer you , and he spotted Yukimura with Sasuke.

“ Oh (Y/N), Saizo , were have you been?!” Yukimura said with a smile.

“Senseiiiii!! Did you see the masks they were selling?! I should have one too, like you!” Sasuke said while dragging Saizo to the masks shop. You and Yukimura were left alone , and you decided to go to a tea house to wait for them. “You two are getting along well, don’t you!?” Yukimura said.

“Yes! I’ve never been better!” You replied with a smile and started drinking your tea. “That’s good..” Yukimura said and smile.

After a while , Saizo and Sasuke came in. “Hey guys!! Look at my mask?! Isn’t it cool?!” Sasuke said proud of himself “Sensei help me choose it!” He added. “Wow that’s a nice one Sasuke , a monkey one isn’t it?” Yukimura said and started talkin with Sasuke , while Saizo came and sit with you. “Heyy, that is mine Saizo!” you said while Saizo was drinking your tea. “Was~~” Saizo said and drank your tea.

~Time skip~

You returned from the festival, you were a little sad because you didn’t buy anything , but still you enjoyed yourselves! You were back to your room with Saizo , “It was fun tonight right Saizo?” you said still full of joy “The real fun begins now..” Saizo said with a smirk. At last, you didn’t get to sleep as soon as you wanted too…

~Time skip~

A few weeks past, and you had been starting feeling sick, one of the maids noticed that you didn’t have much an appetite. “ (y/n) .. you should really eat something..” she comment. “Thank you for your concern , but I really think I’m going to threw up if I do” you said but before she had the chance to reply , you had already fainted to the floor. “Oh.. (y/n)!” was the last think you  heard.

When you opened your eyes, you saw Saizo and Yukimura looking at you. Yukimura was extremly happy for a reason.. “What happened to me…?” you  weakly said “Shouldn’t you tell her Saizo?” Yukimura said and left the room smiling bright. Saizo began to speak “You should have told me..” he said, “Hm,..? What are you talking about?” you asked.. “You are pregnant,, (y/n)..” he added.

Your eyes went wide.. It was a shock at first but you were happy! “Please get some care of yourself from now on..”He said and kissed your forehead “Get some sleep” he told you and left the room.

~The next day~

You woke up and the maids were waiting for you “Good morning (y/n) ! Lord Yukimura told us to take care of you!” they explained. “Thank you” you replied with a smile. Once you went out , you saw Yukimura with Sasuke looking troubled. “Good morning! Where is Saizo?” you asked them.. Sasuke came close to you and gave  you a little box “This is for you.. (y/n)” he said.

When you opened the box, you saw a beautiful hairpin that you had seen at the festival. You looked at Yukimura “Yukimura, where is Saizo?” you said in a serious tone.. “I don’t know….” he almost whisper. “What do you mean you don’t know!? Of all the times, this is not the time to leave without saying a word!” You actually shouted. Before you were able to say anything else , a retrainer came up to you “We are having a gathering right now, Lord Shingen’s orders”

You went to the many hall with Yukimura and Sasuke. Lord Shingen began to speak :

“The enemy , is getting stronger , we are all the get to face them , before they would be able to reach our castle, Yukimura you are in change for the first fight, please train well”

You couldn’t believe that we were in a war again, now , when Saizo was gone, what if something happens to him?!

~A few weeks later~ (Your POV)

Saizo was no where to be found. My belly has a little bigger, which make me happy , but the fact that Saizo wasn’t here to enjoy this moment with me hurt me the most. Days were passing by, without nothing happening.. I was in my room looking at the hairpin Saizo bought for me.. I tear run down my face.. “Saizo.. where are you…?” I whisper , before I burst into tears and fall asleep while crying.

A voice woke me up , it was Sasuke. “(y/n)!! Wake up , a retrainer says that an Iga ninja was found by the river unconscious. It must be Sensei!” I jumped out of my bed, I had to see him again!

The moment I left my room , I saw Yukimura “Lord Yukimura! Where is Saizo!?” I said.

His reply was something I didn’t expect to hear. “It’s not Saizo , (y/n)… I’m sorry..”

All my hope were scattered, my chest felt tight “At least , let me speak to him… please Yukimura..” was the only thing I could say.

When I get to the room were the ninja was being taken care, his eyes when wide. “You..” he said.

“You must be the mother of Saizo’s child” he continued… I was shocked “How did you…?” I was going to ask , but he didn’t let me finish my saying “That guy, he always suprises me..” he said looking at the celling. “Please, tell me everything! I need to know what happened!” I begged.

“There is a.. law in the Iga Village, that a ninja’s child should be a ninja too to take the place of his parents. Saizo hated being a ninja himself.. so having to see his child growing up to become a ninja must be a torture for him. Besides, Saizo is.. a lengentery ninja, the Iga Lords wouldnt like to have such a ninja out of service..That being said, they could easily get rid of any distractions in Saizo’s job, meaning killing both you and the child” I couldnt believe what I was hearing.. my vision got blurry. “So.. where is Saizo now..?” I asked through my tears. “The only way to avoid the consequences of this law, is to take the most dangerous mission. I’ve heard that the mission’s code name is “Suicide”, because of the small possibilities to servive..” There was no holding back to my tears.. I couldn’t stop crying, Hearing me cry Sasuke get into the room “Hey (y/n) what’s wrong?!” he asked troubled. The ninja explained to him the situation. “Does that mean..~?!” he was about to ask. “Please Sasuke! Don’t say that!” I said. The ninja speak again “Please don’t get so worked up at your state, there is a possibility that he will be back, so please rest…”

I couldn’t take it anymore, I closed myself to my room. I just couldn’t believe that Saizo was willing to have himself killed in order to protect me and the child. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

~ 9 months later ~ (your POV)

I was holding the baby in my arms. It was the only thing that it made me feel that Saizo is still here.

I put the baby into his bed. I wish I could talk to Saizo.. I really missed him.. Then a thought crossed my mind, I should write a later to him, although I didnt know where to send it.

And so I started:

My beloved Saizo,

I really wanted to talk to you, I missed you so much .. I can’t stop thinking about you since you left. Our son , has been born , I’m sure you are going to love him . He looks so much like you Saizo..

He looks so much like him, so much that it hurts , tears filled my eyes again, not allowing me to see. I looked at the baby sleeping peacefully, then Sasuke enter the room

“(y/n)! Get the baby , we are leaving! The enemy forces are approaching the castle , it is dangerous to stay here!” Sasuke said.. “Sasuke.. should you be with Yukimura right now.. ?” I asked in shock

“I have to protect what the most important person to me hold dear” He said while looking straight at me and the baby. “Okay , let’s go then!” I said after taking the baby and the hairpin Saizo gave me.

Sasuke took me outside of the castle where Yukimura and two horses were waiting for us. “(y/n) the situation is pretty bad.. I am afraid you will have to live somewhere else from now, I’ll be taking you outside of Kai” Yukimura said .

~ 4 Years  Later ~

Me and my son, we are living now , in a house at the mountains. The situation was pretty bad, the war was at its zenith but here we are totally safe , at least that’s what Lord Yukimura said, and I believe him.

“Hey mommy?! What kind of person is daddy?!”

“Daddy , is the kindest person I have ever met. He is caring , thoughtful and a responsible person. You actually look a lot like him…”

“Wow really!? He sounds like a very cool person! So mommy.. where is daddy right now..?”

“Right here”

My eyes went wide.. No, it couldn’t be… Saizo? I turn around , and see him standing tall at the main  entrance. It was him!! It was actually him!!

“This is your dad” I told our son.



“Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.
One day, war broke out between the two races.
After a long battle, the Monsters were victorious.
They sealed the humans underground with a magic spell.
Many years later…
Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.”

Asriel falls down on a hole and finds the kingdom of man.

There he meets a human named Chara who, after a failed attempt to take his soul, guides him in his journey underground.

And in a world where humans thrives off in the darkness of their prison, their hate for the monsterkind only grows deeper. They have made several mishaps and accidents have happened through out the years of their imprisonment. But this time, if one more monster fell down in the hellhole they’re in, there will be no more mistakes. No more mercy. It’s kill or be killed.

With little strength and numbers they have in their disposal. Humanity must stay D E T E R M I N E D.

Asriel knows the danger that’s awaiting them.

Even so, he have to go back to the surface. No matter how scared and anxious he is.

He must not lose HOPE.

And perhaps, by the end of this journey, maybe… just maybe…

He could find a way to SAVE THEM.

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In the interests of clarity and for anyone who gives a monkey’s, here’s where I’m at.

Like so many people, I’m worried about the effects on our civilisation of what appears to be an increasing emergence of forces and instincts across Europe and the West with anti-democratic, deeply authoritarian and worryingly demagogic elements.
Whether they come from the left or the right of the political spectrum.
Whether they were part of voting For or Against Brexit.
For or Against Trump.
Or any other of the votes or referendums that are going on.

Any attempt to exploit and stir up the very real worries and fears of people who feel they have been ignored for too long must be regarded with caution.
Too many times in the past that particular tactic has been used to benefit the people doing the stirring and not those they say they want to help. People who see huge amounts of wealth being piled up by those reaping the rewards of business de-regulation and global trade deals but whose own lives and communities are seeing none of it.
They just see more public services being cut, more money being taken away from their local authorities, less opportunity for a secure job, fewer prospects for themselves and their children.
Some communities have lost their own industry and sources of employment as a direct result of other countries benefiting where labor is cheaper and workers are more easily exploited. Or through advances in technology and a skills market that they have become shut out of, with nothing to take its place.
Those communities are justifiably very angry.

How people feel about this has become mixed with a mistrust of the very people and institutions that they’re supposed to be able to rely on - their politicians, the political system itself, the media, the financial sector, the list goes on and on.
A fear that those very institutions have been hollowed out from the inside by people out for all they can get at the expense of everyone else.
A fear that those institutions of democracy have become just a shiny surface with very little of substance left within.
Many good people, of real intregity and with a genuine desire to do something about it are out there working hard to address that mix.
At the same time, it is a mixture ripe for exploitation by people who have no intention of improving those institutions or re-energising the principles of democracy they should represent. They just see an opportunity to further their own self-interested agendas dressed up as a concern for ‘ordinary, hard-working people.’

The shift of the whole political establishment towards the so-called 'centre’ in the 90’s and early 2000’s appears to have created a disconnect in the traditional relationships between various political parties and the people they have always been relied on to represent.
The policies that were pursued then, whether intentionally or not, have been part of encouraging, on the one hand, massive inequality and systemic insecurity domestically and, on the other, a terrifying uncertainty and destabilization internationally.
Subsequently, with no meaningful answers to any of it being offered up by the political establishment, we’re witnessing a move towards populism.

There are no real answers in populism. Just attempts to exploit strong feelings.
Push back against populism and it’s empty rhetoric collapses. Which is why it tries to shut down rational discussion and thoughtful debate. It has to preserve its allure and power by remaining unquestioned and uninvestigated.
So it is that populism can open the door to the threat of demagoguery and all its attendant attacks on the things that any civilized democracy needs to survive - a political system that truly represents the will of the people not just certain sections of it, a fair and balanced press, free and fair elections, an adherence to the rule of law, the existence of an effective opposition, the right of people to demonstrate and organise, and everything else we value for a truly democratic society.
Of course, the important thing to realize, and the thing that the western establishment is now having to come to terms with, is that it is the apparent weakness and corruption that has been allowed to grow in those very things that creates the opportunity for populism and demagoguery to thrive in the first place.

This is how civilisations can break down, how empires can end.

Unless alternatives are brought into existence that not only address the real concerns that people have but also put forward real, meaningful and workable solutions then eventually change is forced to work through whatever options are available. No matter how imperfect.
Or potentially dangerous.
So, at this moment, if we are unhappy with the options before us, the most urgent need must be creating those new alternatives. And accepting that, while populism continues to rise, whatever already exists to oppose it is not working and must change. Either transform or be left behind completely.
Alternatives that encourage an economy that rewards responsibility and innovation as well as wealth creation.
That allows that wealth to be shared more equally.
That supports communities in having more control over their own needs.
That allows people to feel secure enough in their identity and the values of their community to be open to other ways of seeing the world.
That allows everyone to have the opportunity for a good education, a solid job, a comfortable home.

These are not easy things to bring about, obviously.
If they were we’d already have them.

So where do you start?


Actions speak louder than words and eventually you have to put your money where your mouth is.
If you care you have to at least try. Even if you fail. You have to try.
You start from knowing what you don’t know and how ridiculous you seem and how unprepared you are.
But you start.
And you listen and try to hear.
And go where it takes you.
Try and leave behind left and right and see if you can contribute to solving actual problems that people are having.
Stick to your values.
Stand up for fairness.
For justice.
For kindness.
Stand up to their enemies.
Try not to do more harm than good.
Not give a shit what people call you or accuse you of.
Unless there’s truth in it.
Then have the courage to learn from it.
Be merciless about your own ego.
Know that sometimes you can be what most gets in your own way.
And just keep going until you’re not helping anymore.
If you ever did.
But at least you’ll know you tried.
You have to start somewhere.

And you have to start.

The Nuts & Bolts of Being a Magical Practitioner

This post is based on my opinions and experiences. It is not meant to be an end-all be-all of magical practice. That would be ridiculous!

This post is written in response to an ask, “what are the nuts and bolts of being a magical practitioner” (paraphrased).

There are a lot of ways to approach this question. We could talk about basic magical techniques, or go a bit meta. I’m a theorist at heart so let’s go meta.

Being a magical practitioner takes an inquisitive and bold spirit. You have to be a scientist at heart, constantly wondering what makes things work, and what you can do to improve your skills and technique. When you see something that could be done, how do you approach it? One person may decide on one or two paths of approach. A magical practitioner may want to consider ten different paths of approach.

Being a magical practitioner takes the ability to look through layers of reality. One person may see an argument between friends and immediately step in to calm it. A magical practitioner needs to be able to see the symptoms, the causes, and the cure before a single step is taken. Like Inception, you need to be able to go down, down, down, until you find the single thought that is the cause of all you observe. An inexperienced practitioner may cast several complex spells to treat the symptoms of a situation. An experienced practitioner can breathe a single word or phrase on to a situation and cure all its ills by healing its root.

Being a magical practitioner takes bravery. Not many an experienced practitioner can say they have never been attacked by spirit or another practitioner, or walked the astral very long without getting in to a fight. I have been practicing only four years and have already lost track of how many times I have dealt with very serious spirit attack, either for myself or aiding another. You have to be able to draw your weapons and get in to a real scrape, to protect yourself or help others.

Being a magical practitioner requires the ability to limit your trust and your compassion. Droves of spirits will come to your doorstep, promising riches, wealth, anything you desire – if only for a minute in your body, or a few good offerings, or a nice blood contract, perhaps. Humans will come to you, begging for magical assistance, out of greed or real necessity. Well, you need the ability to put your foot down and say “no”. It is beautiful that humans want to trust and give. As a magical practitioner, this is a luxury you can no longer afford. Mind who you trust. Mind who you share your secrets with. Be strong about who you are willing to help; give only when it is healthy for you to do so. Do not allow others to bombard you, do not allow others to demand your time, even if they are in need. You are not a servant. You are not here to save the world. You are here to grow and evolve and expand yourself. Do not lose sight of that in the face of others who want to limit you by demanding your time and energies.

Lastly, being a magical practitioner requires a great deal of passion. This is not an easy path, or one that many would choose if they saw the reality of it. This is a path of beauty and danger, like the pristine jungle wilderness. There are exotic flowers here, and deranged leopards. There is a huge give-take, and the more you try to take the more you are forced to give. That is the true nature of magical practice. So to survive such a path, you must be passionate; you must strive and grow and do your best, and stay one step ahead if you can. But always beware the leopards.

Hance surf AU is so good though. I wanna contribute.

They grow up in a tiny villa on the beach. The houses are all made of wood, you can’t reach the place by car and the water is so crystal clear it’s like the sky

Hunk’s family make surfboards for a living and teach others around.

Lance’s father teaches language at the local school, his mother is a lifeguard and his grandparents moved from Mexico to there years ago. He is the oldest sibling.

Hunk and Lance met when they were 4 and Hunk was playing football at the beach with other kids. Lance didn’t even ask to join, he just start running after the ball along with them. No one complained and when Lance scored, Hunk gave him a hug so tight Lance’s feet hovered over the ground for a few seconds before they both almost fell down.

Hunk plays the ukulele and Lance learns how to play the pahu with the parents from some kid.

Hunk’s been surfing since he was a baby. It’s in his family’s blood. When Lance is 6 he gets so jealous that Hunk can surf and he can’t that he runs back to Hunk’s family garage and starts screaming “UNCLE AND AUNT CAN YOU PLEASE TEACH ME, I’LL GIVE YOU ALL MY DESSERTS FOR TWO MONTHS”

Hunk is always present on Lance’s lessons. He both likes to show off and help teach Lance.

They enter the surf kids tournament when they’re 8.

There’s an old tree house up the mountains and through the forest and they make it their headquarters. They can see the beach shoreline from up there.

Hunk wins his first tournament when he’s 12. Lance when he is 14.

They get their first tattoo then.

Hunk learns how to build surfboards and also starts surfing with different types of boards. Lance likes his the way it is. Hunk is looking for a new style that suits him better and Lance helps him out.

As they grow up and get better, they also got more adventurous. They started chasing bigger and bigger waves and when they’re 15, a huge storm hits that makes some truly dangerous, scary waves. They’ve surfed in storms before, it gives them a sense of thrill and adrenaline unlike any other. But this… it’s way too strong and both of them get too scared to try it but they also won’t stop looking outside the window because damn, it must feel so good to conquer those waves…

Lance eventually gives in to the adrenaline even though Hunk tries to tell him not to. Lance rushes to the water with Hunk right behind him, still crying out that he he should rethink. Truth is, Lance is terrified but also thrilled. He must! Hunk goes after him but he dives under the waves instead of trying to ride them. Lance waits for the perfect moment to catch the perfect one. When he does, Hunk has his heart pounding so hard because LANCE NO and MUST PROTECT!! Hunk winds up riding the wave after him and although neither of them manage any particularly impressive poses, they both ride it safely and after it stops they don’t stop swimming back until they’re safe on the shore.

Lance won’t stop laughing, like, they did it! They really did it!! Hunk kinda laughs with him, both of them still pretty nervous and shaking because that was some experience alright, it was good but terrifying and Hunk promises himself to never do it again ever! Lance is so giddy and nervous he jumps over Hunk and hugs him tightly and kisses him on the cheek while laughing. Hunk hugs him back.

They get grounded for like two months. Without surf boards.

Hunk gets a GoPro for his 15th birthday. He and Lance make a YouTube channel documenting their surfing style and occasionally camping out on the tropical forests around and showing people the sights. They hike a lot.

When they’re 16 Lance pretty much realizes he has the biggest boner for his best friend and it’s equal parts terrifying and amazing and it reminds him of the storm day: It’s adrenaline and fear all wrapped up in a neat package that’s about to explode.

They’ve gotten more tattoos, Hunk’s extends all over his left arm, Lance’s less extensive and he only has a couple different designs around his leg.

They pretty much spend more time at the tree house than at home. They’ve made it actually liveable, gotten futons over the place, Hunk’s laptop is pretty much always there because he prefers to edit the video in a calm place than back at the villa. Lance hangs his and Hunk’s medals over the walls.

They often sleep together there and honestly it’s like torture because Hunk is so close, so close!! And Lance can’t do anything about it.

Just a lot of pining in general okay thanks