so the colors kinda fail

Why can’t you love yourself?
I’m just a useless seventh wheel.

kinda vent kinda not this is a mess

My dash is now so empty with all those blacklisted fe14 post, so I thought it’s time to draw a quick fe13 character. Here is a Olivia sketch~

Danny had a brief thought - she could be very pretty if she did not seem so sad all of the time.

Treading Water by The Full Catastrophe

I originally had another picture in mind to draw of Sam, but that one didn’t have a very good shot of her face. So I gave her a portrait instead. c:

This was my interpretation of T.F.C’s description of Sam in their story, Treading Water. Go check it out if you haven’t yet!


blueberry boys 💙

I realized playing ssb last night that Rosalina’s luma is actually the size of a throw pillow and I guess for some reason that made me want to draw her this way. Her luma (lumas? what even is the plural for luma) are so cute I want one.

i originally wanted to try out a color palette kinda drawing but i failed so i just tried something else. on the bright side I really like the way it turned out anyway