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im emo thinking about,,, when liam uncovers that one of his parents (regina IS his stepmom dont @ me) is responsible for sabotaging the one woman in his entire life who literally has taught him how to be a person after spending his whole life being sheltered and subdued and neglected.… who proves to him that he deserves to love and be loved when he thought it was impossible…. who teaches him its okay to just live in the moment and take chances and that he doesn’t have to be perfect and apathetic all the time…. who from the beginning saw him as Liam the Person before Liam the Prince and still fell in love with him

i genuinely cant imagine how severe that kind of betrayal would hurt, and it genuinely worries me to see how he handles it considering how repressed his feelings and emotions were forced to be since childhood. we see it countless times throughout the books, with him bringing it up (its usually just in passing, in little things he says or does, or he briefly mentions it before moving on to something else) or regina talking abt her strong beliefs on necessary stoicism that were more than likely taught to both of the brothers. jfc emotional repression is extremely unhealthy, not to mention him being sheltered and likely neglected by two very busy parents (case in point the eiffel tower scene) and having witnessed an assassination attempt. i think hes hurting WAY MORE than hes letting on and has stories upon stories of horrific shit to tell considering the nobles are fucking ruthless but he keeps it to himself like he was always taught to

LONG STORY SHORT liam has a lot of unresolved issues and traumas that have affected him significantly into adulthood that break my fuckinG HEART to think abt and now im Fucked Up Janet

Repelling Draw

‘Til the end of time within our realm
All of us thy glory will overwhelm
And none other shall ever match thy skill
For grim sorrow through great art thou can heal.
Resting during day, thou shimmer by night
Despising the sun, I bask in thy light.

But such fame is no gift to desire
No one but thyself doth thou admire
Many previous ones have drowned in their pride,
Yet by thy lethal pull I must abide.
Beware, my love, for contempt is a sin
To the simplest souls blissful death has been.

How wielding such wisdom doth thou ignore 
The dryness thy loss could bring in my core,
In which distress would be all worlds marine?
Still for an enslaved life I yearn and pine
And though in harsh salt thou tear me apart,
Twice a day to thee I will lose my heart.




Trini definitely sucker punch him for that later


uuughhh millennials and their ‘music’

are you a dinosaur or dragon person? are you a planets or stars person? are you a shiny or matte person?


well i was scrolling through tumblr and found a random set of ffxv headcanons that were too ridiculous and adorable to pass up on drawing

as much as i regret drawing the last panel ,, it had to be done

Credit to @joioliviapolaroid for the headcanons!

Houses as Tumblr Text Posts Part Eight
  • Gryffindor: Hey can you hold this for me *gives you my hand*
  • Hufflepuff: *wakes up from a nap I didn't realize I was taking*
  • Ravenclaw: *sips tea or coffee* If I don't do anything, maybe I won't mess this up more
  • Slytherin: *buy the book "How To- Make Friends Without Revealing Everything About Yourself"*

okay so disney released detail’s about “raven’s home,” the new “that’s so raven” spin-off, and is it just me or does this sound suspiciously gay…..

“Best friends Raven and Chelsea, both divorced mothers, are now raising their children in a house together.”

look at them!!!! look at this gay family!!!!!!!