so thats what they were talking about

Tbh autistic people are so cool the way we seek information. If i want to know the ins and outs of how cars work, or the human heart or nervous system, or the history of dragons or the way complex buildings are made or how to make my own computer from the ground up there is going to be an amazing autistic person out there who can tell me all about it in such a way that is so engaging because they are truly excited and happy to talk about it and they really truly KNOW what they’re talking about because of their love/intense interest for the subject and all the research they put in and i just thinks thats so fantastic like damn look at us were so cool.


why noone is talking about what the Christmas special said about Mama Agreste?

“Adrien prepares to spend the first Christmas without his mother “

the first Christmas without his mother “

the first 

This gives us exactly what we were looking for a long time: when did Adrien’s mom dissapeared

a year

she has only dissapear about a year ago

That’s the reason they are still mourning her

her dissapearence is very recent

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ok let me talk about the ed and why it’s so important that it was the girls that posted this pic and not victor nor yuuri. the first time i saw this picture i was surprised by the intimacy of it - almost like we were intruding on something personal. and!!! thats the thing!!! it was personal, they didnt post this,,,,, this wasnt something that they intended to be seen by anyone, this was something private. after spending the time together and knowing what the other is like, this is them at their core, this is victor without the eyes of the media on him. no exaggerations and it just paints a picture of domesticity at its finest. and can you imagine being this lifelong fan of victor and seeing this on your feed for the first time (you know this would’ve blown up as soon as it was posted) and having this internal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bc this was victor youre talking about. this man is known for his joking flirtatious nature (this guy winks 24/7 jfc) and here he is in a picture with a face full of love and admiration that no one’s ever seen in him before 

Maybe thats why were destined to fight with one another for the rest of our existence. We’ll never be able to get out of our own ways long enough to see each other’s P.O.V. because we’re all so fucking busy paying attention to the sounds of our own voices than to what the other person is saying. The whole time the opponent is talking we’re just thinking about what we’re going to say in the next reply; we don’t even hear the other side of it.
—  Corey Taylor
  • me getting crushes on girls as a kid: what haha im not gay! why would you even think that! im **normal**
  • me getting crushes on girls now: wife me the FUCK up 👭👀👭👀👭👀👭👀👭👀 gay shit gⓐy sHit👭 thats 💍 some gay👭👭shit right👭👭th 👭 ere👭👭👭 right💍there 💍💍if i do ƽaү so my self 💒 i say so 💒 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💒 👭👭 👭НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👭 👭👭 👭 💒 👭 👀 👀 👀 👭👭Gay shit

Behind the Scenes of The Unicorn and the Wasp (Part Three)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s article in DWM 396:

DWM: What is the point of wasps?

David Tennant: We were talking about that today. I’m sure they have some mysterious function in our delicate ecology, but I don’t know what it is. Bees have such a specific ‘product,’ which we mercilessly nick off them, and I suppose wasps suffer unfair comparisons to bees, because they’re a bit similar. You want wasps to be as clearly useful. Someone said they eat greenfly… but that didn’t come from me, in case that fact is wrong.

DWM: What is the point of wasps?

Sandy McDonald (David’s Dad): Wasp grubs! I’m a keen fisher, and wasp grubs make wonderful fishing bait, because everything is afraid of wasp stings. To get the grubs you have to go into the wasps’ nest and grab them, and as a youngster I learned to do that. Nowadays I’d be less keen!

DWM: What is the point of wasps?

Adam Rayner (Roger Eddison): In life’s rich pageant, there’s no point in fluffy, cuddly kittens without wasps at the other end of the scale. They balance each other out.

DWM: What is the point of wasps?

David Quilter (Greeves): To make butlers’ lives a misery at open-air parties

Other parts of this photoset: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ]
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• victors sneeze • yurio cussing •OTABEKS VOICE???? •PHICHIT MY SON •Victor talking about yuuri awww • “and yurio, he looks happy.” • CHRIS LAUGH THROUGH THE FUCKING WALL CHRIST •WHEN CHRIS AND VIC JUMP ON YUURI OMFG •omg my baby is so confident “take me sightseeing!” •"your wish is my command" OMG FUCK ME • OTABEKS VOICE WTF • sob they so fuckin cute • “So, friends?” •"y-yeah thats what it is, a lucky charm" yeah ok yuuri •"YURIOS ENJOYING THE COMPANY IF ANOTHER HUMAN" •" are you seriously telling me u don’t remember?“ O he mad •” me to but there not for the faint of heart" CHRIS NO •" yeah were gonna have to see that" fuckin me • “nice moves huh?” Vic pls • PHICHIT IS STILL GOLD •"your all leaving?“ No one likes u JJ • omg MINAMI •YUURIS DRUNK VOICE I CANT FUCKING SCREAMS FOREVER WHAT A FUCKBOY •HE SLURS HIS WORDS • ALERT ALERT ALERT GAYS

Sorry for shit format im rushing


SLUMBER PAJAMA PARTY (dipper has no pajamas)

Temporary hair dye by Mabel

Mabel ORIGINALLY just invited Pacifica for a slumber party since she doesn’t know how to make summoning circles like dipper but when Tad saw Mabel and Pacifica having having a pillow fight and having fun he decided to poof in right accidentally being right between mabel’s and Pacifica’s Pillow and getting hit by the impact.

Bill and Dipper however were chatting upstairs in the attic (Dipper’s room now) talking about what to add to the journal and about the monsters in Gravity falls when they heard a thud downstairs so when they went down Bill saw Tad covered in feathers and laughed his guts out and then mabel shouted “GROUP SLUMBER PAJAMA PARTY!!”

and so they played Monopoly with Mabel and Dipper winning alot since Grunkle Stand had thought them alot about -ahem- everything thats fair in monopoly <.< you know what i mean. 

The teams would be ; The Pine Twins vs The Demons vs Pacifica (since she’s a CEO and she’s aloud to make any phone calls NECESSARY to win the game)

The game score

Pine twins 25 wins and the rest zero

Pacifica ; “I’m a CEO of a very successful company that’s already going global… how am I losing so much in Monopoly”


Tad ; “ok now I swear … i swear to god they’re cheating”

Mabel & Dipper ; “GET REKT.”

in the end they watch some Duck Detective while talking about what just happened in the show with Waddles sitting behind mabel and tad

Mabel ; “Oh c’mon bro-bro Duck detective is a genius! there’s no freakin way he won’t solve this case”

Dipper ; “what?! no, Mabs Detective penguin will beat him to the case, classic scenario”

Tad ; “well I think Madame dog is the killer”

Bill ; “No way, It’s definitely the Policeman i mean did you see how that guy back talked duck detective, honestly even Pine tree could figure that out in a second”

Mabel&Dipper ; “I know right! it has to be him!”

Pacifica ; “I honestly don’t know how you guys can’t figure it out, OBVIOUSLY Sir Cat was the killer, also did you guys just do the twin esp thing again ”

(fun fact the circlet of waddles head was mabel’s sweet 16 gift from Dipper it has an enchanment of long livety and it bonds waddles as Mabel’s Familiar so waddles can only die if mabel dies and he can feel when Mabel’s in trouble or find where she is at all times (I can’t let waddles die man i just can’t) Mabel also likes to enchant a growing rune on the circlet so waddles can grow big and she can ride on top of him like in the dream bubble)

Got7 and the ships: Mark edition


  • #REAL
  • they used to kiss each other all the time
  • “revenge. you know revenge?”
  • Mark has a huge man crush on Jinyoung
  • Jinyoung is super understanding of Mark’s quietness
  • try to be sneaky with their skinship but they ain’t fooling anyone


  • actual married couple, have a beautiful daughter
  • visual couple
  • are roommates now and play games and all markjae shippers are blessed thank you
  • Mark helps Youngjae with english
  • Youngjae loves touching Mark’s ass idk why
  • this ship will survive it all


  • english speaking-flying-rapping couple
  • most popular ship but it kinda died???
  • Mark is the only one that calls Jackson “Gaga” and if thats not cute then i don’t know what is
  • pretty sure they are the type to say “no homo bro”
  • Markson on asc were some wild times


  • best friends
  • Mark once fed Jb a rose
  • all they talked about in their got2day was about farting, classy
  • Mark grabbed Jb’s ass once, very bold
  • they are so weird and cute when will you all wake up


  • 2/3 of AmeriThaiKong
  • Mark knows Bambam since he was like 12 and they’ve basically grown up together
  • Mark is bitter about Bambam not making him some good pad thai, also bitter that Bambam didn’t like the sweatpants he bought him
  • very cute


  • Kim Mark and Yugyeom Tuan
  • Mark basically becomes the maknae around Yugyeom
  • very cute hugs like for real
  • did the pepero game thingy 
  • “what a sweet couple. try it more erotic?” yugyeom please

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ok but how would sasuke propose ?

im 100% sure ive talked about this before but i can’t find that post anymore so i’ll just do it again

They’ve been together for a few years, and Naruto is content with the way things are, but Sasuke feels like there is something missing. He wants more. He grew up with his idea of marriage being what his parents had. A union of love, shared between two people who chose eachother for who they were, and to him, marriage still feels like something special. To him, being married means making an eternal promise to your partner, that you’ll never leave them and that you’ll always be there for eachother, and that is something Sasuke really treasures. Especially when it comes to him and Naruto. It’s something he wants, but simultaneously also something that scares the absolute crap out of him. He’s already lost everything dear to him once, and even though it’s been years and the nightmares are few and far between nowadays, there’s still a small part of him that’s afraid something like that might happen again one day. The fear never really goes away, but even so, he still wants it. 

Naruto, however, has never really thought about marriage before. There was no one around him married when he was younger, so why would he? Sure, he knows what marriage is, and he’s seen married people happy together in the village, but he’s never given it any thought besides that (especially not in regards of his own love life) so he doesn’t really hold that much value to it. If you’re already with the person you love most in the world, then why would you need a piece of paper to prove it?? He just doesn’t really get it. 

So it starts with Sasuke carefully telling Naruto about his views on marriage, letting him know it’s something he’d ultimately want out of the relationship he has with the person he cares for the most, and slowly Naruto starts understanding what it means, at least to Sasuke, and he starts considering it for himself. With the way Sasuke is describing it, it really does sound like something beautiful, something just for them, something he would definitely want for him and Sasuke. 

It’s three weeks later, and they’ve talked about it a few more times in the meantime, and Sasuke feels like now is the time to ask. The more they talk about marriage, the more he feels like it’s starting to become something Naruto wants as well, and he feels like now would be the right time to take the chance. He has his old hitai-ate melted down into two rings,  one with the Uchiha clan symbol engraved into it for Naruto, and one with the Uzumaki clan symbol engraved into it for him. He asks Naruto to join him at the old pier they used hang out at as children, and that’s where he asks his question. He doesn’t go down on one knee like he’s sure his father did for his mother, but instead sits next to Naruto at the end of the pier, their fingers entangled on Naruto’s knee, and he carefully lets the rings slide down into Naruto’s lap. 

At first, Naruto doesn’t say anything. He just stares at the rings in his lap, and Sasuke feels his throat closing up. What if this was all a big misunderstanding? What if this really wasn’t something Naruto wanted after all and he’d said no? But then Naruto carefully untangles his fingers from Sasukes’ to pick them up for closer inspection. He sees their clan symbols engraved on the insides, and he thinks about everything Sasuke told him about his view on marriage, and suddenly he can’t stop the big smile from creeping up on his face anymore. He wants this, just as badly as Sasuke does. 

He grabs Sasuke by the hand, and janks him up to his feet. “Put mine on me! And let me put yours on you!” And they do, Sasuke still feeling a little shaky and weak in the knees from when time had seemed to crawl to a stop when he’d first slid the rings into Naruto’s lap and Naruto had only stared at them, but now they’re both looking at the rings on their fingers with wonder, and maybe a little bit of excitement, because this is really happening, they’re really getting married, and then suddenly Sasuke feels himself getting knocked back by a heavy ball of blond excitement, he feels his foot starting to slide off the edge of the pier and before he’s able to process what’s happening, they’re lying in the water together. 

‘You usuratonkachi’, is what he wants to say, but what comes out instead is one of the realest, most genuine laughs Naruto has ever heard from him, and Naruto can’t help but kiss him silly.


- winwin as a boyfriend would be a1 seriously
- it all started when winwin saw your name on kun’s friend list on facebook and clicked on it only because you looked pretty
- he really did think you were pretty though
- he tried to keep it a secret because thats embarrassing. hes lookin thru one of kun’s pretty friends’ profile pics. kun would never let him live it down
- and he thinks hes bein all slick and secretive
- but nah kuns already seen him lookin thru your profile
- winwin has a habit of keepin his phone screen bright
- and having no password
- “so ur into my friend, i see”
- winwin would widen his eyes and smile stiffly “hahaha…..what r u talking about”
- “dont play dumb with me sicheng you literally sat in front of me and scrolled through her profile with your screen at maximum brightness”
- “…………..oh”
- kun would set the both of you up together
- except winwin won’t know that he is
- on the other hand, you do, but you didnt know it was gonna be him. u just asked kun to set you up on a blind date
- and wala
- “kun where are u taking me-_- i have to get up early tomorrow to practice the dance we learned a few days ago”
- “you can get up later lets go on an adventure”
- winwin would actually think him and kun are goin on an adventure like best buds
- kun plays him a lot tho
- hes surprised winwin hasnt caught on yet
- winwins all like “ohhh my we’re d best of friends!” then he’ turn around and kuns gone
- “hi… are you sicheng?”
- winwin would turn around all angry nd peeved bc how dare kun do that but then his heart would drop to his stomach and all of a sudden his hands are all clammy
- “oh, s-sorry. my friend set me up on a date and you look like the guy he showed me a pictu-”
- “yes im sicheng, but you can call me winwin.”
- he’d think hes bein all suave n shit but in reality he’s like purple nd it sounds like hes choking on something
- u guys would hit it off actually nd now winwin kinda feels bad he was creepin ur fb profile for the past few days
- you guys would depart all buddy-like nd he would feel bad bc he felt like he needed to do smth else but he was jus scared :(
- the next day he’d wake up to a new fb notification and it says that u’ve requested to become his friend and he literally jumps through the roof
- “good now u can look through her profile like a friend rather than a stranger”
- kuns a lowkey savage. truss mi
- winwin would glare at him “yeah ok whats the big deal wit ditchin me last night anyw-?”
- “if it werent for me y/n probably wouldnt of had added you so i’m pretty sure you need to use a diff tone with me sicheng :)”
- “…………..thank you qian kun you are everything a best friend could ever ask for have i ever told u that? ur my best friend. winkun is real and thriving.”
- you on the other hand wouldnt be able to stop smiling. he made that much of an impact on you
- he was very gentlemanly on your date. something most guys are lacking of these days
- he really left a good impression on you.
- you find yourself texting kun “can i get winwin’s number?”
- before you know it, you guys are texting 24/7
- when winwin isn’t dancing, he’s either texting you or sleeping
- you guys would make a lot of inside jokes and things
- i feel like he’d also be the type to start talkin about deep things once 11pm strikes
- the both of you wouldn’t know what you were.
- dating? in a relationship?
- the only thing yall did know is that yall felt right together
- winwin would always be on his phone smilin and taeyong would notice
- “who ya texting winwinnie?” taeyong would nudge winwin’s arm
- “no one” winwin would blush
- “someone special?”
- winwin would smile really big. “yeah.”
- kun would invite you over to the dorms to surprise winwin
- you get along really well with the boys
- “winwins goin from a big baby to a big boy” taeyong would say
- “its not that deep taeyong” yuta would say
- they’d jus be rly happy for u nd winwin honestly
- winwin would walk out the door and see you
- “(y/n)?!?” he’d smile real big and run towards you
- he’d hug you and you’d hug him back and everyone would be oohing and awhing
- winwin wouldnt even notice them being there
- you guys would just stay there hugging for a while then donghyuck would go “JUST KISS EACH OTHER ALREADY-_-”
- and you do
- the minis would make disgusted noises
- jeno wouldn’t tho he’d probably smile real big and clap his hands along with his hyungs aw
- he’d be such a spoilt bf omg
- you’d buy him anything he wants. seriously. anything he asks for from you and he gets it within a week
- it’s okay though because he does the same for you
- you guys just spoil each other continuously
- he asks for ice cream all the time. its really cute
- also whenever you eat the last few scoops of ice cream he gets a lil bit mad. but he restocks every other day just in case
- also getting scared at times bc he sleeps with his eyes open
- he probably falls asleep at random times too
- “sicheng? hun? wake up.. you gotta get to bed..”
- “*groans* i love u babe *goes back to sleep*”
- he’d really just be a big baby
- watching him do his morning stretches while you drink tea omg
- he’d clear out your living room and just take the time to stretch. it rly is another form of art
- “sicheng? hey babe? i gotta question?”
- “yeah?”
- “what’s this kun’s saying about you knowing who i was before our first date?”
- “…….idk a kun who is he”


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A/N: i’m in this lovely hobi groupchat and we were discussing how soft hobi’s hair is in spite of it being dyed all the time and we got to talking about what we’d do if we were hobi’s hairdresser and this happened. shout out to all my hobi gc angels without whom this fic would not be possible. i love you all so much <3

wc: ~5.1K

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A message to the FFXV fandom

Originally posted by tactician-in-shining-armor

I just want to take the time to say how very proud I am to be part of this fandom, and I want to commend everyone I’ve met on here for being so thoughtful and mature. I’m not so sure how it is for you guys, but my experience interacting with my fellow fans and talking to other artists and writers has been nothing short of rewarding. There’s also a TON of brains and talent here, which is a very nice plus. I know to some it may sound like I’m overly glorifying the FFXV fandom, but I strongly felt like putting it out there as I’ve been in fandoms that have leaned more towards the dark side of humanity. And by dark side, I’m talking about things that cross very solid moral/ethical boundaries, if you will…

And so, my message to all of you is a great big thanks. For everything that you do, say, create and love. For all the beautiful pictures, stories, roleplays, gifs and metas that make us smile, laugh, scream, cry, moan and orgasm. For laughing along with me during the good times and mourning with me during the bad times.

Most importantly,…

Thank you guys. For being you.


Taylor, “The Pug Addict”

Texting With Cas
  • Dean: Cas, were are you?
  • Cas: In the closet
  • Dean: What are you doing in the closet
  • Cas: I'm searching for Narnia, Dean.
  • Dean: Thats not a real place Cas
  • Cas: Yes it is, Dean.
  • Cas: You, of all people, should know it is.
  • Dean: WHAT?!
  • Dean: What the hell are you talking about?
  • Cas: Sam said.
  • Cas: He said that you were so far in the closet that you reached Narnia.
Fallout 4 Anniversary Event!

so @john-hancocked and i were talking about how its almost been a whole year since fallout 4 came out and we wanted to do something to celebrate, but then we realized its 4 days away lol.

So! we’re going to go through our favorite posts and reblog with what we love about them! fan art, fanfic, head canons, videos, songs, anything related to fallout 4! everything is going to be tagged with #fallout4anniversary. the point is to spread the joy thats come from being a part of this community. feel free to participate!!!!

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here have a headcanon: the way Lena finds out about Kara being Supergirl is when she and Supergirl are busy working together in her office to stop Cadmus' new evil plan. Instead of calling Supergirl over, Lena absentmindedly calls out for Kara (coz like Kara is in her mind 24/7 anyway) and Supergirl just casually goes "yeah?". they look at each other confused and surprised for a minute then slowly, jaws drop everywhere and a simultaneous "oh my god" & "oh shit"

👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Brittane and I were just talking ideas of how Lena could find out. But I love this one too! It would be so cute.

now that the full chapter is out, lets talk about how bad this writing is.

all this time we were led to believe larcade was the child of mavis and zeref, but after all this time it turns out august was the child and larcade just another demon. but the thing is, why?

why is this a twist we should care for? how is their child being a different person gonna affect us? we know either way zeref is probably gonna be as big as an asshole as usual, so what difference does this make? and the most important thing: whats the payoff?

thats the thing: there is no payoff, which is what has plagued the writing.

all these fake deaths amount to nothing as no development is gained. most people is fairy tail already value life that much- at least, life they deem valuable. zeref is explaining that larcade is just another demon in front of natsu; you would think there would be a reason. if natsu actually thought larcade was his son, whether it be true or not, that would have a bigger affect and may even spark something in natsu (not only would in his mind larcade be zerefs son, but a comrade). wanna know why this amounts to nothing? natsu has fought these demons before. in tartaros, there was basically killing intent against the demon gates. so why is this happening? why should the characters care- why should we care?

other things of note:

  • with how mashima drew baby erza and how august somehow survived a lonely childhood, its safe to say mashima knows nothing about kids & how to write them.
  • look how quick august fell. just because there was some unfamiliar magic, unless we are to believe that cana & gildarts are stronger than all of the seis & jellal.
  • “but mavis is a grown woman” if precht is so smart how the fuck is he not questioning how a 13 yr olds body got pregnant and does not go through any life threatening conditions as a direct cause of it? pedophilia zervis discourse aside, this doesnt make sense, and mashima so far has been largely hinting at mavis being pregnant. the way evolution has made pregnancy is fucking awful on adults, imagine someone who not only has a small body, but is in puberty. even if you try to say she couldve been an “early bloomer”, i was one as well, and im almost 16 and still going through puberty. puberty takes a long time to get through. shes still in it.
    • also, its as if mashima KNEW implying a child had sex & was impregnated was bad so put the “shes a grown woman” line in to make him feel better about his awful ideas. sorry my dude, its still fucking gross.
  • precht left a baby all by itself and isnt this when he was still considered a good guy? if you consider killing the baby wouldnt you wanna closely raise it to make sure its on the right path due to its power? i would say prechts a fucking idiot, but due to everything in this wriitng, its safer to say mashimas the idiot.
Mistranslation (Yugyeom)

Request: can you do one where you’re from the U.S.A.(and speak a little bit of korean but not a lot to start an actual convo)and the boys see you/they all think that you’re cute and try to talk to you and you find Yugyeom the most attractive/ all of the boys get Jealous /Mark or Jackson end up having to translate for you guys and they’re mad about it so they make up false things that you guys are saying but u know somehow that thats not what hes saying and he knows that thats not what ur saying
Length: 1,091 words
Genre: Fluff/Babble

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someone: after all they had been through, han and leia deserved a better son. they actually deserved a daughter like rey. god, they must hate their own child.