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Ushishira week  Day 1: New Year (or something like that)/ “Intense Force”

Maybe this will be a year where Shirabu won’t see his boyfriend too often, but every day will have something that remindes his cow!


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So something weird happened yesterday. I binge-read through this entire blog (but that's not the weird part, just something that contributed). Where I live, we don't have crows, but there was a small bird, one of those that is everywhere but no one knows what they are actually called. So, it was just kind of hopping around, right near me, and I thought, "Hey, why not, lets recite one of my trashy poems that I wrote for english and see what happens, right? It's not a crow, but close enough." 1/2

2/2 It flew away after, and I just went around my day as I normally do. Then, when I got home, I found this really weird rusty quarter just sitting in the driveway? No clue how it got there, but I’ve decided to keep it close. For reasons. Basically, do other birds appreciate poetry as much as crows?    

Nothing appreciates poetry as much as the crows. But small drab indescribable everywherebirds appreciate it a substantial amount, nonetheless.


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  • soulmate au where a soulmate can feel the pain of their other soulmate
  • pain meaning like, if one gets hit the other feels it, so it’s a lot of physical pain and also anything internal
  • Hansol’s one to not really care all that much, he’s just gives a shrug like ‘if it happens it happens’
  • but it’s not like he doesn’t care entirely, he’s just really lowkey
  • let’s just say you’re not the most careful person on earth, but it’s okay because Hansol really isn’t either
  • once a day he runs into a desk, you know that type of run in where the desk hits your hip and suddenly it goes all downhill
  • yeah Hansol does that once a day
  • and yeah, you really really hate him for it
  • because once you were giving a presentation in class when Hansol ran into a desk and the teacher did not find it funny when you swore in front of the class
  • to be honest it becomes kind of this thing where you two just hurt yourselves to get back at each other
  • Hansol: Seungkwan quick punch me!!
  • but other than that sometimes accidents do happen
  • like the time seungcheol tried to give hansol one of the buddy buddy punches but accidentally used too much force and when he hit hansol, you literally tumbled forward onto the ground
  • hansol knows your period cycle
  • how you ask?
  • bc he suffers with you
  • he doesn’t get the blood aspects but all the cramps
  • tries to get out of school by claiming period cramps
  • the nurse isn’t amused and hansol screams “IT’S MY SOULMATE”
  • he calls your period ‘his period’ too
  • bc of this he learns a few tricks to lessening the cramps
  • okay but how you two meet is through seungkwan
  • not through seungkwan, technically it’s just him piecing everything together and then a huge lightbulb dinging in his head
  • you and hansol actually go to the same school
  • your classrooms are actually right next to each other, you two have just never had the chance to run into each other or talk
  • basically you’re standing in the hallway with a group of friends and hansol is sitting with his right near the door of the classroom
  • Seungkwan is walking to class and he passes by you when you say ‘i’m on my period again, these cramps are killing me’
  • seungkwan walks into class where he proceeds to hear hansol say ‘my soulmate’s cramps are really killing me’
  • and seungkwan freezes bc wow this is some either really coincidental stuff or they’re soulmates
  • seungkwan then stands in the doorway bc seungkwan’s gotta get the deets
  • “yesterday my soulmate ran into another desk or something and now i have this gigantic bruise on my hip’
  • ‘I ran into another desk yesterday and got this huuuge bruise, look’
  • “HANSOL OMG’ seungkwan is literally freaking out
  • hansol: ‘lmao, it’s huge right’ bc he so obviously thinks seungkwan is screaming about the bruise
  • yes, thats how you two meet. with seungkwan screaming and exposing it
  • hansol’s actually really shy and quiet at first
  • like he doesn’t know what to do, he’s never had a soulmate before
  • but he actually warms up really quick bc you talk about how clumsy he must be to always be running into desk
  • and he’s like ‘says the person who makes it feel like i’m being stabbed once a month’
  • But after all the getting use to each other, hansol becomes a GIANT meme
  • Literally
  • You know those relationship memes, he sends you those throughout the day with the word ‘us’ written after it
  • Thats it, thats all he texts you for an 5 hours
  • once on a date, hansol tried to show that he could eat something really spicy but it backfired now you and hansol are screaming bc your tongues are burning
  • “i’M SORRY”
  • The first time hansol decides to cook for you is actually a big step in the relationship
  • bc a slightly clumsy boy + knives and a stove/oven what could possibly go wrong
  • so you’re watching him, with very careful eyes, you’re just staring at him
  • “Stop staring you’re making me nervous”
  • you finally look away bc you know you have to trust him at some point so you’re idly playing on your phone when you feel a really sharp pain on your hand and you’re hissing really loud and when you look over at hansol, he’s just really stone faced
  • ‘Did you cut yourself?’
  • you’re bandaging his hand and for some reason the air is really kind of tense and you ask him what’s wrong and he just gives you this really down look as he’s holding your hand like “does it hurt?”
  • and you swear your heart is melting bc this is possibly one of the cutest things he could do and say to you
  • you’re giving him a really big smile while assuring him that you’ll live through it and you just plant a really soft kiss on top of his nose and he does that kind of smile laugh when you do it and his eyes are crinkling at the feeling of your lips on his nose
  • once hurt himself while dabbing and you banned him from dabbing for the rest of the day
  • Anyways, soulmate hansol is just a small meme that wants to show off sometimes but ends up hurting both of you but he’s doing it in a really loving way and he always always makes sure you’re okay, and as much as he really wants to take care of you, it really ends up with you taking care of him and can’t believe someone as lovely as you puts up with his slightly clumsy butt.

FFF–so my internet is working now. I’m sorry for the wonky quality >_>

Here’s a doodle I made yesterday. I wanted to add more to the au where the hoenn villains are the heroes’ dad. Depending on which game is played, the protagonist would have to deal with either Brendan or May.

every time this guy that i like does something that i could interpret as potentially suggesting that he likes me, he then completely confuses me.. we spent literally more than an hour today kinda cuddling on a sofa while chatting and watching videos, but


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Me again. I won't say that yesterday ended on a happy, throw glitter every where mood. But it wasn't horrible. I survived the negativity my brain wanted to throw at me. I have more crap memories than happy memories, so I stuck to the more recent memories. Yesterday, I chose to think about the first time we took my child to a local comic book convention, and her fascination with costumes. We now have a picture of her with two Deadpools. So that's a good memory, right?

That’s a great memory, and I’m really happy that you shared it with me and yourself. 

And now you have something to build on! The next time your brain tries to give you a hard time, you can focus on the time you told your brain to STFU and instead recalled the time you took your daughter to a con and got pictures with two Deadpools! 

Every little victory is still a victory, and we can stack them up when we need them.

Thanks for checking in. You’re gonna get through this.

SNK/AOT: Horseback Riding With Levi

(A/N): Thought of this while horseback riding yesterday, the horses I usually ride are Nugget and Mango so thats where i got the names!

- If its your first time, he only takes you out for an hour and takes an easy trail.

- He makes sure that you ride one of the horses he has experience with and trusts, so you end up on a tall, 4 year old, chocolate brown horse named Nugget.

- Levi looks more relaxed on his horse, but doesn’t go all out of the ordinary to smile. He is his usual quiet self, but just by his face you can tell he’s more at peace.

- Once you get skilled with Nugget he lets you ride other horses also and you end up with a shorter, 5 year old, white horse named Mango.

- He starts challenging you more and more on difficult trails to see how skilled you are with Nugget and Mango and eventually trusts you to ride on your own.

- When on expeditions Levi trusts that you can keep control of Nugget/Mango and focus on the goal without having to worry about them.

- Levi will never admit it but he loves watching while you ride your horse, it secretly makes him happy seeing you enjoy your time with them.

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I forget how out of touch some people are...
  • Sister: yeah we ordered pizzas for our students yesterday.
  • Cousin: can't you just expense that?
  • Me, mom, sister:
  • Cousin: you mean you have to pay for your own stuff?
  • Me, mom, sister: Yep.
  • Cousin: what? That's terrible.

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What if instead of planting corn and beans in the same hole i planted them like a foot away from each other? Does that still give them the same benefits?

ok i had to dig through the Ask Mound™ to find this ask but i finally had the chance to ask two of the corn breeders at work about this yesterday and they said this:

an acre of bean plants can fixate around 45 pounds of nitrogen in a season. an acre of corn consumes about 200 pounds of nitrogen per season. so the beans restore some nitrogen to the soil, but not enough for it to really make an impact if its being simultaneously eaten.

the other corn breeder said that when he was in college, his university (a university in Michigan thats known for botany) did test trials where they alternated in a test field one row of beans with one row of corn and so on so forth, so the beans and corn were growing right next to each other at all times. the next year, they would shift the rows down so the rows previously occupied by beans were occupied by corn and vice versa. they found from the study that there was no observable difference between fields corn and beans placed in rows together and separate alternating corn and bean fields.

Spoiler Alert?
  • Damian, is forced to watch " The Legend of Tarzan" at a family night: So where are those buffaloes and Lions? Are they alright? Did the crocodiles get hurt?
  • Damian: I know that's just a movie, but still.

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So at my work we do a thing where people order groceries online and we take them out to their car. While im out picking people come up to ask me questions and thats all fine and good, what i dont like is customers touching me. Also yesterday a old man called me sweetie and when i was pushing the trolley to get more groceries i heard him call me cute. Like dude you are my grandpa's age, stop being gross

Sadness and New Adventures (Elina’s post on the trade)

Yesterday didn’t really start the way we thought, we woke up and found out that we got traded to Arizona, just like that, It came as a shock, even tho we knew that the Blackhawks had some issues with the salary cap we didn’t think that we needed to worry, but oh we where wrong! For ten years Chicago has been our home, thats 1/3d of our lives! In ten years you build a whole life, all the friends you made through the years, all contacts you’ve gotten, the city we know so well, you know how the organisation works and where to go and all the guys on the team that we pretty much been growing up with thats our family there, you now have to leave it all, just like that and you don’t have a choice or a voice to do anything about it.

I was incredibly sad all day yesterday and it was hard to keep the tears away but now when most of the shock has simmered a little, Im just trying to think positive. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason and I guess we just have to see this as a new chapter in our lives and as an adventure even tho I still have a knot in my stomach from everything thats been going on. But I just have to say one thing and that is THANK YOU everyone who’s been texting and calling us and all the messages and kind words and LOVE that we have gotten from family friends and fans, we appreciate it more then you think and you all are making everything feel a little bit better, it really warms our hearts! Me and Nik is now going to sit down and try to figure our how to plan out our nearest future with all the changes! Hope you all have a good night! lots of love to all of you!

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IDK if you are taking prompts right now and I don’t want to presume, but I have literally just gotten in from digging a grave for my dog, which is not what I expected to be doing today, so if you had it in you to write anything fluffy and critter-related, that would be awesome. (Or just advice for dealing with sudden dog existence failure :-( )

Oh my friend, I am so sorry for your loss :( believe it or not, I have never had a furry friend of my own, dog or cat, thanks to household allergies, but I know this is a rough time to be going through, especially so unexpected I’m sure. I’m wishing you all the best and keeping you in my thoughts as you grieve for your pupper <3 

I’ll keep cute and fluffy in mind for future prompts. I do have a long plane ride tomorrow…

In the meantime, here’s a list of every single pupper-Voltron piece I know. I don’t know if that’s helpful to you right now, having just lost your own, but here they are when you’re ready <3 first, here are some kittens!

ART: Shiro with a cat!
ART: Team Voltron as cats!
ART: Allura snuggling Team Voltron as cats!

Dogs are below the readmore, just in case you don’t want to see them right now <3 <3

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so it's 4am, i have a final is 5 hours, at least 4 cups of coffee down, and i've been in my school library since 12pm yesterday. may i pls have some hcs about voltron college au where shiro is basically the tim drake of the group and how everyone tries to get him to actually sleep for more than 30 minutes a night bc no shiro, it's not healthy to mix red bull with coffee that's how people Die LOL thanks in advance for this! hope you feel better soon my friend!

oh my gosh dude, you okay? I know the struggle but like… please take a long nap and maybe a hot shower once you’re done taking your final. I definitely respect your study ethic but Please Rest. I’m proud of you for working so hard on your final tho


  • Lance is a pre-med student who alternates between drowning in schoolwork that he’s put off until the last minute and putting off said work even longer by playing video games and watching Netflix. He shares an apartment with Hunk, who is actually taking courses in mechanics at the tech school across town, and Pidge, who is still trying to decide whether to major in astrophysics or computer programming. The apartment is always messy but they have a good time.
  • The apartment directly below theirs is shared by Matt and Shiro, who met in their freshman year because they were taking the same pre-law classes. Keith doesn’t actually live with them, but he crashes on Matt and Shiro’s couch so often that they’ve more or less accepted him as a third roommate. (He’s that guy who is in his second year and still has NO IDEA what he’s going to major in lmao)
  • Okay but Shiro would totally be the workaholic student who values their GPA more than their health? Like, he has a big exam coming up and everyone is starting to get A Little Worried, because he hasn’t actually slept through the night in like??? two weeks???? And Matt is starting to get concerned about how many pots of coffee his roommate goes through in a day.
  • He spends most of his time at the university library, so none of them have even really seen him in several days, but when he is home he’s in the kitchen, where he’s managed to cover the entire table with notes and flashcards and textbooks, except for a small clear space that is his designated Coffee Spot and is always filled with a fresh cup and at least two used mugs. Sometimes he’ll move to the living room couch for a short power nap before going back to his study cave. Keith has had to start sleeping in Shiro’s bed because Shiro keeps taking the couch.
  • “Uh, Shiro, buddy, when was the last time you actually slept for more than an hour at a time?”
  • “I’ll sleep when I have my law degree, Matt.”
  • The night before the exam they actually have to have an intervention, because Keith saw Shiro dump an entire bottle of Five Hour Energy into his coffee that morning and at this point they’re all a little concerned that this kid is actually going to put himself in the hospital with his terrible lifestyle habits.
  • Hunk got Pidge and Lance to help him cook A Real Meal, and they bring it down to Matt and Shiro’s apartment so they can make sure he eats something that isn’t instant noodles or a protein bar for once.
  • Matt has this whole spiel about how Shiro has been working too hard, and how making himself sick from overwork is only going to end up hurting him (and his GPA) in the long run, and the others back him up and manage to convince Shiro to actually get a good night’s sleep for once so he’ll be refreshed for his exam.
  • He takes the exam the next day on a full night of sleep and aces it btw


  • My boss: Can I talk to you real quick?
  • Brain: Danger, danger, you've been fired, you messed up, yesterday was a test and you failed it, you destroyed your chances, y
  • Me: Yeah, of course :)

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"The Republic is trolling" is literally canon. Socrates describes his ideal city in Book II, it takes like three pages (368e-372c). Then Glaucon interrupts to complain that life in that city would lack fancy luxuries. Socrates: "the true city, in my opinion, is the one we've described, the healthy one, as it were. But let's study a city with a fever, if that's what you want". (372e) All the famous bits follow. Philosophers suck even harder at reading than at writing so no one remembers this.

Yep.  The obvious reading and not one which was touched upon at all in the class I took on it at [university with serious business classics department]

I think this is a product of the same kind of selective cultural amnesia which the article about Captain Kirk I reblogged yesterday dissects.  Like - we inherit our way of reading these works from the Enlightenment, whose leading lights dragged the greek classics out and put them on the pedestal where they currently reside, and they had a certain vested interest in the philosopher king idea, so a Grand Missing of the Point ensued and remains with us to this day

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Sonja, your last post about control of image rights for H and L by Sony! That's exactly what I think is happening. I sent a message to Annie yesterday basically saying the same thing: Sony made sure to keep H as their golden goose, and they cooperated with the Azoffs in building H's new image for the last couple of years. However, they also wanted to keep L precisely so that they would be able to control the narrative when it comes to the two of them. H's narrative and L's narrative atm 1/2

2/2 atm are part of a common strategy. Where it becomes difficult to reconcile is, as you say, why would they treat L they way they do if H and L are still together? The only explanation that comes to mind for me right now with the limited info that we have is that, when BG started in 2015 H and L were promised a certain way in which it would develop that was later scrapped and things got ugly. i keep thinking of the “worth the while” tweet, the “might give up everything just ask me to” lyric,

3/3, the later “they told me that the end is near” lyric. Maybe H & L had an idea of what was to come but never imagined the extent of it especially when it came to L’s treatment? They didn’t know it would last that long? They thought it was worth it at one point and that they could handle it and then things got out of hand? I don’t know, trying to understand it all is an impossible task at the moment, but that the two strategies are connected is clear at least imo.


“Sony made sure to keep H as their golden goose, and they cooperated with the Azoffs in building H’s new image for the last couple of years. However, they also wanted to keep L precisely so that they would be able to control the narrative when it comes to the two of them. H’s narrative and L’s narrative atm are part of a common strategy.”

this is very well said and i think summarizes the entire past however many years that we’ve seen the azoffs influence (particularly where harry’s career was and is concerned) perfectly.

i think this is on point too:

“Maybe H & L had an idea of what was to come but never imagined the extent of it especially when it came to L’s treatment? They didn’t know it would last that long? They thought it was worth it at one point and that they could handle it and then things got out of hand?”

i definitely think there’s still a gigantic tangled mess bts and that babygate is very much still a part of it. 

i just wish we had some kind of clarity about what’s going to happen. we also don’t really have any markers any more (like before we were waiting for contracts to end, or waiting for stunts to end, or waiting for this and that) and even if we were waiting for the wrong things or if the things we were waiting for were too simplistic, it still gave us something to look forward to and to be hopeful about.

now we’re just kind of existing in the same space without any real common unifiers. our side of the fandom has broken down to a level that i don’t think can ever be repaired (and tbh i think that’s probably a good thing).

WARNINGS: Details of abuse, suicide, slight torture, reader injured/kidnapped

“Can I please have a hint as to what you ‘announcement’ is?” He begged for the hundredth time

“I am literally around the corner okay?” You smiled “you will find out over dinner like everyone else”

“Okay fine baby girl, everyone’s here now, so you better have a lot to eat”

You laughed “Have you ever known me to be under prepared”

“That is very true babygirl, love you”

“I love you too” you smiled as you turned down the last corner, you felt one of the handles on the bag snap “crap” you whispered

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