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hey holly, i love your art! question: i want a more realistic art style, and i've been practicing drawing faces/bodies from life with little to no success. would you suggest to continue drawing from life until i eventually get better, or try a different method?

I’ve always found it weird when people call a style realistic. There isnt a style to life, thats just how life looks, so when you say “realistic style” I’m assuming you mean Semi-realism not realism.

So if that’s the case then I suggest looking into different proportions. Having proper anatomy is always good, however proportion is what can change a realistic body into an idealized one, and it can have its own style while being very realistic.

Michelangelo is always brought up when people talk about realism but he did not paint things “how they are” he painted things “how it should be” even he used idealized proportions to create more dynamism.


ok but just one more thing and then i’m done













Product review?

Wtf am i doing with my life? Okay so i got a sample of some random korean beauty products the last time i ordered something online…like you always do, you know those little things. And there was this one packet of something with this long ass description of super vague korean trendy words translated into english that all make sense but like…what is this stuff? It said essence and i see the word moisture and so i put it on my face one night before bed because whats the worst that can happen right?

and i swear to god i woke up with my fucking FACE FEELING LIKE MAGIC holy shit it made my skin so nice.
So i tried it the second night and i swear to god ive gone BACK IN YEARS with only two days of using this stuff, what the actual fuck.
So i look at it again and its, hilariously called Snail 96. And im like okay so it has the souls of 96 snails in it, thats cool.

Well i bought a bottle today on amazon and AFTER i paid for it im reading and it says 96% Snail mucin….mucin sounds…kinda…

So i googled “what is snail mucin” and guys…its the slime.

Its 96% snail SLIME and im willingly rubbing it all over my face and ive never felt more alive.

I didnt even cancel the order. Im gonna let these fuckers slime me, i dont care.

okay the brand is Cosrx and its called Advanced Snail 96 mucin power essence and i got it for less than $15 bucks on amazon. Someone just said something about horse spit in the replies and im….man i love korean cosmetics, theyre so brave hahaha



EXO Reaction: Being tight in small place

Thanks for the request <3 I loved it. 

NSFW Vocabulary

Sehun:*Grabs your hips as his mouth come closer to you* Now.. what  do we have here?

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Tao: I want you so bad right now. 

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Suho: How could you do this to me jagiya? *starts kisisng you* 

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Luhan: *biting his lips starts kissing your neck*

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Kris: *
Enters to the dressing room with you* Oh, no. No clothes available here *starts undressing you*

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Xiumin: *He pushes you against him until your lips are really close* I’m sorry I got you stuck here *kinky face on*

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Kai: *You’re in a dark room hiding from fans* 
Y/N: Kai, this is to tight for us 
*takes your pants off, and fingers you*                                     Kai: Now thats what i call tight

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Lay: *Hugs you and kisses you* Will be outta here soon. *Hugs you again concerning*

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Chanyeol: *He pushes you against the wall with his hand on it* Could you be more beautiful?

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Kyungsoo:   This *comes closer to you* I really need to do something now *comes even closer and starts kissing you softly*

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Baekhyun: Gosh babe *Grabs you from the back roughly* Look at that beautiful lips 

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Chen: *Goes to your ear to whisper* I’m so turned on right now *puts your hand down and licks your ear*

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Hope you guys liked it. Keep the request coming.

Love you so much.


Im RamblingTM

So alot of ppl rn are like, “HTF is over!!! Now what??”

Okay so like, Ive found a fic thats starting up called Learn to Listen and god, its so good??? It like, gives Hanzo more character than the stone faced,
disciplined heir to the throne and Im in love with it rn?? (Not to say he didnt have character in HTF, I just find LTL’s Hanzo more appealing) like, it deals with his anxiety and darker parts of him yes, but also shows him as a guy in the modern world, cause he *is* and I feel thats sometimes forgotten with Hanzo since he’s so regal and has a lot of traditional garb and such.

Idk he has problems obviously but also smiles, laughs and stuff that just makes him seem more alive to me tbh?? Its not as much as a slow burn as HTF but I still enjoy it quite a bit!! And McCree is characterized well too, Genji just came in and its so great, Hana is amazing and strong and it doesnt just show her as the little gamer girl, she and Hanzo have a great bond going on and I am T H R I V I N G you guys!!!!!

Just, if any of that stuff sounds appealing, go read it!!!! Its not as much as a monster fic HTF is but its still amazing imo!!

What DC SHOULD have done to the Superfamily

DC should not have completely gotten rid of Connor Kent. Bruce has many sons, why not Clark? Why wipe him from the face of existence? Everybody grew to love Conner. What they should have done, is have Jon Kent be the biological son of Lois and Clark, and have Conner Kent be the adopted big brother clone. Conner would be called Superboy , and Jon would be Superkid. (Got a better name, you think of it.) But you get the general idea.

There’s no just pretending he never existed.

How The Force Awakens should have ended
  • Han Solo: Ben!
  • Kylo Ren: Han Solo. I've been waiting for this day for a long time.
  • Han Solo: Take off that mask. You don't need it.
  • Kylo Ren: What do you think you'll see if I do?
  • Han Solo: The face of my son.
  • Kylo Ren: Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish like his father, so I destroyed him.
  • Han Solo:
  • Han Solo:
  • Han Solo:
  • Han Solo: Listen here, you little shit

James Potter is the kind of guy that calls somebody “dude” and “buddy” and “man” but also “babe” and “honey” and “cutie pie” all in the same sentence and I’ll not be told otherwise like

sirius orion whAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO WHATS WRONG WITH YOU DUDE THATS NOT COOL MAN but babe that was amazing did u see lily’s face I’m so proud my cutie pie is growing sO FAST but wtf buddy seriously”
INTP–INFP Just Chill

INFP: Ohhh! I just remembered that I forgot to pick my classes, oh god!

INTP: Oh, did you just get eligibility the other day?

INFP: Yeah. I was going to stay up until midnight so I could pick them, but I chickened out and fell asleep! D:

INTP: You’re such a nerd.

INFP: ಠ.ಠ

INFP: You don’t know what it’s like! Now, I’m never going to get the classes I want!

INTP: Dude, it hasn’t even been a day, you’ll be fine.

INFP: NO. Just imagine it first.

INFP: You get the opportunity to choose. You miss the chance. You wake up the next day and everything you wanted is gone. AND THEN YOU’RE REALLY STRESSED OUT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

INTP: Except that didn’t happen to me because I already picked all my classes, and got the ones I wanted.


INTP: But guess what! I didn’t stay up until midnight, either! I actually completely forgot about classes. And then the next morning, I remembered, went online, and I picked them.

INFP: Well–

INTP: And I got everything! And it was fine!

INFP: You don’t un–

INTP: It’s going to be fiiiiiine, INFP.


INTP: Fiiiiine!





INFP: Fine.

INTP: That’s the idea!


I chose you for exactly who you are.

But there was something I think Root had wanted to say to you.

You always thought there was something wrong with you.

Because you don’t feel things the way other people do.

 But she always felt that was what made you beautiful.

She wanted you to know, that if you were a shape, you were a straight line. An arrow.

Everyone dies alone.

But if you meant something to someone,

If you helped someone,

Or loved someone,

If even a single person remembers you,

…..Then maybe you never really die.

And maybe….

…..this isn’t the end at all.

Root x Shaw | True Love Never Dies

Root & Shaw’s relationship changes but doesn’t end. It takes on a new dimension. Their connection to each other is so powerful, so strong, it’s divine. True love transcends time and space. Their relationship continues on into the infinite. 

SHOOT lives on. In another form.

They belong together.

I truly wish they had time to explore this next phase of their relationship. I don’t believe it’s ever been written and told on-screen before. It’s unique, it’s exciting. They only managed to show us a teensy weensy bit of it in the final shot but that scene just opened up a whole new level of possibilities for these two characters! Bloody hell! Jonah/Denise, you’ve outdone yourselves again with this incredible idea and such exquisite writing! And thank you, Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker for bringing their words to life, and then some!

Open your minds. :)

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Chanyeol looks healthier than ever and I've seen people on IG, tagging him on pics and telling him to go on a diet. That's rude af and I'm sitting here praying SM doesn't make him go on a diet for the next comeback (even though I'm pretty sure those hoes will make him workout at least) like they did with Minseok some time ago. He said he lost weight by starving himself and I don't want any of them to get through that again. Exo is more than six-packs and pretty faces

There are people doing this…..thats so ugly what the fuck….they deserve to be called out, that’s beyond rude. I hate nothing more then people trying to change their idols into what they deem is “right” or “perfect”.

If the boys themselves want to work out/get a six-pack etc. then fair enough, but I hope none of them feel like having abs is a requirement because it isn’t. I want them to eat all the food they want and I want them to be happy. I can’t imagine how miserable it must make them to literally starve themselves in order to lose weight when they don’t need to.

As for SM…well, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made him since they’ve done it before, but I’m also praying they don’t!!! Chanyeol is glowing and I love it so much 🌻 The only way I will accept Yeol going on a diet or working out is if he himself said he wanted to. Even then I would be upset because I want him to keep his tummy :((

As you said, exo is more than six-packs and pretty faces. I would much rather have nine squishy, well-fed boys then nine starved ones with a six-pack. This goes for any idol.

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You said we can introduce ourselves so... well my bias is Suga, i speak spanish and english, I love cats, my favorite colors are black and red, i'm what people usually call a nerd, but then usually said that i look like the kind of person that will punch you in the face, so thats pretty much all

I totally don’t feel like your far more superior than me because you know more than 1 language😅

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Losing 3finals in a row is no joke. Technically dimaria wasnt doing well at psg either but under emery&facing competition for a spot in team things changed. Now the latter hasn't happened in NT since forever but keeping tht aside its like u keep failing in one thing again&again after doing so well initially that eventually it becomes a mental block thats what has happened to both kun&dimaria when it comes to NT constant failures here have killed the confidence wen it comes NT

I see where you are coming from. Imagine the mental block though. Then again coaches keep calling them up which is another problem. Also, so are we contemplating that the mental block is - noticed by both or it just happens? Cause if it’s noticed one would think they’d decline being called up or retire from the team? So many questions.

I’ve finally done it, I’ve joined in with Munday and revealing my face in what seems to be properly for the first time ever! Gonna put my face under the read more because I’m a shy person ops and well up to people if they want to see me!

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Ravi Moments – VIXX TV2 (Episode 48)

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►◄ His breath hitched in his throat.  Physically, he tried his best not to show it, to keep his face plastered like a statue - a doll as he had been called in the past.  But even though he was artificial, feelings were hard to keep down.

Especially those that haunted him for years.

He wasn’t sure if the… creature knew if he was there, watching him with so many feelings that he wasn’t sure what to do.  It was the benefit of being an android; his ki was artificial, so he gave off no signature to those who were sensitive to that kind of crap.  Silently and for once in his life, he was relieved to be a cyborg.

Emotion clouded his eyesight, almost clouding the strange figure before him.  He wasn’t seeing clearly, blinded by rage and fear, but he tried his best to swallow both of these down as he stepped out enough to be seen.  Running wasn’t his style, and neither was attacking without warning.

“The news said there was an outbreak on cicadas this year,” 17 finally spoke up, his voice barely quivering as he quickly masked his emotions.  “The one time I forget my bug spray at home.”