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Driving Lessons

This little thing was inspired by something a friend said. Set in season 11, sort of. Daddy!Mulder story, some fluff. To make up for the angst yesterday. 

“We can take Scully’s – I mean Dana’s car. You can drive to the grocery store and-” Mulder mentally ticks off items of his list. He, unlike Scully, is not used to this. Not only has to make sure he’s packed everything he needs, no, he has to make sure this child – their son – is well taken care of in the few days they’ll be gone. This is the first out of town case since Will came to stay with them and for some reason all the responsibility lies with him this time. Scully should have figured this was a bad idea.

“But… I don’t know how to drive.” Will, a tall, lanky boy with reddish brown hair, Scully’s eyes and nose, stares up at him, shyly. He’s trying to brush away a few strands of hair that fall into his eyes making him blink furiously. Boy needs a haircut, Mulder thinks. He has so many things to learn, he realizes and sighs, making Will squirm.

“Sorry, I never – my parents – I mean my…” Now it’s Will who sighs in frustration. Mulder, and not for the first time, wonders if the boy is too old to be pulled into a hug. Or if Mulder is still too much of a stranger to do it.

“I thought with growing up on a farm that maybe you'd…”

“I just turned 16,” Will reminds him as if his birthday was something Mulder could have forgotten two days after it happened, “and there never was… with the disease no one and uhm, then I got here and you didn’t uhm. Yeah.”

“So you don’t know how to drive?”


“That's… bad.” Will chuckles and nods. Mulder’s mental list goes up in flames; they need a new plan. He considers calling Scully, but knowing her she would call the whole thing off if William has no means of transportation when they’re gone. She didn’t want to take the case in the first place. They need to take it, though. They haven’t told Will yet, but it concerns his late parents. They need to do this.

“I’ll call Skinner and ask him to take you in. You can bring your bike to his place and-”

“What about Daggoo?” That damn dog. Sleeping there in the corner, his ears twitching as if having heard his name.

“Well…” That’s another problem.

“You said I could stay here.” Sometimes, even at 16 years old, William still sounds like a little boy. Right after they took him in, after the demise of his adoptive parents, Scully told him that Will, his son, could pout just as well as he could. Usually they both knew how to work that pout to their advantage. Seeing it now, coupled with Scully’s eyes, Mulder knows he’d do anything the kid asked him to do.

“I did, yeah. This is just really…”

“Bad, yeah. You said that. I’m sure there’s enough food here anyway.”

“What if there’s an emergency?”

“I could take the bike. The next neighbors are only 7 miles away.” Only 7 miles. Mulder is pretty sure that was one of the reasons why he wanted this house so badly when they moved here. The next neighbors are 7 miles away, Scully, we have all of this to ourselves. That was before they had their son back. Before there were more people – and a dog – to consider.

“That’s crazy, Will.” And just like that Mulder has an idea. It’s crazy, yes, and Scully would never approve, no, but he won’t tell her. Neither will Will, he is sure of it.

“You have an idea, don’t you?” The boy asks warily but unable to keep his lips from going upwards in a smile.

“I do, my son. I do.”


Mulder hardly ever tells her so but Scully is not a good driver. She drives too fast, she is prone to road rage and she can’t parallel park for the life of her. Their son, it turns out, takes after her in that respect.

“Just hit the pedal carefully, Will.” Mulder tells him in an even voice, his ears ringing. He’s going to have whiplash if Will brakes like that ever again and then he’ll have to tell Scully about this. He’ll have to anyway eventually but he’d prefer not to do if before a four hour flight.

“I thought I did.” The boy’s tongue peeks out in full concentration as he holds the wheel in a death grip. He puts his foot down on the gas pedal and the car jumps a little. Will grumbles something unintelligibly and tries again. This time the car rolls very carefully.

“Ha!” Mulder claps his hand together. “You did it, Will! That’s it!” The boy grins and the car moves faster.

“Take a turn there,” Mulder tells him, “Don’t forget to use the blinker.”

“There’s no one here.”

“Don’t forget to use the blinker.” Mulder repeats and a moment later the soft clucking of the blinker can be heard as Will rounds the corner on a deserted road.

“This is fun.” Will tells him and if there’s one thing Mulder has learned about his son in the months he’s come to live with them it’s that he can’t lie. If the boy hates something, it’s written on his face in bold letters, sung in every syllable of his words.

“You still need to take Driver’s Ed, you know.”

“I know. You think Dana will let me drive her car?” Of course Scully has the better car. Mulder’s is old; the FBI refused to give him a new one. Which, with his track record, makes sense.

“Once you have your license, sure.”

“Nice. We should listen to some music.”

“No, Will. Concentrate on the road.” A small huff but Will does as he’s told. He’s a good kid and Mulder thanks whatever deity that his son grew up like this; safe and loved.

“Oh we’re back already.” Will sounds disappointed as he brings the car to a stop. He turns to Mulder, a bright sparkle in his eyes. “Can we go again? Please? Just one more time?” Mulder knows he needs to pack. Where is your tooth brush, Mulder? Why do you always forget to pack your tooth brush? He can hear Scully already; if it’s not his tooth brush, it’ll be something else. He should take care of all the other things Scully told him about while she’s in the city terminating the lease for her apartment finally. But this is the first time he’s taught his son something; his son now knows how to start a car, drive without crashing into a tree and then park – also without crashing into anything else. Just because of him. Because he taught him how to drive.

“Sure, Will. One more time.”

Will starts the car and hits the gas pedal; gently this time and Mulder wonders if maybe, after all, the kid takes after both of them.

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Hello 😊Disney anon again! I loved the gaston piece you did from my request, I've got another Gaston request if that's ok! Maybe where Gaston wants to ask the reader to move in with him but doesn't know how to ask her and inadvertently becomes distant and cold to reader. She takes this as gaston being about to break up with her and eventually she confronts him saying that she can leave if he's really that unhappy. Gaston is shocked that's what she thinks and explains everything? Thanks again ☺️❤

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: hello my lovely disney anon! so nice to hear from you again! thank you so much for your request! I’ve slightly changed it a bit, so it’d fit with the time period, I hope you’re alright with that! <33


It was actually rather simple, but he made it so extremely difficult for himself, that he’d ruin it altogether.

Gaston had fallen in love with you. Something, that he never thought would actually happen to him. Love wasn’t something he ever wanted, nor expected. And then you came along..

And he had been fortunate enough, that his feelings had been reciprocated. 

So asking you to marry him and start a family now, after months and months of courting, shouldn’t be so hard right?

But it was. It really, really was.

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How would our turtle baes react to accidentally overhearing either one of his brothers or April letting it slip that he has a crush on reader, but reader doesn't really believe them at first because how could he like them? He deserves so much better



He cannot believe his ears. For more than one reason.

1, you like him back and he is overwhelmed by the euphoria.

2, not good enough for him?! What?!

He doesn’t storm in, instead he listens intently to your words and smiles when April insists that he likes you and that you should confess. [April always got his back 👌]

He’ll get you alone and sit you down. He makes sure you get a say in everything, but is firm and insistent when he says;

“Precious there is nothing in the world that should cause you to think that you aren’t enough for me. You were, are, enough. Always.”


Oh my holy Jesus Christ, you like him back. When he overhears those words, he is so totally shook. His heart pounds and he’s on cloud nine.

Then the rest came. Those words; “He deserves so much better,” and “He can do better than me.”

Well that is just Bullshit.

He storms in, and gives the two of you a look. He asks April to leave and second she does, you’re cornered.

He’s gentle, but his voice is rougher and his tone is more intense.

“Don’t ya ever, and I mean ever, talk like that again, ya hear? I’m so Goddamn in love with you that I wouldn’t give two shits if ya looked freaky, or even ‘ad a third eye. Ya look at me? I deserve betta’? No I don’t. But if ya willing, maybe I can love ya like ya deserve.”


Like Raph, he’ll interrupt that shit so fast. The moment “he deserves better,” leaves your mouth he is in the room, already shooing away a grinning April.

He’s gonna hold you, ask you why you think so less of yourself. Mikey’s an emotional guy, so you liking him back, plus the self-down talk is gonna put some tears in his eyes.

He just loves you a lot, okay?

“I know I’m not the brightest or the bravest, or even the strongest. I am the funniest though- but thats not the point! The point is that I love ya whole lots and…you deserve better! A whole lot. But you chose me and that makes me feel special. So I’m gonna return the favor!”


He’s conflicted. He wants to intervene, but he also wants to hear everything. He has so many questions. Why him? Why would you ever say that about yourself? He’s filled with so much happiness, I mean his crush loves him back! That’s something he never thought would happen!

But on the flip-side, you obviously had some self-doubt. After you return to the lab, he has you sit down and he leans up against the table, just across so he’s close enough to tower over you.

He holds your hand and gives you the most reassuring smiles he can muster. His tone is soft and desperately loving.

“You are worth everything I own, everything I’ve touched, you are a thousand times more worthy, Princess. I don’t know why, but you chose me and I need you to know, love, that you are more than enough for me. You always will be.”

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Hey Chris. I'm 17 and have been overweight my whole life. I'm 5'8 and 235 but trying to get healthier. I hate myself a lot because of my weight and just have a low self esteem. My sister just told me how someone in one of my classes looked up a picture of a whale on his computer one day and then pointed to me and he showed someone it. I never thought I was terribly big, but that's been making me bawl like crazy and I'm not that type of person. I honestly want to figure out a way I don't (1)

Have to be in that class anymore. Like see if I can take it online. I don’t understand how someone could just be sitting in class and that’s what they think about is how big I am. I don’t know what to do. I usually wouldn’t care if someone would say something about my weight, but this is different 

Ugh I’m so sorry that happened to you :( You’re right, isn’t it ridiculous that that kid was sitting in class with tons of things to do and think about and the thing he landed on was making fun of someone’s size? How sad is that? People don’t give him enough attention, so he had to resort to making fun of someone else and getting half-assed laughs. This entire situation is a reflection of how shitty of a person that guy is. It has nothing to do with you. You are allowed to exist at any size and nobody has the right to make fun of you for that! 

I guess you’ll have to make the decision about staying in the class or not, that’s a personal thing. BUT if I was a friend who knew you personally and was talking to you in person, I would tell you not to let the bullies win. Fuck that guy. Don’t let him affect the way you live your life. There will always be people who will want to tear you down. You’ll never be able to avoid all of them.

Your weight is not your worth. Anyone who reduces you to just your weight or size is a jerk…including yourself. You know you’re more than that. Don’t look in the mirror and hate yourself because all you can see is your physical body size. Don’t do that to yourself. You are smart, you are talented, and you have so much to offer the world.


Smol Tooru with his Iwa-Cactus dreaming about space.  🌟  🌟  🌟
For @eclecticinkling​, based on a photomanip by @accidentalskeletons ♡ (thank you for letting me redraw it :>)


- all your answers should have only ONE character, unless stated otherwise. (i understand that it’ll be hard since all the Haikyuu characters are all so lovable but pls, pick only ONE otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to this game!)

- if you want to elaborate your answer as to why you picked something, go ahead! there is an implied why in all the questions.

- tag at least 10 other people. (share the Haikyuu love ♥‿♥)

- if you get tagged, pls copy the rules as well.

- and enjoy! (★^O^★) the whole point of this tag game is to have fun~

I was tagged by @sleep-pose!! THANK YOU this was really fun (also im going to take this opportunity to say I think you’re cooler than a cucumber)

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Alright SO i Have To Do This Again Huh?

OK. So i know everyone here knows about the break up between My baby Evan and the Mama Approved Sydney.
Everyone just wants to jump around and say “WOO YEAH!” right?
Alright thats reasonable But only because you kept it to yourself.
Oh yeah if i said that then i’d be lying now…LET ME SEE IF YOU GUYS LISTEN TO ME IF I WRITE IN ALL CAPS










So Disappointed in this fandom

P.S: yes even im apologizing on behalf of those few who think they can own a human and make them do wait they want

Breathless Part 3

Pair : Single!Jensen x Reader

Music : Anywhere But Here by SafetySuit

Summary : Being at a SPNCON, Jensen was up to perform a song. But once he laid his eyes on you, he couldn’t stop himself from staring. After, as everyone made their way to the lobby, you had realized you left your phone somewhere. While calling it, in hopes you could find it, Jensen answers. 

A/N : Many of you had asked for another part! So here it is! If you want a part four, Please let me know! Every feedback is much appreciated! Thank you!! 

Catch up here : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

You laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling. A smile plastered on your face as the images of last night flooded your mind. 

It all felt surreal. Getting to spend hours with the cast of your favorite show, and even kissing the man you’ve loved for so many years. You couldn’t help but blush at the thought. 

Tonight, you and Y/F/N were packing to go back home. The weekend has come to an end, and though you were suppose to hang out with them once again, they all had to leave earlier then expected. 

You were both bummed, but so very fortunate to have spent any time with them at all. 

“I have so many pictures and videos of last night.” She chuckled. “My life is officially made.” She sat on the edge of the bed, reminiscing stories of last night. Smiling at her phone. 

“Wait a minute!” She croaked. Her head snapped up and dropped her jaw. Looking as if she has seen something crazy. 

“What?” You exhaled, sitting up. 

She walked over to you and handed her phone over to you. 

Your eyes grew wide, as she zoomed into the picture. It was of you and Jensen, kissing. You could feel your stomach flutter and the blood rush up to your cheeks. 

“You and Jensen kissed and you didn’t tell me?!” Her voice was loud. “I can’t believe you! This is big! And you didn’t tell me!”

“I-I’m sorry, last night was so surreal. It just slipped my mind.” You stammered, biting your cheek trying to refrain from smiling. 

“I’ll forgive you only if you tell me how it was!” She cackled. 

You took in a long deep breath, sitting up straighter as you met her gaze. “It was perfect.”

Y/F/N threw her head back and squealed. She was excited for you, and you couldn’t help but feel special. 

“Too bad they all had to leave early. You probably could’ve kissed him one last time.” She flashed you a wink. 

You shook your head and let out a soft sigh. “Nah, I dont think he even remembers it. Or even remembers me.” 

Your phone lit up, catching your attention. 

An unfamiliar number appeared with a text that read : 

‘Meet me at the park down the street. I have a surprise for you.” 

“What the hell?” You muttered. 

“What?” Y/F/N asked, walking over to see what you had just seen. 

Her lips curved up and she shrugged. “You have a secret admirer!” She chuckled. 

“Or it might be a serial killer hoping I’d be its next victim!” I spewed out. 

“Oh come on Y/N! It doesn’t hurt to at least go see. I will go with you, but I will hide and if i see anything fishy, I will whip out my cute pink pepper spray!” 

You pondered your thoughts as your stared intently at your screen. Who the hell would have your number out here? 


The sky was dark and the wind was still, but cold. You could feel your heart pound, and race with every step you took. Getting closer to your destination. 

“Are you nervous?” She asked, her arm linked with yours. 

You nodded, not able to focus. 

Turning the corner, your eyes laid on such a beautiful sight. 

It was breath taking. Mesmerized by the beautiful scenery, you felt your stomach flutter. 

You looked around, but there was no one in sight. Just you and the lonely picnic before you. 

“What the hell?” You whispered. Walking over, you looked all around you. 

Whoever it was, took their time to come up with perfect date. There were lights everywhere, with two glasses and wine. Along with some food in the basket. 

It was extremely romantic. Something you have only seen in movies. 

You began to think maybe it was meant for someone else. Just a simple mistake. Though deep down, you wished it were for you. 

Making your way back to the hotel, you could hear something rustling in the bushes. Before you could even blink, someone jumped out, scaring you, making you jump and scream. 

Your heart was pounding out of your chest. You have never been so scared in your life. 

“Leaving so soon?” The familiar voice rang, making your stomach flutter. 

Turning on your heels, hesitantly, you couldn’t believe who it was.

“Jensen?” You let out. 

He let out a loud cackle, smiling at you as you gripped on to your chest. 

“I swear I am going to kick your ass!” You chuckled. 

“Hey come on, you know it was funny!” He stammered. 

You rolled your eyes and flashed an innocent smile. You never thought you would see him again. And seeing him smile the way he did, hearing him laugh, you couldn’t help but smile. 

His gaze never left you. He could feel himself grow anxious, nervous even. He wanted everything to be perfect. Jensen wanted this to be something special. 

“Come on.” He smirked. Reaching his hand out to you. Tangling your fingers with his, chills vibrated through you. 

“H-how did you get my number?” You chuckled, following him to the picnic. 

“Well when I had your phone, I decided to call mine so I could have it.” He smirked. He looked anywhere but you, nervous to see your reaction. 

“So you did all of this?” You took in a deep breath, looking around. “For me?” 

Jensen nodded, motioning for you to sit down on the blanket. He opened the bottle of wine, and poured some for the both of you, 

“Wait, I thought you left already?” You asked. 

“I was about to, but then-” He paused, slowly meeting your gaze. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” 

Those words created butterflies to flutter in your stomach. Here you thought he wouldn’t remember who you even were. 

His hand grazed over your cheek as he pushed your hair behind your ear. It left you breathless. It was like a dream. 

Gazing into your eyes, he felt safe, alive, as if he was meant to be exactly right there. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered. 

Those words echoed in your head, making the blood rush up to your cheeks. 

You were extremely nervous, but happy at the same time. Never wanted this night to end. 

“How long did it take you to do all of this?” You asked, taking a sip of your wine. 

He looked up and smiled. “Just 2 hours. Cliff helped me get everything. And Jared helped set everything up before he left.” 

“Two hours?! holy crap.” You chuckled. Feeling even more special than you did before. 

“It was so worth it though.” He exhaled. “Getting to see you one more time, thats all I wanted.” 

You chuckled to yourself, something you did when you were nervous. Who would have ever thought that this would happen? 

“Come on. its getting too cheesy!” He cackled. “Lets eat.” 


You sat next to Jensen, looking up at the dim sky. Without realizing, you and Jensen stayed up all night. Talking and laughing about anything and everything. Making memories, watching him make a fool of himself. It was perfect.

The hours ticked by and in a blink of an eye, the sun was beginning to rise. 

“Damn, it’s morning already?” You croaked, pulling your hair up into a messy bun. 

“Looks like it.” He chuckled. 

He scooted closer, close enough to smell him. feel the warmth of his body. He made you feel safe. 

Your phone goes off, startling you both. 

“Hello?” You exhaled. It was Y/F/N. 

“Shit, I’ll be there soon.” You shoved the phone into your pocket, and propped up on your feet. 

“Its time to check out.” You sighed. 

Jensen stood up next to you, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Thanks for hanging out with me all night.” He flashed a smile. “I had a great time.” 

You nodded and pulled him in a for a gentle hug. Feeling his arms wrapped around your waist, you wanted to stay there forever. 

“Me too.” You whispered. “Guess this is goodbye.” 

He pursed his lips and shrugged his shoulders. Looking defeated. “I guess so.” He pressed his lips to yours. “Thanks for the best weekend of my life.”

Slipping out of his embrace, you started toward the hotel. Glancing back at the handsome man, standing alone, staring directly at you. 

Every fiber of your being wanted you to run back, wanted you to stay. But every story has its ending. You both were in different worlds. He was an actor, travelling the world, and you were just a girl, finding who you are. 

It would never work. Right? 

Jensen watched as you walked away. Fading into the distance, until you were no where in sight. He wished he could relive last night all over again. 

“Goodbye.” He whispered. 


The airport was crowded. Jensen followed close behind Cliff as they made their way to the terminal. Waiting for the flight back to Canada, to film another episode. 

“I didn’t see you come in to the room at all last night.” Cliff exclaimed. “Guess the night went well?” 

Jensen smiled, as the images flooded his mind. “It was perfect.” He muttered. 

Looking around, he noticed a family just right in front of him. A young couple, with a little boy sitting on the lady’s lap. She ran her fingers through his hair while her husband clutched onto her hand and held it close to his lips. 

It was everything He wanted. A family of his own. 

Never thought he would ever get that. He grew accustomed to his lifestyle. Which only meant, no time for love in his life. He was okay with it, until he met you. 

Looking down at his phone, he had almost forgotten that he changed his background of you two from last night. 

“You look ridiculous!” You cackled. Jensen decided to make a mustache out of the whip cream. 

“I look sexy!” He yelped. 

“Yeah sure. Lets go with that.” You chuckled. Within the next moment, Jensen rubbed his whip creamed face against yours. 

“Oh my god!” You croaked. His laughter filled the air. And with that, It was war. shoving whipped cream all over each other, You both were running around, laughing. 

“Okay okay, truce.” He stammered. He pulled his phone out, trying to see the mess you have created. “I look horrible!” 

“Come on, lets take a picture!” You stated. Your faces were together as he snapped the photo. “At least we look delicious!” 

“Thats true.” He made the photo his background and smiled. “This is great.” 

“I’ll be back.” Jensen hesitated. 

Cliff nodded, watching Jensen step away and into an empty area. 

He dialed your number, feeling anxious as it rung. 

“Hello?” You breathed. 

Hearing your voice, made his stomach flutter. 

“Y/N! I dont have a lot of time, but I dont want this to be it. I dont want to say goodbye to you.” He exhaled. “Because when im not with you, I start to miss you. I would rather be anywhere but here without you. I know its only been two days since we met, but I cant stop thinking about you. You’re so beautiful. You make me forget to breathe. I dont want to go through life not knowing if this could work or not. I dont want ask What if. I want you.” 

His words stitched into your head, and you were lost for words. Jensen, the man of your dreams told you he wanted you. 

“I got to go, I will call you when I land ok? Talk to you soon.” 

The phone went dead, and you couldn’t believe what just happened. 

“What did he say? I better be your maid of honor at the wedding!” Y/F/N Cackled. 

You toned out her voice and stared endlessly at your screen. 

This was your very own fairytale. 

It’s not everyday that the person you admire most who just so happens to be the 3rd highest paid model of this year, queen of making cookies, a youtuber with over 500 thousand subscribers, one of TIME magazine’s top 100 for this year with her biography written by THE Diane von Furstenberg and the model who has walked in shows for probably any designer you could name and has had SO many more achievements takes time out of her incredibly hectic schedule, gets her team to contact you and invites you to hang out at her hotel for a while and whilst you’re there she thanks you for all that you do and gives you the best DnM and advice ever!

All of those things I’ve mentioned that Karlie has achieved are absolutely incredible and I’m ever so proud of her but to me Karlie is the girl with the best advice i’ve been given, the most humble sweetheart, one of the biggest dorks you could ever meet, someone who understands my struggles with long limbs and awkwardness, a person with an absolute heart of gold, someone who shares my love for learning, the reason I have so much passion and a girl who shares my love for giraffes and so many more things.

Karlie motherfrickin’ Kloss (I love that this is almost an inside joke of ours now) I am so thankful for all that you do and I’m already grateful and proud for things in the future! You have a heart of gold thats the size of both our arm span and we both know that is HUGE!! 

I can’t wait to see this girl continue to take on the world and absolutely excell at everything! I have her back and now knowing she has mine is something that I’d never thought would happen and I can’t wait for what is to come in the future! December 13th 2016 will forever be the magical day I tell all the kids in the neighbourhood about when I’m 80 years old and I’m beyond thankful for everything, I wish I could just show how thankful I am for this and how much it means to me 💕

Attention Weeaboo Warehouse Online-Customers

I have an important message for anyone who considered buying anything from weeaboowarehouse (gotta link them because they tend to not answer my asks thats a thing i learned

I never wanted to make this all public but someone has to. 

Last year the 2. December 2013, i ordered a gabumon hoodie in their store. I payed 110USD (80USD for the item and 30USD for the shipping)

Today, over half a year later, i finally were able to recieve the package with the item. 
Now there were quite a lot funny things going on. 

When i ordered the hoodie it was said to arrive in february 2014. It didn’t arrive but i also didn’t thought much about it. Late deliveries isn’t that big of a problem. 
I almost completely forgot about the hoodie but wrote a ask to their blog in march asking if the hoodie was already send. Big surprise it wasn’t, it wasn’t even finished by that time (after almost four months).
I didn’t thought much about it again, things can happen right? they sure were busy or something thats ok it’s not as if i need it that much. So i kept waiting as they told me it should be send next week.
i trusted their declaration and kept waiting.
as it didn’t arrive i wrote the next ask, and another one, and yet another one, but never got a message back. I sure was pissed by then. 
As i saw a post they made stating that they would attend to go to a con and sell their stuff i made a post in which i linked to them saying that it’s nice to see that they are doing their businesses but it would also be nice to get an answer to all the asks i sent. Within minutes i got an ask from them apologizing and telling me that they were busy and they couldn’t answer any asks. 
i accepted it and kept asking about my hoodie. Again big surprise it wasn’t sent yet. Apparently they lost track of their orders, which itself is kind of embarrassing to admit for an online shop of their size. They asked for my shipping adress again which i then gave them. 
they said i would get a free item to make up for the delay.
i accepted that and told them there won’t be any hard feelings for now and that i just hope everything will finally work out
So today the 8. July 2014 i had to get my package from our customs office. 
I had to pay 22USD(11,21€ + 5,00€) more to finally get the package.

I even had to take a day off of work to get it in time (that’s because our customs office got the worst opening times ever) 
So i payed and got home.
I was so relieved that the package finally arrived so i opened it just to find out that the hoodie itself was sewn with the wrong colors 
here is what it’s supposed to look like: 

External image

here is what i got:

so as you can tell something is clearly off here. (i am surprised they changed the violet with magenta (i asked them to do so but seeing as they even messed up the yellow part i am really surprised)) 

Like they said they gave me a free item (a violet flower crown) and 30USD for the shipping, which i had to almost completely use to get the package. 

All in all. I payed 110 USD and spent 8 months waiting for a hoodie i will probably never wear because it’s a huge failure. 

I will send them a asks telling them to look at this post so we can find a satisfying solution for this huge problem for both of us.

Until then i want everyone who thought about buying something in their online store to reconsider it. Please save yourself from all the trouble you may have to go through, because i know i am not the only one with this problem. 
If you want to buy one of their products try to buy them at a con so you have them the moment you buy them and can look at them beforehand. 

As for the shop owners please think about keeping the online shop. if you have to much trouble taking care of it wouldn’t it be better to just shut it down completely? or at least try to minimize the available products for your own good. 

I am done with this shop and will never buy anything in there again.
All the trouble i had with this, in the end useless item sure wasn’t worth anything.

Also please reblog this so more people can see it. 

Seriously i tried to handle it privately and i tried to stay calm all the time but enough is enough and i don’t want anyone to go through the same trouble as i did. 

Have a nice day and thank you for reading. 

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I am so so excited to hear that you sketched 5 pages of a comic!! ANd i want to say DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT LOSING THEIR CHARACTERS! There's something called artistic license after all, and there's no shame in exploring feelings further when the manga/series only gives us hints of what it could be!! LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND YOUR INSPIRATION FLORBE, because WE CAN SEE the love and care and feelings you put into your drawings and that's what makes them LOVELY. DON'T HOLD YOURSELF BACK! <3

I swear I was about to delete the pages before I read this. I felt like I’m going nowhere, because this comic is so important, a confession is included …and I thought to myself, it’s not worth my effort cause I’m not doing it justice, such a strong confession. under my own interpretation of characters, would they react that way?  am i doing it wrong?… I’ll keep working anyway, for the sake of my love for the characters, even if for some people something like that could never happen, I want it that way and I’ll make it happen. Thank you for all the support my dear<33 Thank youuu!!

2/ song and lyric inspired edits of my biases

I thought I could fly
        so why did I drown?
Jason Walker - Down

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I was pretty much eternally changed as a person when Korrasami became canon. The finale really hit me hard and I just could not focus on anything at all for like, 3 months. That's why I was so inactive between November last year and March this year.

I feel the same though. Honestly, it hit me so hard that I couldn’t even come on here. Well, that and exhaustion along with school.

I never realized that as someone who identifies as Queer how important seeing a successful, happy female relationship would be, how much of an impact it could make on me. I don’t think I even consciously thought that my dreams of Book 2 Korra and Asami forming something more than friendship would ever happen, but then next thing I know, bam: we got The Finale.

Now, I think a lot of korrasami fans have hope again, especially a lot of bisexual, female identifying persons. Everyone was given this infinite amount of agency over romance in that moment, and everyone could finally think that fiction doesn’t just Bad End queer women.

Like, sitting here a half year later with over 80 korrasami pieces -some on, a lot on AO3 and a lot of uncounted ones on here- I’m still amazed that these girls got their chance, and it was really, really genuine. It almost makes me want to cry again because I feel the same bright sensation bloom in my chest.

Korrasami really is a great thing, and I’m so glad it happened. It genuinely changed my life and renewed something that I think a lot of bisexual, lesbian, pansexual, and queer women and people needed.

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If he's God, he did it because he was just like leaving or whatever, to go back into hiding I guess? I can't tell if Chuck was a vessel for God or what though, because it seems like he was a real person who was having trouble writing or w/e.... Does God have trouble writing? I doubt it. :I Though, it is known that humans have free will and that's why God created them, so maybe that would explain why he was genuinely surprised when they came back? Ugh, I just want that whole thing to be explained

Anonymous asked you:

but… but I thought the disappearing and all white clothes implied he was God???

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how do you think next week will go, concerning stydia? :D

i have no clue actually!!!

before the promo i thought they were all gonna go into the train station and lydia was gonna see stiles or something and there was gonna be some dramatic running to each other and ~kissing would ensue but now im not sure!

they really havent given anything away which is super surprising, but it looks to me like stiles goes through the rift but it puts him somewhere else in beacon hills? and since stiles doesn’t come out, lydia goes in which is why shes in the train station. and then maybe they exit again through the same rift stiles left through which is how they find him at the hospital/school/wherever they are?

and i dont know how but it seems like stiles and lydia end up in the locker room alone and they’re running out of time or something because it seems like theyre in imminent danger so lydia confesses and you know KISSING because im 100% sure they kiss i know some people are skeptical but trust me they kiss. i wasnt so sure they would in 601 but 610 i’ve never been more positive of something happening in this show. plus they thought this was the last ep they would get with dob and they didnt know he’d be coming back at the time, they gotta go all out and they have been so far.

also lowkey hoping stiles has to go off with the wild hunt and more teary kissing and “i love you’s” ensue because i think thats the most realistic way to write him off until his next episode and also im trash for angst. 

but other than that i dont knooow! what do you think? :D

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This isn't relevant or anything but I see so many Bellarke shippers hating and I wanted to point out that I cant relate to a lot of things and not a lot makes me happy. I never in a million years thought Clexa would happen, thats how much heteronormativity had an impact on me. I felt like I couldn't relate to a lot and when Clexa happened it made me so unbelievably happy because stuff like this almost never happens. This is more than just some ship to me, its something I can relate to.

Theory about the Benefactor that's never going to happen, but...

What if it’s Danny? I know: crazy idea. But, here are some points for thought:

  • He’s uber good with computers
  • He has the “everybody loves Danny” persona, so no one would even suspect him
  • If he knew about Ethan and brushed it off with a “it’s Beacon Hills”, it’s not unlikely at all that he knew about all of his friends
  • The passwords were “Allison” and “Aiden”…he would have known about both deaths
  • Jeff said something about not seeing anymore to Danny’s story…but, isn’t that just the kind of thing he would do to throw us off?

Now, I know this is never going to be the case, but I don’t want to be at the end of the season and it turns out to be Danny and all of you are like, “no one ever thought of this!” and then I would have to be like, “I thought about it back during I.E.D” and you would all be like “BULL SHIT!” (end run-on sentence) So…I’m just throwing it out there.