so that's how he went blind

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Hi i'd like to make a request pls if that's ok! Ok so you know V is like blind, well, what if he walked in on MC naked, and she like froze from shock, and obviously he didn't notice so he just walked in and went to touch her casually and whoops he grabbed her tiddy, how would he react???? <3 thanks bby

You knew V needed your help especially since he moved to a new apartment. After the incident with Rika, he wanted to move to a new place because he was haunted with memories of her. Who can blame him? The person he was in love with for so many years was the cause of his destruction. She ruined the lives of the many RFA members and you hated her with every single cell in your body. You hoped a bear would eat her for breakfast in Alaska. You shared your head trying to not think about the wrecked witch. You went to the pantry and took out the spices you needed to make lunch for V. You cared a lot for V in ways you shouldn’t, but you couldn’t help but fall for a gentle soul. You pushed your feelings aside because you don’t want things to get awkward between you and V. 

You heard his bedroom door open and you knew the scent of your cooking dragged him to the kitchen. Before you could turn around to guide him to the kitchen, you heard him grunt because he ran into the couch. You just smiled and gently grabbed his hand “How was your nap Jihyun?” you smiled and went slowly around the living room. His grip tighten around your hands “It was good but I was thinking about the conversation we had last night.” he extended his hand to reach for the chair so he can sit “I decided to have the surgery because I need to live my life again. I need to see the beautiful sky and I would love to stare in your eyes”. You turned into a tomato and just coughed “My eyes are basic Jihyun” you giggled while you turned to cabinets to get the plates. You served him lunch and it was peacefully. V really loved your cooking so he just stuffed his face with it. 

You notice the spaghetti sauce was all over his mouth and you reached for a napkin so you can wipe his mouth. V felt the sauce all over his face and he reached to hopefully grabbed a napkin. You put his hand down and leaned over to wipe his face. He hoped to grab your shoulder to get you a tight squeeze so you can know that he was grateful to have you in his life. He thought he was squeezing your shoulder but instead he grabbed your tit. His face had a confused look while he kept squeezing it “MC I think something is wrong with your shoulder, it feels a bit soft and squishy. We need to take you the doctor”. He kept feeling and squeezing till he felt a hard bump. You were just a mess. 

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“Jihyun um thats my” he stopped squeezing and you heard him gasp “tit” you stuttered. 

He still had his hand on your tit and slowly went up to your heart “I was grabbing your heart MC” he gave your chest a few pats and retracted his hand. You bursted out laughing and he did too. You were wheezing and you grabbed his thigh “Im grabbing your heart too Jihyun” and he started to wheeze from laughter. You were rubbing his thigh and gave it a few pats and continued to eat your spaghetti. You picked up the dishes and noticed he had a tint of redness on his check. You just smiled because your dream of Jihyun touching you came half true. 

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Part 1) I have my thoughts a little between yours and those of Mittensmorgul. On the one hand, I think something happens to Cas. I don't know if he can be manipulated in part for the Nephilim or the visions of the future, given to him some kind of clarity. 12.19 insisted about deal with the importance of Dean and Sam for Cas to protect them. I also believe in the instincts of Dean...In feeling something strange for Cas, he knows him very well. ->

Part 2) But like you I want to believe that everything is for a reason and Castiel he’s the hero and Sam and Dean get him back. I have my doubts but I really want to see that he is correct and TFW fight jointly against of Lucifer again. I have been confused many times but… Anyway I always want to have hopes in Cas. The most clear is that he loves Sam and Dean And I hope that does not change anything. (I could not express myself very well, sorry).

I’m so sorry it took me forever to answer this… my inbox has been insane since last ep, so apologies I wanted to give this justice!

Chuck ok, I started out writing this post all casual like in my drafts for a few days and I ended up flailing again because new stuff has now come out yesterday and I am seeing that more people seem to agree with my earlier thoughts and now I’m just…

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You can see where I was casual and where I started flailing in this post!

So, the whole point here is that we are supposed to be wondering. It just fits the overall narrative of the show leading into endgame and for Cas himself for me so much better if he isn’t brainwashed but as I said recently I am still myself on the fence, kind of in between what I understand are other people’s concepts: @amwritingmeta who is very very convinced Cas is in no way brainwashed and @elizabethrobertajones and @mittensmorgul who do see some strong influence going on there in some way or another.

I am more on the fence though pretty much down on the side of free will, thinking Cas is in a bit of a grey area (which I also love because HELLO SEASON LONG THEME OF THE GREY AREA) but I am definitely heavily leaning towards him having his own free will while being so strongly convinced by what he has been shown that he appears under it’s spell, though to me he just seems more like old Castiel rather than the broken shell of an Angel Cas.

Which is also SO important for me to his overall arc, to reconcile his two sides of himself rather than completely disregard his old self (which is also EXACTLY the reconciliation endgame for Sam and Dean so makes extreme sense).

But also this is super jarring to us AND MORE IMPORTANTLY TO DEAN because Cas hasn’t had this much faith since… YEARS?! So of COURSE Dean is all ‘thats not the guy I fell in love with’, coupled with the ‘blind’ Dean subtext while he’s worrying about Cas this season…like AAH!

The last time he was this sure of himself was 6x20…depending how you see it and heck, we are definitely supposed to compare this with season 6. 

And what happened in season 6? 

Oh yeah…

Cas was right, even though he went behind their backs to try and protect them and pretty much single handedly ended the second apocalypse

If Sam and Dean had helped him instead of going against him I think it is heavily implied that he would also then not have ended up releasing the Leviathans because it was their betrayal and basically the fact that Dean didn’t trust him that meant he felt that they weren’t family and led him to go all Godstiel… Family and trust, which is AGAIN a theme this season…

source: @super-sootica

So: trying to protect them by going behind their backs, Crowley being very important in the background, the theme of Cas being family (or not), ALL the 6x20 / 12x19 parallels…


Why? In my theory this means that to subvert s6 Cas has to this time manage to convince Dean that what he is doing is right (as a subversion of season 6) but also as @amwritingmeta so rightly says, a subversion of their ORIGINAL STORY in season 4 where Dean convinced Cas to rebel and choose free will.

Also, this furthers the overall story so much more if TFW are all on one side (which they appear to be in the promo pics) in this season’s finale and manage to defeat the big bad together (as a direct opposite to s6) but then that something else i.e. cosmic consequences hello? tears them apart…because DESTIEL BREAK UP THEORY (which I’ve been harping on about since forever but basically is my theory that 12x19 would be an argument and chosen separation, 12x20-21 would be Dean facing himself and the finale would entail a reconciliation and a forced separation, and, well, at the moment we are right on track…).

Now, don’t forget that Dabb LOVES 6x20. HE WROTE A WHOLE EPISODE BASED ON PARALLELING DESTIEL IN 6x20 TO A CANON COUPLE IN BLOODLINES. Is it any surprise that he has said himself that they have gone all META in this finale?! I can’t help but think about all of this speculation when I saw that he said that yesterday…

Now, the OTHER NEW INFO that made me flail as per the above re: Cas … 

At Asylum yesterday @amwritingmeta has written here down a paraphrasing of what Misha actually said that he sees / plays Cas as having a ‘cultish devotion’ to the Nephilim but which does not take away his human side, the implication being that it is his humanity that links them and that he is not brainwashed. Now, cast are NOT writers, also this is still open to interpretation but for me this even more furthers my belief in this until proven otherwise :)

Chuck, I mean, the issue is that there has been so much going around here the last 2 days that reemphasises my gut feeling and thoughts on the finale since like 12x10 that suddenly I’m on a meta high and I’m sure it’ll come crashing down at least a little as I in no way expect to be right about all my speculation as there is still so much misdirection and surprises yet to come… but I still can’t help but get extremely excited :)

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I'm sitting here, thinking that the last time that Louis acknowledged the child was Jan 29 (Twitter). 3 months. And I have to check but if I'm not wrong he spent less than a month in LA if you add up all the times he went there. Even if he hadn't formal obligations in UK (or Jamaica). He even went from UK to Miami and then to UK. Idk where to find a timeline but the point is THIS IS THE KIND OF FATHER THAT ANTIS WORSHIP, and this is so wrong man.

Mhmm… They truly don’t give a fuck about this kid or how bad this situation is as long as Louis is “straight” and isn’t with Harry