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Getting into the Les Mis fandom is so weird cause like
You start with the movie/musical and youre like “this is cool i love these characters” and then you go into the tag and everyone is talking about these 9 characters you have NEVER HEARD OF IN YOUR LIFE and talking about how gay it is and youre like “it cant be THAT gay” and suddenly youre reading a book thats thicker than your head.


Good morn, evening, night?? to whoevers reading this probably no one thats awesome :’) 

So CALL ME OLD FASHIONED but instead of just having internet friends I think it would be really cool to have an actual pen pal on the other side of the world (or in the same country man i dont even care) 

Ill tell you about myself so you can see how boring i am and youll feel sorry for me and write letters to my sorry ass (:D) 

My name’s Ash and I’m 18 years old. Im from Melbourne in Australia (nothing happens here) (like at all im always fucking bored) 

I’m a university student and Im studying film and photography. Like I said before, Melbourne really isnt cool but I can promise that I will take, print out and send you really cool photos of our cityscape bc its naice. 

I enjoy procrastinating and wasting all of my time watching films and reading waaayyyy too many books, so if you like films and books then we can talk about them all the time yay for that 

I also love music, all kinds really

Id really love to get to know someone in a different country than me. Im looking for someone between the ages of 17-24. Or anything really I dont care. 

Please message me if youre interested :) or just like this post and ill message you :)) 

My handwriting is also shocking so theres that. pls forgive. 

I will send you keyrings of koalas and kangaroos. 


Okay yeah Maps gets the most into it but Damian styles his hair just a little differently and I think that says something


KATSUCON HAUL……..the miku shrine grows. it never stops

i cant believe i found stuff with the shiteyanyo do u even understand how ecstatic i am about this………..also yes thats a hatsune miku snapback. am i painful yet

i forget who gave me the box mettaton button but its super cute and i love it!!!!

also holy heck many many thanks to @snazzyskeleton for the “I Hate Handsome Jack” ribbon + buttons + keychain (dw its sarcastic we both love the narcissistic jackass) im so glad u liked my cosplay and stuff u were super duper cool and awesome;;

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So, Overwatch is really good with getting actual native accents on their characters and that’s super cool! However, Torbjörn did not recieve such a treatment, which makes me as a swede a little sad because the Gothenburg accent (Which Torbjörn SHOULD have had, given that he’s from Gothenburg) is so characteristic and fun!

So, I threw this together in a few minutes just to see what Torbjörn would -kinda- sound like if he had an ACTUAL Swedish accent!

Lately I’ve become like. Obsessed with watching animatics on Youtube. Mostly Hamitlon ones because that’s my current obsession, but like. It’s so cool? All these young artists are practicing in animation and story boarding and there’s HUNDREDS of videos of people doing them to songs they love and it’s SO NEAT. I love art,,,i love,,,artists,,,

unrelated to everything, but is there anyone in the world who is going to the san diego night vale show on monday who wants to be my friend? i need californian friends. i am lonely and going alone bc my only friend here has too many children to go to a show. 

things that make me a good friend:

-have a three-legged cat

-so many tattoos, how cool is that?

-the funniest person on the planet, u will be in stitches omg



The Shadow Throne by Django Wexler

Shiiiiit. I am loving this series 
(click these links if you wan to see the first book seriously read it)

I think it’s safe to say I liked this one more…but thats normally how it is with series, less introduction more story as it goes on…it was so so awesome. Women in the army, women kicking ass, Women loving women!!! (Janus and Marcus were cool to, but my favorite POV was Raes and Winter)

All in all 10/10 (Thank you so much @meripihka7 I love you for introducing me to this series)

Spoilers and madness under the cut

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Please Don't Repost My Art Without Crediting
  • So earlier today my friend told me that Kat retweeted my art on twitter and as you would imagine, I was thrilled. I still am screaming into the void but thats another topic. Unfortunately, I then realised that I had not posted my art on twitter or anywhere other than tumblr. Im really new to all this and I just began to post my art so I dont know how artists online deal with this issue. Its so cool that these people wanted the cast to see my art but please credit me while you do this. Just send me an ask or message me. I'll be adding my twitter and instagram on my blog.
The signs as things I hear at work
  • Aries: "I'm gonna train my mouth to open wider!" *open mouth as wide as it can*
  • Taurus: "no homo... But you have a really nice ass Nolan"
  • Gemini: "why does Christian still work here?" "Because he's dumb and easy to mess with"
  • Leo: "I'm the biggest narcissist!" "Oh hell no, I am because I am way better!"
  • Virgo: "When I first met you I thought you were college kid in your emo phase." *other guy walks in* "I wouldn't even give him enough credit to be a college kid"
  • Libra: "AJ you can be the Meme Ambassador"
  • Scorpio: "Rene is the only cool person here I hate the rest of you."
  • Sagittarius: "So if your name is Craig is your real name Craiggory?"
  • Capricorn: *gets out wine glass* pour me some bleach please.
  • Aquarius: "I wish there was a goat running around in here."
  • Pisces: "Did you just say foreskin?" "No! I said forest gay."

memeiplier6969  asked:

hey thats okay if you're not really into gameplay videos on youtube anymore. theres no reason not to love mark as a person but not particularly enjoy all his videos. we will still stick with you no matter how your interests change because you're a nice, cool person who deserves appreciation

ahh this is so sweet thank you ❤ i do feel bad though cuz i feel like i owe it to people who follow me to…get some enjoyment out of it??

i will admit though i am watching felix gameplay rn and i am enjoying it A LOT MORE lmao maybe the key to it is to not care (or it’s just that i like his humor and editing more 👀mark is my sweet sweet boy though)

Cute story that just happened at my post office for some Trans positivity

Frequent Client: Hello!!
Me: Yo! How is it going?
C: Ahhh well well , same old same old. How about you M-….- notice nametag-… You changed your name?
Me: Yaaaaa.
Me: - Laugh-
C: Omfg that is so cool! is it costy? How far along are you? I’m so happy for you!!
Me: Daww, Thanks!! I’m happy you tell me that! It gets varied reactions between clients when they learn.
C: Their lost! I am lucky to be witness of that! Shows things are changing.
Me: Damn right!

There are two types of people who work ID
1. Always wears glowes and all that protective gear. Is VERY aware how much measels are infectious. Gets vaccinated every year for the flu. Know every sneeze can kill u
2. Fuck glowes. HERD IMMUNITY IS GONNA PROTECT ME. I eat all the vit C and zinc so I am cool. Gets vaccinated every year for the flu. Knows every sneeze can kill u but they are awesome and they dont care bc thats how they roll.