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With the kiss request, if you still feel like it, what about a 'in the moment' or 'unbreakable' kiss while another character is trying to accomplish a distracting kiss? Your pair of choice.

I’m doing Google and Reader cause I haven’t written for Google in a while. Hope thats ok.

4. In The Moment Kiss - Maybe it’s in the middle of an argument or you just looked to damn beautiful not to kiss, but their lips were hot against yours and it felt too good to stop. 

9. Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them

“G, come on! You’ve been staring at those papers for days now. Come spend some time with me.” You whined like a child. It wasn’t very respectable on your part. But you were desperate. 
Google had been slaving over scraps of news-reports and internet articles for three days straight. 
He still hasn’t told you what he was searching for, but you knew he’d come out and tell you eventually. 
Google replied with a murmured, “In a minute.” Almost to quiet for you to hear. 
He had been giving you the same reply for the pass two days.
Pouting, you entered his study and sat on the only free space on his desk. 
This gave you a perfect view of Google’s face, expressionless with concentration as he shuffled the papers around and circled certain parts. 
“What do I have to do for you to pay attention to me?” You asked, glazing your words with playful anger. 
Google didn’t reply. He was too busy reading an article to notice you. 
Furrowing your eyebrows irritably. You inched closer and leaned against him, resting your pouting face on his shoulder. 
Google merely shifted himself to accumulate for the extra weight on his body.
Muttering in frustration you leaned forward and pressed a long, lingering kiss on Google’s jaw.
He continued to outline and high-light certain sentences. Not even giving you a side-ways glance. 
A kiss to his temple. To the corner of his eye. His shoulder and neck, you even moaned in his ear. And yet…NOTHING! 
You sighed, frustration turning to anger the longer Google ignored you. 
“Fine. Do what you like. I’ll just go play with myself then. And take that however you-”
You didn’t get to finish your sentence. Google moved in a blur as his arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you back. 
He pushed you down on the desk and crashed his lips against yours. You gripped onto him, your anger falling away with the sheer fierceness of Google’s kiss. 
He pulled away, adjusting his glasses with a grin. “Hmm, three days of neglect and you give up so easily? My dear, I expected more from you.” 
You glared up at Google, still a little breathless from the kiss. “Wait. Were you..testing me?” 
Google leaned over you. Planting his hands on either side of your head as he nodded. 
“I wanted to see how long it would take for you to start wanting me. I’m uncertain if I should be proud of your patience, or worried about how little you seem to want me.” 
You rolled your eyes. Dragging Google down to kiss you again. 
You were going to make him pay for making you wait.

Good Morning Angels💚

So I think gonna start starting and ending everyday on with a positive uplifting message just so we start on a positive note and end on a positive note. Cause I’ve seen a lot of negativity lately in this fandom and ion like …

Anyway So it’s about 11am where Iam and my day is just about to begin☺️ I hope that everyone whether day is only now beginning or if it’s somewhere in the middle or already ending that it’s a good one and that if it’s not going to well that it gets better💗 

The boys are doing so well right now for this comeback the MV has surpassed 5million views on YouTube and is almost at 6 million We surpassed 80k in sales in under 2day when last comeback it took us a whole week to do and we doubled first day sales from last album and quadrupled them from the album before that😭 We have topped iTunes Charts all around the world currently trending on iTunes search and the album is the number 5 album here in the US and number 3 on the iTunes world chart😌The boys have already SMASHED every record they set last comeback and only in two days like how amazing is that you guys Iam so so proud of them and this is only scratching the surface of what they have accomplished so far this comeback and what they will accomplish💚 AHGASE and the boys together are killing it so let’s keep up the good work and stay positive and optimistic cause we have every reason to be this Album and this comeback ARE BOMB AF OKAY OUR BOYS REALLY TRULY DID THAT💚

I know a lot of ppl have been feeling in the dumps because of a lil misunderstanding in what mark said during their live stage last night. the boys aren’t disappointed in us or in themselves not at all thats def not what he meant! They don’t have high expectations anymore not because they feel we can’t achieve them but because they feel they don’t need them because none of it matters cause no matter the outcome of things whether good or bad they are making music which they love doing and they are doing it for those they love their AHGASE and to them that’s all that matters and more then enough they are satisfied with that. so don’t worry okay they are more then proud because truly together we have accomplished so much to be proud of and will continue to accomplish great things💚 regardless I know we want to give them the world and for them to get recognition cause they deserve it and we can do it most def don’t give up hope on what this fandom can do if we set our minds to it and work together!! let’s keep working hard just as we have been but also stay positive as we go along this journey with them to the top!!! I’m so proud of AHGASE and all they do for these boys we really out here riding for them Issa beautiful thing💚

Also we know our beloved Wang Jackson is sadly still sick so let us continue to send him lots of love and well wishes and kindness and warmth as he recovers and stay optimistic about his condition and his recovery he will return to us soon and when he does he will be 100% and our 7 kings will slay this comeback together again #GetWellSoonJackson💚

tonight we have weekly idol and the boys will be recording I can see your voice👌☺️💚 I hope everyone has an amazing day and that you smile a lot today and you know you are loved and when faced with negative thoughts and negative thinkers always stay positive for there is so much to be positive and optimistic about💗

With all the love my heart can give sincerely yours, 

                                                 Your Fellow AHGASE Chelsea💚

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jasper theory: david actually murdered jasper Mystery Skulls Animated Style™ because he was envious of his accomplishments and wanted to be like him: thats why david acts so happy now (like jasper used to) and has jasper's badge but calls it his own

nononononononono please nono

sometimes i get uncomfortable feelings inside… with signs… feelings of unease … they can hurt
with aries it’s sort of this raw vulnerability and sort of the feeling of everything being unfamiliar like i was just dropped here and i never asked

there is a sort of lethargy i can feel in taurus but that responsibility things must be done, but the body can feel cloudy??? like, i just want to lie down and make the world go away

gemini is this feeling of quicksand, nothing is ever really stable or constant, my inner and outer world changes rapidly, i don’t know who i am, i feel nervous but i don’t know why, i feel scared of being bored

cancer is kind of this abandonment fear, as if suddenly everything you’ve ever known or loved is going to be ripped away from you and i am clawing into my arm like i am sure they claw onto things for that sense of security

leo is this intense, dominating need to always be ‘ON’ and in performance mode even though there is something like weak and scared inside

virgo is a knot in my stomach, nerves surging through me and thoughts blaring and crossing a million miles an hour i almost feel like i am just going to be consumed with this buzz of overstimulation and dread at the same time

libra i feel really fragile and i really feel alone, when i’m alone? my thoughts echo louder, i can’t settle these worries, i feel empty and ruminating on the past mistakes i’ve made with people, that sort of feeling

scorpio is like this deep, deeper than the ocean burn, a wound so buried but still so raw if it is ever touched, there is a profound isolation, what i am feeling and experiencing is not of this world, and nobody could ever understand it

sagittarius is this pressing, restless urgency to move because i feel like i am missing out on something great or brilliant and it’s this sort of discontent with the present moment cause i could be somewhere better

capricorn feels like this shadowy cape that drapes me and reminds me of my mortality, how much i haven’t achieved, how many of my own expectations i am yet to accomplish, how inadequate i am despite the potential i know i’m capable of

aquarius is just this sort of dissociation feeling, being locked way from the body and the world, this sort of fear i will float away and get lost forever in space, a million miles from everyone and everything, because thats how i feel inside

pisces feels of this inability to cope with the present reality. it kind of hurts. noises are loud. i want to be somewhere else so badly. i am tired, so tired i could sleep until death

i guess with the good comes the bad. as dr jung says, No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. …

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Can you give an introverted Hufflepuff some encouragement/tips for not being asked back to her job after a 3 month furlough and now having to interview for jobs she is overqualified for/has no interest in? I am very quiet about my accomplishments at work (and very shy) and think that's why I wasn't asked back. When did a job well done stop speaking for itself? It is depressing and I can't seem to bounce back. I feel so ANGRY all the time now.

Your anger is absolutely valid. You shouldn’t need to parade your good deeds around, or your hard work. 

My advice is to get the job you need right now to pay bills, but continue to look for one that you would enjoy more. No job has to be permanent, and you can definitely find a place where you will fit and (mostly) enjoy it :) (No job is perfect lol)

Good luck!!!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

back to school !

so i start school again tomorrow i have had two weeks as my school holidays (because i am in high school) and lets just say i don’t really want to go back but look i don’t really have a choice. so here are my tips on being prepared for starting school again !

1) pack your bag the night before ! i like to have all of things that i need in my bag the night before. such as my books, pencil case, house keys (or car keys), laptop, iPad or phone adaptors, spare chargers all of those type of things. 

2) pack all your food the night before ! i like to do this because i don’t have to do it the day off. so make all your food and put it in something such as a bag or something and put it in the fridge.

3) know what you have on during the first day and where it is ! i see this all of the time in my class where people don’t know what we have or where we have it and always ask the person who is organised and it is nice to be asked because it gives you the feeling that people think and feel that you are organised and that they trust you so be the person that is ready for the day.

4) if you are going to forget something important they on the day WRITE IT DOWN !!! there is always this stigma that goes around if you write stuff down about things but don’t worry about it you just write it down be the one who gets things done.

5) this one is a little important so please acknowledge my use of caps KNOW WHAT TIME YOUR CLASS STARTS !!!! all the time in my class i see people that don’t know wha time class starts and how long it takes to get to their lockers so make sure you know what time the class starts and how long it will take to get to your locker.

6) don’t focus on the negatives of the day just think of the positives. things will be ok you will survive just think of the good things in each class or if theres something good in the next class think about that even if the happy thing is going home thats ok just work extra hard in class because time will fly.

7) go to sleep early so you are prepared ! sleep is so so so important so go to sleep.

8) set your alarms. make sure your alarms are set so you know when to get up

9) set out what you are wearing. it seems simple but if you know then thats one less thing you have to do in the morning.

10) make your bed in the morning !! now this one seems really stupid but just hear me out it’s pretty good. your first day may end up like crap and it happens to us all but if you make your bed then you have at least accomplished something in that day. you may not accomplish anything else but making your bed and thats OK! don’t worry thing will get better trust me !

so thats my back to school tips. @skulstudy @nightlystudying @thecakestudyblr guys please tell me what you think of these and leave a comment and like and feel free to comment any other tips you have !!! and please reblog i really need some more followers !!! thanks guys :)

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Advice for trying to stay on schoolwork? How do you manage to be so focused on it?

you should be your motivation.. Weigh the benefits of making good grades vs. making bad grades. Why would you not want to succeed and try your hardest in everything you do? Why would you want a feeling of ‘Maybe if i studied harder i would have passed my test’. Idk about you but thats a horrible feeling. Learn how to do things on your own and realize procrastination will keep you from your highest potential. Its like a disease and if you let it spread it will take over your life and you will accomplish nothing… Waiting to do last minute on homework is a habit and all habits are breakable. Do things right when its assigned. Ask teachers questions. Engage.. Even though school is stressful and hardwork it pays off in the end depending how YOU chose to handle it. If you go into school making Cs Ds and 0 internships how do you think employers will look at you? Dont be that person wasting money

Porn story.

He was laying on the couch and i was staring at him caricing my pussy. I needed his attention so i let go a little moan. He turned around to my open legs and my pussy all wet with a finger in it. I gave him that kinky smile and pulled my pubic hair. Yes, i think its nasty to have it but he likes it and nasty turns me on. He reached out and touched my asshole gently petting around the circumference. That feeling of surprise run through my whole body. I wasn’t sure if i was up for anal on round three but i definitely wanted his cock in my pussy so i got closer and felt his cock softly, petting it up and down almost with just my finger tips. All the way down to his balls until his asshole grabbing all i could fit and squeezed a little. I returned back, just as softly until the tip placing it in the middle of my palm. Made some circular movements around the tip followed by grabbing that dick passionately, because i just couldn’t wait to get it in me. I squeezed it hard i could feel it getting harder and harder in my hand until it didn’t fit. i stared straight in his eyes, he was turned on. Without loosing eye contact i spit in the middle of my hand and rubbed it all over his cocks head. His dick was so hard! Without changing his position he roughly pulled my hips closer and fucked my pussy. It was kinda sore from the 2 times we fucked previously that night so i let go a sound. His hand was on the right of my face i turned and sucked on his big finger. That always distracts me from pain. I closed my eyes and imagined its another dick that would be so slutty! I opened my eyes again and saw him observing my face expressions. I was sucking his finger like the tastiest thing in the world. Then i turned around, his right hand was holding my left leg behind my head. I took it and put his right hands big finger in my mouth too and sucked on it just like before. I know he wished it was his dick because he loves my deep throats. I opened my mouth, wide open saying A. just like at the dentist office. I wanted both fingers i wanted him to stretch my mouth so he can picture his cock going in there all the way balls deep.
-You fucking nasty slut, he said.  
And just as if he read my mind he put his fingers in and stretched my cheeks. I took my tongue out. I was breathing very fast and he was pounding me like there’s no tomorrow. I really felt like peeing but i didn’t want to stop. I remembered how the second round he wanted me to pee in the bed and he asked me to do it with his dick in my ass. It must feel amazing, warm , dripping down my ass and his dick and specially if i can hold it in between and make it couple times. I can’t wait to find out that feeling. So i tried playing with my clit but every time i would push he would go harder and deeper so i screamed louder.  His cock felt like a massage, a nice and hard muscle stretching and just painful enough to say « yea thats exactly what i need a good and hard internal massage ». I screamed because i wanted to accomplish that fantasy and my pussy wouldn’t let me! I was making all kind of anger and pleasure noises i didn’t know if to play with my clit or just his balls. I played with his dick from under my ass. He made a pleasure sound i love when he does that because he only makes noises when cumming or when he is really turned on. So this could only mean one thing, that pussy felt so good. It was feeling extra tight tonight i love that but sometimes its fun to stretch it to the limit. For a couple of minutes i was spitting on my hand and going back to his balls grabbing them pulling on them a little getting them nice and wet.  Twisting my torso to get a better grab. Moaning and taking air with my mouth. Some time goes by it felt so good i have no clue if it was 5 minutes or 30. I spit again but there is nothing left my mouth was dry i looked at him with a puppy face.  
-Get my cock wet, he ordered.  
-I can’t i need something to drink, do you have any spit?
He smiled, that evil smile means he got something freaky in mind. Its kinda scary but drives me crazy. Makes me so anxiously horny. I knew exactly what he was going to do. I took a deep breath. Yes, i was right. Dig for saliva in my throat. That feels amazing it makes my holes get super tight and i can’t breath for a minute or 2.  Maybe just couple seconds. My face got all red and my eyes watery. I started to feel my throat getting juicy but it wasn’t juicy enough and i couldn’t hold my breath any longer, so i pushed him out with both of my hands and all of my strength. I took a deep breath making a loud noise. He got some of my spit so he put it on his cock and i got some for my clit. I wanted it to be super wet to play with it, also maybe that would help the pee situation. I remembered how it made me mad before not being able to and in the same second he put his hand in my mouth again. I had just taken one breath, I couldn’t hold any longer!  
-Not enough wet , he said.
He got some more spit this time it was lots of it. It felt so good to have my mouth wet again i felt like kissing so i got closer to his face by putting my right leg next with the left one doing the « betty boop » position and licked his upper lip. He sticked out his tongue and we just licked each others tongues. It felt so nasty it made my pussy tickle. And his hard dick sliding in and out non stop felt deeper then ever maybe because of the way i was twisted or maybe because he started sucking on my lips so i kissed him. It was one of those passionate kisses.  I was moaning while we were enjoying gently each others lips. He asked me to jerk his cock when we took a break. I reached to grab it and it came out so he got it wet again and went for my asshole. Wow surprise feeling. Goosebumps all over my body. Not in the leaving room i might scream and it is like 3:30 am. I rushed to bed and lied down on my stomach he flipped me around putting my legs over his shoulders, really close to his neck so i am kind of in a leg lock and he shoved his hard cock up my ass.  
-Doucement sil vous plais! i asked him.
-Doucement? une putaine  comme toi cest la prand pas doucement.  
And he fucked me hard like a good 20 deep pumps with that evil smile. Fuck it turned me on! it was hurting yes but it was also feeling good deep inside it was pushing towards my clit so i put my fingers in my pussy to feel his dick from the inside. As soon as he felt my fingers he kept on going even  harder, I played with my clit to make it more pleasurable and the pain went away. It felt amazing just right my ass stretched exactly for the size of my favourite cock in the world i looked at him smiling and satisfied. Big mistake i should’ve faked it i should’ve moaned he knew how i was feeling so he just shoved 2 fingers in my asshole stretching it on the sides of his cock.  
-No please no we not using lub!  
-I wanna do it without lub tonight he said.
I felt my asshole with my left hand while i was masturbating with the right one. his fingers were in there with his dick. I looked up at the light thinking oh my god he gonna destroy it. So i said to him:  
-Please, daddy dont hurt me ill do anything you want.
He was so horny he was fucking me very fast it felt like he was rubbing S.O.S. on my ass but i loved it. He took out his fingers and put em in my mouth. He needed more spit. He pushed like 3 or 4 fingers up my throat they tasted like my ass. The fucking speed changed to slower but deeper. My asshole was so stretched that when i would gag i could feel the tip of his head pulling the skin from inside like if i were made out of rubber i felt it with my hand. Thats crazy it feels like its gonna turn inside out. I wonder if i am gonna prolapse for first time tonight. We were making eye contact and he wasn’t being that rough with me so i decided to remind him i love it when he goes wild. I put some fingers next to his dick inside my ass and i asked him while feeling his dick from inside my asshole if he noticed how tight my holes were tonight comparing to last time we fucked. I procceeded with massaging his penis from outside my asshole with 2 fingers from under and 2 from the top basically making a # around it and i was squeezing it so while im all sweaty and fucked the shit out of me, i tell him like nothing #slutgetsassdestroyed and laugh but he doesn’t and just goes nuts on my ass. I can’t take it anymore so im getting really loud and kinda push him away with my legs he pushes them on the left side and gets full access to my asshole wide open. He shuts me up with his hand in my throat and puts three fingers in my asshole. At this moment is the most I’ve been stretched tonight, he pulls my ass apart fucking me with his dick and his hand at the same time. He fits 4 fingers i try to stop him by grabbing his wrist, but that doesn’t help he gets deeper. I put 2 fingers in my pussy thinking it will help but it doesn’t. Im panicking so i grab his big finger and dont let go, i know if i do the whole hand and his cock will be inside my hole and im sure that hurts even more then 4 fingers. A push until i feel his balls bouncing on my ass and his hand doing same movements same ritme like his cock but when one is going in, the other going out.I just give up because i can’t stop him.  My eyes roll backwards and i literally get my brain fucked out. All i can think about is the noise of my juicy asshole.  
-You dont stop until your asshole is destroyed dont you? you fucking nympho. He said.
I can’t answer, im like  paralyzed my body feels so relaxed its like on drugs. The noise the smell the taste everything seems delicious at this moment and his breathing is so heavy and gets faster and faster then he pulls it out and puts it in my pussy. I come back to reality and let go an « ah » while he creamepies me and falls on me exhausted.

dan likes boys? good for him.
dan isn’t attracted to boys? good for him.
can dan like watching attractive animated boys? yes dan can.
can dan find some men attractive and talk about who he finds attractive? yes dan can. 

what dan can’t do is talk about how he likes anime characters (specifically males), talk about how he may enjoy looking at some boys, the fact he looks up to some boys, and obsesses/fanboys over some without being called gay. you can look at boys whilst being a male yourself and find them attractive, animated or not, and not be gay. i’m so sick and tired of the phandom flipping when dan does something like this and everyone is like “he’s so gay” “omg he is so gay it’s so obvious.” it’s obnoxious and pathetic.

i mean, i ship phan myself and they do do some things that make me suspicious, but i’m not going to assume one or the other is gay after something happens right off the bat. also, why is everything going back to when dan was 14 and said he was bisexual? it was 10 years ago. things may have changed since then. and you know what? if nothing has changed and if he is attracted to males in that way, then that’s great and i’m proud of him.

there’s no need to assume he’s gay just because he’s calling guys attractive, harass, or get mad at other people just because someone doesn’t believe he’s gay and you do. why can’t we focus on other things other than their sexuality for once? that’s their business and personal lives, not ours, so i think it’s best we just focus on how far they’ve come, all of the things they’ve achieved, the dreams and goals they’ve reached and accomplished, what new little decorations they may put in the flat, if they went out and hung out with friends and had a good time, if they’re happy right now, what they’re planning on doing for the tour, etc,  and leave the sexuality of out of this. 

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man im so jealous of u...we're the same age and u r so accomplished already and i got nothing!! how do u do it

individual lives are so complex man!! what u see here is me at my happiest and most creative! there is a fake hoe inside me ok like i have doubts about my degree! i have trouble with friends! i have crippling fear of decay! i am inconsistent, my voice does funny things around different people, my painting is generic, i have little to no dress sense, i am always sick and i eat my feelings. thats aight. everyone has accomplishments, and everyone has downfalls. u don’t have to be anything for anyone, there is no prerequisite of accomplishments for being a good or bad human! you are doing a great job just by existing okay :~) if there is something you want, if you feel u should be existing in a different way, u have to work for it and strive towards it. man i love u guys

  • fandom: chandra is a bitch and its her fault that bad things are happening to zendikar, no one else was involved with releasing the eldrazi spawn and no one set her up to make sure she'd be there in the first place. all her fault
  • fandom: nissa is so stupid she released the eldrazi all by herself just because she's stupid. what a fuck up. it was also all her fault
  • fandom: gideon is so useless, he LEFT zendikar to find help, instead of staying there and getting eaten by emrakul two seconds later. all his fault
  • fandom: omg sorin probably feels so guilty and he's been trying to so hard to save zenikar, he's the only one who TRULY cares about the plane and he's the only one who's actually been accomplishing anything! i mean look at all the good he did for innistrad. all because he cares about humanity! not because he needed to conserve the vampires' food supply. when he kills people and eats them because he's a vampire and when he called zendikaris savage dirt worshippers, thats just because nobody is perfect. his poor little racist ass has been through so

ok so i know its the new year soon and a lot of you are gonna feel pressure to become this fabulous new you and accomplish everything that you havent accomplished but hey ! time is a concept and you know what, so what if its a new year? just keep going on as you are, if you wanna start over its a good time but if not thats ok too! theres no pressure and i need you to understand that! i love you and you need to take care of yourself first and foremost so do not push yourself too hard !