so that's a fun fact about me

heres a fun fact that shows a lot about me: im pretty allergic to bananas but didn’t know it at all growing up until one day when i was like 17 i was like “man, i love bananas. theyre always so tangy and make ur mouth all tingly” and my friend was like “thats. definitley not what a banana is supposed to be like” one doctors trip later, turns out im fucking allergic to bananas.  

Makeup and Curiosity

AN: This is for the Sanders Sides Fic Exchange! This is for @crystalinemagic! I hope you like it!!

Pairing: Prinxiety

Genre: Humor, Fluff

Summary: Roman asks Virgil to do his makeup.

Roman creeped into Virgil’s room, glancing around for the gloomy trait. He sighed in relief when he noticed that the other wasn’t around, walking in more confidently.

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Hey uh, this is just a heads up to any of my followers and/or fellow memebers of the ninjago fandom, but if you personally dislike any of the things I draw i.e any ships or portrayal of any characters, I suggest you leave this blog now/block me now as I do what the fck I want and don’t want to hear any complaints if you can easily avoid me. Thank you.

I was tagged by the lovely @harrysdamnthighs and @twinksinlove to put my playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come on. thanks for tagging me💕💕 and sorry for being late😂

1. matt corby - brother
2. duke dumont - ocean drive
3. fifth harmony - he like that
4. chopin - prelude in e minor
5. justin bieber - sorry
6. lana del rey - freak
7. tom odell - concrete
8. angus & julia stone - a heartbreak
9. rupaul - sissy that walk
10. gwen stefani - hollaback girl

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Ok but.

can you please not tell me what sort of representation I, a queer person, should be grateful for??? Can you stop telling me that tropes and stereotypes and, frankly, flat characters are revolutionary when they’re not?

stop. please. i like talking about my gay ships as much as the next person but I would never for a second claim they have any sort of revolutionary quality because they do not.

you want to talk to me about good, healthy queer representation? go find something written by a queer person for queer people, and do not tell me it’s not out there. it is. the fact that you have not seen it is so incredibly telling.

i’m sorry if this offends you but I am just so, so sick of being told that I need to recognize and be satisfied with underwhelming content because it’s the only content that has representation for people like me in it. Thats bullshit. if you want to enjoy a fun, cute anime and ship the two mains together, even say they’re canon, great. but don’t claim it’s changing the way Japan or the world looks at queer relationships, because it’s not.

gay men have been fetishized in Japan for a very long time. a canon gay couple full of tropes, no explicit confirmation (pls don’t act like the proposal was actually a proposal like yes it’s cute yes it’s something to buzz about but it’s BEEN DONE and it could have been done better, so could that kiss), and completely ignores real LGBTQ+ problems is changing nothing. If anything, it’s perpetuating yaoi culture, whether you want to label it that or not.

these boys are from Japan and Russia, countries where gay marriage is illegal. they’re living in russia. have you considered what it means to completely erase the problems that they would actually face as a gay couple? it’s not normalizing anything besides the fact that gay people are cute when it’s convenient and they can be sold, not when they’re struggling and suffering and demanding equal treatment. my healthy, queer relationship does not look like this. i am a person, my girlfriend is a person, we are not an ideal.

but we got an ambiguous kiss scene, so I should be completely satisfied, right? I’m being represented now, right?

I liked the anime. I enjoyed it a lot!! I’m just frustrated.

sincerely, a queer girl who actually tries very hard to write legitimate queer representation and faces backlash for it because that’s what actual queer authors face a lot of the time and then straight people come around and suddenly it becomes Revolutionary. with love.


when u put on flannel and ur Cassie af:  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 

when u remember the rest of the books and the mess of PTSD she must have:  do NOT sign me the FUCK up 👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀  bad shit ba̷̶ ԁ sHit 👎 thats ❌ some bad 👎👎shit right 👎👎 th   👎 ere 👎👎👎 right ❌ there ❌ ❌ if i do ƽaү so my self🚫 i say so 🚫 thats not what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) 

mrsweaty  asked:

Do you have any lore about the shaker yet? I would love to hear about him i love him!! Brings me back to my creepypasta days. (except this monster is actually well made). Oh also im gonna marry him. Thanks.

i REALLY dont want to spoil anything but ill give u some vague fun facts.

-he is very much not supposed to exist physically in the human world/dimension or whatever. thats part of why the human body reacts so negatively to being near him.

-he doesnt understand human culture and feelings very much. he is very curious about humans. they intrigue him

-he technically doesnt have a “face” so he doesnt have many facial recognization skills (he can tell when youre maintaining eye contact, and he knows its rude if you dont). all humans look the same to him. he could possibly tell humans apart by their size.

(also marry him at ur own risk)

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on the "green taako is antisemitic thing" you can do what you want and change if if you want to avoid /discourse/ but I think it's worth mentioning that the green skin+antisemitic thing absolutely doesn't hold up. the original post (i will find it for you if i can) referred to an essay in which someone outlined how the "warty, ugly, hook nosed witch" thing was based in antisemitic stereotypes from the middle ages, but green skin literally never came into it. it was more about stereotypes of (..)

(part 2) jews being ugly and hook-nosed. this jew artist wholeheartedly endorses green taako because the person starting the discourse had literally nothing solid to back it up. green=antisemitic just is not a thing. your taako is lovely as is, but feel free to experiment with your design if you’re unhappy with it/don’t want to deal with the drama. i’m just tired of the way some people in this fandom have gotten into virtue signaling by telling artists how to design their characters. 

(part 3) went back to find the OP of the “don’t draw green taako” post and I think it was a later reblogger who added the essay that referenced the hook nose as being the jewish stereotype, and the green skin as being unrelated. can’t link it here but a quick google search turns up that green witches were invented in 1939 by the people who made the Wizard of OZ film, probably to take advantage of technicolor.

yo thank u anon! this is good info, i couldnt find the post either but ur right about green witches originating from the wizard of oz (side note: thats like, a surprising and kind of hilarious fun fact to me? check out our fancy new movie technology lets just arbitrarily make this lady green)

its not too much effort on my part so if my taako IS actually non-hypothetically upsetting people i can totally tweak him. i mean i’ll probably end up changing the design in some way anyway just due to like.. the nature of fanart? either way, i wont stress over it 👍

  • Mr. Eaten: I haven‘t had this much fun since… well, I can‘t remember ever having this much fun!
  • Seeker: You never had fun ever? Doing anything? Maybe that's why you're so empty.
  • Mr. Eaten: Yeah, maybe. I definitely thought it was the fact that I got betrayed by my coworkers and eaten alive by humans like you, but, yeah, I guess you could be right. [ponders]
  • Seeker: What is it, Mr. Eaten?
  • Mr. Eaten: Oh it‘s just I never really ever considered there was another reason for me being so empty inside. Because normally I just… I just consume people who try to get me to open up about it, you know? …Oops. It‘s kinda nice to just talk.
  • Seeker: Yeah, you know I have to admit I was kind of nervous when you first demanded that you attach yourself to my soul.
  • Mr. Eaten: I could sense that.
  • Seeker: But now I think it‘s kind of cool. It‘s like having a really close roommate or even…
  • Mr. Eaten: Yeah, like a slave…like a minion.
  • Seeker: No man, it‘s like having a friend.
  • Mr. Eaten: I've never had a friend before.
  • Seeker: Well it looks like you‘ve got one now.



facts are fun and so are you so here i am ^.^

1. im agenderflux. is this actually a thing? who knows tbh, i literally just smashed together two words bc thats whay describes me best. they/thEM

2. when i was like 12 i did this project for myself about the history of club penguin. the poster board was neon pink, and “then and now” was pasted across the top in giant, grey, poorly cut-out letters. it will forever be mu magnum opus.

3. i published some books a few times and tHeYrE aLL gAy

4. current wip ALSO gay

5. there are at least 2k words worth of angsty virgil fic hidden in my school notebook. gotta get around to editing that mess.

6. thomas sanders and the many blogs about him run by kind people are my reason for living

7. i started dabbing ironically but now its painfully unironic and i cant stop

8. half of my vocabulary is just the word “heck” said in various oddball intonations

9. i love people and hate people at the same time, you feel me????? its cOnFuSiNg

10. i overanalyze EVERYTHING. whats that? logan shifted slightly to the left? holy heck the aliens are coming. im a MESS

*bows* may this useless information somehow enlighten you. if anyone else wants to do this, go for it!! its super fun and i love getting to know people ^.^

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fun fact: koichi is jotaro's son and no one can tell me otherwise

i love that comic thats jotaro stopping time during the kira fight and before he actually does anything Useful he stops and is like ‘oh koichi you’re the best thing about morioh i admire you so much’

cookiecatmc  asked:

If fell!sans said "It's kill or be killed", would asriel have flowey flashbacks or would He be chill about it?

Oooo thats an interesting question.

I dont think that Asriel is traumatized actually. He regrets it , yes but again, Its technically him who did all of that. So I think he will be as chill as an edgelord can be.

heres also a fun fact, Some of “flowey” is still rubbed in on that edgegoat owo You’ll see it pop out here and there later on. ))


I mean really, given that all we know about Canon Silver Millennium is:

  • parties
  • ice-skating
  • immortality
  • princess of other planets serving as bodyguards to the Moon Princess (which is one actual canon fact that delights me, because Serenity, that is fucking brutal and a lot of fun to play with)
  • not super best friends with Earth

That’s it, that is literally it, so you can say anything you bloody want about Silver Millennium shenanigans and no one can disprove you.

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Did I misunderstand something? I thought you said all the Tan Line Tuesday submissions were going to stay private? You were practically one of two ddlg blogs that doesn't post pictures of naked/near naked girls. At the end of the day, I know you can do what you want with your blog. It's just a little disappointing.

Correct. At the end of the day I do as I please with what I have.

And yes you did either misunderstand… or I did not explain well enough.

NSFW pictures I keep to myself… always.

 Now you could argue that a girl with her arm over her nipples is NSFW, but I could also argue that a PG13 movie shouldnt be able to use the F word because I do not believe anyone under the age of legal adult should be able to hear or use such language. You pay 15 bucks to go and watch a couple of actors roll around suggestively naked while using the F word, shooting people, seeing their bare ass, and more…. all with your 13 year old cousin or brother or sister, and you want to get on my case for posting one still image?

Guess what? I dont control the MPAA, and they dont control my discretion. And I dont control your ability to keep scrolling.

Or to unsubscribe if you dont like what I do.

Keep one thing clear in your mind though:

 This is going to continue to be as it always has been, an educational blog, a personal outlet, and a place where we can all come together and have fun in a a safe environment. 

And if I want to have one day every once in a while where I get selfish and decide I need something for myself for once, then thats whats going to happen.

 Because the fact is… everyone sits around and thinks about how wonderful it must be to be me. You look at me at this pillar of something you have manufactured in your mind, never thinking about the hurting and loneliness and wants and needs that I have.. even with 10k+ followers and so much so called admiration.

A majority of people just take and take and take... and then they leave and stop speaking to me. After a while a person can feel really empty and abandoned inside. And it ends up adding to my issues with agoraphobia and solitude. 

My therapist, Steve, (hi steve) suggested to me that its ok for me to be selfish now and then. to ask things of others now and then. and to get what I want now and then… so thats what I did yesterday. I asked for something I like from all of you… and you gave willingly. And in return I was able to turn it around and still use to make you realize you are all beautiful.

I’m sorry if you dont like that and if its a bad thing to you…. but that sounds like a you problem, and not mine.


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Crutchie, my main man! I love you dude, tell me a fun fact about yourself. Got any eyes for any guys or gals?

CRUTCHIE: I’m not a very intrestin guy, but I guess a fun fact about me is that I have a terrible memory. If I can’t sell all my papes I save them to look back on. As for having my eyes out on anyone,,,

Im not entirely sure how to go about having feelings for both of my closest friends, so I just keep the feelings hidden. That and I really don’t want to be rejected.
Can we keep this a secret between the two of us?

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Could you imagine watching a show like Steven Universe that's 100% about loving and accepting people for their differences and then deciding to use their kindest characters as a faceclaim for a hate blog against people of a different orientation? That shit is wild to me.

The aphobia rampant in the SU community actually inspired this blog, fun fact. So this is honestly really nostalgic, haha.

–Mod Mercy

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jimin and jungkook always spend time together before going to sleep it's up to everyone to imagine what they do (lol) but this is just a fact, like in bv1 jungkook stayed with jimin in the living room cause that's what they do, spend time together, they always talk about it not explicitly but you can tell from how they talk. jk listens to music before he goes to sleep so no wonder jimin asked him for that kinda music in bv2. jimin talked about waking jk up in the mornings too so it's a thing.

hey jk’s words not mine –> all nighter buddies yo.

and they prove it time and time again ;)


Hi there! My name is Cassie/Sea; it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for taking a small time out of your day to read this LFC post, I really appreciate it! If you’re interested in roleplaying with either of my characters, feel free to send me an ask and/or tumblr message for further information/my discord. ♥ Reblogs are also loved! Both of these characters can be found on Balmung.

Relevant facts about me include: I’m Australian, operating in the GMT+8 timezone; which can sometimes be inconvenient for those with strict sleep schedules and online times. I’m generally pretty flexible when I can be online as long as it’s not something like five in the morning, though I am just as happy ( and oftentimes more willing ) to roleplay over other mediums such as tumblr or discord. What is also important to note is that I am a full time Law/Arts student – so please expect some delays/inactivity during assignment/exam periods. 

Samples of my writing can be found here. My personal blog is @ofsaltandseas if you’re interested in following that, too!

Note: Both characters below are on sideblogs and, as a result, cannot follow back. All asks/follows come from @gatheredfates​.

Found @domandancer!

Azuma Yumishi is the daughter of a well respected samurai and a Doman-born au ra who, up until a few years prior, lived under the thumb of Garlean occupation and rule. Deviating from her father’s craft at a young age, she took up dancing and martial arts in place of a sword; honing her ability under the cover of entertainment. Both were members of the Liberation Front – their home a place of refuge and armament – and, under the cover of night and her father’s surface pacifism and feebleness, they worked to try and train their people.

However, when Kaien was murdered and their city razed, Azuma attempted to escape by ship like so many refugees to the distant lands of Kugane and Eorzra. Caught in an explosion by Garlean magitek, she was separated from her lover, Saran – a Xalea au ra from the Kha tribe – and awoke on the seas with mangled legs and an inability to walk. Her life was spared, but her mobility and belief in her lover’s survival did not. Though she has since made it back to the East, Azuma works mostly in hospitality and record keeping – attempting to offer a safe refuge for those looking to fight and rebuild their homes – as well as liasoning with Firelight Trading Co; a merchant company who helped fund her travel and settlement.

RP HOOKS: First and foremost, I’m really hoping to get a house for Azuma with Shirogane come 4.2. In the meantime, and if that doesn’t pan out, @nightmaze was kind enough to share their residence with me in the Goblet – which functions as a bed and breakfast! ( Ward 8, Subdivision, Plot 58 ) Though there some tweaks I still want to make to the house, Azuma offers it both as a place for people to stay and holiday, and also as a waystation for people travelling to Doma. As long as some people are willing to sleep on the floor, she’ll house as many as she can. If you’re looking for something that fits the bill, please let me know!

Otherwise, if your character was a samurai/in-training, it’s plausible they would have known Azuma and/or her father before the fall of Doma; as well as fellow members of the liberation front. Though her lover, Saran, ( played by my boyfriend, @setheron​) is technically a member of the Kha tribe, he left the Steppes at a young age and likely has very few ties to his kin. Though no one seems to have seen him since, it doesn’t stop Azuma from trying to find any and all information just in case.

Found @piratedswans!

Daughter of the notorious fleet captain Dimitri Swan, Koret’s life has always been defined by the absence of a dick and the ‘weaknesses’ of her femininity; to the detriment of any other skill or talent. With her father’s plan to bear a son jeopardized by death of his wife and the survival of his only legitimate daughter, she endures the brunt of being her father’s ‘blight’, and framed by a non-existent curse he believes was placed upon him. Because of this, her upbringing was far from kind; with her ascension and captaining of the small vessle Wolfsbane not the result of her father’s faith in her ability, though ability certainly exists, but of pressure and expectation brought upon her in his desperation to maintain his image. He will not rest until Koret is pregnant with a son, dead or disappears.

Pinning down Koret is a difficult feat, often because she is acting as a courier and tradeswoman to her father alongside her first mate Robince ( @emswcrth ). However, she is known to volunteer her services as a sharpshooter and bodyguard for Rexonus Fira’lux, leader of Firelight Trading Co., as well as run shipments for the company between Eorzea’s city-states and beyond. 

RP HOOKS:  If your character is associated with privateering and/or a general Limsan trade scene, it is possible that they may know/met Dimitri Swan in the past! If so, their opinion of Koret might be highly tainted by his negative bias depending on the value they place on his word. There is also some speculation and rumour surrounding Lily Swan’s death – Kor’s younger sister – concerning both her demise and that of her husband not long after her body was discovered. Whether or not they believe Kor had something to do with it is totally up to you – we can discuss!

Other hooks could include people that Kor has met on her travels; especially the various flings she has has had from port to port. Kor is a lesbian, however, so this would be limited to other women! Because of her father’s constant watch and fear of attachment, such relationships rarely last before the person is driven away by Kor’s cold personality or her abandoning them entirely. If that’s something you’d be interested in exploring, I’m open to ideas!


-I’m a grad student for speech language pathology and graduate may 2019

-I have 2 older siblings who are my bffs & we went to italy this summer together

-I’m dating the first guy I met at college who was then my best friend & now bf

-I love beer, white wine, and frozen m&ms preferably all at once

-my nickname in college was Molly Brownedout and it’s something Im proud of but probably shouldn’t be

-I like neon sneakers and glitter and raw cookie dough

- Whenever i’m nervous for sometihng, I write 13 on my hand and somehow everything turns out alright

-I’m running out things about me so im just gonna say i love user @taylorswift