so that was nice of her

it’s so so nice to know that sana’s mom trusts her so much because it tells us that she has faith in her and in her ability to ultimately make the right choices, and it shows us that her mother respects those choices. she sees her daughter as an independant and smart human being, and you can tell how much she values her, and i’m so glad to know that this is how sana has been raised, and that this is how she has been taught to see herself, by one of the most important and influential people in her life

okay but long after he retires from piracy and settles down on the planet, obi wan starts hearing stories about a pirate queen who marauds throughout the star systems, taking Separatist and Republic ships alike. dozens of crews have been dispatched to stop her, but none succeed

according to the rumors, the pirate queen is force-sensitive, which is why she travels in a scavenger ship and has a very minimal crew. one of the stories says that there’s just three of them, the queen and her two companions. sometimes a wookiee is mentioned, always wielding a bowcaster. for his part, obi wan thinks it’s nonsense. another jedi pirate? impossible.

he thinks that until one day a small, rickety scavenger ship lands in his garden without so much as a whisper of warning, and a girl swaggers down the gangplank, her hair done in three buns on the back of her head and dressed in gear obi wan associates with desert planets. her crew is as small as advertised, just two young men who stand just behind her looking far too casual for obi wan’s taste.

“well,” she says in a soft, lilting accent very much like his own. the force ripples around like heat from a flame. “this is a pretty little planet. I think i’ll take it off your hands.”

and that’s how obi wan, retired accidental pirate, meets rey, the scavenger pirate queen

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In 6x18, Snow said she had been planning Emma's wedding since the first curse was broken. Back then Emma was in love with Neal and then Walsh so isnt it obvious that Snow doesnt care who Emma ended up marrying just as long it was to a man?

Yes, and it actually started with Graham. Emma doesn’t show any particular interest in Graham. She’s nice to him, but beyond them being a good-looking man and a woman interacting, there was very little added there. Meanwhile Emma looks at Regina like this…

…and this.

Graham then assumes Emma has feelings for him because she has a very emotional reaction when she catches him sleeping with Regina. He kisses her to try and tell her that he likes her better than Regina and she is just completely confused and stunned by his kiss. She doesn’t realize he is responding to her obvious jealousy because it wasn’t about him. It was about Regina, because for her attraction to Regina we did actually get clues beyond them just sharing screentime.

Next Mary Margaret gets flowers from Whale. Emma angrily throws them thinking Graham is overstepping - and Mary Margaret convinces her it’s completely obvious to everyone she’s in love with Graham. She uses Emma’s anger about this guy not respecting her boundaries as proof she’s actually in love. The idea of Mary Margaret being Emma’s real mother had already been planted in Emma’s mind. Emma hadn’t worked through her abandonment issues, so she was already vulnerable to Mary Margaret’s opinions of her. 

Mary Margaret introduced the idea of Emma having walls up. Walls that keep out love. That wasn’t Emma talking, that was Mary Margaret interpreting the situation. Wrongly. If Emma was mostly oblivious to her own feelings, she was also susceptible to Mary Margaret’s explanation for them. She would have noticed not being able to form emotional bonds with men, not being able to fall in love with them like she was supposed to. So an explanation - preferably not a gay one - would have been welcome. It’s only after that conversation with Mary Margaret she suddenly gives Graham a chance.

After establishing this, they didn’t need to give us any extra explanations for Emma’s relationships with men. Ever since this happened it’s been about being normal and being the person she thinks her mother wants her to be. That’s how repression works in the real world, that’s how lesbians end up married to men. It’s common enough for me to know at least two women in that situation and I didn’t meet them in queer spaces either. I met them at work. On two different continents in two different jobs. A few years later they came out. Both don’t identify as bisexual, but as lesbians.

Even if the show hadn’t given us any clue that Emma might be a lesbian in denial, plenty of shows have characters previously thought to be straight come out, because this is realistic. This happens in the real world. You think you’re straight until you realize you’re not and before that… you act straight or try to act straight. This is a show that went as far as establishing how it actually works beforehand, a show that gave us a hint before building up the closet. So of course, it’s meaningful, otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. It’s an integral part of Emma’s journey, that’s why she’s now about to be married and we are still getting so much focus on the involvement of Snow, because they told us from the beginning that this was about her relationship with her mother.

On top of that they coded Mary Margaret/Snow as a religious mother. She wears a cross. She volunteered for the nuns. She lives in a community that blames her more than David when he cheats on his wife. Women’s sexuality is more restricted. She talks about forgiveness, redemption, and grace. Emma grew up in our world. Of course she would delve deep in the closet in response to that, not willing to risk anything now that she thinks she’s found her real family. She has been obsessed with finding her birth parents, and there would only be one set of those. She wouldn’t want to risk alienating them before getting to know them, but in the process… she lost herself.

“People are going to tell you who you are your whole life. You just got to punch back and say, ‘no, this is who I am.’ You want people to look at you differently? Make them.”

The story has been consistent. She just needs to remember who she is and follow her own advice.

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Just a reminder that sapphic love is not predatory. Appreciating girls is not predatory. I just passed a girl I was in class with last semester, and I said she looked really nice bc you could tell she put extra effort into her look, but she seemed kinda awkward and said thanks before quickly walking away. I didn't mean anything by it, it was just a compliment, and she doesn't even know I'm gay, but now I'm worried about being predatory. So this is a reminder, you are not predatory for being gay.

is any1 else rlly concerned with how 13 reasons why is the most popular show on netflix??? like,,, a girl,,, who commits suicide and mails tapes to the people who hurt her.. is nice to watch?? Is it interesting to watch a girl’s life fall apart?? Is it inspirational to see bad people go to severe states of depression/anxiety/etc? are you into watching dangerous and vivid depictions of suicide on film??? like how the hell can you overlook the fact that this girl was raped, and was so severely fucked up,, and you still can talk about how she’d have been so great with Clay,,, like how the heck are you enjoying it my dudes

  • [Lauren opens the door to reveal Camila with a turkey over her head]
  • Lauren: Nice try.
  • Camila: Wait, wait, wait! [she puts a Shriner's hat on the turkey]
  • Lauren: Look, Camila…
  • Camila: Look! [she puts a big, yellow pair of sunglasses on the bird]
  • Lauren: This is not going to work.
  • Camila: I bet this will work! [she starts dancing and Lauren cracks up]
  • Lauren: You are so great! I love you!
  • [Camila stops suddenly and turns around slowly]
  • Camila: What?
  • Lauren: Nothing! I said, I said "You're so great" and then I just, I just stopped talking!
  • Camila: You said you loved me! I can't believe this!
  • Lauren: No I didn't!
  • Camila: Yes, you did!
  • Lauren: No I didn't!
  • Camila: You love me!
  • Lauren: No I don't! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
  • [Dinah walks in and sees Camila. She freaks out and runs back into the hallway, screaming]

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Aw man, kids are great :^) I was on register behind one of my coworkers, and as I'm ringing up a customer, I hear her go "HEY WAIT". Turn around, it's just her and she's looking concerned. "Dude, what happened?" "Kid wanted to buy a toy, threw a 20 at me, and left." "They leave their change?" "No the total was 21 something" My customer hears this, and hands my coworker 2 dollars so she wouldn't get in trouble. That was so nice of her, and we couldn't thank her enough.

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This is an appreciation post ! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends !

oh OK this is CUTE

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I know this is a little off track I’m sorry! I just really really wanted to draw @mayor-aby ‘s newest addition Mayor Makku c: I just really loved how adorable she looked an her hair looked really fun to draw (It was).

I’ve been following her blog for awhile now and always kind of wanted to draw Aby but so many wonderful artists have already drawn her so when I saw Makku I was really inspired and I just really hope you like it Aby!

Sorry this is kind of out of nowhere but I thought it’d be a nice surprise!!

Please enjoy!  ♡  ♡  ♡

Seeing posts about Ancient Greece that are wrong but I don’t have the patience or time to deal with people/ops getting angry with facts


“Hello?” Bilbo answered cautiously. “Thorin?”
“Hello, Bilbo,” came Thorin’s rich voice. The deep, rough tone never failed to send a chill down Bilbo’s spine. “Are you busy?”
“I’m just having dinner …” Bilbo replied, hoping that he would not have to abandon his meal, as he had so many times previously.
“Ah,” Thorin breathed. There was a long pause before he said, “I haven’t had dinner yet.”
Puzzled by this non-sequitur, Bilbo prompted, “Are you in trouble?”
“About to be in trouble?”
“Done something for which you should be in trouble?”

How to Date Your Lawyer is here on AO3!!! :)

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Ok you've probably answered this before and/or dont want to talk about it but im curious so i have to ask. Why do you hate Joyce so much? Everyone i ask seem to have valid yet different reasons so i'm curious which ones are your reasons. Ty!

normally i wouldn’t want to explain it again but i dig you dali and all the links i had to my previous answers to this question no longer exist… so. uh. yeah. i can’t really back out of it this time. damn. here we go 

joyce summers is, in my opinion, a crappy mom. she kicked buffy out of the house for being a slayer, selfishly forced buffy to care for her while she had her brain tumor just because she “wanted to go home”, and (this one is more conjecture than anything else) seemed to prefer dawn to buffy in an overall favortism sort of way. i don’t like to go so far as to call her an abusive parent, because that tends to set people off, but she’s just… not a good mom. she’s the best parental figure on the show, but that doesn’t say a whole lot, does it 

Deads I bought home from the VCUK meet on Saturday! I seriously love them all. I had a very nice day at the meet and am very happy with my new deads.

Mummified frog from @violoncell0, heron and hedgehog skull from @birbbones, two raccoons from @vultureculturecoyote, gannet beak sheath, muntjac tusk, a golden plover and bullfinch skull from @specios, and two crabs from @mydeadthingsdiary

Never Letting You Go Again

A Shawn Mendes oneshot.

It almost would’ve been easier if we hated each other. If we broke up on bad terms and could no longer stand the sight of each other’s faces, maybe then it wouldn’t hurt so badly when she came and introduced him to me as her boyfriend, told him I was her “old friend”. It would’ve certainly been easier if I hated him, too. If he didn’t shake my hand and joke about the various girls ogling me from afar, tell me to call him Mitch instead of Mitchell, as she’d introduced him. I don’t know if it would’ve been easier if she hated him, though. She looked at him fondly, though my ego says not as fondly as she once looked at me, and it was nice to know he made her happy. 

When he left for a moment to grab drinks for the two of them (even asking if I wanted anything, that bastard), she looked around the bar, searching for something. “See any good prospects for tonight, lady killer?” she asked, sending me a grin. 

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In the Dressing room.

As you my know i have been asked to help chaperone my son’s spring formal. This past weekend we went shopping for his Tuxedo and a dress for me. My younger daughter also came along so i figured there would be no fun. However shortly after ativing at the mall for our shopping trip, she met up with a couple of her preteen friends and asked to go to a movie. Now it was just my son and myself. I figured it would be nice to let him get his Tuxedo out of the way first so we went to the rental place first. It was very fun picking out the style of tux he wanted and trying to match the colors to his girlfriend’s dress. After about 30 minutes we had almost everything decided and it was time to try things on. He went into the back to the Dressing rooms to change and I made small talk with the girl at the counter. I had noticed her staring at my son as we had shopped and was sure she was thinking the same things i was. When my son walked out of the back my panties Immediately were flooded with my juices. Guy i can’t state this enough…. THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING ABOUT A GOOD LOOKING MAN IN A WELL FITTING SUIT.

The girl at the counter obviously felt yhe same because she rushed to check to make sure it was fitting him properly and running her hand over him. I’m not a jealous mom. I know women find my son attractive and that my son sleeps with his girlfriend. The wanton desire this young woman, who was at least in her 20’s, was displaying toward my son got me a bit possive. I looked at my son as she was checking his inseam and he winked at me, 30 seconds later i heard the sales girl gasp. I looked down and saw my son was filling out his pants with all his glory.

I looked into his eyes and licked my lips. The sales girl was mesmerized staring and my son’s crotch. I cleared my throat and she jumped. We talked breifly about fit and additional add-ons. Then my son asked if i could come back and help him fix his cumberbund. The sales girl looked like she was about to offer her own services when the phone rang. She nodded to the right and i took my sone back inyo yhe rear dressing area of the store. I was no sooner in the dressing room with him the i was on my knees. I had his thick cock in my hand and between my lips sucking him hard. Looking up as my son grabbed my head. His throbbing was very quick telling my how excited he was. I took my mouth off him and asked, “ Do you wish it was her?” I swirled my tongue around his head and he groaned. Then he looked down and told me he wished it was both of us, together. I grabbed him and took him in complete flicking my tongue over his balls as he exploded down my throat.

I sucked until he was slightly less stiff, but nowhere near soft. I heard a slight groan in the hall and wondered if we’d been caught. I quickly adjusted my top but when i looked in the mirror you could tell what i had been doing. I opened the door to the dressing room and saw the sales girl quickly duck back out into the store. I strode proudly into the store and noticed her unlocking the front door. I walked up to her and asked if everything was ok. She said yes and told me she lock the door because she didn’t want to be interrupted while taking the order. I went to shake her hand and noticed ther fingers were wet. When i pulled my hand away i looked at her and brought my finger to sniff then sucked it between my lips. Her eyes went wide and a groan escaped her lips. I leaned in and said please keep our secret and for good measure i tweaked he nipple.

We returned to the counter to finalize the rental bill as my son walked out of the dressing room. She stared at his crotch then at me i nodded slightly and she wished us a great day. I looked down at the bill as we were leaving. There was a 75% discount on the tux rental and at the bottom a 10 digit number with the words call me in her hand writing. Smiling i handed the receipt to my son and smiled. Then asked where we should go looking for my dress.

The rest of the day flew by in a blur. My son and i found a quiet place in the mall where he fucked me hard. Cumming deep inside. We did find a dress for me. And he got to return the favor in the dressing room. I asked him what he was going to do with her number and he said he would call it in a couple days. I decided not to ask about his girlfriend. Needless to say i am super excited about the dance now.

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if you were a bnha student, what would your quirk be ideally?


so, what i realized immediately upon creating a bnha oc is that i would be a villain. i have no desire to dedicate myself to helping people and i’m incredibly self-centered. there’s no way i wouldn’t wreak havoc just to do it and also to get nice things for myself.

so!! my bnhasona is a villain! her quirk is ‘animorph’: she can shapeshift fully or partially into any animal she has ever seen in real life. however, the longer she stays in her animal form, the harder it is for her to shift back. if she stays as an animal too long, she’ll stay that way forever! maximum limit at the moment is one hour!

her name is iuno fear, and i haven’t decided her villain name. in her human form she has EXTREMELY fluffy black hair and cat ears, cat tail, and golden brown cat eyes. also sharp teeth! she’s short and muscular, and she wears a black spandex suit like a swimmer’s tech suit that reaches her knees, usually wearing jean shorts and cute crop tops over it and boots. she also has a bandana over her eyes to act as a ‘mask’ and fingerless gloves with retractable blades. up close, she’s a knife fighter! the spandex suit shifts with her and back so she’s not naked, although she’s not afraid to shift without it and go naked!

personality-wise, she loves blood and fighting but she would never kill anyone. she just enjoys a good, rowdy time and especially likes fledgling heroes because they’re fun to mess with. adult heroes are so grumpy! she’ll bat around the ua students before leaving them. she likes helping them out on their technique, though, even if she’s a tough teacher! you’ll never get her to compromise her beliefs or do something she doesn’t want. she likes making friends but doesn’t like the strictness of organized crime, so she’s often hired muscle by various villainous organizations, although she also makes her services known to the heroes, too. she would absolutely work alongside heroes for the right price. or even just for fun!

she’s also deceived heroes before by pretending to be a stray cat and moving in to their houses. she needs a breather after shifting back to human, but she can totally hang out with heroes for an hour and spy on them!