so that was interesting too lmfao

i’m opening commissions for the first time in 7+ years. yikes lol. this is to help fund me going to SDCC with my buds. since my wrist behaves better with pencil and paper, i’m only opening 1 digital slot [full colour or b/w ] this round. the rest will be traditional pencil art

[i am not offering inked/colours at this time.]

more examples and prices under the cut, cos long post is long.

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Wow you are amazing at art!!!! :D Care to talk about your art and maybe some tips???

i am very flattered that you think so, anon!!// however, im a really shy and negative person, so i dont think theres really much to talk about, especially considering this blogs collection. its just a place where i collect my doodles and sketches for fun, and for you guys to enjoy~!

im not too great at giving out advice, but if youre interested in tutorials or anything considering my workflow - my inbox is always open! o/ 

longer thoughts about my art are below the “read more”!

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what is the bold type about? considering watching

The Bold Type (so far) has been an unapologetically feminist, badass show! (And when I say feminist, I mean intersectional!!!!!!!) 

It’s about three women, Jane, Sutton and Kat, who are all best friends who work at a magazine in NYC, but they all have different work titles. The boss, Jacqueline, is breaking all kinds of Miranda Priestly/The Devil Wears Prada stereotypes about strong women at the top. It’s based on the life of a longtime magazine editor at Vogue and she’s actually a co producer on the show I think! 

So let’s get into the amazing stuff that has happened in the first 2 eps 

–Kat, a biracial woman, is being set up to have a romance with an openly Muslim woman. (imho, this is not going to be a queerbaiting situation, I’m 99% certain)

–They talked about hijabs!!!!!! And how empowering it is for women as opposed to oppressing!!!! THEY. DID. THAT.

–Jane, a hella relatable woman!!! I don’t wanna go into too much detail about her experiences because spoilers but I think her storyline is going to be pretty great. Although I think her love interest sucks and she could do better lmfao but he’s the only person on the show I don’t like, everyone else is fucking great

–Sutton. She’s been so unapologetic and badass. She literally says “I can screw whoever I want!” and I really like her side story, she’s kind of more practical and I think it’s really important. again, not gonna put in too many spoilers. and her love interest isn’t horrible hahaha

–THEIR FRIENDSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is such a legitimately strong friendship. They have their ups and downs but they talk about it and work it out and they support each other even if they don’t necessarily agree with each other and look there’s a scene in the 2nd episode where you’re gonna be like “damn, they are literal soulmates” like legit.

–Jacqueline!!!! The boss!!! She is firm and can be a bit of a hardass but she’s compassionate and cares so much about her job and her employees. You are not supposed to hate her and that’s a very welcome change to the “Women at the top have to be bitches” 

It’s light and airy, but intense and important at other times. I cried at the end of the first episode even though nothing horrible had happened, I just was SO emotionally invested in all of the characters and their stories!!! I’ll say it again: this is what PLL *should* have been regarding friendships and women who actually have some semblance of agency 

Amaimon’s Ideal S/O! 

  • needs someone who is chill af
  • someone who won’t expect anything too serious from him 
  • (but also someone who’s loyal to him) 
  • someone he can explore the city with 
  • he doesn’t really have a preference on appearances 
  • they don’t mean much to him 
  • but if you can introduce him to many amusing/interesting things 
  • he’d be hooked 
  • someone who’s…free spirited? 
  • not tied down to anything 
  • who’s just going with things, just living life 
  • you best believe he’d get attached to this person  

[So it has been like four weeks since I’ve had this blog and man does time fly. When I first made this blog, I wasn’t quite sure how things would go. I’m not new to the fandom per say, but I certainly didn’t know anything about Ozymandias other than what I had seen in F.GO. I had fully intended on making this blog and letting it just sit in the backburner just to get the creation of it out of my system which is something I’ve done before. Sometimes by the time I’m done working on everything, I lose interest in actually getting things off the ground and that’s that. However, one thing led to another, and as I was digging around prepping things I realized, “oh no I’m too attached”; and so here we are. Thank you for sending memes, asking questions, interacting—just being overall amazing people and helping me get into my portrayal in a way that I honestly feel really comfortable with how I’m doing things and am quite pleased with the direction things are going.  

I wanted to do a big thank you list but LMFAO I AM TOO LAZY I CAN NEVER DO THESE. So, instead, I hope this gets my feelings across well enough! This fandom has been extremely welcoming and I truly appreciate that, especially since there’s been so much interest in this ridiculous pharaoh. Sometimes integrating into new fandoms can be really intimidating but nope haven’t felt that way once since making Ozy and Kirei though I don’t get on Kirei as much anymore simply due to how hard it is to sometimes get into the muse. That aside, eventually I will not be lazy and will make a proper thank you list -single tear-  

Until then, a big big thank you to all of you! And to those I’ve been following since the beginning of time on every single blog, you guys already know I love you but am going to say thank you to you guys too for always following me around no matter what blog I go on (even though I tend to do that to you guys too but MINOR DETAILS—).]


for the anon who was interested in my PC setup! sorry about the long post, lmao.

it’s nothing too wild or fancy, but i like it. i set up all the LEDs to match and i programmed a custom keyboard animation effect, so it’s constantly strobing different tones of pink and the keys light up white when you push them and i made sure my firefly matched!

i wish i could get better pics, the time of day right now is so crummy for lighting lmao. it looks cleaner in person i promise LMAO 

i hope that helps! ♥

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does key have any actual friends aside from locket

No, not really. She has a personal bodyguard that was assigned to her after Locket left, but besides that she can tell most find her kind of terrifying/weird. She can go to parties and get a lot of attention and basically do whatever she wants but finding genuine companionship has been sorta impossible so far. Locket struggled in the same way to find friends because of their social situation. Also their mom kind of doesnt do anything to help so there’s that too. I also think that shes generally, incredibly distrustful of others so she also would be hiding under like 50 layers of fake personality so that would also prevent anything from happening lmfao. She also might not really feel like there’s anything interesting about her to tell. When she self reflects it all feels pretty empty. The most amazing thing about her is that shes an E-type but like that’s just what she is not WHO she is you know what i mean. Thats why locket helped her so much because she could have someone else to support and empathize with while she sat around being A Void of Nothingness. 
Part of key resents the fact that Locket left because that means shes all alone and he can make all the friends he wants outside of the kingdom. She is sort of warming up to her Knight/Bodyguard (An A/B hybrid) but they’re like automatically ordered to be devoted to her every whim so it doesnt really feel like anything to her. Key is pretty mad these days. like not red-hot mad just tired, lethargic depression mad. 

Miss Mayor Money-Maker stresses out her cute assistant on a daily basis. 

I’m still trying to collect the rococo series (Edit: many thanks to princess-of-crepes for the rococo set!) as well as some of the new items, so if you happen to have any I’d be glad to do a trade for them~ A comic page per set! Or multitudes for the more expensive/rare series. IM or send me an ask if you’re interested! >uO~<3!

Edit: I am no longer doing trades; thank you to everyone who applied! (Sorry I didn’t update this earlier lmfao)

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hhjsjhdhdkja i saw the kboo discourse so heres my 2 cents: im from eastern europe so were technically not as wild as americans are but. on my first day of high school we had to introduce ourselves, and my kpop obsessed ass had to mention that in my introduction because that was the only thing i was interested in lmfao. fast forward to a week later, these two girls from a different class message me on fb asking to meet up because theyre "kpoppers"(yikes) too lmfao. i was wary bc i was never (1)

really intense about stanning kpop groups and i had experiences with wild kboos on twitter etc so. but i thought to myself, okay, lets make friends, maybe theyre nice!!!!!! we met up after school and oh my god. i wish i had the chaance to escape.

one was dressed like an anime character and carrying a BUNNY BACKPACK, like those plushie packs for children. the other one had makeup that was supposed to look “korean”, like u know when white kboos draw lines on their eyes to imitate the typical east asian eye shape with double lid? yeah that. also drawn on eye bags. i wanted to fucking RUN FOR MY LIFE but they already walked up to me and i kid you not, one of them ASKED IF THEY SHOULD CALL ME UNNIE OR NOT. i was like, laughing nervously saying nah its not necessary we can just use our names. 

and here comes the best part, the one with the makeup said something like “our normal or korean names?” i was. fucking. sweating. i talked to them for a while and it was so uncomfortable i literally never felt weirder in my entire life. they were talking in our language but instead of saying “omg” or swearing theyd just go OMOOOOO like. i literally saw and talked to your Typical KbooTM. 

after that they were texting me on fb etc and i just. gradually stopped replying bc i didnt want to be rude but i also wanted to forget that they existed. also when they asked me whos my fave group n i said exo one of them was SO OFFENDED lol

so yeah thats it i will never be able to erase that from my memory i will be haunted for the rest of my life i want to d*e just thinking about them. man its been 4 years but its still the wildest thing thats ever happened to me oh my god

JGFKDLS OMGG; that literally happened to me in high school, THATS SO UGLY AND CREEPY - but good riddance 

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That new show is going to be terrible, who even thought of the concept. I hate it!!!

The thing is tho… you and I both know that it’s going to play heavily on the white savior trope too. 

We don’t need another story about modern day slavery when it’s literally the narrative of the mass incarceration of black people under the 13th amendment today but you know. Werk lmao.

About last night

😂 so I got a story for y'all bout my night last night. So I get a text like what’s the move from this guy who’s a few years older then me. Mind you I haven’t spoken to him in a few months we just drifted apart Life took us in opposite directions. So I had plans to go out with one of my homies but he was having baby mama drama so when I got that what’s the move text I’m like 🤔 hmm we shall see how this night goes, so he’s like well a couple of us are going to the bar if you wana come and I’m like shiiiii Ight bet, so I go home get in the shower freshen up do all that good stuff because shit there’s no telling where I might end up or what I might do so I gotta be prepared.. Ok so fast forward to when I get to the bar and mind you we’ve never fucked around like we’ve always been on some bro shit like he used to make lil slick comments at me but I would never even act like I even picked up on them but and we’ve never spoke on it but it’s kind of a It ain’t even gotta be said type of thing it’s just understood but back to my story lmao so I get there and omg it’s hella ratchet and ghetto ass people and I’m just like I know he ain’t tell me come to this ratchet ass shit, so I walk in and I’m looking around for him but it’s sooooo many people I cant find him and he not responding to my messages because at this point he’s already drunk af and I’m not a social person especially when I don’t know anybody there so I walk out and I head back to my car and in my head I’m like I’m just gon charge this L to the game 😂 so soon as I put the key in the ignition he texted me back and was like I’m at the bar so I walk my ass back in there and I’m like nigga fuck You got me up here with all these ratchets for? 🙄 and again I say he’s drunk so he ain’t really even paying attention to me lol so I get him to go buy me a drink and we just chilling listening to the music watching the hoes twerk so we finally getting ready to leave and we talking tryna find a move and he’s like well I rode with my friend he’s bout to take me to get my car so I’m like ok cool just hit me once you get to your car.. so I go and I park and I’m just talking otp then I get a text from him and he’s like come get me and I’m like nigga where are you tf 😂 so he told me where and he was like he’s too fucked up to drive home so I’m like lmfao ok I’m otw the nigga ends up finessing me into taking his ass home bruhhhhhh this nigga stay a good 40 mins away from where we was and a good hour and 20 from my house so I’m like nigga fuck you why I let you talk me into this Idk lol like I’m just being extra and his ass ain’t paying me noooo attention he sitting over there in my passenger seat knocked tf out so I’m like Nigga wake yo ass up tf ion know where I’m going and y'all it ain’t like its general directions to his house This man stay in the BACKWOODS Bitch I’m talking bout no street lights back woods only car on the road type shit. So I finally get his ass to wake up so he can give me directions so we just riding listening to music talking shit mind you it’s like 3 in the morning on these back long country ass roads. We finally get to his house and by this time that Hennessy is about to make my bladder explode 😂 so I pull in the driveway and hop out so I can go pee in the grass, when I come back to the car this Nigga standing outside the car waiting on me I’m thinking he Finna dap me up and be like Ight bro I’ll see you later but nooo this Nigga says walk with me real quick and we start walking through a path in his yard and in my head I’m like tf we going 😂mind you my car still on and we just dun walked off at first I was thinking we was going to the lil garage they got in the very back because he got a old school Monte Carlo SS they he been working on so I thought we was going to see it.. mind you he ain’t said nun since walk with me so we just took a lil 4 minute walk through the pitch black ass woods in silence. So we walking up on the garage and I’m thinking oh yea we Finna look at the car yalllllll why this nigga turns around facing me with his dick out and hard 😳😨 Bitch In my head I was nutting tf up! 😂😂 Bitch when I say I ain’t kno what was going on 😂 but you know I kept my cool pulled my shit out and we stroked each other Shit till i was like fuck it come here and I proceeded to take him into my mouth babyyyyyyyyyy when I say I went to motherfucking work! Bitch I went to WERK on that dick 👅 I’m talking bout sloppy toppy Bitch lmfao That Nigga nutted so fucking quick 😂ahhhhhh that was really the moment I had been waiting on too 😂 he kept messing with his pants when we was in the car but I wasn’t thinking nun of it but yea that’s how my Friday went but he just texted me talking bout hanging out again tonight 👀😝 I’ll keep those of y'all who are interested updates on this lil situation 😂

another tag game ✨👽✨

 thanks to @gaysngreys for tagging me <3




favorite youtuber?
brandon rogers 📺✌️✌️✌️

what was your big interest five years ago? 
if you werent elbow deep in homestuck in 2012 what were you doing with your life

best mints brand/flavour?
the white peppermint puffs you get on hotel pillows. i fuckin love those

would you rather have no headphones or extremely uncomfortable headphones?
my ears are really small so im used to headphones being uncomfortable so i guess ill take them but im fine just sitting and daydreaming too lmfao

if you could get a nendoroid of any character/variant of a character (fan design or canon), what would it be?
the sexy girl cat from tom and jerry

what floor would you ideally live on?
as high as i need to see over the buildings in the surrounding area

planes or trains?
TRAINS breathing the dirty air on airplanes isnt worth the view (IF you even get a window seat, see i told you, its just not worth it)

thoughts on anteaters?
LMAO theyre so cute and funny looking have you SEEN THEM

gnort gnort he says

what drink would you permanently remove from existence?
it should be illegal to have sweetened iced tea without milk in it. sweetened iced tea without milk is turbo gross. im sure someone from the south is gonna come after me for saying that but why are you booing im right 

beach town or urban city?
beach towns are cute i just dont really care about the beach, esp cause it smells bad 😷  so id prob pick the urban city

prettiest convention center/airport?
i love the fountain at anaheim convention center and the gardens at seattle convention center <3 


  1. how many social media accounts do you have? are you active on all of them?
  2. what’s your favorite kind of packaged cookie? (oreos, milanos, chips ahoy, etc)
  3. were you a daredevil or more cautious as a child? 
  4. when you play music do people tell you to turn it up or down?
  5. how many times have you been stung by a bee or broken a bone?
  6. what (if anything) can always make you cry?
  7. if you could have a nontraditional pet, what would it be?
  8. whats your favorite activity at theme parks?
  9. pink or blue cotton candy?
  10. do you wear glasses? if so, do you prefer frames or contacts?
  11. do you forgive easily or is your trust more hard to recover?

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u deliver non cannon ships????? OwO

uhh Depends really
Well I mean, I’m not really a shipper, but when I do decide to take an interest its usually either rairpairs or crack ships with like a rare exception but me taking anything seriously ever is RARE

I mean i have oc ships too and i mean, since they are my own originals they count as non canon since the characters technically arent “official”but then again they arent part of any fandom other than myself LMFAO

 im my own fandom and i crack ship the shit out of my ocs

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Im the anon that requested the oc with a magnatism quirk and HOLY COW!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD I LOVE IT I LOVE YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! AND SO FAST TOO!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙 Thank you so so so so much for writing that im gonna read it forever. Bakugo's fustration at the end is too hilarious lmfao THANK YOU SWEET FRIEND BUT A L S O I wanna know about your OCs!!!!

Awww hehe thankyiew so much!!^^ I’m Glad you liked it!!^^

I love you too~~~╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

And thankyiew for showing interest in my OC!!^^ I’ll post her details, and I hope you’ll like it!!^^


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may I ask your opinion on sugamon


C A N O N  

okay sans that though, sugamon is one of my fAVORITE ships that like… i somehow never see???? maybe cause im too tunnelvision for namjikook NYWAY–i love them because they have the most dynamic potential? like they’re both so damn smart, and are interested in the same things, but i think to different enough aspects to learn from each other? and they obvi have a lot of respect for each other for their respective bodies of knowledge. SO. that’s why i love writing them (in the few occasions that i have lmfao) because they woujld have such interesting dialogue and such like a multifacetted relationship in all permutations of the word “relationship” like whether it be as friends/bfs/etc like no matter whAT context you put them in because they are who they are, they’ll be interesting 

other than ALL OF THAT there’s the fuCKING SIZE DIFFERENCE; joon is HUGE and yoongi is SO S M O L ? ?? ? ? ? and the fact that yoongi is oLDER but namjoON IS LEADER like so maNY I N T E R ES TING D Y NAMICS ? ? ? ?  like imagine namjoon caging in yoongi from behind while in the studio just liek resting his chin on yoongi’s head to see what he’s doing what kinda beat he’s laying down or the lyrics he’s working on and like yoongi trYING to get away from joon by pushing him away but joon just catching his hands and really nonchalantly locking them around yoongi so that theY’RE CUDDLLING AND i J US T suGAMON ARE SO FUCKIN CUTE PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT THEM ALL THE DAMN TIME THANKS. 

also just like in any given situation where yoongi is slightly irked and joon is like crap hyung is pissed and like tryign to be cute to kiss up to yoongi like can u imagien how adorable and awk joon would be trying to bE CUTE FOR YOONGI CAN YOU FUCKING IMAGINE  and we all know that joon is really wEAK for cute things and yoongi has a lot of natURAL aegyo that he doesn’t know about so like he’ll probably like get coffee foam on his nose and wrinkle it to get it off or something and namjOON WOULD JUST FUCKING LOSE IT WATCHING HIM WOWOWOWOWOWOOW 


Additional info:
-I accept payment through paypal only
-Prices may vary depending on how complex your request is
-I only do simple backgrounds like in the examples
-Please have picture references ready, especially when it comes to oc’s
-If you’re interested please send an ask or email me at

My art tag is here if you need more examples of my work.

It’s so obvious too lmfao like for months on end the show has just been “ugly unfuckable female characters sissy girly show” to these nerds and then after the finale it’s suddenly “ooh it’s such a cool and interesting show and we like it now” hahah

.:Seventeen reaction:. To you loving books

The full request was: “Please can you do gif reactions of seventeen? ^^ Like when they know that you love books and harry potter.”

So here it is sweetie! I’m sorry for the long wait ;_; I was going to do this yesterday but a freaking thunder scared the fuck off me so I just jumped into my bed shaking lmfao knvdskc but here it is, hope you like it <3

Also! Since I’m not an expert in harry potter, I won’t say much about it I’m sorry :c But in general, I think the reaction would be the same for whatever book you read ^^

Gifs aren’t mine!


Originally posted by mountean

Probably wouldn’t say too much about it, but I think he would find it cute if you became too immersed in your reading. Since I see him like this, he would try to one day just read all your books to understand you more, but since he’s too active, maybe he wouldn’t be able to end all of them or even read a bit tbh. Maybe instead, he would ask you to resume for him the story.


Originally posted by wenjunhui

When he found out you liked books a lot, he would ask you what kind of books you liked, in order to buy the correct ones in your birthdays. Different from Hoshi, I see Jun really being able to end all the books and would hear all you have to tell him about them, even maybe, becoming a fan of the same sagas as you. I see Jun taking pictures of you when you’re reading, because from him, your face when you’re doing something you love is totally precious. 


Originally posted by wonnhao

Just like the gif, I see The8 wanting your attention. Not in a annoying way, he knew you loved books a lot and would probably just sit there, watching you read with a tiny smile, but after some long time if you didn’t pay any attention to him, he would just slowly start to dance around the room, not making too much noise but wanting to be noticed. I see him liking if you read for him more than you reading all by yourself tbh.


Originally posted by dinochans

Dino: What are you reading jagi?

He would try to slowly enter into your world, sometimes not noticing that he was interrupting your reading, but please let him be, he’s just curious that’s it. When you’re not reading, he may try to continue asking questions, some like: “Why do you like them so much?” “What’s your favorite book?” “What’s the one you’re reading about?” just like Hoshi, since he’s young, I don’t think he’ll be able to end all your books, but maybe he would read at least one of your favorites out of curiosity. 


Originally posted by gyuhan-17

With his mom side coming out, Jeonghan would DEFINITELY read your favorite books just so when you start talking about them he could continue your talk and be proud of understanding you. Imagine Jeonghan lazily in his bed reading your favorite book ow I see him watching you read, probably putting a strain of your hair behind your ear and when you stop reading he would *gif*

Jeonghan: Ah, don’t mind me jagiya. Continue reading.


Originally posted by wonhuii

Seokmin would act dramatically when you’re reading books, but only to tease you. Saying things like: “The books are more important than me” “oh no, my jagi it’s becoming a book”. Notice that it isn’t in order to make you upset, is just that he would find it so interesting your love for books that he couldn’t help but make some jokes of it. I see him bringing you to bookstores only to see the beautiful way your eyes would light up. (ignore Jeonghan lmfao)


Originally posted by jihanlife

Every time you lose yourself reading, he would just stare at you lovingly, I see Joshua really liking a girl who likes to read (idk why, it’s just me?), so when you feel his eyes on you and stop reading to face him he would become so flustered and broke the eye contact isdnciskdnvifv. Since Joshua is anime trash (me too, me too xD) he would maybe recommend you some mangas or something like that, and it would be give & take. You would read his manga and he would read your book. 


Originally posted by cutiepatoodie

Like Hoshi, he maybe wouldn’t say too much about it. Since he’s a composer, I see him liking to talk with you since you would have a really beautiful language (that’s what books gifts us ^^) and probably would ask if there’s something that you read on your book that you really liked, so he could inspire himself just hearing you, and he would really appreciate it. I see him shyly composing a song on your birthday about your favorite book. (Yes, he would read it slowly -‘cause he’s always busy- but would read it to understand the story more.)


Originally posted by jejuboos

Sassy Boo diva Seungkwan! He loves attention 24/7, so maybe he would become annoying trying to make you notice him. Hugging you *gif*, talking, singing, dancing, screaming, etc, etc. But in the end, I see him searching things about your favorite books and buy them for you (posters, more books, bookends…)
When he’s tired, he may ask you to read him to sleep, like a baby haha. He wouldn’t mind you liking books as long as you give him attention too ^^


Originally posted by mountean

Like the dad material he is, he could hear you talk all day about your liking on books, making some questions here and there. He wouldn’t be able to read a book all by himself, so I see him coming with the book on his hands, sitting beside you and handing it to you and giving you a cute glare.

S.Coups: Can we read this together? Most likely… Can you read it and I hear you?
(And here you decide if you hit him or if you do read it from him, but if you do, expect him putting a lot of attention.)


Originally posted by klinspirit

(I’m having writer’s block help me)

So, this kid right there would probably not say much. If he see you reading he would let you have your time, he would probably one day watch the pile of books you have next to your bed and he would be genuinely surprised, he would suddenly ask you if you have read all of the books there.

Vernon: That’s really amazing…

He would admire you, maybe he would take your books and read the synopsis of all of them. He maybe wouldn’t read the books, but he would have an idea of what they’re about. 


Originally posted by seungheol

I see him thinking it was something really cool about you, but he won’t ask as much as Seungcheol would. Maybe if you always get too immersed to notice you haven’t eaten, he would make some really delicious food for you and just come with it to where you’re reading and sit in front of you. 

Mingyu: Are you enjoying it? I bring you a snack.

He would be like Seokmin, bringing you to bookstores to see you all excited and happy. 


Originally posted by wonyeols

You’re literally his ideal type I swear. You two would be the “readers couple”, like, he would enjoy just sitting by your side, both of you with books in your hands, your head in his shoulder and his head on yours. He would LOVE that he could talk about every book with you, like you two would have your own pile of books on both sides of your beds, so he would ask you to lend him one book and you probably would ask him too.

SOOO! (omg this one was difficult for me xD I feel like I throwed all my ideas on this, but hope you like it 7u7)

People request are open!

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