so that she doesn't have to be

The whole expectation that i will want children one day and i will want to get married, from my family, It’s kind of exhuasting?? The subject is always brought up at these family events and even though every time i express the idea of having kids in my life and the huge committment of marriage isn’t my thing. It’s still pushed on me. 

“What if you’re wife wants kids! You’ll want them someday, they’re the greatest joy in life! You’ll change your mind later!” 

Maybe i’ll change my mind later, maybe i’ll get married someday, but right now it’s none of your god damn bussiness?? like back off, chill out, fuck. Why does it matter to them so much?? 

i saw a post so let me just say: clary fray is not “whiny”.

you know who’s whiny? me, i’m whiny. i cry like five times a day and i complain about irrelevant things and i don’t have any real problems.

clary fray loses everything plus her world view in a single day. she’s heartbroken over her mother being kidnapped and simultaneously already starting to be mad because the same mother has been hiding the second half of clary’s world from her. she’s devastated because the man she views as her father has seemingly betrayed her. she’s utterly destroyed by the fact that her biological father turns out to be the biggest piece of shit a person can be. all she has are three strangers, one of which seems to actively hate her and all three of them have ideals that at one point or another work against clary’s perception of the world. she also has her best friend who dies and over whom she now has the power of life and death. 

plus, you know, she finds out that the guy she’s been falling for is her brother and then that same guy disappears with their asshole father who he’s been abused by his entire childhood.

and she still only allows herself to break down in private and is trying to be there for all these other people who are watching their world turn upside down, and is constantly trying to be good and fair and she just keeps on going and keeps on fighting, trying to save everyone.

i could never be as strong as clary fray, i would have already broken down and quite possibly died.

There’s a boy in my school who’s a model (he’s gorgeous ngl) and he’s really nice but when I passed him on my way home we were talking and he said something like “at least you’re not a dark skin Indian” and I can’t believe he said that to my face??? Apparently others have noticed that he’s colourist af like even to his friends friends he’ll comment on how dark their skin is and one time my friend confronted him saying that she’s dark skin too and he said that she’s just “more chocolate and he’s (another boy) burnt”

I really hate that people are saying Ruri’s stronger than Rin because she broke free.
Like…there are so many different factors in both situations. You can’t really gauge their strength.
Ruri has familial bonds. She has her older brother. Sibling bonds are almost always portrayed as bonds that are stronger than love or friendship. Rin doesn’t have that.
I saw another post mention this: Ruri has multiple people that “saved” her. Ruri has Kaito coming to the tower. Ruri has her brother. Ruri has Sayaka, who despite not actually being there, has made her own impression both with Little Fairy and being Ruri’s best friend. And even though they weren’t mentioned during the duel, Ruri has Allen and Yuto.
Rin doesn’t. Rin has Yugo, and that’s it. She doesn’t have an older brother, she doesn’t have any other friends or potential lovers. She has one person.
“But aren’t Yugo and Rin closer than close???” Yes, their relationship is clearly the closest of the counterparts. But Shun didn’t break Ruri out by himself, and he’s her brother - a whole seperate playing field from friend/lover.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing against Ruri’s strength. What I’m arguing against is the idea that Rin isn’t as strong. Both situations draw parallels, yes, but comparing these situations wouldn’t yield accurate results.



so the reason allura’s hair can be so long and not pose a problem for her, and how she can get it up into such a small bun, must be part of altean biology! I bet her hair is lighter and less dense than human hair, so she can wrap it up more tightly! It just kind of… defies gravity? I bet it feels like touching a cloud to touch her hair!!

I’m probably not the best artist, and I’m definitely not the best at keeping things short. I have a tendency to make a speech despite trying to actually keep it simple. As you can see, I ramble a lot. BUT ANYWAY.

I’m still learning, we all are. We always learn. I’m not always so good with anatomy, I still struggle with colors (AND BACKGROUND) But y’know. Despite my flaws, I still am an artist. I still managed to go from tiny random boy that I still wonder what he was meant for, to big guy that I still wonder what he was meant for. The hair also got longer in the process lol. BUT ANYWAY. Anyone can do it. It’s not because your at my 2010 self that you won’t reach the 2016 one. everyone goes at their rhythm. You may not be satisfied yet (I know I’m not) but eventually, you’ll be.

My only advice I give and will ever give is to practice. Whatever works for you. Classes, nude models, online tutorials. Whatever works. The importance is to practice and not let the negative thoughts or comments get to you. You can do it <3



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✨First ever text picture series thingy idk ! I hope some of y’all like it 😊 I’m not sure how many parts will be made, so I guess you’ll have to… stick around…✨

galaxygoats  asked:

What pets do you think Joker and Harley would have? If they would have patience for a pet, I would say they'd a cat to match kitten Joker. 😂 Or maybe the hyenas Harley had in BTAS.

Definitely no pets! Joker does not have the patience for that XD 

Also he’s just too rough with animals in general and Harley has banned him from having one lol

“Get out of my sight…” The red-headed woman said as she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples at the side of her head. What a fool this one lady made of her, and yet, she represented the Ottomans. “I told you to do one thing, it was one simple task. And you blew it. You may take your leave.” Hulya finally opened her eyes and her Roman lady-in-waiting was still standing before her, head down and hands crossed. “Out!” She command, her voice raised as she stood up quickly from her cushioned chair.

Emma’s clothes (from what we’ve seen in the BTS pics) look so pretty and happy and they remind me so much of her season 4 wardrobe when she was opening herself up to Killian and it’s getting me all sorts of hyped for the CS material we’re going to get this season.


Shoe Bonanza

It wasn’t until I’d already adopted a child to model the sandals that I realized I could have just played a family that already had one. Whatever, anything for the cause. 

SO. We’ve got the laced up boots in Anna’s 30 colors w/ minor re-painting to even things out, plus some sandals for kiddos - sans tacky jewel things - in the same colors. And then there are some slippers in Eversims’ palette, because we can’t have sims with cold tootsies.

Base game compatible, custom thumbnails, all genders, teen-elder except the sandals which are only for kids.


Boots | Sandals | Slippers 

I am of the mind and disposition to verbally rail against anyone and everyone who says that Orihime being a housewife/stay-at-home mom is degrading or such an awful thing for Kubo to do to her.

My mom chose to be a stay-at-home mom and raise me and my four siblings, so I have a huge problem with people who think women who don’t have a job while raising their kids is a horrible thing. Growing up, I was also home-schooled and I can’t tell you how many horrified, startled and prejudiced looks I got when I told other people that I was. It didn’t matter much to me because unlike stories that they had heard, my parents gave my siblings and me a choice and we all chose to be home-schooled. We did it because it worked for us. I liked being able to work at my own pace (slowing down and reviewing things if I didn’t understand something or speeding up and moving on if I did).

Staying at home is not for every woman. Going out and working is not for every woman. Your family does what is best for your family, simple as that.

Just curious to those people who are using this argument to try and rationalize their hate over Ichigo and Orihime getting married and actually being happy together: what do you think Masaki and Kanae were while they were married to Isshin and Ryuuken? My money’s on stay-at-home moms.