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@35portlandrow i think i promised you l&c in plaid shirts eons ago, so i suppose this is kinda a very belated (and lazy) make-up doodle. hahah.

"You dropped this." - College!Calum Hood

You were never one to talk much. Sitting quietly in the lecture halls as some students debated or professors droned on.

You weren’t a big fan of the spotlight. All eyes on you and a quietness waiting for you to fill gave you a feeling in your stomach that just didn’t settle right. So to see you sitting quietly, doodling in your notebook was a familiar sight. Though, there was always one boy that seemed to be the center of attention.

His name was Calum (you had learned from the numerous amount of times the professor had said his name) and he sat a row behind you, four seats to the left. In your one class with him he was always saying something or asking a question. It came to be a familiar habit to turn in your seat, eyes focusing on him.

Every time you saw him he was always smiling. Always. His eyes slightly crinkled and his teeth on full display. You always wondered if he was always so bubbly or if it was something about anatomy that made him so happy. Hopefully the former.

That morning you had trudged your way into the lecture hall, a cup of coffee clutched tightly in your hand and your book bag draped across your back. After sitting in your seat and pulling out a few notebooks, more students began pouring into the room. You could hear Calum’s familiar voice getting louder and then dying down and you started to scribble random shapes and things in your notebook.

Usually the boy next to you wouldn’t show up for most of the classes unless there was something important going on so you were surprised when someone sat in the seat. Looking up from your notebook you could see Calum digging in his own book bag, pulling out a few notebooks and pens.

He looked over at you and instantly smiled at you, “Good morning.” You gave him a small smile, nodding slightly. “Morning.”

Looking forward, you took a sip of your coffee before turning your attention back to the notebook in front of you. There were still a few minutes until the class officially started so you continued to doodle.

You had a weird feeling that someone was looking at you so you dropped your pen, taking a sip from your coffee cup. Looking to your left you could see Calum looking at you and your face flushed.

“Can I help you?” You asked hesitantly, raising an eyebrow at him.

He let out a small chuckle, glancing down at his hands, his fingers twisting together. “No, sorry. You’re just…you’re really pretty. Sorry.” He chuckled once more and you could feel your face flush even more.

“Oh…uh thank you,” You said softly, smiling slightly. He smiled at you before turning his attention to the front, the professor starting the lecture.


After a multitude of questions and comments from Calum, the class was finally over. You packed up your things with your (now empty) coffee cup in your hand. Tossing your empty cup in the bin by the door, you made your trek to your dorm, that class being your only one for the day.

"Y/N! Hey, wait up!”

You spun around to see Calum jogging your way, a smile on his face. When he caught up to you you could see his hand clutched in a fist, holding it out to you. “You dropped this.”

He said with a breath, holding out his balled up fist. You raised an eyebrow, not thinking you had dropped anything, but held out your palm.

He smiled putting his closed fist against your palm before opening his hand and intertwining your fingers. Your face flushed and he smiled at you before starting to walk. “So where are you headed?” He spoke up.

"My dorm. I don’t have anymore classes.”

He smiled brightly at you, swinging your hands. “Me neither! Did you want to go get some coffee or something?”

You smiled at him, glancing down at your intertwined hands before nodding. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

You guys realize that Trump was going to get a convention bounce, right? So will Clinton, and then we will settle back into a reality where Hillary has a distinct advantage. Don't engage in the favorite pastime of the Left: Pants-wetting, panicked overreaction.

The last few days have been utterly exhausting, but today I woke up feeling good and at least a little bit calmer for the most part. It may be the news finally settling in so that I can deal with it but right now I think it’s having a cabaret to prepare for that’s keeping my mind off of everything. If I hadn’t promised I wouldn’t work during my pregnancy, I’d probably go on a few auditions for small projects to help with the slow passing time. 

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Red OUAT cosplay

Having already finished her Snow White hunter cosplay  we decided to have a go at some more. I didnt have a pattern for the bodice so I used a part of the pattern from my Snow costume and then had a guess of how small to make it etc. I couldnt find the right material anywhere so I settled on this one ( even if its a bit light in colour) because of its needlepoint / embroidery design. The clasps I think finish the outfit well. We saw the wolf swallowing granny on ebay and just had to add it..hehe. Thats 2 cosplays done just need to try on her 3rd a Snow wedding dress  and thats us all ready for Storybrooke 3 OUAT con by Rogue Events

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You said that if you don't notice your spirit guide it's god cause your life is going how it's meant to go, so there's settled way lives should go, right? And spirits guid know that so they could "predict future"? Or at least know what should happen

I believe there’s a settled path that our lives are supposed to go on but we don’t know what we will see along the way. There’s a destination, and a goal, but the way there is very mysterious.