so that settles it right

Sorry for the lack of posts. I am busy in RL I am moving and got a promotion! I was also pretty sick for awhile but am doing better. I am hoping to be more active after we’ve settled but I will be working even more so idk right now. I also got a new family member! That’s my baby her name is Tulip!

the real reason why cas wasn’t in this last episode is because he found a box of kittens on the side of the road and sOMEBODY had to stay at the bunker to take care of them 


AU Meme: Lauren Jauregui and Liam Payne are “just friends”… until they’re not.

I have to admit, this episode made me wish so damn hard that Derek would be able to shift into an actual wolf.

Because now we know it’s a rare thing. And I just want Derek to realize that he’s that rare and special, too. Just like his mother.

And I’m so close to 100% sure that the show will never let us have something like that.


DS9, 2.15: Paradise


You just want me to drive the bus?” “I’m not asking. And it’s a really nice bus.

we’re really lame // a mix about that friend you want to make out with in a more-than-platonic way. for gehad.

01. light a roman candle with me by fun. // 02. navigate me by cute is what we aim for // 03. crimson and clover by joan jett and the blackhearts // 04. about a girl by the academy is… // 05. love you madly by cake // 06. take my hand by the cab // 07. cross my heart by marianas trench // 08. paralyzer by finger eleven // 09. i wanna be yours by foxy shazam // 10. war in your bedroom by a change of pace // 11. moving to new york by the wombats // 12. take me home tonight (eddie money cover) by every avenue // 13. seventeen ain’t so sweet by the red jumpsuit apparatus // 14. it had to be you by motion city soundtrack // 15. anna sun by walk the moon // 16. closer by nine inch nails // 17. take it off by the donnas // 18. striptease by hawksley workman // 19. pour some sugar on me (def leppard cover) by the maine // 20. wear you out by tv on the radio

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Once upon a time | 4.05 | Giancarlo + Elizabeth / Sidney Glass + The Snow Queen

“Enjoy your freedom, Sidney.”


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