so that prayer would feel right


content: After hearing some suspicious noises coming out of Dean’s bedroom the night before, Sam decides to confront his brother.

word count: 2,088

“Dean, we need to talk.”

Sam’s voice sounds very serious while he leans against the kitchen counter and folds his stupidly long arms in front of his chest, glaring at his older brother with the familiar I-don’t-support-your-life-choices look. He doesn’t even waste his time with a “Good morning” or something similar and that’s always a bad sign.

Dean, however, isn’t really impressed by that. He places the bacon onto the hot pan at a leisurely pace, ignoring Sam completely, until he finally shoots a quick glance over his shoulder.

“And what’s so important at 7 a.m.?”

Sam huffs impatiently. “You know!”

Dean rolls his eyes. “No, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.”

Sam fidgets uncomfortably as if he’d rather be somewhere else and doesn’t want to have this discussion at all. And then he starts to gesticulate, flailing his limbs in Dean’s vague direction, and performs a very complicated dance with his eyebrows.

“How about we talk about last night?”

Quite suddenly Dean’s attention is grabbed, but he keeps himself from acting like a deer in the headlights. Instead he clears his throat and asks, a bit croaky, “What do you mean?”

“Well, just look at you!” Sam says, pointing at Dean’s face with an accusatory expression. “There is that stupid grin I’ve seen so many times and I think it’s even worse than ever before. And let’s not even mention that huge hickey on your neck.”

Dean ducks his head and tries forcefully – and highly unsuccessfully – to fight back a blush.


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Skam should come with a PSA

Just a fair bit of warning for anyone already getting stressed about people hating people (whether it’s the girl squad or the balloon squad or the fact that Isak and Even are still relevant for people): It will continue like this until the season is nearly over.

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I’m very suicidal right now. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

There’s also something sitting on my conscience that might not be anything big but it’s adding to my anxiety and I will have to talk to my SD about it, which is making me feel so humiliated in advance, it’s making me want to kill myself even more, which is… illogical. But I’m in a really bad state in every way. I don’t want hell. But I’m seeing no way out. Telling me to trust God is, unfortunately, pointless right now. I just need prayers badly. Thank you.

There are some merits about dating an angel and I bet Dean would exploit every single one. Like Cas materializing in front of him for a quick make-out session while on a hunt. Or misusing prayers as booty calls. Or seating him on top of the christmas tree or whatever

Simple Ways To Honor Hestia

I haven’t always erred on the side of historical accuracy (I started out as a Wiccan, which essentially means that I relied a LOT on UPG experiences and less on historical accuracy), so I can’t guarantee the following are all historically correct or that you feel it’s appropriate to your own practice with Hestia.  But I thought that writing up a post about how I have honored do honor Hestia, whether historically accurate or not, might help others!  

Tea.  Best in the morning, as part of a healthy morning ritual, fire up your stove/electric tea kettle and make a cup of tea, both for you and Hestia.  If you don’t want to give a full cup of tea to her, you can always pour a little into her own cup first.  I just share whatever tea I happen to like, and I try to discard it daily with a prayer.  

Food.  I have cats, so I really don’t do this (because I don’t want my cats eating unhealthy amounts of table food), but you could set aside the first bite or portion of a meal as an offering to Hestia.  Alternatively, you could always set aside a portion, go to your altar/shrine, state that it’s an offering for her, and then refrigerate it until you’re ready to eat it.  This, I do pretty often - I even have a container that’s used solely for Hestia offerings.  I know some people feel you shouldn’t eat offerings reserved for the gods, but I don’t have the money to dedicate food in such a way; so I usually eat this as part of my breakfast, or whenever I do a daily devotional to/for her.  

Candles & Flames.  This is probably the easiest, most simple way to honor Hestia.  I find that she likes all sorts of fire - and even fire representations!  So feel free to use an electric nightlight instead of a candle, or an electric candle, or even a lamp.  Traditionally, her fire was never let out, but I just don’t feel safe (or confident) in letting fires burn - because I have cats, and if you’ve ever had a cat, you know that they like to investigate things and knock them over - and we’re on a budget, so I prefer not to leave things on 24/7.  I prefer to light a candle (if I’m at the altar saying prayers) or rely on an electric candle (if I know I need to walk away, but want her symbolic hearthfire to burn for a specified time).  

Kitchen Altar.  If it were up to me, my house would be FULL of altars just about everywhere.  One space I really love to devote to Hestia is a space in the kitchen, preferably near the stove.  I have an electric stove (it came with our apartment), so it’s not quite the same as having an open flame, but I do like to set aside a candle just for her in that space.  If a candle isn’t your thing, or you’re trying to keep things from getting too cluttered, you could always leave her an offering bowl or dish there, or anything that you feel symbolizes Hestia.  

Veiling.  Many followers of Hestia advocate veiling, and I would really suggest giving it a try!  If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about veiling, you can always just put it on as an act of devotion right before prayer, and take it off right after.  If veiling puts you off completely (it’s not for everyone), you can try using a specific clip, ribbon or scrunchie that you use to pull your hair out of your face for devotional purposes.  

Prayer Beads.  You can do this with just about any deity, but consider making your own prayer beads or purchasing a set in honor of Hestia.  As part of your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly devotions, you can meditate on this goddess, chant, or recite prayers with every bead.  It’s a great way to really feel connected to a deity, and a great memorization technique when you’re working with a new prayer.  

Fireplace.  The hearth is the traditional center of the home, and the traditional symbol of Hestia.  If you have a fireplace, fire it up!  It doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence, but it would be nice to occasionally remind Hestia how much you love her through fireplace maintenance a roaring fire.  If you rather do this outside in a fire pit, go ahead!  If your fireplace is purely decorative (or you’re otherwise not allowed to use the fireplace), try putting a candle in there and lighting it instead.  If you don’t have a fireplace, you can always pull up a crackling fireplace video on roku, or stream a video of such from youtube on your computer, laptop, tablet, TV, or phone.  It makes for a meditation session!  

Hospitality.  As the goddess of hearth and home, Hestia is a goddess who would have gone out of her way to make everyone feel warm and welcomed in her abode.  You should do the same!  The next time you have visitors, offer to take their coats, grab them a drink, and make them feel welcomed, comfortable and loved.  

Generosity.  I feel that Hestia is a generous, charitable sort who would give you the clothes off her back if you were in need.  Practice generosity; think of ways that you can help out your relatives, friends, neighbors and community.  Do you have a yearly block party or monthly potluck for your neighbors?  Why not try to start one up?  Is there someone that could really use some extra help - maybe a babysitter in the evening, a tutor for a child, a little extra help cleaning their home, or just a shoulder to lean on?  Maybe there’s a new neighbor you haven’t met yet - why not bring a batch of cookies as a gift and introduce yourself?  

Food Drives.   Lots of stores have food drive promotions (and sometimes for clothes and school supplies).  The next time you notice one of these going on, donate.  Maybe go through your house and purge what you don’t want/need and donate it.   Donating time to a food shelter or a homeless shelter are also excellent ways to honor Hestia!  

Meals.  In the old days, people would use the hearth for cooking.  Now, we have lots of contraptions that aid in cooking - blenders, stoves, grills, microwaves, etc.  Instead of ordering take out or microwaving a frozen dinner, try cooking your meal.  Dedicate the time spent preparing and cooking to Hestia - make it a devotional act!  

Prayers.  You don’t need to have a shrine or altar to pray to Hestia, and nor do you need candles, statues or a physical representation.  All you need is you and your intent.  Using things like Homeric or Orphic Hymns are perfectly fine, but so is just speaking from the heart.  

Cleaning.  Turn boring, monotonous, daily chores into an act of devotion.  Meditate on Hestia while you clean, or chant, speak prayers, or simply keep her in mind while you do your rounds.  Some like to combine the veiling technique above - put your hair up or veil while cleaning as a devotional dedication.  Don’t focus on perfection; it’s better to develop a daily cleaning routine where a little is done at a time but very frequently rather than an occasional cleaning day spent obsessively scrubbing floors and organizing.  

Family Reunions.  Have you gotten together with your family recently?  Organize a family get-together!  This can be in the form of a family game night, a movie night with you and your closest friends/relatives/significant other, or a big party for all of your relatives.  So many of us only speak to our relatives around the holidays, but Hestia emphasizes the importance of building strong family ties and keeping those bonds strong.  If getting together with family is impossible (due to transportation issues, living out of state, etc), pick up your phone and give them a ring!  

Healthy Boundaries.  If you’re like me and you struggle with having healthy boundaries between yourself and your family, you can always go to Hestia for help in this area.  You should never feel pressured to always say yes to everything people ask of you - especially if you feel unappreciated or are being taken advantage of or abused.  Hestia can help!  

Meal Planning.  A great way to make sure you spend some time with Hestia everyday of the week is through meal planning.  One day each week, every other week, or once per month (depending on how often you go grocery shopping), sit down and plan out in advance the meals you plan to cook.  You should aim for at least one home cooked meal a day, preferably breakfast, lunch and dinner (and factor in a few snacks).  The very act of meal planning can be a devotion to Hestia, and it helps you budget, make a grocery list, and keep things organized.  Plus home cooked meals are delicious!  

Budgeting.  A big part of running a househeold is dealing with budgeting issues.  You can devote the time spent on balancing checkbooks, paying bills, and going over savings and expendable income to Hestia.  

Household Notebook.  Remember the suggestion of meal planning, budgeting and cleaning?  You can utilize all this - and more - through a household notebook.  All you need is a binder and some paper - and if you have a printer with a hole punch, you can even find beautiful decorative templates to help you out!  A household notebook is basically where you keep everything you need to help run your house.  I have a section for recipes and meal planning, a section for local take out places (with menus, if possible) and their address and numbers, a section for emergency medical information (there’s even a section with receipts for every time our cats have been to the vet).  I keep lists of things that need to be done on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, and seasonal basis (which I change up as needed).  I even have a section on how to remove different kinds of stains from different surfaces, and how to clean specific things (like electronic equipment, appliances, cleaning supplies, etc).  I even keep track of the recipes I use for homemade cleaning recipes (like homemade dishwasher tabs, or glass cleaner for my eyeglasses, simple disinfectant, etc).  If you have trouble remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and annual celebrations, put it in here!  You can even go one step further and add sections to your household notebook for daily to-do lists, a prayer section for Hestia, and if you’re more along the lines of a pagan vs Hellenic reconstructionalist, you can even include things like spiritual cleaning, altar dedications, statue consecration, etc.  I’m not saying go full blown BoS with this binder, but keeping things that you use on a daily basis as part of your everyday life all in one spot is just practical and convenient.  

Seasonal Cleaning.  Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but I wholeheartedly feel that we should do a version of spring cleaning at the change of every season.  This can be a devotional act to Hestia!  

Cooking Class.  Hestia is all about hearth and home, and what better way to show your love and appreciation to yourself and to your family and friends than by learning how to cook (better)?  Any time you cook can be a dedicated act to Hestia.  

Musical Playlist.  Try putting together a list of songs that really reflect how you feel about Hestia, or put you in a Hestia-like mood.  

Domestic Bliss.  Even the time you spend bonding with your significant other and working out your issues can be considered devotional time.  Keep your home happy and filled with love by being open, communicative, and supportive of your partner.  

Relaxing Night In.  There’s nothing wrong with occasionally spending a night at home with a relaxing atmosphere, take a bubble bath, read a good book, watch a favorite movie, binge watch a neglected series on Netflix, or doing a hobby that you love.  Give yourself permission to take it easy and practice self-care!  

Dinner Parties.  Much like a family reunion, a good way to express appreciation to your friends and family is to have a dinner party.  It doesn’t have to be formal, and you don’t have to be a slave in the kitchen - what matters is that you open your heart and home to those you love.  

Prayer Book.  If you work closely with Hestia, consider starting a little prayer  book for her.  There are tons of ways to do this - you can use a diary, a binder, a pronged folder, or even try some simple bookbinding.  I’ve had great success with cutting computer paper in half, punching holes along one side, and binding it together with ribbon.  If you work with other deities, you can make a prayer book for each individual deity, or one large one for all of them.  Keep it on or near your altar/shrine for easy access!  

Cookbooks & Recipe Collections.  Another excellent devotional to Hestia!  Track the recipes you try with a cookbook or a recipe collection.  This can even be digital through sites like All Recipes or tracked through apps like Google Drive (which can be synced between your phone and computer).  

Home Remedies.  I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a household where my mother always had an aloe plant for burns and irritated skin, salt and water for gargling when I had a sore throat, orange juice and garlic when I felt under-the-weather, and fresh mint leaves for an upset stomach.  If you have holistic or natural remedy leanings, consider devoting the time spent to researching and creating homemade remedies as sacred to Hestia.  

Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving & Embroidery.  Cottage industries involving thread has always seemed so very Hestia to me.  Learning how to properly darn a sock, sew on a button, or repair ripped seams are things that are SO valuable that extending that over to something like sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving or embroidery only seems natural.  It’s okay if you discover you don’t like it - what matters is that you gave it a try!  

Crafts.  We’re in an trend where having crafts in the home is very much in!  Take advantage of this by looking up different crafts that you can do for your own home to save money, make it look nicer, and give it the aesthetic that fits your - and your family’s - personality.  Time spent creating these things can definitely be dedicated to Hestia.  

Interior Decorating.  Just like with crafts, interior decorating can be an exhausting process, but one that is very important.  Most of us want a warm, comforting home, and in order to have that, we need to do what we can to look - and feel - that way.  For some of us, this means investing in a fireplace and mood lighting, while others feel a puffy, comfortable couch is the way to go with a nice flat screen tv.  Others are more bohemian and rustic in their decor, while some like shabby chic touches and refurbished antiques.  Even if you’re a minimalist by nature, using the right combination of colors and accents can really give a homey, comforting feeling.  Take the time to discover your own personal style and figure out ways to translate it into your home.  Anything you do to make your home a loving, comforting environment can be a dedication to Hestia!  

You’re My Strong Soldier

Originally posted by buckwildbarnes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, some OC (Alexei Petrov) for ya bc I know nothing

Warnings: Uhhhh violence, Bucky hits a child like once, BLOOD, talks of Bucky’s past, angst, not much really, this is pretty much just fluff

Summary: Reader is pregnant and is asked to stay off the missions for her own good and to work from home. Bucky comes back from a really tough mission with Steve involving some kids being captured by HYDRA and starts to question whether he’s going to be good for his kid or not.

RUSSIAN TRANSLATIONS (idk if they’re accurate, they were googled hahah):
моя принцесса = My princess
Где Вы такин’ я, ребенок? = Where are you taking me, kid?
Моей семье, господину Барнсу = To my family, Mister Barnes
Настолько хороший из Вас, чтобы присоединиться к нам, Зимнему Солдату = So nice of you to join us, Winter Soldier
возлюбленный = Sweetheart
Я люблю вас так много, мою королеву = I love you so much

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Prayer request

I’m feeling really bad, my chest feels tight and I don’t have much of an appetite at all. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow but honestly I wish I was going right now so I could figure out what I need to fix to feel better. Prayers that I’ll feel better and that the doctor will know what to do to help would be appreciated. Thanks

12x19 Coda: Come Back to Me

Destiel 12x19 Coda.  Shockingly, it does not include the mixtape, but there’s a healthy dose of angst for you.

Dean wakes up aching.

And not just because Cas had healed his broken wrist but not the pain from being literally ground into the gravel. The ache is in his chest, and it spreads through every cell, every atom.  If anyone else told him that, he’d shrug it off as melodramatic.  But right now?


Beside him, Sam stirs.  After noticing that Dean hasn’t moved, never mind the fact that he’s just broken a bench with the force of his body, he scrambles to a half crouch to look over him.

“I’m fine.”

Gruffly, he pushes off the helping hand and gets to his feet, ignoring the pulsing headache growing behind his left eye.  He hates getting mojo-ed.

“He’s gone,” Sam says, utterly needlessly.

There are little bits of gravel clinging to the indents in his palms.  Dean wipes them away on his jeans.

“I can’t believe he just—” Sam starts.

“I can.”

The worst part of all of this is that Dean remembers that look.  Remembers the calm, cool certainty in Cas’s eyes when they’d first met.  Dean remembers a chiseled piece of granite with ice chip eyes.  And he’s nothing like the Cas that Dean knows.  The Cas that Dean—

“We have to find him,” Sam says, thankfully breaking off that train of thought before Dean can finish it.

“He doesn’t want to be found.”

The words come out harsher than Dean had anticipated.  His hand flex at his sides a few times before clenching entirely.  Sam looks mildly alarmed, but Dean plows on anyway.

“He just hit the frigging reset button, Sam.  He powered up and he—he lost something along the way.”

Because that hadn’t been Cas looking back at him.  Not the Cas that texted long strings of emojis and called Hot Topic ‘the Hot Topical’ and ate every burger Dean ever made for him without complaint even though he could only taste molecules.  That right there was Castiel, and Dean’s scared.

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Hey all, Avery here! I feel bad requesting prayers when there are so many asks sitting in the inbox that likely won’t be answered for half a week at least, but I’m getting top surgery tomorrow and prayers would be so appreciated!!

The surgery is at 7:30am Eastern Standard Time tomorrow (Tuesday August 8) 

I’m at the airport right now heading to NC for the surgery – and Leah is also heading there; she’s going to be helping me recover! So please pray for our safe travels as well as a safe surgery and good recovery for me.

Please pray just as hard for Leah’s mom, who is still in the hospital with a low platelet count. I know it’s hard for Leah not to be with her mom during this time so here’s praying her platelet count goes up in the next few days, that she gets through this long hospital stay with loved ones around her, that the Holy Spirit sends her understanding that her daughter does love her dearly, and that she recovers as well and quickly as possible. 

Thank you!! And to anyone who reads this and donated back when I had a fundraiser open or by buying my patches on etsy, my most sincere thanks to you especially – I couldn’t have raised enough without you! <3

Prayer Request

My sister, who entered a religious community in October, came for a home-visit this weekend. I’m feeling the same emotions of depression and loneliness when she left to the convent the first time. The home visit made me realize how much I really miss her and how our relationship has changed, because we didn’t get a lot of alone time together and I am missing those one-on-one moments. If anyone has any support resources for family members of people who have entered religious life, it would help so much.

Also, please pray for her because she is having doubts about her particular community and is feeling like she might be called to a more contemplative/cloistered community; I know it is stressing her out to be unsure and not know if it is a true calling or if it is just a temptation. I just want her to be in the right place, wherever God wants her to be.

The Contest-Part 23

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

“Okay, if I tell you, you have to PROMISE not to get mad.  I took care of it.”  I told Jensen.

“I’m listening.”

“I confronted Rory about the crap he pulled at the party, and he said I was jealous and then he kissed me.  The yelling you heard was me telling him Jared was gonna kick his ass.” I looked at Jensen, trying to gauge his reaction.

“Jared can get in line,” Jensen said angrily, clenching his fists.

“See, this is why I didn’t want you two to know.  Hasn’t there been enough drama? I handled it!  Rory is a straight up douchebag, and I won’t have either of you getting in trouble because of him.  So can we just drop it, please?  You know Jared will want to beat the crap out of him.” I gave Jensen my best puppy dog eyes. Jared had rubbed off on me.

“FINE.” He snapped.  “But if he so much as looks at you funny, I’m kicking his sorry ass, no matter what you say, AND telling Jared.”

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2 September 1978 George Harrison marries Olivia Trinidad Arias in a private ceremony in Henley - On - Thames. They were a truly beautiful couple and theirs was a true love story spanning altogether 27 years from 1974 until George’s death in 2001.

“I think I was a little surprised it happened so quickly and so intensely.” - Chris O'Dell

“They went out that night and never parted” - Andy Newmark

“George would stay up all night. He had fallen in love with Olivia, and they were just over the moon over each other.” - Robben Ford, guitarist during the 1974 Dark Horse North American tour

“I told Olivia, ‘Oh, God, girl, you’ve meant so much to his life, you’ve just totaled him out, and it’s just wonderful.’ They’re beautiful people.“ - Carl Perkins, 6 November 1998

“I fell for her immediately. She is a very calming influence. She has been very supportive and we are blissfully happy together.”
- George on his relationship with Olivia

“We felt it in our hearts from before we met. Even on the phone, we seemed to have some understanding, like you do when you meet the right person.” - Olivia on her relationship with George

“ Never seen such a beautiful girl. Had me quickly untied Calling to me she made me realize. Not the kind that is lost or is found She has always been there A lover needed for this soul to survive. And when I saw the way that she smiled at me. I knew it then & there that she was A1. And when I felt the way she got through to me. Was something I had known I was waiting upon. “- George Harrison, Beautiful Girl lyrics.

“Pretty much. We felt it in our hearts from before we met. Even on the phone, we seemed to have some understanding, like you do when you meet the right person. And he was a charmer, such a charmer!” - Olivia Harrison, The Sun, 12 June 2009

“My Dark Sweet Lady, your heart so close to mine. You shine so heavenly and I love you dearly.” - George Harrison lyrics to Dark Sweet Lady

“I am still having a relationship with him, but it is just not a physical relationship any more. And the sooner one comes to terms with that, the easier it is, rather than feeling George has gone and he is never coming back.” Does she communicate with him? “I don’t really want to get into all that. That’s a dodgy question to answer because people might think… I don’t know if you have ever had anybody go who you have loved? Well, you do feel in communication with them because you feel so deeply in your heart that if you say a prayer, it goes straight to them.”

Olivia says that, towards the end, when he knew he was dying, her husband would comfort her by saying: “Olivia, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.” And is she?

“Fine is OK, but it is not really good enough, is it? But George was right, I am fine and I am OK, although I will miss him until my dying day. But he walked his road and now I have to walk mine.”

-Olivia Harrison, Telegraph 24 January 2005

“A few months ago, my friend drowned in a swimming pool while I was with him. We were just hanging out. I was cooking for us. Then I stepped away to take a phone call, and when I came back, he was face down at the bottom of the pool. I was only gone for a few minutes. I don’t even know what happened. He never told me that he couldn’t swim. I tried CPR and he was still alive when the ambulance came. I prayed so hard. I called everyone I knew and asked them to pray. I called prayer lines. Everyone prayed for him at church. I was hoping that everything would be OK and that this could just be part of my testimony. I was hoping I could say: ‘I dedicated my life to God, and here’s what happened.’ But my friend passed away. He’d actually been dead the entire time I was praying. And it’s been so confusing for me. Because right before this happened, I’d been feeling so close to God. I was volunteering at church. I was going to midweek services. I was reading books. I was giving more of my money. I was partying less. I was trying to stay positive, and be mindful, and use less bad words. And I felt so close to God. I’d have conversations with him while standing on the subway platform. But it’s been hard lately. It’s hard to read my Bible verses. I’m scared to ask for anything. I say ‘thank you’ when I wake up every morning, but anything beyond that is very difficult.”

Deals ➸ Theo Raeken (smut)

A/N I got kinda carried away with this one lmao sorry. It was 6 pages on google docs. Part two??


Part 2



You whirled around, nearly dropping your towel at your feet. You gasped, but weren’t exactly surprised. “Theo,” you breathed, earning a smirk from him. “Please, no-not now. Not today.”

Theo smirked again. “Why not? Why shouldn’t I give you what we both need?” he said with a malicious-looking smile. “We had a deal, didn’t we princess?”

“Y-yes,” you whimpered, “We had a deal, b-but please, I-I can’t.”

“You can’t?” Theo chuckled darkly. “I can always go back and kill your dear little brother, just like I planned. Justin? Was his name?”

“No, no please, I’ll let you, just don’t hurt him, please,” you said quickly, desperately.

“Good,” Theo stepped closer and with a pull of his hand, your towel flew away from your body. He drew in a sharp breath at the sight of your wet, dripping body. “I think that the night is going to go as planned.” Theo kept advancing towards you and you kept backing up until your naked back hit the wall behind you. Your eyes closed as Theo was nearly chest-to-chest with you. You whimpered as he dragged his cold fingertips over your hips. The butterfly touches felt so unreal, almost as if they weren’t even there, but then Theo pressed thumb harshly into your clit and you knew it was very real.

“You’re stressed.” he hummed, moving his thumb in slow circles, “Let me relieve you, let me give you what you want, what you need.”

“God, Theo,” You sighed and tilted your head back as he continued to work your core. “Fuck, yes Theo, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

“Wasn’t planning on it babe,” he winked, slipping a cool finger between your folds and you gasped, knees weakening. And then he added another, and then another. He used his other hand to keep you pressed against the wall, moving his fingers harshly inside you. Your walls began to clench around Theo’s fingers, moans and whimpers falling from your lips. Just as you were teetering over the edge, he retracted his fingers from your body.

“No please!” you gasped. Theo smirked and slowly brought his fingers to his lips, placing them in his mouth and tasting you. The sight made your knees buckle. Theo was quick to catch you, his werewolf speed acting immediately.

“Babygirl,” he grunted, “babygirl.” You were speechless as he led you over to your bed and tossed you onto the mattress. “Is anyone else here tonight?” Theo murmured as he climbed over your naked body.

“N-no.” Your eyelids fluttered. His smell was intoxicating. He was intoxicating. His scent was of peppermint and the faint traces of pine needles. A strange mix, but in your current position, you couldn’t get enough. “Kiss me, Theo.” You opened your eyes and Theo grinned, leaning down to bump his nose against yours. You leaned up to close the gap, but he pulled away, leaving you breathless. You let a whine of protest fall from your lips until he took the material of his black jacket and threw it off, his shirt came next. Your breath caught in your throat as you examined the beautiful being in front of you.

“Look all you want, babygirl, I’m all yours,” Theo grinned as he crawled back on top of you.

“All mine?” you mumbled as his shadow covered your face.

“All fucking yours,” he hissed, before slamming his lips into yours. You sighed in pleasure. Finally. You didn’t think this moment would ever come. He bit your lip, begging you to grant him entrance. Theo didn’t expect you to whimper, but when you fucking did he felt his bad boy persona begin to crack. Of course, you had no idea the effect you had on him. When the Dread Doctors had taken your brother, it had given Theo the perfect opportunity to get what he wanted from you: complete submission. You opened your mouth easily to him, and he shoved his tongue into your mouth.

“Theo,” you breathed against his lips as your hands slid up his chest. He grunted as he pulled his lips from yours. His eyes fluttered shut and his arms that were holding him up beginning to tremble, your gentle touches driving him insane. “Theo, I’m yours, please.” His lips parted and he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. Your fingers explored the kinks and curves of his body, fingertips dancing across his shoulders and his arms. Theo exhaled as you traced his muscles down his torso until you reached his belt. “Theo, take it off, please.”

Theo’s eyes flew open as you began to unbuckle his belt. He drew in sharp breaths as your hand bumped repeatedly against his boner. He could resist the moan that escaped his lips as you pushed his jeans down and gripped the tent in his boxers. “Stop,” he growled. When you didn’t listen, he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head. “Am I going to have to tie you up?” he hissed, his his breath fanning over your face.

“N-no,” you whimpered.

“Good girl.”

Theo released you and stepped back and let his pants fall to the floor, quickly stepping out of them; but not before slipping a condom from the pocket. He pushed his boxers down, allowing his cock to spring free. You gaped at his size, doubtful that he would be able to fit inside you. “Eyes up, babygirl.” You flushed, embarrassed that Theo had caught you staring.

“I-um-I was just-”

“I’ll fit,” he assured you, “I can’t wait to feel how tight you are, babygirl.” His words made you drip with anticipation, legs trembling with need.

“Please, Theo, I can’t wait, I can’t,” you damn near begged for him. You needed this - you needed him.

“Weren’t you just telling me to leave?” he mocked, “That you “Couldn’t do this today,”? Guess what babygirl, we’re doing it.” You gulped nervously. This was the first time you were going to sleep with him. If he were to push you past your limits, you doubted to would be able to move tomorrow, and you had work. “Don’t you worry, babe, I’ll be gentle,” he smiled slyly, as if he read your thoughts. But something told you that he would be far from gentle.

You lifted your hips, begging for him. Just a few minutes earlier, you were begging for him to leave. Now you were begging for him to fuck you. Just once. You needed to feel him inside you, pounding into you. “Please,” you begged as he dipped the tip of his cock inside you. Just barely. You gasped out his name like a prayer, pleading for him to do something.

Theo couldn’t help but smirk at your flushed state. You were so needy, so innocent underneath him, and it took all his self control not to fuck you right there. He wanted his name to fall from your lips just one more time. It was as if you read his mind when you gasped out, “Theo!” and with a snap of his hips, he was sunken into you, balls-deep. He hissed in relief at the feeling of you around him. You couldn’t stop the scream that ripped from your throat when Theo pulled out again, to the tip, and slammed back in.

“Fuck, Theo, faster!” you gasped out, as he started his slow, deep thrusts. He complied to your request and sped up his thrusts. “God, fuck, Theo, please.” Gathering your strength, you pushed Theo’s chest so that the two of you rolled over and he was on his back. Theo’s gasped when your rolled your hips on top of him.

“Good girl,” he murmured, his hands grabbing at your ass, gripping your hips, “That’s it, baby, ride me.” You lifted your hips before slamming them back down again. “Fuck!” Theo grunted, holding your hips to repeat the action again.

Theo’s eyes flashed yellow when you circled your hips, moaning his name loudly at the sensation. “Fuck, Theo, I can’t,” you whimpered, struggling to keep moving with the pleasure you were feeling. In half a second, Theo had you pinned against the mattress once again. The sounds of his skin slapping against yours and both of yours’ pleasure-filled noises were the only ones filled the room.

Theo’s lips were on your neck, sucking harshly on the soft spot beneath your jaw. Scott was going to kill you, True Alpha or not.  “God, Theo,” you whined, hips thrusting upwards to meet his own. “Theo, Theo, I can’t, I can’t.”

“You-you feel so good, princess, so good,” Theo grunted. “Come for me.” And you did. Your walls clench, tightly around him, and the dirty words the that Theo was whispering in your ear sent you over the edge.

“THEO! GOD! FUCK!” Your screams echoed in the room as the knot in your stomach coiled and snapped. Theo’s lips met yours between your screams as your orgasm washed over you. Your hearing and sight were taken away for a few moments, and all you could feel was Theo’s dick, pushing in, out, then into you again.

Even after your orgasm, Theo didn’t stop. He just kept thrusting, again, again, and again. He had slowed down, spilling himself into the condom, but he kept going. You were so sensitive, and Theo payed no mind.

“Theo, Theo, please, stop, please,” you begged for him to stop. You placed a hand on his stomach, signaling for him to at least slow down. “Oh, god, Theo, slow down!” Theo growled- he growled at you- and if anything, thrusted even harder. You let out a shrieking moan as Theo hit your g-spot, the familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach beginning. “Yes, yes, Theo right there.”

“Come, for me, baby, one more time,” Theo hissed in your ear, rolling his hips again. Your orgasm washed over you again, even stronger than the last.

As Theo’s second orgasm came over him, a roar of a moan came from his throat. “FUCK! Y/N!” His eyes were glowing yellow, canines protruding from his teeth. Claws dug into your hips, just enough to hurt, but not enough to draw blood. Theo’s body spasmed as his second load filled the condom. Theo stilled, pulling out of you, and you whimpered at the loss of feeling.

You gasped for air, still recovering from two of the most earth-shattering orgasms that you had ever experienced. But he wasn’t finished, and he ripped the condom of, throwing it in a trash bin beside your bed.

“Oh, I’m far from done with you, princess,” Theo chuckled darkly at the astonished look on your face.


“Shut up,” he growled. Theo trailed kisses down your stomach - soft kisses, the opposite of what he was doing only moments ago. He was gentle with you now, butterfly kisses were being spread across your body, tender, and almost… loving. But this was Theo you were talking about. Theo fucking Raeken. And while Theo Raeken was many things, loving was not one of them.

Theo’s lips traveled lower, to your hips, where he left mark after mark, making sure that you would remember him in the morning. You whimpered when he sank his canines into your inner thigh, marking you once again. He nuzzled your unmarked thigh and flicked his tongue before biting you there too.

“I want-” Theo rasped, “I want to make you come with just my tongue, babygirl.” You couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped your lips once again. You cursed yourself for sounding so weak. But this was Theo and that was what he did. Made people feel weak, powerless, and completely willing to do his bidding.

Theo wasted no time, slipping his tongue between your folds, and groaning at your wetness. He hummed into you, causing vibrations that gave you unimaginable pleasure. One of your hands ran through his hair, caressing and urging him on, and the other grasped the sheets that covered your mattress.

“You taste so sweet, babygirl,” Theo rasped, pulling away to gaze at you through his lashes. You almost came at the sight. Who would have thought you’d be in this position? Theo Raeken, in your room and in between your thighs, gazing at you in the most tender way.

“Theo,” you whimpered. His breath hitched at the way you said his name. You sounded so weak and innocent - vulnerable. His breathing was labored as he lowered his mouth to your clit again. His tongue got to work immediately and violating your entrance, much to your pleasure. You called out, begging for more. “God, Theo, don’t stop.” He hummed in response. Theo kept licking and sucking in the places that earned him the most moans. Your cries were music to his ears, and there was no way this was just going to be a one-time thing, even if that was your deal.

“Come on, babygirl, let go, let go.” The hoarseness of Theo’s voice and his warm breath against your clit was too much for you. You were overtaken by pleasure, white-hot pleasure and you couldn’t feel anything but. Theo smirked against your thighs, loving the fact that he had this effect on you. Your hand tangle in his dark roots, pulling harshly at his hair. Your hips thrust upwards to his mouth, grinding violently into his face. And he didn’t mind one bit.

As you came down, your eyes closed, Theo could help but stare at you, pure adoration evident in his expression. As your eyes fluttered open, Theo was already picking his clothes up off the floor. The soreness hit you as you propped yourself up on your elbows to watch the beautiful boy prepare to leave you. There was an ache in your heart (as well as your stomach) as he got dressed and adjusted his clothes. He left his hair alone, which was tousled from where you had tugged at it and ran your fingers through it. Theo glanced at you again, looking younger in the moonlight that streamed through your window, almost innocent. Almost. He strode over to you, caressed your cheek gently, and lowered his lips to yours. His goodbye kiss took longer than he anticipated, as he was drunk on you. He sucked your bottom lip into his mouth and bit down. It wasn’t just a goodbye kiss. It was a promise. You would see him again.

Theo forced himself to pull away from you, and hearing you catch your breath almost made him prep for another round. But he didn’t. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and smirked, before leaving you lying in your bed, naked, and barely able to move.

It’s getting real, Catholic fam.

I just realized I have to order my Easter Vigil dress and my Easter rosary pretty much this week so that they both get here on time (I doubt the rosary will, but I’ll try anyway.) Between that and the Rite of Election this past weekend, it’s starting to sink in that this is actually going to happen. I’m actually going to receive Jesus in a few short weeks. This is so amazing and crazy and scary and…AAAAAA. I’m feeling every possible emotion right now.

Loads of prayers would be appreciated too.

Shower Surprise

Author’s notes: Ok, so I’ve hardly written anything other than research papers and the only creative writing I’ve done was also mandatory for school, so this is definitely a first for me. I just got this idea in my head and couldn’t get rid of it. So I figured, why not write it down? Here it is, I hope it doesn’t totally suck and that you enjoy it. Please send me feedback. Like seriously, let me know what you think and send me any suggestions that might improve my writing. It’s going to be a series, I don’t know how many parts it will have. I’ll just keep writing until an ending comes to me or you all tell me it sucks and I decide to stop torturing you with it.

I was inspired by @sdavid09 and @ravengirl94. They are amazing writers and I love their works.

Summary: You’re taking a shower after a bad hunt and fantasizing about a certain archangel, when it accidentally turns into a prayer, one that he answers.

Warnings: Nudity, injury, violence, strong language, smutt-ish stuff, eventual loss of virginity to the devil. If I missed something let me know and I’ll add it.

Word count: 2504

Pairing: Reader x Lucifer

A/n: If you want to be tagged let me know!

Part 2

“Ughh…” You gritted out as you leaned forward into the shower stream to allow it to flow over your face and down your back, washing away all grime of today’s hunt. You watched as the water, heavily tinted with blood, swirled around your feet before rushing down the drain. Damn, you had hated vampires from day one, but especially so right now. 

 You hardly ever joined the brothers on a hunt, and it was even rarer for you to join in the fighting. You had been with them ever since the boys saved you from a douche bag of a vampire bent on turning you all those years ago. You found a niche with the Winchesters by holding down the bunker and doing research. You cleaned, cooked, made supply runs, and cared for the boys and anyone else in the strange extended family who happened to stop by. But your passion was digging through the lore and finding solutions and information to help Sam and Dean. Which really worked out in your favor since you were never much of a fighter, not physically at least, and you were a lot more afraid of facing the things that go bump than the boys were. You only assisted in that regard when they were really desperate; like they had been today. 

 You were pretty beat up to say the least. Two vamps got the jump on you and gave you a thorough ass beating before the boys could give you any backup. You had several large gashes and dark purple bruises covering your ribs and back, a few down on your legs as well. Sam stitched you up as best as he could, but you knew you would take a long time to recover. So you just stood there, with your arms braced against the back of the shower, allowing the hot water to roll over your face and let your mind wander to anything but today. Wander… wander… and damn if it didn’t wander somewhere you didn’t really want it to go; right to Lucifer.

Your mind had been wandering to Lucifer more and more here lately and you just couldn’t understand why. You hadn’t known him as long as Sam and Dean. You weren’t a hunter yet when they started, and ended, the Apocalypse. But you were around, and right in the middle of the whole mess with Amara. You had been down in Hell when Cas and Sam ended up in the cage with him; you spent countless hours trying to track him down and get him out of Cas; and you had been stuck in the middle of Lucifer, Chuck, and the boys as they were trying to sort out their issues and get their shit together to stop Amara. Why did it seem like you were the only one with a level head in this weird family?

Lucifer had never exactly been nice to you, but he was always less harsh than he was with everyone else, but since Chuck and Amara had made up and Chuck ordered him to stay with you guys, he had become more and more pleasant, kind even, at least to you. He was still a snarky ass for the most part, but the two of you had become friends of sorts. It showed most in the way he actually helped you around the bunker, even if it was just sitting in the library with you as you did research so you weren’t there all alone; and he always answered your prayers much in the same way Cas always answered Dean’s.

But the way you had been thinking about him lately was… different. It was more fantasizing than anything else and it made you uncomfortable when you realized you were doing it. Why did his Nick vessel have to be so damn attractive? You always forced yourself to think of something different when you caught yourself doing it; but not this time. You allowed yourself to give in as the sound of the shower filled your ears and drowned out the world. The way he towered over almost everyone else, over you, damn he was huge. About how tight his pants were, especially in the front, giving your imagination plenty of fuel. About how nice it would be to have him hold you in his arms; or pin you to the bed while he…

What the fuck is that?!

Why did these weekly meetings about the current state of Hell have to be so boring? Holy fuck, is he actually still talking?, Lucifer wondered as he half listened to the demon standing before him, apparently still giving some sort of presentation about soul collection numbers. He only attended these meetings because out of necessity to reinforce that he was king; that and apparently it was frowned upon for a king to be completely disconnected from his subjects. So he showed up every week and sat on the throne in front of a committee of what he believed to be the dumbest demons Hell had to offer. Maybe I should just kill him and be done with it… 

Lucifer’s mind wandered quite a bit during this meeting, as it did in every meeting, as he was only half listening to what his idiotic minions had to say. He thought about a wide variety of things, from new ways to torture Crowley, to why humans were so fascinated with the one they called “The Science Guy.” But often his thoughts were turned towards a very particular hunter he knew. You were constantly on his mind, and he had no idea why. He was drawn to you and often wondered if you felt the same pull towards him. The harder he tried not to think about you, the more he inevitably did. The way your hair would fall across your face as you read… How you always smelled of old books and cinnamon… How the shirts you wore always conformed so snugly to your figure…

I’ve had about as much of this as I can stomach, Lucifer decided as he shifted in his seat, preparing to obliterate the moron who was still somehow rambling on when suddenly he heard it; a prayer, your prayer, to him and he froze. It wasn’t a prayer of words, but of intense need and urgency and… desire? He thought he had felt it before, short bursts of this intense feeling, but they were fleeting and he always wrote them off as nothing more than his desire for a good excuse to leave; but not this time. This time there was no mistaking it for an overactive imagination. It was coming through loud and clear, growing stronger every minute. Forgetting that that he was in a meeting, Lucifer took off at once for the source of the prayer.

Boy was he in for a shock when he landed. What the fu—ah… Lucifer suddenly found himself standing behind you in the back of your shower, being hit by the few errant jets of water that sprayed too far out from the shower head. It took him a moment to realize where he was, but when he did he froze. There you were, standing in front of him and leaning against the back of the shower, completely exposed and… and… What the fuck happened to you?! You were in the worst state he had ever seen you in; there were livid bruises everywhere, an alarming number of deep gashes mingled throughout, and he could even sense a few fractures. He remembered you mentioning that the boys needed you to help with some fieldwork on a hunt, but how could they let this happen?

As he stood there looking at you, Lucifer began to feel a fire beginning to rise up within him, but it wasn’t just anger. He had always been able to fight down this strange feeling you seemed to trigger in him, but not this time. Injured as you were, being here and seeing you like this, still feeling your prayer of nothing but need for him, it was affecting him. Lucifer noticed that it was causing a physical reaction as well; the front of his jeans began to grow tighter and stretch to accommodate this new change. He snapped his fingers ever so softly, instantly removing his clothes to see what was happening to himself. Interesting, he thought, turning his attention back to you. There would be time to explore this new feeling later, but now you needed his healing; without hesitation, Lucifer reached out as he felt your prayer beginning to wane and placed his hand right between your shoulder blades and allowed his grace to flow out and repair all the damage of this hunt. 

You had been so lost in your fantasy that you didn’t hear the familiar rustle of wings as Lucifer landed behind you. And you certainly didn’t hear the soft snap of his fingers as he removed his clothes. You did, however, feel his hand when he placed it on your back, sending you into panic mode. What the fuck is that was all you had time to think before you felt it, that ice cold wave of relief that washed over you, soothing every ache and injury before it withdrew and you felt the hand leave your back. You barely had time to process that you had just been healed when you heard a familiar voice come from behind you.

“What have those idiots done to you?!” 

“Ah!” You let out a small cry and jumped, nearly causing you to slip and fall. The slick floor of the shower made it difficult for you to turn with any sort of dignity or grace, but you were too flustered to care about that at the moment. As you came to a stop finally facing him you threw out your left arm to brace yourself against the side of the shower. There he was, just standing there staring down at you with anger and concern and something you couldn’t quite place all mingled in his eyes. “Lucifer, what the fu–” you started, but were quickly cut off as he reached forward to try to turn you from side to side and examine you. “Hey, cut it out! And what the fuck are you doing here?” You demanded as you unsuccessfully tried to pull away, almost falling for a second time, which only made Lucifer tighten his grip on your arm. 

“Y/N, what do you mean, what am I doing here? You were the one who prayed to me, I was just responding to it,” he countered, but his tone had softened and taken on a note of confusion. Finally satisfied that you were completely healed, he released you and stopped his examination. You already had your usual attitude back which he took as a good sign. Unfortunately, that, combined with seeing your naked body healed and in glistening in the stream of the shower only stoked the new fire burning in his gut, and pushed his physical reaction further. He stared down at you and tried to keep his blue eyes locked on to your Y/E/C ones, afraid you might notice them wander. You didn’t seem to realize yet that you were both standing there naked and only a foot or so apart; that was about to change.

‘You were the one that prayed to me…’ What did that mean? You hadn’t been praying; you were… Oh no. “I-I didn’t mean to pray, it was an accident. I was just…” You started to stammer out in response, but when you broke eye contact to look down in your embarrassment you finally noticed the elephant in the room. You were naked; naked in front of your favorite archangel. And so was he! You had intended to look at the floor, but instead ended up staring right at his massive erection. You were only stunned momentarily, suddenly remembering your own exposed state. Removing your left arm from the wall of the shower, you threw it across your breasts, while simultaneously using your right hand to cover your crotch as best you could. 

“Lucifer, seriously what the fuck?!” You shouted as you took a half step back and redirected your attention from his cock back to his face, just in time to see disappointment flit across his face before he resumed his usual mask of indifference. 

“I really don’t know why you’re so worked up. You were the one who wanted me here so badly I heard it as a prayer, which I was gracious enough to answer, hence the fact that I am here. And I may not have much experience with showers, but I do know that no one takes one with their clothes on, so I decided to do away with them.” Lucifer answered, his voice condescending as ever. “But,” he continued, “you still haven’t  answered my question. What have those damned idiots done to you?”

You stiffened as the tone of his voice quickly changed. There was no mistaking the anger in his words. Why did he care if you were hurt on a hunt? He didn’t even like humans. He just disliked you less than most of the others, right?

“They haven’t done anything to me.” You shot at him. “A few vamps got the drop on me because I wasn’t paying enough attention; it was my fault and if Sam and Dean hadn’t…”

“If Sam and Dean hadn’t drug you out into danger where you don’t belong then you wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the first place!” Lucifer cut you off, his anger taking the forefront of his emotions. Why did you always defend them like this when they didn’t even realize or appreciate your value? He had placed his hands on his hips and was leaning forward, bringing his face down and closer to yours. You were frustratingly short at times.

“What do you mean ‘where I don’t belong’? I’m a hunter! That’s exactly where I belong!” You we’re yelling quite loudly by this point, but you didn’t care. Your room was furthest from the main room and no one was going to hear you over whatever they were doing. Forgetting your nudity, you placed your hands on your hips and took an angry step forward, almost closing the space between you. You stood on your tip-toes, bringing your face within inches of his. Trying to bring your anger under control you dropped your voice back to a more normal volume, but there was no mistaking the anger and indignation that dripped from your words. “Just because I don’t go out and fight very often doesn’t mean I can’t handle myself! The boys needed help and they had no one else to ask so I went. I’m a grown ass woman and I can do that if I want to. What does it even matter to you anyways? Why do you care if I get a little hurt on a hunt?”


The Moose Who Set Me Up

My part for RPF celebration today! 

Jensen and Reader, Jared Padelecki, Gen and the cute kiddos

Warnings: Fluff, SMUT, adorkable Jensen and Jared

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Originally posted by jmaclean

              “Jared are you sure?” He sighed and I could see the face he was making. “Yes y/n! I’m sure he feels the same way!” I sighed and finished getting ready. Jared and I had been friends since the day we were born and had been connected at the hip since. When I first had met his costar Jensen Ackles I had fallen hard but he was with someone at the time so I tried to move on. They were celebrating 12 seasons and decided to have a huge party at Jared’s house where the newly single Jensen would be as well.

              I grabbed my outfit for the night and put some curls into my hair with a light amount of make-up. It was a simple outfit but it really showed off my curves and hopefully would give Jay some ideas. I heard my phone text and read that Jared wasn’t able to come but he sent Jensen to pick me up instead. I grabbed my clutch and headed outside to see Jay leaning against his truck and I couldn’t help but drool at him. “Mr. Ackles! Always a pleasure!”

              “Ma’am! It’s been a while!” He opened the door helping me get in then getting in the driver’s side heading to Jared’s party. “I gotta say you look really good sweetheart!” I blushed deep red and mumbled thanks as he laughed. He turned on the country station and heard Luke Bryan’s voice flow through the speakers. We reached Jared’s house to see a lot of cars parked and knew this would be a fun night. We got into the back yard to see a bonfire, Jared at the grille and Gen playing with the kids. I was excited to come also so I could finally meet Odette.

              I went to the kitchen and greeted the ladies then zeroing in on the little dark-haired beauty that was in her momma’s arms. I took her into my arms and fell in love instantly, she and I were going to be good friends. Through the night I had a couple beers to create a nice buzz so I walked over to the deck and watched the sun set the colors reflecting on the water. I felt a pair of hands grab my hips. “How about we get out of here and make up for lost time?” I turned to see a pair of green eyes looking into my e/c. “Sounds good to me!” He leaned in kissing me softly and man was he a good kisser.

              We said our goodbyes to Jared and went back to Jensen’s house which was right next door. Once the front door was closed we slowly undressed each other laughing and giggling. By the time we reached his bedroom we were half dressed ready to get the show on the road. Once we landed on the bed we got fully undressed. I was a very shy person in general but with Jensen I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. He pulled me to him and rolled to his back straddling his hips, lining him up with my entrance I slowly let him fill me. I groaned at how perfect this felt like it was two puzzle pieces coming together.

              I slowly started grinding his hands gripping my hips likely to leave bruises in the morning but I didn’t care, he was mine and I was his. He flipped us over then pounding into me to the point of not being able to put together a sentence together. My orgasm hit me out of nowhere making me shake violently screaming his name like a prayer with deep scratches down his back. He pulled and finally came striping my stomach with his cum. He collapsed next to me catching his breath, I ran a finger through it and tasted it. I knew it would be sweet, just like he was.

              He got up and grabbed a washcloth cleaning us up then getting under the covers him pulling me into his chest. “You are amazing, you know that right?” I smiled against his chest. “Of course! Why do you think we fit together so well?” He chuckled feeling the vibrations rumble through his chest. I fell asleep almost laying completely on top of him. I started waking up to the sun shine filling the room and Jay coming through the door with a tray full of breakfast foods.

              “Hey I made breakfast!” I sat up leaning against the headboard as he sat the tray down then crawled in next to me. He kissed me slowly then pulled away with a huge smile on his face. “I love you!” I smiled tears filling my eyes. “I love you more!” Kissing me once more he then pulled the tray closer and dug in to the amazing food. This was the best that could have happened and it was because of a moose that had gotten us together in the first place.

Football Love

Requested by an anon

Summary: Darry meets the reader at one of his football games and immediately swoons. (blushy Darry is my favorite Darry.)

Warning(s): None

The lights beamed brightly onto the fresh green grass that was cut perfectly and the white lines couldn’t have looked crisper. Normally, you wouldn’t have been at such a function like this - full of school pride, overly happy cheerleaders, screaming parents… But your friends bribed you with good snacks and fizzy drinks. Although you did have some ulterior motive as well.

Number 21. Nothing could compare to the way he moved through the field, commanding everyone’s attention and dominating the scoreboard. You barely knew anything about football but man he made you want to study the sport like you were getting paid to. The bold letters that spelled out “Curtis” made you swoon all on their own, only wishing someday that you could wear it yourself.

The game itself was actually a rather boring one because of how far ahead your school was. To you, it didn’t matter, it just meant that Darry would sit out on the sidelines, a bit more closer to you in the stands. Your crush was a schoolgirl crush right from the dictionary but you didn’t care. Darry Curtis barely knew who you were, that it, until he made eye contact with you.

In the middle of getting so absorbed with watching him, you didn’t fully realize that he stood up to grab some water. As he did so his eyes scanned the crowd and ultimately stopped when they yours - the only eyes that were staring back at him. When you realized, your cheeks immediately became red and you looked away, suddenly absorbing yourself into what your friends were talking about.

But if you would have even glanced his way one more time right after, you would have found Darry’s cheeks to be just as red as yours. You were right in the sense that he didn’t know who you were, but now he wanted to know. He almost fumbled twice over when he was put back in the game because his thoughts were focused on you.

Thankfully, he was able to finish out the last quarter without any mishaps and gladly accepted the cooler of water that was poured on him. When his teammates started filing into the locker room, Darry stalled outside, pretending to pick up his towel, and then tie his shoe so he wouldn’t seem to suspicious. By the time he successfully convinced himself he wasn’t suspicious to his teammates anymore, Darry began to almost frantically look around for you.

His eyes easily scanned over everyone’s heads, cursing to himself that he didn’t memorize your every feature. As a last resort, he wandered over to the woods behind the bleachers. When he almost gave up all hope, he spotted some other girls he knew was with you and jogged over. Luckily, there you were standing with them.

“Hey, can I talk to you?” He asked sheepishly, his hand rubbing the back of his neck as his cheeks blushed.

When you said yes he flashed you the brightest smile that, in turn, made your cheeks red once more as well. Your friends quickly got the hint and dispersed, but stayed close enough in case he tried something you didn’t like. Darry stuck his hand towards you and introduced himself. He was so nice you thought you were dreaming, no way someone you had a crush on could feel mutual, right?

After you told him your name, his eyes lit up, knowing he’d never hear a name with the same excitement, “Well, (Y/N), would you maybe wanna go grab an ice cream?”

Your name slipped from his lips like a prayer, sending a shiver down your spine. You looked up at him, still in his uniform and still dripping wet from the water cooler. Both of your cheeks were still tinted pink and you couldn’t help but quickly nod at his offer.

“I’d like that.” You answered softly and smiled back at him.

With a thumbs up to your friends you trailed after Darry, who promised he’d clean himself up before taking you out. Patiently you waited outside the locker room and within five minutes(a new record for him), he was showered and redressed. Eagerly he jogged out of the locker rooms and beamed when he saw you still there, a part of him wondering if maybe you were just a dream. 

The rest of the night you two talked over your ice cream sundaes. Talk seemed to flow so easily when you were with him, if it were any other guy you would’ve clammed up and not said more than two words. But somehow, somehow Darry was so reassuring and comforting. It felt like you two had been friends forever at that point. And when he asked you out on an official date for the next night, you knew you’d barely be able to keep your fluttering heartbeat down until then.

Noir Nocturne Part 1 Chapter 5 If I Only Had Time to Think

“Dougal please go in when Jamie comes out. Just say whatever you need to. I can’t promise that it will help you feel any better about what’s happened, but I think it might. I need to think about what I am going to say, and I don’t really think Murtagh or Angus will be spending much time in there.” Claire said, raising her head and giving Dougal a small smile of what she hoped was reassurance.

“Well, I canna say as I want to listen to you, but canna see what harm it will do to try your plan. Angus will do as he’s told and Murtagh will likely agree as Jamie’s done it now. I ken I dinna understand much of what’s happening yet, but you know more about it than I, so for now, we work together aye?” he said quietly, while reaching for her hand.

She let him take it, even though she didn’t like it much. He was too crafty by half and had made her life more difficult several times in the six weeks she had known him.  The very fact that she found herself married to a man five years her junior, whom she barely knew at the time, was as much down to him as the lawyer Ned Gowan. Still, he wasn’t stupid, and as she had learned during the weeks of the rent party collecting trip he could be very persuasive as well as courageous in the face of authority.

He also had been very loyal to his brother Column, whom she had admired in several ways. She wasn’t sure what all the conflict with Jamie had been about, but did understand that by marrying him, she had helped Dougal’s plans regarding clan politics and succession. He was right about his choice of groom as well. It could have been much worse. If she could ease the past tensions between the two men it could only help in the present.

She saw Jamie leave the confessional and she nodded to Dougal while rising with him from the pew. Dougal let go of her hand with a squeeze and walked to the door Jamie had exited, giving him a clap on the back in passing and Angus and Murtagh a small smile over his shoulder before he opened it.

She signaled to Jamie to stay by the candle stand and went to him. His face was unreadable from a distance and she wanted to try and see if he was coping well with this earth-shattering change. Her feelings for him were confusing. She certainly liked him a great deal and being married to him had only enhanced her attraction to him, but he was so different from Frank.

She needed time to think about what it meant to be in 1930 and all the strange things that could be behind her traveling, as well as her missing gold band, but, it wasn’t the place for that yet. Right now, she had a present Highlander husband, and three other men to consider. She had no idea why they were taking her direction so well. She was just thankful that it had lasted this long. She knew they weren’t used to having a woman pushing them about and she needed to find ways to help them feel in control somehow. It would be most helpful if she felt in control of herself, she thought wryly as she reached Jamie’s side and waited as he lit candles.

He said the prayer to Michael in Latin and when finished turned to her and pulled her close into his side. “Thank you, Sassenach, it was wise of you to see that it would help me to talk to the Priest. I do feel somewhat better.” He smiled his beautiful smile at her, somehow knowing she would be concerned about him, or at least that is what she hoped.

“Are you all right then Jamie? I’m sorry I threw you in the waters like that but it was important that they see you do as I asked.” She put her arm around his waist and laid the side of her head onto the curve of his shoulder to hug him closer, hoping her body was giving him some small comfort. She felt safer with his arm about her, more in control of this moment than any other since she awoke.

Whatever was to come, she knew she could count on him, trust him to do whatever was needed. It was strange to her to feel so connected to him so quickly. Intimacy aside, they really hadn’t spent enough time together to understand each other yet. It reminded her of friendships she had made during the War, fast and deep on a primal level.

“I ken your plan now.” He chuckled and kissed the top of her head “What happens next though? If he believes us and takes pity on us, what can we expect? You were in our time for many weeks. Should I believe that we are to stay as you did? Or should I plan on being swept up again when we leave here? It seems to me that we should start as we mean to go on and try to make lives for ourselves here and accept that the life that we knew or could have had are over. It will take time to come to terms with that Sassenach.”

“Oh Jamie, I could kiss you for that and were we not in a church I would. I can’t help but think you will be angry with me at some point and blame me for this” she said as she tightened her grip on him. When she looked up, he had a frown on his face, indicated by a slight downturn of his full mouth and a drawing together of his brows. His eyes were narrowed a bit as well though still startlingly blue and clear. He didn’t push her away from him, but instead chose to kiss her forehead tenderly.

“And what good would that do? It wilna change what is to come. Can you tell me what you intend to say to him? Not your confession of course, that wouldna be proper, just what you mean to gain?”

“Well, I will ask while I am in there where we can go and what we should do. I imagine he will provide us with clothing and maybe a bit of money? He will at least know where we can go to pawn items for cash. Sadly, this time is during what is known as The Great Depression. It is a worldwide downturn in finances and economies. We are probably going to be facing some difficult times and decisions on how to survive. Dougal didn’t handle the idea that we are stuck here very well and I don’t know that Murtagh or Angus will either. I hope the Priest can help with that as well.”

Claire saw Dougal leave and indicate to Angus he should go next, which he did. She started to laugh as something new occurred to her. “Oh dear, this is also the time of Prohibition in America, if we intend to keep Angus from running amok, we are going to have to find a way to get some whisky,”

Jamie just raised a brow at her. “Prohibition?”

“Er, yes well, the politicians have made it illegal to buy or sell alcoholic beverages. I don’t think it ends for another couple of years at least.” Claire flushed as she smiled shakily at her very startled husband.

“What kind of nonsense is that? Yeh mean we can be arrested for drinking? That’s preposterous!” he shook his head and rolled his eyes to the ceiling of the church, saying something in the Ghalidgh that was likely not very pious.

“Oh! It isn’t illegal to drink it, only to buy or sell or make it.” She hurried to explain.

“Well what in God’s name do we do to get it then? One of them will likely kill ye soon as look at ye when they find that out Claire!” Jamie sputtered out before realizing he had already sinned, and sighed and crossed himself. “Never mind lass, you can tell me when we are done with this, I need to sit down.”

She led him back to Murtagh and Dougal in the pews feeling that she had made a mistake in bringing up the topic so soon. They sat and she took his hand, rubbing her thumb over his large knuckles. “It will be ok Jamie” was all she could summon to reassure him. She saw Angus leave the booth and nodded to Dougal, telling Murtagh “Please give me at least ten minutes to collect my thoughts before you rush back out here.”

Murtagh mmphd in that peculiar Scottish manner of acknowledgment, if not agreement, she had come to expect of these men. He nodded to Jaimie and left them.

“Dougal, get Angus and follow me outside for a few minutes. Do you have tobacco in your sporran? I could use a smoke.” Jamie said standing again. Dougal looked surprised and quickly mmphed as well, throwing a confused look at Claire. He crossed to Angus and took him by the arm, steering him towards the doors.

“I will only be down the steps Sassenach. Take your time with the Priest.” He patted her on the shoulder and left with the others.

She needed the time alone and was grateful he saw to it. The immediate future was weighing heavily on her heart. She was a nominal Catholic at best, an agnostic really. She wanted badly, in some small part of herself, to simply run away. She wouldn’t though. She knew herself well enough to know that her nurse’s instincts would hold her there even were her courage to fail her. She took the next few minutes to compose herself and what she would say.

When Murtagh came out, she was waiting on the other side of the door. “They are outside. I will come to you when I am done here.” She took a deep breath and went in to convince the Priest that none of them were insane, or possessed, and that they needed help.