so that i could smack them across the face

The Shooting Star

A/N: Oh boy, here we go. This is my first entry one-shot for @doodledrawsthings human bill AU (which they helped edit and illustrate). For those not familiar, it’s an AU based on the Flat Dreams lore by @pengychan, basically a “what-if” scenario of Bill coming back during the Pines Twins second summer in Gravity Falls. If you’re unfamiliar with it, CHECK OUT THEIR PAGE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Hope you enjoy this one.

part 2

part 3

“And this is the time DipDop and I were voted Best Dynamic Duo! Man, I can’t imagine not having my bro to count on!”

“Can we do something else.”


The occupant of the kitchen chair groaned loudly, burying his face in his arms. “Tell me, Shooting Star, is TORTURING ME with POINTLESS HUMAN SENTIMENTS glued onto pieces of colorful paper some kinda elaborate revenge scheme you’re executing?”

“First, they’re not pointless. I’ll have you know I worked very hard on each of them! And second-” Mabel jumped up from her chair and smacked Bill lightly across the face. The demon recoiled with an half-annoyed half-startled snarl. “You’re being a jerk! So you get a frowny-face sticker.”

Bill slowly pried said sticker off his cheek, slowly ripped it in half with a disturbing satisfaction, and tossed the remaining pieces on the floor, his eyes never leaving Mabel’s. The demon silently got up, fixing the girl with a sneer before turning to leave. Well, that could have gone better.

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Bound and Gagged

Originally posted by twdnextworld

Summary: Negan tries making Andy break using BDSM

Pairing: Negan x Andy

Warning: Swearing, Smut, BDSM, Daddy Kink

[ I’ll be using gender neutral pronouns, so you can make Andy female, male or neither as you please]

It had been a few days since Negan and his men took you away from your group and brought you to Sanctuary, hell maybe it was more than a few days, how could you tell being locked in a tiny, dark room all by yourself. You were going mad, it wasn’t only the lonely confined space or the darkness, you were also being fed dog food sandwiches and were forced to listen to ‘Easy Street’ on repeat. You knew Negan was trying to break you, but you wouldn’t allow yourself to kneel to someone like him. All you wanted was to go back home to Alexandria.

What felt like a month had gone by and you still hadn’t cracked. Dwight opened the door and handed you your dog shit sandwich then turned away locking the door behind him. You heard him take a few steps then stop; you peaked through the space under your door and saw that Dwight was kneeling. “How’s our guest?” said a deep, gravelly voice, you knew that that voice belonged to Negan. “Don’t know what to tell you boss, one tough fucker” Dwight responded. “Open the door, I want to try something out” you could almost hear the smirk in that assholes voice.

Dwight stood up and unlocked your door; you quickly pressed yourself tightly to the corner of the room. The door flung open and Dwight stood to the side, you looked up and saw the man himself standing in the doorway,  Lucille slung across his shoulder, and a huge shit-eating grin plastered across his devilishly handsome face. “Stand up, me and you are gonna go for a little fucking walk” Negan said not taking his eyes off of you. You slowly stood up and followed Negan out, “give me the keys Dwight, I’ll make sure our guest is put back when we’re finished” you watched as Dwight closed your door then handed Negan the keys before walking off. Negan looked you up and down then licked his lips “follow me baby, and try to fucking keep up” he said as he started striding off, you rolled your eyes and followed “where are we going?” you asked while looking around at your new surroundings. “It’s a surprise” Negan said as he looked over at you with a smile on his face.

The two of you eventually made it to a door, “here we are Andy baby” Negan said as he opened it, you both walked into a big room that looked like an apartment suite.  “Where exactly is here?”  You asked looking around confused. “Welcome to casa di daddy” Negan replied gesturing his hands to the space, you looked at him with a furrowed brow, “I’m daddy, by the way, just to be clear and this is my house, that’s what I fucking meant by the whole ‘casa di da- you know what fuck it, I don’t have the motherfucking time to explain my fucking self sweetheart”. “Why did you bring me to your fucking room?” you asked sounding annoyed “oooo baby has a fucking attitude, I likey” you stared at Negan, at this point you’d rather be in your cell. “Jeez alright doll, calm the fuck down. I have a very and I mean VERY serious question for you…are you ready?” he asked suddenly getting stern; you nodded your head slowly, “ you know what BDSM is?” he asked staring you in the eyes. “Yeah like whips and chains and shit” you replied. Negan grinned widely “yeah, well you see baby, that shit gets my dick fucking hard as fuck, but my wives aren’t into that shit for some fucking reason, I don’t know why they don’t cause it’s fucking awesome. But I’m not about to make them do something that makes them feel uncomfortable, I’m not that kind of guy. But I have to admit, I’ve taken a liking to you, and you seem like you’d be into some freaky shit, so I have a proposition for you. You can either kneel and work for me, earn points to buy things blah blah fucking blah, OR you help me live out my fantasies just this one time and your free to go, that fucking simple, the choice is yours darling”. “Y-you want to have sex with me?” you asked “No, no,no honey, my wives supply me with an ample amount of poontang. I just want to tie you up and smack you around a little” he said with an obviously fake innocent voice. Your brain started racing, you had to admit that you found Negan attractive and this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve done bondage, but could you really do this with the man that killed your friends. “You promise that I can go back to Alexandria if I do it just this once?” you asked cautiously not knowing if you could really trust Negan. “Fuck darling, does this face look like one that’d lie…don’t answer that. Yes you can leave I promise” he then held out his pinky to you “are you seriously trying to pinky promise me right now Negan? You’re a grown fucking man”.  Negan’s face looked shocked “you can’t go back on a pinky promise no matter how fucking old you are, you fucking downer” you rolled your eyes and locked pinkies with him “fine, I’ll do it”. “Goody!” Negan exclaimed.

Negan lead you to another room at the very back near his bed, when you walked in you couldn’t believe what you saw. Ropes, whips, gags, chains you name it was filling this room, it was like Negan’s very own sex dungeon. Negan took in a deep breath through his nose “do you fucking smell that!? The smell of leather, hopes and dreams. Fuck I think I’m gonna cry” Negan then closed the door behind the both of you and put Lucille down against the wall “she likes to watch, I think it’d make her soaked, yunno if baseball bats had pussies” he then paced over to a large steel table that was directly in the middle of the room. The air shift, as Negan’s eyes stared at you like daggers. “Take those fucking rags off and lay down on the table” Negan demanded. You quickly began taking the grey crew neck sweater with the giant ‘A’ on it off as well as the matching sweat pants you were wearing, you then slowly walked over to the table and laid down on your stomach, the steel was ice cold against your bare flesh and you could feel your nipples harden instantly. Negan let out a low chuckle watching you before he picked up a few different ropes and a ball gag. Negan slipped the gag around your head and made sure the ball was in your mouth. “I like seeing that pretty mouth of yours opened wide for me” he said lowly, he then began tying your legs and feet together, then he tied your hands behind you back. “Arch that ass in the air for me, sexy” he growled, you did as you were told. Negan walked over towards your face and crouched down so he could look into your eyes. “Now since I can’t hear you say a safe word with that ball in your mouth, I’m gonna ask you if your alright after every smack and I want you to nod your head slowly if you are, I want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable alright?” You nodded your head; you were surprised by Negan’s words.

Negan walked over to a stand that had various whips hanging, he dragged his finger across them all until he picked the one he wanted to use, it was a very short, braided leather one. You looked at the whip and felt a rush of excitement run through your whole body. Negan then walked behind you “ready darling?” he asked, you nodded, then felt a piercing sting as leather made contact with your ass cheek. You screamed but it was muffled by the gag, “are you good?” Negan asked, you nodded, and the leather to skin contact continued each time hurting more yet feeling better then the last one. Negan gave another large smack but this time when he asked if you were okay you vigorously shook your head. Negan quickly ran over and took your gag off “what’s wrong? Do you want me to untie you?”. “No, I just need to catch my breath” you looked over and noticed the huge bulge in Negan’s pants; he was hard as a rock, which caused you to smirk. “Keep going, just let me keep the gag off”, Negan seemed thrilled that you didn’t want to stop yet “of course, but let me at least fucking blindfold you” you agreed and Negan got out a silky black blindfold and tied it around your eyes. You bit your lip eagerly awaiting the next smack when you felt little prickles down your back. “I hope you don’t mind if Lucille joins us” he growled, you giggled the sharp pinches from Lucille running down your spine sent you overboard. “I’m going to let Lucille nip you, while I continue with the smacks, is that okay?” Negan asked “oh god yes, daddy” you moaned as you wriggled with excitement.  You heard Negan let out a low growl at your words. “I’m gonna continuously smack you without stopping, but I will stop immediately if you tell me to, fucking got it?” he asked, “mmhm” you purred. Suddenly the smacks returned started off light and getting stronger as they came. Lucille’s bites mixed with the smacks and the grunts and groans Negan was letting out pushed you over the edge, you moaned out loud and gasped “I’m gonna fucking cum Negan don’t stop”. “Fuck” you heard Negan hiss as he continued, you felt your body go numb and a flash of heat burst within you as you came. “Stop!” you yelled out; Negan abruptly stopped what he was doing as soon as he heard your words. “Fuck that was hot” he said out of breath, “can you untie me now please?” you asked softly still coming down from the high you were feeling. Negan untied you and you took off your blindfold and saw Negan standing in front of you sweat glistening off of his face and neck, Lucille and the whip still in his hands.  You started feeling the pain as you got up and looked in the full body mirror that was across the room, your ass was red raw, and trickles of blood were on your back from Lucille’s bites. “You fulfilled your end of the bargain to a fucking T. You’re free to go; I’ll make Dwight give you a ride back to Alexandria. I don’t think you’ll be able to fucking walk after that” you giggled, you couldn’t believe it but you actually really enjoyed this. You got dressed and slowly started walking to the door hardly able to move. “Hey Negan” you said turning around “yeah?” he replied tilting his head, “if you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to ‘fulfill your fantasies’, feel free to kidnap me again” you said as you gave Negan a wink. Negan chuckled and ran his hand over his chin “I’ll be sure to do that darling, but next time I won’t go so easy on you”.

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May I ask for Jean's reaction when somebody (probably Eren) calls him a "horse face" and his s\o shoots smth like: "He's hella stallion\stud!" just passing by?

just a warning this is a lil bit nsfw (in a language sense, no sexy times happen)

“Bug eyes!”

“Two toned freak!”


“Horse face!” Eren shouts, loud enough to stop all movement and conversation within the lunch hall. Within the silence a couple “Oh’s” and giggles could be heard, making Jean’s entire face flush red. With embarrassment or anger, no one was really sure. A certain someone watches the scene with annoyance, wondering if the two would ever stop fighting.

“If he’s a horse, I’d ride him any day.” Cadet ___ inquires, shoveling more food into their mouth as if what they said couldn’t be considered questionable. They peer over their lukewarm bowl of porridge at all of their fellow cadets questioningly. Once they gulp down their food, they ask, “What?”

The entire hall bursts into laughter all at once, causing them to drop their spoon and cover their ears. They don’t look all that embarrassed, but they’d be lying if they said their ears weren’t warm. Eren’s in tears, wheezing as he tries not to pass out. Jean was just standing there, looking at them with a dumb look on his face as if he couldn’t comprehend what the hell had happened in the last couple minutes.

Once they catch his gaze, they throw up their hands and tilt their head as if to say, “What will you do?” A smile finally breaks out onto his face as he struts over to them, or at least tries to. The boy plops down onto the wooden bench next to them leaning on an elbow.

“You know; I could always give you a few equestrian lessons whenever you’d like me to.” Jean quips, turning to boldly look them in the eye. Their smile falters, as if they’re trying to hold in laughter. They don’t trust themselves to open their mouth, so they just nod at his words with a closed mouth smile.

“Oh! Horse face is going to get it on!” Connie yelps in the distance cupping a hand over his mouth so the couple could hear him from across the small room and above the commotion. That’s what breaks their resolve, they smack a hand down onto the table as they let out a loud bout of laughter. Jean laughs too, too happy to be angry at any of his friends, or enemies, or even frenemies, in his current predicament.

“Oh my god, I needed a laugh.” ___ says as they wipe small droplets of tears from their eyes. Jean nods in agreement, calming down with the rest of the cadets.

“I’ll still take you up on those lessons, though. Just give me time to saddle up.”

Photo Booth

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Photo Booth
Day Three
25 Days of Christmas

You were pleasantly surprised to find that your boyfriend was a lot more into Christmas than you expected him to be. It was so early in the month and yet you two were wearing matching beanies and Christmas sweaters. You’d combed through the shops for the perfect sweater for him, and a matching dress for yourself.

Part of the excitement was based in the fact that he was leaving in a few days for his U.S tour. But you were going to cherish this time together. You leaned against his strong shoulders, holding his hand making your way down the shops.

He was usually pretty adorable and was quite comfortable with his affection, but he was being especially sweet today. He’d showered you with kisses, kept his arms wrapped around you, occasionally whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

“Do you want one?” he asked while ordering a snow cone.

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Winchester’s In Training

Author: sugarlips-jensen
Summary: Reader is a well-known hunter. When she saves the Winchester’s from a vamp’s nest, they invite her back to the bunker to train them.
Word Count: 1703
Warnings: Cursing.
A/N: I haven’t decided if I want to continue with this. Let me know?

Originally posted by shadxv

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Rescue Mission (Lexark)

Nick came running in the house, his already wild hair matted to his head with sweat. “We gotta go after them.” He yelled out breathlessly as the door slammed behind him. Travis, Madison, Chris, and Elyza all rushed into the room looking concerned. Elyza was the first person to notice something wasn’t right. “Where’s Alicia?” She asked him, looking into his wild eyes and fearing the worst.

“They took her.” Nick gasped, trying to catch his breath as he put his hands on his knees and bent over. Elyza was on him in an instant, pushing him up and pressing his back into the door. “Who took her? What happened?” Elyza’s face was inches from his and she could smell the alcohol on his breath, it only made her more furious.

“What did you do Nick.” Her voice lowered to a dangerous hiss as she lifted up his sleeve to see fresh track marks. Her blue eyes could have held fire as they looked back up at Nick. His eyes darted from left to right and his face was pale. “They-they said I needed to pay double. They said it was about-about supply and demand.”

Madison gasped as she finally understood what Elyza and figured out the moment she saw his bloodshot eyes. “How could you do this Nick?” She came up behind Elyza and screamed at her son. “How could you put her in that position. You were clean for so long.” Madison was breaking down as Elyza still had her forearm firmly across Nick’s skinny chest.

“They said they won’t do anything to her. We just have to bring them food and clean water.” Nick tried to explain but Elyza pushed him hard, his lower back hitting the doorknob. Nick grimaced in pain, his gaze still not meeting anyone in the room. “I didn’t go out to use. But these guys said they could hook me up if I had something to trade for.”

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My Bad Boy(Michael Smut)

    There he was, god the sight of him just disgusted me. He had his hair slicked back today, a leather jacket covering an old band on his t-shirt. He walked around the halls liked he owned them and honestly, every thought maybe he did. You didn’t dare to cross his path, not unless you wanted someone to curse at you and make your social life a living hell. I’ve known Michael for around six years, we were friends at first but soon he turned for the worse and apparently I was interesting enough to continue being friends with. I couldn’t blame him though, I spent my days either on the internet, reading or watching as many hours of Netflix as I could. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to go to parties and actually do something fun but I was deathly afraid of what people would think of me so being invisible worked best. Though he didn’t talk to me much anymore, he would still make sly remarks about me to his friends or I would see him staring at me and laughing from across the hallway. It hurt for so many reasons but one reason was above all the rest; I’m kind of in love with him.

I heard the bell ring for first period which meant Biology my favourite class. I grabbed my books out of the locker before starting my way down the hallway. I was so distracted with making sure I had my notes that I didn’t even realize Michael and his “posy” were walking in my direction as well. I only realized he was there when I ran smack dap into him.

“Hey bitch, watch were you are going!” My books flew everywhere and rather than helping me pick them up, he kicked them further away from me. After all these years of bullying, that was the last god damn straw. Once I got up to my feet, I took my right hand and slapped him as hard as I could across the face. He stumbled back, shock and anger crossing his face. He started walking towards me and I don’t think I ever have been that scared in my life. Right when he was face to face with me a teacher thankfully showed up, dragging us both to her classroom.

“Do you care to explain what is going on here?” Mrs. Robeson screamed at us.

“Yeah, this bitch over here decided to randomly slap me across the damn face!” Michael yelled back at her. I felt fury boiling back up in my veins but I couldn’t help but think Michael looked fucking hot mad. What was wrong with me?

“Um excuse me but you’ve been bullying me for five damn years for no reason!” Even though I was trying to sound mad, I sounded hurt and upset more than anything. My voice gave out, cracking at the end of the sentence. Michael turned to look at me and for a second his eyes seemed to show guilt but as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared.

“Until you guys work this out, you are going to stay here. Got it?” I heard Michael mumble some cuss words under his voice but the teacher had already left so she didn’t notice. We heard the door lock and in a second Michael was leaning over my desk, glaring at me.

“You are such a fucking bitch.” His voice was low, strained, obviously showing anger but also something else; lust.

“Oh fuck off Mikey.” I knew he hated that name but hey, I might as well go all out.

“Don’t call me that.”

“Whatcha gonna do about it Clifford.” I saw a smirk before his lips were on mine. I quickly pushed him off, pissed off but a little turned on. “What the fuck, that’s not what I meant!” I screamed, he just rolled his eyes before kissing me once again, this time I didn’t push him away. Trust me, I wanted to but I just couldn’t, it felt too good. He led me out of the chair before pushing me back on the desk, rubbing his hands all over my body. We broke apart to take a breath and for the first time in a while, he actually looked upset.

“Listen Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for everything to get this bad. Fuck, I’ve liked you this whole time but I was too caught up with my bad boy image to understand how bad I’ve hurt you. I didn’t realize until today, I’m so sorry. I know you might not be able to forgive me but-”I cut him off with my lips, pushing his body to mine, telling him with my action that everything was forgiven. Quickly he started to kiss me back and before I knew it we were completely naked in the middle of an empty classroom, risking getting caught at any moment but we didn’t care. Not even one damn bit.

“Baby, I can’t wait any longer and from the looks of it, neither can you.” He lined himself up at my entrance and I gave him a nod, telling him to go ahead. He pushed in quickly, groaning into my ear before moving his lips down to my neck as he pulled out and pushed back in, but this time much deeper and much faster. My senses were going crazy, no guy had ever made me feel this way; I felt like I was floating on a cloud, the only thing I could feel was Michael. He sped up his thrusts causing his name to fall from lips with every breath I took.

“Michael, god you make me feel so good.” My head feel back and the only thing holding me to him were my nails in his back.

“Shit, moan my name louder.”

“Michael, Michael, Michael.” Every time his name left my lips, the next one came out louder and with more strain. I could tell it was just egging him on, he loved knowing that I was feeling every inch of him entering me. He loved knowing exactly what he could and was doing to me.

“Y/N, I can’t last much longer.” I was relieved to hear that because I felt the same way, I mumbled “let go”, before me and him both let loose. I never felt so attached or connected to someone before. Yes it was wrong, the situation was wrong but it felt right. He pulled out and we quickly got ourselves back together. Right as we finished getting dressed, the teacher walked back in.

“I hope you guys worked things out.”

“Trust me, we have.” Michael smiled at me before she let us both out of the classroom. We realized it was lunch and before we could part ways, Michael grabbed my arm.

“I don’t want that to be a one-time thing. I want to make up everything I did to you.” I giggled before pecking him on the lips.

“How about you take me out to lunch and we can talk about things.”

“I’d love that and I love you.” I looked at him completely surprised. “Oh shit, did I say that out loud, shit shit shit.”

“Michael, I’ve been in love with you for a while too.” He smiled, his face turned bright red before he grabbed my hand, leading me out to his car, where lunch was forgotten and he ate something else.

Title: You Should Always Take Drama Club Seriously

Pairing: HoriKashi

Summary: To say that Hori was surprised when Kashima just waltzed in, arm broken and with that same cheeky grin of hers, was beyond an understatement.

Warning(s): None


If there was one thing Masayuki Hori, President of the Drama Club, would never be able to deny, it was the fact that his precious kouhai (Or so she loved to call herself) was definitely a superb actor. With near flawless skills on par with that of no one else, and good looks to boot, Kashima Yuu lived up to her renowned title as Prince.

So when the very same Kashima Yuu arrived late to practice the very next day, arm broken and various cuts and bandages covering her face from wounds he was pretty damn certain he didn’t inflict, Hori honestly had no idea what to say.

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stranggemagic  asked:

That's okay and thank you.

PROMPT: Okay, so we got a little mixed up in our messaging, so I lost the prompt, but I believe it was that Regina reveals/tells/brags to Snow about her relationship with Emma? Or something along those lines? If not, just message me, love, and I’ll adjust.

Here’s my take on it:

Since Neverland, Snow had been randomly inviting Regina over for dinner. It was her attempt at sparking a strangely comfortable yet simultaneously awkward and tense friendship with her former stepmother. Regina played along, because playing happy little family put her in Snow and Charming’s somewhat-good, but still not-so-great graces, and that helped ease things overall.

Normally, she wouldn’t care, but she refused to draw Henry into the middle of their ages-old feud any longer; plus, these days, Regina truly was much happier than she could ever recall being.

Her relationship with Henry was not only on the mend, but thriving. She no longer evoked constant jeers or screams from the townspeople, and she was getting laid on a regular basis. Relatively, she believed she may have found love again.

Regina had made her thoughts on the matter of her relationship with the Savior very clear. She was quite ready to go public with their romance; or at least, to inform their shared son and Emma’s parents. Emma, however, was on the opposite side of the fence. She kept using the excuse of letting things “settle down” first, despite the fact that it had been nearly nine months since their return from the land of demented teens, and as far as Regina was concerned, things were pretty damn settled.

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High Hopes

for: Hannah @beggingforfics

by: Erin @blacklungsblueeyes

Summary: This is the story of a boy and a girl. The boy: Harry Styles, world famous pop star, fond of dad jokes, and genuine nice guy. The girl: Amara Deed, daughter of a lawyer and a freelance sculptor, chronic journal keeper, and overthinker. This is the story of what happens after they meet and then meet again. (Loosely based on 500 Days of Summer, like, very loosely).

Word Count: 5.6k

Warnings: Language, smut

Main Pairings: Harry and OFC

Ever since I saw the movie 500 Days of Summer a few years back I’ve had this weird habit of keeping track of how many days it’s been since I met someone. The habit arose from a combination of two desires: I wanted to be able to look back on my relationships and see what I saw the day I met them, and I had a really nice new journal and I wanted something cool to write in it. Whenever I meet someone I think will be important, I write it down in my journal as Day 1. I write a brief summary of the way we met and what my first impression was. I have entries about the new friends I made via the internship I’ve got at BBC Radio, the really cute barista from my favorite tea shop, and the guy who makes the most delicious turkey sandwich I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. None of those entries have been expanded upon or re-read quite as often as the one I have about Harry Styles.

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So I finally reached over 400 followers. I decided to make a follow forever for all the special people in my life and for those who simply bring me entertainment. Also I would love to give a special thanks to zendayaaofrps / meofrps for my lovely graphic. 

The following people are those that I love and adore. Somehow built a friendship with these people. I honestly don't know how they did with my weird ass but they do and I love them for that.

nofaddaa: Babes I honestly don’t know where i would be or what I would be doing without you be my side. Even though you can be musty at times makes me just wanna smack you across the face but yet you’re still here for me. You mean the world to me. I love you from deep inside.

hazel-haan: My little Hazel Wazel sigh baby we have so much in common whether it’s in character or if it’s out of character. Sometimes I wish i could just hold you and show you to the world but you have to live on your own and experience life through different views. Baby i love you and you can come to me whenever you need me.

heiressrps: Ooh chrissy ooh you just so ooh. Sometimes i be wanting to hang you by the throat but I don’t do anything because I know how you can be. Even though you can be a very sensitive person I’m still here for you and don’t let anyone tell you different. You’re very lovable and kind.

thugofrps: I don’t like you at all. I love you but Ion like you lol you can be very not shit at times even when it’s time to be serious you’re very not shit. You a thot on the low too lmao. I love you brudder and never forget that I will be there for you through thick and thin.

augustofrps: Sigh. There is so much I could say about you probably would have a word limit if i did. I’ve been by your side in every rp we’ve been in. I’m basically your ride or die til’ the end we go fly. Even though you can piss me off and frustrate me a lot I still love you since day one baby. I’m just one kik message away.

jcombs1x1: Sigh. You’ve been my bae since the first day i entered the 1x1 world. You’re very goofy and a shit talker as well. I kind of miss our very first ship but i guess we can recreate that with our new one.

kae1x1: My wifey for life. Babes i love you. Even though you be playing me on the low with my big brother i still find my lil love space for you.

papi-kj: Oh my jesus child there is so many words and thoughts I could say to you right now. Especially out of character. You’re my best friend who is hella not shit. very loud, and so adorable. Your little country ass voice makes me smile and giggle whenever I’m speaking to you. You’re my fave currently and I like you a lot. Ion love you at this moment.

caidens1x1: CAIDERZ! Tehe you’re about the only person that I know that puts up with my loud ass like I don’t know how you do it. We’ve created a special bond between one another I don’t think anyone could break us apart. I know i can always come to you with open arms either for myself or for you. I can always come vent to you with you giving me an attitude and I appreciate that about you. You will always have a special place in my heart.
swaggys1x1: Swaggy you my baby okay? Don’t let nobody tell you different. You’re about the only person i can actually beat up and we’ll be laughing the next minute instead of jumping down each others throat.

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I promised that a longer follow-up to my long-distance relationship ficlet was coming, and here it is. Thanks to twofacedjanus and jamestmccoy for always demanding more.

     It was a short walk from the terminal to the temporary lot where Jim had parked. They took their time, shoulders bumping as they strolled along the guardrail towards the farthest corner. Leo’s gaze scanned the remaining spaces, trying to decide which vehicle was Jim’s. When his eyes caught on the bike in the second-to-last spot, his face broke into a grin.

     “Figured you’d pick me up in the truck,” he mused, nodding towards the bike.

     “What, and miss the opportunity to get your arms around me as soon as possible?” Jim’s expression would’ve been smug if he didn’t look just a touch self-conscious. “Is the bike okay? I could call a cab…” Leo grasped his hand, wondering to himself at how natural the gesture felt.

     “It’s great, darlin’. Let’s get out of here.”

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