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Would you write bughead handling a pregnancy scare?

Hello anon! Thankyou for this prompt! Sorry again it took me forever to get around to writing something worthy. I kind of hijacked it a little to fit with my story “To be a Family” you can read here-

so this became like a little prequel for that where Betty and Jug find out they’re expecting. hope you enjoy it xx


Betty awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking, the comforting odour wafting into the bedroom and bringing a soft smile to her face. The early morning sun was drifting through the window and illuminating the small space with a soft glow that was warm on her skin in the chilly trailer. Opening her eyes fully, Betty sat up and ran a hand through her wild blonde tresses, sighing contently as she pushed back the covers, placing her fuzzy sock clad feet on the floor and snuggled further into Jughead’s old hoodie, inhaling his scent that always made her feel safe.

Padding out of the little bedroom that was fast feeling more their bedroom despite each of them having a bed elsewhere- her at her own house and him at his foster home- she was greeted with a sight that made her heart flutter with appreciation and love.

Jughead was busy at the stove, flipping bacon and scrambling eggs, an old rock tune bleeding from the radio on the counter top, his low voice softly humming along to it. Betty stilled leaning against the open door frame, taking a moment to be enraptured with him. His dark hair free from the beanie and falling in his eyes recklessly, lean body clad in a usual flannel and sweats.

She felt so incredibly lucky.

Not because they were without trouble. No, they were faced with their fair share of burdens and them some in the form of fragile families, imprisoned father’s, hurting friends, hurting themselves, fracturing towns and leather jacket clad protectors.

Everything was crazy…

Except here. Here in this little trailer, with just him and her, their walls down and their hearts free so that their love could liberate them.  Here it was- as much as she loathed the word- perfect. And that was why she felt lucky.

“Morning,” Betty greeted after absorbing the scene in front of her for a few more moments.

Jughead turned at the sound of her voice his eyes softening and lips quirking at the ethereal sight of her in the dull lights of the old trailer, clad in his clothes and looking so at ease and beautifully dishevelled.

“Hey,” he greeted pushing the hair from his eyes as she pushed off the door frame and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Jughead’s own hands came to rest on her waist, his lips meeting hers in a sweet kiss; he tasted like the coffee he survived on and she was fast becoming hooked on too.

“I didn’t wake you did I?” Jughead asked when they broke apart his brow creasing in concern.

It was no secret to him how exhausted she had been lately her feet dragging and eyes drooping, body aching. So the last thing he wanted to do was interrupt her chance to rest on a Saturday morning.

Betty shook her head, blonde hair flying in every direction at the movement, and a hand coming to rest on his cheek. Her soft lips twitched into a small, grateful smile. He was always taking care of her.

“No, the smell of-“

Betty stopped mid-sentence. Her green eyes widened in panic as her hand flew to her mouth before she abruptly pulled out of her boyfriend’s embrace and dashed to the bathroom.

“Betty?” Jughead called after her, quickly turning off the stove and following her across the small hall to the bathroom.

His face screwed up in concern as he gently opened the door to the sight of her doubled over the toilet the sound of retching.

“Oh Betts,” he sighed, moving behind her to hold her hair back and rub comforting circles on her back.

When she was finished Jughead handed her a damp towel which she graciously accepted with a mumbled “thanks” and wiped her mouth, before tying her hair back in a hasty pony tail.

“Is my cooking so bad you got sick before even tasting it?”

Betty laughed at the joke, forgetting to feel embarrassed when he always made her feel so comfortable and accepted.

“No actually. I was about to say it smelt good. I don’t know what came over me,” her brows furrowed in confusion.

“Strange,” Jughead agreed helping her to her feet.

Betty nodded moving to brush her teeth, smiling slightly at the sight of her pink toothbrush resting next to his blue one.

“How about I make you some toast instead?” Jughead asked, moving to kiss her cheek before backing out the room.

“Thanks Juggie.”

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Okay, one more of these because it’s hilarious.

My mom knows about my Undertale writing. I’ve read the Underlust chapter of BPT out loud to her before.

So she was talking about porn (because of course we are), and she said “I wanna find porn of skeletons. Sans. I haven’t seen any.”

Me: “Well, there’s plenty. I can show you some my friends’ art–”

Mom: *talking into her phone instead of typing it* “Porn pictures of Sans.”


Mom: “No, not Sams’s Club! God, let me try again. Sexual images of Skeleton Sans from Undertales!”

Me: “Fuck… did that work? ….Wait, was there Sams’ Club porn?”

Mom: “Dunno, but look! That skeleton has a long tongue. And look at the spine in this picture. Wait, why is he licking a dildo here?”

Me: “…That’s a popsicle.”

Mom: “Oh… OH, IT’S GLOWING! How’d he make his cock glow?”

Me: “Magic. *waves hands*”

Mom: “That’s wonderful. I like that it glows.”

Sick Puppy (Taehyung scenario)

Originally posted by ladynwh

Sick puppy (Kim Taehyung scenario)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Request: Could you do a scenario of them finding their mate MIA or their mate being sick? Or you could do a single person (your choice)

Warnings: none

A/N: Hope you like it.


‘’I love you so much’’ Taehyung told you for maybe the tenth time that evening. You giggled, and hid your face on his neck.

‘’I love you too Tae’’ he wrapped his arms around your body and held you closer to him.

‘’Are you sure you can’t come with me on this trip?’’ he questioned again, for maybe the twentieth time.

‘’It’s a boys trip, as in just for boys. We can go on a trip later, just you and me. Okay?’’ But he wasn’t having it. He let out a few whine noises and when you moved to look up at him, he was pouting. ‘’Don’t be such a baby.’’

‘’I’ll start planning our trip the second I come back, I promise. We can go anywhere you desire’’ and before you could respond, he attacked your face with kisses, making you laugh loudly.

It was an uneventful week in the pack house, everything was super quiet. Taehyung planned on calling you every chance he could, but you begged him to stop, so he could enjoy his trip. And to pass the time, you decided to join the warriors.

Werewolf training was hard as it is, but training under the rain for hours? Your body wasn’t having it. After tripping and falling multiple times, they felt sorry for you and told you to leave.

The bruises and cuts on your legs would quickly heal, but the cold you had wasn’t going away too soon. But that was two days ago. Now you were on your bed, looking a corpse. The doctor gave you medicine but it didn’t seem to do anything to you.

‘’Babe?’’ Taehyung yelled from downstairs, making you smile. He finally came back from his little trip with the boys. ‘’Are we playing hide and seek right now? Come on baby, we can play later’’ he teased you as he opened the door.

You cleared your throat a few times before speaking, ‘’hey babe. How was your trip?’’ 

‘’It was awesome! We saw so many cool things and we ate delicious food. Although it doesn’t compare to yours, it was really good. I brought you a lot of gifts as well, I think I got half of the Gucci store’’ he went on and on, and all you could do was smile at him.

‘’You didn’t have to buy me anything Tae, a kiss and a hug is enough’’ he laughed at your response and finally looked at you. 

‘’What happened to you? You look so bad’’ he questioned as he got closer to you.

‘’Oh wow, thank you babe. I was training under the rain and I got sick.’’

‘’Well, move over. I’ll cuddle you back to health!’’ you giggled at his excitement.

‘’No! You’ll get sick!’’ you shrieked as he got on the bed and brought you closer to his body. ‘’Taehyung!’’

‘’It’s okay, if I get sick you can nurse me back to health’’ he laughed loudly and kissed your forehead.

 ~ Admin Marie 

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Yuu becoming taller than Mika because Mika can't grow anyone ╮(─▽─)╭

I have mixed feeling about this
On one side: that’d remind Mika he can’t grow old with Yuu :’(
On the other side: I’m petty so I approve

Also, Yuu WILL find a way to make Mika human again anyway.

Just Say Yes

A/N: Request for @homicidalteenagedream. Jax imagine based on the song lyrics by Pvris, Emarosa and This Wild Life (lyrics below).

I wake up and I can feel you by my side, but I can’t find you in the dark when you’re so far.
I wish you would quit me, I wish you would just leave
Never gonna leave/Never gonna hurt you/Just say “Yes”

You woke up, hearing the sound of Jax’s breathing as he slept. Rolling over on to your back, you looked over at your boyfriend. 
He’d come in late from club business once again, and he hadn’t woken you.
You hadn’t let on, but you’d felt your insecurities rise up. You were bigger than most of the girls that hung around the club, but you were gorgeous, and Jax told you every chance he got.
But club life had gotten hectic and he was away more often than at home, often only seeing him as you were making your morning coffee as he was heading out the door, always stopping to give you a kiss and a promise to be home as soon as he could.
He’d been distant, not to you, but you felt like the club was taking up all of this time and energy, and you missed him.
You couldn’t help but feel that you weren’t enough to keep him faithful, not pretty enough, not thin enough. That the girls that he might encounter on a run or the Croweaters at the clubhouse would be enough to tempt him while you weren’t around.
Jax just felt so far from you, even though he was right next to you, and it had brought you to tears more than once that week.
Reaching over and running a fingertip across his back, you felt him shift. You pulled away as he rolled over.
“Hey, darlin’.” Jax mumbled, nuzzling your neck as he pulled you close.
“Sorry I woke you up.” You replied.
“I wasn’t really sleeping. Just dozing. I’ve been missing you.”
You didn’t say anything, but you could tell Jax knew something was up. Feeling how tense you were, you tried to relax, but Jax perched himself up on his elbow, rolling you over onto your back.
“Y/N? Spill it.”
You sighed heavily, rubbing your eyes, not wanting to say anything. Jax was very in tune with your feelings, and he hadn’t seen you in a while, so he wasn’t going to let this go.
Steeling yourself, you sat up, arms hugging your knees, and you blurted out all of your feelings.
“I get you’re busy with club stuff, I don’t expect you to drop everything for me, and I know you need to do what you’re doing. But I can’t shake the feeling that you might be distancing yourself from me because you don’t want me anymore. Because I’m not like the other girls and you want someone like that. I get it, but if that’s the case, I wish you’d just quit me, lessen the blow a bit.”
Jax didn’t say anything for a long minute, and you put your head on your knees, bracing yourself for the impact of his words.
Jax moved next to you, and you felt his warm hands on your cheeks. He lifted your head, looking right at you, concern and worry all over his face.
“Y/N, I’m not perfect, far from it, but I’m not that much of an ass. I love you. I’m never gonna leave, and I would never hurt you, not intentionally.”
It was so hard not to believe him, Jax had such a way with words. What he said next rendered you nearly speechless.
“You and me, we’re good. I’m sorry that I haven’t been around as much, and it might be that way until we sort this club stuff out, but I don’t want you to ever question what you are to me again. I want you to be my Old Lady.”
You froze, waiting for the words to sink in.
“If- If you’re sure.” You managed to stammer out.
Jax brought his lips down on to yours.
“Just say ‘yes’.” Jax replied, smirk across his face.
“Yes!” You exclaimed, kissing Jax again and letting him pull you back down to the bed.
For the rest of the night until you both fell asleep, you stay wrapped up together, quiet caresses and gentle touches, thankful that you had found someone so full of love and care.

i don’t know what to call this yet

i hope your coffee’s warm, and always tastes good
i hope you still do art, and still love star wars
i hope the cats are both in good health, and are still lovely
and i hope you find happiness,
even if it means without me

i hope you always get green lights
on your way too and from school
i hope you become a talented artist like i knew you always would be
and i pray that;
once again, you can sleep well at night

it was both, and nether of our faults
i didn’t understand me,
so you couldn’t either
you were living in a dream
and i was stuck here in reality

i could never hate you
or remember you as anything less than a beautiful soul
i tried being angry
but we all know that could never work

for as much as i was hurt, distraught, and in pain
it was for the betterment of both of us, as our true callings came

with out futures catching up to us faster than we could ever anticipate
regardless of our relationship, we would’ve begun to deteriorate
leaving us in a far worse situation than where we both remain

i hope you make lots of good friends
i hope you smile each and every day
i hope you make peace with your past
and i hope that you are loved in every single way

i don’t know if this is over, yet
but if you’re happier, more fulfilled, and at peace with this chapter closed

i will understand

i hope that you’re always laughing
i hope your heart remains gentle
and i hope you will always know:

that regardless of where we stand in relation to each other, you have my undying support

i am beyond grateful to have had you in my life
and i want nothing more but to see you thrive

i’ll always love you, no matter what
i’ll always remember you with warmth that of roses under sunshine

and please remember that;
i shall always greet you, with open arms, heart, and mind

—  3:29 AM, Saturday
Revenge (6)

Description: Part 6 of a kind of AU Marvel series (cause I can’t stick with what the movies have set up idk also i don’t know what Infinity War is gonna be like so)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: idk. probably smut? angst? fluff? guess you’ll have to read it to find out

A/N; I’ll probably do a tag list for this series, so if you want in lmk. also I highkey forgot that I was writing this series lol


Originally posted by papi-chulo-bucky

Last Time:

He finally really looked at me, tears flowing freely again. “What– I’m so sorry, Y/N, the last thing I want to do is make you cry, I just–”

“I kissed Steve.”

He stopped talking, stopped moving, and just stared at me. I wanted to jump out the window when I looked up and saw how hurt he looked. I got myself into some deep crap.

“You did what?” 

“Bucky, I am so sorry. It really meant nothing, I swear.”

He cast his gaze to the floor, running a hand through his hair. “I just thought I was being crazy. I didn’t think you’d actually…”

I reached out for his arm, but he pulled back. “It wasn’t like that. I promise. I just… After our argument… He’s my friend and I needed someone to talk to and he just went for it and I didn’t realize what was even happening at first but when I did I left his room. I promise, Bucky, it was nothing.”

He shook his head. “I need some space. We need a break.”

And with that, he left. I royally screwed up. 

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hey!! I found your blog bc I really want to get a tattoo that says "the sun will rise and we will try again" and in my google search found a post where you were looking for it in josh's handwriting. I can't figure out how long ago you posted that lol but did you ever find it?

mmm idk i just opened my twenty one pilots archive i made on my harddrive and over the years my extra ass apparently have saved 3k+ photos, scans, and tweets so lol i went through it all and here is all the handwriting i have saved-

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Daddy I've been feeling a bit down lately, dysphoria's back (I'm nb and afab), plus I feel lonely Idk if I have any "close" friends, and school's finished so I have nothing to do all day and so I think and think and overthink, and I can't manage to do anything productive. Can I have a pep talk from Levi?

Cadet. Let me tell you again and again that this is another sadness you can overcome. I tell you that everyday if I must. You are a strong, brave soldier who fought many battles. It doesn’t get easier sometimes, but it doesn’t have to because you will find reasons to fight on. Freedom. The freedom you define for yourself. You are not alone. I am here. Many others are here. Stop worrying now. You can still doubt later… No going back. Do what you have to do. Get on. Push on. Better times await you -Levi

So in July there’s gonna be something called Camp Nanowrimo which is a summer version of National Novel Writing Month that happens in November. Last year I tried to write something but my laptop was out of commission for nearly the entire month and I didn’t get the chance. This year though I’m hoping that I get to participate. The minimum goal is 50k in the month of July which I’m confident I can hit and might try to surpass.

I also decided that for the project, I will be doing the third of the Lyrics Curling Like Leaves series that includes He’s So Nice and We Fall Again. I’m not sure which song name I’ll choose for this one since that’s the theme here but I want to focus on Maxine finding Fake again. I also want to close off the Safari Man plot thread so there will be some Lemon mentioned too. I’m toying with the idea of IG meeting Maxine but I’m not sure what I’ll be doing there.

The first chapter is already plotted: Maxine goes to the Sinners realm looking for information about Franklin. Who does she meet there but our resident sinner, Pink Thug? I’m tempted to have her beat the shit out of him since that’s what she does but that’s in the air as of now. Like the others, this fic will focus on the characters and references will be made to whichever ship they’re in.

Ships should include: Maxine/Kohe/Fake Frank. IG/Chin Chin. Safari Man/Lemon. Red/unnamed pet. Pink Thug/unnamed crime boss. Joe Rosenberg/unnamed sugar baby.

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hello! i'm looking for more trc blogs to follow, do you have any people you could recommend?

repeating these two again @greenmantle & @gaybluesargent because they primarily blog about trc.

also some additional homies: @disquietingthing@cutegansey, @parrishes, @kvincsky, @deadparrish, @helengansey, @ahthena - keep in mind most of these blogs are also about other books / aesthetic / etc. 

i highly recommend tracking the #trcedit tag as that’s where i usually find people. also sometimes i go through #trc as well. check out the trc directory as well for more blogs. 

hope this helps happy blogging!


ReAd ThIs

I don’t know how i ended up here. 

Okaayyy so, I really hate my name so you’ll find that out later if you choose to DM me. 

I like things such as.. Hamilton, Harry Potter (yes I know, original), La La Land, Doctor who, Friends, I’m getting into Sherlock, I watch a loooot of shows. I bake a lot so 35% of our conversations will be me complaining about how I can’t find a good recipe for cheesecake. 

I lulullulooooove England, it’s my favourite place in the world. I play the Ukulele, guitar, piano. I draw a lot (mostly digital) WARNING: I’m not saying I’m good at drawing. But I do it. A lot. I can’t even explain my sense of humor i laugh at the weirdest things. I also do a lot of crafty stufff. Once again, all shitty.

I listen to a laAAARGE variety of music. I just don’t like the over rated pop songs (sorororyyyy). Fun fact, I can put my foot over my head, yet I’ve never taken a single gymnastic lesson. And yes, only one foot. OH YEAH, I’m 13. 

In case you’re wondering, I’m 5"2 (short Ik) brown hair and umm. I have eyes. And um a nose? And a mouth?  Yeah that should give you a good picture of me. Also i do sign language.

I’ll give you my other social media later on, but for now just dm @myslatedmind and I’ll probably text you back before you hit send. If it’s awkward, blame it on me. 

I’d rather not have anyone older than 16. Sorryyyy AND of course, as everyone says, no homophobes, racists, sexists and etc… But we gotta have the same interests you know, conversation starters. ALSO! I don’t mind whether you’re a boy or a girl or a half boy or a half girl or a girl who was a boy or a boy who was a girl. At the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of atoms put together to form body parts ;) 

And if you found this cringy, I did too. But it’s 4 am and I’m not bothered so I’m gonna press submit before I can take it back. 

If any of my other friends find they then, heeeey ily.


I kind of feel like changing my URL again once I know what to do with my blog. I have a few saved that I want to use.
But I dunno.

I’ll probably still save this one and have it redirect to the new URL, just so you can still find me if you wish.

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i need help with my schedule. i've been taking violin lessons for about 6 months and i just can't find the motivation to do a full practice session every day. i wait till like midnight to practice cause i don't want my family to hear me/interrupt but then i'm so tired that i just play one song and then lay down and fall asleep and repeat that over and over again. what time of day should i practice? how can i keep a good and consistent schedule? could really use advice from you/your followers

practice at the time that you’re naturally most productive and energetic. for me, this is either 9 in the morning after my cup of coffee, or around 6 after my recovery cup of coffee. also, I’ve trained my family to endure the awful screeching coming from my room as I practice, and you can probably do the same with yours. good luck

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Don't be mad *squishes your cheeks* 'cause then your letting the mistake win! I will personally fight the mistake for you. *insert the fighting emoji 'cause I can't find it*

It’s just it makes me mad cause i cant really fix it, so i need to start over again and i know it wont be the same

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Your art is stunning and you're so kind and sweet. Is there a way we can support you like patreon or donating somehow. You need to be thanked for your work uwu

omg thank you so much??? This makes me so happy to hear and I’m getting all happy n soft omg I love u ;u; I don’t have a patreon or anything atm but I do have a redbubble store that you could check out if you’re interested! Don’t feel pressured to buy anything at all tho haha, and thank you so much again!! I hope u find $100 on the ground someday <3

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Heyo it's Nae again :D I just wanted to say thanks for the advice, we searched everywhere and didn't find any signs of bugs, but we're getting a dog to see if they can sniff any out either Thursday or Friday ^^ ahhh Ily guys so much (platonically of course). Is it okay if we RP...? I don't have many OC's and often use my online persona or canon characters to interact, but you are just amazing and I can't even describe how much you guys mean to me ahhh ^^

Sure! Hit me up on messenger, NaeNae.

A bug sniffing canine? That’s awesome. When you do it, tell me how that worked. I’m so fascinated by that. 

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You've stopped shipping robron then?

i’m laughing bc i don’t care about them as a couple, yet i still blow up over spoilers. & then after 5 mins, i’m chill again. yikes @ me. i just find this sl so mind-numbingly boring!! so far, everything has been so predictable. i’m just waiting for shit to kick off. i’m waiting for aaron to finally lose his rag and go off. i don’t want him to take all this shit, i want him to realise he doesn’t need to be with robert to be ‘happy’ i need him to take some sort of control back in his life.  bin his counsellor & find a new one. I’m sorry, i’m still not over it! world’s shittest counsellor and i honestly couldn’t care if they ‘end up together in the end’ because why get them married, put aaron in prison, made him suffer even more than he already has just to let robert cheat & end up with kid that no one asked for? lmao, it killed a lot of feelings i had for them. 

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I just started following you and I am so glad I can talk about myself again with other people who understand.. I miss me dragon self more than anything in the world and I get so depressed sometimes when I realize I'm going to be like this forever

((Hey, humans really are incredible. We can do so many fascinating things, and nothing is impossible to us. Find parts about right now that you like, and cling to them.)) -Mod K