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(that’s his original title). Someone asked for a translation of Ishida’s Tumblr post, so here you go:

“Recently I’ve been genuinely enjoying creating stuff on my days off. It made me think that manga is very profound.

Which may or may not be why I’ve stopped posting on Twitter. I’m sure I’ll start using it again when I have something to say, but… Well, anyway, I don’t even talk to anyone other than the Haveaniceday guy* on there. 

I have other creator friends, and I’d like to create a space where they can evaluate my work fair and square. Yep, I’d like to try my best…

I’ve always thought it’s incredibly unattractive to go on and on about yourself, but it’s not like I was ever cool to begin with, and if there’s a chance me talking about it might alleviate someone’s worry… well. I think it’s worth it. That’d make me happy too.

Well then, have a nice day.

(*’Ishida Sui have a nice day’. That account. The handle is @SuiHaveANiceDay  I have no idea why they’re doing it. It’s cute).”


  • i hope the party still calls her El or Eleven OR MIKE CALLS HER “J” instead of Jane
  • Eleven and Will shoot a scene together and they’re able to make a good relationship because they’ve both experienced things on the Upside Down and BC #JOPPER
  • Mike and Will continue to tell each other everything and maintain good friends even with Eleven back
  • She has a good connection with Max and they bond over Lucas and Mike
  • #mileven moments, such as deep talks, chilling in the fort, bike riding together, long walks, teaching el how to read books
  • The party teaching Eleven things like math or taking her to the arcade and not letting her rig the machine with her telekinesis
  • Max taking Eleven shopping and teaching her about money
  • Dustin and Steve #iconicduo bond and make more funny episode
  • Dr. Brenner’s death is confirmed
  • Billy Hargrove dies heehee, he can stay kidding
  • Steve Harrington babysits again and drops the kids off on the first day of high school
  • the party maintains close and has at least one game of D&D where they teach el and max how to play
  • it would just come out faster, but obviously our beloved cast needs time off, so i must wait
  • ps. i need a musical stranger things episode where they either jam out to music and sing along, or participate in a showcase for the high school

And I think it was foreshadowed, we could have seen it coming… over the last few weeks I saw that little things have been changing!

1. Jackieboy Man’s mask

Yes, I will talk about that picture once again! :D I still kinda doubt that the mask being upside down was a coincidence, I still wanted to find out if there could have been a reason for it… I even tried to write a theory about it… emphasis on “try”. And now - it seems like it was something we were supposed to remember as a hint!

2. Jackieboy Man seems to be called “JackAboy Man” now

Disclaimer: I don’t watch the Southpark series but I do watch every intro and outro - and since when does he refer to himself as JackAboy Man while he confirmed the canon name JackIEboy Man some weeks ago?

3. The “bad side” changed
Until now, the “bad eye” has always been on the right side of his face:

And now, it changed.
The (green) septic eye, which has also always been the right one, is now on the left.




So your partner came out as polyamorous, now what?

You are monogamous, have only ever considered yourself monogamous, and your significant other just came out as polyamorous. What do you do now? Here is some FAQs and advice for monogamous people whose partner has just come out as polyamorous.

Question: Can I still be monogamous and date someone who is polyamorous?

Answer: Absolutely! Mono people and polyam people date all the time. If you want to only date one person while that one person dates others that is totally cool. You are still monogamous, your relationship just isn’t. 

Question: I don’t want them to date other people, is that okay?

Answer: Wanting to date people who are only with you is pretty common and yeah that’s okay. But if you want that you should date someone who wants that too, not a polyamorous person. If you want to stay with someone who is polyamorous you have to decide together what you two want.

Question: I don’t want to break up with them, what do I do now?

Answer: Start by discussing with your partner both of your ideal relationships. In a lot of cases one of you would like monogamy while the other would like to be allowed to enter sexual and romantic relationships with others. Now find a compromise. Maybe they can have other romantic relationships but not sexual ones, maybe they can have other sexual relationships but not romantic ones, maybe they can hook up with people but can’t have other long standing sexual partners, maybe they can only date people of a specific gender. You can find lots of compromises between complete polyamory and complete monogamy. Neither of you should get exactly what you want unless they are the same thing. Find a compromise. It won’t be exactly what you want but it should be something you are happy with.

Question: What if my partner and I can’t agree?

Answer: Then you two cannot make a good couple and you should break up. Sorry.

Question: My partner says they are okay with monogamy but I feel like they are just humoring me, what do I do?

Answer: Assure them that you are willing to compromise if they want that and then just ask if they want that. If you make it clear to them other things are options and they still choose monogamy then they aren’t humoring you.

Question: What if my partner breaks our agreement?

Answer: That’s generally considered cheating by polyamorous people and you can either try to work it out or you can break up, that’s your call. 

Question: What if they want to change our agreement?

Answer: Just do it all over again. Sit down, talk it out, figure out a compromise. If you can’t find something you are both happy with you can’t be together.

Question: Should I try dating other people too?

Answer: If you think you might be nonmonogamous sure. If you don’t think so don’t bother. 

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Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around, and hurt you

Never gonna make you cry,

Never gonna say good-bye,

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!

(The Day 21 hue for Huevember is pretty close to the one I use for Shiya’s stripes normally, so I decided to work on an update today. Still kind of in dormant mode until after Huevember though, then I can see about rolling out regular updates again. I’ve got some stuff sketched out for me to use, it’s just a matter of finishing them up. Also hey, new shading style. I find this to be simpler than the previous shading style I was using in any case….. Eeexcept now I realize I should’ve saved the color I was using. Oh well, Shiya I guess will be shaded in varying different purples from now on I guess. - Mod)

Turkey Gravy recipe as per @flocklander‘s request

2 lbs turkey wings (I use whatever I can find and I prefer turkey necks, if available, I mix it up, again whatever is available)

5 T extra-virgin olive oil

1 medium onion (halved)

4 carrots (chopped)  I used the mini carrots, so no chopping necessary

1 glove garlic

2 sprigs fresh sage

2 sprigs fresh thyme

2 sprigs fresh rosemary

8 black peppercorns

2 T butter

¼ C. flour

salt and pepper


Heat oven to 375 degrees.

Put the turkey parts (wings, necks, whatever into a small roasting pan and roast them until they are golden brown, about 30 minutes.  Heat 3 T olive oil in a large stock pan over medium heat.  Add the onions, carrots, garlic, herbs and peppercorns, cook about 5 minutes.  Add the browned turkey parts.  Pour some water into the roasting pan and scrape up all the brown bits on the bottom, add this to pot. (I used an aluminum pan, which gets trashed at this point).  Cover everything in the pot with cold water by at least 1 inch and bring to a boil, skimming off any foam that rises to the surface.  Reduce heat and simmer about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Strain out the solids and discard.  Wipe out the pot and put over medium heat.  Melt butter with the remaining 2 T olive oil and add flour.  At this point I eyeball the roux…I add more OO/butter or more flour depending on the roux consistency.  Cook the roux, (this is an important step, the cooking), stirring frequently, until it is a golden brown. (As my Grandma used to say, you want to cook out the flour.) Slowly whisk in the strained stock working out lumps.  Cook until gravy has thickened, about 15-20 minutes.

This is the best turkey gravy I’ve ever tasted and even though it seems like there’s a lot of steps, there really isn’t…once you start it.

First day - Part ½ - [NEXT]

After all the teasing! Here it is! The first page of the School plot! 

Hey… Is there someone missing? Let’s see, Patton, Virgil, Logan and *reads smudgy writing on hand* Romano?
For whoever feels lost, Sanders Sons is a fancomic/fanfiction that follows the Sanders Sides as kids being raised by Thomas and it can be read fully HERE.

Tag list (it has come to my attention you guys are not being tagged and I’M CONFUSED, so let me know if this happens again):

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Hi there! I think it's been longer than a week, so I'm sending this again. I'm looking for a fic where dan and Phil are doctors in the emergency room, and Dan hasn't talked to his family in a long time and one night his sister shows up as a patient in their ER. I'm pretty sure it was based off a hospital show like greys anatomy or something like that. Thanks! 💜

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori

Intx in rl

Intp: I’m excited to see whoever you end up with.
Intj: I probably won’t.. I imagine me being a loner.
Intp: I’m still excited to find out.. I can’t wait to see who you bring home to mama, I’m mama so I’ll have to approve of them. If I don’t like them then you can’t see them ever again. I’ll block them on your phone.. but then you’ll probably sneak around with them..
Intj: Yes, and the next time you see me I’ll be covered in tattoos, with the word daddy over my eyebrow a long with piercings, a leather jacket and crazy hair.
Intp: Then I’ll say “Noo, Intj!!!! It was only just a phase. Those are permanent!!!”

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Gah! I loved it! My guardian Herc is the best! "Please take care of yourself with him and a clumsy!reader?

“Son of a bitch!” You exclaim, looking down at the fresh new graze on your leg.

You’d tripped up the stairs to your apartment building, not stopping until you got inside to check the damage.

“Not again,” you groan, making your way to the sink so you can wash away the blood.

“Sit down,” Hercules’s voice sounds from behind you, making you jump.

“What are you doing here?” You ask, turning to find him frowning at you.

“I’m your guardian angel. I’m here to make sure you’re safe and unhurt. But now you’re hurt, so I’m here,” he says.

It’s clear he’s frustrated. This isn’t the first time he’s had to come and check on you after some little incident.

“You know you don’t have to come every time I fall or walk into something,” you tell him as you follow where he points and sit down on the couch.

“It’s my job Y/N,” he deadpans as he kneels in front of you and starts cleaning off the blood.

“I feel bad making you come out here all the time,” you admit, biting your lip.

“Just… please take care of yourself, you get hurt more often than anyone I’ve seen,” he says.

You swear you can see the tiniest hint of a smile on his face as he looks up at you.

“I’ll do my best I promise,” you say, smiling at him for the first time since meeting him.

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Sorry if i upset you, i agree with what you said and as a feminist i fight for women who choose to have their children alone as well as the ones who choose not to have them. I don't know if you are aware of this but you really are a role model for many of us, i mean i'm 17 im still at school but you show me everyday that you can be a mom and still write fanfic so thanks for that. Again sorry if i upset you i really look up to you.

I’m not upset. :) I’m actually glad you asked, I️ loved being able to share that fact about why I️ chose to have Nesta go down the path she is. And that means so much to me! I️ have a toddler, I️ go to school full time, I️ have a job, and I️ somehow manage to find time to write. Listen, y’all. If I️ can do it, anyone can!! We can always do more than we give ourselves credit for. ❤️

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// Ooc: Hi hi!! I was wondering if you have an art blog besides this rp one? :O I love LOVE your art but I can’t handle feelsy things so well :’D (Since this blog is centered around it, if I can remember righy!)

(thank you very much!! I’m so happy that you find my art good enough to send me such a sweet message ;-; I have an art tumblr but I don’t update it very often, I do however have an instagram which I update more regularly, it’s “caracolsiniestro” so you can follow me there if you’d like :D again, thank you very much!)

Loving you is like this:

Your honey voice drips into my skin,

and it awakens the bees in my stomach.

Loving you is like this:

I feel guilty saying god’s name in pleasure

from having you, but that’s just how I thank her.

Loving you is like this:

I will confess in between my soft sighs

and let you tell me your secrets.

Loving you is like this:

My sins disappear into the night sky because

you burn them in front of the devil,

and you make me holy again.

Loving you is like this:

Enough hymns I can fit into your palms

and put them between your bones,

so you will always hear me humming, praising you.

Loving you is like this:

I’d build Eden, so we could have a place

to stand and find bliss when

we run out of warmth for this world.

And this is how I want to go:

to love and be loved by you.

(i. e.)


My queue has run out and I’m having trouble filling it up again. I need more content on my dash!! Please reblog this post if you have a blog about:

  • Witchcraft, both modern and traditional
  • Paganism
  • Polytheism
  • Crystal Healing
  • Herbalism
  • Nature
  • Spirit Work
  • Divination (tarot, pendulum, tasseomancy etc)
  • you get the idea!

so I can follow you! It’s sometimes hard to find side blogs and this is the best way I can think of to find them!

i can’t wait to possibly find out that rey and kylo are related somehow but then again i know some people will keep shipping them even if that happens so you really can’t win

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I looked in the tags and couldn't find any Koizumi x Reader and I'm so gay for her?? So I would like a thing where Koizumi and the reader come back from a walk and then they kiss. I hope that's not too much to ask! Thank you!


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likeanywhereyouvebeen replied to your post: god. men are literally the worst

girl what he do :/

YOU KNOW WHAT i’m mad so i’m gonna tell you because this is why i trust zero men

so my sister bless her heart is the sweetest most trusting person you have ever met, and she meets this guy in school and they start dating. a year later they break up. we think that’s the end of it

OH NO he comes back. we’re like ………………okay. AND THEN they break up again and both times he’s like some vague fuckboy break up lines of like ‘i want to see other people when we go to uni’ and ‘i want to find myself’ and we’re like girl forget him. 

SO THEN back in like idk june time they start talking again and we’re like side-eyeing it like this can’t be good. he promises her the world this time he romances her, they move up to london so she can be with him while he’s at school and she can pursue acting and find her place in a new city and all that jazz. it’s not easy but we think they’re making it work, they’re paying the rent he’s studying, she’s working for this events company doing waitressing and sometimes she has to go away for a few days - for example, this week she went to cheltenham race course for like four days, made hella money off of rich people going to the races i was real proud of the tip she told me she got. and she made some cute friends, got to spend some time in a fancy hotel it was great she had a blast. 

FLASH FORWARD TO AN HOUR AGO i get a phone call my sister is literally blubbering down the phone i can not hear a word she’s saying and this ASSHOLE has walked into their shared room and said to her it’s over. FOR THE THIRD TIME. just straight up exactly like that. and you know why this man decided it was over? it was because they’d not been spending enough time together because my sister has been out making money to pay her rent and having a goodass time in her work instead of stroking this guy’s apparent ego and spending all her time with him

and now she has got to come home because she can’t live with him anymore which is nearly two hours away from her work and in the middle of nowhere so that she can now not go to this week because of him and that is why men are literally the worst 

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When that girl makes you feel like listening to sad song about love and makes you hurt feel heavy and you can’t wait for her next text; we’ll that’s how you know you’re in trouble 😥

if its unrequited love, then you are in for a rough ride darling.   i had it.  i survived it, eventually.   its an agony like no other.   try to let it go.  just little pieces of it, one at a time.  until one day you will wake up and find it gone.  and then you can fall in love again.  and it will be so sweet.