so that i can find it again

I’ve been putting myself first and I absolutely love it. In fact, I deserve it. It’s about time!
I could’ve been so far ahead in regards to finances but because I was more focused on other people’s shit, I put myself second and look at me now, I’m still here, still finding ways to make money to pay off old debts, while the people I helped are doing just fine. I can’t even be mad and I’m almost done. Waste of energy, just as long as I never let it happen again.


A teammate’s face gets closer to yours…how do you react?

Panarin sees Kaner’s face getting closer: Whoa, too close there, buddy…pulls away.

Kaner sees Jonny’s face getting closer: nbd, no surprise (he probably does it all the time ;) haha) 

*Date Night Cold* Newt x reader

◘ anonymous asked: 

Hello! I love your stories! Can I request a fluffy story where Newt and the Reader have planned a date and tonight’s the night but Newt begins to come down with a bad cold? And Newt, not wanting to ruin the date, tries to act like he’s perfectly fine despite his worsening symptoms? Thanks!

❋ Thanks, anon! I’m so pleased you enjoy my work!!! ❤ ❤ Hope you enjoy! 

Blowing his nose once again, Newt threw the tissue in to the waste basket and frowned. Tonight was his and yours date night and all week you had been excited to finally go out and spend a romantic evening alongside your beloved magizoologist. 

Pickett peeked out of Newt’s vest pocket and gave a tiny chirp. “I know, Pickett. I’ll be fine by tonight. Just need to drink some tea and-” before he could even finish his sentence, Newt let out a sneeze that startled Pickett, causing the tiny bowtruckle to dart back down in to his pocket. “So sorry…” grabbing another tissue, Newt blew in to it and sighed. 

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until the end of time (1/1)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Goes AU after the sneak peek from 614, right after Emma shares her news with Regina.

She wants Regina to have what she deserves most of all, but Regina so rarely gets it. And today, she looks even unhappier, and maybe that’s why Emma can’t find the smile to plaster onto her face again. “We’ll still…I’ll still be co-parenting with you,” Regina says carefully, and she reaches up, tucking hair out of Emma’s face with a motherly sort of gentleness. Emma shivers, and Regina smiles painfully. “Until the end of time.”

“Unless I die next week, of course,” Emma points out, and Regina looks at her with sudden fierceness.

“Like I said,” she says tightly. “The end of time.”

yoongi, cotton candy, and kisses

☇ short drabble

genre: so much fluff i physically cringed and screamed while writing it

pairing: yoongi // you

word count: 589

warnings: none

Summary: in which yoongi satisfies your cravings for cotton candy 

You find yourself staring at his hair again. For like the tenth time.

“Babe, I know I’m attractive, but can you stop staring? It’s distracting.” Yoongi glances at you again. He is currently working on his music, but can’t concentrate due to the fact that your eyes are boring holes into the side of his head.

“It looks like cotton candy,” you say, crossing your arms. “It’s making me hungry.”

Yoongi looks at you weirdly.

“The hell?”

“Your hair,” you continue on, tilting your head. “Green cotton candy. It looks so fluffy.”  Yoongi sighs, flicking his pen onto his desk before turning around in his chair to face you.

“You want to eat my hair?” he asks. He’s gotten used to your random thoughts. You make a face.

“No, but now I want cotton candy. And we could’ve gone to the fair with Namjoon and Hoseok and gotten cotton candy if someone didn’t procrastinate and end up having to do his work today.” You glare at Yoongi, pouting. He is silent for a moment, and looks deep in thought. He nods.


You blink, confused.


You watch as Yoongi stands up, before walking towards to where you are sitting on the bed. It’s only then you realize his expression.

An intense, indiscernible look in his eyes.

A smirk.

He’s biting his lips.

Shit. You know what’s coming.

Slowly, you back away from Yoongi, sliding across the bed, only to be met with the wall.

Soon, Yoongi has you cornered. Your back is pressed against the wall, and your arms are circled around your midriff in vain, trying to protect yourself from what’s coming next.

“Please don’t.” you almost beg.

“Too late,” he replies. And then his arms circle around your waist and he starts tickling you.

“Yoongi, stop!” You shriek batting his arms away while Yoongi laughs. This was the side of Yoongi that you especially loved. Playful, sweet as sugar Yoongi. Moments with him were always filled with joy.

Soon, both of you are lying on the bed. His arms are circled loosely around your waist with your hands on top of his, and you can feel his heartbeat through your back. He sighs, and you feel his soft breath on your forehead.

“Hey babe?” He whispers.

“Hm?” You answer, absentmindedly rubbing circles on his hands.

“You know what I was thinking when you were on the bed with you back against the wall?”

“God Yoongi, that sounds so-”

“I know I know. But do you want to know?” You shift so you are facing him. Reaching your hand up, you gently move his bangs out of his eyes before tracing his brow bone and down to his cheeks and then lips. All the while, you feel his eyes on your face, eyes with such tenderness, such adoration.

“What were you thinking?” You breathe out, meeting his eyes, eyes that were as dark as the galaxy.

“How badly I wanted to kiss you.”

And then he flips you so your back is pushed against the bed and suddenly his lips are on yours and he’s kissing you, mouth warm and soft and taking your breath away. Your hands find their way behind his neck and through his soft hair while his hands are caressing your cheek, cradling you as if you were something so fragile, so precious.

Too soon, he pulls away. He stares down at you, and then his lips quirk up into a smirk.

“Now that satisfies your hunger for cotton candy, doesn’t it?”


anonymous asked:

Can I just say how relief I feel to know there are Christians here? and the fact that you're one of my favorite artist makes it all better! You really give me a lot of hope so, really, thank you. I would love to talk to you, but I'm a little bit shy lol but I would definitely going to be checking your tags again (if that's ok with you) it really helps me when I feel lost in here. Sometimes I feel like if Tumblr is not the best place for a christian, and then, I find amazing people like you :)

Can you believe @geek-fashionista and I were just talking about being a Christian on Tumblr when you sent me this ask?

You’re right. Tumblr can be a very unsafe space for Christians especially with the general culture here, but you know what? That’s ok. We continue to support each other. We have to be bold about our faith as well, that’s what Paul and all the missionaries have done for years after Jesus died on the cross. Of course there were..*coughs* hitches throughout history, but remember not to be afraid of being a Christian, no matter where you are. 

Also, keep in mind that we are all works-in-progress (when you mentioned amazing, I couldn’t help but think of all the mistakes I’ve made and continue to make in my life ^^;). Love God, love others. That includes exercising grace.

And it’s totally fine if you check my tags! I really don’t mind! If you want to talk, you can message me on chat if you want ^^ I don’t bite xD

anonymous asked:

Will you be gone 'till next year? ;) Just kidding, how was your trip? :)

man i don’t think that’d be physically possible for me to do

a year

i can’t even imagine

BUT ANYWAY it was great!! i feel way more refreshed AND i got a chance to add a new little piece to my arm!


(i realized after it was too late that the guitar was missing f-holes tho so i gotta find a place around here that’ll add those lol)

Anonymous said:

hey hey hey take all the time u need. hey ur awesome. stay awesome, cause ur awesome. and thats awesome.

thank you so much! this is awesome of you to say! thankfully, i think i’m back on top of things. and i got pizza. after not having pizza for a very long time

and ice cream

it was also awesome

breezy-day  asked:

Okay so I'm not sure if you've done something like this or not but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway. How do you think the guy's would react to seeing their s/o naked for the first time? Also thank you for all the work that you do because your blog is amazing :D

I’ve had this for quite a while and I’m so sorry that I’m just now getting to it 

Noctis is honestly in awe, mouth agape and heart racing, and he looks away as the blush creeps over his face. He wants to look, but he can’t bring himself to. You might have to guide him to turn his gaze back on you with a palm on his cheek, but when he looks again, there’s nothing but adoration in his eyes.

Prompto is just as bad of a blushing mess as Noctis, and he’ll gasp sharply through his parted lips. He’s fidgety and stuttering, trying to find a way to compliment you and tell you that you’re so, so beautiful. He can’t tear his eyes off of you, and his gaze becomes more and more intense with each passing moment.

Gladio immediately sighs heavily, eyes travelling up and down your body until he shakes his head and grins. He’s never seen anyone quite like you, and he makes sure you know it and believe it by the time he’s done feeding you with compliments. Honestly, he could admire you for hours without having anything on you except his eyes.

Ignis appears to have a combination of the above reactions, but not as severe. A light blush will creep onto his cheeks as he takes in your form, trying to discretely survey your entire body, and he’ll be at a complete loss for words. Until he finds the motive to speak, Ignis will stare, biting his lip and wondering how he got to be so lucky.

anonymous asked:

Yo you know what's a really good fucking feeling? Knowing how bad your last relationship was. How it destroyed you and almost turned you into someone you're not. Lost friends. Being the one to blame for everything, feeling like you needed to "fix" yourself. then you realize this, isn't me. I know me. You finally learn to let go and be free. It's like you can breathe again. Safe to say I have found someone who actually talks to me as a priority not convenience. I was so blind before. Wtf

HELL FUCKING YES DUDE!!! I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!! THAT FEELING YOU DESCRIBED IS SUCH AN INCREDIBLE FUCKING FEELING!!!! Both the feeling of being free from your ex and finding someone who makes you feel important. My girlfriend makes me feel so much

luscious-lemon  asked:

I hope you can help me! I read a fic on AO3 while not signed in so it's not in my history anymore and I really want to read it again! It takes place after TAB and at one point John has been poisoned and Sherlock pretends to be his husband to get in and later Sherlock is poisoned and John crawls in the hospital bed to hold him while Mycroft assures John that Mary will be caught and punished. Does this sound familiar? Thanks so much!

Oh! This sounds good, definitely will want to read that too! Hmm, I don’t know which one that is, Lovely. Anyone able to help us out?


Dubbed an amazing comic by @ufficiosulretro

Thanks so much to @mazerly for voicing Mercy in this. You’re wonderful!


You ever tried rendering something and then it hits 100% but it doesn’t finish? It just keeps “rendering” for about 50 minutes and you’ve waited so long that you keep thinking it would finally finish at any moment and it just keeps on making you wait until you’re about to give up and just decide to cancel it and start it again once you get back from the bathroom and then Vegas thinks it’s a great and fun way to TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS AND ACTUALLY FINISH THE DAMN RENDERING PROCESS AND NOW I CAN FINALLY UPLOAD IT AND THEN GO FIND SOMETHING TO EAT AT 9:42PM WHEN I HAVEN’T EVEN HAD LUNCH BECAUSE OF HOW BUSY IT WAS AT WORK!? GOOOOODDDDDAAAAAMMMMMNNNN!!!!

I can’t wait to see Cosima stare so intently at Delphine, watching her every move as if she could slip away again at any moment. When they’re in bed Cosima finds herself tracing the scar on Delphine’s tummy, occasionally trailing kisses down to that spot. Being both saddened and mesmerized by the story this wound will tell, that this beautiful woman was willing to risk it all for her. Delphine constantly reassuring Cos that she will never leave, that nothing, not even death, could keep them apart. I can’t wait to see them finally loving each other wholeheartedly, fighting for and with each other through what ever storm is coming. They’ve been to hell and back, but all this has just made their love even stronger.

Sebastian Aho #2

Requested by @brooke5bb: Hey! Could you write about Sebastian aho where you meet his teammates and wags maybe at a team skate or something? And make it super cute? Thank you!!

Warnings: Mention of wags who can be a bit mean

Word count: 1729

Author’s Note: So I tried my hardest to make this filled with cuteness. I enjoyed writing it a lot! I hope you like it! Also finding out who wags are on the Carolina Hurricanes was difficult because everyone is is private on their team lol. And lastly I google translated a little Finnish into here so my apologize if it is wrong lol! Enjoy thank you so much for your patience and please request a again :D

Originally posted by temipanarin

In all honesty you should probably have been freezing. You were on ice for God’s sake but you couldn’t feel anything but warmth. Being with Sebastian Aho was the cause of the warmth throughout your body. The Carolina Hurricanes, Sebastian’s team, was having an open skate for the players’ friends and families at the PNC Arena. Sebastian asked you to come. You and Sepe had been going casual for a while, but this was the first time he really asked you to hang out with him involving his hockey life. It was also the first time you’d meet all his teammates and their families. Sure you were nervous but you were more than anything excited. This was the next step in your relationship with Sepe. It wasn’t just hanging around one of your apartments anymore. It was more. It means he saw more with you. You were enough to bring around. That was why you weren’t as nervous as you were excited.

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BSD Drama CD “Somewhat Extraordinary Days” English translation (full) 01

BSD Original Drama CD: Somewhat Extraordinary Days
01. Swept Away by the River, Dazai Osamu and One Person More

First of all, can someone find an audio link for me thank you TwT

- Requested by anon! (so idk if there are other translations or not)
- Translated from a chinese translation done by BH打杂组 (weibo), so it is an interpretation of someone’s interpretation, sorry for any errors!
- Please bear with my english as it is not my first language! >< sorry for bad grammar and bad word choices and bad everything T-T
- The front part is almost the same as bsd season 1 episode 1 so I used part of the English sub from gogoanime
- Again, sometimes some is quite difficult to directly translate but the meaning is here

If you spotted any errors, please contact me thank you so muchhhhhhh :3

A: Atsushi
D: Dazai
K: Kunikida

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Life Lessons on the Journey [So Far]

A bit of a ramble post, but I have been feeling very fortunate for my privilege & opportunities I have had in life so far. The past year or so was a bit of a personal struggle. 

I have always been an ambitious person & I definitely still have goals I am seeking to accomplish, I tend to ignore accomplishments I have achieved & I also tie far more self-worth into my accomplishments than anyone ever should. I don’t think I am a spectacularly interesting or attractive person so I have always struggled to set the highest goals & needing to be the best at my accomplishments because how else could someone possibly like me? Plus the whole, ending a nearly 3 year relationship & having to find complete self-autonomy again schtick. 

However, I feel like with every major move I’ve had so far, I have gained little tokens of personal enlightenment. Most life lessons I am still learning, but hopefully someone can at least be comforted they aren’t alone if they’re struggling with similar issues.

Austria [9 Months]. It is ok to be lost & experiment with your identity at any age, I am actually still experimenting with certain aspects of myself now & trying to figure out what really matters to me. I come from a nomadic family & I consider myself relatively adaptable, but Vienna is the first city where I never found my groove. I had a bit of an identity crisis, which is why I took an annual break from social media & I had to face some difficult truths I never had to deal with before since I am fortunate enough to be fairly privileged. 

Eastern Europe [Mostly Prague & Ljubljana, 3.5ish Months]. Celebrate individuality, experimentation & chaos. Something I have really grown to appreciate about the “homeland” since moving abroad is how much more individuality & personal accomplishments are celebrated in American culture in comparison to a lot of continental Western Europe. It was a bit alienating when I first moved abroad as an adult at the frequency I was noticed for standing out in a crowd, though in Austria I usually stood out for all the wrong reasons. So I absolutely reveled being in Eastern Europe that has such a blended culture & there just seems to be so much freedom in regards to individual expression. I loved being surrounded by such an array of different people, I also became enamored with much better I was received traveling through this area of Europe.

Southern France [6 Months & Counting]. Love yourself unconditionally, hold unconditional expectations for experiences. One of the main aspects of Southern France I have come to admire is how freely people seem to love themselves & allow themselves to be loved by others. I am astounded at how gorgeous everyone is around me in France, but it is always the middle aged & elderly that are the most comfortable to lie naked on the beach or let themselves be so publicly enamored with their partner. I have never let myself be so unguarded with a romantic partner or let myself not be so self-conscious about myself, self-love & building self-confidence is always one of those on-going lessons for myself. It’s a lesson I am still working on & I don’t think it will be a completed lesson any time soon, but I was able to buy a bikini without completely cringing at how I looked in the dressing room so baby steps!

on the road to 750...

So I’ve mentioned already that I’m planing a give-away celebration when I reach 750 followers (as of today, I am at 705). I rolled past HMV today to see if I could find any awesome Star Trek clearance bling and… my HMV is gone now. Sadness.

Instead, I found an ‘unique to here’ gift for the prize package (which is now going to need a box, and not just a bubble mailer. Oops). I AM SO EXCITED.

Anyhow, in case you were interested, I’m going to give you a hint about what it could possibly be.

I grew up (and left, returned, left, returned, left and then returned again) in north-central British Columbia. Land of logging, lumberjacks, a mighty trees (we can have a conversation about my love-hate with the lumbersexual look another time). 

We have a roadside attraction here…

There he is, waving the pride flag during pride week. 

I am including a gift that will remind you of my hometown every single time you look at it. I’m so excited - my house already actually has two of this item in it, and last year I gave away six of them for Christmas. That’s how much I love this thing. So I’m super excite to send it out into the world to have Star Trek adventures with one of you!!

((A little bit of info about mun for a change..))

((I’m horrendous with keeping in touch with people. I really am, and I am very sorry for how it can upset people.

I guess one reason is because I’m scatterbrained as fuck. Honestly, I really am and it means a lot that people are so patient with me because of it.

Another reason is because I guess is this. Most of the time, I’ve had good experiences with people on here.. Sadly, the ones that weren’t so good have stuck. And have done a lot of damage to me..

Because of that, I now find I have a very hard time opening up to people again as for one thing, I did that and I was left behind and I realised that I wasn’t as worthy of their time as they made me believe I was. Another, is because people took advantage.

I am now at that point where I know that those people aren’t going to be coming back into my life.

I wish them well. But I’m not letting them back in.. never again.

Not that they cared, probably.

But on that note, I am going to try and be as open as I used to be. And not be afraid of letting people in..

So yeah..

The door as they say, is open. Come and bother the fluff because I assure you, it’s never a bother ♡

I just wanted to share that - Mun x))

chiarren  asked:

I just found out your watercolor gifs tutorial and ...OMG I'M SCREAMING!! I don't think I can't thank you enough, I always wanted to learn how to do that kind of gifs ❤❤ I'm definitely going to try and let you know how the gifs turn out :3 Thank you again, you're a great artist and a great person ❤

i’m so happy you found it helpful!!! ♥ i tried to find a good lineart gif tutorial a while ago but my searches came up with pretty much nothing… so i ended up experimenting with some methods i’ve used to make real life photos look like sketches :D i’m sure other people do them differently but this turned out to be the best method i could come up with!

naturally, the settings i used for the tutorial don’t work for all scenes but in my experience they’re a pretty good place to start from! also, if the scene has a very busy background i usually mask it before resizing and applying the lineart effect to make sure it looks as good as possible (and it also gives you the option to use the same frames in other projects without having to do it all over again)! in those cases the blurred layer leaves a fuzzy border around the image when you merge the layers, so you need to select the sharpened layer’s pixels before merging and mask the resulting layer with the selection. oh and i usually convert the layers for the first frame into smart objects before sharpening or blurring so i can easily adjust the settings to be optimal for the scene.

and yes please let me see the gifs you come up with!!! ♥♥♥ and thank you for all the compliments, you are too sweet ♥