so that happens with louis too


Being cute and interacting with fans, Detroit, 8/29/15

There is such an amazing web of love happening at the moment between Louis, his family, his 1d family, friends and fandom. Through connections with him and his amazing courage but also his amazing music. And it seems a perfect tribute to Johannah, because she was the epitome of a person who always radiated and created ties of friendship and love.

I am so proud of Louis and his family. I am sure Jay is proud too.

Why I keep logging onto Tumblr to see what’s happening with One Direction

Ok, seeing as it’s clear Louis is going back to the UK, I am going to throw the most outlandish scenario out there so it can only be as bad or better in comparison. Here goes:

Louis gets papped arriving at Heathrow. Eleanor is there to greet him and get papped too, at the arrivals gate holding a huge sign that says ‘Welcome home Louis, head in my direction.’

They are wearing matching outfits from head to toe (Adidas obvs, comfort over style) and pose for dozens of photos with stalkers who just happen to be there.

Monthly Fic Rec January (x)

two boys, two blogs, two years of anonymous messages, and a bookshop where it all comes together.

Louis and Harry, best friends since before either of them can remember, broke up four years ago. Louis has achieved his dreams of becoming the next big thing while Harry has stayed back, dedicating himself to his studies. Both are content to forget what they had together, until a tragedy brings them right back into each other’s lives.

A-list actor Harry Styles and award-winning musician Louis Tomlinson have an acquaintances-with-benefits relationship, so whenever their busy professional lives happen to land them in the same city, they meet up. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.
And that’s all it is. Until it isn’t.

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I wonder how many body guards this little shit needed to make sure this didn’t happen

also let me say how proud i am of the fandom, how glad i am to see so many people genuinely caring about louis, being proud of him and supporting him, how many people are offering help with the project, how many people are helping and spreading links and donating to charities and spreading some much needed positivity, seeing how determined so many people are to make this happen.. like it gets too much here more often than not but at the end of the day im so proud to be a part of something like this

11 Fics I read Nov - Dec 2016

love is divine by stylinsoncity

Being a witch doesn’t help when it comes to unrequited love. (Harry is a witch, unrequited love, lawyer!louis)

Because You Saw Me When I Was Invisible by supernope

A (not so) loosely-based Princess Diaries AU, in which Harry finds out he’s the heir to the throne of a country he’s never even heard of.

Taste of a Poison Paradise by objectlesson

Louis notices Harry’s mouth right away.

hope your heart is strong enough by suspendrs

Prompt: Set in the US, Harry spends Thanksgiving with Louis’ family, or vice versa. Chaos ensues.

Don’t Look Down by zarah5

AU. In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

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picture this: louis is flying to the UK, Harry is in the UK, they both attend to the Brits together, they walk the red carpet together, they pose for pictures together and suddenly at the red carpet, they just,,, hold hands, like they just subtly grab each others hands and pose for the pics like that. everyone goes wild, the photographers breaks a finger from clicking too many pictures, the interviewers are speechless, louis and harry are out and free and i am obviously dead

the thing is louis always makes it so obvious when hes over it like in the beginning he really does try to play along as much as he can so thats why i know for a fact that if this is happening its gonna be extra cause the beginning always is when it comes to louis and stunting but then a few weeks go by and you can start seeing him tense and annoyed and over it and he does try once in a blue but gives up after like 5 minutes lol so just know whatever might happen may be extra now but just know it ! will ! past !!! again yachtgate was a week of hell for NOTHING but media attention like none of this drama will last long cause louis already doesn’t like her so i give it like 2 or 3 weeks before we see him back to his normal half ass stunt self and she will carry all of the weight of the stunt just like b / co. and d did, i know it sucks and its all annoying but we are good yall, we are good it will past.

The reaction gif starter’s kit when you enter the 1d fandom, Larries edition.

When the headcanoning gets too intense even for you

When Dan Wattpad writes, well, anything.

When you’re faced with doubters and god forbid “Freddies”

When Louis or Harry just you know surface

When you’re on a regret spiral, because you used to have a life before

When you’re faced with doubters again and “what” if people

When you go to sleep and 146435 things happened during the night 

When you’re trying to make sense of business, contrats, beards, management, labels, BEARS …

When Larries become “reconvering larries” 

When you’re just tired TM

hp au where harry and louis are the Ultimate Enemies and they argue all the fucking time and glare at each other as much as they can from across the hall and their rivalry is known by literally!!!!! everyone!!! then one day in a twist of fate someone charms louis’ compass tattoo to make it point to his soulmate, the one other person on the earth that can fill all of his empty spaces and he could love with all of his heart. and lo and behold it points to his arch-nemesis harry bloody edward styles which is the worst thing that could have ever happened to him and louis’ devastated because he’s a romantic loser and this turn of events really isnt something achievable at all. so louis spends months and months trying to hide this tattoo from harry and literally everyone else but its kinda a lot hard because the tattoo’s really big okay? and it’s right there on his forearm too. but during a match of quidditch harry sees something in the corner of his eye on louis’ skin and he’s like wtf ?? because he’s never seen anything like that before and it seems to…..move…? then when harry later asks him about it louis turns vvv red so naturally harry becomes curious n determined to find out what it is. it starts out as a way to get at louis because it must be something really bad if Louis The Tomlinson’s this scared to show him. but it ends up with him kinda falling in love and theres a lot of feelings and i want this written now please

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Can you explain me your negativity? I wasn't here in the pas two years and I'm seeimg that he is weirdly active today

lol my negativity is that I’m a negative person in general and the things that have happened for the past two years (stunts, babygate, all this shit) just get to me, so when things like this happen I can’t get too excited or happy about it. Also, this huge jump in activity happened after the fandom had a huge backlash to James Arthur and criticized Louis’ new management for how their advertising JHO on his end, so yeah this just feels like shitty fanservice.


Just Hear This and Then I’ll Go  

by allwaswell16  , Explicit, 44k 

Former boy band member Louis Tomlinson can’t stand pompous indie artist Harry Styles, but with a new record label to launch he is going to have to endure his pretensions to snag up and coming new artist Liam Payne, who happens to be Harry’s oldest friend. Luckily, Liam seems to be very interested in 78 Records and maybe a little more than interested in Louis’ best friend. Too bad Harry won’t be making this easy on any of them.

Or a modern day Pride and Prejudice–Louis is Elizabeth, Harry is Mr. Darcy, Zayn is Jane, and Liam is Mr. Bingley. Oh, and Niall is Mrs. Bennett. Obviously.

Lyrics edit: @nottooldforthisship, thank you so much for making this and for letting me use it! x

Hailee Steinfeld is out there promoting Just Hold On, Hailee Steinfeld is dating Sophie Turner, Sophie Turner is bearding for Joe Jonas, Joe Jonas is handled by Robert Mickelson, Louis is, too, Joe Jonas is related to Kevin, who was one of the only few celebrities to congratulate Louis on the baby as soon as it happened, Kevin Jonas is related to Nick Jonas who produces with Sir Nolan, Louis recently followed Sir Nolan on Twitter.

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What antis don't get is that even if it wasn't Louis to tweet that,it still happened. After four years and all the articles saying they weren't friends anymore.After all the stories about how they hated each other. After blaming us for their friendship ending.They're on hiatus so they can't even use the "fan service" excuse.Something changed for that to happen and I can't wait to see what.

this is significant and they know it is too but they keep tryna pull things outta their asses to explain it