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Reylo Thanksgiving

You guys, REYLO


Holy shit can you believe what we’re seeing right now? o_O

Remember being told so many times that you were wrong, that maybe even part of you started to believe it too? 

And now we get this:





We don’t know how far they can go, we don’t know if there can truly be a happy ending for them except in our hearts, we don’t know if there willl even be a kiss with tongue, but they’ve gotten this far and Reylos were right. We were right. About everything. And Reylo is canon, bitches.

Bless us, everyone. Thanksgiving came early this year. 🙏 😭


P.S: we’ve read all your asks. 🤗

We are working on this podcast episode and hope to have it out ASAP. Thanks so much!

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Hi!! I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful, happy Todorokis I've ever seen in my LIFE all gathered up into one bundle. My crops are bountiful, my fridge overfloweth. Seeing your art cleared my acne and my dishwasher.

And thank you so much for enjoying all these little glimpses of Todoroki’s happiness I just keep on wanting to create and share because this boy truly deserves all the happiness, and bliss, and to feel most alive. Deku’s smiles are contagious, I’d like to think. (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)

Music Series: Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Oooh, Ed, Ed, Ed….you’ve done it again….

Unless you are new here on my blog, you know that Ed’s songs make me swoon. It can’t be helped if you are a hopeless romantic like myself. We all wish for someone to love us the way he loves the woman in this song, which he wrote for his girlfriend, and co-wrote with his brother. It is absolutely one of those beautifully sweet love songs that makes you wipe a tear as you realize how alone and lonely you are without a person to love you like the man in this song loves his girl…or is that just me…sniff sniff…

(And please forgive me, everyone…I’m going through a day where I feel like everything I write is shit, so I hope someone likes it. The demons of the mind are a horrible thing.)

Thank you, Anon, for reading and requesting. I had this one on my list to write already, so I’m happy someone else loves it as much as I do. This is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. I am posting the Acoustic Version of this song on Spotify because I like it even more than the original, and you can find it as well on my Harry Styles Imagines playlist on Spotify. xo



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So I tried to be good and to be happy and to just continue everything I do but I’m actually at a point where I can’t do this anymore. Last week my life just changed. And it’ll never be the same. And I’m just sick of it. I actually can’t focus on sims right now, as much as I want to. 

So I don’t know if I’m coming back but in the meantime I’ll leave this blog up for everyone who enjoyed my content. 



Hoooooo boy. I can’t believe it. Chapter 5 is officially here.
This chapter has almost been a joke for the several months I’ve been working on this project, a chapter I never thought I’d get to.
Turns out apparently I have a lot more willpower than I thought I did, and it’s all drawn and ready for me to plow through.
Buckle up, this is the longest chapter in the book by a long shot. It’s a good time though, and if you enjoyed this part of the game I think you’ll have fun with this chapter.

As always, a humongous thank you to everyone who’s been following along for these 8 months!!
I always look forward to dumping pages here every weekend, and seeing your reactions makes me so frikkin happy.
I can’t wait to show you guys the hard work and love I’ve put into this goliath of a chapter.
Seeya soon!✨


literally everyone needs to stop thinking that every person that comes in contact with alec and magnus is going to come in between them like i don’t know what kind of fucked up fragile relationships y’all have been in but both magnus and alec have made it clear a milion times that they can’t live without each other so maybe stop wasting your time on things that don’t make sense and won’t happen and start appreciating and putting more faith into this beautiful relationship that gives hope and make lgbt folk happy k bye

I actually hit 7k quite a while ago but I’ve decided now would be a good time to properly celebrate hitting this milestone! First off, thank you to everyone who has followed me - I love interacting with everyone on this site and seeing y’all in my notifications and ask box make me so happy!! 

I’ve been really getting back into moodboards lately so here’s how you can get one personally curated for you! 

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Dancing with an Angel: (Request)

Prompt:Tony is throwing a ball because Y/N had been gawking at all this dresses. Tony forces bucky to ask Y/N out because hes head over heels for her. Then at the ball Y/N is all happy dancing witch bucky in this beautiful dress while Bucky can’t believe how beautiful she looks.–Anonymous

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Note: Just pure fluff

Words: 1380

Requested by: Anonymous 

Tony decided to force the team of Avengers out to the mall to get a few things and in reality to get them out of the tower due. Everyone had been so busy with missions lately they forgot what it was like to be a normal human being. With his foot down he loaded everyone into a van that held fifteen people and Clint drove towards the mall. “Everyone meet back at the van at four we’ll be heading home afterwards.” Steve explained as they nod.

They all headed inside the building when Wanda, Natasha, and Pepper dragged (Y/N) off towards the clothing stores to get some new items. Bucky and Steve went to the bookstore, but Bucky’s eyes never fell too far from (Y/N) on the other side of the walkway where she was gawking at all the beautiful dresses. Tony took notice before he walked in behind the girls. “Peps.” He whispered to his beloved as she looks to him.

“Yeah?” She asked. “Get (Y/N) the dress she wants along with the others. I’m throwing a ball tonight. I figured out a way to get Bucky and (Y/N) together.” He grins when she smiles. “Alright, don’t do anything stupid.” She comments as he gasps, placing his hand onto his chest. “I would never.” He said as she rolls her eyes. “Phase one is complete once you get a dress. On to phase two.” He grins excitedly before he walks over to the bookstore.

“I bet this will be a good read.” Steve murmurs, reading the back of the book while Bucky glanced around the store. “You enjoying yourself?” Tony questioned walking up to him as Bucky’s piercing gaze fell to Tony, but his response was a shrug. “So, I’m going to be throwing a ball tonight.” Tony explained as Bucky quirks an eyebrow. “What does that have to do with me enjoying myself?” Bucky questioned as Tony claps his hands together.

“Well (Y/N)’s over there look at gorgeous dresses and I thought since I’m hosting a ball for us tonight… I thought you would enjoy yourself more if you asked her out.” Tony gestured with his hands. Suddenly Bucky’s face lit up in a dark red hue as he glares at Tony. “I can’t ask her out.” He huffs. “Why not? Look at the beautiful woman! You practically drool over her all the time!” Tony snips back. “Because… Because I’m not good enough!” Bucky harks back.

“Says who! (Y/N) thinks the world of you! Who is always there for you when you have attacks? When you go through relapse? (Y/N), so just ask her out!” Tony exclaims throwing his hands up as a few people glance over to them. “F-Fine! If it gets you off my back!” Bucky huffs before storming over to the dress shop where the girls were chatting about what to wear. (Y/N) looks back when she felt a presence behind her while looking through the dresses.

“Oh, hey Buck. Is something wrong?” She asked when he took her hands in his own causing her eyes to widened as the girls look up to them in shock. “(Y/N) will you go out with me to this thing Tony is throwing tonight?” He asked as she blinked for a moment when her face heated up. “S-Sure Bucky. I’d like that.” She smiled when he swallowed. “W-Wait, seriously?” He asked as she nods. “Okay… Um… Good… See you then.” He murmurs as Natasha smirks.

Bucky slowly walks out of the store, rubbing the back of his neck as (Y/N) couldn’t stop smiling when Natasha stood up and nudged her. “Well then.” She chuckles causing (Y/N) to cover her face. Bucky made it back into the Bookstore while Tony smirks like a cat as his imagery tail flickered. “I hate you.” Bucky comments. “I didn’t do anything, but encourage you to do what you’ve been wanting to do.” Tony explained batting his eyelashes to Bucky.

“Well did she say yes?” Steve questioned, crossing his arms when Bucky nods. “Good.” Steve smirks. “I’ll give you credit Tony.” He murmurs before they go back to shopping as Bucky glances back to the store to see (Y/N) chatting with the others. It was around four and everyone piled into the van while Clint started off towards the Tower. Tony chatted away on the phone while they were driving, because he wanted the party to be nice.

(Y/N) had bought a navy blue dress that had the straps on her biceps and the dress was simple while falling to the floor. Natasha had bought a tie for Bucky to match her without (Y/N)’s knowledge. “Come on (Y/N), the party already started! You don’t want to keep your knight in shining armor waiting!” Natasha calls. “I’m coming I’m coming!” (Y/N) exclaims when Natasha smirks. “Guess you’re practicing for later.” She winks.

“Nat! Hush!” (Y/N) grumbles before clipping in her earrings as they walk to the elevator. They head down to the dance hall, looking around to the actually candles that were floating above them. “Huh, Tony did really great.” Natasha comments before her eyes fell to Steve, Sam, and Bucky who were standing together at the bar. “There he is. Go get him Tiger.” Natasha pushes (Y/N) forward who gasps almost colliding with someone.

She huffs at Natasha who smirks as she straightens her dress before walking up to the three men huddled together. Sam nudged Bucky who glanced over before choking on his drink as (Y/N) smirks taking it from him as she takes a swig of it. “There stud. I’m pretty such you asked me to this thing, so you gonna come dance with me?” She batted her eyelashes as Bucky’s jaw dropped open when Steve reached over and closed it for him.

Bucky slapped his hand away, glaring at Steve for a moment as him and Sam busted out laughing. “Come on Doll.” Bucky murmured taking her hand as she set his empty glass down. She smiled at the pet name before walking with him towards the dance floor when his hands were slowly placed onto her sides. “Enjoying yourself?” She asked softly. “I always do when I’m with you.” His mouth immediately clamped shut at those words.

“Really?” She questioned softly as he nods before looking at her dress. “You look beautiful. You always look beautiful to me.” He murmurs as she smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck while the music started up. “I think you look good yourself.” She whispers back, looking over his black button up top and navy blue tie and vest to match. “Oh my god just kiss!” Clint cried as they both look over to see the others watching them.

Natasha smacks him upside the head the head. “Good job, they were more focused on each other.” She huffs when Clint shrugs. “Bucky won’t do it. He’s too afraid.” Clint comments as Bucky frowns before cupping (Y/N)’s face when she looks to him. “Buck–” She was cut off by his lips pressing against her own as her eyes widened for a moment before she kisses him back. “You planned that didn’t you?” She asked as Clint winks.

Bucky pulled back before swallowing. “Okay, that wasn’t what I wanted–” Bucky started to say when (Y/N) put her finger on his lip to silence him. “Bucky? Shut up and dance with me you dork.” She grins before grabbing his hands as she swung him around causing him to laugh. “Does this mean you like me back?” He questioned when she pecks his lips. “Always.” She said when he spun her around causing her to giggle at him.

“You know I just realized something.” He smiled, spinning her back into his arms. Her back hit his chest softly when she looked to him. “What would that be?” She inquired as his lips touched her ear. “That I love dancing with an Angel.” He whispered causing her face to heat up before she laughs leaning against him while the music continued to play on. They danced for the rest of the night and was found the next morning lying together in Bucky’s room.  

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Oliver kissing Kara can technically be considered a lie, as it’s not “Oliver” as in our Oliver. Right? Technically.

Honestly, I really don’t care who kisses who. My babies are getting married.

Also, this weekend just reinforced the fact that I chose my fave well. Emily is a spectacular human being. The other two are pretty awesome too ;) So happy for everyone who got to meet them. And thank you for sharing your pics and your experiences with the fandom.

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Here it is!!!! Our photos from Reputation launch party in Bogotá Colombia !!! We had so much fun!!! I am going to be posting twice a day know jajaja One for our big photo and the other one my usual daily post! Thank to all the swifties that joined us that day. BTW. I am so excited i am going to seattle to see Taylor! 

Please help me this photos can get to Taylor, so she can see we love her here! @taylorswift @taylornation @tswiftdaily @afearlessstrength @taylorswiftstyle @taylor-swiftfacts @taylorslistofexlovers @taylorswiftmexico @alwynswifts @andreaswift @bigmachinerecords @bllankspace 

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Thank you for putting so much work and letting us read it, you are amazing. Aww yes, the Elizabeth part was so so sad but also really bittersweet in a way. Now that you mention Saeyoung I'm imagining so much stuff t, can't wait to read it. I'm sure than his and Saeran's To Mourne are going to be for me as difficult to read like Juju's was because I love them a lot and they allready have been trough so much but I totally trust you to make everyone's justice and I'm sure they're beautiful <3

My dearest- it is my utmost pleasure to write for this fandom. I think you are all amazing and am always super happy when I know you’ve all enjoyed the work that I’ve made thus far. 
Sae young’s will be… hard for me to write I think. I can see it so so clearly and I can feel both his and her emotions and what I need to write- I hope that it translates well from my mind and onto the page, so to speak. 
Saeran’s… is painful too… but i don’t think as painful as Saeyoung’s will be TT__TT  I hope you think the same once I’ve posted the stories, I pray I do all the character’s justice. 

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Kinda sad but my bro just broke up with his girlfriend. So I guess, if Dave and Karkat were to break up how would they get back together? I really need a back together headcanon or something because I just want to be happy because I'm so sad right now that my bro broke up with his gf

tbh, I’m not even sure what situation really leads to dave and karkat breaking up - I can see them having some rough days as they reintegrate with everyone else and their jealousy and insecurity starts ramping up big time (you already see this with dave wrt karkat’s crush on john and that’s like… 0.5 seconds into this reunion, I imagine they struggle with this for awhile) but I think if they ever actually “broke up” it would be one of those dramatic emotional declarations that they regret immediately and then, embarrassed, mutually walk back soon after. Probably Karkat being dramatic tbh. Dave knows he doesn’t mean it but the 0.01% chance he did is still terrifying??? bro what the fuck?

Anyway, I’m not sure what your family’s exact situation was but just keep in mind that not all breakups are necessarily bad and of course, fiction is not reality - the types of things that go on and are easily forgiven in idealized fictional relationships can be pretty serious carried over into the real world and things are rarely as tidy in real life as they are in our imaginations. I know you know this but your brother probably just wants support right now, whatever that entails for them. Good luck. I have a friend going through a hella messy divorce right now and I know it sucks, but remember to do your best to put them first while at the same time recognizing and respecting your own capacity to handle emotional labor. 

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taking in count that mucchan is among the qs and the people that kaneki abandonned the one (and maybe the only) who actually harbors resentful feeling towards him i guess that it makes sense that now that everyone is putting/repressing their feelings for his sake he is not there, im kind of glad for that bc maybe that means that he is about to break his illusion about "haise sasaki" i cannot express how much i llok forward to that

I agree. If Mutsuki and Aura were there they would not be cooperating with this. I can imagine Aura being like BUT AUNT KIYOKO’S LEGSSSSSS and then everyone being like SHUT UUUUUUP.

On second thought, I want to see this scene so I wish they were there lol.

But yeah. The three most obvious characters who are missing from our happy alliance are Takizawa, Mutsuki, and Aura. Aura is a latch-on to Mucchan so I’m not going to talk about him, but the reasons Taki and Mutsuki are missing are exactly as you say.

I don’t know that the CCG would be willing to work with Takizawa. Considering Touka’s willing to work with Juuzou probably, but I also don’t know that Takizawa would be able to stomach Amon’s speech here without being like “you ran Amon. Like. You ran.” And Mutsuki also would probably challenge the “everything’s fine” attitude. So they aren’t even mentioned, because they would challenge the alliance and will probably come into play to help everyone consider what they really believe.

I think Urie might harbor resentment towards Kaneki too. At least, he did. He did recently grow to take personal responsibility (yay Urie) so my hope is that at the very least he might be able to encourage Mutsuki to take personal responsibility while also reassuring him that he isn’t alone (pretty likely imo when they meet again, which is likely to be soon) and also Kaneki too. Once Mucchan is, you know, more stable, I would hope he and Urie would be able to hold Kaneki accountable, and influence others to as well. After they save Kaneki, of course.

real quick: I just wanted to actually thank everyone tonight… bts supporters/fans/armys/friends - I know all of us don’t know each other but tonight I felt like we were all together cheering on 7 men that makes us so happy and that made me so happy and I’ve never seen such an incredible community full of love and encouragement kdfjslfdflsfjk it was also amazing seeing everyone come together on the dash, I hope we can keep hyping and supporting bts together!!!!! 

To All Who Are Exploring BTS

To all of you potentially new fans out there:

Hi! I’m Madison and you can probably guess that I’m a big fan of BTS- and i have been for a little over a year. If you saw the boys at the AMAs and were impressed by what you saw, Im really glad you’re looking into the boys! I hope you’ll appreciate them for all their talent and hard work and not just their looks (even though those are great too). Many ARMYs (bts fans) might not be too happy about newcomers, so i apologize for them if you encounter anyone rude. Just some tips, don’t hate on other groups, they all work hard. Be polite to everyone, no matter what. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! You can ask me anything you want to know about the seven lovely boys. I wish you the best in learning more about these boys and I hope you expand your horizons and stick around for awhile. 💖

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arden! how were the amas? i hope you had a good time <3

it was the most incredible experience, and i can’t even put into words how emotional i am feeling… last night still seems so surreal, and i could not be more proud of the boys! everyone looked beautiful, sang and danced their hearts out, the whole crowd was on their feet, the cheers were deafening… my heart flew out of my chest :-( 

you could tell how genuinely happy and amazed they all were to be in that moment, i hope they enjoyed it lots ;; well done m’loves [insert a million purple hearts emojis]

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I don't understand how in this fandom Max and Lucas are in Slytherin?? They are both Gryffindors. Like CLEARLY. Eleven too, but she can also be in Slytherin. But Mike is the only clear Slytherin of the characters to be honest, because he is extremely resourceful and loyal to the ones he loves. I think the fandom needs some Harry Potter tinkering.

To be honest, I’ve barely had any interaction with Harry Potter since I read the last book the day it dropped. I’m not an expert on sorting and so I’m happy to see everyone’s different ideas about where the kids would end up. I think all the houses have their merits and I think that the kids all have traits that could fit them in different houses but yeah…I can’t really comment on it myself. I’m just along for the AU ride!

Happy Thanksgiving :D

Happy thanksgiving. I want to thank everyone who dares to even follow me XD But i want to thank @southernblossoms @sapphireslily especially! They’re so sweet towards me :D Thank you and have an amazing Thanksgiving! 
((as you can see leo’s been working hard on the turkey :D ))

Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming! Joseph B. Wirthlin