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Viktor’s Love

Ok I have to get to work so this is gonna be rushed af and incoherent and all but like can we just take a moment because

Like Yuuri being precious smol innocent sinamon roll as always, just happy to finally stand by everyone and share food and drinks and all, ever so grateful that he’s come this far, and met the love of his life in the process, which he couldn’t even get the nerve to talk to before. But we now know that’s not true because he basically declared his love via interpretive dance. Exhibit A:


Ok so it goes without saying that this is where Viktor fell in love. He’s just like omg this quiet meek guy is not what he seems like at all and by god just marry me already. And THEN, this darling little Katsudon goes on, after they’ve already parted, goes on to perform Viktor’s very own Stay Close to Me:

WHICH I’M PRETTY SURE VIKTOR INTERPRETED AS SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: I haven’t forgotten; please come back to me, please be my coach. Look how well I skated this piece, just for you. This is me proving I’m worthy to skate with you as my coach.

Which leads me to this. Viktor’s priceless reaction:

Because like, ok. Imagine being Viktor. You share this amazing night with this guy and you fall in love at first dance basically, and it’s just so so great because again look at how much FUN they’re having together and the way they’re smiling at each other and it’s like Viktor says in this episode, love and life were something he’d ignored for far too long. But here comes Yuuri to change all that. 

And now imagine, showing up at that hot spring. Like tada here I am! Aren’t you glad! And Yuuri freaking the fuck out. And Viktor thinking how endearing that is because aw he’s shy. 

Aw he’s embarrassed from everything that happened when they were drunk

Aw he just needs to open up his walls and he’ll be the same guy he met on that night. 

If you ask me I think this explains Viktor’s boldness throughout the series. Because it’s like he’s been in love all. this. time. and he’s just going around assuming Yuuri is the same way. The whole ‘let’s sleep together’ and ‘be my boyfriend’ and ‘tell me all about yourself’ at the beginning isn’t just Viktor being a cocky bastard. It’s Viktor being in love. In complete and absolute love. 

And it sort of explains the whole Eros thing too. Because it’s not just on a random whim or even the fact that Viktor wants Yuuri to step out of his comfort zone. It’s because he KNOWS he’s more than capable, because he’s SEEN it before. 

Which he follows with something along the lines of ‘you’ll show it to me soon, won’t you?’ 

Which basically now I’m gonna interpret as Viktor trying to get Yuuri to understand that what he did on that night was a hell of a lot more seductive than Yuuri himself might even realize, and if he can control that, then it’ll be the hook line sinker that’ll get him to finals. 

Also a bit of revenge since, I’m assuming this was probably the first time Viktor was ever caught off guard. I mean seeing Yuuri doing things like that was probably enough to catch anyone off guard. And so maybe this whole time Viktor was just trying to get even, trying to prove that he could seduce Yuuri just as much as Yuuri had seduced him (and not exactly in the sultry way).

And I just. I’m so happy. 

Please excuse my rambles. I’ll try to edit this after I get home.




HE WANTS TO MAKE THIS PUBLIC IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, which makes this scene a hundred times better.

But not only that, look at these other dorks. Love how Otabek is clapping so seriously, like “Oh you’re getting married? you have my most sincere blessings.” While Yurio is like “You’ve gotta be kidding me. Can’t believe that pork cutlet  had finally the balls to propose.”

But what I love most is the fact NO ONE is doubting their engagement, everyone is reacting LIKE THEY SHOULD, without making remarks, just congratulating the two, I love how Yuri on Ice handles this romance story.


Various Things Episode 10 Has Presented to Us

Yuuri and Viktor got!!!



they are engaged and anyone who tries to tell me otherwise can fight me.



AND PRECIOUS GUANG-HONG IS TOO (been blessed with some leoji yes).


everyone leaving jj lol.


GEORGI!!! MOVED!!! ON!!! (i’m so proud of that adorkable man).



Drunk Yuuri Katsuki successfully channeling his inner Magic Mike.

and last but not least:


But damn, think about Victor being unhappy and unsatisfied with his life. Look at him when he’s skating Stand By Me, look at him when he’s winning yet another gold medal. He isn’t happy. He’s reached the top and found its lonely up there, and now everything is dull and stale. What’s the point anymore? Everyone talks about Victor like his big problem is that he can’t surprise the audience anymore, but so much worse than that is when nothing is surprising Victor, nothing is exciting and dazzling.

So it was just one more Grand Prix, one more gold medal. And then this cute drunk guy shows up and started a dance off and strips and dances with Victor and asks him to be his coach. And for the first time in so long…Victor has fun, and he’s surprised, and he falls in love, and this drunk goofball suddenly brings color back into his life.

Phichit totally supports Victor and Yuri getting married.

Phichit will be Yuri’s Best Man.

Phichit will name himself the “cool” uncle - even before they have kids.

Phichit will offer to be their surrogate so they can have kids and then be super bummed when everyone tells him he can’t because he, too, lacks the necessary parts.

Phichit just wants them to be happy and have all the best things in life.

Everyone’s happy about the rings but...

Am i the only one that thinks this is strange?

Yurio looks SO pissed off. I know he wanted to be against Viktor in a competition but this can’t be the only reason he’s so mad. Why did he had to talk about the Ring if he just wanted to compete against Viktor? Why does Viktor look at him like that? I DON’T GET IT OKAY.

Maybe i’m freaking out about nothing, but i seriously don’t understand what happened here. 

I’m drunk so I’ll delete this later but whatevaa. So like I’m obv not always spilling real tea about my life on here cuz people can be judgmental af sometimes and I like privacy too but I’m dating this amazing guy and I want to tell everyone always and he makes me so happy. Like waking up next to him is the best thing in the world, and he makes me feel so good and we have fun together, and he keeps me in line and pushes me to better myself and also is like gorgeouss idk I’m def in that super romantic early stage still but he just makes me so happy and I want to tell the world. Thanks for listening to my shit 😘😘

dark-viverna  asked:

Hi! I have been following your blog for a while, and episode 10 was too much. I need someone to talk to. I hope you don't mind! I know everyone, myself included, is super happy about the ring *wink*, but what do you think about Otabek and Yurio?)

Hey :) You can always come and yell all your feelings and emotions about this show. 

The rings part was blessing. I’m so happy I was “it’s gonna be ring” team from the start.

As for Otabek and Yurio, I’m so happy they’re friends. Their moments were so cute.  Looking forward to see more of their interactions.

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Normani liked Laurens insta pick of BTM, and although I'm a Lauren girl and I'm gonna support/promote the shit out of her, some part of me is angry. What's the difference between Mila and Lauren?? Why is mani liking her pic but never once showed support to Mila on her solo shit, none of the girls have. Maybe is management or whatever and I don't wanna cause drama but it kinda got to me. Everyone should be supported and loved, but Mila gets too much shit, I'm so sad for my baby😞

as i remember there’s a video of them dancing while IKWYDLS plays and they were looking happy, dinah said they knew about the song and that they supported her and camila was with them when she posted about BT being #1, they were happy and don’t take what i will say in a rude way but i’m tired of people comparing situations can’t we all move on? can’t we all be happy without mentioning something negative that happened a long time ago? please, i’m tired of seeing this comparison since lauren posted about her collab. y'all wanted lauren to do something outside the group so focus on this, remember the ot5 video we had on dinah’s ig story and the interview where they all interacted, thanks. not saying camila deserves hate but let’s focus on the good :)


Can I just say that episode 10 was AMAZING! I’m so glad that this episode came out since it was from Victor’s point of view and FINALLY we all understand why he became Yuuri’s coach… because he feel in love with Yuuri first.

The amount of love and support that all of the skaters showed, especially Phichit (you little devil), was beautiful to say in the least. I love how casual and accepting everyone was when they found out about the rings, no questions were asked, no revulsion… only pure happiness and fun was expressed during that scene.

This show continues to blow away my mind…

God bless this show and the creators for smashing all of the homophobic stereotypes we have been seeing in both anime and in Japan for all these years.

all in all.. GOD BLESS THIS SHOW!


Hey everyone!

one of my friends made this super cool pop punk cover of Rudolph the red nose reindeer and since its getting closer to Christmas i thought I’d post it so whoever wants to can go take a look at it.

i don’t really know how many of you all, if any, like pop punk music, but on the chances some of you do it would be super awesome if you could go watch the video and even maybe like or comment on it too!

thanks everyone! happy (early) holidays!

hey look who hit 2k!

i’ve said this many times, but i am so thankful to everyone I follow for being such genuine, kind, and joyful people who just want to spread happiness around to everyone! 

i’ll also say this again: you are in control of your online space. make it the best space you can for yourself and the people around you. 

so heres a little list of some of my favourites, thank you again for being literal angels and making my days so much more fun!

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To everyone who comes here.

Seriously I didn’t expect this much followers. 1200 is very VERY big number. I am truly happy now. Thank you so much.

Today I want to talk about few things. Yeah, I’m telling people who likes my drawings.

First, About use of my drawings.

I have already noticed that many people use my drawings. I know. You like my drawings and you want to use it. Well. Thanks for liking my works. I appreciate that. I’ve been thinking a lot about people who using my drawings. After thinking about it, I can’t say don’t use my drawings EXCEPT PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T MENTION THAT IS DRAWN BY ME. I mean, It is not difficult to write the source that I drew. But many people didn’t do that. I don’t like that.
So, If you want to use my drawings. You don’t need to ask me. Just read and keep the rules below.
- Write the source (#Z33NZ33N) “PLEASE”
- No modification, editing. (includes video editing)
- Don’t try to sell or make money with my drawings.
You may freely use my drawings provided that you observe these rules.

Second, About commissions.

People asks me “Do you have commissions?” *sigh* Actually, I had commission before. It’s only Koreans. (yeah im korean, surprisingly) And there’s no problem. BUT, This is different. I have to talk in English. I should use PayPal. It’s SO HARD TO ME. Honestly it took me an hour to write these. I keep trying but, I’m not sure if I can do it properly. I like to communicate and give it some drawings with people. I wish I do commissions soon. (I wish I could speak English well. Isn’t it?)

Dang.. English is very difficult to me still. I don’t know if you guys understood what I said. *sob sob* Anyways, Thank you for reading this long post and thank you for always loving my drawings. I wish everyone would be a good day. Take care. Love ya! Buh bye!

i really like how everyone was so chill abt viktor and yuri getting “married” like phichit was over the fuckin moon like he’s been shipping it from the start but like jj was like “nah son im gonna be the one who wins and gets married” and everyone else was like “hoe…….ur not gonna win tho” and i just really like how none of the aggression (if u can even call it that) was directed at the fact that it was two guys who were planning on getting married it was all directed at the competition

I can rest easy now knowing that the whole “why did Viktor even decide to come to Japan to become Yuuri’s coach” issue is finally being acknowledged, thank god. Episode 10 is a blessing. And Phichit’s “CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING MARRIED, EVERYONE MY GOOD FRIEND JUST GOT MARRIED” is my ABSOLUTE FAVE my sweet, loud baby with the purest heart, I love him ;w;  


I can’t believe the last YOI chapter. 


Yuuri and Pichit do consider eachother bestfriends. (Which is always nice to have friendship confirmed)

Pichit is the captain of this ship, look at how supportive was this cinnamon roll!!

Everyone thinks that Viktuuri are together because no one was really surprised of the “marriage” lol

Otabek is pure must be protected.


I can’t remember more fan headcanons but I remember that there were more (my brain is fried, finals week ;;) 

anyway, I’m just so happy thank you episode 10!

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We might make fun of Namjoon's fashion sense but when it really comes down to it, I'm happy that he has the confidence to rock whatever he wants without caring about the opinions of others :) And he actually manages to pull off whichever never before seen hairstyle or clothing item that he chooses 99.9% of the time.

!?!?!! wrong blog;; I never make fun of his fashion tbh I feel like he is one of the few people who can pull things off also he has a verrrrry similar aesthetic to me so some pieces he wear I basically already own or I 10/10 would buy including those rick owen clogs everyone hates. I loooove how unique they are and would wear them myself 

 I love how he can go from grandpa, to dad at a bbq, fuckboy at a yacht club party, grunge as a tumblr blog, 90 af, sunday funday lounge and back to his typical aesthetic. w0aiphosf; I’m so INTO IT 

it’s honestly the way he carries himself that makes everything he wears look a+