so that everyone can be happy


That’s what I’m trying to encourage here, a revelation of kids who are fucking cool and poetic and creative and deep and dope and are fucking happy and love themselves. That’s all I’m trying to do here. To show that being happy is not lame, and everyone needs to get that picture so we can stop romanticizing negative feelings and negative behaviors and toxic mentalities.

I’m sure the queens are very happy to have performed at the VMA’s and all…I mean it’s not often that we get to see SO many drag queens on mainstream media like that….But I can’t help but feel uncomfortable….It seems that Miley is always taking advantage of anyone that’s “different” just to seem more “accepting” and edgy etc. Black people, little people, trans people, and now drag queens..idk I just can’t trust her tbh….She used the queens as props….I mean I’m pretty sure everyone at the award show didn’t even know who they were because they didn’t even get a proper introduction…I don’t think she actually cares about any minority or the issues they face in society? She’s just that white girl who wants to be friends with all the “weirdos” and tries SO hard to be one despite her privileged background. I could be wrong…It’s just what I think…

happy september, everyone

Naruto Light Novels Coming 2016 in English!

I think everyone will be happy to know that Viz Media WILL be publishing the Naruto Light Novels that were released in Japan. 

No I’m not making this up, they’re actually going to be releasing the first light novel in February. 

(Here is where you can pre-order your own copy. It’s Shikamaru’s Story

But Viz Media needs to know that we actually WANT more Light Novels published because they need to see the figures to produce more of them for our pleasure. 

So if you’ve been meaning to read the light novels yourself, you pre-order your own copy now or if you can’t just spread the word by re-blogging this message. 

You’re welcome for the information~! 

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Good vibes! So today i just started school again (senior in high school) and this year i am out to everyone as a transboy and i asked all my teachers to call me my new name instead of my old name thats on the roster and they were all ok with it! I didnt come out to them bc its not rly worth it to me but i love hearing them call me my new name so i can write it on tests and all that kinda stuff. IT MAKES ME RLY HAPPY


In case you were wondering what the blinding bright light you saw this morning was. All the sweat! I didn’t have a problem getting up this morning…I am really digging PiYo so far. My balance sucks, but I assume it’ll improve over time. I took before photos to send into Beachbody for a free shirt once I complete the program…here’s to renewed motivation!

Happy September 1st! Woah. That summer went quick! I know the end of summer isn’t until later this month, but September makes it an unofficial end (with a last hurrah this weekend) and…it’s just about done. Does that mean we can have ALL the pumpkin spice things now???

Make it a great Tuesday everyone!


september 1st, 2015 ♡

happy birthday danielle!! (it’s your birthday so i’m gonna be nice and not make old jokes) buuut let’s get sappy lmao….so we’ve been close friends for a long time now and i can honestly say that i don’t regret any part of it. i love how we’re basically married and i love staying up late with you and how i can pretty much tell you anything and the fact that half our convos are literally just us using the crying emoji while crying and screaming in all caps. i think it’s amazing how often there are times when we literally share the same mind and it’s crazy to me how we’ve managed to switch from fandom to fandom together. thank u for listening to my problems and giving me advice and just being there and supporting me when i need it! also, thank u for enduring all the horrible fics and only sending me the specially hand-picked danielle-approved ones (that i promise i will finish reading one day) because i do appreciate it. i look forward to the day we finally meet (and i can finally give u all those hugs) and you can show me all the cool stuff in la and stuff me with great food and i could show you around van and we can have a ghibli movie marathon and play mario kart together (and i’d hate to admit it but i’m like lowkey scared you’re actually gonna kick my ass at it lmao). aaanyways you’re one of my closest friends and i’m glad to have you as one. happy birthday my beautiful pile of gay, i hope you have the best one yet because u deserve it. you’re the clarke to my lexa and i love you!! but u already know that :~) #kristelle ♡

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okay super nsfw but your post inspired me to share: I have had this head canon where ever since Steve showed off that he can touch the tip of his nose with his tongue (he has EXCELLENT) muscle control Tony can't stop fantasizing about Steve fucking him with his tongue


this headcanon makes me very happy

just imagine Tony wriggling in his seat trying to get the image out of his head but he sees Steve rolling his tongue when he’s bored in meetings too and his mind just drifts to him being there on that desk with Steve’s face buried so deeply in his bubble butt that he just lets out a squeak during a meeting and everyone just stares. 

Tony’s like “I’m just thirsty.” as he guzzles down the whole jug of water whilst mesmerised by the way Steve’s tongue fidgets constantly while he’s sitting there. 

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100% cheap, efficient, electric, automated cars by the time he graduated. Designing infrastructure for cities in all sorts of temperaments. Sensible, intuitive AI for hospitals, differently-abled people, anyone who needs help that "normal" people can't provide. Machinery to make everyday life easier for EVERYONE. seamless translation devices. using his influence and genius to promote open-source. he could've made the world in his head a reality


This makes me so sad oh my god like sometimes it fucking blows my mind how smart Tony is and???? I cannot even handle it, he could’ve done something he loved and been happy. 

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(Sending this in 2 parts) Can I just say that I as an "anti" have never actually hated larry! If the slightest chance Larry actually were real then I'd be all for it, as long as they are happy. But the worst attribute of Larry is the larries. A bunch of them are close-minded people who only hear their opinion and everyone else's is irrelevant. +

+Ive heard a bunch of them say how “when Larry comes out” that theyre gona be able to say a big fat “I told you so” to antis, treating it as though l+h’s sexualities/relationship were a game to them! I was never against Larry, I was against people trying to decide what l+h’s sexualities are. Im more neutral in the sense that I listen to what 1D and their family members say and if they tell us it isnt real (which they have) I’ll believe it. Larries are the sole reason why I’ve begun to hate Larry

we are honestly the same person because this is exactly how i feel!!! every time someone comes to me and asks “why do you hate larry so much”, i have to explain that i DON’T hate larry, i loved their dynamic and everything but i absolutely despise the way people spin everything they do out of control. and we’re called naive and stupid for believing the things that come out of louis and harry’s mouths, for trusting them and for genuinely supporting them no matter what. these people are so engrossed in the forbidden romance and won’t take no for an answer it makes me so angry and frustrated

I want to be happy. So badly. I want to make art and make love and make people smile. I’m so afraid of losing people. I hate that everyone will come and go; I just long for a constant in my life besides the sadness, but it is all I can guarantee will stay. Please don’t remember me for this. When I leave your life or die or disappear; whoever you are, please don’t remember me this way. I am not my sadness. I try so hard not to be. Remember ME.

Hey everyone! I am gonna be at Sac Anime this year at Table AA61!! I would love to meet everyone if they’re going~ I’ll have prints, mini prints and new keychains!

I’ll gladly accept commissions too~ (I will have a sign of prices so no worries!) And I will have the power of the internet so if you’re uncertain about something you can always ask!

More importantly! If you just simply wanna stop and say hi, I’ll be more than happy to chat too~ I love talking to everyone so I hope to see you all there! And never forget! 


Hey guys, so I wanted to share this with everyone!

In my circle of friends, I’m known to have the BIGGEST crush on Mark Ruffalo! And who can blame me…I mean the guy is totally gorgeous! JUST LOOK AT HIM!!  

So, usually my friends allow me to gush over this man and even joke around with me! Well…this time one of my friends took advantage of the fact that I adore this man and pulled one of the sweetest, most hilarious prank ever~

So I’m studying as an interanational student in Canada (my second year in an animation program) and was expecting to come back to my dorm just as I left it…but when I came back something was off. It turns out, my summer roomate and good friend Wen took the time to print several pictures of Mark Ruffalo, cut them out individually and tape them all around my room and kitchen!  It was literally so funny, I was DYING!!! She placed him on my trashcan, light switch, keurig machine, makeup mirror, alarm clock, family photo and a bottle of liquor!  


And to be totally honest, she made me feel so good to be back in Canada.  It truly was a warm welcome. Thank you so so so much for making me feel good <3 

Oh and btw…I’m not removing them LOL!!!

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Exo reaction to you kissing them for the first time

EXO REACTION: Kissing Them For The First Time

(gifs found on

Baekhyun: “Mmm jagi your lips taste so sweet” ^^

Chanyeol: *you greet him with a kiss* It takes him a second to get his feelings back together. He smiles while waving, too nervous to find words yet. (:

Chen: Isn’t too surprised. *gives you a confident wink’

Kai: Is so so so happy. He’s wanted you to do this for a long time.

Kris: *unnoticeably looks around to see if anyone else saw; gets extremely happy when everyone is smiling at him over it*

D.O: Devilish smirk

Luhan: Doesn’t really know what to say but it has put him in a great mood <3

Sehun: *kisses you back like it was nothing serious* *later the feelings hit him and its all he can do is try not to smile and blush while he thinks about it*

Suho: *makes him want more kisses*


Xiumin: *gif*

Lay: He can’t control his smile. <3 *blushes*

First reaction request (: Hope you like it! <3


I went to get my eyesight tested tonight, and they put drops in my eyes to relax the muscle, so now my pupils are super dilated, and I can’t see well, and aparently it will last until tomorrow, so please be patient with me :(

I might not be able to post too many things tonight, 

The goods news are: my eyesight has actually improved in one of my eyes! I’m so happy!

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You know it really doesn't take a lot. I just tweeted about 50 radio stations in probably 5 minutes. That plus just leaving Drag me Down on repeat on Spotify. Neither are hard things to do at all. Imagine if everyone in the fandom did this on a consistent basis. I bet it could really make a huge difference.

I appreciate what you’re doing!! It makes me so happy to hear people are requesting it on the radio <3 I know this fandom can do really incredible things when we all set our mind to it. But, I think the case with DMD is that 1DHQ pushed drama instead of the music, so we didn’t rally behind it for long enough. If their team would just let the music speak for itself, I think we’d get much better results than we currently do.

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19 Faberry

19: Things we said when we were the happiest we ever were.

Quinn: *walks up looking the hottest she’s ever looked, clearly still needing reassurance from the love of her young life* “Hey, how do I look? Coach Sylvester gave it to me earlier and I couldn’t resist.

Rachel: “Well, I’m glad you’re happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.”

Quinn: “When you were singing that song, you were singing it to Finn and only Finn. Right?”

Rachel: *nods*

Quinn: “He really does make you so happy. I want to support you Rachel, and Finn, and come to the wedding if it’s not too late.”

Rachel: *smiles giddily and laughs out of pure happiness*

Quinn: *accepts Rachel’s hug*; *dies inside knowing that this is it, the best it’ll ever get for them*


(Oops I can’t take credit for this dialogue but it just had to be said.)

so first day back @ work was gr8 and everyone was so happy that im back..and they all clapped n hugged me n stuff it was cute…wish i was getting paid sooner than 3 weeks from now but hey…what can u do….

He rise

I was released from the hospital today. There is still one tube inside me, but it doesn’t hurt. It will come out next week.

It will take time until my body is what it was and has gotten used to functioning normally again, but the worst is over for now.

Of course all that is not the only thing that has gone wrong this summer. I wish I could be as happy about getting out as I thought I would be after this ordeal. But it will take time. If my body can heal then so can my heart. Maybe not today, maybe not this week. I have to accept that. But I will get there.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and Sarah through this hell. I can’t begin to say what it means to know you care and continue to do so. Yes it’s been hard. But it would be harder without you. Thank you.