so that everyone can be happy

so it’s not rlly my place to step in but my whole dash is flooded with posts about being divided over laundry. i mean hey personally off the grid would’ve been great, yeah! but laundry is p ok too. i don’t feel like it’s right to bash EA when the whole time the majority of people were screaming at them to add laundry. either way not everyone is going to be happy; there’s gonna be people who hate it, and some who love it.

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I don't know if you would be interested, but would you consider doing a follow up to the ask where Amy lost her memories. Her remembering everyone and their reactions would be wonderful to read!

(Because we all need some sweet happiness!)

Mark shows Amy into the building. She’s nervous about seeing the Egos again after so long, after she forgot them. “There’s no reason to feel guilty,” Mark says again. “You had an accident.” He sends them the message that they’ve arrived. “I think we’re supposed to meet them in the living room.

They ride the elevator up as Amy hugs her arms tight to her torso and chews on her bottom lip. She can’t imagine what they went through. Wilford likes to act tough, but Amy knows the truth. Bim and Host… well, she doesn’t even want to think about that.

Mark leads her through the floor where the Ego’s bedrooms are until they reach the living room at the end. The lights are off, but when Mark and Amy step in, the lights come on and the Egos spring from their hiding spots with a loud, “SURPRISE!” Wilford is blowing bubbles, Bim is holding a bouquet of flowers, and Host is in the corner looking very nervous.

Dr. Iplier, arms crossed over his chest, squints at her for a moment before declaring. “I give her a clean bill of health!” The others cheer, and Amy laughs as they swarm her with hugs and little gifts.

Wilford hugs her and won’t let go for a solid minute. “You’re not leaving again,” he declares in a loud voice. “I refuse. You’re mine now.” Amy laughs and presses a kiss to his forehead before he finally let’s go of her.

Bim just literally sobs into her shoulder. “I thought you’d never remember us!”

“Aw, Bimmy Boy, how could I ever forget BIM TRIMMER,” she says in her best Bim voice. He laughs and hands her the flowers that he and Poppy grew for her.

Oliver prances over in his new button-up shirt and places a flower crown on Amy’s head. “I’m very happy to have you back, Amy. Things weren’t the same without you.” He blushes deeply, but Amy winks at him.

“Good job, buddy. Not a single glitch that time.” She giggles as his blush gets even redder and he backs away, tripping over an ottoman.

Host, as always, is last. It’s as if he always thinks everyone should be allowed to go before him. He steps over, quietly narrating and smiling. “The others were afraid that you would never recover, and the Host couldn’t… he couldn’t come see you because…”

Amy places a hand gently on the Host’s cheek. “I know, Hosty. I’m glad that I remember you.” Host pulls her in for a hug without another word, but Amy knows what it means because Host lets her hear his quiet thoughts through their contact.

He’s very happy to have his best friend back.


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‪Although the date has changed,‬

‪I received a lot of comments from everyone.
‪Aoi Shouta, yesterday was the 4th year anniversary. I’m really happy to receive support from so many people. I want to be able to return that to everyone from now on too.‬

‪Please, yoroshiku onegaishimasu (*☻-☻*) Good Night!‬


Please continue to let me hear your wonderful music and beautiful voice.

I opened the gate which your voice knocked on, you showed me a new world. I love that voice of your’s dearly.
Your true heart is what made me fall for you. Your talent, kindness and strength is unlimited.
Thank you for giving me endless happiness, as long as you smile I don’t need anything else. I can only see you.
Your world and my world are different. What I can do for you may still be small, but the feelings I put in them shines strongly.
Please allow me to continue to give you more love; go to your lives and shout “S!”; sway my lights red, blue and purple.
Thank you so much for always being by my side, thank you for meeting me, thank you for finding me, thank you for loving me as a fan. I was saved by your love.

Please never change who you are.

Aoi Shouta, continue to carry that name and fly!!

I’ll support you forever!

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some of you might know this already, but for those who don’t: Adore is gonna do a birthday tour this year and i’d love to give her something special! scrapbooks have been done before, i’m aware, but it doesn’t make it any less heartfelt.

you can contribute letters, fanart (PLEASE!!), video greetings, poems, songs or just a picture (like … of you with a ‘happy birthday’ sign, a M&G pic, Adore inspired look or something). i’m open to suggestions. get creative! i will include a CD so video greetings/digital art etc won’t be a problem.

i’d appreciate anything, really.

yes, i’m super early with this, but i want to give everyone (including my lazy ass) enough time to prepare something beautiful for Danny, because holy moly, he deserves it so much. you can take your time, but a short “i wanna do something!” would be great.

the submission box is open or i can give you my email address or twitter, instagram or whatever. write me, we’ll figure something out.
since i’m gonna move at the end of august anyway, you can send me actual handwritten letters/fanart/birthday cards/envelope-sized gifts etc if you want to (but i’ll have to make sure you’re not some kind of creep first lol also: i live in germany, so pls think about postage)

even if you don’t want to participate, please reblog this or tag people who might like to contribute something ❤ ❤ ❤

deadline: september 10th

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I understand that we are NOWHERE NEAR the end of SSLL, but like, are there going to be multiple endings where the reader can choose their preferred skele? No pressure or anything, I just get so anxious because of all these sweethearts in love with the lady. I want them all to be happy! Also, will we possibly get Axe's POV in chapter 16? CAUSE DANG. Thanks for all your hard work in writing us skelebaes, and I hope you have a wonderful day!! 😘

Definitely!  From the moment I started SSLL, I decided there’s going to be an ending for each skelebae, that way, everyone gets to pick the one they want.  And because, ya’know, I’m indecisive and just want all of them to be happy.  
(*I mean, I’d date all of them at once)

And yep!  =D  I’ve gotten several requests for the POV of both HT!bros in the last chapter, so I’ll write that up before the next update! <3  

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this series has turned into so much more than a jared x reader fic- now we got gen love, padafamily love, AND ackles quality (almost legally official) family time. I'M SO HAPPY 💜

this fic is my baby honestly i love it so much

ditto is more like an OC than a reader to me, and having everyone relate to her/emote with her so much makes me so so so so happy

sometimes things are gonna get tough, but that’s life and our dits can handle it i promise

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Seventeen

the summer of 17′? will be the BEST period of my life… I’ve been a vegetarian for two months now, I’m feeling GOOD and HEALTHY… I’m meeting friends who know about my gay ass over the summer and I’m also attending friend’s wedding where EVERYONE knows I’m gay meaning I don’t have to listen to “do you have a girlfriend” questions for once… Lana Del Gay’s album is coming out this summer and so is The Defenders… AND I can spiritually feel that I’m getting a boyfriend this July, I just KNOW it… ladies, this gay is READY!

why does everyone keep dying and leaving why won’t anything go right every time something good happens or i feel happy for a second everything goes wrong and something hits me really fucking hard and it’s so hard to get back up again i’ve been so tired for the longest fucking time of getting back up and everryone says im strong but i’m not du kiing strong i cant do anything tight and i can’t keep myself together

Goodbye, Liars...

Goodbye, Mona Vanderwaal. Thank you for showing us that people can change. That they can grow and learn from their mistakes, no matter how big those mistakes may be. Thank you for being the girl that so badly wants to be a part of something she’s not. I think we’ve all felt like that girl, and I hope you get your peace.

Goodbye, Allison DiLaurentis. Thank you for showing us that there can be so much more to a mean girl than catty words and a pretty face. Everyone is fighting a battle, no matter how perfect their lives seem. Everybody knows what it’s like to smile but secretly have this pining for everyone else to understand. I hope your battle ends soon, and you finally get your happiness.

Goodbye, Aria Montgomery. Thank you for showing the world that you should always be yourself, that it’s okay to make mistakes, that you will always be important. I hope you get your freedom that you’ve been waiting for all this time.

Goodbye, Spencer Hastings. Thank you for showing us that it’s okay to not be the perfect child that your parents wish you were. Thank you for letting us see that you can be wonderful and amazing and beautiful, even if you don’t live up to your family’s achievements. Thank you for letting us see that it’s okay to be broken. I hope you get your success in the finale. You deserve it.

Goodbye, Emily Fields. Thank you for showing us that you can be so many contradictory things without being fake. You are shy but strong, brave but broken, and beautiful but in fear. I hope you finally get the love you’ve been looking for for so many years.

And finally, goodbye to Hanna Marin, my favorite little liar. Thank you for showing us that the “dumb” ones have depth behind that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like the dumb one. You are so much more than that, especially to me. I hope you get all the joy in the world, and I hope you get to share it with your friends. You deserve it. You all do.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. Goodbye, PLL. Thanks for all the lies.

Send me your birthday please!

Okay so I really wanna make a page with people’s birthday on them. Mostly for myself so I can remember everyone’s birthdays since it would be impossible to recall everyone’s here by memory. If you send me your birthday I will send you a message and also put a birthday shoutout on my blog so others know! Just send me your bias and your birthday! Here’s the page if you want to see: x

Edit: Send by ask, message, or reply to this but only do one! Also MX biases please! You’ll get a confirmation from me if you haven’t yell at me that I forgot yours lol! 


Happy (last) PLL Day!

After 7 years of watching this show and being obsessed with it, it’s here to end and I can honestly say that i’m not ready to let go of the girls, of the mystery, of the tumblr theories, the gifs, the jokes, the amazing blogs or even the ships.

I wanna say thank you for everyone on here that made those past few years so special and I wanna say thank you for the cast memebers that made this show unforgettable.

Pretty Little Liars will always be my number 1 tv show and i’m always going to belong to this incredible fandom. 



Anyway, aces and aros are LGBT, agender, non-binary, demigender, and all other gender-queer orientations are LGBT, bisexuals and pansexuals aren’t greedy, intersex individuals are valid, trans people are strong and amazing and valid, people that are questioning are valid and LGBT, and LGBT doesn’t just mean lesbian, gay, bi, and trans its just the simplified version of the acronym, and anytime I say LGBT I AM INCLUDING EVERYONE, and, its fine if you personally, as an LGBT individual, don’t like the word queer and don’t want it to be used to define you, but queer is a beautiful umbrella term that is being taken back to be used with pride and anybody that says its a slur so I shouldn’t use it, it’s not the 80′s anymore and they can kISS MY QUEER ASS!! 

Happy Pride Everyone <3

  • Me: *keeps seeing that one steter au drabble idea with comments like “MOAR” and “you CAN’T end it there” and “I demand you finish writing this”*
  • Me: Listen you needy little Finchfuckers, the last time people DEMANDED I write them more of a story I felt happy leaving where it was, I basically fucking KILLED one of the characters and laughed a LOT when everyone lost their damn fucking minds about it.
  • Me: so what I'm fucking saying is... don't. tempt. me.

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Same beans. Girls are just?? So beautiful??? Especially when they talk about something they love? And girls with brown eyes?? Sign me the fuck up gay stats increased

Girls are fucking amazing. I’m a sucker for a smile and really cute laughter. Like the nervous “oh did I say that” kind of situation. 
I die for girls being happy and wonderful. Like, can’t everyone be happy? 
Happy is such a good romantic variable for me. 

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hey!!!! i love ur comics sooo much they make me super happy tbh they are sooo adorable!! and u r super talented too, honestly. u really can tell stories just with ur drawings and in such a simple style!! like its so!!! expresive!! and imaginative!! ur so great ily

CLUTCHES CHEST THANK U SM 😭💖💘💖💘💖 but in all seriousness legmon wouldn’t have come this far without all of your participation as well! My ideas really do come alive because of everyone as I wanna do my best to make your days 💗💗💗

So I didn’t start posting on tumblr until a few months ago because I was too shy, I was just secretly lurking and reading all of your amazing theories and thoughts! Eventually I started to join in and I wish I did it sooner, you guys are creative, supportive, hilarious and lovely people, I’m sure I will miss seeing everyone’s outrage, joy and theories on here more than I’ll miss the show itself.
So if any of you want to chat/bitch about PLL or anything else that’s going on in your crazy lives then I’d be more than happy to hear from any of you!

I can’t believe its all coming to an end, but I’m relieved that it is because we all need some concrete answers - not that we will definitely get them, but you know…

So my final prediction for AD - Melissa
My wish for AD - Ezra

Enjoy the finale you beautiful fuckers xxx

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What is jbj tho help me and my ignorant soul

no it’s completely fine love you are not ignorant at all 😤 i’m still a bit dull about JBJ i just know the general things and some of them may be wrong pls excuse me and feel free to correct me~

JBJ started as KenCallTaeGyun (Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong and Sanggyun) if i’m being completely honest i’m still not sure why that foursome was created so if you would like to enlighten me please do (i was just really happy about kenta lmao) anyway this post happened and everyone started saying how they wanted that group to happen and how they wanted them to debut so they started contacting every trainee’s company so they can at least have some sort of photoshoot or interview. Sadly, there were some companies that declined (i’m still crying) so they couldn’t do anything about it but people are still trying to get them together.

JBJ stands for Just Be Joyful (also not sure about how that name happened but it’s cute) there are 7 members (Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong, Sanggyun, Taehyun, Hyunbin and Donghan) they all get along together really well and their chemistry is amazing so that’s mainly the reason why they want them to debut together~ (but sadly we didn’t get to see any of this friendships in pd101 i’m salty

You can always search for JBJ on twitter and scroll through if you want to get to know them more, hopefully this helped and if i’m missing something or said something wrong please feel free to correct me ^^

To The Digimon Fandom (Read If You Want~)

If you are obnoxious over Meiko and Meicoomon and can’t understand (reasonable) points for people to dislike said characters, unfollow/block me.

Better yet, stop bothering and annoying people who dislike/hate those characters - period. Meiko being important to the plot doesn’t automatically mean that everyone will adore her nor should they have to do so :)

And you doing so won’t make the fans who dislike them suddenly like them and it just needlessly annoys other fans. You can be a Digimon fan without enjoying Meiko and Meicoomon’s characters.

The Digimon fandom was always a fun fandom for me to be in, so just unfollow/block/blacklist what you don’t like and keep on liking the Meiko content that you do enjoy and everyone can be happy. We know you like Meiko but that doesn’t mean we want your justifications on every post that we make about her, Tri and Adventure overall. We are allowed to dislike new characters based on our own experiences and what we like and dislike in fictional characters.

That’s all ^_^

Thanks for reading my little vent here and have a good day :)

P.S. if you don’t want to see my Meiko ‘hate’ (more like disappointment as I dislike character types like the one she and Meicoomon are), either block me or blacklist ‘//meiko’ if you have xkit. 

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i know that having pride and being lgbt isnt all about feeling wanted and loved and u should be able to feel that all on ur own within urself BUT when everyone is constantly telling u that “u will find ur person and then everything will make sense” and u Dont have your “person” or even a completely welcoming and supportive friend group it really enforces the idea of like wow. im gay and im trans and im really fucking alone. and like no one can understand those feelings except you and its just so exhausting that the response for “i want to feel safe normal and happy” is always “u will someday.” like why the fuck is that the norm how is everyone so fucking okay with letting us be isolated and alone and depressed and fucking getting murdered and killing ourselves WHY IS THAT NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????