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I don’t know if you will read this! But if you do CONGRATS JACKABOY!! You mean so much to me, you don’t even know. My first video of you was “Forest (Co-op Multiplayer) w/ Markiplier”. I found you through Mark, and realized, HEY, I LOVE THIS IRISH LIL SHIT. YouTube has saved me through so many personal things, I can’t thank everyone enough. But I can celebrate their achievements. 15 mill. happened so fast I didn’t get a chance to do anything special! So I wrote this on my arm, and will wear it everywhere I go for the rest of the day! I’m not good at art, or music, or anything special to give to you, so I hope you’ll accept my words, my many thanks, and my arm. 😂 But seriously, not even 15 million pages of writing can thankyou for what you’ve done. I will always be in debt. I love you Sean! Keep being loud, keep your head up, and smile that wonderful smile. I will forever be a boss. Thanks, you Irish Green Bean. @therealjacksepticeye 💚

ok so today ive seen that adorable video of lin and groff kissing and i was just on youtube watching videos about them all day now and omg they looked so married i shipped them for like 6 hours and my heart wasnt happy like that since… idk i dont remember when i was this happy honestly i felt rainbows and unicorns and squishy clouds and omg the way they look at eachother llike wow i was like 100% sure that they are at least married but NOOOOOOO THIS SHIT HAS TO RUIN E V E R Y T  H I N G  IM SO PISSED LIKE HE HAS FKING WIFE AND TEARS ARE ROLLIING DOWN MY FACE NOW IDK HOW WAS I SO NAIVE THAT THAT GOOD SHIP CAN ACTUALLY EXIST AND IM LIKE WHY CAN HIS WIFE JUST DIE BCS ILL KILL HER. LIN DESERVES TO BE HAPPY WITH GROFF THEYRE IN LOVE THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACHOTHER AND WAY THEY KISS I JUST CANT LIKE HONESTLY I SHIPPED THEM TOO MUCH MY HEART WAS FULL OF JOY BUT THIS WORLD IS SO CRUEL IT HATES ME EVERYONE HATES FANDOMS WHY DO WE SUFFER LIKE THIS NOONE DESERVES THIS LIN DESERVES HAPPINESS GROFF DESERVES HAPPINESS THIS IS DISRESPECTFUL. u know that hollow feeling in your chest as if everything you ever loved suddenly died? well thats how im feeling rn bcs that ship was so real like wtf plz tell me this is all a joke i honestly want to kill myself just as much as in the end of TST imagine how bug urge is that like how is this possible they are together they are married i dont want to hear otherwise. they are couple for me.

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ok ok so hes married ok. but like, THOSE MEN ARE IN LOVE. i mean im sure his wife isnt rly in love with fact that lin is being manly macho bro with his friend groff. LIKE THATS HOMO SHIT. like i mean they are in love and like omg she must be like omg. they should get divorced like now let them live god. ITS SO OBVIOUS THAT I HONESTLY THOUGH THEY WERE DATING NOT BY KISSES BY EVERYTHING GROFF WAS LITERALLY TOUCHING LINS NECK FOR 743993 DECADES AND LIN WAS 150% FINE WITH THAT





married i was saying…

the last one breaks my heart


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Hello, everyone! Here is your April Journal Challenge. I hope you enjoy the prompts this month.


1. Respond to the daily prompts in a journal or notebook.

2. Add hand lettering, drawings, paint, etc…

3. Snap a photo of your journal page for each day and share it with us.
4. Have fun and be creative!

Tag #journaling-junkie, and #2017AprilJournalChallenge so we can all like and reblog your original creations!

Happy writing! :)


Happy 23/24 Birthday to this beautiful pure soul who brightens everyone’s day and literally touches the heart of all who meets him or knows him!💖💋💖😍Hope your day is filled with joy and you surround yourself with lots of love! Also keep strong and healthy so you can celebrate many more birthdays to come! We love You Jackson Wang!🇨🇳🎂🎉🎊💖💋😍

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Hi guys! Yesterday I reached 5k followers! That’s something I never thought I’d even come close to getting, thanks so much guys for helping me reach this milestone, you’re the best! Huge thank you to every one who supports my blog and says nice things. You have no idea how much it means to me. Reblogging my gifs and edits you make me happier. I didn’t tag everyone because i follow too many blogs (exactly 404 blogs, what can i say, i watch too many tv shows), i’m so sorry if i didn’t include someone. Ok, lets do this:


@solitude-am-i @lecomics-hooverman Oh, my sweet Iv and El. Family don’t end with the blood and  you two are like my sisters from another mother. I tagged you together because the the three of us are unsaperate. I love you both so much and now i can’t image a life without you two ( i can’t image a day without our talks:) You two know me here the best. I’am so thankful that i have the pleasure to know you. You’re my real life friends. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my life with you <3

@mel-loves-all My sweet Mel, you are here with me since the beginning. Without you I would not be here. You’re one of the first person that i started to talk here.I was so shy, but this was my best decision to start interact with you. I love you so much my friend. Thank you for all the love, support, all the random messages. Thank you for being you, one of the kindest, lovable people that i ever met. Thank you for everything honey<3

@spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting Oh dear Abby, a day without a message from you is a lost day. Thank you for being a part of my life, a part of my spn family. I love you my adorable friend. Thank you for liking and reblogging my stuff, for all the support. Meeting you was a gift which I couldn’t be more grateful.

@smoakqueenz @oliversmoaked My dear Nelly and Brune, you two give me the power for doing what i do. Thank you for all the kind words about my work. Thank you for all the support. You two made me believe in myself, you made me believe that what i do is not meaningless. I’m a very big fan of not just your blogs, I am a fan of what you are as a person. I love you to very much<3

My favorite people since forever, you made me who i’m here now. Thank you sweethearts for everything. There is no me here without you. You all are very special to me and I love you all very much<3

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Thank you to every single one of you guys and I love you so much! Big  thank you to all of my followers, with all of you everything is possible ♡

Kindhearted, sweety pie, always humble, having a rookie heart
In everything he does, he does it for the people he loves
Never forgets to thank the people who supports him since
Giving his 7777777% in everything even when it breaks him
Jackson Wang, the most precious human being in the universe
A man who’s never afraid or ashamed to express his genuine feelings
Captions and translates his IG posts so everyone can understand
Keeps his friends close even when they don’t remember him anymore
Seven or Never, Seven or Nothing, he believes in his brothers, GOT7
Over-apologizes for even the most trivial things like getting sick
Never complacent and always working hard to overcome his limitations
Delivering the funniest and most memorable acts to entertain people
Always bright and full of energy and makes sure everyone is having fun
Yet always hypes up the talents of his members because he loves them and knows they are the best

To a man of many qualities, Happy Birthday Jackson Wang, the love of my life, the stars in my sky, may you continue to have good health for many following years, may you have more birthdays and blessings to come, and may you find content and happiness in everything that you do. I love you and will always love you. Thank you for saving my life.

#KingJacksonDay 👑🐶💞

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How does Barry even know about Superman or Kara's jealousy of him? Did she mention her cousin in the episode where he went to her world?

No clue; it’s definitely extra-canonical. My guess would be they chatted about it during the after-party for the Dominators though, actually, in the crossover arc? 

Her giggling that she loves this Earth because she’s the first ‘Super’ on it and when Barry asks what she means, her explaining that she sometimes feels like everyone is comparing her to her more famous cousin who showed up first on her Earth as a superhero. But here? Everyone thinks her powers are totally new and mindblowing and have never heard of the things she can do, between the flying and the xray vision and all of it. 

Barry would smile and just love that because he’s in awe of Kara, of course, and it’s great to see her so happy and giggly and he’s glad his Earth was a positive adventure for her. And then there’s Oliver listening in and nodding and smiling but then denying it when they catch him eavesdropping.

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god I know people tell you this all the time but thank you so much for this blog and everything you do. It really feels like a safe space where we can all casually (and obsessively) fangirl over fanfic and recommend ones we enjoy to others. It gives me such positive feelings and I can't help but check your blog throughout the day. Much love to you Hailey <3

This makes me so happy to hear! I really try my best to keep this a safe place for everyone, and I appreciate everyone for doing the same! It’s an amazing thing to be able to be yourself and enjoy the things you like without judgment or fear. I’m SO glad you like the blog! Much love to you too! <3

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I'm a little frustrated because at the end of the day louis and harry are just human and ppl fall out of love all the time, it doesn't mean they don't care abt each other anymore, but everyone is so resistant to the idea. It makes me sad that ppl won't see any relationships harry and louis have as valid if it's not with each other :(

Tell one “relationship” they had where they looked happy and wasn’t publicized like hell, one where they weren’t papped constantly for headlines, one where they didn’t looked uncomfortable. Tell me one, tell me one relationship you can think would made Louis write Home and Harry write IICF. The day we get signs they aren’t together anymore and are happy with other people, than you come back 

So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

You can’t tell me that Fidds doesn’t like adopt Pacifica and she helps him around his new shed and the work together on giant machines. You can’t prove to me that does not happen.

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: D/pper and Mabe/
Day 4: Pacifica Northwest

A very last minute edit I just made, but I wanted to contribute to all the fan art for this huge milestone! It’s not my best work, I know, but I wanted to post it anyway to show my appreciation. Congratulations to not only Jack, but to everyone involved in the community! 15,000,000 is a lot of people, and I’m so happy that I can be one of those people :) @therealjacksepticeye

Alex and Maggie are not breaking up tonight. People are saying it absolutely everywhere and believing the theories just because Maggie isn’t in 218 but that shit won’t be explained. She just won’t be there like James isn’t. They’ll be fine. I like a good angsty headcanon like the rest of you but everyone is posting it and some people are easily trusting so… if they do, you can come at me but they won’t.

The cliffhanger will be unrelated to Sanvers. It’ll be Hell centric next ep so they’ll end it on him and Sanvers will be the healthy, happy story. Like they were before the last hiatus. I would assume Alex will barely be in 18 anyway but they can’t cut her out of an episode without good explanation like ep 18 of s1.

random ass thought

there’s something really comforting in knowing that the video game industry is still as embarrassing and silly as it’s always been. I finished that 20 minute video about mass effect andromeda by crowbcat and for some reason, it just made me really happy.

people act like these mess ups are new, and I will admit that they can be very large mess ups(no man’s sky being a kinda recent example) but I wonder when everyone will realize that the video game industry in general is still very new in relation to other entertainment, and this shit is still going to happen a lot.

I think that’s why I find comfort in it. people have always been laughing at stuff like ME:A and other various major video games that fall on their faces. Stuff like E3 or the game awards have always had lots of stupid and embarrassing moments. don’t forget the awkward faces of these events like Todd Howard, Major Nelson or Geoff Keighley(random examples), who just kinda embody the faceless entity that is “video games”.

the video game industry is still a baby (or an annoying toddler), and even though video games themselves are always getting better and improving, there’s still so much about it that’s a huge joke.

it’s like watching your old high school get larger and improve after you graduate, but when you go back to visit it still has the same old dysfunctional staff and awkward-looking students you remember it having

(granted I haven’t been around for the 90s video game craze, but from what I can tell it’s still the same old video game industry)

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istg if we don't get 100 diamonds after the maintenance ends I will go to Japan and fight Happy Elements

Hopefully.. give a full 10x scout 😭 but people are so upset i honestly don’t know what they can do immediately (esp after ranking rewards mess)

last time they gave us 68 dia bc the app was down for 68 hours if i remember correctly but everyone was alright because it didn’t crash mid-event but during the 5-day break (also revivals didnt exist) and it was still a new app so people were more understanding of it.

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Louis is literally stunting with the Original Beard. What relationship lmao? Harry's last "relationship" was a gay woman. Can people not?

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:That anon is exactly what i hate about houies, they make their angst headcanons based on nothing and then try to guilt trip and condescend people into feeling bad if they don’t agree

Ikr - they act like we would hate them for not being together  because they don’t believe anymore and want everyone to not belive too, when in reality we just want them to be happy, it haplens, for us, that they’re together and happy so there’s that 

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I heard ikon has lot of fanboys and man i can literally feel the happiness of our boys. I mean boy groups aren't usually liked by men, but ikon is so great they've attracted even same sex fans! (i'm not by any mean degrading girl fans, they are important). If I were in a girl group and had a large following female fanbase, I would be extremelly proud that my music reached them. I hope ikon gains more and more fanboys!

iKON are liked by everyone who has a good music taste~

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Really random but today has been a year since I tried committing suicide for the second time and I can't believe I'm still here. I just want anyone who reads this to know that whatever you're going through it will eventually be ok, I promise. It may feel like there's no one left or nothing to turn to but there always is and darling everything will be ok. ❤️

This is important ❤ I’m so happy you’re still here. Stay strong everyone

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OMG! I never thought this would become so popular! I’m so happy! As a big thank you to everyone who follows, likes, and reblogs my stuff, here is a sleepy Noctis with tiny familiar faces!!

Thank you so much everyone! I truly appreciate it!!

Can anyone find out what were the tiny items I gave Noct’s friends?