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Someone does something stupid


“You’re not nearly as smart as you think you are.”

Robert clicks the door shut behind him and feels his neck click too as he bends it slightly to the right.

He’s bone dead tired and can’t even think about climbing the stupid stairs right now. So instead he just takes off his scarf, and then his long coat, and then he’s flicking the little lamp on and being met by his two favourite boys.

Aaron’s laying on the sofa, Jacob so tiny on his chest. They’re both dead to the world and Robert feels something so soft tug at his chest.

It’s mad to think that your whole world can be summed up in one single snapshot.

Robert gulps steadily and then he’s watching Aaron’s eyes flicker open, and he’s letting out this tired smile.

“Hey sexy.” Robert whispers to him, says that a lot now considering Aaron’s staying at home and looking after Jacob practically all day and feels the least like sexy in the world.

Aaron looks at him up and down and then bites his lip. “Hey nearly half decent.” He teases playfully and then he’s moving Jacob from his chest and laying him out on the sofa, bundling pillows close to him so that he doesn’t fall off.

Robert grabs at Aaron’s shoulders and kisses him softly before letting out another sigh.

“Hard day?” Aaron asks, collects together Jacob’s toys and piles them up in the corner of the room as Robert nods.

“Chasing up a contact for half the morning.” He complains and then frowns. “How was my little man?” He says and Aaron sighs.

“Grisly.” He says, holds back and shrugs. “I told you, it’s because we lost Milo.”

The lion Liv bought him when he was just born.

Robert entertains it for a second before laughing softly. “He’s three months old. He doesn’t know the difference between a lion and a giraffe.” He tells Aaron, because he knows his husband felt like shit for losing it in the shopping centre.

Aaron hums along and then lets out a yawn just as Jacob wakes up crying. Robert gets up and walks towards the kitchen, “Any formula already done?” Robert asks as Aaron rocks Jacob in his arms.

Aaron nods about it being in the microwave and Robert frowns as he opens it up and sees nothing inside.

“I - I’m sure I made one.” Aaron’s saying, the tiredness suddenly showing on his face now and making Robert feel guilty.

He must be exhausted too.

“It’s fine, I’ll make another.” Robert waves a hand out and starts working as Aaron bangs on about definitely having done one and then out of the corner of his eye Robert looks into the oven and sees the formula sitting on one of the racks.

He walks towards it, opens the oven door and places the bottle on the counter as Aaron stares at him in shock.

“I -” Aaron’s eyes widen and he looks confused. “I made it extra early so that I didn’t have to stand here at eleven o'clock and make another.” He babbles.

“And you put it in the oven instead of the -”

Aaron sighs and Robert lets out a laugh.

“You’re not nearly as smart as you think you are.”

Aaron playfully gasps. “That’s rich coming from you mate.” He laughs out and then he’s passing Jacob to his daddy and heading up for bed. “See you in a bit.” He mumbles. “Don’t forget to turn off the door.” He yawns out and Robert lets out a smile before looking at Jacob.

Turn off the door?” Robert whispers accusingly and Jacob’s blue eyes grow wider. “You’re giving your daddy a serious case of baby brain mate.” He says before kissing his head softly and finally being able to climb the flipping steps because -

Well Aaron’s up there, in their bed, waiting for his best boys, and that’s all he needs to know.


Caught myself trying to vent/rant again, that’s a tricky thing to stop doing. It’s so easy to go off about something that’s bothering me like talking about it’s gonna change anything. I could just sum up everything I was gonna say with, “people are garbage” because damn people are garbage. No need to elaborate, three words will suffice every time. Plus I’m not really being true to myself when I complain, I’m not that kind of person. Don’t know why or when I started doing that so much, it’s a poor habit and isn’t doing me any justice. Need to kick that.

I wish I knew more genuine people, the only cool people I meet are on here. Everyone in my reality, save like two people, is just the worst. So many uncaring, selfish people. So many cruel assholes. Ugh.. people are garbage. I cannot wait to leave this place and these people far behind me. Gross overuse of the word people but whatever. I’m too tired to make the words look nice.


Anil is always the first one up in the morning and the last to go to bed. His energy level stays high because he doesn’t exert himself doing unnecessary things. He enjoys his time alone after everyone has gone to bed. The house is quiet so he can think and mull over things uninterrupted. He often thinks about money, especially after large sums have been spent. There were some small renovations and a bit of redecorating that seems to have given him cause for concern. With three successful businesses you’d think he would be rolling in money but that’s no the case. Not to worry their finances are secure. They are comfortable; he is able to provide for his family, he has money saved and they don’t live extravagant lives. Anil and Diamond lead quiet lives focused on their family. Anil takes care of the finances and Diamond runs their home like a well-oiled machine.

i redrew and messily colored my favorite two pb panels for fun hfjksdj


“I have seen her. Walking across the courtyard from her first class this morning, her expression thoughtful, her book bag casually thrown over her shoulder. I had seen photographs, of course; I knew she wore clunky glasses and her hair in a youthful dreadlock style, that her clothes would be dynamic and colorful. I knew she would be 1.63 meters tall, that she would weigh 50kg, that she was coming away from a neurobiology class; I knew what to expect…But I was not prepared for her insouciant manner, the way she squinted and smiled up at the gathering rainclouds, aware of the gray weather in a way that the other students missed, immersed in their phones or conversations. I did not think she would kick at a pile of leaves. She walks loosely, comfortable in her skin, her face as open and expressive as Ms Hendrix’s is closed.” - from the diary of Dr. Delphine Cormier.

so to sum up, keith…

  • refuses to call himself the black paladin
  • is painfully self-aware and analytical about his own flaws and apologizes for them repeatedly
  • is aware he can’t connect with his teammates and remembers examples of that happening even months later
  • knows he has anger issues, is ashamed of that, and thinks it’s intrinsic because he’s galra
  • knows he has trust issues and identifies his mom leaving him as the reason he’s afraid of rejection
  • knew he would cry if he talked about it?? what the fuck

and keith:

  • was called a loner by the people he’s been living with for months
  • identifies shiro as the only person who never gave up on him and canonically connects with him on a level separate from anyone else in his life
  • has lost shiro twice so far


↳ Night in the Woods (2017)

“You know after I sent that kid to the hospital years ago they said I had an anger problem, but that’s not true. I was angry because of something else. Something I’d lost. Trying so hard since not to be angry got me all defenseless and I lost more, and more, and more… that’s not getting better. I want to be angry. When I ran home from college, on the bus I had this dream… or maybe I saw it out the window, last leaf on the tree finally blown off. I’m so scared all the time, and the fear hurts, feeling like everything is over… was over long before I got here, so long, hiding or trying to outrun this. I get it. This won’t stop until I die. But when I die I want it to hurt. When my friends leave, when I have to let go, when this entire town is wiped off the map, I want it to hurt. Bad. I want to lose. I want to get beaten up. I want to hold on until I’m thrown off and everything ends. And you know what? Until that happens I want to hope again and I want it to hurt. Because that means it meant something. It means I am… something, at least. Pretty amazing to be something at least.”

Taking textbook notes is a chore. It’s tedious and boring and sometimes challenging, but hopefully these tips will help you improve your skill and shorten the time it takes you to do textbook notes!

Give yourself time: Realistically, you can’t knock out 30 pages of notes in 20 minutes. Take your time with textbook notes so they’re a good studying tool in the future. The general rule is to take how many pages you have to do and multiply it by 5: that’s how many minutes it’ll take you to do the notes.

  • Also, divide you notes up into manageable chunks to increase your productivity. I am personally a huge fan of using pomodoro timers, and I adjust the intervals for however long I need to.

Skim before you start taking notes: If time is an issue, don’t read your 40 page in depth before even picking up a pen, but make sure you know what you’re reading about by skimming a bit ahead of your notes. Read over section titles, and look at charts, maps, or graphs. Writing and highlighting as you read the chapter for the first time isn’t effective because you don’t know if a sentence will be important or not, so make sure you’re reading a paragraph or section in advance before writing.

Use the format they give you in the book to help take your notes: In a lot of textbooks, there will be a mini outline before the chapter itself that shows all the headings and subheadings. Those will be your guidelines! I find this super helpful because long chapters can be daunting to go into without any structure. If you don’t have one of those, use the headings and subheadings provided for you. If you haven’t already been doing this, it will help you so much.

Read actively: It’s so easy to “read” a textbook without digesting any information, but that is the last thing you want to do. Not only does it make taking notes a million times harder, but you’ll be lost in class discussions because you didn’t understand the reading. To keep from passively reading, highlight, underline, star any important information in the book itself.

  • Have a color coding system for highlighting or underlining and write down a key somewhere (here’s a few that you can adjust for your needs: x,x)
  • Use sticky notes or tabs to mark any questions or important points to come back to

Summarize important information and paraphrase: When taking the actual notes, don’t copy down full sentences word for word. Not only does writing full sentences waste a lot of time, it’s not an effective way to learn. If you can paraphrase the information, then you understand it. It’s also easier to study notes which are in your own words instead of textbook academia writing.

Be selective: You shouldn’t be writing down every fact that comes up in your textbook. If a fact ties into the bigger topic and provides evidence, then it’s probably something to keep, but you don’t need every piece of supplemental information (but do make sure you always write down the vocab). Learn your teacher’s testing style to help you decide what to write down. Could this be on the quiz/test? If the answer is yes, make sure you write it down.

Learn to abbreviate: Just like writing full sentences, writing out full words will waste time. Implement some shortenings (make sure to use ones that you’ll understand later!) into your notes. Some common ones are: b/c=because, gov=government, w/o=without, and here’s a great list of a ton of examples of abbreviations and shortenings.

Answer margin and review questions: A lot of textbooks have margin questions on every page or so that sum up what’s really important about that information. Make sure not to skip them because they’re really helpful for understanding. Write them down and answer them clearly in your notes. Most textbooks also have review questions after the chapter that check for reading comprehension, so make sure to answer those because they’ll show you if you really understood the chapter.

Don’t skip over visual sources: Maps, diagrams, illustrations, charts, and any other visuals in textbooks are so helpful. If you’re a visual learner, these things will be so essential to you and how you understand what you’re reading. Charts, tables, and diagrams sometimes also summarize information, so if you’re a visual learner it might benefit you to copy those down instead of writing it out.

  • Add visuals if it’ll help you: As said above, copying down charts, tables, illustrations, or diagrams can be super helpful for visual learners. They’re clear and concise, so pay attention to them.

Write your notes in a way that’s effective and makes sense to you: Mindmaps, Cornell notes, or plain outline notes are all really good forms of notetaking. Find which one works best for you to understand them and which one is most effective for your class, and use it (stuff on mindmaps and cornell notes).

Combine your class and textbook notes: If you rewrite your class notes, add in information you think is relevant from your textbook notes. Mark anything both your book and teacher said were important–you don’t want to forget any of that. If you don’t rewrite class notes, then put stars next to anything repeated.

James Potter:

- Annoying Pureblood Rich Kid 

- barges into Lily’s compartment on Hogwarts Express with his annoying rich kid buddy 

- offers friendship 

 - simultaneously insults her poor kid best friend and is therefore rejected 

- proceeds to make himself a nuisance for the next 5 years 

- Obsessed as heck w Lily but only calls her by her last name

- every time she’s around feels the need to show off 

- makes the fool of himself every time she’s around instead 

- good at Quidditch though

- hangs about with his gang of Cool Kids 

- picks on her friend partially out of jealousy, partiallly due to the whole Gryffindor vs Slytherin shit 

- begins realizing the errors of his ways around year 6 

- somehow betters himself as a person, loses the ego 

- becomes a truly sympathetic character at about year 7

Which I believe we can all agree sounds extremely familiar, so to sum this up…  

look joanne you can’t just draw all these parallels, put jily on a pedestal as the ultimate Soulmate Bond, and then somehow expect me nOT TO SHIP DRARRY

All I’m sayin’.  

“I want to know you.”


Horror Favorites Meme: [1/6] Franchises - Halloween, 1978-2002

“It was a movie where the main character, the guy in the mask, really isn’t altogether human. He has no characteristics. He’s, uh, almost like a machine. He was just pure evil. That was what I intended to do. It’s evil out of nothing, evil from no background, which completely creeps me out as a human being, that evil could arrive at my doorstep without a purpose, without a past, without an origin. So that’s the idea behind it. It was put together to scare you. That’s all.” - John Carpenter


#NewGodSquad | Actual dysfunctional family


Urban Spell Components

So, as an urban witch, I have a thing for weird spell components. Probably people have done this before, but i’m going to go ahead and throw mine out there. I’m going to try and do several of these.

First things simple, any small object can be enchanted to do anything you want it to. I have been known to grab small objects and just drop an enchantment on them cause i need a magical object right then and it’s what I have at hand. So don’t be afraid to grab anything you want and drop a blessing, curse, glamor, or basically any kind of spell you want on it.

Hell, my most popular post ever on this hellsite out of four blogs is a jinx using pennies. Make of that as you will.


Soda Tabs:

I mean, come on. It’s a tiny piece of metal. All the potential.

But more importantly, it’s a symbol. On the one hand, it represents a seal and on the other it represents a key.

Want to not just lock something up, but make it airtight, completely and utterly closed? Stick a tab in your spell.

Need a charm to open doors to you, to open people to you, to make friends more easily? Soda tab pendant, or in a mojo bag.

Want to release pressure, vent power, or make a magical bomb? What do we know that pops pressurized containers? Soda tabs.

In the more abstract sense, they’re associated with effervescense. Need to be more bubbly, more sparkly, more light and sweet? Work a tab into your spell as a symbol of releasing that into the world.

Want a variation and like the idea of provenance? Get one from a beer can and use it to symbolically relax your inhibitions so you can be more open to people, cut loose easier, and so on.

Bottle Caps

All that shit I just said about tabs? Conceivably, you could use that shit with a bottle cap. But you could also do a number of other shit.

Now, some y'all may notice I used a screw cap rather than a metal cap. That’s reasons.

Bottle caps make great curse anchors, for one simple reason that can be summed up in two words: “screw you.” Eh? Eh? Who doesn’t like a good pun in their magic?

You can use them to close things, true, but you can also use them as a valve. Ever had to open a soda slowly to release the pressure a little at a time? Now imagine using that as a component. Where the tab is a sudden release, the cap can be metered. There’s a host of reason to use it in that capacity.

Need a charm to help control your third eye? Crank it up or close it down with a bottle cap.

Bottle energy by filling a soda bottle with a charged medium and set it to slow release with a cap only partially sealed.

Need a charm like the soda tab to be open and effervescent, but don’t want it always on? Bottle cap.

And, of course, there’s the lovely little spikes on the damn things. Ever step on one? Yeouch.

Press into your palm if you’re doing an evil eye and want to transmit pain. Add to wards as a deterrent. Work it into curses as a literal stumbling point.

Want to take your sympathetic sacrifice to the next level? Stick one in your shoe for a day and use it to charge up an inconvenience or pain curse, or flip the script and use the pain as a sacrifice to pull down good luck, good fortune, or blessings by trading bad now for good later.

(This, as a sidenote, will work with anything uncomfortable in your shoe.)

Ballpoint Pens

Ok, so at the basic, you can write spells and draw sigils with them. Let’s get that out the way to start.

Moving right along, one of the other basic uses is as a stand in for a wand. The pen makes indelible marks, so it can be added into the casting to make a spell more durable.

But the real fun begins when you consider: it can be taken apart.

Want to banish something? Consider how fricken easy it is to lose a pen. Get a piece of paper and write what or who you want gone. Make it small, because the next thing you’re going to do is open the pen up and wrap that paper around the ink tube. Stick the whole thing back together. Let nature take its course, and when the pen is gone, so’s the issue.

(While I won’t tell you not to use this to banish things that can become someone else’s problem, this is best for things and people that you just want out of your life, not problems you want to pass along.)

And that ability to make scrolls has a thousand and one uses!

Make a lucky pen. Make a money pen, so every time you write a check or balance your books, you call money back to you.

Make a wand more potent. Make cheap and effective curse artillery. Curse that shit and set it loose, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Make a homing missile by writing a targeted spell in it and setting it loose to seek an approproiate target.

Make a whole bunch of lucky pens and cut them loose to bless everyone.

Make a pen to help you with your handwriting, spellcraft, and what not.

And that’s not even getting into blessing a pen so the ink can be used to draw temporary tattoos on your skin that have extra potency, or sigils that are primed for charging, or for magical vandalism. (Vandalize at your own risk.)

Go Wild!

So that’s it for this one. I'mm try and sit down and explain more of this shit that i do in the hopes that you fuckers get some use out of it.

Go forth and be magical!
At DC Comics, An Editor Rose Through The Ranks Even After Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment
At least two female employees at the publishing giant DC Comics accused a top editor of trying to forcibly kiss or grope them. He was promoted anyway. Two years later, he was accused of doing it again
By Jessica Testa, Tyler Kingkade, Jay Edidin

I am so, so proud to have been part of this, alongside BuzzFeed’s Jessica Testa and Tyler Kingkade; and all the brave, amazing comics pros who spoke up.

This is the sum of about three years of groundwork; and even then, it wouldn’t have been possible without BuzzFeed’s support.

Which brings up an important thing that I think a lot of folks miss in the furor of breaking accounts: Reporting harassment stories right is hard. Yeah, you can post prurient blind items; but making something stick, and making sure it has the potential to have the impact it should? That takes a lot of work; and it takes a platform and really good editorial and legal oversight.

The sea change of the last few weeks is huge: for the first time, the news outlets that have the resources to run this stuff care about it. I tried to pitch this for years, and got told over and over that it was too niche, or that maybe could it be an op-ed, or–you get the idea.

BuzzFeed ran this through the news desk. Not entertainment desk. Not arts. News.

And that?

That matters so much.

(My e-mail address isn’t visible on the post because of a glitch. If you want to get in touch, or have tips about similar stories, you can reach me at jay(dot)edidin(at)gmail(dot)com.)


♥ D-12 until VIXX-OTPS’s fourth anniversary: 10 reasons why Ken and Hyuk fans love them so much ♥

So my two married-with-kids coworkers started asking me when I was going to get married and have kids earlier. And when I politely told them I wasn’t planning on it and tried to change the subject (because like fuck am I coming out as aroace at work), proceeded to tell me I’d change my mind and be married in no time.

So I went, “You wanna bet?” Told them to pick a time frame and sum of money and we’d have a wager. And one of them took me up on it. I was expecting her to put down a tenner or so, but she put down TWO HUNDRED QUID on me getting romantically involved in the next three years.

I would feel bad about taking the bet, except that 1) if someone specifically tells you they’re not interested in something and you bet against that it’s really on your own head, and 2) if you say something and someone grins at you delightedly and goes “care to bet on that” you should be really really suspicious.

How to effectively study a text!

1. Before you start reading, make sure you have a good idea as to what the text is about! I always head straight to Shmoop. I read the introduction (”In a Nutshell”), the themes, and the characters! If you really want to you can read through everything but I prefer to just read enough to know what to look for rather than completely spoiling the text for myself!

2. While I read, I occasionally jot down questions I have. Not who, when, or where questions though - just the how, why, and what questions! I have a few questions that I always ask:

- How does the cultural background of the author effect the text? How is it reflected in the text?

- How was/is the text received by audiences locally and internationally?

- What effect did the text have?

- Why does the author choose to include (insert specific event/action/character/symbol)?

Also make sure to jot down important quotes from the text (and their page numbers!!) so you can easily find and use them in any future assessment!

3. Once you’ve finished reading the text, answer all of the questions. Make sure to use formal, concise language and structure and to answer with as much depth and insight as you can.

4. If you’re a fan of my posts you know how much I absolutely ADORE Google Scholar. Just type in the text or the event and a tonne of formal essays, books, and theses will appear! They’re often incredibly long so I usually only read the introductions and conclusions of a few. AND they use lots of references themselves, so reading introduction will often give you up to ten other people to reference!

It will also give you a range of differing perceptions and analyses of the text or event which you can use to expand your initial perceptions and analyses! Or, they may bring completely new concepts to your intention!

5. If there are any new questions you have or ideas you find intriguing answer/explore them now! Again, write formally.

6. By now, if you have an assignment, you should have a pretty clear idea of what you want to say! This is a good time to choose a topic for it and start working! Sum up everything you know about it and slowly narrow it down to something more specific that you find most interesting so that you have a very clear, always on-topic, insightful assignment!

anonymous asked:

Now that we have a better idea of Lance and Keith's dynamic when they're not constantly fighting, do you have any headcanons about (platonic) interactions between the two of them?

here’re some space ranger dorks!!!

  • lance: “so like i’m trying to bond with red and i was wondering if you had any tips. how did you get her to like you?” keith, sweating: “uh”
    • “what do you mean you ejected yourself into spa-
  • their interactions can essentially be summed up as “two guys who both think the other is the extra one in the friendship”
  • “okay so hear me out: team fiery tornado” “no” “but-” “no”
  • lance’s current goal in life is to get keith to say “it’s morphin’ time!” when the team is forming voltron
  • *keith voice* “…hunk my hair’s not actually a mullet right”
  • after the first time keith lets lance into his room, all bets are off
    • lance barely knocks anymore lmao he just walks in
    • he’s latino we have no sense of privacy
    • lance, barging in on keith changing: “keith do you - stop screaming - do you know where hunk is?” 
  • lance: “look let’s just agree to both say sorry on the count of three. one, two, three” keith: “…” lance: “…see now i’m disappointed in both of us”