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The February Begging Bowl

It’s that time of the month again.  Long story short, I’m on disability, permanently, for my illnesses (both mental and physical) and am unable to work. I have a ten year old daughter who has hit puberty like a ton of bricks.  Last month so many people helped me out and I am so grateful but I have to ask again.  So here’s the low down.

What does this money go to?

The money goes to food and pain medication for me.  Every penny is used pretty much exactly this way.  Only exceptions are for allowance for Vivian. She tends to spend her money on little toys and online things. 

Why do you need so damn much?

Because my medicine isn’t cheap. >_<  In Minnesota, while medical pot is legal it is only ever given to cancer patients (despite fibro being intractable) and most health care providers won’t even give it to you, meaning I have to use other sources and things for pain relief, ie I don’t just buy weed.  I also get salts, oils and other natural ways to treat my pain. 

Wait, why would anyone pay for you to get THAT?!

Because in a lot of cases it’s a medication.  And in my case it’s medication for pain and anxiety in a way that  nothing else works. The only other option for me at this point are opiates. I lost my sister to heroin. Don’t make me use percoset.  Seriously, it’s safe and everything Dare told you about it is wrong.  Look it up, do some reading.  Also, I’m part Mexican, it’s kinda a part of my culture. :P 

Okay, okay, so how do I help out?

Shoot me a private message if you like or you can anonly gift my paypal.  Which is sephirajo (at) gmail (dot) com.

Honestly I hate having to do this, and this post will be around all month this month and I’ll do another one likely around March 20th.

So that’s it.  I’m begging you guys for me and my daughter, please boost this and help out if you’re able. Every penny.  Every penny I make work.

Lone eyes, longer road
Up ahead we’re all alone
And what I want is what I’m owed
Too late to stay, too late to go
The trick the devil did
The trick the devil did
The trick the devil did was make me want it

The Trick the Devil Did by Sick Puppies

Stone King Ryan based on @justisaisfine ’s King Chibis and @whalehuntingboyfriends ’ fics Where the Lost Go, Crowned Souls and now Golden Ghosts

swiftiemere  asked:

What is one of your favorite memories of Taylor, whether it be an interaction between you and her, meeting someone through her, or something she's done?

awww wow with this is hard, but i guess some of my recent memories that i’ll always hold on to are a few things that happened when i travelled over to see taylor in austin, which was my first time out of australia!!

i was front row at taylor’s austin concert, and we held eye contact during 22 (whilst i was 22 at the time), and even if she didn’t know who i was in that moment that will always be something i’ll hold on to!! another favourite memory was when taylor liked a post of mine on instagram that i wrote about better man (and about how she pens the most incredible metaphors), and at the time i was having dinner in connecticut with two people i had become close with through tumblr, so that was just one of those lovely full circle moments xx

anonymously (or not) ask me any question you’d like to know about me

Jamie’s acceptance speech:

“  I’m not tall enough for the mic! Thank you What’s on Stage, um, I’ve never done this before this is terrifying. This of course has to be shared with a lot of people, the other nominees of course, exemplars every single one of them and as a group with a combined expertise er in the field of pretending to be a wizard which frankly dwarfs my own so thank you. To Jo, of course, who was very helpful in writing seven epoch-making volumes of backstory for us to build on, er Sonia Friedman, Colin Callendar for putting together Jack, John, Stephen and the rest of this fantasy creative dream team and their associates, along with a cast, crew, wigs, wardrobe, stage management, company management who are not only world class in what they do, but as generous and collaborative and naughty um as you could possibly hope for. Claire and the gang at Independent of course, you’re never less than brilliant, and Deb and my wonderful family who erh-er despite my lingering flaws persist in the work of teaching my how to love and so give me something of a good cribsheet to work for work from on this play, and uh finally of course to the audience who voted for it, um uh (looks at award in his hand) GOD this is terrifying. Um er thank YOU for being the kind of good folk who can consistently turn up to the theatre in groups of fourteen hundred for five hours’ worth of theatre and not let a single phone go off once during the show you have no idea how amazing that is, thank you very much.  ”

Nothing But Love
  • Peter Capaldi: My wife and I have been married for 25 years, we've been together for 31 years and this year we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I made a little film, made up of old super 8 movies from our past, including our wedding day, and I put it, I used that track as the soundtrack to it. Because I think it's a beautiful song, and it says so much about us, and how lucky I am.
  • Jo Whiley: You're wife is smiling at us.
  • PC: She's smiling. I'm very, very lucky. She's a wonderful, wonderful person and also she's, she's never been into Doctor Who.
  • JW: Was she not a member of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society?
  • PC: We didn't meet through Doctor WHo and I don't think she ever really watched an episode before I showed up in it, so she's now quite an expert on Doctor WHo. But she's been fantastic, through it all, because it changes your life a lot and I couldn't have done any of it without her. So thank you.

“Look, I… I wanted to kiss you. But I couldn’t then, it wasn’t right… Because… Because I couldn’t kiss you and have you think that… that it was pity…”

@johannathemad did this amazing commission for me from my fic Steady to the Catch. It looks so, so marvelous; thank you so much, Jo! 

(written permission given to post)

avengerdragoness  asked:

Can you do a HC with Jason about what it would be like if he goes with the reader to Lush and sees that shampoo scent I sent you a picture of? That'd be hilarious, thank you Jo ❤️❤️

This is the picture lol 

So a bit of backstory to this hc: in Greek mythology, Jason is the leader of the Argonauts and with them he went on a quest for the Golden Fleece. His ship, the Argo, used to be a constellation, but it was so big that it was split into three smaller ones. Excuse the smol history and astonomy blurbs lol

Okay so onto the headcanon. 

So reader and Jason are in Lush. 

He did not, in fact, have to be dragged into the store as he firmly believes that life is too short to go around smelling like Ax and Old Spice. So he buys whatever the fuck he thinks smells good.

Was just walking around, looking at stuff, and sniffing stuff.

Then you walked over and pointed at this.

This goes one of two ways depending on if you had prior knowledge of the history fact mentioned above. 

1) You do not know the history blurb (Jason does because he is a nerd who either wanted to know about all the people who have had his name before him or he just likes Greek heroes. I haven’t decided. Probably both.) He just sorta frowns at you. “It’s a sign, Jaybird! We need to buy it!”

2) You know about the history blurb and, combined with the fact that your boyfriend’s name is also Jason, you get excited. “Nerd.” He huffs, but you can tell he thinks it is cute. 

He walks over and sniffs it. Ends up buying it because it smells nice.

Oh my god 

Bonus: you get one of those glittery bath bombs and both of you end up covered in a fine layer of gold glitter for weeks. The Red Hood is a sparkly fairy of justice and Nightwing cannot stop laughing.

When Bertolt finished speaking, he raised his gaze to meet Reiner’s, waiting for a response. What he got was one of Reiner’s hands practically slamming against the wall, right next to where Bertolt stood. The blonde leaned in very close to Bertolt’s face, staring intently into green eyes. Bertolt maintained the gaze, and didn’t even flinch as Reiner brought his other hand up to caress the brunette’s cheek.

Bertolt was trapped, almost pinned against the wall by Reiner; but it was a position he was more than happy to be in. Reiner was good at reading these types of signals, and closed the gap between their lips…

My wonderful Valentine’s Day commission, by the equally wonderful @johannathemad! Thank you so much Jo! It depicts a scene I’m working on, based in my SnK University AU: Time Of Your Life

I would also like to wish all my followers & friends a Happy Valentine’s Day! May it be filled with many artworks and fics of your OTP!╰( ♥ ヮ ♥ )╯

Permission to post given by the artist. Please do not delete the caption.

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This made my little queer heart oh so happy

Thank you so much @uttertrash–butlikecutetrash ! This comment right here made my little heart grow 3 sizes today. Thank you for bringing some happiness into my day! I just want to smother you with hugs right now.

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Bravery and Broken Bottles


Muse Personality Meme

Vaxus Trevelyan vs Joseph (Jo) Ryder

Tagged by @sluah. Thank you so much

(this will be easy since Jo is Bennet’s ( @elidoo) uglier twin and I don’t need to make things up on my own lmaaaoo lazy to the end)

Which of you is:

  • Older? Jo is 22 and Vax 26 at the beggining of DAI.
  • Taller? Jo (6′). Vax is a short guy (5'8")
  • Richer? Vaxus. Being Inquisitor turnes out to be a pretty good paid job (especially when you can put something to your pockets) and your Magister bf is spoiling him too meanwhile Jo is mostly in come during me:a and when he wakes up he has to ask Bennet to buy him… anything really. He’s so broke.
  • Neater? Jo.
  • Nicer? Vaxus. Forever the polite one, even when he’s not fond of you. Jo is more short tempered and if he doesn’t like someone you just know it. Poor Reyes.
  • Smarter?  Jo.
  • Funnier? Vax is more for puns and silliness and making people laugh meanwhile Jo is 100% sarcasm.
  • Better friend? Vaxus for sure.
  • Swears more? Jo. He gets easily frustrated too.
  • Reads more? Vaxus.
  • Most creative? Vaxus.
  • Troubled? Both are pretty troubled and carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Jo joined the Andromeda because he promised to his mother he will keep the family together. Even if he didn’t want to leave the Milky Way. When he wakes up he learns his father is dead and brother one of most important people in the galaxy. Vax misses Val dearly and hates the pressure put on him in the Inquisition.
  • Morals? I’d say both have a pretty strong moral core and would loose their sleep over things they did wrong in past.

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joschimi  asked:

Hey, your artworks are incredible beautiful~ I hope I'll be able to draw as well one day, you are a big inspiration for me c:

Aaaah gosh Jo you’re just too sweet! Thank you so much!! ❤❤❤ I almost can’t believe it everytime someone says I’m an inspiration to them, but it makes me so happy to hear. It keeps me going everyday to keep working on my stories and characters :D

You’ll find your style soon I’m sure, you just gotta keep at it (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


Rupert Grint giving a speech at his last HP premiere in London. (7 July 2011)

“Oh, God, wow! I’m really not very good at goodbyes. This is – this is has been such an emotional week. A year ago when we finished, I kind of thought I was kind of coming to terms with it, and able to move on, but this really has been such an important part of my life. And I just want to thank – all of you have just made this, these last ten years, just the best half of my life, and umm I’m just so pleased that I’ve shared it with you too because I love you, I really do and. David, I just don’t know – I just don’t know what to say, thank you doesn’t seem to be kind of a strong enough word but this has just been, I mean, I’m never going to have this again. This is – we’re going to have to make the most of this and just enjoy it. And thank you to all of you as well, just amazing. Just. I’m finding it hard to now string together coherent sentences because it is really emotional. I really – what you’ve done for Ginger people is just, I cannot put that into words so, thank you, Jo, and David. Thank you so much  for everything and it’s just been the best part of my life, as I said. Thank you.“


Hello, baby rainbows. My crowdfunder closed yesterday and the final total was almost double my target. I’ve done lots of crying about this and all I can say is thank you. Thank you, and I promise to keep this blog going into the depths of infinity. Forever. Boundless, like my love and admiration for you all. Anyone that gave money, you are beyond my understanding of compassion. Anyone that reblogged. Anyone that sent me a message of support. Anyone. Any and all of you. My gratitude will honestly and truly never end. 
I’d like to say a special thanks to Mary Jo (mid0nz) - a sensitive, wonderful and enlightened person who gave me wonderful words of advice and also AUCTIONED SHERLOCK SIGNATURES TO RAISE MONEY FOR ME. LOOK HOW WONDERFUL HUMANS CAN BE. GOOD LORD. Thank you so much to Mary Jo and to you all.
Special additional thanks to drlecters2ndwife, who has provided god knows how many submissions in the last couple of months and has accordingly kept this blog’s content afloat. You are a star. And you’re hilarious. 

Okay. I’m out. I’ve rambled enough. I’m so proud to be a small part of a community that cares like you guys do. Holy shit. Goodbye

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[Happy anniversary! I’m really glad you’re around and happy to have met you :) Here’s to more memeing (OF COURSE)!]

{Aaaa thank you!! I hope our lil nerds can nerd together for a long time to come!!}