so thank you jo

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I know you are not having a good day! but to me you are amazing and the stories you tell always touch my heart! So I just wanted to let you know that I will forever be in your cheer squad! To me you are amazing and beautiful person!

Thank you so much, Jo. Your friendship and encouragement means a lot. My stories are all that I can show for myself. Don’t know how to do anything else. So, to realize there are a handful of people out there enjoying my work and silently cheering for me, it truly means a lot. Thanks again, my friend. You’re just as amazing.

okay so on july 31 we’re all going to be celebrating harry’s birthday, which is all well and good.

but remember that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate harry’s birthday - hell, we wouldn’t have harry, or ron, or hermione, or hogwarts, or the wizarding world - if it weren’t for j.k. rowling, the amazing woman who started it all. the novelist who battled depression and served as the inspiration for countless young writers. the genius who put pen to paper and dreamed up worlds we immersed ourselves in, characters we fell in love with, and a story for the ages. the creator of the ultimate twenty-first century classics.

my childhood wouldn’t be the same without harry, and without you, jo.

so thank you. thank you so much.

happy birthday, j.k. rowling.


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I understand that like, sometimes you just want to send a small amount once, because stuff happens from month to month!
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If u want to, could u draw berserk yuya? Thanks :)

I would love to ;u;
I get really sad whenever he’s like this but it’s the best kind of sadness

To all the people who’ve sent emails to the shop I apologize, we’re going through some changes at the moment but I’m including someone new in my team to help me with the emails so hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon!

Thank you for understanding and always being so kind to me!



The February Begging Bowl

It’s that time of the month again.  Long story short, I’m on disability, permanently, for my illnesses (both mental and physical) and am unable to work. I have a ten year old daughter who has hit puberty like a ton of bricks.  Last month so many people helped me out and I am so grateful but I have to ask again.  So here’s the low down.

What does this money go to?

The money goes to food and pain medication for me.  Every penny is used pretty much exactly this way.  Only exceptions are for allowance for Vivian. She tends to spend her money on little toys and online things. 

Why do you need so damn much?

Because my medicine isn’t cheap. >_<  In Minnesota, while medical pot is legal it is only ever given to cancer patients (despite fibro being intractable) and most health care providers won’t even give it to you, meaning I have to use other sources and things for pain relief, ie I don’t just buy weed.  I also get salts, oils and other natural ways to treat my pain. 

Wait, why would anyone pay for you to get THAT?!

Because in a lot of cases it’s a medication.  And in my case it’s medication for pain and anxiety in a way that  nothing else works. The only other option for me at this point are opiates. I lost my sister to heroin. Don’t make me use percoset.  Seriously, it’s safe and everything Dare told you about it is wrong.  Look it up, do some reading.  Also, I’m part Mexican, it’s kinda a part of my culture. :P 

Okay, okay, so how do I help out?

Shoot me a private message if you like or you can anonly gift my paypal.  Which is sephirajo (at) gmail (dot) com.

Honestly I hate having to do this, and this post will be around all month this month and I’ll do another one likely around March 20th.

So that’s it.  I’m begging you guys for me and my daughter, please boost this and help out if you’re able. Every penny.  Every penny I make work.

When Bertolt finished speaking, he raised his gaze to meet Reiner’s, waiting for a response. What he got was one of Reiner’s hands practically slamming against the wall, right next to where Bertolt stood. The blonde leaned in very close to Bertolt’s face, staring intently into green eyes. Bertolt maintained the gaze, and didn’t even flinch as Reiner brought his other hand up to caress the brunette’s cheek.

Bertolt was trapped, almost pinned against the wall by Reiner; but it was a position he was more than happy to be in. Reiner was good at reading these types of signals, and closed the gap between their lips…

My wonderful Valentine’s Day commission, by the equally wonderful @johannathemad! Thank you so much Jo! It depicts a scene I’m working on, based in my SnK University AU: Time Of Your Life

I would also like to wish all my followers & friends a Happy Valentine’s Day! May it be filled with many artworks and fics of your OTP!╰( ♥ ヮ ♥ )╯

Permission to post given by the artist. Please do not delete the caption.

Thank you to all the new people who supported me on patreon today omg!! I’m overwhelmed <3 I guess we will be seeing the next spooky scary AU sooner than anticipated then >:D 

Also if you just pledged, make sure to check out the tags for all the past rewards (including planning notes for all my older fics and book recs) :”)


Hi guys! This is the sequel to Ice! Shawn and Jo are still separated in this, stay strong! Hope you like it!

Read the first part of break up make up here: Ice

The Miami sun was shining bright as Jo adjusted her bikini top, stretching on her sunbed. She rolled onto her belly, squinting her eyes, scrolling through Spotify until she could blast “Shout out to my ex” through her headphones.

Spending the summer at her dad’s place with her family was just what she needed although there has been no escape. He was everywhere. On the TV. On the radio. Everywhere.

Jo’s dad stepped outside, sitting next to his daughter on a free sunbed.

“Hola, mi hija linda!”

“Hey dad,” Jo replied, squinting at him.

“So, how are you?” he asked, his Spanish accent making Jo smile a little.

“Good, so far…”

“I am glad you broke up with that gringo boy… he was not good for you,” Carlos Perez stated matter-of-factly, adjusting his hat that would have looked ridiculous on any other person but on Carlos it looked just right and very cool.

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Lone eyes, longer road
Up ahead we’re all alone
And what I want is what I’m owed
Too late to stay, too late to go
The trick the devil did
The trick the devil did
The trick the devil did was make me want it

The Trick the Devil Did by Sick Puppies

Stone King Ryan based on @justisaisfine ’s King Chibis and @whalehuntingboyfriends ’ fics Where the Lost Go, Crowned Souls and now Golden Ghosts

Nothing But Love
  • Peter Capaldi: My wife and I have been married for 25 years, we've been together for 31 years and this year we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I made a little film, made up of old super 8 movies from our past, including our wedding day, and I put it, I used that track as the soundtrack to it. Because I think it's a beautiful song, and it says so much about us, and how lucky I am.
  • Jo Whiley: You're wife is smiling at us.
  • PC: She's smiling. I'm very, very lucky. She's a wonderful, wonderful person and also she's, she's never been into Doctor Who.
  • JW: Was she not a member of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society?
  • PC: We didn't meet through Doctor WHo and I don't think she ever really watched an episode before I showed up in it, so she's now quite an expert on Doctor WHo. But she's been fantastic, through it all, because it changes your life a lot and I couldn't have done any of it without her. So thank you.

Rupert Grint giving a speech at his last HP premiere in London. (7 July 2011)

“Oh, God, wow! I’m really not very good at goodbyes. This is – this is has been such an emotional week. A year ago when we finished, I kind of thought I was kind of coming to terms with it, and able to move on, but this really has been such an important part of my life. And I just want to thank – all of you have just made this, these last ten years, just the best half of my life, and umm I’m just so pleased that I’ve shared it with you too because I love you, I really do and. David, I just don’t know – I just don’t know what to say, thank you doesn’t seem to be kind of a strong enough word but this has just been, I mean, I’m never going to have this again. This is – we’re going to have to make the most of this and just enjoy it. And thank you to all of you as well, just amazing. Just. I’m finding it hard to now string together coherent sentences because it is really emotional. I really – what you’ve done for Ginger people is just, I cannot put that into words so, thank you, Jo, and David. Thank you so much  for everything and it’s just been the best part of my life, as I said. Thank you.“

Jamie’s acceptance speech:

“  I’m not tall enough for the mic! Thank you What’s on Stage, um, I’ve never done this before this is terrifying. This of course has to be shared with a lot of people, the other nominees of course, exemplars every single one of them and as a group with a combined expertise er in the field of pretending to be a wizard which frankly dwarfs my own so thank you. To Jo, of course, who was very helpful in writing seven epoch-making volumes of backstory for us to build on, er Sonia Friedman, Colin Callendar for putting together Jack, John, Stephen and the rest of this fantasy creative dream team and their associates, along with a cast, crew, wigs, wardrobe, stage management, company management who are not only world class in what they do, but as generous and collaborative and naughty um as you could possibly hope for. Claire and the gang at Independent of course, you’re never less than brilliant, and Deb and my wonderful family who erh-er despite my lingering flaws persist in the work of teaching my how to love and so give me something of a good cribsheet to work for work from on this play, and uh finally of course to the audience who voted for it, um uh (looks at award in his hand) GOD this is terrifying. Um er thank YOU for being the kind of good folk who can consistently turn up to the theatre in groups of fourteen hundred for five hours’ worth of theatre and not let a single phone go off once during the show you have no idea how amazing that is, thank you very much.  ”