so thank you for talking to me all that time ago

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Hi ladies! Just gotta thank you again for what you did for me all that time ago, getting me so many followers. It's still a short list (many more than just the 1 I had at that time) but I'm having so much fun interacting with them. Can't ty enough ❤

that’s great! I’m glad you’ve found people do talk to and we’re happy to have helped just a little. But I’m sure they followed you because you’re awesome and we didn’t have much to do with it. 

hey everyone! go give this tumbie a follow! 

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How did you learn korean ? Oh and thank u for all the subbing you do

i learned the alphabet and basic grammars like years ago but didn’t have the time to properly learn it. about 1 year ago i hired a korean tutor and started with the ‘sejong korean’ textbook series, i stopped at the 7th book 5 months ago because my tutor was busy and she’s still an university student, not a teacher, so she couldn’t teach me up to the advanced level ;^; since then i just study by myself, but recently i signed up for an advanced speaking class and it’s been quite fun ;♡;

during the time i learn korean, i go on twitter a lot and look at others’ tweets, try to understand them as good as i can. i have some korean friends too, we share the same idol so i just keep talking to them to make my korean sound more naturally. but mostly twitter ;♡; the way koreans tweet, text and talk is not always like those you can learn in textbooks, they vary a lot and even create new words over time. it all comes down to how much you expose yourself to the language. my twitter feed is all in korean so i somewhat feel familiar with it now, and i try to think in korean whenever i can ;3;

if you want to enhance your korean ability i’d suggest creating a totally new twitter account, follow korean fans and try to understand their tweets as much as possible. i suggest using ‘naver open dict’ and 'itaki’ if you come across a new word that doesn’t show up in dictionaries. and join open chat! sometimes fansites or fans would open kakaotalk open chats which you can join and keep your identity a secret, join them and see how koreans text in real life. warning: it’s flooded fast, keep your eyes and brain focus ;u; (oh and careful with the formality too, you can’t use 나는 and then add 습니다 at the end, i suggest looking up the 존댓말 rules first, never use 반말 with people you meet or talk to for the first time)

also, watch lots of videos and radio shows to get your brain accustomed to korean. try to stay away from dramas because the audios are always edited, so they sound clearer than in real life. stick with outdoor interviews, variety shows (the funny lousy ones) and news. for radio shows, i suggest park sohyun’s love game, her voice is sweet and soothing ;♡;

and thank you for your message ;3; i don’t sub much though, i’m just sticking with translating and maybeeeeee, just mayyybeee, i’ll sub when i’m free and bangtan doesn’t drain my vital lol

I went back packing with Tricia a few weeks ago into the Trinity Alps. I (unfortunately) had never been packing before and had been itching to go for a while. Thankfully Tricia had been going since before she was 10 and knew exactly what was going on. Talk about an incredible experience. We went during the week so there was barely any people on the trail. We would hike for hours at a time and not see a single soul. It was such a trip to know we were miles and hours away from any bullshit problem back home. It was absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you Tricia for being so amazing and taking me on all of these incredible adventures. 

Olympus Stylus Epic, Kodak gold 400

Hey guys, I wanted to talk about “Frenchiest Fry”

Yeah, you guys remember this post I made time ago. Notifications went crazy when I created this character:

Now, i’m fine with the askblogs, art and all but here’s the thing.

I would like you guys to please tag me in anything you do about them, either if it’s art, a video or just anything.

It would be really nice to see stuff about them and all.

I keep calling this character “my son” since I had “created” him and I really appreciate this character and that people likes him.

So please, if you’re alright with it, tag me.

And tag me within the first 5 tags you use because Tumblr doesn’t shows the other tags in their respective tags if it’s after the 5th tag.

Thank you.

I never, ever thought when I started this blog four years ago that I’d get to make this joke, but I finally, finally can.

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I don’t even know how this was possible or why so many of you are here and willing to put up with my shenanigans, especially when this blog is as much about my OCs as it is Varric, but here you all are.

It’s truly humbling to have so many of you following me, putting up with my silliness, telling me that my posts have made you smile on a bad day, and so many other things that have made running this blog fun for the past few years.

I’m glad to have you, I’m glad to make you all laugh, and thank you so much for following!


Hi everyone! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

After a long few months, i finally finished my first follow forever! Although it looks simple and plain because of my crap skills in photoshop  i hope you guys like it!  I’m so happy i reached 10K (WOW, how did i even?) and i want to thank each and every one of my lovely followers! ;u;

I know i couldn’t add all of you ( i would of have) but i really do appreciate everyone! I had such a hard  time picking the blogs to add onto here!   You guys seriously make my Tumblr experience enjoyable and truly unforgettable! I’ve made so many friends on here since i started 2 years ago  and I always enjoy talking to you guys here! All of the compliments i get make me so happy as well!

So keep on being the amazing people you are and have a wonderful week! I love you all! (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘) ♥

Bolded -  Favourite blogs!

Definitely check out these blogs and  follow them guys especially the ones asking me for blog recs

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Hey everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. I reached a pretty amazing follower goal a couple of days ago. So I decided to make a new Follow Forever to celebrate. I never expected to gain so many of you wonderful people and it means so much to me that you actually took the time to look at my blog and follow omfg. I’m sorry for this crappy edit, I really tried to make this look good. anyway I hope you can appreciate it. (・ω・´)

Thank you all my followers and all the perfect blogs I follow. I meet really nice people and I’m glad I can talk with them! keep on being amazing and I wish you all tons of love & happiness! again thank you so much for making my Tumblr experience a truly an amazing and unforgettable one!

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Heey! So.. It actually came to this.. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, because I actually hit 1 thousand followers and a couple of months ago my blog turned 1! To tell you the truth, I’m so totally not a woman of words, so I can only say that I’m immensely thankful to you all who blogged anything from gay porn to pretty sakura trees. And I’m also very thankful to those people who spend their time talking to a trash like me (you mean the world to me). Here’s the blogs that i can’t live without:


0kamii -jenjam a-sakuras aetherreise aflightlesscrow aichiiro akatsukii alexbenedetto altairis asahiis atlasflames atsush-i atsushl ayatoh bakaagami bakamiya bakamura bakankys bakaramen bassamsenpai bokuto calgaras changbak chiisai-hope chiyuhime ciifers commit-seppuku-konoyaro crossroad–demon curiousstrawberry daikiaomine daughterofsatan diekami eimi-i ereensnk escarletes fairynakamatail fairytailwitch fullmental fuyukoi garekiz gasaisyuno ghibil grand-piano haaiise hajime-nii hakuuryu hanae-ichihara hanaerus hanameguri hannayuuki hatsude hawuka hebihimes hharukas hhiyorin hikaritsu hitsuyo hiyocchi hyoriki imayoshishouichi irishiko iwazu izumou joseffu junnkos


kaagune kaegune kageyyamas kammishiro kanariiya kanekiz karukocchi keiko-chan ken-kanekiz kenmai khaneki kigeky killvua kiramekii kiryuuiins kiyaasarin komugiz kryoutas kunihito kuretos kurogamis kurokucchi kurorie kurummi kushimakis laetia lincov lordzuuko makisshimaz makoiism mamotte matsuokav matzsuoka mawaruu midforde mikaelahykuya mikaniie mitskii mitsukamis mmakotoz mmatsuokah mokacheer morgianafanaliss mrpikachew murasakki mutsukih nagatenjoki namikazes nijimurashuuzo nnightray noragamis notthepajamas nozomichii nozusagi 


odagirii ohanasenpai ohayocelestia ohbirds oikawanes oikawass oitooruu okabes onenakamapiece orpheew oruobozado portgas-dee-ace rainnieday regaylia s-indria saitamah sanjl sasukev seiikas seijjuro seikens senj0ugahara sesukes sexagaki sexpai sexuoh sezakis shizachi shizuos shizuuku shokugekis shreya-chan shuuseichi sousukez ssawako ssousuke starkana starukos sugoihentai suyazu suzuyaas


taikos taitetsu tareui tartatail timcanpys tobio tobiraman tooukah tsu-sama tsukis tsukishimes tsukiyma ttetsuro ttetsurouh ttoukas ttsukishima uchiha-shisuis ukiinas ulquioras utsushiame watashi-akuma worldofglass yamakenz yamasousukes yatoli yorozura yorozuyas yoshiiwara yoshiohka yufune yukiinne yuukihara zeino zetsueen zura-ja-nai-katsura-da

(I’m hella sorry if i missed you or misspelled your url and it’s late and I’m too tired to put the links god forgive me)

I haven’t made one in forever so I think it’s time to finally make another one :D To everybody, thank you so much for deciding to follow me (even though I think most of the 25k are inactive and spam blogs) :D I love you guys!

To everybody mentioned below (I’ve been following some of you guys for years and others just a couple of weeks). thank you so much for filling my dash with Destiel, Cockles, Cas, Misha, the Winchesters,  J2, and all things SPN every single day for almost 3 years ♥ ♥ ♥

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okay so, i dont know where to start and i wanna keep this short so you guys wont fall asleep while reading it; 

when i first made this blog it was just because i wanted to post kpop stuff somewhere, back then it was mainly a Luhan blog, when soon it turned into a bts (mostly jungkook) blog!!! i have met awesome people during this time and i’m looking forward to meet and talk to even more people <3 

i never really thought i’d hit my goal this fast, so i’m truly thankful for all of you following me <3 i love all of you and i wish the best for you guys!! ♡

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Meeting Tom Hiddleston and letting him know how appreciated he is!

On Wednesday (Jan 15th) night I was lucky enough to watch Coriolanus again and also meet Tom Hiddleston again afterward!!

The first time I met Tom, just over a month ago I was a bit star struck and didn’t say what I had wanted to, so this time I was determined to do better!

I started off telling Tom how absolutely incredible he had been in the play and he thanked me, and he signed my booklet (‘what’s your name darling?’). I then said how much myself and his fans appreciated all the effort he puts into all of his roles (this got his attention!). I then thanked him also for being such a great inspiration and for the advice he gave at the San Diego Comic Con Nerd HQ interview. He started laughing at this point because I said speech at first and I think he thought I was going to talk about his Loki Thor tdw intro, but I got it together and said that his advice in the Nerd HQ interview was great. I said something along the lines of him having said things like watching the sun rise for inspiration was amazing and everything he’d said was fantastic and inspiring to so many people. At this point I remembered he’d also inspired me to start running and told him that - he laughed and said 'that’s not just me though, man has been running for 6000 years!’ we both laughed and I think I said yes but YOU inspired me to run - while we were talking at this time I actually noticed him look me up and down and look at my legs - I felt like saying I haven’t done that much lately  - it’s been Christmas and the weather!!

I then said that should he need it and as he’d been doing Coriolanus for a while now I hoped that he was inspired by his fans.. Tom spoke up and reassured me he was ('good!’), but I continued in saying I hoped he was inspired in turn again by the fact that we as fans are so inspired by him -  a convoluted thing to say but he knew what I meant and agreed and thanked me some more.

Tom at this point surprised me by saying he was especially pleased to hear that because recently he 'had some people not being very nice to him… bad fans… not really fans at all!’ This is what he said and I was as surprised as you are! I expressed my sadness at this (and my surprise was probably obvious - I think I even said 'really? …That’s terrible!’) and reassured him that we (gestured to everyone around and referring to all his good fans) REALLY really appreciate him and everything he does! I really made sure he listened to this and looked carefully at him to see he knew I meant it - he smiled and thanked me so I think and really hope he did.

We then thanked one another probably then about 5 times until I thought I should probably go and said bye. Tom was smiling and I really hope I cheered him up a little after what he had said. I wanted to hug him but he had a cold (and was keeping his distance a little from fans) and wasn’t doing pictures etc so I didn’t ask.

Oh and when we first started chatting I gave him a box of chocolates, at which I got a 'bless you’ and he said he’d share them with the rest of the cast. (Some Ferrero Rocher as I’d seen him eating some in an interview once so knew he liked them - my mind holds onto this sort of information! Also having a cold I hoped he’d tuck in to keep his strength up!)

choccies for Tom (in the green bag)!

We need to talk

Hello everyone, Levi here, and I hope you all really know how much I hate giving serious talks. It’s…something I used to do, when I was much, much younger, and much, much of a wounded-dog sort of child, so it’s not a good place for me to be in. I joke a lot. I meme a lot. I write angst and wallow in my tears and laugh at myself, hoping people enjoy my stories and have a good time reading them. I like talking to all of you. I like getting reviews and responding so people know exactly how much I love hearing from them, and how I’m so thankful they took the time to read my story and leave a word.

But we need to talk.

I know I have been very giving when you ask if you can translate Overgrowth, or if you can make podfics of it. I’m fine with translations - actually I’m fine with most things as long as you credit me.

A while ago, someone asked me if they could translate Overgrowth and post it on Wattpad. Now, I have nothing against Wattpad, but I am not comfortable with posting any of my stories there, and so I told them that I would be fine if they translated the story, but I did not want them posting it on Wattpad. Any other site is fine, but Wattpad is not.

Recently, someone has informed me of a Spanish translation of Overgrowth posted on Wattpad.

Now, I do not know if this is the same person, but if it is, and if that person is reading this post right now, then I would very much like them to know that honey, I am downright pissed.

I have said that I will not allow translations of Overgrowth on Wattpad, and they did it anyway. I am angry and very, very disappointed. I had thought that they would have had more sense and respect than to blatantly go against what I have decreed. If they are currently reading this, then translator, please take the translation down and post it on another site.

However, I am also at fault here, as I have forgotten to inform all of you that I will not allow translations to be posted on Wattpad. I’m stating this here now, for future reference:

I will not allow any of my works, or translations of them, to be posted on Wattpad unless absolutely necessary.

Necessary here contains ‘under threat of certain death if not posted’ or ‘if my teachers absolutely positively no other option in heaven or hell want me to post my stories on Wattpad’, which doesn’t look very likely. So no, I will not allow any of my works or translations of them on Wattpad. Period. End of discussion.

If the translator was not the original person who asked me in the AO3 comments if they could translate the work and post it on Wattpad, then please, friend, please still take it down.

I remember that one person, DamnItPan, has asked me if they could do a Spanish translation of it, but they did not specify which site. I will allow translation, but not to be posted on Wattpad. If the aforementioned person is reading this, please take the translation down and post it somewhere else.

I love you guys, and I’m very thankful that you love the story so much to take the time and work hard on translating it so that others can read it, but please, please, please, respect my rules. 

Sites I will allow posting translations on, provided I am credited on the original work, are:

  • Livejournal
  • Archive of Our Own
  • Dreamwidth
  • Tumblr
  • Deviantart

If the site you would like to post the translation on is not mentioned and you want to clarify if I will allow it or not, contact me. I will answer, if Tumblr doesn’t eat your ask, which is out of my hands. To be on the safe side, post it on AO3, because you can link it to me as well.

Sites I will not allow translations on:

  • Wattpad
  • Quotev

I have nothing against these sites, but I am not comfortable with having translations of Overgrowth on them.

“But Levi, we just want to expand the demographic a bit!”

Listen up, guys, and I really never wanted to say this to you, but I. DON’T. CARE. If I say no, then no means no. This is my work and I get to decide what sort of publication it gets. 

I love all of you, I really do. I have nothing against the sites you want to publish on, it’s your decision, you do you. All I ask is that you respect my decisions too.

Because I am not a child anymore, and I promise you, I will, and I can fight if you push my patience past breaking point.

When you hit play on those final episodes tonight, or tomorrow, or years from now.. I hope you know that this isn’t the last time you’ll hear of Korra or the Avatar series. It will continue to drag people in and save people. It will change peoples’ lives like it did yours. You might here a kid talking about it with their mother in the airport or see a throwback episode on Nickelodeon..
When that does happen, I hope that you remember all of the time we’ve shared, as a fandom. I hope you remember all of the hard work Bryke put into this absolutely awe inspiring series. And to think, it all started from a sketch of a boy with his pet almost 10 years ago. Look at how much we have changed. Look at how much we’ve been through.

The Avatar franchise is so important to so many people. I love you all, godspeed going into this finale. And remember, this is just the beginning.

Dreamer (1) - Bucky Barnes

Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader

Part: 1

Warnings: Angst

A/N: First part of my soulmate AU long story with Bucky Barnes! I hope you guys like it and thank you again for 2000 followers! This is a little back in time for me, since I did a lot of marvel requests a year ago, and I love to do them, so please send them in^^ First part is more of a intro to the whole story, but I hope you guys will enjoy it anyway<3 

Originally posted by toomuchmuchness

*gif not mine*

Something held her down. She could feel the metal cuffs on her arms and legs, tying her down to the chair below her. She was tipped backwards, so all the could see was the grey metal ceiling above her. Something was holding her head in place, there was no way for her to turn her head.There were people around her, she knew it. They were talking amongst themselves, as if she wasn’t right there.

«Wipe him.» Came a dark voice, louder than the others, the sound of someone walking out of the room followed before a man in white clothing stood over her, pressing something into her mouth.Something was pressed against her head at all sides. Then there was only pain and darkness.

She woke up with a jolt, her eyes flickering around the dark room. She panicked slightly before she began to see the contours of her room. Letting out a deep breath she fell back into her pillows, waiting for her heart to calm and to regain her breath. 

This had been happening frequently, all her life really. It had been worse when she was a kid, only then she didn’t have them as often. The dark dreams which never seemed to have any source of hope in them. 

Her mother had told her as a child that the dreams meant she had a soulmate, but even her mother could not make sense of her dreams. Normally children would have dreams like any other, and the soulmate dreams wouldn’t start until they were 19 years old, or at least that one of them were. 

Which had worried her mother; was her soulmate that much older than her? 

Who was he to have such dark and horrible dreams? 

Y/n sat up in her bed, before slipping out from under her covers, grabbing a blanket and walking over to the window knowing the sun would soon rise. It always calmed her after the nightmares. 


He was walking in a forest, by his side walked a person, talking about something Bucky couldn’t make sense of. It was like he knew what the person was talking about, but not really. 

The person beside him was unknown to him, but still he felt like he knew them. There were colors all around them in the forest, and suddenly the path in front of them divided, out of nowhere. 

Without hesitating he walked to the right, he didn’t know why, but it felt like he just had to. The road went on until there were less trees around him, the person beside him gone. He didn’t know to where, but they weren’t there. In front of him stood suddenly a huge house, it felt familiar, like he had been there a thousand times. 

The wide stairs up to the terrace which went around the whole house. It was painted in a delicate blue, with white details. It felt like home. It felt like peace. He started to walk up the stairs, and as he did so the door opened. 

Bucky’s eyes fluttered open. One of those weird dreams again. They had been starting to make more sense over the years, and now he could at least see a scenery in them and a clear storyline if one can call it that. He sat up in his bed, sighing heavily. 

He knew what these dreams meant, he would be stupid if not. It meant he had a soulmate out there somewhere. And that soulmate was alive, since he was receiving their dreams.

He got up from bed, knowing he wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep now, he never could. 

Walking into his kitchen he took a glass of water, before walking into his living room to look out of the windows. Bucky always looked at the sunrise when he woke from his dreams, it felt peaceful in contrast to the rest of his life and he could let his mind drift. 

More often than not he would think of his soulmate.

The only concern he had was that his soulmate was getting his «dreams». He had no idea how they looked, or what they were about, but he feared he only sent his soulmate nightmares. 

Terrible nightmares. Which was why he hoped to find her soon. Before the nightmares affected her too much. 

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9


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Hi Everyone! This must be pretty strange how long ago this is, but here are some of the pictures from my first ever pax trip! I just want to thank so many people for making this happen. Despite my condition, so many people were willing to help me and so many people were kind to me! Thank you so much. I could go on a whole hour long speech about this, but I have so much to write about.

My siblings have been absolutely the best to me this trip. They, as well as God, made this happen and I’m so thankful for that. I had been worried the whole time about if I was even capable of going, but because of my siblings’ help, as well as their friends’ help, I really made it through. Thank you all.

Now, I want to talk about these lovely photos. @bristlee1 had been so kind enough to take these group photos. She is a lovely person and it was great being able to meet the person behind all those amazing photos here on tumblr. I had been feeling nervous at one point and started tearing up, and she comforted me. It had been one of the nicest gestures a person I had just met had done for me.

As the line started opening, they let the people who had medical badges go up first. The look on people’s faces had been happiness and joy that had really made me happy to be here. To see first hand how much Mark, Jack, and Wade had affected their lives. It felt surreal too, because I was their first hand, seeing it. I felt really happy at that moment. A sort of indescribable happiness that stayed for the whole of that weekend.

My sister and I had wanted to wait until my brother and his company went up so we could all take a picture together. Mark jokingly said something along the lines of “It’s now or never” and it kinda calmed me down. I had thought in my head over and over how I would speak. Would I be nervous? Would I break down and cry? Would I be so tongue tied that I wouldn’t be able to utter a word? It had made my heart race and the line started to move. Then it was my brother’s company’s turn. They had exchanged a lot of silly banter and it was great. They even sung to Mark. 

Here is the clip VVVV (NSFW a song about eating butt)

And then it was time for me to go up. I shook with nervous but i got up. My cane felt wobbly and I wasn’t sure what my mind was going to tell me what to do. As the first picture shows, I curled. I was pretty nervous and my body was kinda acting on its own. I remember the first thing I did was say how happy I was, and asked for a group hug, hence the second picture. I remember talking and saying to Jack about how I initially didn’t like him or his videos, and he responded “I understand. I wouldn’t like my videos too” or something along the lines. I didn’t really get to tell him, but It was my little brother that got me to buck up and watch his videos, despite me not liking him initially. I remember I talked to Jack first. My trip had another purpose. Along with meeting them, I wanted to give them something. Something that meant more than the world to me and that would have been better than anything I would have been able to make for them. I was able to speak about it. I remember that moment. My voice became shakey, but I was able to speak. This was so important to me and this is something I need to emphasize.

These people care so much about us. 

People can say otherwise, but Mark, Jack, and Wade care so much about us. 

The whole time I spoke to them individually, they kept their focus on me and the words I had to say. This made it so real for me, that I had been shocked afterward. They care so much for us and it was truly evident in the way their speech and their action. They looked me straight in the eyes as I spoke. It was overwhelming to be honest, because I was never good with eye contact. I think most of the time I spoke with them, I averted my eyes because I was so nervous. But the were so focused and I thank them for it. They made this whole trip worth it. All the pain that I had to go through and all the insecurities I had about being there. The time I spoke to them made them wash away, even if only for a moment. 

I got to talk with them and I remember blurting out that Mark was surprisingly small in person. I corrected myself in saying he was slimmer. He looks so muscular in his videos, but in person, he seemed slimmer. But I did think maybe it was bc I was so big so idk. At this point, my mind whirl winding pretty much. I talked to jack and I talked to Wade last. As I was leaving, he said to me, “See you next pax.” and it made me smile. I told him how my brother made this all possible and he said that my bro was cool. We started to walk off. My brother’s friend helped me as I was walking and my mind was absolutely in a daze. I thanked my bro multiple times, starting to tear up. 

It was a very good day.

The next day was when the panel happened. It was pretty nice. They had accommodations for those with medical issues and I have to say that the Pax staff and organizers are absolutely the kindest people I’ve met at a con. NYComiccon was a stark contrast to this, but that’s a conversation for another day. Anyway, Pax enforcers, thank you. You all were very kind to me and friendly. I couldn’t believe it bc it felt like the tension of an employee at an organized event wasn’t there. They were fun to hang around with. They were stern when they needed to be, but they were pretty outgoing and kind. 

We filed in first for Mark, Jack, and Wade’s panel. We got to sit pretty close up front, so we had a good view. At the time, my brother was with me. We exchanged funny jokes as they were getting ready for the panel. I tried to snap some photos but my camera wasn’t doing so well in dimly lit places. I did this dumb thing where i flipped up the flash but covered it with my hand so I didn’t blind anyone. The pictures actually came out really nicely. The panel was filled with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and love. Like, their were so many people from different places, and different experiences, but some of us in the crowd were experiencing this for the first time. We felt the love and the cheers and the laughter and the passion. 

Around the last 15 minutes, Mark stopped the card game and announced that they were taking questions. He also talked about how their were 6 families from the Make-A-Wish foundation. That was really cool how so many families were their to make their child’s wish come true, and that it was to see them. It made me super happy. Mark said he wanted to give this time to them for them to ask their questions. I thought to myself that I wasn’t going to be able to ask my question at all, but I was sort of ok with that. 

I couldn’t remember all the questions, but one girl’s question stood out to me. I was actually really impressed because no one really asks this kind of question.

It was a girl with a flower piece in her hair. She asked 

“If there was one wish that you could make with no restrictions, what would it be?”

And she handed the mic back to the enforcer.

Now here’s where this part gets fuzzy. I wasn’t able to hear what the answers were and had to go and watch the stream of it when I got back to NY. Here’s why. 

As I looked at the girl, astounded by her question, I looked at the enforcer, and she looked at me. She asked if I had a question. 

I was stumped. I waved no, but I guess it was halfheartedly, since she asked again. I motioned for her to come over on my side since the girl who asked the question was in my row, but on the other side. 

I told the enforcer that I have a question, but I wasn’t a part of the Make-A-Wish foundation. I wanted to make that clear since I would hate it if their was a big misunderstanding.

She assured me it was okay, and that most of them didn’t have a question anyway. She handed me the mic, and walked away.

I was shocked. I sat there, trying to gather my thoughts. Unlike the day before when I met them, I didn’t have months to really think about it. Or rather, I didn’t dwell on it since I Didn’t give it priority. I became nervous and everything around me seemed to buzz. I was so flustered I had to snap myself back into focus so I could calm myself down and try to hear their answers. Silly me was so zoned, I missed most of it.

Mark went last to answer and when he was done, he motioned to see where the mic was. I was absolutely scared, to be perfectly honest!

I took a deep breath and tried to coherently ask my question.

Now I don’t know if it came out like this, but I was supposed to say,

“Speaking on the topic of branching out and doing new things, do you have new ways of branching out to fans, as well as working with other content creators?”

Now I honestly don’t know if it came out like that but who knows.

They all answered me with lots of zeal. Jack started first, talking about this year was his year for branching out. Wade talked about how he always is happy to work with other youtubers and continues to do so. Mark talked about how he aims to work with people who make him think outside he box, who push him to do above and beyond. He said “Don’t be afraid to be surrounded by those who are smarter than you. Because you have the most room to grow.” or something along the lines. 

I think that this Pax taught me a lot of things. Don’t be afrait to reach out and talk to someone. In many contexts, but I was so happy that I did because I talked and met a lot of people and they made me see things that I never would have seen if I stayed home. I’m thankful for that.

I was also able to meet @wiishu and she was absolutely nice to me. We spoke about art, and pax and a bunch of other things. I was so glad because I didn’t want to seem creepy, but I was able to talk to her. 

Her eyeliner was too fabulous guys. I hope one day my eyeliner skills are that on point.

But Let me end this before I lose my mind.

Thank you so much my awesome siblings

You guys are awesome

And thanks to




For making this an amazing, unforgettable pax.

Have a good day.


April Book Photo Challenge
Day 18: Fangirling

Meeting J.K. Rowling. Hands down.

It was on the release day of ‘The Casual Vacancy’ and after the talk/reading there was such a huge queue for the signing we only had a couple of seconds each in front of her as she signed our books.

Of course, all that I managed to say was, ‘Thank you so much.’ Something she’s heard hundreds of thousands of times. But she still took the time to look up into my eyes, smile, and say, “You’re welcome.” As if she understood exactly what my thank you meant. That I was saying thank you for creating this amazing world, for shaping my entire childhood, for being the reason I met my best friend seven years ago. That I meant thank you for making me the person I am today.

I have so much respect for that woman.