so thank you for taking us into yours

Thank you Mark, for taking the time to let us know you’re taking a break. It’s important to keep your own happiness in mind, especially when you do so much for your community. We’re proud of who you are and who you’ve become. 

Hearing you talk about your ambitions and wants in term of creativity definitely struck a chord with some of us and we completely understand the want to put forward the best content possible evens putting a pause on some things.

So just thank you, Mark. For everything you do and for wanting to put forth your best work possible. It makes things just so much more meaningful for us.

All You Would Ever Be

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader [ fem ver ]


bullet point ver.

wanna one masterlist
produce 101 masterlist

• you, Seongwoo and Daniel are the Trio™, a sub unit from your actual clique of like idk a lot of friends ??? there are different units like jinhwi
• Jinyoung isn’t the only one in his unit who has fallen for someone else. You have too
• and Seongwoo is going to get you together

hello, @collecting-smiley-taehyung  welcome to your scenario okay
i need to stop
it’s the stress of exams, really
anyways, I hope you like your scenario and THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US SO OPENLY IM IN TEARS 💕 thanks for the request beb.
hope you don’t mind I did it in bulletpoint style, I’m working on requests in the midst of exams so my scenarios aren’t the best right now 😭 maybe scenario ver ? but that will take me a longer time

- Admin L 

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anonymous asked:

Why are you secretly dating? You're both adults, right? And I'm guessing neither of you are just doing this for funsies. You both seem pretty mature, and I can't see either of you not being serious about this.


* thanks, paps. i owe you one. okay… here’s the thing. you do know that dad and grillby are friends… since before we were trapped here right?

* So now tell me… how could you explain to your best friend… your going out with their son? Don’t get me wrong… I do not regret what I feel. We are just… thinking how to tell him. 

* that and grillby knows paps and me since we were babies. how do you think dad will take that, huh?


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ok but like sub!tom being really needy after a long week of filming and he's begging you to fuck him and you keep teasing him. "please, darling, i need you so bad" and after you tease him like a loT you push him on the bed and ride him, he's holding onto your hips to keep himself from going insane as you bite on his ear harshly, fingernails digging to his shoulder. you sit up and he looks at you and takes your hand, pressing it to his neck, and you tighten your grip and he moans reallY LOUD BYE probably…some of the best..good shit..i’ve ever read…..thANK YOU FOR BLESSING US ALL WITH THIS 

steamy saturday !!

Hi loves!!! I’ve decided to hop on the band wagon and do some URL/blog inspired gifsets!!! I’m shit at graphics and I’ve been working on my giffing skills so I figured I’d give this a whirl!! Hope you guys love these, and thank you for being such awesome people/followers

What you do:

  • Send me an ask and tell me you want a URL/blog gifset!
  • Tell me some stuff about you! (anything particular you want in your gifset would be lovely, like a character, cast member, color, dynamic, etc)
  • Like/Reblog this post!
  • Following me would be lovely, but not required :)

What you’ll get:

A gifset just for you! I’ll use a mixture of the feeling I get from your blog, your URL and the things that you tell me!!


  • pls be patient, I’m a perfectionist so my gifs take a little while to make :)
  • blog must be at least 75% shadowhunters (your edit will be shadowhunters or the cast regardless)
  • if you follow me or were mutuals, you will be prioritized :)

love you guys!!

anonymous asked:

Not to be too needy since I know you are insanely busy with school but do you have a timeline in mind for Tension? I keep thinking about who Arima is going to pick and I can't wait! As always, thank you for taking your time to translate for us. You really are too good to us.

No worries, thanks for being so polite anon :)

I’m about 1/3 done with the chapter (thankfully it’s a bit shorter than chapter 4 was). I want to say that I’ll be able to finish it in 2 weeks, but I have midterms coming up in the next couple weeks, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hold to that. But either way, chapter 5 will be the last chapter of Tension, so you definitely will get your conclusion to the art festival :)

Weird confessions update

I’m taking a little break from weird confessions for today, I’ll answer all the remaining ones tomorrow morning as soon as I can!! :)

But I wanted to say that I really appreciate you guys so much. It all started from a silly post and it exploded and turned into a super fun time! I’m really surprised by how many people are participating, it’s nuts!! I hope you’re enjoying all this as much as I am! And thank you for trusting me and us all for your confessions! :D

- Mariel

anonymous asked:

Can you do headcanons for Dionysus with a lazy, cuddle-y and short gf

Yes, thank you for the prompt, Nonnie!! Lazy? Check. Cuddly? Check. Short? Check. So basically this is about me, then, huh?

-Admin Chey

  • Deedee will always ALWAYS have his arms around you.
  • Whether it’s an arm draped over your shoulder
  • Or standing behind you with his chin on your head and arms around your waist
  • Or pulling you into his lap.
  • Any cuddles you are willing to take from him, he is happy to give
  • And you take A LOT of cuddles.
  • He’s not bothered by the PDA 
  • So when you wrap your arms around him from behind and use him to hold yourself up, he only chuckles. 
  • He knows you’re lazy and he only facilitates it since he can be, too.
  • Will carry you bridal style or piggyback places if you ask.
  • He thinks it’s cute since you’re so much smaller than him.
  • Want to stay on the couch all day and drink wine? Done.
  • He will play with your hair as you lay in his lap.
  • Also, nighttime cuddles are definitely a thing.
  • He is the little spoon, believe it or not, because you want to hug him all night.
  • So you wrap your arms around him and press kisses on his back as you snuggle your face into him.
  • He loves it.
  • This boy is so smitten with you.

Symbolism of Doors

@silvie111 and @just-hilson-things

Both of you made me think of the symbolism of these two scenes through your posts. So this is dedicated to you. (Just-hilson-things, thank you for the gif above.)

Doors have great symbolic significance in literature. They symbolize transitions, passageways, and barriers to cross. They have been used as metaphors with great flourish (e.g., he opened the door of my heart).

Katie Jacobs, one of the co-producers of House, once said in an interview that the first image above shows “Wilson taking refuge in House” after the breakdown of his third marriage. It dovetails very nicely to a comment House once made to Wilson that his only successful relationship was with him.

The second image of Wilson at House’s doorstep in “Holding On” is even more deeply symbolic. He doesn’t enter through the door until he makes peace with House about the chemo. After House rejects Wilson’s offer for more chemo, Wilson asks whether it is ok that they have only five months left. House says no, it is not, but it was better than nothing. Then Wilson says, “Um, how do we start?” After awkwardly looking here and there, House replies somewhat bashfully, “I am not gonna tell you I love you.” A wordless message passes between the two with a look and then Wilson enters through the door with the words, “Thank God. Are there any Oreos?” House stares after Wilson and the door closes in slow motion, keeping us, the viewers, out of what is happening behind it between House and Wilson. This scene is a marked contrast to the opening scene of the same episode where House and Wilson disagree about another round of chemo at House’s door and then Wilson leaves without entering House’s apartment.

I see this second door scene as a major point of transition in the relationship between House and Wilson. House’s words at the door conveyed the opposite message than their literal meaning and Wilson acknowledged the sentiment, entered the apartment through the open door, and went in search of Oreos, a symbol of their love. To me, this was when Hilson became canon, though their love was on display everywhere in The C-Word.

Yes, @silvie111, doors were used as a romantic symbol in House.

Yes, @just-hilson-things, as always, all the steps House and Wilson take ultimately lead them back to each other.

Hilson forever❤️

anonymous asked:

Hey, critique anon here (don't be scared). First of all, I love your style and your art, second of all, I suggest you try to do studies from life, sometimes your proportion and anatomy can get out of wack. Secondly, when presenting a comic with sketchy lines, I suggest you erase the guidelines so it looks cleaner. Other than that your art is nice like honey, farewell! - s.s

Oh, thank you! I actually do a lot of proportion practice sketches off tumblr! I’m not the best, but I keep practicing. I don’t post them because I feel like they’re irrelevant I guess?

I also don’t use guidelines! I sketch the drawing straight onto the canvas and just use that. I used to use the sketch as a guideline but I noticed that people tend to like the messier version more, and since lining it takes more time, I decided to stick with sketching.

Thank you though! It’s not often that someone this nice comes along!

theamishpirate  asked:

A while back, I asked if you'd had voice training before, and completely forgot to send the follow-up, so WHOOPS. I asked the question because the voice stuff I've heard from you has been incredibly high-quality. I'm honestly a little flabbergasted that you haven't had training before. I'm so glad you got to use your voice for a job, and also have a blast with it!


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hi! a day or two ago, there was a post going around regarding jyn erso. it’s not a huge secret, but a lot of people don’t find her necessary to rogue one. which is fine! there were a lot of problems with her character, and it’s good to think critically about what we consume.

however, i really liked jyn overall, so i added my two cents to the post. two people responded, and i don’t want to leave their points unacknowledged or ignore them! so:

i read through both of your posts and i really agree with a lot of your points!! thank you for taking the time to respond! however, jyn is still a character that i value at the end of the day and i don’t think there’s much more any of us can say to convince the other, so i think i will just leave it at that. i really value you taking the time to explain, though! both of your insights were really valuable and i’ll for sure take it to heart.

if anyone wants to see the post, here’s the stuff:

my response: x

@pastandfuturequeen ’s response: x

@rose-tico ’s response: x

thank you! :) hope y'all are having a good weekend!

two-teapots  asked:

Hey nev, I'm the person who asked about a tablet recommendation? Anywho, I was just wondering if you noticed any difference between drawing traditional and digitally. Thanks, and sorry for bothering

tbh the only difference i notice is that with digital it feels like you have more control. You have more access to textures and colors and you dont have to go anywhere to get them. If that makes sense?? 

idk it just feels like you can do so much more with digital and by no means is digital “easier” which I’m pretty sure people think for some reason? It takes time to get used to when starting out of course, but if youve been drawing traditionally before then youre able to apply what you already know to digital. 

Missed Entries!

If you haven’t seen your entry up and haven’t contacted us yet, please take a second look and get in touch with us before the end of the day Sunday so we can take care of that! :) 

If you had difficulties participating because of recent natural disasters, you are also welcome/encouraged to get in touch with us to make any arrangements for some late entries!! We’ve heard from a few of you, but please don’t hesitate to reach out still.

After Sunday, we’ll get to work compiling master posts for the prompts/days and arranging the final details of the drawings, so if no other arrangements have been made, this will be the final day to get your work submitted to receive a prize.

Thank you all again for participating, the week was a blast and absolutely overwhelming with the amount of support and participation. 

thegrimwulf  asked:

Hey! I love your art style and was wondering if you had any tips for drawing braids? Any techniques you found useful?

Hello!  And thank you very much!

There may be easier ways of building braids than what I do, but this is just my process for drawing them, so take it with a grain of salt.

I’ll start with a line for whatever direction I want the braid to go in, if I don’t do a line and I have any kind of motion to the hair, boy do I mess it up lol

Next I’ll do wide half triangles, the line being my center, the right side or the left side always dropped lower than the other. If both sides meet in the center at the same level it’s not going to look very braid-like or have the illusion of being tangled with itself.

Afterwards you can remove the middle line if you want to take it further and connect each one with an alternating pattern like this one, giving it more of a braided look in the center.

Once the center is solid, you can add all the details you want in any style you like, curving inwards towards the center. I tend to like the more stained glass-ish appearance for hair so I’ll do very choppy, squared off lines to detail.

This works for whatever position you want to put the braid into using the wide triangles to build it up. It works for tightly woven or loose and messy braids depending on how wide/long you make the original half triangles.

I hope this helps!

Positive about the ‘negative’

I thought I’d do a little post about the positive sides of some of the signs’ bad traits. As we love to generalise and make stereotypes, I think a different pov every now and then doesn’t hurt nobody✨✌🏼🤗

Aries & ‘domineering’ - we all need someone to lead us and show us the way at some point, not all of us were born to be leaders, some of us were born to support and cater for.

Taurus & 'stubborn’ - sticking with what you are comfortable with is totally ok, not all of us were meant for an adventurous life; some of us are perfectly happy without getting out of our comfort zone

Gemini & 'superficial’ - connecting with lots of people, until you find 'your person’ is how I and someone else, maybe not you, but someone else go through life; you don’t need to create meaningful relationships with absolutely everyone, you might as well save all that energy for 'the one’

Cancer & 'oversensitive’ - oversensitive doesn’t simply mean easily offended, it means going in a room full of people and being overwhelmed by the many different energies that surround you; it means having 6th sense and knowing more than others by 'just knowing’, and I’m grateful for this trait everyday, as you should be

Leo & 'attention hungry’ - wanting to be the centre of attention is understandable, considering the the powerful star that rules over you, leo; in fact, it projects on you the same type of unique energy. leo, your warmth is much needed, and for this reason we will all give you our attention

Virgo & 'the eye for detail’ - it’s okay that you notice all the little details but sometimes may miss out on the big picture; I think virgos make for great team players because of this quality - they make sure everything is perfect - every single detail, thank you

Libra and 'indecisive’ - being able to see a situation from different sides is a wonderful trait that not all of us are blessed with; some have no choice but to stay ignorant about all the possibilities there are, take your time libra

Scorpio and 'extreme’ - I wish I was one of those 'all or nothing’ people like you are, scorpio, but instead I deal with the 'almost’, with 'barely’, with 'half’; knowing what you want and ultimately going after it, and moreover, getting to the end of it is so inspiring

Sagittarius and 'taking risks’ - the desire to seek adventure is something you’re born with, you can’t learn that; you should be grateful for this trait, it sure makes your life so much more interesting; not all of us carry this kind of bravery inside us

Capricorn and 'overambitious’ - reaching for the best and striving to be a winner is such an admirable trait; I wish I was as crazily ambitious as a capricorn, but instead, I get an idea and 5 minutes later leave it for the next one to come; capricorns were meant for great things

Aquarius and 'distant’ - the curiosity that you possess on a universal level will take you far, aquarius, which is why we forgive you for taking your time to be alone - you have many interest that require your full attention. we rely on you to find new worlds one day

Pisces and 'chaotic’ - living on the edge of two worlds, the real and the imaginary one, gives a different perspective of life, actually many perspectives, and pisces, it’s okay if these perspectives overwhelm you; most of us can’t even imagine what balancing between reality and dreams is like

Keeping up with the Batfamily.


Bruce: Hey look someone sent us a free memberships.

Damian: *sarcasticly* thank god, you would’ve never been able to afford that.

Tim: *spits out coffee*


Tim: *closes the door in Jason’s face.*

Jason: *stops the door from closing and takes off his leather jacket.* Don’t be fucking rude. *Starts to hit Tim with it.*

Dick: Are you kidding me!? Oh my gosh.

Tim: stoooopp!


Bruce: did you guys know I’m, like, the number one google search last week?

Damian: do you also know that you’re number two on the dumbest people.


Dick: *starts jogging*

Barbara: your ass is so large I don’t know how you can even run.


We need to talk about Hurricane fucking Irma.

We need to talk about this bitch. First of all, BEFORE she even arrives at Florida, Irma will go through the Caribbean as a Hurricane category 5. Now, is not the first one in history to go through the Caribbean leaving chaos and havoc behind. Irma is, though, the strongest bitch since Patricia. I’ll get to that. 

So Houston, Texas just went through Hurricane Harvey, cat. 4. If you think that, that display of destruction was bad, just wait until Irma starts showing off. Puerto Rico is a really small island, THERE WOULD NOT BE A PART OF THE ISLAND UNTOUCHED BY IRMA, WITHOUT A MIRACLE!!!! 

Katrina category 5, former princess baddest bitch in town, ain’t shit compared to Irma. Don’t get me wrong Katrina left a trail of destruction, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Multiply that shit by 100 and that’s exactly what the Caribbean is about to get. 

Sandy, category 3, one of the deadliest of 2012, is about to be turned into child’s play by Irma. Irma is not here to fuck around. People were hoping for Irma to chill, the bitch said, aha? LOL NO. 

Hurricane Andrew category 5. LOL boy, 1992 called,  they just said good luck. You people do not understand, Irma, is stronger than all of these hurricanes. Is even stronger than Wilma former, heir to baddest bitch in town throne, category 5 from 2005. 

Then we have Hurricanes Georges, category 4, 18 years ago; and Hugo category 5. I personally lived through Georges, it was scary, i can still hear the wind and the sound of the windows about to burst, but we got through it. I am fine with hurricanes strong enough to reach category 4, but the moment it hits category 5, my heart stops. Hugo left a shit ton of destruction, chaos, and havoc as well. Irma is about to cover ( no seriously, cover all the island) my island and destroy it, unless, somehow it chills the fuck down. 

Now, Irma by the time that was entering the Leeward Islands was already with winds at a whooping 185mph. Bye Katrina ( winds up t 175 mph). Bye Wilma (winds up to 183 mph). We are talking about gorgeous small islands like Antigua, St. Kitts, Barbuda, etc… we literally have nowhere to evacuate to.

 From more recent hurricanes, Irma is second to the baddest bitch in town, Patricia, with winds up to a whooping 215mph. Irma, what’s good? no seriously, Irma chill.  Hurricane Patricia was baaaaaaaad, like reaaaaally bad, and somehow we managed to avoid that. IDK how, but I am not complaining, now Mexico and the US weren’t so lucky. Irma is only 30 MPH BEHIND PATRICIA! Guys 30 miles per hour, is like ONLY 10mph over a school zone at the USA. LET THAT SINK IN!!! Irma is going for it!!! The only difference is that Irma is sooooo powerful that you can get readings of Irma on devices to detect earthquakes, well thanks Irma. 

Puerto Rico hasn’t recently had a hurricane like Patricia, but Irma is the first one of its strength and power since the 1928 hurricane Okeechobee a.k.a the San Felipe Segundo .Ask your abuelas and abuelos about it, shit ask them about Hugo too, he was an asshole too. Officially classified as category 5 hurricane and one of the deadliest tropical cyclones in the history of the Atlantic area. So, Okee had winds up to 160mph, but then Irma is here like 185mph, HIIIIIIIII and we are like NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! BITCH BYEEEEEEEEE!!!! It might not seem like a lot but here’s  a perspective of all the people Irma is about  hit and again no airline will take the risk to fly anyone out and i get it. In moments like this one, the Caribbean Islands are usually on their own, until the storm passes. 

Irma is getting stronger and by the time it reaches Florida, the bitch will die a little. The moment a hurricane hits land and cooler waters, it dies, which HEY FLORIDA GOOD NEWS, Irma might just be a category 4 for you!!!  I take a category 4 over a 5 any given time. I’m not saying is good, but compared to what is about to happen….you have to choose your deadly posion. The USA media is focusing in Florida and glossing over the Caribbean, and I get it Florida is at risk, but let’s face it, so ARE WE. 

Irma is giving the Typhoon Tip a.k.a the Typhoon Warling, a run for it’s money too. Cause coming after Patricia is not enough. Ask your parents about this Typhoon, form back in 1979. The highest wind speed recorded were up to 190mph sustained for a minute or so, unlike Patricia, who just reached it… hold me bitch!!!!  In other words HIIIIIII!! WE ARE THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS AND IRMA IS FUCKING SHIT UP!!! WE WILL APPRECIATE THE HELP, THANKS!!

So, keep in mind that yeah Florida is about to get fucked up, but the Caribbean is up  first!!!! And we are about to get HELLA FUCKED!! That’s all!! Thanks for your attention, and PLEASE TAKE YOUR PETS WITH YOU!!! AND CONTACT YOUR LOVED ONES!!


Edit: Just so you have an idea about the wind power!!


ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴋɪᴍ ɴᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴ — 19940912
A man who is Nurturing, Appreciative, Mature, Joyous, Observant, Openminded & Noble deserves only the best. Happy birthday our leader ♡ Thank you for being the catalyst and the beginning of the world’s best team. Thank you for being a person who thinks deeply, who reminds us of the world’s beauty amongst its hideousness. Thank you for showing us what’s worth and for guiding us in the direction of your heart. Thank you for being a sturdy leader, an unwavering soul and an emotional companion who inspires the people around him to do better. We respect you a lot and have a million ‘thank yous’ to say that cannot be put into words :’) Happy birthday our leader. We love you ♡.