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Bangtan reaction to them getting hurt and your their doctor

@ainbanana15: Hey! I noticed your request are open soo can you do a BTS reaction to them getting hurt and went to the hospital without telling you but coincidentally you will be the one to treat them (since you’re a doctor and you have an unscheduled shift on that day)? 

Ouuuuuuuuu, I love the idea of this!! Thank you for requesting love!!

Kim Seokjin: 

Jin was happy that of all days to get hurt, it was the day that you had off. He knew that you would by pissed because you were always on him about being safe and not working too hard. So when you walked into the room with that unimpressed look on your face it surprised him, now knowing that the next few hours are going to be very interesting. “Hello honey, It’s funny seeing you here.”

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Min Yoongi:

Yoongi was praying that you weren’t at work that day. The last thing that he wanted to do right now was explain how he got hurt, he knew no matter what he said you would still be pissed. So he wasn’t that surprised when you didn’t talk to him at all when you were tending to his injury. “Honestly, you should have known this day was going to happen love.” He would say trying to lighten the mood.

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Jung Hoseok:

When you walked into the room, Hoseok automatically started to make jokes and being silly, trying to make you less mad at him. He would also be complimenting you a lot. Basically, he would be doing anything and everything to lighten the mood. “Did you know that you’re absolutely gorgeous babygirl?” 

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Kim Namjoon:

Namjoon wouldn’t know how to act when he saw you, he knew that you had the day off so it really surprised when you walked in. Not knowing what to do he would just sit there not answering any questions that you were throwing at him. 

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Park Jimin:

Jimin was a little distraught when you walked into the room. Like Namjoon, he didn’t know what to say to try and help this situation. He would try to explain what happened but stopped because he knew it wasn’t helping at all. “I’m sorry baby.” 

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Kim Taehyung:

Taehyung would try to make you laugh, hoping to make you forget that he’s injury. Obviously not working but that didn’t stop him, he would tell jokes, make funny faces, and just be silly until you laughed or even smiled. “Hey raindrop, did you know that I can make an elephant with my arm?” 

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Jeon Jungkook: 

Jungkook would be shocked (jungshooked) to see that you’re his doctor. After having to explain what happened, he would try to have fun with it but knowing that you weren’t in the mood he would stop and be quiet unless you talked to him.

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This would have been up fast if my computer didn’t freeze when I was almost done, causing me to lose all of my work, but oh well. It’s open now and I hope you like it.



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Yup, really curious. You write both noorhelm and (200% CANON) mohnstad like a pro, home girl here just wanted to know if you will ever write a double date cause that would be damn amazing. Just imagine redeemed-fuckboys William and Chris with "we can basically read each other thoughts" friends Eva and Noora. I bet it would be extra funny, I can see the boys openly throwing shade at each other, or being super embarrassed about "that one time you" while the girls are living for it

Ahhhhhhh thank you so much!!!! Noorhelm and Mohnstad (SO CANON) are so much fun to write, I’m so happy you like my fics!!!! <3

And YES oh my gosh I wanted them to go on double dates so much?? Basically-telepathic-Noora-and-Eva would be so funny, there would be so many wordless looks??? And I can so see Chris trying to tell embarrassing William stories, and William literally always having a more embarrassing one about him???? I still wish we could have seen all four of them really interact on screen at some point, SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

Anyway, that’s definitely something I would lovelovelove to try writing, it means a ton to hear that you’d want to read it if I did! :) 

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For the honest opinion from an anon: You are amazing! Running an LGBTQ+ positive blog is so sweet, and helpful to so many people. Your blog is funny, and uplifting, and you make me smile every time I see you on my dash. Thank you so, so, much for being ace/aro and nonbinary inclusive. That means the world to me, especially on tumblr when I'm told I don't belong in the community for being ace and nonbinary. You're so awesome, and I hope the rest of pride month is amazing for you!!!!!

Thank you 😊 thank you so much!! God I don’t know what else to say besides thank yo. I know that tumblr can be very toxic place from time to time but don’t you ever think this is how the lgbtq is outside of here. So go out and enjoy yourself or if you can’t for very of reasons friends are always a way. So I hope you have a happy pride as well my dear.🌺🌹💐💐🌸🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


best of kim mingyu ♡
happy birthday, precious gyu!
thank you for being exactly the way you are - kind, talented, funny, sweet, hardworking, overly capable, etc. the list can go on. I hope you always remember that you, including the colour of your skin, are perfectly fine the way you are. thank you for giving us your hard work and love, we love you ♡

Mehcad Brooks story time!

So today I met Mehcad at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London. It was hot and everyone was under a glass roof, Melissa and Chris cancelled the day before the event, a lot of people were a bit moody and Mehcad showed up half an hour late to his signing. We were told he had food poisoning, poor guy. 

But boy was he worth the wait. 

As soon as he arrived he changed the mood. He was a ball of light. He hugged everyone he could and kept apologizing for being late, going down the line and giving people hugs and high fives. I had a VIP pass and was the only VIP pass waiting so I was one of the first ones to go and get my autograph and picture.

I told him that as a trans man who is transitioning one of the things I struggled with was finding positive male role models who embodied a positive masculinity, being strong but sensitive and leaving room for women and femininity, and that James represented that for me and was one of the first characters who did. His response was beyond humbled. He thanked me, probably gave me three or four more hugs and told me how much it meant to him to be putting that energy out there, then he asked if he could take a picture with me. I laughed and said that I had bought one, and he said but I want to take it with you on my phone. So we did. He took the pic himself (bless those long arms) then took a couple with my phone as well. He asked if it was ok to share my story and I said of course, that I’m very open and out and proud, and he thanked me because he felt it was so important and he was so floored by it. 

A little later was his panel. Due to the other Supergirl guests cancelling he was alone. From the moment he stepped out he was full of light and energy in spite of having food poisoning. You would never have known. There was a sign language interpreter there and he was trying to learn the things she was signing during his questions, made everyone feel special and welcome, made sure every child that stepped up to ask a question was given a round of applause, and when a girl came up to thank him for what he was doing for the people of Manchester (he’s giving away free autographed 8x10s to anyone from Manchester who sees him this weekend) he asked if she was from there and she said yes, so he said “come up here” and gave her the biggest and longest hug. 

He told some funny stories, and at the very end when someone asked how he feels about the show being political, he said he doesn’t think it is, he thinks it’s about inclusion and hope and light, that it doesn’t matter who you are, a black man can be an iconic comic book character and you can love any gender, and he doesn’t think that’s politics, he just thinks it’s right, and as he was saying it he made contact with me in the audience and smiled and winked at me. It was honestly so touching. 

He was also asked about what he thought of Mon El’s backstory, and he pretended his mic had cut off LMAO. You could tell he was ready to pop off about slavery, but he wanted to keep things light and positive, which was exactly what people needed, to be honest.

Mehcad Brooks, everyone.

Today is Lucinas Birthday!

So i drew her in what i think its her being like

“y´know its not like i dont appreciate it, I DO!, but you know… after seeing the same kinda joke around 6-ish times a day yknow, you just… start to think the joke is not funny anymore and like… i dont wanna say something rude i do appreciate the time you took to draw me with dark glasses, a joint of weed and yelling 420 blazee as a birthday gift but, like I DO APPRECIATE IT THANK YOU, but” - and keep that going for like 10 minutes

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i'm weeping at ur tags "matt: i dare u to eat this shiro: hell yeah i missed breakfast this morning" like???? these boys r iconic thank you

LISTEN the idea of these two being Stereotypical Bros is so goddamn funny to me………….. ‘Two Best Bros Go On The Nerd Field Trip Of A Lifetime, What Happens Next Will Break Your Heart </3′

  • Where’s that one post where op was like ‘Matt and Shiro spent the entire trip to Kerberos coming up with a wicked long handshake’ because that is just…… so real lmfao
  • As part of their astronaut training they went to the gym a lot together but they never actually… got anything done.
    • Matt tries to photobomb all of Shiro’s pre/post workout selfies
    • That, or he’ll take a selfie of Shiro taking a selfie
  • They have Keith’s gym workout schedule memorized and sometimes they’ll show up before he does in matching neon pink/green vaguely-80s style workout clothes. I’m talking the leg warmers, the shorts and black leggings, the headbands. Keith legitimately thinks they always work out wearing these clothes.
    • They always offer him a third matching headband. He declines every time, but they know they’re wearing him down.
  • Matt & Shiro are constantly trying to set up playdates for Pidge and Keith because they want their antisocial little siblings to actually like. Talk to someone who isn’t part of their family. Of course, all these plans immediately fall through because Pidge and Keith are Antisocial Little Siblings.
  • One time during the first three months of their friendship they were trying to escape out a window and Shiro got fucking stuck. They got caught, but not because of Shiro’s bigass shoulders. It’s because Matt went to take a selfie and he accidentally had the flash on.
  • On that note, Matt’s automatic response is to take a selfie every time something happens to Shiro.
  • One time Shiro went to pour cheese on his pasta, only to accidentally dump the entire container on his lunch because some asshole loosened all the lids. Matt has photos of it all; dramatic close-up shots of the mountain of mozzarella, Shiro’s shocked and bewildered face, and a ten-second video clip of Shiro trying to dump some of his cheese onto Keith’s plate. 
  • Matt & Shiro are the classmates who always seem to be returning from off-campus, only it’s doubly bewildering because the Garrison is in the desert?? There’s literally nothing around for miles??? Where are they even going
  • Shiro could not cook to save his fucking life, and Matt’s cooking is… dubious at best. Like, it’s not bad. As Matt will tell anyone, cooking is technically just science, and he is a science whiz. And it tastes okay. He followed all the directions perfectly. But there’s just something.. slightly off. Like you’ll eat it, but you won’t ask for seconds.
    • Shiro insists it’s because Matt doesn’t cook with enough heart, Matt replies that Shiro must be the devil himself since his food always comes out black and disgusting.

I hate edgy culture, this is a real article about a real *14 year old* girl being shot in the head, she’s paralyzed and partially blind, and people are laughing reacting or “thankful” reacting to it on Facebook. 

Male violence against women is so common, that we find this funny. A young girl has gone from wanting to spend her summer horseback riding and because of two boys instead her goal is to move her fingers, and we’re acting like it’s a joke. Why do we, as a culture, hate women so much? 

(here’s the actual article if you wanted to read the story)


Even Bang PD himself said it ya’ll hear? Scream it for the people in the back please. When will you snakes ever stop calling Jin useless and that he has no role in bts. Other than the hundred roles he has as an Idol, he is the one who keeps them grounded and sensible as the oldest hyung in the group so stop being ugly thanks


Totally didn’t forget to post the full cosplay  J( ‘ー`)ゞ

I just once again wanted to say that Katsucon 2017 was an unbelievable adventure and experience…. I never want to forget it…. I met so many cool people and..!! Signed autographs! (it was embarassing but.. really cool!) >////< 

This trip was totally meant to be, because even though I tried to be prepared as best as I could, the amount of times where I got extremely lucky in certain situations were scary… (ex. Hammer almost not fitting in the trunk of a car, almost not getting through across the border, having little to no damage done in transportation, having a tremendous amount of help from all of my friends, got to see delicious Genji booty)

Shout out to my BitchBoard™! (in the first picture) Without you, I would have been kicked out of the con for having such a large prop =w=;;
You let me cart my hammer around and Me n Zed even got a shoutout from Reinhardt’s voice actor!! AAAAA!!

″SKELETON HAMMER DOWN!!!” so cool ;o;!!!

Special thanks to @livingzed (Swap Papyrus) and @Suukarin (Human Swap Papyrus) for not only being my two amazing brothers but for being there for me and especially Suu for keeping my stupid hammer in their hotel room….!!!!! I love you guys so much and I really miss you ;o;

Ok i’m done being mushy, enjoy these pictures my friend Sunny took (except the first, that one was given to me!) <3

BTS Reaction: Their Girlfriend Being Too Short To Kiss Them

Anonymous said: Bts gif reaction to you being too short to kiss them without them bending down a bit?

A/N: Omg I’m literally fetus sized and this request made me so happy. Hope you like this!! Thanks for requesting!! <3

Jin: *giggles and bends down to kiss your nose and then your lips* “Jagi you’re so cute oh my god!!”

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Suga: *doesn’t show it but lowkey loves it* “Jagii, come here and give me a kiss” *smirks*

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Namjoon: *constantly teases you and doesn’t bend down just to make you beg* “You want a kiss baby?? Too bad then” *smiles innocently*

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Hoseok: *boy be losing his shit every time you tag his shirt to signalize you want a kiss* “OMG IMMA KISS YOU IN SEC BUT YOU’RE SO CUTE OMG”

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Jimin: *highkey loves it because it makes him feel more powerful*  “Jagi we’re short couple goals ayeee”

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Taehyung: *picks you up instead of bending down to kiss you because he finds you so cute and he feels the need to return the cuteness* “How did I get so lucky?? You’re so adorable babyyy”

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Jungkook: *he constantly teases you and he ain’t even sorry* “Sorry baby, I am not into dwarfs..Grow a little taller and then ask for a kiss”

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((I’m so sorry for this gif omfg))



Thank you for 9,000 followers! Here’s a ficlet about Mari being protective of her little brother.

“Hopefully you can help me,” said the man on the phone with the funny accent. “My name is Victor Nikiforov, and I’m looking for Yuuri Katsuki. He said his family owns a hot springs resort, so I looked up the phone number on the internet. Can you tell me if I have the right place?”

Mari almost hung up immediately without offering a response. Ever since Yuuri had inadvertently become a viral video star after performing one of Victor Nikiforov’s routines, the onsen had gotten more than a few prank calls. One person had pretended to be a reporter but had instead turned out to be one of Victor’s crazy fans. Apparently this new caller wanted Mari to believe he was Victor Nikiforov himself.

Yeah, right.

“Yuuri’s my brother,” she said, a little heat in her tone.

“Oh, great!” the prankster said. “Could I speak with him please?”

Mari rolled her eyes. Was that supposed to be a real Russian accent? This guy’s impression of Victor was pathetic.

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Dear Jensen Ackles,

since it is your 39th birthday today. I not only hope you’ll spend a wonderful day with your loved ones and are able to enjoy a tasty birthday cake, but also wanted to use that opportunity to thank you.

Thank you for giving us Dean Winchester. For making him such a well rounded and real feeling character with edges and flaws.

Thank you for putting so much emotion into your performance and managing to move us with just a lip quiver, a certain look in your eyes or one silent tear.

Thank you for being able to convey so much with so little and sometimes achieve the most impact that way. Not with grand gestures but with small but important moves.

Thank you for being true to yourself, for not letting any kind of fame get to your head but remaining beautifully down to earth.

Thank you for being goofy and not taking yourself too seriously, for knowing how to make fun and laugh about yourself.

Thank you for sharing tiny bits of your daily and family life with us here and there - it’s by no means something anyone should take for granted or see as a given or something to be expected. Thank you for that, it’s a sign of trust you have in the fandom and I hope many people will treat it as such - a gift and as something special.

Thank you for doing conventions. For sharing your views and headcanons on the show and Dean Winchester as a character in panels or meet greets.

Thank you for managing to make everyone feel welcome when taking a picture with you and trying to lessen the tension and nervousness.

Thank you for hugs, for funny stories and for your voice. Thank you for being able to embrace standing on stage and singing for and with us and enjoying it! Just between us: You’re doing one hell of a job! And we appreciate it so so much! Thank you for letting us have a good time together!


Happy birthday, Mr. Jensen Ackles. If I could I’d hand over an Emmy for you as a birthday present, because you would have deserved to get one for your acting a few times by now. So Mr. Ackles, have a wonderful and hopefully sunny day, have a slice of pie for your “alter ego” Dean Winchester too. He has had way too little time to devour some himself lately! Keep up your good work and stay true to yourself!

I and many others sure love you for exactly who your are!

Happy Birthday!!! *throws confetti*

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is there any information u would consider relevant to know for the wonderwoman movie?

i’m not going to assume too many (and sometimes obvious) specifics because the movie may have chosen to interpret them differently to fit the overall universe and i don’t want to confuse you further, but some of the things i don’t think will change substantially:

  • *the DCEU version of wonder woman is apparently following her new 52 origins which means that, unlike her pre-flashpoint origins where she was made out of clay, here she’s the daughter of the olympian god zeus and the queen of amazons hippolyta. that makes her a demi-god and explains her ability to still kick around in the modern timeline
  • her lasso of truth has the ability to not only make you speak the truth but see it yourself, understand and sometimes accept it too, effectively rendering bad guys useless if they have a conscience. it was made by the god hephaestus and it’s completely indestructible
  • diana’s iconic bracelets are actually steel cuffs that all amazons wear as a reminder of the time they were enslaved by hercules to show they remember and won’t ever be subjected to such or any oppression ever again. it’s occassionally been said that diana’s, specifically, are made out of part of zeus’s shield and/or that they have the abilitiy to contain her true power so she doesn’t completely wreck her opponents. it’s why we sometimes see her in the comics take them off if the danger is too high and she needs to end the threat immediately
  • she has a myriad of powers than can even rival superman’s, and they were primarly given to her by the ancient greek gods who are patrons to the amazons and paradise island/themyscira (the ones that aren’t complete dicks, anyway)
  • steve trevor is considered to be the link between the amazons and man’s world because he was the first one to, after a very long time, show up on paradise island, largely later helping diana settle in our world. it also helped that he wasn’t a douchebag so thank you steve
  • let me make clear that the amazons had absolutely no intentions of interacting with man’s world ever again since hercules and his men had completely broken their trust by pretending to come in peace and then subjugating them. they consider us lost, dangerous and to be disregarded. queen hippolyta continued being weary even after diana proved that we might not suck so bad
  • she’s funny. unintentionally at first because she had no idea how anything here worked, but later too, because she’s too clever not to pick up some good puns along the way
  • she’s kind and gentle but she values truth above all else so she will sometimes go to extremes to get it if it’s important
  • she’s (and will be in the films too) a founding member of the justice league which means she had to deal with batman from day one and yet she’s kept her sanity. that’s like… a plus ten in my book
  • a p p r e c i a t e   e t t a   c a n d y

*edit: some of you are making some fair points that the trailer more or less proves she will have her clay/non-flesh and blood origins that i misinterpreted from not remembering the trailer correctly. so there’s that :)

SEVENTEEN's reaction to you (their S/O) laughing at anything

Request: seventeen reaction to you laughing about everything, even the smallest details, thanks in advance!

A/N: Seventeen reactions always take the longest… also laptop still getting fixed :(

-Admin KenKen

S.Coups: Honestly, that’s probably what he loved most about you. He’d love being able to see you laugh, even more when he’s responsible for it. (You’re Jeonghan)

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Jeonghan: He’d just sit back and cherish every little giggle you’d let escape. He’d even chuckle as he found it so adorable that you literally found anything fun.

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Joshua: He would laugh with you, even if he didn’t find it funny. He longs to see your smile as you laugh.

Originally posted by shua

Jun: He wouldn’t show much reaction, but on the inside he’d be gushing over how cute you looked and even let a smile slip from time to time.

Originally posted by theoneandonlylioness

Hoshi: Idk why… but I feel like he would bring you closer to his face and rub noses with you and tell you how cute you looked. 

Originally posted by visual-17

Wonwoo: He’d be looking adoringly at you as you laughed. Like you know when someone looks at the person they love with those special eyes that just gives it away… yeah that’s him.

Originally posted by mingyuwagyu

Woozi: He couldn’t help but smile as you went on a laughing fit. He loved the way you looked as you smiled because he felt as though you were happy and that’s all he wants.

Originally posted by woozioppa

DK: He’d poke you your cheeks and tell you how much he loves to see laughing or he’d just be laughing with you.

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Mingyu: He’d pinch your cheeks and leave a chaste kiss on your lips because he couldn’t help it especially when you looked so adorable.

Originally posted by wonnhao

The8: He would look at you like ‘why you laughing, I literally just breathed’ Then probably start laughing himself.

Originally posted by mienghao

Seungkwan: He would try so hard no to laugh with you but he couldn’t help it. Both of you guys would be laughing your butts off.

Originally posted by seungkvvan

Vernon: Like Wonwoo, he’d look at you so adoringly and chuckle at how adorable you looked.

Originally posted by sevneteens

Dino: He would be so confused as to why you just started laughing out of nowhere but then he’d start laughing himself.

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Happy Birthday to my favorite girl! We got to see many sides of you this past year, your smarts, your baking, your laughter, your tears. Thank you for being my precious baking angel whose heart is so big it’s ridiculous! You are so so considerate and funny and dorky it hurts me sometimes :/ I love you so so so much you have no idea; I would write paragraph after paragraph about why I love you but I have to stop before I get carried away~

 Happy 23rd/24th Birthday to Son Seungwan, Red Velvet’s beautiful power vocalist and hamster! All I wish is for you to be healthy and happy, alongside your members always! (Because I am sure that is what you’d wish as well)



[INFO] 170624 BLACKPINK’s messages for BLINKs at Show! Music Core!
Trans: black2dpink824 and BLACKP1NKK, © Chew in My Area 

Jennie: BLINK ❤️️ Beulping is here Jendeukie is here. We’ve come back with a new song in just 6 months. We’ve prepared a lot to show you good music and a good stage so please spend the exciting summer with us. I’m nervous from thinking about standing in front of BLINKs for the first time in a long time again. Thank you for waiting for us thank you for being with us, thank you for being BLINKs. A fresh, cute, funny, serious, and sexy Jendeukie with many sides to show is waiting so let’s go go! BLACKPINK = BLINK Let’s play as if it’s our last yap yap fighting! - LOTS of LOVE from J

Jisoo: Nyeongan BLINK ❤️️ I’ve wanted to comeback as BLACKPINK again and FINALLY. I’m so happy that we get to meet again >_< You waited a long time for us, didn’t you? Thank you always. We prepared and practiced a lot because we wanted to show a good side of ourselves, so we’d be very pleased and happy if BLINKs like it. ^.^ I think we’ll be able to see each other more this time so let’s enjoy our time ❤️️ We’ll become a Beulpink that BLINKs can be proud of through ever-improving versions of ourselves. We love you ^u^ ❤️️

Rosé: Our BLINK~ How are you guys? You didn’t forget us, right? :( You guys worked really hard for waiting for us~ :( After waiting for a long period, finally comeback.. the thoughts of standing on stage in front of BLINK gets me fluttering I thought I was about to pass out.. kekeke! Thank you very much for coming out today to cheer for us. ❤️️ Always more closer… more often! Even though my heart that wants to see you guys is this big… finally! I get to see your faces I’m… very happy ㅠ.ㅠ  This time too, we practiced really a lot to show BLINKs a really nice stage.. I hope BLINKs will like it a lot ~ kyu ❤️️ As much as I wanted to see your faces, during this promotion, I shall remember your faces >< You know that Chaeng is always thankful and cherish you guys, right? I LOVE YOU ALL SO BAD ❤️️ MUAAHH 💋~ - LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE, ROSÉ

Lisa: BLINK~~!! Kyaaa….finally we have the chance to meet!! >< For the past 6 months, how was it going? Sigh.. it wasn’t going well for me.. because I couldn’t see BLINK keke~ It was tiring waiting for us, right?? ㅜ We are going to see each other soon so please wait a little bit more! Please give “As If It’s Your Last” a lot of anticipation and a lot of love~ ❤️️ Let’s see each other soon~~ 🌟❤️️🌟 BLINK love you~ hehe >//< - BLACKPINK -LISA-