so terribly fresh

there are few places to be that are more dangerous than between me and fresh pizza


The hunt had begun.The rain was coming down in thick, opaque sheets now, and they were hunting you down.You could hear their cheers and primal hollering from the rapidly decreasing space between you, but you continued to sprint for any distance you could maintain. Wet leaves and dirt clung to your feet and legs as you made a beeline for the cliff that came into your view. At this point you decided height was the only thing that would give you more time. The only illumination of your path came from the royal blue that the moon provided through the sea of storm clouds, and your route became harder to discern with each passing minute.You managed to reach the base of the rocky mountain edge and began your slippery ascent.

You would not let them take you.

Song: Crossfire by Stephen

[TRANS] 160317 He Jiong’s assistant’s account of sitting on Jackson’s lap

Wang Jia Er is truly very cute, he saw that I didn’t have anywhere to sit and insisted I sit on his lap, and there was nothing to be done, it was for sure I had to sit there for a moment since he was so ardent. But looking at the photo now it feels especially like a large pig being hugged. It doesn’t matter, if I’m able to sit I’ll quickly sit, or else it’s not for sure there will be an opportunity again in the future. The photo comes from the name on the bottom right.