so terrible that im actually proud of it


so uh. here it is. only half of it is posted on here since it got kinda long, but you can read the full thing on the ao3 link below. english translations are also at the bottom. hope you like it!!

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There’s a word in the Filipino language that means love. Pag-ibig. It’s falling headfirst with eyes wide open, opening your arms to embrace the fall. People always say that you can’t choose who you love, that sometimes the heart can’t help who they fall for.

And Michael might think they’re right.

Michael is fourteen when he realizes that he’s in love with his best friend.

It’s not a big thing, subtle enough for Michael to come into terms with it, but it’s something that’s had small moments leading up to it. Things like fingertips brushing, reaching out to each other in times of need, little stomach flutters he gets whenever Jeremy smiles at him, his heart skipping beats every time Jeremy looks at him in a way that gives Michael more hope than it should. Words like “You’re my favorite person,” being said the first time around, little glances that has Michael blushing, and the soft look on Jeremy’s face that tugs on his heartstrings when he falls asleep after a video game. Moments like Michael’s fingers tangling themselves in Jeremy’s hair, the little forehead touches of reassurance, and Michael biting back his tongue to avoid his heart spilling out of his body. Things like that.

So when Jeremy smiles at him from under the stars on that chilly evening on his rooftop, Michael’s world stops spinning.

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So i made some @sablepodcast fan art :-D I’m terrible at drawing but my digital stuff isnt too bad….

I’m actually ridiculously proud of this. Have posted it to my twitter (@/katvonhall) as well.

Feel free to reblog, please dont delete caption? Thank you in advance and critique is always welcome.

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PLEASE SOME USHIWAKA X GOSHIKI please i can find n o t h i n g and i love it so much

I’m in Goshijima hell right now and theres only two english fanfics and like no art and i love them sooo much aahahaahahahahah, I want Ushijima to pat his head and like kiss his nose and stuff im like in tears thinking about rn. I would also like to think that ushijima is a terrible chef and goshiki is super proud he can cook and he brags about it all the time and ushijimas just liike “yeah yeah” and aaahahahaha i want this so bad

THERE IS actually some art for it if you look through AJ’s twitter account and my friend @candy-harlot also recently drew a thing ^^ IM HAVING FEELINGS ABOUT THEM THOUGH, THANKS TO THIS MOST RECENT EPISODE

like ushijima…why won’t you notice this poor kid who clearly idolizes you??

I just…I want fic where Goshiki very obviously has a crush on ushijima and he’s constantly looking for his approval but no matter what he does, he can’t seem to get a satisfying response. he challenges ushijima and ushijima wishes him good luck. he practically felates an popsicle when the team goes for celebratory snack after a match and ushijima doesn’t blink an eye at it - although reon pats goshiki’s back and tells goshiki to take it easy when goshiki gets overambitious and tries swallowing too much at once. goshiki probably even changes his hair color at one point - to red, because he once heard ushijima compliment tendou on the bright color of his hair - and ushijima doesn’t say anything at all. goshiki fumes. 

and his entire team (with the exception of ushijima) know about his crush because it’s OBVIOUS. goshiki doesn’t have a subtle bone in his body, really. at one point goshiki tries flirting with ushijima and ushijima shoots him down so quickly with straight forward answers that yamagata scowls and says, “don’t you think that was a little harsh, even for you?”

and ushijima has no idea what he’s talking about. His lips slant in a frown and he answers, “What? he asked if i had time to work on serves with him after practice, but i don’t.” and yamagata shakes his head in disbelief. 

“look, if you don’t like him, just tell him that. But let him down easy, y’know? he’s a good kid. but he’s delicate, too. it’s just a puppy crush, i’m sure he’ll get over it eventually.”

and at this point ushijima has even LESS idea what yamagata’s talking about. “A crush?” something suddenly clicks in his mind. “Goshiki has a crush on me?”

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Teeth (final)

Title: Teeth (final)

Pairing: Jongtae (non romantic)

Rating: R

Warnings: psychological torture, eventual cannibalism, eventual light gore,  monsters, paranormal, thriller, horror

Summary: Jonghyun should have known


This fic was written in response to an anon prompt that involved canniabl!taem eating jonghyun. However! I will NOT be writing horrific gore or anything like that, I’m more a fan of psychological thrillers so this story will focus more on the build up rather than the actual act which I think is too much for me to be able to comfortably write.

Heeeeeey i did the thing! I can’t believe this is already over because i had a ton of fun writing it as terrible as it sounds. it was a really good exercise in suspense and im really proud of the way that it turned out. thank you for everyone who has been reading! I really appreciate all the loving support i have received!


TEETH: One, Two

He had spent the majority of the day huddled up on his couch, eyes tired and darting, flickering around the room if there was so much as a creak from the floorboards. He was being ridiculous, he knew, but it didn’t stop the adrenaline from rushing through him or the slight quiver of his hands. His hair stood nearly completely on end from the way he had been dragging his hands through it all day, tugging it occasionally to ground himself.

Sometime around noon, a shadow had appeared on the ceiling. It wasn’t large or by any means intimidating, but Jonghyun knew that it wasn’t supposed to be there. That it was watching him. Occasionally, the shadow would flicker, almost like it was starting at a movement, like it was trying to make him flinch in fear. Jonghyun didn’t disappoint, body curling away in fright at every slight twitch.

He wondered if this was what it was like to go crazy.

If the rattling hisses coming from the corner of the living room were really just the sound of his brain coming unhinged.

His eyes were dry from the lack of movement, gaze trained on the black mass that clung to the ceiling, and he had needed to go to the bathroom hours ago, but fear kept him glued to his spot. Not even daring to leave the couch to feed himself. He spent the whole day like that, breath escaping his lips in harsh pants and eyes dry and dark.

Eventually, the room turned dark around him, so Jonghyun flipped on a lamp, eyes widening significantly when he thought he saw the shadow move.

He was used to not sleeping, but the hours seemed to crawl by, exhaustion prickling under his skin like pins and needles.

Suddenly, his phone began to ring, blasting some annoying pop song from its tiny speakers. He let it ring for some time, daring not to take his eyes off of the shadow, but when the ringing didn’t cease, he shakily lifted it to his ear.

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Ink Flowers AU

Hi, Jack! I wanted to officially thank you for the tattoo you got me the other day. It hurts like a bitch, but it looks great so far! I’m a bit awkward with words, so I’ll just leave you with a little present. I believe you said roses were your favorite? (I really hope they are because if not I’ll be terribly embarrassed). Hope we can talk soon, Mark.”

Again, if you are male, whether cis or not or even just use he/him pronouns without an official label on your gender, I am here for you and I will not participate in the “male tears” side of tumblr because I believe that is not feminism and it is extremely harmful towards women, men, and other combined. As someone who has been raped, abused, and bullied by men, I still do not believe in spreading that kind of crap. The patriarchy sucks and it teaches young men and women alike terrible things and it affects men too. Feminism is a fight against the patriarchy, not men, and by backing up your hate and stupid insults towards the gender as a whole by saying “well I don’t ACTUALLY hate men I just hate the patriarchy so im really complaining about that!!” dont even try to lie.
Praise women all you want if you prefer women sexually/emotionally/just appreciating extremely feminine qualities or are proud of women for being strong through all this in general, but if you do that by hating on boys, you are a problem. And I won’t stand for it