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hey tori i was watching ur most recent cool speedpaint (the dimlole mob one) and i didnt quite catch how u did the white border thing?? like when the outer side of the lineart is white?


gather round children let me tell you

SO you take your magic wand tool and put the selection mode on ruff

now its gonna go a bit over whatever youre selecting like dis

(i usually select the lineart, u can mash all the color layers together if that works better, or mash ALL in one, whatever youre into. also u gotta click precisely, or it just selects the entire image. alsox2,  it just needs to be the outline so dont like select the lines around the mouth why would you do that)

now this works, but if its too thin for you we have this bad boy

and you just mash that for as long as you like

(as you can see this really isnt perfect, it gets kinda pixelly)

then you just. make a layer under your colors and fill it in with whatever color u want as an outline


It is no coincidence that a rattlesnake makes the same noise as a bottle of pills. I have seen my friends open their prescriptions as if it has just unhinged its jaw and is about to swallow them whole. When did growing up mean chasing drinks rather than chasing dreams because I can spend a whole day in bed and not once think about where I should be going and when I manage to drag myself out it is a question of how much therapy can you pay for sanity and is it worth it for my parents to empty their wallets so that I can spill my guts because at what point does a shell have to stop calling themselves human? I am so fucking tired of people telling me that there is room for improvement because I can scream into the hollowed out bits of myself and only hear echoes - when you tell me there is space to grow, I will show you that I am the grand canyon when you imagined me as a pothole and it would have been a lot easier to fill me with cement and walk all over me again. Somebody once told me that being bipolar was like trying to visit the opposite ends of the world at the exact same time - that the closer you got to where you want to go, the further you get from where you should have been in the first place and it is a matter of just standing still and letting the Earth do the spinning for you. But I have been trying to take steps and I swear to God if I hear that I am not moving fast enough that I can assure you my body is quicksand and it is enough that I have not completely sunk inside of myself. I do not have black eyes from the struggle, I do not have broken bones that let you know I have been fighting for my life, but I have my beating heart and the sunrise that tells me this is a new day and for now that is enough.
—  February 19th, 2017 (k.p.k)
  • interviewer: tell us about banana milkshakes
  • paul: well yknow lads are lads aren't they I mean there are things you do with your friends and it's just having a laugh like me and john were close really close but not too close yknow there were boundaries because we were mates and okay so lines were crossed once or twice but we were pals! all normal and matey and not gay ha ha
  • interviewer: sir this is a cooking show

Vast Poni Canyon

This location has one of my favourite soundtracks from Pokemon Sun/Moon, it’s got so much energy and atmosphere that I had to paint something for it. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me who the dude is :P

Also @harrylee94 thanks for dropping by for a bit of the stream, sorry I wasn’t talking, but I did see you there :)

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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki (dark 2) ~translation~

This translation was made by @rkyt1965 (Spanish-English)

Place: Ayato’s Bedroom

Ayato: Oi, keep the promise u did with Ore-Sama, definitely. If you’ll break it… Hehe
Yui: Even if you don’t tell me this I’ll protect it…
Ayato: Hee… Then show me a proof of that
Yui: A-A proof? Even if you say this…
Ayato: *Laughs* Are u saying u can’t?

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I'm so scared, this guy I'm seeing doesn't understand "no", and every time I try to pull away he guilt trips me into staying and even going further than I wanted. I don't know what to do, he's friends with all of my friends and he's always at their house, there's never a moment where I can talk to them alone and tell them anything.

I had this problem once. One of my friends urged me to ask out her boyfriends best friend. We saw each other for a while and it was all wrong. He would do things I asked him not to do because they made me uncomfortable. He did them anyways because he thought it was funny and he kept pursuing me even after I had voiced concerns. The only thing that worked for me was being consistently blunt in my lack of romantic interest and I made sure to tell our mutual friends the issue I was having. It’s so important to make sure that every one else knows exactly how you feel and why you feel that way. Women are often afraid to do this in fear of backlash or looking too emotional. Don’t. It needed to be done.

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I'm writing a story and can you write dialogue or suggestions for a scene where Person A finds out that after like 2 years of marriage Person B is actually evil?

“What do you mean you have a lair in the basement?!”
“I have a lair in the basement.”
“Because you’d be upset that I moved your boxes into a fort.”

“So, I guess it’s time to tell you. This is my partner-in-crime and-”
“Wait, crime?”
“I’m a criminal mastermind, yes. Did I forget to mention that when we got married two years ago?”

“Well, that’s kind of my job.”
“Your job?!”
“Yes, I’m a self employed assassin.”

How deep is your love?

Hello Anon, I hope you like it and yeah…I changed the usually fluffy ending a bit, sorry I had no just happenend.

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Genre: angst, fluff(?)

Words: 1k

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So what? What Yoongi? For the last weeks I was nothing more than air for you. You didn’t slept here. You didn’t answered neither my calls nor my texts. You didn’t even looked at me. What am I to you?” Your voice got louder and louder. But it was true. You dated since 3 years and you knew him well. He was never that type who shows much love. He wouldn’t tell you ‘I love you’ everyday, but he would show his feelings through actions.

 You remembered the things he did every night he wouldn’t come home. The times he took you to the studio to get  a second -your- opinion. The times his walls broke and he talked to you about his problems. And the times he made love with you. 

And now?

Nothing. In the last weeks even yourself started to doubt if you had a boyfriend. You thought about his reasons. And this thoughts killed you. Another women. Vanished love. Love that never existed. All this things were possibilities. And one more hurtful the the another. 

After 3 weeks you finally saw him more than 10 minutes. And you didn’t wanted to miss this chance to hear the truth. You wanted to know if he still has feelings for you. So you grabbed him when he just wanted to leave again. Not this time. And now you stood there. On the opposite sides of the room. You spoke. He was silent. But finally, finally he said something. His voice sounded strange. 

“You know that there was a lot to do in the last week. Album, Promos, Fanmeets. Whats your problem? You should’ve known what you got yourself into when you started to date a idol. Sorry that I can’t cuddle you all the time and ask you about your feelings.” 

It wasn’t only what he said. It was the way he said it. Quietly. Emotionless. Sarcastic. I’ve the situation wouldn’t have been so serious, you would’ve laughed about him. But not now. You wanted him to screm, to yell, to tell you whats wrong. Everything but this emotionless and tired face.

“You know that I never wanted you to shower me with love. If it would be that, I would’ve gone long ago. But you don’t shower me with any emotion. We’re together since three years and I never had a problem. And I know that you not only stay away from me because of your business.”

“Whatever. I stay at the studio. Don’t wait.”

And with that he was gone. Gone. You stood there motionless. You couldn’t belive it. Your sight went blurry. You realised that you cried when your face was covered in tears. Youu glided down the wall and wrapped your arms around yourself. 

You don’t know how long you sat there and observed the door. A little part of your heart still hoped that she would open again with him standing in the doorframe. But the bigger part knew that he wouldn’t. He didn’t said much, but told you everything. He showed his emotions through not showing them.

You stormed into the bedroom. Your bedroom. Memories overrun you, but you fought against the new tears. You slammed your suitcase on the bed and urgently packed all your stuff. You made your way to the frontdoor but you hesitaded. There was one thing you need to do.

When you loaded the trunk of your best friend’s car, you had a small smile on your face despite you didn’t felt like smiling at all. You wondered about his face when he would see the small note at the dining table.

‘Don’t wait. Bye.’

For the last three weeks you heard nothing of him. Of course there were news about Bangtan. But evertyime you saw or heard something about them, you blinded him out. 

It still hurts and it would be a lie to say that your nearly okay, but your friend, enough ice cream and a collection of the best (favourite genre) movies made you forget about him for some time. Like he probably did about you the moment he closed the door.

Your world slowly started to rebuild.

If you would’ve known who knocked at your friends door at 2 AM, you wouldn’t have opened it. At least thats what you tried to persuade yourself. 

Someone knocked harshly while ringing the doorbell. You awoke and walked to the door, still sleeply. Your friend was with her family. When you opened the door, a angry Yoongi stared at you. His hair was messy, his eyes puffy, his lips formed a thin line. Your intense eye contact made the time stop. You often looked into his eyes, but it felt like you never really did.

He broke it first and stormed in, still angry. Than he stood there. Jaw clenched, and shaking fists.

“Don’t wait. Goodbye.? Don’ wait. GoODBYE? Thats how you end it? 3 years. 3 fucking YEARS and you throw it away like nothing? You think you can leave me with nothing but a stupid note? And what about me? “ he stopped when he felt the tears rolling down his cheeks. He was about to fall on the ground, but you catched him and lowered your bodies slowly to the ground. You were at a loss for words. He was drunk. You knew that. But he didn’t lied with anything he just said. 

But why now? Why now and not 3 weeks ago? Why came he when you just were about to get over it?

“I’m sorry y/n. I’m sorry that i didn’t treated you like you deserve it. I’m sorry. Please come back to me. I was in my own world, I didn’t realised how much of an asshole I was. Please, I-” he started to cry again. You did nothing but hold him tight. Your mind was empty and filled at the same time. You love him. And he said he does so too. He broke your heart, but he is also the only one who could fix it. 

Too many questions and no answer to any.

How deep is your love?

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You know you're a little overrated? Especially your small thing to two giants series, it isn't even that good

Firstly, I don’t think I’d say that I am ‘overrated’. At this point I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve the amount of followers that I have, every time my follower count goes up I’m shocked that more people are choosing to follow me.

Secondly, Small Thing to Two Giants isn’t for everyone. Not everyone reads or enjoys poly fics and that’s okay. And hey maybe it isn’t that great, but a lot of people enjoy the concept and the dynamic that I have written about. You don’t have to like STTTG, no one is telling you you have to enjoy it. So instead of telling me ‘it isn’t even that good’ perhaps you could give me some actual constructive criticism explaining why you don’t like the series?

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Since your writing is so amazing, and i love the last scenario you wrote for me, please can you write me one with BTS's rap monster with an orgasm denial and overstimulation kink? Maybe i misbehaved and daddy's going to punish his little girl by making her hold off then giving her lots of orgasms at once? I'm a kinky little shit sorry

omg thank you this was really sweet, and don’t apologise for being a kinky little shit :< why do you think i have this blog, huh? This one was definitely fun though, 1,751 words!! Namjoon must really get me going. I’m really sorry this took so long but thank you for the request and I really hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it xx

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All Butch’s 107 facts video did was tell us shit we already knew, made random contradictions that make me believe he hasn’t seen the show in the ten years it’s been done, and refuted a headcanon so poorly that it just made even MORE “sorry it’s canon I don’t make the rules!” losers crawl out of the woodwork of this hell site out of pure spite

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Anytime I see anything regarding Anakin and large amounts of water I kind of think of like, similar to how Rey said "I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy", Anakin probably thought that too in regards to water the first time he saw a lake or an ocean or a planet covered in blue from the window of the starship.

Awww, right?? This is cute. 

One of George Lucas’ underappreciated stab-through-the-heart moments to me is when Baby Anakin is telling Qui-Gon he’s going to be the first person to see all the planets. He’s so genuinely interested in what’s out there. *sniffle* 

…and then a terrible war orchestrated by ancient evil ends up dragging Anakin’s poor ass all over the galaxy for years. Decades, really, if you count all the errands Sidious kept sending him on later. 

“Well, kid, you did say you wanted to see the galaxy…” God, the Force is such an asshole sometimes. 

Aunt Eurus-to be (Sheurus, Neurus, Adlock)

Just because we need more adlock

Besides bidding the greeting and goodbye, in most of the Sherrinford visits they do not articulate a word at all. Sherlock came, and they played the violins.

It is not common for the youngest Homes brother and sister to share a conversation, all they have to communicate are in the music, let alone anything initiated by Eurus. That’s why it took Sherlock by surprise when Eurus did.

“Oh Sherlock… I can tell you’re nervous. Look at your eyes, so much uncertainties.” Eurus narrowed her eyes with a smirk.

“It’s a first. Not even when you visit me the first time. And the music…something big is coming, isn’t it?” She is genuinely intrigued, and care.

Sherlock stowed the violin in the bag, turned away saying nothing more than “see you next Tuesday”.

“You are in a rush, impatience. The music, I mean.”

“Since when my dear sis was…getting chatty?”

“When is it due?”

“What…?” There were unmistakable bewilderment and terror, Eurus can tell.

“The big thing. I wonder what it is.”

Not a word, Sherlock waved his goodbye.

Sherlock missed the next Tuesday visit.

Eurus somehow expected it.

The next time Sherlock came was a month since.


Sherlock tried very hard to remain composed, and did mental check all over again to make sure there is nothing that could give him away.


“Your piece sounds delightful, content, eased, happyblablabla, too many novel emotions. There must be something good happened, though you look a tad exhausted.”

Once again not intended to response, Sherlock packed his things and was ready to leave. This was when Eurus decided not to play anymore.

“How’s my nephew?”

“What…? How?”
It is impossible she knew, at least not the sex. The chance is half-half…

“Parenthood is slowing you down.”

Not bothered to conceal anymore, Sherlock even checked his elbows for any possible trace of baby formula.

And Eurus took pity on him.

“Big brother. Do you really think there’re things I couldn’t make him tell me?”

im taking another little break from tumblr this week, im having a hard time coping right now and i feel like theres a lot more negativity here than usual (im not trying to tell people to calm down or anything i get that theres a ton to angry about both in this fandom and in the world in general) I want to be educated and informed but for me my mental health is too bad right now.  i feel so bad because i was trying to answer some of the asks in my inbox before i did this but i honestly just cant so im really sorry and ill see you in a little while. Ill probably be on snapchat a little tho, so anyone who has that can get me there if you want my name you can send me an ask but ill be deleting the tumblr app soon

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How did you come up with the Day and Night AU? Also in your Day and Night AU master post, the link "they're wearing dresses guys" isn't working. It may just be my phone though.

i honestly do not know i just thought of viktor leaving roses for yuuri but yuuri thinks he just drops them by accident so he returns them every single time and i tried to think of a world that could be cool to go with that ha

and thank you for telling me!! i fixed it hopefully it works now?????

omg i had a dream that i was at the NME awards in 2011 and Gerard showed up with Rhys Ifans and apparently i was friends with Rhys?? so anyway it was still early so Gerard did soundcheck or whatever and then left again but then he called me and he starts asking me all sorts of random questions like
‘do you like melons?’ so we talk about melons for a while. and i tell him that i like melons just not watermelons bc i dont like the texture on my tongue lol and then
'how tall are you?’
i was like 'im your height so…how tall are you?’ and he’s like '12 ft’ and im cracking up.
and im thinking wow he must be REALLY bored if he calls me and asks me random questions and listens to me talk about melons and stuff but he kept asking random questions until my mom called and woke me up lol

Let’s talk about ships.

Seriously, I’m bored, and I am sick to death of that damn hypospray post, so humor me.

My dad and I had a conversation over the weekend that got my wheels turning, so I want to hear from you guys - 

Do you ship differently between AOS and TOS? 

Also, phrasing? Did I phrase that correctly? I’m not sure.

Ah, well.

If you understand my question, reblog and let me know, and tell my why.