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A golden yellow flame flickers in the distance, TK Sans has inspired another to create something full of energy, Incoming a Nuclear ball of sunshine burning bright with the flames of justice! Another skeleton shall soon take the scene on tumblr, another Sans, Papyrus? Gaster? Nope! Only time will tell! Silliness aside I really fell for TK Sans as much as I did Swaptale Sans, so I decided to spark up a little project, I just wanted you to know your work helped inspire me.



BTS definitely know how to get JK’s attention. You know, it may not be far from the truth that HS did volunteer to be the Jeonlous bait during that time. Plus, JM’s tell-tale glances and smirks are so quite hard to ignore.

JK’s backhug + chin on JM’s shoulder + closed eyes still makes soft. 😭😍😭😍😭😍

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Did you take an artclass or somenthing?? Your drawings are really cool!!

When i was little but it wasnt so good, they “taught” me stuff that i had already learned and the teacher didnt paid atention if your proportions or shading were good and shit, the only thing i learned a little is how to paint on canvas with oleos but I was shit at it anyway.
The mayority of stuff that i know its from books that my dad has and things that he helped me. Also watching speedpaints, tutorials and the things i have telling you guys to do if you want to improve.
I dont give those tips if im not sure if they work, my dude.

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Could you draw all of your babies with over size witch hats that would be too cute 😍

Jimin: My tiny beasts ( even tho they are not so tiny )

Cami: I just wanna say that i did not mean to assume gender or appearance but this idea was just too cute and i really wanted to do it, so if you are not quite feeling your character pls tell me to customize it :^) but pls make it simple lmao this took me quite long to sketch haha sorrys )

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89. A funny drabble with your preferred brotp

I liked my previous Tarquin/Lucien brotp that I just couldn’t resist doing a prequel. If I keep this up I’m going to have a full-length series.


“And when did you plan on telling me about this?”

“Never, preferably,” Rhys said cheerfully. “Don’t worry. He’s much less destructive than Cassian.”

“You’re making me wish I hadn’t taken those blood rubies back,” Tarquin grumbled, keeping half an eye on Lucien, who was wandering through the tiled foyer. He wished Varian was here, but no, it just so happened that Varian was off in the Illyrian steppes (of all places), training with Cassian and Azriel. They were, as Rhys had predicted, thick as thieves. And Cresseida was at the Day Court, using her formidable diplomacy skills to negotiate a trade agreement with some of the border cities. The hope was that she’d also be able to stop in the Dawn Court on the way back. Helion liked to loan out his books, and in return for their delivery, Cresseida wanted to train with Thesan’s healers for a few weeks. All good plans. Tarquin had approved them without hesitation.

Of course, that had been before he’d learned that Rhys was going to drop Lucien off at his palace for a few weeks while he and Feyre went on “a trip.”

“And I have no choice in this matter?”

“None at all. I promise he won’t be much trouble,” Rhys assured him. “I just thought he could do with some southern weather. Feyre thinks he misses Spring.”

“I hope you don’t expect me to keep him entertained.” Tarquin winced as he caught Lucien out of the corner of his eye picking up and examining a delicate, spun-glass globe. Despite being an emissary, Lucien didn’t seem to have any care whatsoever for things like diplomacy and not touching the invaluable treasures of the Summer Court.

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll find ways to entertain himself,” Rhys said with a wave of his hand.

“You owe me for this, Rhysand,” Tarquin informed his friend.

“Yes, yes, I’ll owe you a favor,” Rhys agreed, glancing at the water clock in the center of the room. “Well, Feyre’ll be waiting for me, so I’m afraid I have to run. Have fun!” He placed his hands on Tarquin’s shoulders and gave him a kiss on each cheek in the most Rhys-like (and therefore overdramatic) farewell he could possibly manage before spreading those bat-like wings of his and taking off through the large, open doors.

“You owe me!” Tarquin said again to the empty air where Rhys was. He then winced once more at the sound of shattering glass from behind him.

It was going to be a very long few weeks.

personal fic pet peeve: When writers use “minute” or minutes” instead of “moment” or “moments”

and I’m sitting here like “Okay so did these fuckers literally sit in silence for multiple 60-second intervals or just a few beats” because how awkward I’m reading this scene REALLY depends on the intent here

And sometimes it doesn’t matter. Bust most of the time IT DOES. It’s legit kinda weird to search someone’s face for multiple 60-second intervals. Gaze into their eyes and try to read their feelings and intentions for like… 10 seconds? I’d call that a  “long moment” because if you tell me someone studied someone else’s face for “a few minutes” I’m gonna get out a timer and spend the awkward countdown writing this tumblr post to make a point.

Stupid hot people, won’t let me go home and get my stuff.
They won’t tell me anything about what it would mean to actually become a Shadowhunter. Would I have to go somewhere and train?
They won’t tell me how long I can stay here, except “as long as you need to.” Don’t I have to go to school eventually? Some kind of school?
They won’t talk about the Cold Peace or how it sucks.
They won’t let me eat cookies.”

“They don’t seem to understand what autism is, or mental illness, or therapy, or medical treatment. Do they believe in things like chemotherapy? What if I get cancer? I probably won’t get cancer. But if I did . . .
They won’t tell me how Tessa and Jem found my dad. Or why my dad hated Shadowhunters so much

—  Kit Herondale’s list of grievances against Shadowhunters. (Lord of Shadows)

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Iris West is a true superhero without superpowers. She's feared for her life for five months, because the self-proclaimed threatened to kill her so he could be born. She narrowly escaped that fate due to HR saving her life and she felt guilty for what happened to him. She offers to help the man that has threatened her life when Barry brought him in. When Savitar tried to kill Barry, she shot him dead. What should have been retribution for her, she did it to save the man she loves instead.

This and more. You just know Iris is going to have to be the one to get Barry out of the Speed Force again. My hope is that she’ll get Cisco to design a suit for her in order to do so…the way the show ended with Barry telling her to keep running and then the camera focusing on her face gives me hope that this will come true. It would be so awesome! It will also lead into a much lighter feel to how the season will fair :)

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I tried so hard to draw in the style of dont starve or oxygen not included and i gave up how did you make your charachter so cool

For me it was analyzing what kind of shapes to construct from. A big help for me was Wilson’s animation model sheet from the Forbidden Knowledge short;

While not showing the construction process start to finish, I was able to tell that it was meant to be left loose, but not so much you couldn’t tell what you were looking at. Things kept simple and clear and more importantly strong gestured. There’s an unmistakable line of action in each of these poses and keeping that in mind really helped me nail down the style. The other thing I believe was from @alexsavin who mentioned it’s supposed to have a “penciled in” look. 

As far as Oxygen Not Included goes… I’ve drawn it maybe 3 times. So far it’s just been a lot of staring at the posters/trailer and paying attention to how the Dupes move in game. 

I hope this helps!

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Would you tell us if you had a little? We know privacy is important to you and I guess that would cover your little too.

I certainly would yes.

It’s funny, I got a message the other day after posting that if I did get a little I wouldn’t reveal her because of my popularity mixed with the hate and vitriol she would probably get in her ask box.

Someone took this to mean I would keep her a secret and sent me an ask suggesting I would do so in order to keep things secret like I had a harem and told them all they were the only one. Lol

They obviously haven’t been here long or don’t know me well.

Then again I just figured they had put their mouth where their asshole was and let all the ignorance spill out.

[BTS-JIN] I Need U (A)

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I do not own the GIF. Credit to the rightful owner(s).

*NOTE: a little scenario I came up with according BTS song “I Need U.” I wrote down their part in the song and then wrote a little short scenario based on the lyrics lol. Hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 511

하늘이 파래서 햇살이 빛나서 - The sky is blue and the sun is shining

내 눈물이 더 잘 보이나 봐 - So my tears are even more noticeable

왜 나는 너인지 왜 하필 너인지 - Why is it you? Why did it have to be you?

왜 너를 떠날 수가 없는지 - Why can’t I leave you?

“Jagi…. What do you mean, what are you trying to tell me…” Jin stuttered.

“You know exactly what I mean, Jin,” you said, looking at him with a blank face. “I’m not happy anymore.. I don’t think I have been for a long time. I need to go explore… something, anything. I don’t want to stay here all my life and be known as BTS Kim Seokjin’s girlfriend and nothing else… I want to make a name for myself too.”

“You’re not happy? Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I would’ve done anything for you Y/N! Quit the idol life, quit BTS, quit EVERYTHING!!! You can’t just leave like this! What happened to forever? What happened to thick and thin? What happened to ride or die?!” Jin screamed at you.

“Oh Jin, I wanted to but- I can’t do that to you. You’ve gone through so much to be where you are now, I didn’t want you to sacrifice your life’s work just for me, that would be way too selfish,” you chuckled darkly. You walked towards him slightly resting your right hand on his shoulder, holding your already packed suitcase in your left hand.

“Oppa… I’m sorry I couldn’t be the one for you. Please don’t waste your breath, and time, chasing and fighting for me. You only live once, go find someone else who can give you everything, someone who can take you to the finish line. Not someone like me, who can only crawl slowly halfway. I’m sorry things had to turn out this way,” you whispered softly as you saw the tears forming in his delicate eyes. You leaned in to peck him slightly on the cheek before walking away from all that you’ve built together.

“She’s gone,” Jin thought. He was curled into a ball, on the bed. He tried to cry, he really did, but no tears came out. The pain was indescribable though. It felt as if there was a weight on his chest, trying to cave his chest in, his stomach was doing backflips, not the pretty kind, the kind where you wanted to vomit and puke your insides out. You were his everything. You were the only normal thing in his eccentric life. The only one who could keep him sane and happy. 

“I’m not happy anymore…”

That one little sentence had crushed him, any hopes he had left for your relationship turned to dust, floating away in the wind. If it had been anyone else, he wouldn’t have cared. He wouldn’t have felt what he felt. Any other girl, he would’ve let them go. But why, why did it had to be you? Why did you have to be the one to leave him?

“I’m not happy anymore…”

The sunlight glared beautifully into the empty bedroom that you both once shared, the sky, a clear, pure blue. A beautiful day it was, not a cloud in sight, yet on the inside, all Jin felt was a thunderstorm, rain falling in every direction.

“Why did it have to be you…” Jin thought as the tears slowly trickled down.

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hi, i'd just like to tell you that it's been about a year since i first managed to call myself a lesbian. since then i've grown more and more comfortable with it and have begun to accept myself more and more and am happier than i've been in a long time. i'm telling you this bc most of it is thanks to you and your blog bc you made it feel normal to me and that helped me more than anything else did. so what i want to say is, thank you. thank you so much

oh, i don’t know what to say! i’m so so happy for you! <3

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How did you convince your parents to road trip by yourself, or with your gf and friends?

I didn’t have to convince them, I respect my mom. I follow the rules, I help around the house, I respect my elders aka if they tell me to do something I do it. And my mom has trust in me because of that. She also knows that my goal in life is to travel so if I can do a little every year she fully supports it, I just have to send her pictures and check in every once in a while so she knows I’m alive ! Plus she wants to hear about my journey !! I love my mom

i had my second post-op appointment on tuesday and surgeon guy’s like “looks great. how ya feelin” and i’m like “GREAT i can move my arm all the way in all the directions” and i demonstrated and he’s like “cool cool you won’t have to do physical therapy then. if you went in and did what you just showed me they’d be like ‘what the fuck are you doing here. get out’” and he’s like “it’s not 100% healed yet though. one more month of no contact sports or heavy overhead lifting so it can heal all the way goodly and we’ll see you one more time to be sure everything’s all good” and i did not tell him about the streetlight show i went to on sunday which was more or less a contact sport because wtf was i supposed to do????? go to a streetlight concert and not mosh????? fuck that noise

I got a story for y’all.

This morning before work I was pumping gas and right as I finishing up this guy pulls up and asks me for some gas money.  He tries to give me this sob story but he wouldn’t look at me while he told it plus I couldn’t hear him because I was on the other side of my car. I had no cash on me and all I could really say is “I’m sorry I don’t any spare change”. I had to say it a few times because he wouldn’t accept my answer…. but then he randomly tries to guess my ethnicity?? Like he asked if I was Hawaiin/Mexican. So I tell him”no but I gotta go to work”. After I say that he’s like “why are you so afraid??” and all I did was repeat my last answer as I got into my car. The fuck… of course I’m sketched out it’s not even 6 in the morning yet and I’m all by myself with this random guy at an empty gas station because the mini mart hasn’t opened yet. I wasn’t even afraid until he asked me why I was afraid. Plus him trying to guess my ethnicity really threw me off wtf lol.

i broke my wrist, the right one, the drawing one, but because the doctors had to move it into place, they sedated me so it doesnt hurt. But when i went under i had such a scifi experience, i started blabbing about how i felt i was on cybertron. This among other things, I of course blabbed about megatron, idw, and my exact words were ‘let me tell you about idw publishing. Idw Megatron.’ then i proceeded to blab. I could hear the doctors, they were really enjoying my blab, they were laughing and responding and I responded in kind. I told them how I felt like I was warping light speed like they did in startrek, i couldnt feel pain but i could feel my mouth and lips move as I talked, and I also told them I was pretty excited for the last knigt despite knowing that micheal bay might not do a real good job of it. I also said that I could feel that I am a human….and not a robot SO…. also the assigned doc loves scifi!