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Hi! I submitted some time ago and I haven't spotted it. Is it still in queue or did it vanish? Do you have tags for clerics if I missed the submission (though e-mail should tell me when you do publish it)? Thanks in advance. I am not sure when it was submitted but it sure seems like a ages ago (aka more than 2 months).

Hello! Unfortunately the queue and inbox are now so packed that we aren’t able to check for individual submissions anymore. (Which, by the way, y’all are amazing for sending us so many quotes!) The queue has also crept up to over three months now (!!!) so it might be worth waiting just a bit longer before re-submitting.

Our cleric tag is clerics will kill you, if you want to take a gander!

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Hanyu Yuzuru: CoR Post-SP interview

Facing the judges table, how did you feel?

Yes well, there were various bad parts, even just watching you could tell there were a lot of them, but to me, first of all, well, I was aiming able to time all the jumps well so first of all that, I think that’s one problem that I overcame.

Seeing your expression at the end, it seemed like you received some form of feedback (from your performance)?

Yes. It’s like the whole…(the performance) came apart just a little, just a little, and with that I made mistakes…um, yes..well, as feedback I think it’s not a bad thing.

It’s the first GPS in the Olympic season, how do you feel about your own performance?

Well (my first GP competition) finishes earlier than usual (for me) so um, not missing (an element) in the SP is a big improvement for me I think, so… Um of course it’s totally different from the layout with the salchow and the stamina required is totally different so there’s no way to compare the two programs, but, right now, to me, this performance, while bad, still is a good form of feedback for me.

And then, tomorrow you will be fighting from 2nd place in the FS. How do you feel about it?

Well it’s not like the lead (in points) is that far away, what’s most important above all else is that this time I’m in a position to be able to go all out and challenge this so whilst bringing out all my strength in my own way, I really want to do this all the way to the end, from the very start to the very end.

In that FS too, there will be a new, big challenge, won’t there? (t/n: probably referring to the 4Lz)

Well, that too, is nothing but one jump, nothing but one element so um, in order to complete the whole program itself, I will continue to accumulate the things that I can do one by one.

I think he’s in quite a good position for the FS :)

//Edit:: Video replaced, just the interview now.
//Edit 2:: Changed “was aiming to” to “was able to” in the first answer.


@miilkydayz I bet you thought I forgot. Nah. I’m just slow. And busy. I’m terribly sorry. I couldn’t get Goldie’s hair right, so I did it my own way.

I kept Scrooge’s hat off because I noticed that in the pictures you showed me, he took his hat off for her and I thought that was the cutest thing!

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Please stop trying to get me to make a decision for you. I don't know which pair of pants or shade of lip gloss would look better on you. I didn't go into retail to somehow hone whatever fashion sense you think all us women possess, I did it to earn money. I'm not going to "help a sister out" if my knowledge in what you want me to help them with is shit. If you can't make up our mind that's your problem, so don't make it mine. I'm not going to tell you how to spend your money.

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Hey, I've got Clip studio paint EX and I tried everything to put on sound on my animation and I couldn't do it. Then my friend told me you somehow did that. How? Please. Tell me. ;-; It will help so much! (Thank you ;^; )

Er, sorry dude, your friend was mistaken!  Currently there is no way to add sound to Clip Studio Paint EX.  While it’s true I’ve done lipsync in CSP, that’s primarily just based on guesswork, listening to the audio and doing the animation by memory of what it sounds like.

I’m… very good at memorizing sounds, I’m afraid, and that’s all there is to it.  For moments when I can’t quite get the sound right, I use an old-fashioned X-sheet.

Sorry! D:

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heeeyyyyy your posts are great, thank you so much for efforts and amazing content! Would you mind doing a rq with RFA+Saeran reactions to MC with a BPD? I know it is a hard topic and I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, besides it is awesome that you're opening rqs anyway! Thank you for the great blog again and sorry for my bad English <3

first of all, thank you so so so much for your kind words ❤️ and I think this is something that’s not talked about enough and I did not feel uncomfortable at all about writing this, but thank you for being so considerate. Your English is great btw! And also, if there is anything incorrect or offensive about this, please feel free to call me out on my shit, otherwise I really appreciate this request ^^

-this isn’t something he’s familiar with
-so when you tell him, he is a bit confused until you explain it to him
-as he starts learning more about it, he starts to notice it a lot more in you
-he’s learned what to do and what kind of support to offer in different emotions
-although he can have his moments of frustration and impatience, he’s learned that these are just your emotions and to not take it personally
-over time, he has accustomed to it and can navigate it better by knowing what kind of support to offer
-he’s very understanding about it and offers you whatever help you may need

-when you first tell him, he honestly jumps to assumptions about it
-it’s something that you’ve clarified to him, but he still has those preconceived notions due to it just being ingrained in him
-he does try to be better about it and over time, gets educated on it
-he realizes that this is something that might be difficult for you and he just wants to make this easier on you, rather than be another stresser in your life
-so he’s fully offered support to you and has even offered help if you need it
-but will always be open to you emotionally and give you whatever it is you need, whether it’s reassurance or space

-she knows a bit more about it than most, but still lets you explain it to her so she can be completely sure on what it is
-and she tries to be there for you 100%
-at first, she tries to give you your space, let it run its course
-but over time, she’s learned to be more present when you need some physical support or don’t want to feel so alone in it
-she’s also learned to give you space when you need it and offers nothing but loving words when some emotions get taken out on her
-she just wants you to be happy and knows how difficult it can be to go through that alone

-when you first tell him, he is a bit taken aback by it, but it doesn’t stop him from showering you with love and support
-he gets himself more educated by reading online about it and even asking psychologists and such about it
-he just wants to be able to help you when it gets intense
-wants you to know that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and that he can be a strong support system for you
-he doesn’t necessarily push you to get help, but he does want you to know that that’s an option if you ever need it

-after helping Saeran with it, he’s definitely more experienced and educated on how to navigate that
-so when you come forward and tell him about it, he doesn’t see you any different than before
-this is something he’s grown accustomed to and is always ready to be emotional support for it
-although if Saeran and you are having one of those days were it’s acting up for both of you, he can get a little strung out and even shut down cause he doesn’t know what to do sometimes
-regardless, he’ll still try to help and put your own mental health before his and it can stretch him thin at times, but he just wants you to see him as someone you can rely on when it gets to be too much
-offers you the same help he got for Saeran, but understands if you decide you don’t need it

-he definitely has experience with this since he has dealt with his own bpd
-although his has been a bit more extreme, and he’s gotten the help he needs to coexist with it
-having a significant other who is also going through that makes him feel less self-conscious and alone about it
-and he uses his experience to help you with it
-he knows when to hold you close and let you know that it’s alright
-and he know when to let you have your space and figure yourself out
-but he’s always open providing you with help
-he even asks you for help from time to time when his own starts acting up

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We don't have a gun problem. We have a mental illness and terrorist problem. Tell me, do we have a truck problem because of the attack in Nice? Or a plane problem because of 9/11? I don't think so. I really used to like your content but your woe is me attitude of wallowing in your own misery and just being a downer have made me lose all respect for you. I'm not a moron, you're just a toxic, miserable person. Get your shit together and shut the fuck up. Your problems are your own fault.

What did i reblog lol

13x02 thoughts

This ep was pretty good overall, but since #buckleming was writing the episode, there was a few things I didn’t like right off.

  1. The way ‘pain formed an eternal bond’ between Asmodeus and Lucifer when he punished Asmodeus for trying to tame the Shedim. Of course #buckleming gotta make abuse seem like it’s okay.
  2. Creepy dude that comes onto Mary. Really, so just because she’s a female hunter and not an angel or demon, that gives you the right to force yourself on her and call her a derogatory name?? 
  3. Also the overly violent way Lucifer killed the guy?? (that one might just be me though)
  4. The Jack self harm/suicide attempt. This scene both disturbed and saddened me to see. Couldn’t they have come up with something less extreme to show Jack’s depression?? (where did he get the idea anyway?) Self harm and suicide is not a trivial matter?? Don’t trivialize it and have Dean just tell him that there’s no hope and that he’ll be the one to kill him??
  5. Might be personal opinion here: But did Dean get told off screen that Jack chose Cas as his dad?? Because he had no real reaction to it whatsoever and didn’t seem surprised when we all sure as hell were, including Sam??

*takes a breath* Moving on-

Asmodeus: First off, why the western accent? Did you just come back from the 1860s? (I swear, I’m done hating now XD)

Second, while I was watching the episode, it struck me that the princes and princess of hell seemed a lot like the seven deadly sins. Azazel was Pride, (his personality) Dagon was envy (she wanted to be with Lucifer and be Jack’s mother) Ramiel was sloth (didn’t care about anything) and I come to find out that Asmodeus is actually the demon of lust. (Then again, Sam says that Asmodeus is the last prince of hell, so that the seven deadly sins thing may be a coincidence.) He’s also the demon of desires, and he appears in the episode as Donatello preying on Jack and figuring out Sam’s thoughts on Jack. He also appears in white, which reminds me of The Woman in White way back in s1 and how she also manipulated people in a similar way.

Theories: My theory that s13 will be about rebirth is also coming true, as Donatello returns literally out of nowhere after loosing his soul, and I had thought that was the last we’d ever see of him. John was also brought up again, and I wonder if my theory of Dean learning to forgive John is coming to light, as Dean says in the episode that he also hated his dad, but wanted to have his approval. On top of that, the name Jack is ironically a derivative name of John, and Dean needs to forgive both of them and overcome his bitterness. 

Parallels: This episode was rife with parallels yet again, so I’ll just list them all out.

  1. Jack and Cas (5x22) both sleeping in the impala on the left side.
  2. Jack and Cas love cartoons. (Cas watching Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner in 8x8.) Also, that Scooby Doo foreshadowing though! I wonder if Jack loves it so much that he makes it real in the future Scooby Doo ep?
  3. Jack eats burgers just like Cas did in 5x14 (the way Dean was watching too XD)
  4. Jack mimicking Dean’s eating habits and quirks. I’m not sure I’d count this one though since I think Jack was mimicking Dean to try and see what’s ‘appropriate behavior’ and gain his approval, but it’s funny nonetheless. (I also loved how Sam found it funny 😂)
  5. L I T E R A L  AS  H E L L. Need I say more?
  6. Saying complex, deep things akin to what Cas would say. (Dean’s reaction to Jack saying pain is a part of the human experience killed me)
  7. Disliking conflict and negativity like crazy!Cas in s7
  8. The way he was opening a portal to another world with monsters without thinking of the consequences like Cas with Purgatory.
  9. During the scene with Jack sleeping in the back of Baby while Sam and Dean discuss what to do, Dean ends up saying, “So this time, let’s start with the obvious. As soon as I find a way to take care of… it.” [Jack] Sam ends up defending Jack just as Dean defended Cas when Sam called Cas’ vessel an ‘It’ when the two of them and Crowley were discussing what to do with Amara and Lucifer in 11x18. Sam said then that they always ‘make the heart choice instead of the smart choice,’ and now it’s literally reversed with Dean saying that. 

On top of all that, I felt that Jack mirrored Cas’ depression and mistakes. Dean even compares Jack to Cas saying that, “you didn’t see Cas smiting someone every time he got his teeth cleaned.” Dean adds that Jack is not Cas. He sees their likenesses already and it’s getting to him. Dean is upset over everything, and I think Jack is just a thorn in his side reminding him of Cas constantly and how he died. He doesn’t want to care for someone else again just to loose them, and Dean is using Jack as his punching bag since Lucifer isn’t there for him to stab as a result. I just hope he stops being so jaded and gives Jack a chance soon…

Also, what is this ‘timeless knowledge’ Jack has that Asmodeus mentioned? Does Jack know more things than he realizes, such as how he remembers Lucifer reaching out to him when he was in the womb? 

Nature vs Nurture?: *nervous inhale* Man, I hope Donatello’s statement of Jack’s vibe being a lot brighter than Lucifer’s doesn’t change, because I’m leaning towards the nurture team™️ instead of nature. 

Think about it, Kelly was a kind and gentle person. She loved Jack, and showered him with love even knowing she would die. Kelly gave up her life for Jack because she was selfless. She could’ve aborted Jack, or blamed him for ruining her life, but she chose to love him, name him, and encourage the goodness in him. She saw him as a child, not as the spawn of satan. Jack has been loved until birth, and he knows nothing but love and kindness. He’s so pure and being only 3 days old, it’s no wonder Asmodeus was able to manipulate him, as he has no true concept of right and wrong. He goes from Kelly telling him that he’s loved and will achieve great things, to being told that he can hurt people, and having Dean be nothing but cynical and saying the opposite of what Kelly told him he would be. Asmodeus also preys on that as well when he tries to use Jack to release the Shedim, (which I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of…) telling him that it’s his destiny to use his powers. Just like Cas was, Jack is looking for a purpose, something to put his faith in and have his endeavors be righteous. The way Asmodeus was talking about how he could give Jack the world also sounded a lot like what Crowley told Amara when he tried to control her, and I wonder if this season will be like s11, or a reverse version of it.

I also really respect Sam for being so kind to Jack this episode as well as how compassionate he was. It really warmed my heart since Jack so far has been nothing but a gentle soul, and I hope Dean can see that before he alienates him so far he won’t listen to what they say. 

Oh, yeah, and lastly, Mary and Lucifer: It’s pretty logical that Lucifer thinks he can trade Mary for Jack, but does he want to stay in the au, or go back to our realm? Lucifer said nothing about returning to our earth, only complained, so I wonder what his big plans are, though they might not go very far with Michael in the way, which was awesome, but it begs the question: how could Michael use Lucifer? 

One last thing, Lucifer saying that Mary was the one who, ‘stinks of hell’ was pure gold. 👌🏼

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I think the whole "get them" thing was sarcasm that flew above the kids' heads tbh. But I think she doesn't realize some of her fans can be real nasty to each other. What's made me laugh tho is the fact that the song is SO GAY she had to tell fans it was about Joe and they believe it! What straight girl calls a guy "gorgeous"? Really?? Besides according to the Joe timeline she's selling, didn't she met him while supposedly single??

She did, supposedly. You’d think she’d know what her fans are like though after kaylor got told to kill themselves by her fans after she liked a post saying we were freaks post kissgate. Yeah, the “get them” possibly was sarcastic but the way fans are already taking it is gross.

Wow… it’s crazy to think that a person whose a nerd over Googleplier would get to 1,100+ followers. I wanna thank everyone I’ve met getting here and the friends who encourage me to keep going in my day to day life. @craaaaaaaanky-creeew @trulyunwritten @diamondhubstuff @myhomosexuallyfakeromance @ofmanysouls and @hrtnsolofytube You guys are great and I’m so glad to call you my friends. Thank you for encouraging me and simply being there! :D

With all that said and the thanks out of the way I’ve been trying to think of something to do. Every time I hit something I never really did anything because I simply just didn’t know what to do. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and well, since I’m mistaken for it a lot, maybe making a Googleplier askblog or spending a day answering questions as Google. I wanted your guys feedback on the matter before I do anything so please tell me what you think! I’m excited for whatever happens! :)

I’m back video 💚

First of @therealjacksepticeye I’m so glad you enjoy the tours and the experiences you got to enjoy in each of the countries and I can really tell that they really made you very happy and That just made me happier then you coming back in general and secondly don’t be afraid to take a break now and again if you ever need it now that you know that we can handle ourselves and thirdly I’m so glad you are back we missed you very much and I wish I could have gone to one of the shows like many people but I’m more happy for the people that did go and seeing their experiences so Sean from the video I could really see your energy in your eyes and through the whole video I was smiling and I can’t wait to see what’s next so have fun Sean we love you so much jack 💚💙❤️😊

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my fave fake subs was probably the stripper jimin one because jk at the end is me every time i watch Jimin perform. buT ALSO THE OTHER PART OF THAT RUN EPISODE YOU DID WITH HOBI and he asks yoongi if he's busy and yoongi was just like "*playing mini games* yeah i'm really fucking busy". how do you come up with this

that was a great skit, bts needs more police setting skis i tell u. I LOVE FAKE SUBBING YOONGI he’s so savage


Jamara: How do we know it’s not you Ella? You seem to be asking a lot of questions.

Ella: It’s not me, well…. I guess the jig is up so I might as well tell you, but you CANNOT tell anyone…. I am a spy, I’ve been undercover watching Brianna. Tonight I was supposed to take her to prison.

How do we know it isn’t you Jamara?

Jamara: All she did was TRY to sue me, which a lot of people do. I don’t kill people. Plus it would ruin my career that I have built up since I was 5.

So apparently there was another Rhode Island ss yesterday?? How did I miss it?? I’m literally on this website 24/7?? Why is no one talking about it?? Where are you people tell me about your day, tell me how was is??? I wanna hear your stories!!!

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(Presentation "anon") Soo i presented today and it went really well! The teacher looked a little annoyed but that was kinda the point! Also you follow me on instagram so feel free to do so here too :)

I am glad you thoroughly annoyed the teacher. I’ve never understood that sort of thing. Did you know that in my day, a man could escape the noose if he claimed benefit of the clergy? Reading was so scarce, that if a person could give an oratory in Latin, meaning read a passage or say a prayer, it was assumed they were a member of the clergy, because only the churches taught reading. More than one famous person took advantage of this, including an playwrights and his highwaymen. Meaning that to escape the gallows, all one had to do was give a presentation.

What sense does that make? You tell me.

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Hi! Did you read shogo's latest update on his blog I used Google translate to read that. He wrote something about bad habits and sex too. I am wondering if you could tell me what he is saying in there. I hope you don't mind.

Hello^^ I’ve read! I’m not very good in English (And not much with Japanese) So I can’t translate it sentence by sentence but I can tell you briefly.

First, He talked about his ordered winter coat still didn’t arrive. He is looking forward to it.

Then he talked about his bad habit. It is “He doesn’t want to come back home” He loves spending his time with himself but also doesn’t want to come back home. He doesn’t really understand why. On the way home He likes asking friend to go out with him to drink. Then he talked about his beloved “Souma Keisuke”

He thought about this and wanted to write his blog so one the way home he bought Yakitori from Conbini. When He got home he prepared Whisky, chose DVD then wrote the blog. 
It’s this picture he tweeted. (He was watching movie called Casanova.)

Writing blog took so much time so he changed to Wine, ham and cheese.
So it is this picture on his blog.

From here, He told us how this movie (Casanova) good. There are 3 reasons he likes it.
First, His favorite clothes shop named Casanova.
2nd, He loves Heath Andrew Ledger.
3rd, He likes Lasse Hallström who directs his favorite movies( What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Chocolat and Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.) and his lasted work is  A Dog’s Purpose. He wanted to watch it. 
Shogo also gives us his recommended movie “End”

In the morning while he was in the train and set his hair, He read his yesterday writing again and felt a little bit embarrassed​.

His bed hair.