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A perpetual spell to cope with intrusive thoughts

Thanks to severe OCD and PTSD, I’m often stuck in my own head with a bunch of intrusive and obsessive nonsense. I came up with a perpetual banishing and transmutation spell to help process and deal with unwanted thoughts.

The Banishing Bin functions somewhat like a computer’s recycle bin:

  • write unwanted thought/feeling on a sticky note or piece of small paper
  • draw banishing/transmutation sigil over words
  • fold up paper and throw in banishing bin 
  • burn/rip/trash them during the waning crescent or dark moon

This is a great spell if you’re a spoonie or not open about your craft. It’s fairly easy to perform and store without raising eyebrows (it literally just sits on my bookcase unsuspiciously). I found the mini trashcan at a local discount store for a couple dollars. The cheapest one I can find online can be purchased from Amazon here, but you can use any container you like as a bin. If you don’t have a banishing sigil you’re already working with, feel free to use mine

flame decals!

m a s t e r l i s t

For all of my mobile folk - I got your back. This Masterlist, along with my desktop-user Masterlist is always updated. Every single time I post a new one shot or aesthetic, I always add it to my Masterlist, so it is always renewed!


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Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Pre-Serum & Post-Serum

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier:

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Maximoff Twins


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Core Five

Harry Potter

School Houses:

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Hufflepuff Female

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Lily Potter (née Evans):


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Golden Trio

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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Blair Cornelia Waldorf:


Sharing my progress for MM Valentine’s Day Series <3 How can you not love this precious bby ; v ; Saeran needs some love!

About the IG thing, thank you for all your suggestions! Its all good and mostly realistic, I appreciate your concern :’) As conclusion, I’ll make my IG a mom-safe account lol so I will still post everything as usual in here. Thankfully she’s not tech savvy so there will be a slim chance of her scrolling down to see all my posts here = v = b


Requested by @mashtonmental: Hey! Can I request a Steve x Reader and it’s a chill day at the tower and everyone is relaxing and reader is wearing like shorts and a tank top… basically not a lot because it’s hot as hell and she’s enjoying a popsicle which leaves Steve in a compromising situation getting turned on.

Warnings: Explicit Language, Sexual Reference, and Alcohol Reference.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k+

A/N: I altered the request a bit, but I know everyone won’t complain! Enjoy! x. T

Originally posted by mostlybenedict

          The air conditioning in the tower broke the day before New York saw its hottest temperature of the year. Tony just so happened to be dealing with personal business overseas with Pepper and, for security reasons, wouldn’t allow anyone to call someone to fix it. That left you and the Team to wither in the extreme heat and use up every electrical outlet there was.

           You were in a thin tank top and shorts, hair tied up in an effort to keep cool and to also keep modest about the fact that four other men were in the same room as you. You wiped at the sweat collecting on your forehead as you walked around the bar to the mini-freezer hidden underneath the counter. Natasha and Clint were seated on the barstools, sipping on ice water and quietly conversing.

           “If you’re looking for what’s left of the rum,” Clint said, “You can thank Barnes for drinking it.” He peered over the counter at you and the glass in his hand moved with him as he shrugged at the look you gave him. Natasha’s lips were curved into a smile at the exchange.

           “It’s two in the afternoon, Clint. I’m not looking to get scolded by Captain Smartass.”

           Clint chuckled and tipped back the remaining contents of his glass, the ice clicking against his teeth. He set it down before turning in his chair to gaze at the soldiers lounging on the couches, foreheads and necks glistening with light sheens of sweat as they talked and laughed. Steve sat closest to the fan propped on the side table and drank out of his water bottle, grinning at something Sam said.

           You leaned on the bar-top and tore open the white wrapper of a popsicle, frowning at the type it was. You removed the wrapper and held it up, seeing Clint trying to hold in a chuckle and Natasha just shaking her head.

           “Out of all the popsicles Tony could have hiding, he has a Rocket Pop…” You sigh, before you licked the top of the red, white, and blue popsicle. Natasha raised her brows and you shrugged, “It tastes like cherry.” You then walked back over to where you had sat across from Steve and Sam.

           They all looked up as you came back over and Bucky scooted to give you room. He pointed at the popsicle you had in your mouth and cocked a brow. “How does Captain America taste?”

           Your eyes widened and you punched his shoulder, glad it wasn’t the metal one as he chuckled and rubbed the sore spot. You couldn’t say anything as you had bitten off a chunk of the remaining red part; the flavor melting in your mouth and freezing your tongue. You huffed when Bucky kept laughing under his breath and Sam pointed at Steve before making an obscene gesture at you. This caused Bucky to almost spit out his drink.

           “You guys are unbelievable.” Steve glared at Sam, his biceps bulging against his chest as he crossed his arms. He shook his head and rested his eyes on you, a pleading apology in his gaze to make up for his friends’ behavior. You licked your lips and smiled softly at him, making sure he knew it wasn’t that big of a deal.

           You glanced over at Bucky who was smirking at you and said, “If you are so intent on knowing, then Captain America tastes great.” You then kept eye-contact with the metal-armed soldier as you wrapped your lips around the bottom part of the melting popsicle, slightly sucking on the raspberry flavor.

           Bucky looked away and stuck his tongue into his cheek, shaking his head. “Oh, you are such a tease…” He stayed nonchalant as he picked up his water and continued to down the rest of it, wagging the empty bottle in his hand before getting up. Bucky stepped around the back of the couch and tugged on your ponytail as he passed. “I’m going to order takeout.”

           “Make sure to get Chow Mein this—you know what? How about you go grab the menu and I call the place because you always manage to screw up our order,” Sam accused, rising to his feet and pointing a finger at Bucky. Bucky rolled his eyes and switched his route to go down the hall, leaving Sam to move over by Clint and Natasha.

           Sam turned and raised his voice, “Y/N! You want your usual?”

           You nodded at Sam and switched which hand held the popsicle as blue flavoring had gotten onto your fingers and began to run down your palm. You lifted your hand to your lips and licked the blue trail, sticking your index finger into your mouth to suck away the raspberry. A slight movement from across from you drew your gaze to Steve, who now had spread his legs and rest his clasped hands over his crotch, and you met his gaze as you let the last of the popsicle slide onto your tongue.

           He was staring at your mouth, his lips parted as you sucked the raspberry flavoring off the stick, and when you cleared your throat he snapped out of it. Steve shifted and pretended his nose itched as he made a face, a blush rising to his cheeks as he realized you caught him. You set the stick down on the side table next to you and leaned forward.

           “Are you alright, Captain?” You asked.

           Steve nodded quickly and struggled to find his words before he answered, “Y-Yeah, I’m fine. Is it—is it hot in here? Or is that just me?” He quickly changed subject and looked anywhere but at you, causing a knowing smile to spread over your features.

           “Steve, the air conditioner has been broken for twenty-eight hours.”

           He wrinkled his nose and kept a hand covering his crotch as he lifted his fingers to scratch at his cheek. Steve pursed his lips and closed his eyes, shaking his head. “Right, sorry. J-Just got a heat flash or something…” He was sitting right next to a fan blowing in his face.

           You got up and took a seat beside the soldier, resting your hand on him and gently rubbing up and down the length of his forearm. Steve stared at where you touched him before meeting your gaze, his lips parting at the smirk you were giving him.

           You lowered your voice and said, “I know you’re lying about that heat flash, Steve… If you aren’t going to admit you got turned on by watching me, then I will.” He turned his head and you saw his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed thickly. You smiled and bent toward his ear, whispering, “I’m going to the bathroom. If you need any help I’ll be in there…”

           You then rose off the couch and traipsed towards the stairway leading to the lower levels, making sure you put a little extra sway in your hips as you walked. You couldn’t deny the feelings you felt for the super soldier and if he were willing to take your offer, then it would mean that you weren’t the only one noticing the sexual tension that had built over the past few weeks. You made your way down the staircase with your bottom lip taken between your teeth, hoping Steve would follow in your steps.

           You shut the bathroom door behind you and leaned against the sink, staring at your reflection in the mirror. Your heart was pounding in your chest and you felt jittery, anxiety settling into the pit of your stomach.

           Were you really going to bang Steve Rogers in a bathroom?

           It already looked like it so you opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out, seeing it was dyed a dark purple. You probably didn’t have long so you turned on the faucet and drank straight from the tap. You jumped when a soft knock sounded from the door and you quickly turned the sink off, gingerly opening the door to lock eyes with a blushing soldier.

           He scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat, “I’m here for—uh… I’m here for your help?”

           All worries left you as you grabbed the collar of his white t-shirt and tugged him into the bathroom. You crashed your lips against his and he made a soft sound, relaxing into your touch as you clutched him close. Steve pulled away, his nose brushing your cheek as he sighed, “I have been waiting for that.”

           You ghosted your lips over his and whispered, “Just kiss me Rogers.”

           He didn’t need you to tell him twice.

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I didn’t know how to properly give credit to this but I’ve been looking for a comparison bc I just realized the parallels.
I also read underneath in some of the comments the mention of Beverly buying tampons. With the whole sink incident, wouldn’t it make sense that something big she’s afraid of would be blood? In the book blood came out of her fortune cookie. Beverly is scared of blood and Bill must’ve dreamt it or something to foreshadow this happening to Beverly

Saved by the Bell | 1

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Taehyung!HighSchoolTeacher AU

Taehyung x Reader

I’ll add links to chapters here later.

Word Count: 7253

Genre: Fluff, future angst, aaaaannnnddd what I know all you hoes are after: future smut (hahaha not that I can say much).

Summary: Being a teacher is not easy, especially when you’re teaching emotional, hormonal teenagers who don’t give a flying fuck about school. What’s even worse is when you have to deal with all of the dumb drama that comes with being human and unfortunately still very active in society. Taehyung is one of those people who makes your life more stressful than it should be, and his constant teasing is one day going to be too much, you’re sure of it. What you’re not sure of, however, is how you feel about him.

A/N: Guess who’s back??? That’s right peeps! This would have been uploaded yesterday, but my flight got grounded, so I got in last night… Anywho, this may be a surprise, but it is not the surprise. That’s still in progress haha… Other fics and requests are also in progress, so I’m hoping you guys won’t have to wait forever! I’ve been wanting to write this one since last November (along with others that I will announce later, so be prepared!), and I finally got inspiration to write it, so it here it is! Enjoy!

Song: What You Know by Two Door Cinema

Why did every day start like this?

“Goood morning Ms. Y/L/N!” Taehyung drawls with a wide grin set on his visage as he sidles up beside you with his usual black and white travel mug filled with steaming dark roast.

You roll your eyes at his repetitiveness, responding with the usual sigh and snub as every day before, choosing not to take the bait that his choice of words always tempted.

Taehyung scoffed, blatant insincerity spread across his features. “Tsk tsk Ms. Y/L/N. are you really going to not respond to your beloved co-worker? How very rude of you…” Taehyung clicks his tongue in disapproval of your actions, or lack thereof, and steps in front of you in attempt to stop your futile efforts of escape.

“Now, now Miss. There is no need for such rude behavior so early in the morning! What have I ever done to deserve as such?” Taehyung grasps at his heart with his free hand, clutching tightly to the striped button up as if he were truly holding on to his “hurt feelings.”

You roll your eyes, and step around him, not willing to give in to his ridiculous act. “Taehyung, you know exactly why we go through this every morning, but I will admit that in fact, I do not, and this repetitiveness is making me dizzy. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d rather like to escape your aggravating throes, and arrive in my classroom in good humor (not that I really can now, seeing as you have already ruined my high spirits this once-fine morning).”

Taehyung gasps in false anguish, allowing you to pass him, but continues to trail on your heels in hopes of achieving further aggravation on your part (at least, that’s what you believed he was doing).

“Ms. Y/L/N, I would never intentionally ruin your morning, let alone your typically wonderful temperament, seeing as you are usually so… Pleasant.”

You stop walking, eye twitching in annoyance as you turn sharply in the direction of Taehyung.

“Mr. Kim, I sincerely hope that you are not implying what I think you are. That would be rather rude of you to do so in light of the general rules of human decency.”

Taehyung raises an eyebrow, an infuriating smirk clear on his equally maddeningly attractive face. “Oho? Is that so? Well, would you be so kind as to enlighten me on what you think I might be attempting to imply?”

Your eye twitches again, and you pull your arms across your chest in a defensive stance, your foot tapping in impatience upon the grimy school tile floor.

“You seem to be implying that I have a bad temperament. Am I incorrect?”

Taehyung’s eyes widen at the accusation. “Oh no, I would never say such a thing about someone as lovely as you, Ms. Y/L/N! You must have misunderstood my emphasis on the word pleasant! It was meant as a compliment!” He smiles at you knowingly, and your rage flares at the realization.

You huff, and turn on your heel to stomp off in the direction of your classroom. “Whatever Kim!” You yell behind you, hearing a deep chuckle resonate down the hallway, vibrating through your body, and you shiver.


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What the Phantom thieves profile pics would be.

Because as previously stated in a post I can’t find, clear, sensible portraits of themselves is just unrealistic. 

Akira: Either a pretty basic selfie or a cute group shot. 

Ryuji: Something really dumb and memey. Think something like John Cena or an old rage comic. 

Ann: A really good close up pic from one of her shoots, or a selfie with Shiho.

Yusuke: Not particularly tech savvy, so he’d be the equivalent of a facebook blue dude or a twitter egg. If he did have a photo it would either be himself stood in front of one of his paintings at a show, or a landscape. 

Makoto: An old photo of her and Sae in front an old historic building from a trip they went on two years ago 

Futaba: A robot from a shounen anime, but edited with a silly face. 

Haru: An over-saturated macro of a flower. 

Akechi: His own dumb logo. (the one from his briefcase) Because you don’t design yourself a damn logo without using it everywhere. 

Image provided by @roguetelemetry because he’s awesome :)

The Cyberpunk Reading List

Okay, so here it is: my cyberpunk reading list. Although, this will probably read more like a love letter to some of my favourite books, and why I think you should love them too. Some people may find that there are titles missing from this list. That’s likely to be for one of two reasons: either it wasn’t something I absolutely fell in love with or I haven’t read it yet. That said, I’m more than happy to hear any suggestions people have to send my way for potential future editions of this list.

I’ve tried to make this list as varied as possible, so hopefully there is something for everyone :).

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The Present Is A Gift

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 2415

Genre: Fluff

Even over the loud chatter of the other customers in the cafe, Soonyoung’s ears perked up at the sound of Chan’s deep sigh. The hushed sound somehow managed to cut through all the other noise as the two friends waited in the line to order.

“What’s up, Dino?” Soonyoung asked, looking up from his phone which was open to twitter.

“Hmm? Oh, it’s nothing. I just haven’t gotten a lot of sleep lately.” Chan replied modestly.

“Ah, you’re really living the YouTuber lifestyle,” Soonyoung half-teased, “It’s not good to overwork yourself. What is it that you stay up to do? Writing? Filming?”

“Editing,” Chan ran a hand through his hair, burdened at even the slightest thought of the tedious task, “I’m still not used to the software. It always takes me so long to figure out how to create the effects I want.”

“You do know that you don’t have to keep torturing yourself like this, right? You can hire someone to edit for you.” Soonyoung suggested with a chuckle.

“I really don’t have the money to hire someone, or the time to interview people for that matter. I also don’t know anyone that’d be willing to do it for free.” Chan explained earnestly.

“Next!” The cashier called out.

Stepping forward, Soonyoung sent Chan a knowing grin, “I have someone in mind.”


Exhausted from yet another day of work, you flung the front door of your home open, slamming it shut again as you leaned your back against it. You let out a sigh as you slouched against the painted wood. As soon as you stood up straight again, your back cracked loudly three times, surely a sign that your new job was getting the best of you.

You slipped off your shoes and kicked them to the side, trudging along to your bedroom. You flung yourself onto your bed and enjoyed a few blissful moments of rest, only to be interrupted by a sudden vibration in your pocket.

You groaned, taking your phone out and reading the text you’d just received.

“(Y/N)!! How’s my beautiful cherry blossom child doing on this fine evening~?”

“Soonyoung literally what on earth do you want from me this time”

“Geez alright I’ll cut to the chase”

You rolled your eyes at your friend’s antics, feeling slightly sorry for snapping at him, but at the same time you felt like he should know how not in the mood you were.

“So, I may or may not need you to do a favor for me”

“I’ll consider, as long as you don’t need me to wash old ladies’ hair. I do that every day for 6 hours straight now :-)”

“Oh yeah you started working at that salon… How’s that working out?”

Groaning again at the thought of that cursed salon, you rolled over onto your back.

“It’s freakin terrible omg. My boss is like the real life version of Cinderella’s stepmother.. and the sheer amount of hairspray lingering in the air makes me feel like my nose hairs are being styled”


“Yeah it’s bad. Anyway can you just tell me about this favor you may or may not need?”

“So I’m friends with Chan aka Dino. You know his channel right?”

“Yeah why”

“He needs an editor for his videos and when he said that, I thought of you. Since you’re so tech savvy.”

“Soonyoung you know I literally don’t have time to do anything. I have to take up as many shifts as possible at work.”

“Ah that’s right….. You’re still saving up for a new laptop right”


“Well………. How about if you help Dino with his editing I’ll pitch in for it?”

Letting Soonyoung’s offer swim around in your head for a few seconds, you took a deep breath before ultimately giving in.

“Fine. Just text me when and where.”


For the last time, you stepped out of the salon. You closed the metal door quickly and quietly, finally evading the shrill voice of your now ex-boss. Just as an extra safety measure, you speed walked to the end of the block, looking over your shoulder every so often to make sure no one from the salon was following you.

Your pocket buzzed again. You pulled your phone out, reading yet another text from Soonyoung. He’d sent you the address of Chan’s apartment, since you were scheduled to edit his video of the week. It was relatively close by, so you found yourself at Chan’s front door in matter of mere minutes.

You gathered up the courage to knock on the door, opting to knock three times, but before you could make it to the third time the door was swung open.

Chan’s eyes opened almost comically wide when he saw you, his overall expression similar to that of a deer in the headlights. You got a good view of him, since your eyes widened in shock as well. You’d seen him before online, but you never expected Chan to be so handsome in person.

“Hi,” You started, trying to get a hold of yourself so you could make a good impression, “I’m (Y/N), I’m Soonyoung’s friend.”

“That’s right, you’re here to edit! I’m Chan, or Dino, nice to meet you.” He did his best to maintain a sunny disposition, but he too was stunned by the way you looked.

You stepped through the doorway, Chan held out a hand for you to shake. Though neither of you dared to grip the other’s hand too strongly, you could tell Chan was as friendly and warm as Soonyoung described. His shyness was somewhat comforting, seeing as you were relatively timid around strangers as well.

Noticing the shoe rack to the side of the door, you non-verbally asked if you should take your shoes off. Chan simply nodded in return, and you slipped off your ankle booties, giggling silently at the fact that Chan was able to communicate with you so fluently without even speaking. Presumably feeling the same way, Chan didn’t speak again until the two of you reached his office, which he genially led you to.

“So, this is my office,” He said, gesturing at his computer and his camera setup, “I just finished filming the say anything challenge with Seungcheol hyung, so there’s a lot more editing involved than usual, but it’s nothing you can’t handle right?”

“I see,” You nodded, taking in all the high quality equipment Chan had in the room, “And normally you would only film dance videos, right? So the editing would just consist of syncing the audio and the video?”

“Right. This PC is what I installed the video editing software on. Please, have a seat.” He pulled out the plush leather chair in very gentlemanly fashion, allowing you to sit on it, which you did with a grateful smile.

Chan pushed the chair in toward the desk, before logging into the PC for you. He pulled up what looked to be a dining chair and sat beside you, briefly coaching you on what to do.

“I always save raw footage to a folder called ‘unedited’, so if you just search in there for today’s date you should be able to find the footage you need. And really, all you have to do for this video is add some background music and cut out the bits that you think are boring. I trust you.”

“You do?” You asked, turning your head to face him.

You must have misinterpreted how far away from Chan actually sat, as when you turned around, his face was just a few inches away from yours.

The both of you separated almost immediately, faces turning equally red as well. Your lips naturally formed a shy smile, which you opted to cover with your hand. You didn’t want Chan to think of you as creepy, though part of you did enjoy the closeness.

“Yeah, I trust your judgement. Soonyoung hyung did speak very highly of you after all.” He gave you an encouraging smile, though it only lasted a couple of seconds, as his phone buzzed and he had to look at the notification.

His expression dropped slightly, “I’m so sorry, but I have to go collect the mail from my PO box. Minghao hyung wants to do a mail video together. I hate to leave you alone here, but you don’t need any more help, do you?”

“I think I’ve got everything under control.” You responded confidently.

“Great. I’ll be back in no more than an hour, I promise.” Chan sent you one last supportive glance before getting up and leaving.

Before he was completely out of the room, he turned back to you, which earned him a small wave goodbye from you. He simply chuckled before making his way to the front door, blushing like crazy the whole way. He undoubtedly found you cute, though you managed to make him blush and giggle like a lovesick schoolboy; something no one else had been able to do in a long time. He smiled to himself once more before leaving the apartment to meet with Minghao.

It was a bit awkward for you, just sitting in a stranger’s apartment all by yourself, but Chan was quite the charming character. You ended up not minding as much as you probably should have. You kept yourself occupied anyway, hard at work editing Chan’s video.

In this process, you found yourself smiling the entire time. Chan didn’t seem to have a bad trait to him. He was bright and kind to Seungcheol, even during times that he knew the footage would get edited out. His true colors really showed themselves, and they were even more beautiful than you’d expected, maybe even more so than you’d hoped. Was it possible… You were beginning to feel something?


You’d have sworn that it was only a matter of minutes, but when you heard the front door of the apartment being unlocked, you checked your phone to find out that it had actually been almost an hour.

Chan sprinted back to the office and you stood up to greet him, “Hey, I’m back! I kept my promise, by the way: fifty-six minutes! I would’ve been back sooner, but I stopped by the cafe that Soonyoung hyung likes to get you a coffee.”

He held out what looked to be an iced coffee of some kind, greatly anticipating your reaction with a gummy grin.

“Wow, thank you so much,” You took the coffee with a bow of thanks, “You know, it doesn’t even feel like you were gone for that long.”

“Well, time flies when you’re having fun. Was editing fun?” He asked with a laugh, gesturing for you to sit down again.

“Yeah, it was actually. I think I managed to get a lot done too. Do you want to see?” Both you and Chan returned to your original positions, seated next to each other.

“Absolutely! I bet it looks great.”

With the press of the spacebar, the video started playing. Chan’s eyebrows furrowed as he began concentrating. He became almost worryingly quiet, until something funny finally happened, that was when the two of you broke out into a fit of giggles. Eventually, the video became nearly inaudible over the sounds of your collective laughter.

“Wow, (Y/N),” Chan started, still trying to catch his breath, “I really like your sense of humor. The video looks great already, honestly, I could upload it just like this.”

“You really like it?” You asked hopefully.

“Yeah, it’s super funny! And, uh, you said you’d be okay with editing my videos regularly, right? I mean… I’d love to work with you more often.” His eyes shifted away from you, his cheeks becoming rosy again.

You couldn’t help but blush as well, “Sure, I’d love that too.”


It was the seventh week in a row you’d gone to Chan’s apartment to edit one of his videos. Although, it wasn’t the seventh time you’d gone to his apartment. The both of you began hanging out aside from editing, becoming more like friends than coworkers.

But, unlike the other times you’d gone to his home, this time the front door to Chan’s apartment was left open just a crack.

“Chan?” You called into the apartment.

After not receiving any answer, you resorted to knocking on the door, but still no one came. You felt bad about intruding, but since you were worried, you decided just to open the door and take a look around.

All of the lights were out, so you could barely see what was right in front of you. But as your vision adjusted to the darkness, you could see the outline of a person.

“Surprise!” Chan shouted as you finally found a light switch and turned the lights on.

“Chan… What’s going on?”

Chan stood in front of the coffee table so that he was blocking whatever was on it, but as he stepped to the side, you saw a brand new MacBook Pro opened on the table. It was so new that the screen protecting plastic hadn’t even been taken off yet.

“What’s this?” You asked, even more confused than before.

“On the first day we met,” He began, “I left to meet up with Minghao hyung, but Soonyoung hyung was there too. He told about how you were working that horrible job to save up for a new laptop. And I know he told you he’d help pay for a laptop, but my latest videos have been getting so many views. I’ve been getting so much more traffic to my channel than usual, and it’s all thanks to you. I didn’t have enough money to formally hire you, but I had enough for this, so I thought it was the least I could do.”

You walked over to the coffee table, not believing your eyes or your ears, “Chan, this is such an amazing gift, it was like the most you could’ve done!”

“That’s not true, I could do more. Like, maybe… Take you on a date?”

Your eyes widened as his question, but since this allowed you to get an especially good view of his adorable flustered face, there was no way you could have refused.

“I’d love to, but only if you let me pay. I didn’t do all that shampooing for nothing.”

“Deal.” Said Chan, with a shy chuckle.

There was no doubt in your mind, that was a chuckle you could hear every day.

-Written by Admin Cali


Okay so I’ve been pretty bad at keeping this blob active lately, I know. School’s been ridiculously busy and life happened, but. BUT! I am still active, and I’ve hit 10 000 followers (I actually hit it on my birthday but I didn’t do anything because I’ve been busy) I honestly hadn’t even thought I’d hit 10 when I first started this much less 10k, so this is pretty mind blowing. So I want to do something to celebrate. Problem is that I’ve got no idea what.

I’m currently on mobile so idk how to open the ask box I’m so tech savvy you have no idea so how about you just reblob this with any ideas if you’ve got them?

And also. Thanks

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Oh hey again! Here with question number 2. It's a lighter topic, more for the imagination. I choose the women who were somewhat on the same playing field in regards to defensive skills. If Gloria, Lena, and Sarah were all stuck on a deserted island and had to fend for themselves, only using whatever would be found on a tropical island, who would survive the longest and how? :D

I like this question. Really made me think about these three. First let us establish something, they are on the island due to a plane crash, there is debris, some luggage has floated ashore but not much. Let us also assume that Lena’s mode of transportation was a private jet, because Lena. They are all the sole survivors in their situation. I will start out with what we know about the girls and what we can probably assume based on that information. Okay go!

Sarah Bennett

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What we know: She used to go to summer camp. She suffered a bad knee injury. She’s ballsy but also very clumsy. She has survived some physically strenuous situations.

What we can assume: Because she went to summer camp, Sarah most likely had the opportunity to learn some basic wilderness survival skills. She may have a good memory of what resources can be eaten, how to find water and how to build a good fire. Perhaps she may also know how to look for animal prints! My guess is that Sarah would be the first to start moving inland to find water and shade so she can figure out her next move. She takes a lot of risks in rough situations and would probably do so sooner than the others to try and get what she needs. However, based on what we have seen, Sarah may not necessarily think some of her actions through, which could land her in trouble. She’s definitely a scrapper though and would last a while on her own.

Lena Luthor

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What we know: She is a genius that studied science and engineering. She doesn’t seem to be the fastest runner. She always remains calm in life-threatening situations. Clever and thinks on her feet. She is good with electronics.

What we can assume: Lena has a very high IQ and, again, is quite clever. Due to her education and wits, she would most likely be the best at figuring out the materials to use to make good tools, weapons and for building a sturdy shelter. My thoughts that her mind for engineering would lead to her building the best shelter and tools (plus Lena is extra like that). She will not stand for faulty equipment.

I also think that Lena would stick to the tree line near the shore at first for a couple reasons. First, I think she would have a little trouble adjusting and taking in what has happened at first. Her jet just crashed killing the pilot and crewman that she knew personally and brought under her employ. She would dwell on this information for a few. She is used to a life of luxury and most likely didn’t spend much time outdoors growing up. Some things like eating bugs or having to skin an animal or scale a fish may be hard in the beginning. The last reason is that her initial thought for water would be to build a solar water still… because science and extra. Why walk through the jungle in heels (you know she’s dressed to the nines) and hope to find fresh water when you can make it?? Lena is also familiar with her own jet so she would spend time looking for the resources that she knew may be around in the debris. So after getting through the initial shock, she would role up her sleeves, take a breath, give yet another brush with death the finger and get to work.

Gloria Miller

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What we know: She’s a hand-to-hand combat specialist. She’s good with a knife. She has CIA Training. Her toughest missions involve her working with a team. Remains calm and confident in tough scenarios.

What we can assume: Gloria obviously knows how to defend herself against the odds, she’s quick, and most likely has excellent spatial awareness. This not only helps her in a scrap, but also can help her escape hairy situations more easily. It is unclear how proficient she would be at making tools and weapons, but any weapons that she did craft, she would be fantastic at using them. She knows her body and her skills and would be more apt to crafting something she is comfortable using. CIA agents are trained to be good with impromptu weaponry so anything Gloria could get her hands on, she would use. Her training has also probably gifted her with some strong tracking skills and tactical skills. Those will both be very good for hunting. Her tactical skills will allow her to be a good scout for figuring the lay of the land in relation to where she is so she can move without incident. Gorilla Gloria, if you will. Gloria would start out by scavenging. She would also probably be the first to attempt to find a line of communication if anything is salvageable. She would stick to the shore at first to gather what she can and then move inland to protect herself.


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Surprised?? Yeah me too. This was so hard. It was obviously down to Lena and Gloria for me. Allow me to explain. Firstly, most of Gloria’s skills (from what we know for sure) are combat and espionage based. She has a lot of intelligence and a strong skill set however she is used to working with a team now. She always has the guys watching her back and she has theirs. She is also not very tech savvy, so if anything that would allow her to communicate and find help were damaged, there is probably nothing she would be able to do. Gloria is also very confident in her abilities, but she is also cocky. I cannot help but feel like her cockiness would get the better of her at the worst time.

Lena on the other hand is very used to having to rely on herself and her own wits. We have seen that she can fend for herself in bad situations until help arrives and again, she always keeps a level head. Lena would also be able to use what she could to fix anything that was broken and attempt to call for help. She has escaped death so many times already and she certainly is not going to let something like this take her down. So in the end, I think Gloria and Lena would be neck and neck, but I am a sucker for the underdog and I think Lena would pull through.

Plus she is clearly invincible and could just cheat and scream for Supergirl to come help her.

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Can I get some Headcanons with uhhhhhhhhheckin meme loving human and a not-so-tech savvy wendigo? Like the human references a meme and the wendigo?? Has no clue what a " 'doggo' " is and why their human keeps calling them a "cronch doggo"

They hate it. They hate it so fucking much. Please stop calling them a ‘feisty boy’, ‘crunchy doggo’, and ESPECIALLY ‘bitey boy’. They don’t even know what half of these names mean. They’re ready to kick your ass to Chicago.

They also don’t understand ANY of your electronics. They nearly took your tv out because they saw tiny humans in it, and assumed they were real humans, and they had to kill them before they told authorities. You almost kicked their ass, then.

Get ready for a LOT, and I do mean a LOT, of ‘what’s this?’ ‘How does this work’ ‘why are you laughing, what is it’ all day, every day. They’re a curious thing, but they can’t possibly begin to understand memes. Rage comics were easy enough, but then tumblr memes entered, and you know what? They’re going back to the forest.

Granted, they DO know when you’re making a joke- so they usually laugh when you do. Even if it’s a dry, ‘this isn’t funny at all’ laugh, you appreciate it anyways. Besides, you two can make your OWN memes/inside jokes. Who needs the internet!

Here’s the opening video to the game! I don’t know if my files have ALL the game info, I only got to level 120, so I don’t know if everything is there. BUT I plan on putting all of the files onto a google drive account ONLY for the game. I will post an update on the files and account when it is all created.

BUT some of the files are in .Unity3D and I cannot for the life of me get them to open, so yeah, you tech savvy people can figure it out for me LOL

Dr. Iplier's Cold (part 4)

True to Doc’s word the next week three of the egos got hit with a cold. Ed was slumped in his bed with a really bad fever. King of Squirrels was sneezing every second with so many tissue boxes in his room. Silver had a very bad sore throat and didn’t even want to speak. You went to their rooms with Dr. Iplier with a mask ,just to be safe, and tended to them. The next day it was Yandere with the coughing and Host was getting the sniffles. After that Bim got a plugged up nose and Wilford also had a sore throat, Dark was pleased because it meant Will wouldn’t be talking. As for Dark he didn’t want to admit he was sick but sure enough his Darling ratted him out saying he had a fever and was trying to play it off. The Googles being droids did not get sick but in their own way they did as they all got viruses.

“I thought of all people you guys would be safe.” You are in the Googles room as they are laying in their beds looking very tired.

“Well someone didn’t listen to me and decided to click on that ad for new computers that was obviously a scam.” Google looks at Red.

“What?” Red shrugs. “I really wanted a new computer.”

“You don’t need a computer you can access the internet yourself in your head.” Green sighs.

“I know but sometimes takes out my battery too much so I rather have my own computer.” Red adds.

“Still think its pointless.” Green huffs.

“Whatever Green.” Red crosses his arms.

“Guys be nice. Its not like this is the first time it happened.” Oliver saids, always trying to keep the peace.

“Ok you guys I may not be so tech savvy but you all need to rest ok.” You smile at them.

“Ok.” The googles say together.

You leave their room and Dr. Iplier is standing out the door. “Ok I got the Googles to actually rest for a while. King has his VapoRub and I got the squirrels not to eat it and King too. Dark is in bed and I was scared for my life when I told him he had to listen to me weather he likes it of not. Also Wilford still cant talk right now but I finally got him to drink that cough syrup.” You stand there very proud of yourself.  

“How did you get him to do that?” Dr. Iplier was curious.

“O I got one that was candy flavored.” You pat yourself on the back.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Dr. Iplier sighs. “That would have made things so much more easier.”

“Well I’m glad I could be of help. Do we need to look at anyone else now?” You ask.

“I looked at everyone else and they are still in the same condition but are slowly feeling better.” Doc and you make your way back into the clinic. “By far this is the most efficient way this has been handled. I am very happy to have hired you.”

You smile at his words. “Thank you Doctor. That means a lot.”

“Of course. You have been performing very well.” Doc goes into his office but as he opens the door he sways slightly. He shakes it off and goes to his desk hoping you didn’t see.

“Dr. Iplier are you ok?” You noticed his swaying.

“I’m fine thank you. Just tired is all.” Dr. Iplier opens a file and takes notes.

“Are you sure? Now that I am looking at you it seems like you are off.” You take a step in the office.

“I assure you nothing is wrong with me.” Doc sighs and looks at more files.

Just as he looks down he feels something touch his head. He looks up to see you with your hand on his forehead. He is taken back from this, someone other than himself taking his temperature.

“Doctor.. you have a fever.” You looks concerned.

Doc looks away from you. “I told you I am fine. It is nothing for you to concern yourself with. Look your shift is over you should be going home.”

“Doctor if you have a fever you need to rest now before-” You get cut off.

“Look you don’t get to tell me what to do ok! You are the assistant not a doctor. You are just a nurse and you don’t have the right certifications to tell me how to take care of myself. And even if you did I wouldn’t listen because I am a doctor and I know who to treat myself!” Dr. Iplier is standing giving you a annoyed look.

You feel yourself shrink. You don’t say anything and look at the floor. He snapped at you and he knows it hurt your feelings. You two ever getting alone well enough and well this put a dent in it. He knows what would come next, you would leave just like the others did when he snapped at them. You get your bag and hug it to your shoulder.

“You know you don’t know how to accept help from others don’t you?” You look at Doc. “I will get going then. Bye.” You slowly walk out.

Dr. Iplier starts cursing himself out under his breath. He knew he blew it again with another nurse. His pride always get the best of him and this only proved that it wasn’t going to change. He sighed thinking this was the longest someone lasted with him, a new record. Just as he thinks about it he moves around his desk and feels a wave of dizziness hit him. He tries to steady himself on his desk holding his head but slips and knocks over papers and a cup. It shatters on the floor and his head thuds hard.

His body instantly feels too warm and weak. He cant move and he just lays there on the floor. Doc knows no one is around to help him and he tries to move up but he is too weak and can’t. his eyes feel heavy and he thinks to himself he is such a bad doctor letting himself get this ill without properly treating himself. Just as he is beginning to knock out her hears a faint voice. It is calling out his name and is panicking. He feels hands on him and like he is being lifted onto a lap. He sees a light shining in his eyes and feels someone taking off coat and headband. He tries to stay up but feels someone brushing his hair softly, soothing him and telling him he needs to rest. Then he knocks out completely.

You do your best to lift him and you take him to a bed in the clinic. You were able to get him onto it even if it did take some time. You look at him knocked out shaking your head. “Well you have no choice. I have to be your doctor now.”