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A perpetual spell to cope with intrusive thoughts

Thanks to severe OCD and PTSD, I’m often stuck in my own head with a bunch of intrusive and obsessive nonsense. I came up with a perpetual banishing and transmutation spell to help process and deal with unwanted thoughts.

The Banishing Bin functions somewhat like a computer’s recycle bin:

  • write unwanted thought/feeling on a sticky note or piece of small paper
  • draw banishing/transmutation sigil over words
  • fold up paper and throw in banishing bin 
  • burn/rip/trash them during the waning crescent or dark moon

This is a great spell if you’re a spoonie or not open about your craft. It’s fairly easy to perform and store without raising eyebrows (it literally just sits on my bookcase unsuspiciously). I found the mini trashcan at a local discount store for a couple dollars. The cheapest one I can find online can be purchased from Amazon here, but you can use any container you like as a bin. If you don’t have a banishing sigil you’re already working with, feel free to use mine

flame decals!

Mobile Masterlist

For all of my mobile folk - I got your back. This Masterlist, along with my desktop-user Masterlist is always updated. Every single time I post a new one shot or aesthetic, I always add it to my Masterlist, so it is always renewed!


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Sharing my progress for MM Valentine’s Day Series <3 How can you not love this precious bby ; v ; Saeran needs some love!

About the IG thing, thank you for all your suggestions! Its all good and mostly realistic, I appreciate your concern :’) As conclusion, I’ll make my IG a mom-safe account lol so I will still post everything as usual in here. Thankfully she’s not tech savvy so there will be a slim chance of her scrolling down to see all my posts here = v = b

What the Phantom thieves profile pics would be.

Because as previously stated in a post I can’t find, clear, sensible portraits of themselves is just unrealistic. 

Akira: Either a pretty basic selfie or a cute group shot. 

Ryuji: Something really dumb and memey. Think something like John Cena or an old rage comic. 

Ann: A really good close up pic from one of her shoots, or a selfie with Shiho.

Yusuke: Not particularly tech savvy, so he’d be the equivalent of a facebook blue dude or a twitter egg. If he did have a photo it would either be himself stood in front of one of his paintings at a show, or a landscape. 

Makoto: An old photo of her and Sae in front an old historic building from a trip they went on two years ago 

Futaba: A robot from a shounen anime, but edited with a silly face. 

Haru: An over-saturated macro of a flower. 

Akechi: His own dumb logo. (the one from his briefcase) Because you don’t design yourself a damn logo without using it everywhere. 


Requested by @mashtonmental: Hey! Can I request a Steve x Reader and it’s a chill day at the tower and everyone is relaxing and reader is wearing like shorts and a tank top… basically not a lot because it’s hot as hell and she’s enjoying a popsicle which leaves Steve in a compromising situation getting turned on.

Warnings: Explicit Language, Sexual Reference, and Alcohol Reference.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k+

A/N: I altered the request a bit, but I know everyone won’t complain! Enjoy! x. T

Originally posted by mostlybenedict

          The air conditioning in the tower broke the day before New York saw its hottest temperature of the year. Tony just so happened to be dealing with personal business overseas with Pepper and, for security reasons, wouldn’t allow anyone to call someone to fix it. That left you and the Team to wither in the extreme heat and use up every electrical outlet there was.

           You were in a thin tank top and shorts, hair tied up in an effort to keep cool and to also keep modest about the fact that four other men were in the same room as you. You wiped at the sweat collecting on your forehead as you walked around the bar to the mini-freezer hidden underneath the counter. Natasha and Clint were seated on the barstools, sipping on ice water and quietly conversing.

           “If you’re looking for what’s left of the rum,” Clint said, “You can thank Barnes for drinking it.” He peered over the counter at you and the glass in his hand moved with him as he shrugged at the look you gave him. Natasha’s lips were curved into a smile at the exchange.

           “It’s two in the afternoon, Clint. I’m not looking to get scolded by Captain Smartass.”

           Clint chuckled and tipped back the remaining contents of his glass, the ice clicking against his teeth. He set it down before turning in his chair to gaze at the soldiers lounging on the couches, foreheads and necks glistening with light sheens of sweat as they talked and laughed. Steve sat closest to the fan propped on the side table and drank out of his water bottle, grinning at something Sam said.

           You leaned on the bar-top and tore open the white wrapper of a popsicle, frowning at the type it was. You removed the wrapper and held it up, seeing Clint trying to hold in a chuckle and Natasha just shaking her head.

           “Out of all the popsicles Tony could have hiding, he has a Rocket Pop…” You sigh, before you licked the top of the red, white, and blue popsicle. Natasha raised her brows and you shrugged, “It tastes like cherry.” You then walked back over to where you had sat across from Steve and Sam.

           They all looked up as you came back over and Bucky scooted to give you room. He pointed at the popsicle you had in your mouth and cocked a brow. “How does Captain America taste?”

           Your eyes widened and you punched his shoulder, glad it wasn’t the metal one as he chuckled and rubbed the sore spot. You couldn’t say anything as you had bitten off a chunk of the remaining red part; the flavor melting in your mouth and freezing your tongue. You huffed when Bucky kept laughing under his breath and Sam pointed at Steve before making an obscene gesture at you. This caused Bucky to almost spit out his drink.

           “You guys are unbelievable.” Steve glared at Sam, his biceps bulging against his chest as he crossed his arms. He shook his head and rested his eyes on you, a pleading apology in his gaze to make up for his friends’ behavior. You licked your lips and smiled softly at him, making sure he knew it wasn’t that big of a deal.

           You glanced over at Bucky who was smirking at you and said, “If you are so intent on knowing, then Captain America tastes great.” You then kept eye-contact with the metal-armed soldier as you wrapped your lips around the bottom part of the melting popsicle, slightly sucking on the raspberry flavor.

           Bucky looked away and stuck his tongue into his cheek, shaking his head. “Oh, you are such a tease…” He stayed nonchalant as he picked up his water and continued to down the rest of it, wagging the empty bottle in his hand before getting up. Bucky stepped around the back of the couch and tugged on your ponytail as he passed. “I’m going to order takeout.”

           “Make sure to get Chow Mein this—you know what? How about you go grab the menu and I call the place because you always manage to screw up our order,” Sam accused, rising to his feet and pointing a finger at Bucky. Bucky rolled his eyes and switched his route to go down the hall, leaving Sam to move over by Clint and Natasha.

           Sam turned and raised his voice, “Y/N! You want your usual?”

           You nodded at Sam and switched which hand held the popsicle as blue flavoring had gotten onto your fingers and began to run down your palm. You lifted your hand to your lips and licked the blue trail, sticking your index finger into your mouth to suck away the raspberry. A slight movement from across from you drew your gaze to Steve, who now had spread his legs and rest his clasped hands over his crotch, and you met his gaze as you let the last of the popsicle slide onto your tongue.

           He was staring at your mouth, his lips parted as you sucked the raspberry flavoring off the stick, and when you cleared your throat he snapped out of it. Steve shifted and pretended his nose itched as he made a face, a blush rising to his cheeks as he realized you caught him. You set the stick down on the side table next to you and leaned forward.

           “Are you alright, Captain?” You asked.

           Steve nodded quickly and struggled to find his words before he answered, “Y-Yeah, I’m fine. Is it—is it hot in here? Or is that just me?” He quickly changed subject and looked anywhere but at you, causing a knowing smile to spread over your features.

           “Steve, the air conditioner has been broken for twenty-eight hours.”

           He wrinkled his nose and kept a hand covering his crotch as he lifted his fingers to scratch at his cheek. Steve pursed his lips and closed his eyes, shaking his head. “Right, sorry. J-Just got a heat flash or something…” He was sitting right next to a fan blowing in his face.

           You got up and took a seat beside the soldier, resting your hand on him and gently rubbing up and down the length of his forearm. Steve stared at where you touched him before meeting your gaze, his lips parting at the smirk you were giving him.

           You lowered your voice and said, “I know you’re lying about that heat flash, Steve… If you aren’t going to admit you got turned on by watching me, then I will.” He turned his head and you saw his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed thickly. You smiled and bent toward his ear, whispering, “I’m going to the bathroom. If you need any help I’ll be in there…”

           You then rose off the couch and traipsed towards the stairway leading to the lower levels, making sure you put a little extra sway in your hips as you walked. You couldn’t deny the feelings you felt for the super soldier and if he were willing to take your offer, then it would mean that you weren’t the only one noticing the sexual tension that had built over the past few weeks. You made your way down the staircase with your bottom lip taken between your teeth, hoping Steve would follow in your steps.

           You shut the bathroom door behind you and leaned against the sink, staring at your reflection in the mirror. Your heart was pounding in your chest and you felt jittery, anxiety settling into the pit of your stomach.

           Were you really going to bang Steve Rogers in a bathroom?

           It already looked like it so you opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out, seeing it was dyed a dark purple. You probably didn’t have long so you turned on the faucet and drank straight from the tap. You jumped when a soft knock sounded from the door and you quickly turned the sink off, gingerly opening the door to lock eyes with a blushing soldier.

           He scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat, “I’m here for—uh… I’m here for your help?”

           All worries left you as you grabbed the collar of his white t-shirt and tugged him into the bathroom. You crashed your lips against his and he made a soft sound, relaxing into your touch as you clutched him close. Steve pulled away, his nose brushing your cheek as he sighed, “I have been waiting for that.”

           You ghosted your lips over his and whispered, “Just kiss me Rogers.”

           He didn’t need you to tell him twice.

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asianregret  asked:

Oh hey again! Here with question number 2. It's a lighter topic, more for the imagination. I choose the women who were somewhat on the same playing field in regards to defensive skills. If Gloria, Lena, and Sarah were all stuck on a deserted island and had to fend for themselves, only using whatever would be found on a tropical island, who would survive the longest and how? :D

I like this question. Really made me think about these three. First let us establish something, they are on the island due to a plane crash, there is debris, some luggage has floated ashore but not much. Let us also assume that Lena’s mode of transportation was a private jet, because Lena. They are all the sole survivors in their situation. I will start out with what we know about the girls and what we can probably assume based on that information. Okay go!

Sarah Bennett

Originally posted by lenaluthorisgay

What we know: She used to go to summer camp. She suffered a bad knee injury. She’s ballsy but also very clumsy. She has survived some physically strenuous situations.

What we can assume: Because she went to summer camp, Sarah most likely had the opportunity to learn some basic wilderness survival skills. She may have a good memory of what resources can be eaten, how to find water and how to build a good fire. Perhaps she may also know how to look for animal prints! My guess is that Sarah would be the first to start moving inland to find water and shade so she can figure out her next move. She takes a lot of risks in rough situations and would probably do so sooner than the others to try and get what she needs. However, based on what we have seen, Sarah may not necessarily think some of her actions through, which could land her in trouble. She’s definitely a scrapper though and would last a while on her own.

Lena Luthor

Originally posted by reginasevilpanda

What we know: She is a genius that studied science and engineering. She doesn’t seem to be the fastest runner. She always remains calm in life-threatening situations. Clever and thinks on her feet. She is good with electronics.

What we can assume: Lena has a very high IQ and, again, is quite clever. Due to her education and wits, she would most likely be the best at figuring out the materials to use to make good tools, weapons and for building a sturdy shelter. My thoughts that her mind for engineering would lead to her building the best shelter and tools (plus Lena is extra like that). She will not stand for faulty equipment.

I also think that Lena would stick to the tree line near the shore at first for a couple reasons. First, I think she would have a little trouble adjusting and taking in what has happened at first. Her jet just crashed killing the pilot and crewman that she knew personally and brought under her employ. She would dwell on this information for a few. She is used to a life of luxury and most likely didn’t spend much time outdoors growing up. Some things like eating bugs or having to skin an animal or scale a fish may be hard in the beginning. The last reason is that her initial thought for water would be to build a solar water still… because science and extra. Why walk through the jungle in heels (you know she’s dressed to the nines) and hope to find fresh water when you can make it?? Lena is also familiar with her own jet so she would spend time looking for the resources that she knew may be around in the debris. So after getting through the initial shock, she would role up her sleeves, take a breath, give yet another brush with death the finger and get to work.

Gloria Miller

Originally posted by docclara

What we know: She’s a hand-to-hand combat specialist. She’s good with a knife. She has CIA Training. Her toughest missions involve her working with a team. Remains calm and confident in tough scenarios.

What we can assume: Gloria obviously knows how to defend herself against the odds, she’s quick, and most likely has excellent spatial awareness. This not only helps her in a scrap, but also can help her escape hairy situations more easily. It is unclear how proficient she would be at making tools and weapons, but any weapons that she did craft, she would be fantastic at using them. She knows her body and her skills and would be more apt to crafting something she is comfortable using. CIA agents are trained to be good with impromptu weaponry so anything Gloria could get her hands on, she would use. Her training has also probably gifted her with some strong tracking skills and tactical skills. Those will both be very good for hunting. Her tactical skills will allow her to be a good scout for figuring the lay of the land in relation to where she is so she can move without incident. Gorilla Gloria, if you will. Gloria would start out by scavenging. She would also probably be the first to attempt to find a line of communication if anything is salvageable. She would stick to the shore at first to gather what she can and then move inland to protect herself.


Originally posted by luthorial

Surprised?? Yeah me too. This was so hard. It was obviously down to Lena and Gloria for me. Allow me to explain. Firstly, most of Gloria’s skills (from what we know for sure) are combat and espionage based. She has a lot of intelligence and a strong skill set however she is used to working with a team now. She always has the guys watching her back and she has theirs. She is also not very tech savvy, so if anything that would allow her to communicate and find help were damaged, there is probably nothing she would be able to do. Gloria is also very confident in her abilities, but she is also cocky. I cannot help but feel like her cockiness would get the better of her at the worst time.

Lena on the other hand is very used to having to rely on herself and her own wits. We have seen that she can fend for herself in bad situations until help arrives and again, she always keeps a level head. Lena would also be able to use what she could to fix anything that was broken and attempt to call for help. She has escaped death so many times already and she certainly is not going to let something like this take her down. So in the end, I think Gloria and Lena would be neck and neck, but I am a sucker for the underdog and I think Lena would pull through.

Plus she is clearly invincible and could just cheat and scream for Supergirl to come help her.


he married hannah, so she couldn’t testify against him. that’s why it happened so quick.
him turning up after the pie note to mona and asking how her pie was!
hes so tech savvy he could’ve easily pulled this off.
also last episode I noticed it looked like he had 2 different laptops, and when Ashley came over he was really shady and shut the laptop. Almost like he was trying to hide something…

Crisis averted! Thanks to all of your sweet messages! I’m so not tech savvy and with hubs working for the cable company apparently we get to test the “latest and greatest” and my old work laptop couldn’t handle it ha! But anyways I still get to work from home tomorrow. Whew! Thanks again for all of your messages and suggestions!

Owaranai no Seraph Nagoya Kessen Hen 1 in HD

So this took FOREVER to get from my DVD to here, but I got it.

To all those asking where this icon set came from, here you go.


  • Guren, Mahiru, and Shinoa possession scene
  • Mika and Krul whispered secret scene
  • Megane Kureto and crew scene

So I know I have no ownership over anything Seraph, but I did buy it and took admittedly a couple hours to upload this. (I’m obviously not tech savvy) So please do not re-post or re-upload it anywhere, I’d really appreciate it. σ(^○^)


I feel so tech savvy...

First off I’m soooo sorry I’ve been so flaky but I’m trying to answer all the requests and post more often I swear.
Anyway so a lot of the requests I get are kind of repetitive. Don’t get me wrong I love love love making moodboards. But I like it when it stays original and it’s kind of hard to do so when I get 20 requests for a Taehyung Pastel Blue Aesthetic. So I decided in order for everyone to have an easier time navigating their way around the site and to make my job a little easier I’ve made a tags page which I linked in the description ( ) and So for some requests I might ask you to look there. I’ll update it as I make new things. Enjoy!

Orange team headcanons

Now, headcanons for Army’s team! I will be shortening Sailor Blue and Sailor white’s names to SB and SW respectively, because they’re a bit of a mouthful to type.

-they do pretty much all their training either together or alone. It’s kind of rare for one to be training with somebody outside their little squad.

-I also tend to headcanon SB and SW as siblings. If not siblings, then very close to each other like that.

-Forge is very tech savvy. So much so that she’s pretty good at hacking into city cameras and even some cameras and equipment in octo valley, although she usually reaches old octo equipment and not much recent. Yet.

-Army has gotten so used to at least one of his teammates forgetting lunch that he always packs a second lunch just in case. If nobody forgets theirs that day, the lunch goes to a stranger or anybody else in their respective friend groups that want it, like someone from blue or purple or pink team, etc.

-SB can speak multiple languages and even sign language. He likes to be prepared to converse with anybody.

-Forge is somewhat of a perfectionist with things, and it bothers her deeply if things are out of sync, something goes wrong, or something is asymmetrical but is supposed to be. She likes patterns a lot. An appreciator of art and pattern

-SW loves cute outfits. She has a passion for makeup and checking out styles of different cultures. You look beautiful today, she says. To everyone. In her head because it’s hard to say out loud.

-strength gauge of team, strongest to weakest in terms of physical strength: Army, SW, Forge, SB.

-Army’s room has a ton of workout stuff. He’s fuckin ripped under his jacket. Likes to arm wrestle. Tough squid. Curry.

-Forge tends to pull a lot of all nighters. She rarely sleeps now that she’s worrying about octolings and her team’s/friend’s safety. Gotta watch cameras and sip coffee. Yay insomnia.

-SB and SW are total dorks though. They sometimes annoy Army a lot with their pranks and joking around.

-Army has a curry addiction. Thanks goggles. But no seriously thanks he has to know all the recipes for different kinds now it’s a must top priority shit right here

-Army also likes to make sure his friends are happy and healthy. Somebody’s sad? He’ll make an aggressive attempt to help even if he doesn’t exactly know good words to say. He turns into the just do it meme sometimes. SB and SW get a kick out of his aggressive comforting. He’s trying plz stop crying.

-since all their families are rich, or they are well off themselves, if they find out a friend is in a tough situation, they’re there. THE MONEY CAN HELP.

-these dorks have never been kissed before. They’re all curious about what it’s like. Eager for the day they get one.

-i also feel like Army has some sort of accent that makes him pretty unable to be understood when he’s angry and shouting a bunch and rambling quickly. Maybe irish. It’s fun to imagine. If not that, then maybe french. Idk. Irish feels a bit more fitting.

- they act tough but they all secretly are huge fans of cuddling. There’s always the need for something to hold onto. The sailor kids always cuddle something in their sleep (stuffed animals surround their beds), Forge holds a pillow when watching cameras sometimes, and army just has a blank body pillow when he feels like hugging something. They all don’t talk about their cuddle tendencies.

-their approaches to crushes all share one trait: they’re awkward as all hell. Though SB and SW like to play the wingmens and prompt their teammates to go get out their and flirt with le crush.

-Army has no tolerance for snobby people. If you start gossip around him, about his team or friends, be prepared to get shut down or chased by an angry squid with an n-zap

-army thinks dualies are neat, but wishes he could dual wield N-zaps. That would be fucking amazing. Happy squid with 2 nyoom gun.

-he actually considers himself to be rivals with Aloha in a sense. He frustrates him.