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took a hot little break from writing to catch up on some ah channel videos and wow look at that height difference

Got7 reaction to their S/O not being able to reach something

A/N - Well this one’s a super relatable one for me haha. Hopefully all you other short people reading this can sympathise too 😜 But seriously though, the boys are all tall af so rip me if I ever met them lol. 

Smol bean of 4'10 here! #SmolSquad I would totally love to see a reaction of GOT7 seeing their s/o try to reach the top shelf or something too high from their reach~ Thanks! I really love your blog btw, I found it today and I’ve been reading everything you’ve written ^-^’ Your writing is great ♡♡♡ -🌙

Mark: He would tease you so much oml like be prepared for endless jokes about how small you are in comparison to him. If you really need to get something down from a cupboard or shelf, he’ll get it for you but only if you give him a kiss.

JB: He would love walking into a room after hearing the sounds of you struggling to see you trying to reach something. He thinks your height is really cute and will admire how adorable you look but will then get whatever it is you wanted without any teasing.

Jackson: Jackson understands your pain but will still laugh at you because he’s happy that someone is smaller than him. He finds you really cute when you get annoyed at him for laughing but will eventually stop and hug you, telling you how much he loves your small height.

Jinyoung: Surprisingly, Jinyoung wouldn’t go all savage on you and he’d actually be helpful and reach the item you were trying to get previously. He might giggle a bit at your struggling since it was rather funny seeing you get annoyed at how short your arms (and everything else) were.

Youngjae: Youngjae finds your small height super adorable and if he sees you trying to reach something but cursing under your breath because you couldn’t quite reach, he’ll smile fondly at you before helping you out. He’d like knowing his tall height was useful to you.

Bambam: Being the social media expert he is, Bambam will take a photo or video and will just post it all over his twitter or instagram with a mean caption making fun of you. He finds it so funny how you’re so small and will tease you till the ends of the earth. He still loves you though, really.

Yugyeom: This annoying little shit will laugh and tease you so much omg. He’ll take photos for future blackmailing purposes and will just watch as you struggle, not even thinking about offering to help you out. He finds it hilarious watching you get increasingly annoyed.

link giving baby smol shark princeling sidon rides on his shoulders whenever he visited zora’s domain to see mipha; sidon thought they were literally the -best- cause he felt so tall from up there! look sister, i’m taller than you now! hehe!

100 years later and now 9 feet tall shark prince sidon is the one giving link rides on his shoulders whenever link visits cause he remembers how great they were and he wants link to feel great! it’s the least i can do to show my gratitude! even if the rides make link feel extremely embarrassed cause everyone’s -watching- and sidon keeps accidentally bumping him with his head fin in his excitement

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your highness~ i have seen a wondrous thing. i found a klance pic by @bugwiki where they were screaming something and to emphasize the noise, they were huge. but then i had the most b e a u t i f u l thought... klance au where keith and lance are huge. as in, 13-50 feet tall or so. they could just carry team voltron on their shoulders and it would be b~e~a~u~t~i~f~u~l...

is this some veiled attempt at a weird kink

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Alien!Klaus invades earth + he sees Caroline thnx!

This ended up being more horror than I’d anticipated. I hope you like it.

Caroline remembered their first contact.

She’d holed up in a bunker with her sick mom, watching the news as these strange, human-like beings were greeted by a special team. Her dad was part of that team, and her mouth was dry as dust, watching him shake hands with the stiff looking man. Caroline had been a little disappointed, that they seemed so normal. Tall, thin, dark hair and eyes. Mostly human features.
They spoke with clipped, slightly strange accents, but overall, they seemed like friendly aliens.

Six years later, and she was regretting those years of relief. Shifting to a slightly better position, she kept her grip on her gun firm and not white knuckled in panic only through years of practice. Sweat dripped down her spine, a mixture of the fever she’d been fighting for the last three days and the adrenaline that was coursing through her veins.

Caroline knew Klaus somewhere nearby, hunting her. What was left of the base was a hollow silence, and she cursed that the ringing in her ears was so loud. Careful, bare toes nearly silent on the concrete, she kept her pace slow as she moved with the wall at her back.

When her mom had died, she’d joined her dad and followed him from base to base, staying as far away from the aliens as she could while he studied and played intermediate for them. Caroline was too big of a target for anti-alien groups to be allowed the normal college experience, so she juggled her language and communication program online. Bill was proud, thinking that she wanted to follow in his footsteps, but that wasn’t the future Caroline wanted.

She’d never been able to put a finger on what it was about these pale, dark eyed men who roamed the hallways that left her uneasy. The few times she’d been forced to interact with them they’d been polite, and strangely intent while they spoke to her.

Then the alien’s leadership had shown up. Caroline had gleaned the the aliens didn’t think of leaders the way humanity did, and she was pretty sure the concepts of democracy had amused them. Like watching children play with toy soldiers.

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Undertale Grillby snuggling headcannons 😏?

  • Regular blankets now = heating blankets
  • Seriously, you keep him around long enough and it’s like you’re pulling a fresh load from the dryer.
  • He is the biggest cuddle bug.
  • You come home after a cold day out and it’s the first thing the two of you do. He’s saved you from quite a few colds/flus.
  • He gives the BEST massages.
  • His flames are always kind of moving but it provides this odd sense of security when you feel them shifting across your skin.
  • He loves touching your bare skin. Shoulders, tummy, cheek. he likes running his fingers across them.
  • He likes cuddling facing each other but he is pretty tall so spooning wouldn’t be a problem either. (he loves being big spoon)

Desperado V

Huckleberry Bey x Daraska

Photo by Jill Wright

Bred in 1986 by the late and great Sheila Varian, who owned him right up until his death on January 13th 2014.  
A legend in his own right, Desperado carried incredible the style and traditions which made Varian Arabians so successful. He was tall, dark and extremely handsome - and he sired it!
He sired over 900 foals, and was a leading sire of significance, siring many National Champions in Halter and Performance. 

You can view a video of him here. 

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Aishwarya had a hard time conceiving? I didn't know that. Also aaradhya is so tall for a 5 year old i wonder how tall she'll be when she hits puberty

She had a hard time conceiving, and then after Aaradhya was born she had health complications. Which makes the media backlash regarding her weight even more insidious, because apparently everyone knew she was struggling with her health and chose to skewer her for her appearance anyway (this was according to a journalist who defended her at the time).

Aaradhya is definitely going to be a tall girl! Both her parents are tall, her maternal uncle and paternal aunt are tall, her grandfather is tall…if she’s even an average of all of them, she’s still going to tower over everyone lol (and it’s going to be really funny if she decides to act and debuts alongside Abram and Azaad, because they’re bound to be short like their parents).

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Ok Shawn is only 12cm taller than me and idk how I feel about that like I want him to completely envelope me when he hugs me and like it's pretty cute when guys have to swoop down to kiss you but also forehead kisses you're so right. Not to mention we'd look like a fucking Olympian couple with both of us being so tall & we can relate with our lanky people problems



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You're so tall!! I now imagine you as a Norse princess with long flowing blonde hair and beautiful light porcelain skin! :) Also a sword lol

I’ll keep the sword, but can I change the Norse princess role into an African goddess with long flowing braids and caramel skin?

Also my brown eyes that hypnotize, ya mean? Ya mean.

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Does Owen have tall parents?? I need 2 know because my friend and I discuss why Owen is so tall on a regular basis and we have yet to know the answer :((

Yee! His parents were both really tall. He was short and skinny for most of his life and then one day after he hit p u b e r t y he woke up and he was like 5'7 and from then he kept growing. Everyone was too intimidated to make fun of him anymore lmao.

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M I AM WHEEZING I CANT BREATHE THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN I THINK IM IN LOVE (also a bit asthma-y so that might have contributed, but ya know) okAY so this really tall dude with a bunch of tats and all that jazz just passed me on the sidewalk. Stereotypical buff guy, right? NAH. He grinned as he passed, and didn't stop belting out a surprisingly incredible mixture of Hold On and Head Over Feet and gahhh.

M A R R Y. H I M.


I only have a short window before my body changes…

…Yeah I’ll say.

My version of Older!Yurio dump.