so talented baby


I can’t stop looking at this gif, I love when they are alone in a car, but this’s just perfect. You can see their talent, their chemistry. They are just incredible.
We know that Neil can do everything, he was born to be an actor, but Cobie is amazing as well. I love her, I love them.
Neil and Cobie together are a force of nature.

I’m sorry I’m not that great at shading….coloring. XC And I kind of try to fix it up with my photo app on my phone but it didn’t come out that great either…..I really hope you like these three Little Cuties that I made just for you. (=^_^=)

Xedra’s Notes:

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This is actually the most adorable thing ever💕 Jinho is such a sweetheart and Yuto is just such a cutie💕

Hey Yall

read sharp zero


the 2 sides of Kang Chani  ♡ ♡

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