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Desperate Times

Here it is! The sequel to Friday Nights that no one asked for but I’m still giving :) I’m very excited for this! Some angst, some smut, little bits of everything. I hope. Hope you all enjoy!!! Also still working on my tag list, so if you want tagged in any of my fics please let me know!

Warnings: Angst, smut, drama

I hum a little to myself as I walk down the aisles, pushing a grocery cart as I search for that last item on my list. It’s a typical Saturday- a great night last night with Frank, spare the little run-in with his ex, Mary with Roberta, and Frank following up on his latest boat before he helps put groceries away. Even though I live there, I always buy the food, feeling bad for taking up the extra space despite how happy I am with them. Frank isn’t too thrilled, but I just keep going, knowing he doesn’t want to upset me by covering it himself.


I startle and turn around, a little surprised as I look at the woman from last night. I instantly relax, holding myself a bit taller. She doesn’t need to see any weakness. “Can I help you?”

She smirks, and I can’t get over how intimidating she is- a man’s dream body, even if the man has a kind heart. “You’re Franks little friend, aren’t you? Man, what was the name…”


She smirks. “Yes, (Y/N). I’m amazed he lets you leave the house, he’s such a possessive man, in bed and out.”

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1.“I’m gonna fix you up- if you can hear me. Just you wait.” -Manic Pixie Lich king.

2. I nod and take my Denars. He speaks in languid ruglish like all Rogue  NASA I’ve met since I left Io prime. -Goody Jackson Does space

3. The the pitch-glass was evaporating around him like so much dirty fog and the spring had begun to bubble. -Sky Iron Wastes

4. “I’M SELLING A LITCH!” He shouted into the depth of the shop. Billiby grabbed at him and tried to get him to lower his hands from their megaphone position, “FREE TO GOOD HOME.”
“Stop it stop it, fucking hell!” -Manic Pixie Lich King

5. No water since lunch, I’m hung over and my breath is fogging up the glass of my visor. - Pim Cho Does Mars (stand alone flash back to Goody Does Space)

there you go jerks.

okay CONSIDER andreil fighting people together, taking punches for each other and becoming this really efficient, zero tolerance force of nature

- Andrew isn’t gonna stop taking care of people, and he’s a reactor, he goes for the jugular at the first sign of trouble, right? Neil def hasn’t changed that, he hasn’t leashed him, and he certainly wouldn’t ask him to stop fighting (it’s a big part of the reason Neil loves him, actually)

- But what if he like… started to anticipate Andrew’s reactions, started to have his back just as aggressively as Andrew has his. What if Andrew fought one guy and Neil took the other, what if they were orbiting, covering each other’s blind spots, them vs the world

- andreil as a two-headed thing with the benefit of both knives and blinding speed, brute force and passion

- they would be unstoppable

- and no one would take them seriously at first, this 5’ and change couple with pretty faces, but they’ve probably hospitalized dozens, and their reputation starts to precede them

- It probably started out with like Aaron getting harassed at the bar by a drunk or something, and Andrew gets up to kick someone’s face in — but Neil’s on him, crowding into his space, muttering about 3 strikes and the last time he got arrested here. Andrew’s barely hearing him, he can’t believe Neil’s even trying to get in his way

- But Neil was only tagging him out, and as soon as Andrew’s distracted, Neil punches the drunk fucker sideways, their weight taking a table out so they go sprawling out into the dance floor. Andrew’s stunned for all of a second, and then he’s in the fray, swiping at goons and letting Neil lead him in a sort of dance around the violence, slipping intervening hands and sidestepping the bouncer when he gets close

- they’re wild with adrenaline when they burst out into the night, hands shaking, eyes bright (they probably make out a little, I don’t make the rules)

- it becomes a thing

- their thing

- protecting their own as a pair (it’s their couples activity), maybe training with Renee or Matt, whoever’s free

- training with each other !! It probably ends sweatier and sexier than they intended, the thrill of a scrap, the bigger thrill of working out tension without Kevin barking orders

- they become that team that other ppl resent, super in tune with each other’s fighting styles and Exy styles. They’ve brawled and played together enough that they’re always aware of the other person, Andrew making up what Neil lacks and vice versa

- not to mention they’re also like. In love. They know how to move together

- it’s also super therapeutic for Neil, it’s the chance to physically show the foxes what he’d do for them, and prove to Andrew that he’s at his side no matter what (literally no matter fucking what, if Andrew needs to bury a body, Neil’s unquestionably there)

- not to mention like, Neil literally always wanted to fight instead of run, and now he never backs down or packs a bag, he knows Andrew’s somewhere at his side always, always

- it’s also the sharing of a burden Andrew has held up his whole life, a break from the ceaseless war in which he was the only one on his own side

- (and then there were 2) he’s secretly so relieved he could cry, this is another thing they can share, another thing that isn’t just his to burn away for

- Neil covers one side of the violence, takes half the pain without complaint, and he says all the things that Andrew wants to say; he is just as quick verbally as he is physically

- Andrew probably wants to marry him

- They never look for trouble, but they’re always ready for it, and if they hear a homophobic slur or catcall in their vicinity they light up like they’re fucking superheroes

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Birthday: September 12

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A) age: 21
B) biggest fears: failure, clowns, drifting off into deep space untethered
C) current time: 11:00 pm
D) drink I last had: cherry fanta
E) every day starts with: waking up eventually then shower and eating, then either i head to the library to do homework or stay in my dorm and do nothing
F) favorite song at the moment: Nowhere to Run by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, The Day I Tried to Live by Soundgarden, Fly for Your Life by Gunship, Fire Escape by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
G) gayest moment I ever had: have not had one recently so i’ll get back to you on that eventually
H) hometown: Columbia
I) in love with: the teriyaki chicken i just finished eating
J) jealous of: people who can draw better than i can and generally have their life together
K) killed someone: no
L) last time I cried: a few hours ago, my eyes started watering involuntarily when i took cold meds but i don’t know if that counts
M) middle name: Trace (i go by my middle name)
N) number of siblings: 1
O) one wish: to create a story that people can enjoy
P) person you last called/texted: my discord group chats
Q) question you’re always asked: Are you Asian/What’s your ethnicity? (I get asked this a lot irl)
R) reason to smile: my friends, animation, point and click adventure games, cheap figurines
S) song last sung: MAMA HAD A CHICKEN

T) time you woke up: 12PM (i went to bed around 3 am)
W) worst habit: not doing enough on my work, procrastinating
X) x-ray i’ve had: Uhhhhhh guess for a fracture I got one time
Y) your favourite food: Pizza, pop tarts, scrambled eggs
Z) zodiac sign: Virgo

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Emison is so On

I don’t see anyone in the Emison tag mentioning the most perfect interaction last night. The unspoken communication between Ali and Emily when Ali helped Pam clear. She gave Emily “the look” that said “something is up with Hanna and I’m giving you space to handle it.” That is such a couple thing to do. The Brittana fandom built a whole relationship from background moments. Emison is canon. Everything doesn’t take place in front of the camera.

Companions on a Camping Trip

I got a request to do the companions at the beach, but since I’ve seen a couple of those already I’m going to do the companions camping instead.

Cait - Doesn’t understand why this crap is necessary. Isn’t every day like a camping trip in this day and age? But the sole survivor insisted that it wasn’t the same thing. You had to have a campfire, and make “s'mores” - whatever the fuck those are. Go fishing, and play sports. She decides to humor them and in the end gets very competitive playing kickball with everyone, even if she doesn’t quite get the concept of not actually kicking the other players.

Preston - Is at first very nervous and on edge - even though being on the outskirts of the city they’re far away from most raiders and supermutants, there’s still a risk of running into the local deadly wildlife. He begins to relax a little after Danse has him help set up some brotherhood protocol safety measures, but never has his laser musket any more than a foot from his side at all times.

Codsworth - Is excited at the thought of having an outing like they used to before the war. He packs picnic baskets and tents and sleeping bags for everyone, and surprises no one with his superior campfire grilling abilities.

MacCready - Is thrilled at the idea of traditional camp food like hotdogs on sticks and s'mores - at least until Curie enthusiastically tells him how hotdogs were made. He tries his hardest to replicate s'mores though even without marshmallows, by making a sad attempt at cramming some fancy lad snack cakes between two graham crackers.

Nick - Surprises everyone by bringing a guitar and being quite good at playing it. It turns out having metal fingers makes for a good natural guitar pick. Cait surprises everyone even more by joining in with a harmonica, and they end up making a rather soulful duet.

Deacon - King of the camp songs, of every variety - some from before the war, some from now, some in different languages, and some he made up on the spot. No one’s quite sure which ones are which, but they don’t mind it since he has such a good voice. That is, until he starts singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall” during the hike to find a good kickball spot and everyone starts plotting murder.

Curie - Is pleased at the chance to sit down and observe the nature around them without getting shot at. After being stuck in a lab for so long, she aches for a chance to sit and soak in everything she can. She collects a variety of glowing mushrooms and starts drawing them and taking notes by the fire circle. Mac jokes at her to make sure they don’t end up in the food. “Oh no Mr. MacCready, zees would kill you before zey reached your stomach!”

Danse - Like Preston is also very uncomfortable about being so deep in the wilderness. He and Preston have a little bit of bonding as they set up a perimeter and Danse applies carefully spaced mines. They tag them with little pieces of bright colored ribbon, but Piper still almost falls into one until X6-88 reaches out and grabs her at the last second with an iron grip. The sole survivor suggests with an uneasy voice that they should maybe consider some safety measures that are a little less fatal.

Piper - is having a ball, literally. She’s the one who suggested kick ball initially as a joke, having researched it for a lifestyle piece for Publick Occurrences, apparently. “It’s like baseball except, instead of cracking people with bats, you kick them!” The sole survivor shakes their head and tells them how to actually play kickball, and they have a go at a real game.

Strong - Doesn’t understand why humans camp for fun. Camp everyday! Why this time different? He opts out of the game playing and instead brings back all kind of hunted game for dinner. Everyone but him avoids trying the half rotten Brahmin, though.

X6-88 - Also doesn’t understand the point of the camping excursion. But he figures if they’re going to insist on their absurd human ritual, that he will make sure they’re safe. He destroys at kickball, so much so that they eventually vote him out of the game and make him referee instead. Later in the evening he becomes very possessive of the campfire, not letting anyone else touch it and placing logs in the perfect pattern for burning.

Dogmeat - Is kept on a very tight leash. If Piper almost stepped on those mines…They let him try to play in the kickball game though, especially since he discombobulates X6-88 and makes him lose his focus.