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mon cher @mrwooster tagged me to post six selfies from 2016! i didn’t take a lot of selfies this year because of dysphoria, and technically two of these pics were in fact taken by hugh, and not me, but oh well. this was an ups and downs kind of year for me, but the last few months have been a gift beyond words, and i am so thankful for that :)

i’m tagging my lovely friends @majesticbeastly, @reginvldjeeves, @del-the-space-prince, @tsunemoriakande, and @bygoneboy, as well as anyone else who hasn’t done this already that wants to do it

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IS this a tg blog or a furry blog 👎

Its my personal blog/tg but notice the little “hiatus” thing i got going on in the description? Im taking a small break which means my personal life posts (which i have made often in the past) arent spaced out between weird shitposts so they are a lot more visible.

If you would like you can blacklist my “not a shitpost” tag and they wont show up as i tag them accordingly (though the last few were left out due to me being on mobile).

And if that doesnt work for you, unfollow 🙂 im not here to please anyone, this blog was for me to enjoy myself in the first place so like??? Whatever ill post what i want??


Tokyo Ghoul: RE Chapter 35 – Dependence

Oh god oh god oh god oh god

If I could summarize this entire chapter with one image, I’d be this:

Sadly, that’s not the job I assigned to myself, so if you to see a recap post entirely composed of overused reaction gifs that takes up an inconsiderate amount of space on your dashboard, just search the general tag and look for posts made by people with “otaku” or “fujoshi” in their blog-name. I have the dignity of a serious writer folks, which is why I make the painstaking effort to transcribe and analyze fucking Japanese comics. So you’re welcome.

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