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Shhhh.. She’s sleeping

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Series: Tom Holland Dad Imagines

(check my masterlist for more of my stories)

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The reader gives birth, baby is home and Tom does a livestream to show the baby to his fans.

Warnings: Swearing cause Tom swears IRL.

Word Count: 1,200+

A/N: Comment if you want more of these kind of imagines. Also my requests are open :) Tyoed this while on pain medication so,hopefully its not fucked up.

[Tom’s POV]

   Today I just got done filming what I had to do. Now I get to go home, be with my newborn and spend time with my lovely wife. My wife and I got to bring her home after a few days. Ever since we introduced Tessa to her she’s been hooked,Tessa loves laying by the crib now. She absolutely loves being near the baby.

    The doctor warned us about introducing Tessa to our daughter. Me of course I knew Tessa couldn’t do any harm. Even my wife knew Tessa wouldn’t even harm her. The moment Tessa met her was the most purest and sweetest moment anyone could witness.

   Opening the front door I’m greeted by a happy Tessa. Smiling down at her I rub the top of her head. Pulling out my phone I smile by all the sweet comments on my picture. I posted a picture of me holding my daughter when she was born. Clicking on my story I click the ‘Live’ option. It counts down from three to one after checking the connection. Viewers start racking up once the livestream started.

“Ello guys, today’s been a really good.. I finished filming what I needed to for the new sequence, yes I’m not going to spill details” I laugh at how I recklessly spilled stuff in the past.

   Reading the comments I see them mainly asking about the baby. Other’s asking about how my wife was feeling. Setting my phone on a shelf I pull out a mug. Pulling the coffee pot from its warm home I fill the cup up. Smiling at how the coffee was ready for me, she must have started it knowing I’d be home as of now. I’m so blessed.

“My wife is a trooper guys, she was in labor for eighteen hours.. I’ve never heard her swear so much..” the memory causing me to laugh out loud.

“She was like “Fuck you Holland it’s all your fault”  and I being a lil shit was like “well if we didn’t fuck we wouldn’t be here” then I got slapped on the head which wasn’t fun” chuckling as I take a sip of my coffee. Reading more people comment about how beautiful our daughter is. One person saying she looks like a baby rather than an alien like some baby’s look like when they’re born.

“Thank you for all the lovely comments! You guys won’t believe how lovely my daughter is..” holding my phone in front of my face as the live stream continues. Watching as the side gets spammed with hearts. Then I see the same question pop up, yet It was on the post I made a few days ago. Drinking more of my coffee as I see the same question pop up again and again.

@tomhollanlover6991: WHAT IS HER NAME?!

“Her name is Nova Anne Holland, she was born two weeks earlier which surprised everyone because I didn’t think I would be home for her birth” I respond making my way up the stairs. The carpet feeling good against my aching feet from today’s interview and photoshoot.

“We named her Nova because our daughter is beautiful like Supernova’s and no we didn’t name her Nova after the Marvel character” I explain with a small laugh only imagining the memes they would try to make. My fans and their damn memes will be the death of me.

    Making my way up the stairs I hear Tessa’s tags jingling behind me. Checking my bedroom I don’t see my wife. The only other place she could be is in the nursery. Walking down the hall I see Nova’s galaxy plaque with her name on it hanging from the door. Continuing to talk to my fans as I get closer towards the door.

[Reader’s POV]

“Oh my,you’re so beautiful.. so so beautiful” You whisper down at Nova,the rocking chair moving slowly as you cradle her in your arms. Her little finger wraps around yours as she lets out a little yawn. Watching her eyelids droop were falling due to sleep beckoning her.

“Let’s get you off to bed love” her eyes closing slowly as you get up from the rocking chair. Smiling at the sight of her hand still wrapped around your finger.

“Your daddy and I love you so much darling” Pressing a soft kiss to her head before lowering her into her crib. Slowly taking her hand off of your pointer finger,her small hands making your heart melt at the sight. This little human you created was everything to you.

   Taking the small multi-colored purple knit blanket off of the railing. Laying it across her body you tuck the sides so she’s in a semi blanket cocoon. She cried the most when she was cold, which we learned quickly. Tom’s voice could be heard through the door. Freezing I look to see Nova stirring in her sleep.

Thomas I swear to God.

“I’ll show Nova to you, she’s probably sleeping by now” The door opens to reveal Tom. He peeks in the room entering slowly. A smile popping up on his face as he sees you. You were dressed lazily and felt like death, yet he still looked at you like you were a million dollars.

“Shhh… she’s sleeping Tom, I don’t want her to wake” you whisper holding a finger to your lips. He walks over towards you giving your cheek a swift kiss.

   Turning the camera around he shows Nova to his fans. His free hand reaches down towards Nova. Tom strokes her cheek gently with his finger down to her chin. Nova smiles in her sleep at her father’s touch making you almost die from the cuteness. 

    His eyes full of adoration while he looked at her. Tom ends the livestream and puts his phone away in his pocket. Leaning against his chest as he held you next to him. The two of you looking at your beautiful child together. Tom kisses you on top of your head making you sigh out in content,life was perfect.

“C’mon I’ll got put the kettle on, if she cries I’ll head back up” You whisper taking Tom’s hand giving it a small tug. You didn’t know how much time you would have with him before he would have to take off again.

“Can we look at her for five more minutes? I feel like she’ll grow up so fast” Tom begs quietly pulling you towards him. Stifling a laugh you nod up at him as he grins. 

“She’s got you wrapped around her little finger and she’s only been home for three days” Your eyes examine her sleeping face. Tom rests his left elbow on top of the railing of the crib. Resting his chin on his hand as he looks down at her. 

“She’s definitely going to say Daddy first” he sends a cheeky grin your way. She is going to say Mommy first, what is he thinking?

“If she’s smart like her mother she’ll say mommy first” you respond in a challenging tone earning a look from Tom.

“Is this going to be a bet?” Tom asks raising an eyebrow up.

“You’re going to lose” you whisper pushing him slightly. He fakes a painful attack placing his hand on his forehead. Opening the door to the nursery Tom grins pulling you towards his body. He picks you up spinning you in a circle. 

“Let’s make a bet,if I win we have another kid and if you win we have another kid” His offer making you laugh a bit as he carries you out of the room. Setting you down he cups your cheek with his hand. The warmth of his skin makes you smile.

“Well I was wanting another kid anyways so we both will win?” you respond brushing a curl out of his face. He lets out a chuckle nodding his head agreeing with you.

“She’s still going to say Daddy first, I just know it… I mean did you see that smile when I touched her cheek? That was brilliant” the excitement in his voice was absolutely adorable.

“Nooooo” you whine wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“It’s going to happen darling, just you wait till Nova says Daddy”  he whispers as his lips kiss your forehead. 

“You cheeky lil shit” a groan escapes your lips as your head falls against his chest. You give up with a sigh of defeat as he laughs holding you close to him. Moments were wonderful like this with Tom, you couldn’t imagine a life without him and Nova. 

Don’t Say Anything (part 6)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

warnings: Pietro Maximoff

A/N: I went to go see Beauty and the Beast today and omggggggg it was so good. I didn’t think I was gonna like it at first (bc I like the original) but it was amazing. Also I’m sososososo tired so sorry in advance if this update is shit I just wanted to get a part out for you guys (woop woop Pietro bro)

“So what’s your plan?” Pietro asked as the three of us sat and ate our food.

You look over at him. “My plan?”

“Yeah.” he nods. “It’s obvious what you need to do.”

“And that is..?”

Pietro sets his fork down. “You have to make him jealous.”

You nearly choke on your food. “What? Are you crazy?”

“It’s obvious that he wants you, Y/N.” he playfully rolled his eyes.

“No, he wants Nat. They’re together.” you respond.

“So we break them up and bam, you two get together.”

“Piet!” you exclaim as he chuckled.

“Alright, so here’s the plan. You’re going to make him jealous and the guy doesn’t like me. I don’t know why though, I’m a very likable person but anyways, you’re going to make him jealous and what better way to make him jealous than to make him jealous with me.” he smiled. It was true, Bucky didn’t really like Pietro. You never understood why.

“I don’t know, Piet.” you sigh, moving a piece of bacon around on your plate. “What do you think Wanda?”

Pietro scoffed. “Who cares what she thinks? She’s just a kid.”

Wanda glares at her brother. “I’m not a little kid.”

“I’m twelve minutes older than you.” he smirked and she rolled her eyes.

“Yes, I know. How could I forget. You remind me every time we see each other.”

Pietro smiles and touches the tip of her nose. “младшая сестра.”

Wanda rolls her eyes again. You laugh, watching the two annoy each other (mostly Pietro annoying the hell out of Wanda) for the rest of breakfast. After eating, the three of you go back to his apartment and lounge around for a while.

“So how long should I stay? A week?” he spoke up as he laid on your lap.

“A week? You really think you can get them together within a week?” Wanda says. “Bucky’s really oblivious for an old man. Aren’t old people supposed to be wise?”

“I can do it. Trust me. They don’t call me the Love Master for nothing.” Pietro nods and both you and Wanda burst out laughing.

“No one calls you that.” you giggle.

Pietro looks up at you. “You’re a dream killer, you know?”

After spending almost the whole day at Pietro’s, the three of you drive back to the tower. Pietro had packed for a week. Upon entering the building, he drops his bags and inhales.

“Ah, I’ve missed this place.”

You smile. “You can sleep in my room if you want. I have a couch that pulls out into a bed that you can sleep on. Unless Wanda wants you to stay in her room.”

You look over at Wanda and her eyes widen as she shakes her head. “Oh god no I don’t want to be near him this whole week. Good luck with him, he’s torture.”

Pietro rolls his eyes at his sister. “You’re such a drama queen.”

“Says the drama queen.” she responds.

“I’ll have you know-”

“Alright children, that’s enough. Piet, come on, let’s get you settled in.” you step in like a mother. Pietro grabs his bags and sticks his tongue out at Wanda before following you to your room.

You show him the pull out couch, showing him how to do it before leaving to let him settle down. You felt a bit better, knowing Pietro was there. He has always been there for you no matter what and you were glad he was in your life despite how obnoxious he can get.

You enter the kitchen, seeing Steve and Wanda cooking tonight’s dinner. Tony Natasha were talking while Bucky and Sam were bickering back and forth with each other. You exhale loudly and make your way to the pantry in search for the Circus Animal Cookies. Hopefully you can-

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Steve questioned and you back out of the pantry.

You shake your head. “Nothin’.”

He squints his eyes at you. “You were looking for the animal cookies, weren’t you?”

“What? Pfft, no. I was just.. Making sure all the food was still there.”

Steve smirked, knowing you were obviously lying. “Mhm, sure.” he folds his arms over his chest. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

You salute him. “You got it, Steve-O.”

The blonde chuckled and walked back to Wanda to assist her. As you turned to leave, Bucky calls out your name, causing you to turn back around and walk towards him. Be calm and cool, Y/N. Be calm and cool.

“What’s up?” you ask, standing right in front of him.

“How was the little trip?” you knew he didn’t care so why was he asking? Men.

“It was good.” you nod.

Bucky hummed. “What did you guys do?”

“We went out for breakfast and chilled at his apartment afterwards. I was so full, I was in a food coma.” you groan, patting your stomach just thinking about how much you ate earlier. This makes Bucky laugh.

“Well I’m glad you had fun.”

You nod in response.

“How are things with Nat? It was a big step to come out to everyone.” you say, suddenly feelings the stinging sensation in your chest.

“Yeah.” he chuckled. “Everything’s going great. I’m happy, she’s happy, we’re happy.”

“That’s good.” you smiled. You wished for an escape, not wanting to be near Bucky anymore. You don’t even understand how you’ve lasted this long being with him and not breaking down.

“So uh, when are you gonna go see Pietro again? Is this gonna be a regular thing, you going off to see him?” Bucky questioned. He asks the weirdest questions.

“Actually..” you were about to tell him that Pietro was there and would be staying for a week when in waltzes Pietro in all his glory.

“Hey guys!” he exclaimed before walking over to you and Bucky. “Hello, my love.” he wraps an arm around your shoulders and kisses your temple.

“Hey Piet.” you murmur.

Pietro looks over at Bucky and smiled. “Bucky, old friend, long time no see.”

Bucky’s features harden and he glares at the blonde. “What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t tell him?” Pietro looks at you.

“I was about to until you came in.”

He looks back at Bucky. “I’m staying for a week. Really missed this cutie.” he cuddles you to him.

“Where are you staying? I don’t think there’s-”

He cuts Bucky off. “With Y/N.”

Bucky shuts his mouth and goes right back to glaring at Pietro. He seriously doesn’t like him.

“Can we watch High School Musical tonight? My singing voice has gotten better.” Pietro says as he guides you away from Bucky. The brunette watches as the two of you sit on the couch and he can’t help but feel angry.

A/N: It’s short I knooowwwww I’m sorry. Tell me what ya think anyways.



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anonymous asked:


okay so, this is obviously about this post I made. There are a lot of things wrong with this ask, but let me just list down the top three:

1.) You claim that katsudeku is abusive, yet give me no proof to justify your statement. You send me this message in hopes to either try to change my mind or ridicule me for defending what i ship, yet you lack the source nor any explanation as to why you find this ship so ‘abusive’. You don’t just go around sending messages like this to people and expect them to actually take you seriously? I mean, we’re not little kids anymore who get angered and throw a tantrum just cause someone else likes what you don’t. Your way of trying to get me to see your point is both childish and disrespectful, and I find it both offending (because not once have I tired to tell any other account who does not ship katsudeku yet ship Katsuki with any other character in the manga that their ship is ‘abusive’ when Katsuki is such a “violent and abusive” character) and pointless (because, you’re obviously not going to put up a fight to prove your point and just did this to make me feel insulted.)

2.) The fact that you blatantly ignored chapters of Katsuki’s character development throughout the manga means that you still probably claim him to be the bully and Izuku as the victim. When in fact, starting from just the first chapter of the manga, you can easily see that Katsuki was not the only one who viewed Izuku’s dream of being a hero as “impossible” and “ridiculous.” Katsuki isn’t the sole reason for any of Izuku’s issues with anxiety or lack of confidence because most of the people in his life through out his childhood, even his mother and All Might (at the start) thought that his dreams were too far fetched for someone who was quirkless, it wasn’t just Katsuki who thought of him as weak, when even the quirk biased society he lives in saw Izuku as both weak and ridiculous for even dreaming of becoming a hero. Quoting from a statement made by explodo-smash: “Deku’s problems at the beginning came from multiple facets stemming from his quirklessness and the quirk biased society he lives in, it’s a dragging part of the narrative and has an explicit influence on not only Deku’s psyche but Bakugou’s as well, in the reverse direction.”  And further more, if you’re going to come at me with the well-known scene where Katsuki told Izuku to “ take a swan dive off the roof” I would like to say that it was stated by Katsuki’s friends that what he said was “going too far” for Katsuki’s usual behavior (meaning this is probably the only time Katsuki has ever said this to Izuku, and that was uncalled for) That isn’t Katsuki’s usual behaviour, so stretching that out over the years they’ve been together is complete bullshit. Another thing is the fact that throughout those years, not once has Izuku regarded Katsuki as a bully nor someone abusive (and with Izuku’s intellect and observant nature, he’d probably know if someone was bullying him), sure he’s aware of Katsuki’s foul mouth and asshole behavior, but not once has he found Katsuki abusive. It just goes to show us how much Izuku admires and cares for Katsuki, Izuku didn’t take Katsuki’s words literally and he most certainly finds him admirable despite Katsuki’s personality. Izuku always saw Katsuki as someone brilliant and amazing, and he felt this so strongly that he said Katsuki was someone closer to him than even All Might (can you believe that? The All Might, Izuku practically worships this man, yet he still finds himself drawn closer to Katsuki). If you can’t see the amount of positive influence Katsuki has on Izuku, then you’re pretty much ignoring a large part of his character and development as well as Katsuki’s potential of being a hero in this story.

I strongly believe that their relationship isn’t as broken or horrible as some people say it is. Izuku still obviously cares for Katsuki (if the numerous times he was worried for Katsuki’s well being and claims of Katsuki being someone “brilliant” wasn’t obvious enough) Katsuki was litterally the first one he confides about his quirk being borrowed, when he doesn’t even owe Katsuki this explanation, he didn’t tell his mom about this, but once Katsuki is in the picture and misunderstood the situation, Izuku just had to hell him. Also, Izuku being the only person whom Katsuki has been emotionally open to (he has shown both weakness and vulnerability to no one except for Izuku), despite having other friends he could have confined to, shows just how deep their relationship is as to what most claim to view it. You don’t just go showing and venting your pent up frustrations and troubles to someone you claim to “hate.” Let me also state that, once Katsuki found out Izuku wasn’t lying and did manage to burrow someone’s quirk, he took Izuku seriously and when he finally found out that Izuku was All Might’s successor and was able to clear up a bit of their misunderstandings in the past, he was willing to change. He even gave Izuku an advice for his new move!

Katsudeku shipping does not romanticize abuse nor do we defend what Katsuki said to Izuku as justifiable, but what we do support is the fact that, despite their rocky relationship in the past which was full of misunderstandings, there’s just too much good and potential in their relationship to bloom into something beautiful and positive. There are too many instances where these two boys have inspired each other to perform better. They literally balance each other out. The manga has given us scenes where Katsuki has positively influenced Izuku’s growth both as an individual and as a hero. They motivate and inspire each other to reach their dreams. Katsudeku shipping supports the growth, development, and depth of their relationship and it’s potential for a positive and beautiful relationship/ And honestly, I don’t find this abusive and I will continue to defend it despite what others claims to view this relationship as.

3.) And lastly, just the fact that you were immature enough to send this message to me without facts or reason other than wanting to make me feel bad for shipping something that I like is what I find so wrong about this message. I like what I ship, so let me ship it peacefully. I didn’t come here to ruin nor insult other people for shipping what they want, so let me and the other katsudeku shippers be. I get that you and many others may not agree with this, but quite frankly, we don’t give a damn. Spending the time to write insulting massages like this to other people when you can easily avoid the katsudeku tags is honestly a waste of your time and mine as well.

So, hopefully, this will be the last time someone tries to insult me for shipping what i like.

(Also, the fact that Katsuki was willing to admit and take the blame for Izuku and the fact that Izuku was also willing to point out it wasn’t just Katsuki’s fault just goes to show how much these two have grown both as an individual and in their relationship.)


Hello, in case you are unfamiliar with me or my work my name is PhantomSavage, a comic dubber on youtube that specializes in Miraculous Ladybug comics in particular.

I have been a youtube partner for a very long time, actually predating my work on comic dubs, and I hope that my years of experience with the youtube system and how it handles monetization can help bring insight to this art theft problem as well as hopefully clear up some concerns or misunderstandings anyone might have about MY channel and how I operate it.

To start with full disclosure I should state that my channel is in fact a youtube verified partner with the partnership company Fullscreen and has been for many years as, since my channel’s birth as well as some of the content I produce now, it is in large part a gaming channel which is the means of which I was originally partnered. All my gaming videos are monetized.

To prove this point this is a screenshot of my first earnings ever from Fullscreen’s website:

That is not to say I do not have monetized comics on my channel, I have both monetized and unmonetized comics on my channel with permissions granted by their respective artists.Unfortunately, the youtube system is far from perfect and one of its biggest flaws in this case is that only the content creator themselves have the knowledge of which videos are monetized and which are not.

I hadn’t considered this much of an issue given that I know that, even though I have made mistakes, I operate my channel with as much integrity and loyalty to the artists I work with as much as I can. That was until last night a friend of mine, @maristoryart, an artist I have been working for with some time now on both dubs of her comics as well as an upcoming fully animated project, voiced her confusion and concern when she discovered my channel was partnered and, therefore, capable of monetization.

I showed her a screenshot I had taken at an earlier time around the time Mari was having troubles with GeekTV (someone who I have a great deal disdain for) to prove I was not monetizing her work in case anyone asked or grew concerned.

Once I explained to her they were not monetized and later showed her the screenshot to prove so, she was very relieved and happy to be corrected.

But what’s troubling is whatever plug-in she was using to determine if my video was monetized was wrong, or was not depicting the information accurately as seen in this screenshot.

it turns out that a lot of people, like Mari, are rightfully seeking ways to determine what videos are monetized and what videos are not, but it seems a great many of the plug-ins and extensions they use are presenting information in a vague, misleading, or sometimes flat out incorrect way.

This is fine if you are using these tools to help make business decisions like learning of trending tags and metadata to increase the effectiveness of your own content, like I do, but this could cause some serious harm to some people and channels who are abiding by the rules.

Many plug-ins like Vid IQ, which is what I use, will display a channel as being monetized and display what mcn they are affiliated with. The mcn by the way is the partnership program the channel belongs to.

This is an example of what Vid IQ shows me on a John Oliver video:

And here is what it shows when I look at the animated teaser me, @maristoryart, and @lia-brisa worked on together:

it clearly displays my CHANNEL is making money, and my channel is affiliated with Fullscreen media, but it does NOT tell you if the video itself that you are watching is monetized or not. Which is just an annoying lack of a feature if you’re using it for business or for fun, but presents a serious potential harm if someone were to misunderstand this as a video being wrongfully monetized and a claim made against them without warning.

The teaser, by the way, is also not monetized:

its also worth noting that a lot of information in plug-ins and extensions like Vid IQ is often times wholly inaccurate, youtube’s revenue analytics itself are actually largely inaccurate and generally unreliable. Vid IQ claims I’m currently making $2,300 a month, which I can assure is off by well over a $1,000.

Though I have no screenshot to prove it as it wasn’t a worry at the time, in January of this year Vid IQ was telling me my channel’s monthly income was as much as $1,500, while youtube itself told me this:

Which was STILL not how much I actually received which was this on fullscreen’s site:

I say all this not just to deter any unwarranted claims against my content but also to help educate people going forward when fighting channels whom are REAL hazards and criminals like GeekTV. GeekTV has, fortunately, dug themselves in a very deep hole because they were both impulsive and did not act very intelligently, but the truth is there currently is NO WAY that I am aware of for someone other than the content creator to tell you if a video is monetized.

Not even the appearance of ads can really tell you if the content creator is making money off of it, as I found out last night when @maristoryart told me ads appeared on my dub of her comic which was not monetized.

This means going forward that artists need to be more selective of the channels they allow to use their art. When someone asks for permission to dub your comics and they are not up front about being a commercial or monetized enabled channel, check their channel out yourself, see at least if the channel is affiliated with an mcn. If they are, see if they have a good reputation, are they new? Have artists spoken highly of this channel before? Is it worth letting a channel use your art if you can’t find out if a video is monetized or not?

Ultimately, it simply comes down to “Can I trust this person?” which you will have to decide for yourself, and if you decide you cannot then so be it! Do not allow anyone to use your art in any way you do not wish it to be used.

Now, in the interest of good faith and full disclosure, I will be the first to tell you, though I have been doing comic dubs for 2 years and making content in general on youtube for 10 years, I have made some mistakes, and learned from them as I went on.

For example, when I FIRST started out, I did not ask permission. Comic Dubs were relatively new at the time, and even then I stuck to artists whom I knew had allowed comic dubs to be made of their art to other people, and I must say I very much enjoyed surprising many artists with dubs of their comics and their very positive reactions. I was EXTREMELY lucky that all the artists I had done dubs for up to a point were jovial or even happy with my now very foolish actions, like @spatziline.

Fortunately, I had done that with @hchano on one of her comics involving a piano and she very rightly told me to take it down and that it was not a good practice to use, which is why since then I have always asked permission from every artist I worked with from that point onward (With some exceptions like officially published comics by Blizzard and Overwatch, The Killing Joke, as well as comics from artists who stated publicly on their tumblr profiles they were fine with dubs/reposts being made with a link to the source material which I always provide)

And I have monetized without permission in the past as I discovered with @edendaphne as, though she did not contact me directly, I saw her post about being very upset about monetized works of her art of which point I unmonetized all her work on my channel and was extremely careful how I operated the comic dub side of my business from that point on. I do sincerely regret any feelings @edendaphne might have had if I were the cause, and am very fortunate she did not claim my videos of her work, I hate to admit that I’ve actually avoided dubbing her comics since then if only because of the shame I have of the idea I might have caused her. I sincerely hope that is not the case, and I deeply apologize if it was.

There have also been times and mishaps where a video was accidentally monetized or it slipped through because being monetized is a default setting for all uploaded videos until you specifically go into the settings and tell it not to. Fortunately most of these have been corrected (as far I know) with some exceptions like on or two videos which were monetized without MY permission due to the use of music like Lady and the Tramp’s Belle Notte which is a song that is monetized by Warner Music Group.

I am not perfect and I have made mistakes, and hopefully from mistakes I have made in the past and how I carry myself now this post will help both new dubbers and artists understand the youtube landscape a little better.

I would also like to state, publicly, that if ANY artist has read all this and how this system works and you just feel like you cannot put your faith in me, then I plead with you, please, reach out to me and I will remove any video with your art in it on my channel within 24 hours or sooner.

I had a gaming channel for years, it still is, I didn’t get into Comic Dubs to get rich or make a bunch of money, I got into comic dubs because it was fun to do, it was an outlet for my acting and to express myself, not to mention it was my way of making other people, especially artists, a sign of respect and gratitude for their skills.

If you no longer feel you can trust me, please, reach out to me and I will remove whatever you wish me to remove.

Since the Oscars are on Sunday and one of the internet’s boyfriends Ryan Gosling is nominated (but won’t win), I thought I’d update this post here on the lowkey cuteness of Baby Goose’s relationship with his lady of over five six years, Eva Mendes.

As I said before, this is mostly because folks like to pretend, 5+ years and two kids later, that his relationship with Miss Eva is just a fling, or he’s been “trapped” and some go as far as to hope, yes, HOPE, that he will cheat on his gal with Emma Stone or Rachel McAdams or whomever. So since I don’t see this level of disrespect stopping Sunday night or ever, I thought I’d give some love to Ryan’s actual lady love, whether she shows up with him at the Oscars or not (PLEASE SHOW UP, EVA). They are actual low key couple goals.

1. Ryan basically insisted on Eva for the role of his ex in The Place Beyond the Pines, saying Eva, at the time a casual acquaintance/friend of several years and mutual friend of his former co-star Kirsten Dunst, was underrated as an actress. Soon, he took her to Disney and it was on. They both would later say it was one of the best experiences they had on a film.

2. …he clearly was playing the long game on that set, LOOK AT HIS FACE 

Look at him, even when she wasn’t looking, boy was smitten 

3. He took his shot with an admirable quickness

Real quick. And the rest was history.


5. No, really, she’s little. Standing on a big step in heels and yet still small



7. Here’s Ellen getting Eva all blushing and giggling talking about Ryan

Eva’s also hella adorable and hilarious on her own, but I digress.

8. Ryan’s SNL shout out 

9. People trying to act like he’s not in a relationship? Ryan had an app for that

“I know that I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with,” he says, adding that the only quality he looks for in a woman is “that she’s Eva Mendes. There’s nothing else I’m looking for.”

10.  Both dog lovers, Ryan wears Eva’s late dog’s tag on his neck at an event

She also reps his dog on her instagram 

11. They share the same sense of humor, and are both huge fans of Atlanta and Broad City (Eva follows the BC girls on insta, and Ryan would quote BC on twitter. Constantly).

12. Ryan on Eva and their kids:

“…it’s like a dream that I’m having right now. I’m dreaming it all. So I feel so lucky…There was nothing kind of premeditated about it, you know. It just suddenly was: My life had changed. And thank God it did.”

And this, as he continues to say a lot with so little

“It sounds so clichéd, but I never knew that life could be this fun and this great.”


When I ask him if he gets lonely, he says: “Not any more.”

Why not? “Because I have a family.” That takes it away? “Mmm-hmm.” But you’ve felt loneliness before? “In my life? Yeah.” When? Why? “I think, before I had a family.”

Ryan also appears to be close with Eva’s sister Janet.

13. Eva wears his clothes.

14. He gave her an emerald ring after the birth of their daughter Esmeralda. The Spanish word for emerald is…Esmeralda.

Eva has also spoken of how they play a lot of Latin music in their home and their insistence on keeping Eva’s culture in their daughters’ lives.

15. Ryan has engaged in a turf war with his daughter against other kids over Eva and Esmeralda’s “honor:”

“Some kid has been erasing [Esmeralda’s] name and writing their name over it. So now I’m in a proper tagging battle. And this kid has access to an unfair amount of chalk. I’m trying to explain to my little girl that this is [unacceptable]. She doesn’t care. She’s like, ‘Well let’s just chalk anywhere else,’ and I’m like, ‘No, no. They’re disrespecting your mother. Because, she gave you this name and they’re erasing it.’ You’ve got to be careful when you’re trying to teach your kid what a reasonable amount of vengeance is.” 

He appears to be very protective of Eva in general, even defending her over a bad joke she made about sweatpants.

16. Ryan constantly gives Eva her due, even when she doesn’t like it:

[’On the making of his directorial debut Lost River] “She hates credit and she’ll even be mad that I’m giving her that credit. But she was very helpful in so many ways.”

And he shared how she was responsible for one of the best lines out of La La Land:

“’LA worships everything and values nothing.’ That was something my lady said to me one day and I thought it was so funny I asked her if I could put it in the movie. She was kidding, but it’s a funny thing to say… I loved when she said it, because it’s funny enough to have some truth to it, you know? But it’s obviously a joke, so it just seemed appropriate for the movie.”

17. This adorable pic, taken at Ryan’s childhood home in Canada:

18. Possible ring situation happening here? How private they are compared to other celebrities, we’ll never know!

19. He really loves his family:

Are you rich, I ask him, halfway through our interview.

“What do you mean?” Gosling asks.

I’m not sure the question needs elaboration, but OK: do you consider yourself rich? Do you feel rich?

He pauses. “I mean, I live with angels,” he says eventually. “So. You know.”

What do you mean, you “live with angels”?

“My daughters” (Gosling has two children, a two-year-old and a nine-month-old) “My girl.” (The actress Eva Mendes, Gosling’s partner, the mother of his children.) “I don’t need anything else.”

20. And, of course, Ryan’s Golden Globes speech, where he acknowledges Eva’s silent, hard work behind the scenes, and honors her late brother:

So that’s it for this long-ass, long-winded post! That’s the last time I’m doing something like this!

Good luck at the Oscars, Ryan, you won’t win but hopefully you’ll have a good night! And hopefully with Eva! Never break up, ya crazy kids!

Exchange Romance

A/N: Here it is! My first attempt at a Bughead fanfic. The formatting is a bit weird here because I wrote this on Google Docs. I haven’t written in a while and I edited this myself so sorry for any mistakes. I’m actually really proud of this and might possibly turn this into a multi fic if you guys like it so please let me know!

Summary: Betty Cooper is an exchange student from New Zealand who goes to America to live with the Lodge’s. She becomes fast friends with Veronica and her boyfriend Archie, but will how will she get along with their other friend Jughead?

Word Count: 6,101 (sorry guys, I got a bit carried away)

Part 2:

25 hours flying and an hour long bus ride should be enough to tire anyone out but Betty Cooper was too excited to sleep. She was just minutes away from meeting her host family, the Lodges. Veronica, the daughter, had talked to Betty on social media a bit and she seemed really nice, and really rich. The photos on her Instagram showed Veronica wearing clothes worth more than Betty’s house and she was always tagging various models or socialites in her Facebook photos. Her life here was certainly going to be a big change from her life in New Zealand, and she couldn’t wait.

The bus pulled into the station and Betty recognised her instantly; a short Latina girl with immaculate hair and flawless makeup. Pearls, that Betty soon came to realise as her staple accessory, were strung around her neck, shining under the yellow light of the street lamps. A slightly older woman, who Betty realised was probably Mrs. Lodge, was standing next to her. Veronica ran up to Betty as she climbed out of the bus, pulling her into a tight hug.

“Hi B! I’m Ronnie. It’s so good to finally meet you in the flesh!” The older woman walked up behind her, sky high heels clicking on the uneven pavement.

“Miha! I’m Hermione. How was your flight?” Betty followed them to a long black car and filled them in on her trip.

“Oh my god, B your accent is to die for! All the boys at school are going to be crawling at your feet.”

“Um, thanks, I guess. When does school start?”

“Monday. Hopefully that’ll give you enough time to get settled and catch up on some sleep. Maybe Ronnie could even introduce you to her friends so you’ll know some other people before you start.” Hermione replied, her voice softer than her daughter’s but just as friendly.

The car trip back to the Lodge’s apartment only took about ten minutes but Ronnie took it upon herself to fill Betty in on all of the things which she deemed ‘essential’ to survive at her new school. Her boyfriend Archie and his best friend Jughead seemed to pop up a lot so she guessed that she would be seeing a lot of them over the next ten months. The excitement that Betty had felt on the bus was still there but now dominated by sleepiness. She managed to make it through dinner without closing her eyes for too long but she went out like a light as soon as her head hit the soft pillow.


The screeching of her alarm woke Betty up with a start much earlier than she would have liked. She got out of bed slowly and changed out of her pyjamas, not wanting to waste her first day in America lying in bed. She wandered into the dining room to find a full breakfast spread already on the table with a note from Hermione saying that she’d be back late this evening due to an event she had to attend. Ronnie hadn’t woken up yet so Betty helped herself to coffee and french toast before heading back to her room to finish unpacking. About half an hour later, the doors burst open and Ronnie strutted into the room. She looked like she’d been awake for hours, although Betty had a feeling that was due to the large mug of coffee she was holding with both hands. She was wearing makeup and a nice dress but no heels. For someone so small she definitely knew how to command attention.

“All right B, we have a big day ahead of us. First up, shopping, of course. Your wardrobe is adorable but I think we need to spice it up a bit. Don’t worry, it’s all on me. Daddy is very generous with my spending money and there is more than enough to go around.” Betty nodded in response, slightly overwhelmed by her energy but also happy that she had planned something for them to do. Ronnie didn’t mention her father very often but given the Lodge’s lifestyle, she assumed that he was very well paid and therefore very busy.

“Then, I asked the boys to meet us at Pop’s for lunch. Their milkshakes are to die for. I don’t know what we’ll get up to this afternoon but we’ll probably end up at Archie’s watching the boys play video games or something. Sound good?”

“Let me just finish this and then I’ll be good to go. Give me five?” Betty replied while continuing to fold the stack of clothes on her bed.

“Five minutes! Betty are you insane? It’s gonna take a lot longer than five minutes to get me ready to go out. I’ll come and get you in half an hour, maybe more if my hair is going to misbehave like it was yesterday.” Betty tried to suppress a laugh as Ronnie paraded out of the room. She didn’t quite understand why Ronnie would wear that just for lounging around the house. Betty used the extra time to sort out her desk and organise the few belongings that she’d bought with her. Although she had bought a sizeable stack of books, she couldn’t help but miss her extensive bookshelf at home. She made a mental note to ask Ronnie where the nearest library was as the two Lodge woman didn’t exactly seem the bookish type. How wrong she was. Ronnie still hadn’t emerged from her room 45 minutes later so Betty decided to explore the apartment a bit. The third room that she peeked into was huge with books covering every spare inch of the walls. She walked inside, awestruck, and started running her fingers along the shelves. She didn’t even hear the her host sister as she entered the room five minutes later.

“I thought I might find you in here.” Betty jumped at the sound of her voice, startled into dropping the book she was holding.

“Sorry Ronnie, I finished unpacking and you weren’t ready so I w-”

“It’s fine B. This is Daddy’s library. I must admit, I’m more a movie person than a book person and since Daddy is always away for business trips it doesn’t get used very often. Help yourself to whatever you want. And by the way, my close friends call me V.”

“Thanks V. You all ready to go?”

“Of course. I can’t wait to show you around. The shopping scene here definitely isn’t on the same level as New York or Milan but it’ll be enough for now.” She linked her arm with Betty’s, pulling her away from the books and into Riverdale.


Four hours later, the blonde collapsed into a red vinyl booth while the raven haired princess sat down elegantly across from her. Betty could have fallen asleep right then and there, and it wasn’t entirely due to the jet lag. Veronica may be small but she was a force to be reckoned with when she was armed with a credit card. Between the two of them they had bought more clothes than Betty had bought with her from New Zealand, proved by the numerous bags surrounding them in the booth.

“Archiekins just texted me saying that him and Jughead are on their way. They should be here in five. Do you want to order now or wait for them?” Ronnie asked her while fixing her makeup in  a small compact mirror she had whipped out of thin air.

As much as Betty wanted to order now, she couldn’t get her mother’s voice out of her head. Telling her to be polite and wait for everyone else before starting because no one likes a greedy girl. “We can wait, as long as they don’t take too long. Who knew shopping could be so tiring?”

“Oh my sweet innocent Betty, how else do you think I stay in shape for cheerleading? Heaven forbid having to go to the gym. Just the thought of it makes me gag. People seeing me sweaty? No thank you.” Betty’s laugh was covered by the twinkle of the bell over the door. “Archiekins!” Ronnie jumped out of the booth and wrapped her arms around Archie’s neck, kissing him deeply. “Hey Ronnie, long time no see.” She giggled as they sat down in the booth across from Betty.

A tall boy with dark hair, covered by a crown shaped beanie slid into to booth next to her. “No kiss for me Ronnie? I’m crushed.” He put a hand over his chest, feigning hurt although the twinkle in his eye revealed his amusement.

“Haha, very funny Jughead. Boys, I want you to meet Betty. She’s from New Zealand and she’s staying with me for the year so please try to behave. I’ve grown immune to your childish behaviour but I don’t want you to scare her off.” Ronnie shot Jughead a look full of ice and even Betty was a bit intimidated for a moment. Jughead gave Ronnie a innocent smile before turning to face the blonde sitting next to hi.

“G’day mate.” Jughead’s face held a huge grin as he put on a what he thought was a New Zealand accent, causing Betty to burst out laughing. “What?” His face fell slightly but he kept grinning at the sound of her laugh.

“It’s nothing it’s just that’s an Australian accent, and a god-awful one at that.” She answered, her eyes wet from laughter. Jughead’s face turned red and he ducked his head a bit, his grin shrinking from embarrassment. Luckily the waitress chose that moment to come and take their orders.

They sat in the diner for the next couple of hours, talking and laughing and eating. The boys spent a lot of time mocking Betty’s accent and she spent a lot of time laughing at how clueless they were about New Zealand. She felt like she had known these people all her life. The smile glued to her face showing how happy she was with her new friends.


Just as Ronnie had predicted, the group left Pop’s and ended up in Archie’s room after stopping of at Veronica’s apartment to drop off their shopping. The boys set up their video game and then started playing on Archie’s bed, leaving the girls to sit on Jughead’s bed on the other side of the small room. Fred came into the room at about 6pm to tell the boys that he was going to be out late and seemed surprised to see a pretty blonde girl sitting next to Veronica.

“Hi, I’m Fred, Archie’s old man.” he said, reaching out his hand towards Betty.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Andrews. I’m Betty, Veronica’s exchange student.” She shook his hand firmly, a friendly smile plastered on her face.

“Oh yeah, Hermione mentioned something about that. New Zealand right?”

“Yes Mr. Andrews. I just arrived yesterday.”

“Well welcome to Riverdale and please, call me Fred. Are you two staying for dinner? I was just going to leave the boys some money for pizza.” Betty looked back over at Ronnie questioningly, not really sure what was normal in situations like these.

Veronica piped up from her spot on the bed. “Sure we can Fred. Someone’s gotta keep these boys out of trouble when you’re not around.” She looked over at Archie and flashed him a playful smile. Betty’s eyes met with Jughead’s and a small smile crossed their faces.

Fred started to leave the room. “Knew I could count on you Veronica,” a grin on his face once his back was turned. He’d seen the look that Betty and Jughead had shared and recognised the look on his face as one he saw on his son’s face when he looked at his grilfriend. Jughead had a crush on the new girl.


Shortly after, the four of them were sat in the Andrew’s living room, waiting for the pizza to arrive and watching cartoons. Archie and Ronnie shared a large leather armchair and Betty and Jughead were sitting on a couch in the middle of the room.

“Why would you order a hawaiian pizza Jug? Everyone knows that pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza.” Archie said from his chair. His thumb drawing small circles on Veronica’s hip as she curled into him.
“But pineapple on pizza is the best thing. I honestly don’t understand how you don’t like it Arch.” Betty countered from her side of the couch.

“Thank you Betts. At least someone here has good taste.” He sent her another one of his small smiles and she felt butterflies in her stomach at the sound of her new nickname, sending her into panic mode. How could she have a crush on this boy already? She had only met him a couple of hours ago but they just seemed to click. Her panic was interrupted by her mother’s voice, always present in the back of her head. “This year is for academic purposes Elizabeth. You need to have something interesting on you CV for university applications ok? This means no boys. They will distract you and then that’ll waste this whole year for you, do you understand me?” Betty returned his smile before quickly looking down at he nails, picking at the chipped nail polish. The doorbell rang before they could continue their discussion. Jughead got up, grabbing the cash off the coffee table before disappearing down the hallway. He returned moments later with five pizza boxes stacked in his arms.

“Why do we have five pizzas if there’s only four of us?” Betty asked, opening the box containing the hawaiian pizza and helping herself to a slice. Ronnie untangled herself from Archie before reaching forward to grab a slice of the vegetarian pizza.

“Well, that’s one pizza each plus two for Jughead.” Ronnie answered matter of factly. Betty almost choked on her mouthful. One pizza each? If only her mother could see her now. After years of controlled diets and calorie counting this was certainly a change. Burgers for lunch and then pizza for dinner? It was a miracle that her new friends were all so in shape. Especially Jughead, considering Betty had picked up the vibe that he wasn’t exactly the sporty type.

“I’m a growing boy.” Jughead stated as if he could read her mind. He picked up one of the boxes and set it on his lap, causing the other three to burst into laughter as he started on his first slice. They kept talking and laughing until the pizza was finished. Betty only managed to eat three quarters of hers so Jughead happily finished off the remaining slices. They watched cartoons in comfortable silence until Betty felt herself drift off to sleep.


She woke up and felt someone stroking her hair. She sat up quickly, causing her to smack her forehead into Jughead’s chin.

“Ow. Oh my god I’m sorry.” Betty exclaimed, reaching up to run her fingers over the red spot on his face. “How long have I been asleep for?”

“A couple of hours, it’s about 11pm.” He replied, removing her hand from his face and holding it in his.

“Where did Ronnie and Archie go?” She asked while fixing her ponytail.

“Umm, they went upstairs a while a go so I thought it might be safer to stay downstairs with you. Plus you kind of fell asleep on my lap so…” He was thankful that the lights were off so she couldn’t see his cheeks redden. She was thinking the same thing. Not only because she’d fallen asleep on him but also because of his implication of what Ronnie and Archie were doing.

“I’m so sorry about that. Sadly one good night’s sleep isn’t enough to get over my jetlag.” He chuckled a little and stroked his thumb over her hand.

“Do you want me to walk you home? You probably don’t know you’re way around yet and you might have to wait a while for Ronnie.”

“Yeah that would be great thanks. I think I left my phone upstairs though.”

“No worries. I’ll tell Ronnie to take it with her when she leaves. Is Hermione home?”

“No she left a note this morning saying that she would be out late tonight. I don’t think that she’d mind though. I mean I only met her last night but she seems pretty understanding. Unlike my moth-” She broke off and looked up at Jughead who was looking back at her, waiting for her to go on. “Nevermind. We should probably go.” Her voice was soft and quiet as she looked down at her nails. Jughead took the hint and stood up. Leading her out the door. Her hand still grasped in his.


They walked home in a comfortable silence. Jughead occasionally pointing at things that they walked past to explain it or tell her about something stupid that Archie had done there when they were kids. His hand held hers the whole walk home and Betty was disappointed how quickly they arrived at a familiar door. She turned around to face him.

“Thanks for walking me home.” Her voice was soft and she looked up at him. It took her several seconds to look away and then she stood up on her toes to kiss his cheek. “Goodnight Juggie.” She quickly turned around and walked inside, closing the door softly behind her. He stood there, frozen in the summer breeze. He lifted his hand up to brush his cheek where her lips had been just seconds earlier. He turned and walked the whole way home with a smile on his lips, fingers brushing his cheek.


Veronica proved to be a lot more effective than an alarm clock since she managed to wake Betty up an hour after her alarm was supposed to go off.

“Good morning B! Ok, so, Jughead came back to Archie’s last night with a smile on his face. I have seriously never seem him smile like that. Ever. So spill. Don’t you dare forget a single detail because I will find out.” Betty yawned, slowly sitting up and stretching her arms over her head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about V. I fell asleep on him while we were watching cartoons at Archie’s and when I woke up you had disappeared with Archie. Jughead offered to walk me home since I didn’t know how to get back here. That’s it. Nothing happened.” The blonde said sleepily. She didn’t need to look at Ronnie’s face to know that she would have a small pout on her lips.

“So you didn’t kiss him?” Disappointment evident in her tone.

“No V. We didn’t kiss. We did hold hands while we were walking but I don’t think he meant anything by it.” Betty tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice by getting out of bed and picking up one of their shopping bags from yesterday.

“You did WHAT? You held hands with Jughead? Oh my god B I think I’m gonna pass out from excitement. This is too much for this time of day. I need more coffee.” With that she was gone. How she managed to move so quickly in heels was beyond Betty. She chuckled and started to put away the clothes Veronica had bought her yesterday. Ronnie returned just as abruptly as she had left, this time accompanied by two large steaming mugs.

“I think you’re going to need some coffee to get through this conversation.” Ronnie said, offering Betty a mug. She accepted it with a grateful smile and took a slip before setting it on her desk and then sitting back onto her bed.

“B I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation. Jughead is great but he’s not really a people person, let alone a girl person. Archie is basically his only friend and I think the only reason he puts up with me is for Archiekins. They’re basically brothers. There were rumors going around school last year that Jughead was gay but Archie helped stomp those out pretty quick. Jughead holding hands with a girl is like Archie losing a football game. It just doesn’t happen.” Betty blushed at Ronnie’s words and smiled down at her coffee as she felt the butterflies wake up in her stomach. Jughead liked her. Holy crap.


Monday came around a lot quicker than Betty expected. She had spent some more time with Archie and Jughead over the last couple of days. They’d hung out at Pop’s and then at Archie’s which led Betty to believe that this was some sort of routine they have. Nothing had progressed with her and Jughead which left her feeling a bit discouraged but then she remembered it had only been four days and she was there until the following June. Plenty of time to get closer to him. She was a nervous wreck on Monday morning. The nail polish on her fingers was completely destroyed and her bottom lip was turning red due to her teeth attacking it. Veronica went to school with her early to get their timetables from the office and give her time to sort out her locker. Archie and Jughead came and met them before class. Archie wearing a blue and yellow letterman jacket she hadn’t seen before and Jughead wearing his signature beanie which Betty had definitely seen before. She said hi to Jughead as Ronnie and Archie made out against Veronica’s locker.

“What do you have first Betts?” Jughead asked as his hand reached up and rubbed the back of his neck. He had to lean in a bit to be heard over the noise of the corridor and Betty picked up a scent which she had begun to identify with him. It was comforting to have something familiar in such an intimidating place.

“American History with Mr. Moreau.” She replied, her voice raised slightly.

“Oh cool. You can, um, sit with me if you want. I know Ronnie’s not in that class.” His eyes dropped from hers from a second but returned quickly. She could tell that he was nervous and the butterflies in her stomach obviously felt the same.

“Yeah that sounds great. You might have to help me because I know nothing about American history.” Betty sent him a small smile which made his eyes light up. He loved her smile. It was so warm and friendly. It was so Betty.

“Can you walk with me to class Juggie? I don’t know my way around yet and I think Ronnie’s busy.” He looked over at his best friend and laughed.

“I think that this is becoming a pattern Betts. Class is this way.” He’d grabbed her hand and pulled her gently through the crowds of students. It felt so natural, holding hands. Ronnie’s words came back to her and she smiled down at her feet.


The four of them had their after school routine down to a science. Archie would drive them to Pop’s after school for milkshakes. Ronnie and Archie would head back to school at about 5pm for cheerleading and football practice respectively while Jughead and Betty would walk back to the Andrew’s or the Lodge’s to do homework. Betty had asked Ronnie, during one of their gossip sessions, why Jughead lived with Archie and Fred. She had shrugged it off and said that something about Toledo before going uncharacteristically quiet. Betty decided not to push the subject and instead asked Ronnie about some new heels she’d seen on the doorstep that morning which perked her right up again.


Although they had a certain routine with Ronnie and Archie, Betty and Jughead also had their own little tradition; old movies and late night take out. They found out pretty quickly that they both shared an appreciation for old movies, especially Tarantino much to Jughead’s delight. It was a Thursday night and they were watching ‘Rear Window’ in the Lodge’s extravagant living. Their burgers were finished hours ago and they were curled up on the couch. Betty’s head in Jughead’s lap as his fingers ran through her hair.

“Juggie.” Betty said, turning slightly to face him. “What happened to your family?” Her voice was so quiet he could barely hear her. His fingers kept playing with her hair and he looked down at her, sending her that small smile that woke up the butterflies in her stomach. His eyes looked slightly sad and Betty suddenly felt guilty for prying, hearing her mother’s voice in the back of her head scolding her for being nosy. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer if it makes you feel uncom-”

“No, Betts, it’s ok. I had a feeling that you were going to ask at some point. I mean it’s not exactly normal to be rooming with your best friend in high school but since when has anything about me ever been normal?” He tried to hide the darkness of his statement behind a laugh but Betty could hear the sadness in his voice. She reached over to grab his other hand and squeezed it tightly.

“Um, so my Dad isn’t really in the best place. He, um, he has a drinking problem and one day, oh god. Betts, one day my Mum couldn’t take it anymore and she took Jellybean and left. I ,um, I haven’t seen them since. That was four years ago” He wasn’t looking at her anymore but Betty could still see the wet tears on his cheeks. Her eyes started to tear up as well. She sat up and stroked his cheek, one of his hands still stroking her hair. Betty leaned forward to place a kiss on Jughead’s cheek and then hugged him tightly. Jughead’s sobs were becoming audible as Betty shook against his chest. They stayed like that until the credits stopped playing and they’d run out of tears.

Betty let go first, untangling herself from Jughead’s arms but staying close. He caught her eye and then bought both hands up to cup her face.

“Jug?” Her eyes were wide and filled with wonder. He leaned forward quickly, almost as if he was trying to stop himself from getting psyched out. He pressed his lips against hers. Softly at first, as though he wasn’t sure of himself. He pulled away and waited for her to open her eyes, hoping he hadn’t just ruined everything. The smile that he’d fallen in love with crossed her lips slowly before her eyes opened to look into his.

And then she kissed him. Again and again. Whispering sweet nothings in his ear. At some point his beanie fell off his head and she ran his fingers through his hair while he did the same to her, her hair tie long gone. Eventually they pulled apart and fell back into each other’s arms, staring up at the black screen, their smiles bright enough to light up the dark room.


From then on, Jughead and Betty’s tradition changed. Not much, but enough. Their homework sessions were interrupted by stolen kisses, movie nights accompanied make out sessions and their takeout dinners always took a lot longer to finish. Somehow, their friends were still oblivious. Ronnie hadn’t pulled Betty aside to talk about how she looked at Jughead for a little bit longer than normal at Pop’s or how they always seemed to stand just that bit closer together. Neither of them were particularly surprised that Archie hadn’t noticed anything. Betty had only been in Riverdale for a handful of weeks and even she could tell that Archie wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. It was a Friday afternoon and the four of them were sitting in their usual booth at Pop’s, sipping on various milkshakes. Ronnie and Archie stayed for a bit longer than usual because there was a game on that night. The red headed boy and the raven haired girl were trying to convince their friends on the other side of the booth to come and watch the game.

“Come on guys, it’ll be fun! And what else are you going to be doing tonight anyway? Watching boring old movies?” Veronica practically yelled at the pair before taking another sip of her chocolate milkshake. She had a certain glint in her eye which Betty had come to come to associate with determination. She looked over at Jughead and saw a similar gleam in his eyes.

“First of all Ronnie, we were planning on watching ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ tonight which isn’t a boring old movie, it’s a cinematic masterpiece.” He paused to let the point sink in but Ronnie just rolled her eye. “And second of all, why would we want to go and see a football game? You just watch some sweaty jocks run up and down the field and occasionally barrel into one another. No offense Arch.”

“None taken bro. What do you think Betty?” Archie took his attention away from Ronnie for the short time that it took to ask Betty the question.

“Well, I’ve never been to a football game before so-”

“WHAT? How have you never watched a game of football before? I know that New Zealand is a long way away but do you guys live under rocks? Honestly B. There’s no debate now. You have to come, even if it’s just to watch me cheer, ok?” Ronnie flashed Betty a sweet smile as she stuttered in agreement, still not used to her host sister’s ways of negotiation. Almost before she could blink, Betty and Jughead were sitting in the back of Archie’s car on the way back to Riverdale High.


Betty walked into the football stadium and was slightly overwhelmed. Even though it was relatively empty due to their early arrival, it seemed impossible for a school to need such a large stadium, especially just for football. Jughead watched her quietly, a chuckle falling from his lips as he watched her gape at her surroundings.

“Nothing quite like this where you’re from, huh Betts?” He quipped. He threw his arm around her, making the most of their friend’s absence.

“No not really. I mean, we have stadiums like this for regional rugby games but definitely not for any sort of school games.” Betty couldn’t stop looking at the expansive concrete jungle she was currently walking around. Jughead couldn’t stop looking at her.

“You really are something else Betts, you know that?” He said, pulling her closer and kissing the top of her hair. They found a seat in the middle of the stadium and sat in a comfortable silence. The seats around them slowly filled up as they watched the various athletes warm up. After about the first five minutes of the game, Jughead turned to look at Betty.

“Hey Betts.”

“Yeah Jug.”

“Do you even know how football works?”

“Not a clue.” Betty replied with a cute smile on her face. Jughead kissed the end of her nose and then proceeded to teach Betty all of the rules of the game. All those years being Archie’s best friend obviously payed off. She wasn’t really listening to what he was saying but watching him all the same. He was surprisingly enthusiastic about football and was actually cheering for his school by the end of the quarter. Betty was getting into it as well but mostly just copying Jughead since she still had no idea what was going on. She did cheer enthusiastically for Ronnie when she performed at half time though. Veronica had taken it upon herself to explain all of her routines and workouts to Betty when she first arrived. Even though she had no desire to actually be a cheerleader, she definitely had a new appreciation for them.

By the end of the third quarter, Betty thinks that she understands the basics of the sport and is starting to understand the need for such a large stadium. It’s addictive to watch and the atmosphere is unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. No wonder everyone comes along to watch the games.

Archie scored the winning touchdown just as the time ran out on the fourth quarter. Jughead went mental, along with the rest of the crowd, and kissed Betty square on the mouth. She forgot where they were and kissed him back, hard. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he lifted her up and spun her around. It was a bit hard in the confined space of the stands but it didn’t matter. They pulled away and smiled at each other, slightly out of breath before Jughead set her back down on the ground. Betty’s face changed suddenly. Eyes grew wide with panic as she looked around, searching frantically for Ronnie and Archie on the field. Archie was celebrating with his team and Ronnie was bouncing towards him with the other cheerleaders.

Betty stopped panicking and wrapped her arms around Jughead’s neck. Her fingers played with the dark hairs that had escaped his beanie. She kissed him soft and slow. A complete contrast to their last kiss but just as breathtaking. They broke apart slowly before walking down from the stands to congratulate their friends.


As soon as Archie’s car disappeared around the corner, Ronnie turned to Betty.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Jughead? How long have you guys been going out? How did this happen? Oh my god B, you have to tell me everything! I just have to get changed and then we’ll have some girl talk, ok? Be back soon.” Veronica disappeared and then reappeared half an hour later in silk pyjamas. She still had her pearls on. Betty smirked. Trust Veronica Lodge to look fabulous in pyjamas.

“Ok so spill. I want to know everything.” Ronnie said as she sat down on the edge of Betty’s bed.

“Well we kind of … had a moment a couple of weeks ago. We were watching a movie on the couch and I asked him about his family and it just sort of happened. He kissed me and then we’ve kind of been together since then, I guess.”

“Omg B, I’m so happy for you! What did I tell you about that accent? I can’t believe he told you about his family. I’m pretty sure Archie is the only one who knows what really happened. The only reason I know is because my dear, sweet, lovely Archiekins is the worst secret keeper ever. Jughead seems to really like you.”

“I really like him too. We haven’t really talked about it but it feels right, you know?”

“Yeah, I know. You guys are the cutest together!”

“Umm thanks, I guess V. By the way, how did you find out?”

“You two were sooooo obvious at the football game. And by the way, that kiss at the end of the game was totally hot.” Veronica teased before getting up and sashaying out of Betty’s bedroom. Betty flopped down onto her bed, her cheeks on fire. She quickly fell into a peaceful slumber, dreaming about grey beanies and flannels.


Fred had the boys helping him out on the construction site all weekend so Betty didn’t get to see Jughead until Monday at school. The two girls found Archie and Jughead leaning on their lockers waiting for them.

“Sorry for the delay boys but this hair doesn’t look like this by itself.” Archie smiled at his girlfriend whilst Jughead rolled his eyes. Betty leaned up and kissed him, leaving a surprised look on his face.

“What was that for?” He asked Betty before looking over at the other pair that made up their friend group. Archie’s faced was shocked but Ronnie just winked at the blonde girl.

“Oh, um, Ronnie saw us at the game so I just kind of assumed she would’ve told Arch already.” Betty trailed off, trying to hide her embarrassment by picking at her nail polish.

“Hey.” Jughead said softly. He grabbed her hands, forcing her to look up at him. He kissed her softly before pulling away and flashing her a butterfly-inducing smile. “I think it’s pretty safe to say he’s figured it out by now.” Betty smiles back at him. He wraps his arm around her shoulder and kisses her forehead. The duo walk together to their first class, leaving Ronnie to deal with an awestruck Archie.

“But, but, but I never even saw it coming!” Archie explained to Ronnie as she slowly dragged him in the opposite direction.

“I know my dear Archiekins. I know.” She replied, a smile crossing her face as she thinks back to Betty’s display of confidence. “But it kind of makes sense doesn’t it?”

Undercover Work: Luke Alvez

In which the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI go undercover and their identities are based off of the actor’s roles in other movies/tv shows. Adam Rodriguez played Tito in Magic Mike and Luke Alvez on Criminal Minds, so Luke will go undercover and look like/act like/have the backstory of/personality of Tito.

(since he isn’t given a last name i’m going to use rodriguez.) this prob counts as a crack fic lmao. this is the first installment (:

hope y’all are excited!! sorry the tito pic is so low quality! enjoy, more to come for other characters // warnings: takes place in a strip club

Luke rubbed his hand over his face and let out an exasperated sigh. “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said to Emily, to which she just shrugged and patted him on the back. “It’ll help the case.” Then, she left backstage and went to join the rest of the team in the audience.

He was doubtful that this would make much of a difference, but this was his job and he’d do it nonetheless. The case the team was currently working on was in Tampa, Florida where the unsub was targeting male strippers. After the show he’d scope them out at the bar and take his pick as to who was his next victim. So far neither of the two he’d targeted had died, they’d only been injured, but the unsub had attempted murder twice and no one wanted the third time to be a charm.

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For as much as you all complain about no PoC batfam members you all sure ignore all the existing ones. It’s not like it’s just Damian and Dick, there is literally a plethora that you all just choose to ignore.

Even Cass, she’s slightly more popular than the others but she’s Asian. I never even noticed how much she was ignored until I saw a bunch of posts telling people not to ignore her.

But recently I noticed something else… Don’t ignore this, I’m calling ya’ll out.

Barbara Gordon is a strong, independent cripple, the fandom prefers her as a modern White Girl™. Not a white girl, not even a White™ girl, a White Girl™, (if Babs picked up one of those batgirl comics she would literally cringe). Pretty sure she was ignored before the new 52.

Dick Grayson is a quick-thinking Romani player (seriously, the majority of the nightwing series was spent in his bed) who honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about everyone else (depending on their situation) because his own life is a trash fire. Makes a bunch of mistakes. The fandom sees him as a dumb innocent white guy who wants nothing more than everyone to get along, has no life of his own, he is perfect.

Cassandra Cain is an Asian assassin, strong in every way,she can’t speak properly because she was never taught, she overcame literal hell! Butch af! Female batman! Literally! A tiny Bruce! More likely to be related to him than Damian! Fandom: hmm… IGNORED.

Stephanie Brown is a clumsy lil baby who screws up but manages to fix it anyway. She’s not as independent as the others, she needs help a lot but that’s ok. She overcame so much. She’s headstrong, she is a TRICKSTER, she isn’t perfect but she doesn’t need to be. Had a baby that she lost, faked her own death (she didn’t really die, it was faked w/ Leslie’s help.) she is so strong and amazing. Fandom: WAFFLES! WAFFLES! WAFFLES! EGGPLANT!

Damian Wayne is an intelligent mixed boy, raised by the LoA, but treated like a prince so he turned up a brat. He never had a normal childhood, he ended up being awkward around people like his dad, but instead of adopting orphans he adopts animals.
Fandom likes him, actually, constantly draws him white and says his mom abused him when maybe in some comics she did but in reality she would do anything for that boy. Sometimes they make him more sociable, more of an animal-hog than a rescuer, and don’t really show his struggles to make friends or fit in. Eh, he’s way better than the others.

Tim Drake and Jason Todd are smart, Jason is dumbed down and Tim is thought to be a coffee addict. Tim obviously has depression, I’m not sure what Jason has (need to check that superhero mental illness blog) but he’s not that bad. Jason doesn’t have as much of a temper as you all say he does, he was a good lil boy but, y'know, any reason to blame his own death on him. Tim has suffered so much loss, its ridiculous, he’s stressing himself with work and distraction, trying to solve every little problem by himself.
Also the fandom literally hopped onto the black hair train as soon as it landed. I haven’t seen a pic with his white hair in so long R.I.P. 😔 no diversity in Wayne Manor sorry, pal. All black hair only.

BRUCE. Bruce Wayne. The actual batman, the star of the show, is the world’s greatest detective who gets his wires crossed emotionally, he’s obviously mentally ill, complex in every way. He never sees himself as Bruce, more as Batman, Bruce is the mask while Batman is who he really is. He isn’t the best with his kids but he tries his best, fucks up a lot but has undying love for them. Would literally do anything for them. What say you, fandom? Rich playboy who is completely fine in the head. Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same uwu completely dumbass, knows nothing. Worst father.

Duke Thomas, Gavin King, Luke Fox, Lucius Fox (and his entire family), Onyx Adams, all black, all ignored. Doesn’t matter if some are dead, when Bruce is long gone we’re still going to love him. Duke is more popular than the others, probably because the fandom keeps telling people they’ll punch them in the face if they don’t like him. (Lucius was the first black member, Gavin was the first black Gotham vigilante was the first one, actually, not Duke. It should be obvious he isn’t the first, too, because Luke Fox is literally in so many issue of the current Detective Comics 🙃)

Harper Row? Bisexual! Colored hair! Honestly don’t know her that well but I love her anyway and want to give her the official Bi jacket. Fandom?

Jean-Paul Valley. He’s still there, too, btw, literal cinnamon roll, Cass’s bff (you guys always pair her with the girls for some reason?), catholic, fights demons (internal and external) everyday. Ignored.

Kate Kane, gay woman, from the army, overall badass, Jewish from a (guessing) Christian or atheist family. Fandom? Ignored. Renee Montoya is her cop gf. Ignored as well. So is Maggie Sawyer (in the comics, that is, supergirl boosted her).
And Bette? Honestly I don’t know anything about her but from what I hear and saw she would probably be the perfect candidate for you’re parade. Strange, she must have a “malfunction”.

Helena fucking Bertinelli! Italian! Recently black! Hopefully recently mixed! Catholic! Daughter of a crime boss! Bad to the f-ing ass! Independent! Fandom? Never heard of her!
Helena Wayne? White girl? Yeah, let’s have her. Literally more popular than Bertinelli in the Batfam fandom.

Sasha Bordeaux, secret service agent! Bodyguard! I’m quite not sure what race she is but she doesn’t look white. Short hair, badass woman, probably gay. You know what the fandom said? Ignored.

Julia Pennyworth, spy, ALFRED’S DAUGHTER, recently mixed (half black). BadASS. Probably gay too. Strong, could probably throw me into the sun. She isn’t even new, she was there for the longest freaking time. In fact, she was one of Bruce’s lovers. Ignored. By the way, you all keep ignoring that Alfie served in a war. :) is a VETERAN. Can damn well handle himself.

David Zavimbe was African, the first batman inc. member to get a comic! Do you know who that is? Of course not.

All the ignored ones can’t be warped into nice white people, while the others are warped as much as they can. I can’t believe I was actually gonna make a post about how everyone should chill about ignoring Duke because he’s so new. No, spam darn the tag with pictures of the beefy good boy.

The batfam is extremely diverse, diversity isn’t just race, it’s gender, sexuality, its physical and mental disabilities, it’s height, it’s religion, it’s personality, it’s looks. And the fandom erases that.

I wasn’t all that invested in these other characters because when I got into the fandom I thought they didn’t really matter, maybe they were lame, maybe I’d make a few headcanons but I’d rather tread on what the fandom goes by because they’ve been here for agesss!

Now? I’m judging the fandom. Not all of you, some of you are precious as heck. Some of you fight this absolute bull (Fox fam blog? David Zavimbe blog? Arab Dami blog? Helena batfam blog? Ya’ll rock.) and some of you just jumped into group mentality. The others can suck a Grayson.

Tired [Part:5]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL. Possible Suicide Squad.
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.

Hey guys! long time no see, and yes I am back! This past few months have been horrible and tiring. I decided to take a 2 weeks break from tumblr because I’m failing in class (DAMN YOU QUADRATIC EQUATIONS!) then when I’m done I forgot my password literally! And when I’m done changing it my laptop broke! Which I mind you this draft was in that laptop so I’m really sorry guys! I promise to update more forgive me! ;-;


PART [1] [2] [3] [4]

There were many reasons for you to hate the Joker based on your perspective point of view and one of them includes his antics and psychotic thinking. So expect his plans gruesome, it would be fun to say at least to be applied to others but now. His victim is you.

Did you miss me, darling?” he chortled and moved forward along with the other members beside him.

He looked the same but there are most definitely major changes, for example. His face, it was stapled on his head. His outfit too, from ‘The boy from Prison’ to ‘A Ringmaster that would kill you’.

Bucky pushed you further away, both of his pistols with a silencer plugged in aimed towards the man. “Tell me, (Y/N). Is this Jerome?” Your body jolted, you once expressed the story to Bucky about Jerome but it seems like he didn’t care at all at that time.  Fact-wise, you didn’t knew that Bucky cared about you a lot throughout the weeks and even included you to one of his dear companions inside his mind. He is just reluctant since he fear that the Winter Soldier inside him would rise once again so suddenly, so he distanced himself away from you.

“Yes.” You managed to stammer out at your condition.

“You’re a strong girl (Y/N), now run and call help.”

You stared at Bucky like he was nuts, your mind started to advocate and theorize saying that there’s a possibility that if you escaped Bucky could die, Jerome could outsmart you, and many more. But looking at his pleading brown eyes told you to run. So you did, and boy you were fast. You were guilty of leaving Bucky alone but he was right, you don’t have any weapons that you are specialized around except the gun that Bucky held so to help him, you need to contact the other Avengers fast. Jerome glared at Bucky, curious who he is and annoyed. “The chicken run because of you, what are you to order her around? Her lover?” his roar full of laughter but when he said the last one, his teeth clenched together and his eyebrows furrowed.

Bucky averted his attention towards the group; he noticed that members aren’t the former MANIAX. Rather one of the new groups that escaped the prison a few days ago. “Hey, isn’t five against one a little unfair?” Bucky frowned.

“Nothing is fair in a game with me in it.”

Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed, “Well let’s play that game of yours now shall we.”

Jerome clapped, without emotion plastered on his face and bowed as if a show is about to start. He brought out a flip phone and typed rather fast, “Now if you excuse me I need to call one of my clients and let this buffoons take care of you for a minute.” He smirked and walked towards one of the picnic table and sat on it smiling as if he was innocent.

One of the crocodile looking puffed, “We’re not buffoons.”

“Now, now mate. I say we should kill this greasy lad first. Any tic of the clock and he’ll be dead before the dessert.” A man with a boomerang said, grinning. A person in color sighed and glanced at one bald man full of tattoos, “You joining little guy?”

“No,” the bald man said with a thick accent.

This would be hard.” Bucky murmured under his breath.

Yes? ~” A chirpy voice greeted as the person saw you running towards the bathroom, locking it.  The female smiled and blew a gum as it popped and munched it once again.

“I need you to bring me (Y/N) fresh and alive, get it?”

The female giggled; “So when I do this you’ll take me on a date?” she could hear Jerome grumble at the other side of the line. “Just get her.” The phone call ended as it beeped. The female stretched her body and placed her phone in her pocket, her bat dangling on her shoulders.

“You bet’cha pudding, alive and fresh. But I won’t promise no bruises~!”

You gasped for air, thinking in a flash. You brought out your phone and dialed Peter fast, “Com’on, com’on” you muttered in frustration and within few seconds it ended. You dialed once again and fortunately he answered this time.

(Y/N)! Did you manage to get out—-“

“No time to explain,” you grasped your phone as if your life depended on it “Go to the picnic or field whatever the name of that grassland son of a bitch in your school! Bucky needs you more than I do!”


“Harley Quinn is here!”  A lard bang could be heard outside the room, a nemesis was trying to enter the room. “What’s that?!” you could hear Peter ask and him wearing his suit. You ended the call.

The bathroom isn’t the best hiding place to hide in the game of hide n’ seek, you thought. Because of panicking too much you didn’t even think about the possibilities so you won’t let anxiety took over you. Thinking fast you closed all of the stalls and entered the last one, locking it then climbing out of the stall with the support of the toilet seat. You closed the stall that you fled with and under the sink there were small closets so you entered the one near the door so you could escape her hopefully when she bashed the last stall. You just hoped you outsmarted her on this one.

After few seconds you could hear the wooden door bashed as footsteps erupted.

Where could you be?” you could almost feel the smile she is wearing now, how you despised it.

“You know,” her voice fainted “Puddin’ asked me to fetch ye up undead.”

You could hear her pass the hiding spot you were in, you covered your mouth.

“He still loves you,” you could hear her chuckle “and that makes me feel disgusted” Harley kicked the first stall openly; she was trying to give a thrill like all the horror movies she watched with Jerome. Obviously she isn’t dumb enough to see you peeking on her so she just pretended not noticing a single thing.

“You know why he wants you alive?” she swings her bat towards another stall.

“Because he still fucking loves you.”

“He still loves me?” Harley kicked open the second to last stall as you closed your hiding spot slowly. The room ceased down which made you confused.

“Yeah, he still loves you. Not.”

In just a matter of second an insane looking woman you dragged out off your hiding spot. “I won’t promise that there’s no bruises darling!” You tried scratch her and hit her, which didn’t work, it made her slow but not enough for you to escape. Even though you were a former serial killer that didn’t mean that you were good enough to battle Harley because she is more experienced than you.

“A-ah! Sweet cheeks, Harley is about to blow your mind!” Harley shoved you towards the dirty wall. Your head shook as the cemented wall made an impact on your head and by impact it meant a lot. You’re eyes slowly giving up on you as your body twitched a little.

“And by saying that phrase I meant literally.”

The only thing you saw next was a baseball bat moving fast towards the side of your face.

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(please) don’t ever leave me - an ace jason fic

Jason has a bad day, and begins to doubt himself. Percy, of course, is always there for him.

Basically, figuring out ace things can be hard even when you’re confident in your identity, and sometimes you just gotta dump your emotions out there to get through them.


Back at it again with projecting onto Jason

Takes place in the same universe as my other fic but they can be read separately.

Read on ao3

When Percy came home from work, he found Jason curled up in one corner of the sofa.

His knees were tucked up to his chest, a pillow clutched in his arms and his nose buried in it. His glasses were folded on the coffee table next to a half empty mug of what Percy could smell was hazelnut flavored coffee. The TV was on to some sitcom he wasn’t familiar with, but the volume was so low that he couldn’t clearly make out the words anyway. Jason wasn’t paying attention to it anyway, his gaze settled at some random spot on the floor.

“Jay?” Percy called, his voice soft. Jason had a tendency to spook easily, and lash out like a cornered animal when surprised. Side-effects of being raised by wolves, he had once told Percy. Jason’s gaze flicked to his briefly, then back down to his spot on the floor. “Babe, you okay?”

Jason mumbled something that might have been “no” and curled in further on himself.

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on Jasper’s death...

The Good: Some may disagree with this, but I didn’t feel like the show vilified Jasper in the end. Which was something that I was really worried about after Luna’s monstering last week. How to put this. As suicide cult leaders go Jasper was a decent one. The DNR group had a clear choice. Monty offered a way for them to escape to the bunker and Jasper offered them a different escape. In a sick way, Jasper looked after his people by ‘saving’ them with a painless death. And to think I’d been hoping to see Jasper Jordan save people with chemistry (not. this. way.) In this sense I was more uncomfortable with Harper’s choice since it felt like she was emotionally blackmailed out of the decision she really wanted to make because Monty threatened that he wouldn’t leave without her. Jasper did not force suicide on anyone else, he just offered one last party and then some pain-relief to those people who’d come to feel the same way as he had. I’ve heard some haters say that Jasper was being selfish with his suicide party because he didn’t have the guts to die alone. But in the end, Jasper did take himself off to die alone. He didn’t even want Monty to find him. I also liked that Jasper wanted to spend his last moments looking out of the window at the beautiful dying world. And when Monty came along and basically ruined Jasper’s chance for a peaceful death, Jasper spent his last moments begging Monty to put his helmet on. Jasper received no comfort when he needed it the most but he spent his final breaths trying to help Monty. 

The Bad: Why did Monty’s “I love you” have to come after Jasper passed out and was no longer able to hear it? That was unnecessarily cruel. Instead Monty let his best friend die with the words “I’ll never forgive you”. And this after Jasper spent a whole season forgiving people and trying to leave this ‘terrible beautiful planet’ with only love in his heart. Jasper has been waving red flags and publicly announcing his suicide for weeks so Monty trying to help Jasper by forcing him to throw up his overdose drugs was just too little too late. I get it. Monty thought he could fix Jasper after he found them a survival solution. That’s why Monty has completely failed to deliver on his S3 promise of “We will be happy again”. Monty thought he’d get the chance to be happy with Jasper later. While I don’t blame Monty for trying to revive Jasper, I wish in the end when it was clearly too late Monty had stopped lecturing and just shown more love. And I wish that Monty’s grief for Jasper hadn’t been instantly erased by his happy ending with Harper. It doesn’t seem like the show is going to dwell on Jasper’s loss at all. I feel like what Jasper said in episode 3x4 was true. Jasper died the day that they pulled the lever in Mount Weather. Monty knew it. Everyone knew it too. Jasper has been a half-finished suicide ever since that day.  

The Ugly: Personally I don’t think that I can forgive ‘The 100′ for the horrible message that it’s sending out to mentally ill teenagers considering suicide. And no, I don’t think that Raven’s counter story this episode does anything to make up for it because as Raven herself says she’s not suicidal, she believed that she had a terminal condition. I don’t think Harper changing her mind (did she really change her mind?) makes up for it either. Jasper’s the character who the writers properly invested in giving a PTSD storyline to and Jasper is the character who they gave up on. If his story was always going to end this way, I honestly don’t know why they didn’t just stick with Jasper shooting himself in the S3 finale or S4 premiere. It’s not like they have allowed Jasper to have any actual story arc, plot contributions or character development in S4. Jasper has been kept around solely to represent the idea that not everybody wants to survive and even that’s not an idea the writers especially care about. I was shocked and appalled at how little screen-time Jasper got in his death episode. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a major character, a regular since day one, get such short-shrift in the episode in which they’re killed off. On either this show or any other. Devon gave The 100 four seasons of his career and in the final one they completely wasted his time and his talents. The only really good thing about Jasper’s death is that Devon is now free to work on other projects, hopefully ones that value him more. I know Ricky Whittle felt screwed by his final season but Devon got it much worse. His death was just so insignificant. Ugh, fuck those writers, Devon. Go on to better things. You deserve it. Can’t wait for ‘Okja’.                     

As for ‘The 100′…guys, I really think I might be done. The show’s mishandling of Luna and Jasper’s deaths has just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t know if I’ll finish my meta essays. Don’t know if I’ll even finish S4. Definitely don’t think I’ll still be here for S5. I’m tagging @cylune @jontyaxefive @metastation @the-100-meta-library and @dreamersscape for old times sake. Sorry if I’m forgetting people. Thanks for sharing this fandom with me all. Hope your faves get to live or get better deaths than mine. 

A Wonderful Adventure

I stopped using this account months ago because of a very specific personal reason which was completely unrelated to my love for Coldplay and Jonny. However, THE PAST FEW DAYS HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY INSANE AND I NEED SOMEWHERE TO VENT ABOUT IT! 

I don’t really know where to begin or how to explain properly what happened recently. After years of saving, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to follow Coldplay for the last 5 dates of the European leg of the A Head Full of Dreams Tour in Cardiff and Paris. A few amazing things happened on the tour, so I thought I’d make a post explaining them. 

By now, I’m sure you all know about the incident at Coldplay’s Dublin gig a couple of weeks ago where Jonny got hit in the head with a bottle while he was performing on the C-stage. It really upset me as someone who looks up to Jonny a lot, both physically (because he is part giraffe) and as a musician. There was a massive outpouring of love across social media towards him and it made me really happy because he’s such a sweet person and deserves love and respect, rather than things like that. But the idiot who did it is just that; an idiot. They pale in comparison to the hundreds of people who were showing love towards him. 

The day after the concert, on Sunday 9th July, my friend Alycia (@coldplay-kid) was coming to my house as we were leaving for Cardiff the next day to see Coldplay. I was in my room blasting A Head Full of Dreams as I tidied it. I was also scrolling through Twitter and I noticed that Jonny tweeted a fan saying that he was okay after what happened in Dublin. I replied telling him that I couldn’t wait to see him nail his guitar solos in Cardiff:

I also tweeted about how British he is because he said thank you twice in his tweet before I went back to tidying my room. A few minutes later I picked up my phone because I noticed it was lighting up with loads of notifications. I went on twitter and loads of people were mentioning both me and Coldplay. Then I realised that Jonny had tweeted me! 

I started completely freaking out and my mum came in asking what happened! I went around telling everybody in the house that Jonny had tweeted me. I really don’t know how he found the tweet because I didn’t reply to his tweet for 25 minutes and in the one he replied to I didn’t even tag the band’s account! I guess he was lurking on Twitter or stalking my account (!) It was incredible because Jonny tweets very rarely and tweets fans even more rarely. I always used to tweet Coldplay asking them to check whether Jonny had the correct password and working wifi because of how infrequently he tweeted! I feel really honoured to have been one of the few fans that he has ever tweeted. I never ever thought he would reply, especially because I didn’t tag the band in it and they don’t follow me! It was such a funny tweet and it makes me smile every time I read it. Still hasn’t sunk in, to be honest. 

After the tweet, I thought my week couldn’t get any better…but then the concerts happened. 

Cardiff Night One (1/5)

I was going to the first Cardiff show with Alycia and our three other friends, Amber, Hannah and Laura. We all decided to make signs for the band. I wanted to make one for Jonny and settled on one that said “Jonny Buckland Defence Squad”. After what happened in Dublin I thought he deserved a supportive sign. The plan on Tuesday was to run to C-stage and to hopefully get on the barrier and get them to notice our signs. After almost three hours of queueing in the pouring rain, we managed to get C-stage barrier! Here’s a picture of all of us with our signs before he concert started:

The first part of the concert was amazing, but we were waiting in anticipation of them coming to the C-stage. Finally, the lights went down and The Guesthouse and Amazing Grace played. We knew it was time.

The first song they played on the C-stage was In My Place and as Jonny was playing the opening riff, he started turning around. He saw my sign straight away! He nodded at me and started beaming and even bowed his head like he was a bit embarrassed, bless. It honestly made me SO happy because Cardiff was the next show after Dublin and the last time he was on the C-stage something was thrown on him, but now he had a positive sign just for him! 

Here’s Jonny noticing the sign on the video I took:

Immediately after Jonny saw it, Guy saw it and smiled at me and then Chris came over to him and started looking at the crowd and he also saw the sign and laughed! I was in heaven. During the rest of the set, Jonny looked at me a few more times, still smiling, which was just amazing. They really are so close on the C-stage. I didn’t think it could get any better but boy, was I wrong. At the end of Us Against The World, Jonny took his guitar off and put it down on his stand. He walked straight over to me, beaming, and put his hand out towards me. I tried my best to reach over the barrier but then he mimed throwing something at me. I was shaking so much I couldn’t quite take in what was happening until it was over. He threw his pick at me and it landed just in front of me on a coat which had fallen off the barrier! He was trying his best to get it to me and absolutely beaming at me as he did it. It was such a special moment. He even waved goodbye to me as he left. I found pictures on Twitter of the moment a couple of days later:

(There’s also a video).

I put the torch on my phone on and refused to take my eyes off the pick until I had it in my hand. Infuriatingly, I was slightly too short to lean over the barrier fully and pick it up. Amber even offered to pick my ankles up so I could lean down and get it! Eventually, the stewards returned and I managed to get one of them to pass it to me (but not before she sent it flying as she thought I meant the coat…very stresssful). I finally came back to consciousness about halfway through Up&Up as I was in such a state of shock (and stressed over getting the pick)!

I still can’t process what happened and don’t know that I ever will. I wrote on the reverse of my sign “P.S. Can I have a pick please :)” and after Jonny had seen my sign I flipped it over. I intended to hold it up at the end for one of the Roadies to possibly notice, I never thought in a million years that Jonny Buckland would throw me his own pick on stage! I haven’t seen him do that to a fan recently. I feel so lucky and grateful for everything. 

Here’s me at the end of the show, pick and sign in hand (I look like a deer in headlights):

We also all got given picks by one of Coldplay’s roadies, Hoppy, who told us to come to the A-stage at the end because he didn’t have any with him at the C-stage. It was such a sweet thing to do. He really went out of his way to make our night special.

Cardiff Night Two (2/5)

On the second night in Cardiff, Alycia and I both had VIP Early Entry meaning we would be near the stage. I thought we were on Guy’s side for some reason, but when we got to the stadium on the day we realised we were actually on Jonny’s! I was over the moon. We already agreed that we wanted to stand near the A-stage, so it now meant I would be close to him again. After a messy entry, we managed to get on the barrier a little bit along from Jonny. We were both ecstatic with our spot. I brought the sign with me to the stadium, but I wasn’t sure whether to hold it up or not. I felt a bit awkward doing it again, so I had it at my feet on my the barrier thinking I would use it during the concert if he didn’t notice me. It wasn’t needed at all! As soon as the band came onstage for A Head Full of Dreams, during the opening verse, Jonny saw me and smiled at me. I think he remembered me from the night before. I was so happy. I made so much eye contact with him throughout the concert and there really is nothing like having his infectious smile aimed directly at you! During the Paradise remix, I was jumping up and down like a woman possessed. It’s one of the highlights of the concert for me, it’s so fun live. Jonny saw how much I was dancing and smiled at me again! He also smiled at Alycia and I during Fix You when he started his guitar solo because we started cheering him and dancing to it. I caught another moment on camera during Adventure of A Lifetime. They have monkey graphics on the screen and as a joke, I pointed at the screen and screamed “HARAMBE!!!!”. I looked up towards the stage and Jonny was looking at me and laughing. I mouthed something like “oh my god” and face palmed in embarrassment and he kept smiling at me. I don’t know if he heard what I shouted but he was definitely looking at me and smiling so that was pretty awesome. 

Here are a few screenshots of that moment:

At the end of the concert, Rob Brydon and a couple of others came out to sing the Welsh National Anthem. I noticed Jonny learnt it on guitar which I thought was really sweet. It was amazing to see him at his “home” show. Just before the bow, he came and stopped in front of us and applauded us. It was just incredible. I couldn’t get over the unbelievable couple of days I had. But I still had three more shows to go!

Paris Night One (3/5)

Luckily for Jonny’s mental health, I had seats for this show. I knew I was high up but I didn’t realise I was right on the back row! I had an amazing view of the Xylobands:

The Jonny Buckland Defence Squad was also still going strong at the back, as seen in this video I posted on Twitter.

I enjoyed a more chill gig and I think you need to see it from near the back to really appreciate all the special effects and effort that goes into each and every show.

Paris Night Two (4/5)

For this show I had normal standing. Feeling kind of insane and pretty exhausted, I headed back to the Stade de France at around 8am (after getting back to my hotel at 1am) and met up with my friend Ginnie. I spent the day queueing with Ginnie and her friends in thirty plus degree heat which was exhausting. Doors opened at 5pm and we managed to make it onto the second row, right in front of Jonny as our gate was on his side. I was pretty much directly behind where I had stood on the second night in Cardiff on the barrier. It was an amaaazing spot.

I managed to set the record for the quickest Jonny notice ever! As the introduction was still playing and he walked onstage, before he even picked up his guitar, he saw me and smiled at me. I was over the moon before the first song had even been played!

The concert was incredible. During ETIAW me and Ginnie stuck confetti to our foreheads because we were so sweaty. Jonny and Will saw and looked a bit confused but amused:

I didn’t film much of this show because I just wanted to enjoy it and it was beng filmed anyway.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jonny I took:

After the concert as I was walking out of the stadium, I saw a piece of paper on the floor and for some reason I decided to pick it up. It turned out to be a setlist! I looked around to see if anyone had just dropped it but it seemed that no one had. I couldn’t believe my luck!

(Yes, they were supposed to play Miracles….I want to fight them).

Paris Night Three (5/5)

After a wonderful day spent exploring Paris with some lovely Coldplayers on Monday, it was time for the last show. For the final show I had VIP Early Entry once again. I go to the stadium around 10am and queued with Ginnie and her friends in thirty four degree heat. I also met a really sweet fan, Mathilde, who was attending her first Coldplay show. I decided to join her and her brother on the B-stage. We got barrier right opposite the steps.

The heat was so intense, I probably would have fainted if I didn’t have the barrier to lean on and access to water from the stewards. I saw so many people that had to leave the crowd, some in tears. It was so sad.

After the longest five hours of my life waiting in the stadium in the suffocating heat, Coldplay finally came onstage.

When they came to the B-stage I held up a sign that said “PLEASE PLAY MIRACLES” but sadly they didn’t see it. Jonny noticed Mathilde’s sign which thanked them for coming to Paris and told them to come back soon and gave her a thumbs up!

I thought Jonny wasn’t going to see me but then near the end of Magic he saw me, grinned at me and we nodded along to the music together. I was over the moon once again for the umpteenth time that week.

Here’s some pictures of them on the B-stage:

I thought my night and the tour couldn’t get any better, but once again I was wrong.

During Charlie Brown, I noticed one of the roadies coming around the barrier with things in his hands after they were taking the instruments off the B-stage. I saw him hand something to a girl a bit further along the barrier from me and when I realised what it was, I freaked out. He saw and came and passed it to me!

I now had Will Champion’s drumstick which he just used on the B-stage right in front of me! I felt like the luckiest girl on earth! But the concert wasn’t even over! I had been drumming along with my stick all night to the songs (as I play drums) and during A Sky Full of Stars the camera guy saw me and filmed me for pretty much the whole song! I was on the screen so much! I was a sweaty, frizzy mess but I was so happy I didn’t care.

When the band walk to the C-stage, they had to walk down the steps in front of us. On their way there I was too in shock to do much but I did pat them all on the back. Jonny and Chris saw Mathilde’s sign, asking for a hug because it was her first show and both shook her hand! It was amazing to be so close to them and Jonny kind of leaned over to me to get to Mathilde (I was dying). Will also picked up a green AOAL balooon that was in his way and hit it into the crowd!

One of the highlights of all the concerts happened to me on the way back from the C-stage. I decided to stick my hand out for a high five. Guy and Will came past first, Guy just kinda ignored everyone but Will went past smiling at people on the barrier.

Then Jonny walked past. He saw me, grinned at me, came right over to me, took my hand and gave it a firm handshake. I filmed the moment, you can’t really see much but you can hear our hands clap together and me laughing hysterically before squealing like a pig. I’m 97% sure he recognised me throughout the tour, but this made me believe it even more! To me it felt like a thank you and goodbye. It was the perfect way to finish my last show of the tour.

I’m not sad everything is over because I’m so overjoyed this happened to me. I’ve spent a few hours typing all this up, with a grin on my face as I did so. I can’t believe my luck. I got two picks, a drumstick, a setlist and countless special moments with the band onstage. I’m so lucky to have had the chance to attend these shows. I can’t describe the feeling this band gives me. I admire them as musicians, human beings and everything they stand for.

Thank you to all the crew that work so hard every single day to make this amazing tour possible. The eight shows I attended last year and this have been some of the happiest days of my life.

And finally,  Guy, Will, Phil, Chris and Jonny: thank you for everything. I’ll see you soon.

anonymous asked:

While I know the chances of Bughead winning are low, I'm still amazed just how far this ship has come. It only has been 7 months and it's already competing against other popular, bigger, older ships. I remember the huge amount of hate that was in the tags when the episode 8 clip leaked. I'll admit that the hate got to me at some point and almost made me not ship Bughead. (1/2)

I think RAS took the risk not fully knowing what outcome he would get at the end. Hell sometimes I think he was the real leaker. But I’m glad he took the risk and hopefully sees just how much the love for the ship has grown versus the hate. (2/2)

i definitely get where you’re coming from. it was the same for me. the hate when i first started liking bughead far far outweighed the support, and it made me feel guilty for finding the leaked clips cute. i got over that pretty quickly, though. i’m not going to let anybody make me feel bad for shipping an amazingly healthy, supportive, adorable relationship. we have come so far since then. for every anti we have 10 supporters. they are by far the most popular pairing on the show. it’s incredible that after only one season, they’ve already been nominated for an awards show. some ships have to exist for years to build up that big of a following to get nominated and we did it after only 13 episodes. that’s a pretty great feeling 

RAS has talked about that a little bit. at wondercon, he said that since they’d already filmed most of the season by the time riverdale aired, they didn’t have the luxury of seeing the fans reactions to maybe influence their writing a little bit. you know, seeing what story lines we were enjoying and which ones we weren’t. he gave the betty and jughead coupling as an example. he said they weren’t sure how we were going to react to them being together, but we seem to have taken to it pretty well. i don’t know if it was in the same panel, but i also remember him saying that he was hopeful we were going to like them pairing up betty and jughead. i’m not sure if that’s because he knew that they’d written them really well in the first season and people enjoy healthy, stable relationships these days– or he knew that they were liked among some of the comic readers already. it seems, even though they weren’t together in the comics, a lot of people liked the idea of them because jug treated betty so much better than archie did and betty was the only girl jughead really expressed fondness for. i even remember reading once that a few comic writers have said they liked the idea of betty and jughead being endgame

honestly, i believe RAS was one of those comic readers that liked the idea of betty with jughead rather than archie. riverdale kind of gave him the perfect set up to finally make that happen. lol. he said that one of the first decisions they made when starting production was that they wanted betty and jughead to date. he said that things were constantly changing as they wrote the show, like who they wanted the killer to be and if they wanted archie and veronica to get together at the end of the season– but it seems bughead being together was a solid decision throughout. i mean, they must have always planned for them to end the season together because their original plan for the finale was betty and jughead having sex. i think that RAS is really quite fond of them and is probably super pleased to see how much his risk of putting them together is paying off. i hope that he realizes how amazing and rare the bond they created between them is, and how much we love it, and keeps them intact. they have the perfect set up to make them the anchor couple, and i have my fingers crossed that he follows through with that potential 

never forget that RAS, the creator of riverdale, wrote:

  • jughead deciding he wanted to stay in riverdale with betty over having his family reunited 
  • “i love jughead. he is as much my family as you are” 
  • betty threatening to never talk to archie and veronica again for betraying jughead 
  • “this is your home. you know that, right?” 
  • “they’re each other’s soulmates” 
  • the bughead “i love you”s 
Letters to Bucky (Part 8)

Tony loves his soldier, and Bucky loves his crazy genius so much it’s almost heart attack inducing. Fluff and sweet notes and Christmastime in this chapter.
Love you guys so much for coming along this fanfic journey with me! Check out this PIC by the amazing @latelierderiot that goes along with this story!  

“Master Sergeant.” A corporal saluted and Bucky raised his eyebrow.


“Several items for you at the mail center sir, all marked urgent, so I came to retrieve you right away.”

“Uh, thank you.” Bucky put his cards down and jerked his head towards Steve. “Coming Cap?”

“What now we have to do mail call together?” Steve grumbled, but put his cards down and left the game as well. “So who’s sending you boxes?” He asked as they headed towards the mail room.

“Hell if I know.” Bucky said with a shrug, but smiled a little, because the boxes could only be from Tony.

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White Widow - Part 2

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 (Smut)| PART 10 (Final)

Character Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When the reader loses her fiance to Hydra, she is sent to the Avengers compound for her protection. Forced to share the guest house with the famous assassin, the Winter Soldier, she must learn to cope with her loss and her new roommate. All this, while trying to solve the mystery of why Hydra is now hunting her.

Warnings: Nightmares, depression

Characters this chapter: Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark

A/N: Thank everybody for the feedback! Like I said, I haven’t written anything in 10ish years and I’ve never posted a fic on Tumblr before, so I really appriciate all the help. I’m already getting requests for tags, so shoot me an ask if you want tagged.

The Avengers Compound looked impressive from the sky. Two people stood on the ground to greet us as our helicopter landed.

“Captain” Tony greeted the man with a handshake

“And Sharon!” he pulled the woman in for a hug “I didn’t know you’d be joining us”

“Just for a few days, Tony. I have to head back to Berlin soon.” She smiled

“Ms. Y/N, this is Agent Carter, FBI. This is Captain Steve Rogers, he’ll be showing you around and getting you settled today.”

I shook both their hands, trying not to be star struck. It was one thing to share a helicopter ride with the always eccentric Iron Man. But to meet Captain America, the hero I’d seen on the news so many times, it made me blush a little.

“I’m terribly sorry for your loss miss” He looked down at me, sullen.

“Thank you” I replied

“I’m going to head off to my office, see if Vision was able to get any intel on those weapons dealers in Egypt…” Tony trailed off  “You kids have fun.”

“Let’s begin the tour?” Steve gestured towards the enormous building behind him

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Scarred Hearts

Requested by: @balthazarstardis

I actually re-wrote this because the first version brought up a lot of old memories and I made myself seriously feel bad. Hopefully this version is still okay.

Tag list beauties:
@rabidwrestlingfan @zacksabre @dorkyvillain @fluffyhales @morgancorbin @wildandfreepinkv0dka @laochbaineann @pandoorii @gallifrayliveson @wrestlingnoob @rollinsdar @fuzzyslipperz  @somehow-lovable-trash @hardyslynch @alexahood21 @squirrel666 @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @codchrist @baleesi @cam0flug3 @shadow-of-wonder @finish-her @spine-buster @thebadchic @earl-01 @mainlywwe-shitposts @mrs-storm @awkward-walking-potato @karleedaniels27

#174 - “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars”.


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Thoughts on the concept songs performances

ok so it usually takes me a while to process the performances, and also I wanted to rewatch them again while writing this, so a bit late but I wanted to share my thoughts on the performances~ Feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree with me, but remember that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion ^^

ok so overall I really loved all of the songs and I think that all of the boys did really really well! Oh and I didn’t watch the full episode btw, only the performances uploaded to youtube ^^

Oh Little Girl - except for Jihoon and Jinyoung, all of them are in my top11, so I’m already a bit biased towards them. The song itself was cute, the performance was adorable and I really love them so much ;-;
Can we just talk for a second about how beautiful Minki is? Because I’m having flashbacks to 2012 when Nu’est debuted and I thought he was one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen (so much that I never bothered getting to know the other members until now lmfao oops).
My precious Sewoon and Gunhee did so well on this performance, I love them both so much and I hope at least one of them ends in the final group ;;;;;
Also, sidenote, I had no idea Jihoon was a rapper???? I’m not sure if I’m completely out of the loop and he’s been a rapper all along or if he only took this position for this song, but he’s actually kinda good?? I feel so confused.
(btw did Hyungseob even have any lines at all? lmfao he basically did nothing other than being cute oh gosh but he’s still so adorable)

Never - ok so let me start by saying that I’m a Universe (Pentagon’s fandom) so this was the song I was most excited for, mostly because HuiDawn wrote and produced it lol. And it really didn’t disappoint me at all! It’s such a good song and the boys did it justice!
Jaehwan is such a good vocalist, I really hope he can make it to the final group because he’ll be such a great addition to the group! His voice really reminded me of Hui in some parts, or maybe I imagined it because I know he wrote it lol but either way he was really good and from what I’ve heard he got a lot of praise from Triple H on his highnote? which makes me super happy ;-;
The performance in general was just amazing, and Woojin did so well considering how much he was suffering before they performed, and I just hope he’s doing better now ;; It saddens me that he had to perform in his condition but I understand why he did, and he was great considering everything! I’m proud of him <3

Knock - oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. Performance wise, it was probably the best one. The vampire-ish concept, the mood, their clothes and make up, everything. The song in itself is good too. All in all it was a really deserved win and I can’t wait to see them on mcd next week!!!!
Daniel pretty much stole the whole performance, even though Yungguk was the center it didn’t really seem like it lol. But maybe that’s also because I’m biased towards Daniel since he’s one of my favorites? (also it’s funny that he basically got this song as a penalty but in the end it worked for the best for him l o l)
And Kenta. JFC why does this boy not have more popularity are people blind or something??????? Yes I’m biased af because now that Jung Jung is out of the show Kenta is my no.1 but still ??????????????? da fuck. how. why. LOOK AT HIM LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL AND CHARISMATIC HE IS AND HE’S DOING SO WELL AND I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH I’M SO EMOTIONAL
tbh I could talk about each and every one of them so I’ll try to do it short - Dongho was so amazing jfc his vocals are perfect in this song and just. wow. Haknyeon was really good, from what I saw on twitter he was really struggling and Dongho helped him a lot? And he was really good in the end! Youngmin was amazing and I hope this really helps him silence the antis because he doesn’t deserve this kavfndpjadovni Seonho did really really well on this too wow I was really bitter about him this entire time because he’s not as good as some of the others who are less popular than him and I still don’t think he’s ready to debut, but he improved so so so so so so so much and I’m proud of him! And as for Youngguk - ok so I just realized now that he looks like a tiny wearwolf and now I need an AU of this lol ok bye (no but really he’s so precious and even though Daniel totally stole the show on this one he was still really good as a center!)

Show Time - ok so as far as the song goes, this one was probably my favorite, and the performance in general I think was probably my second favorite after Knock! I just love these cute and bright concepts and I think that everyone fit it so well! 
I really hope Samuel finally gets the recognition he deserves, because this boy is seriously amazing and it saddens me how much Koreans are sleeping on him. From what I’ve seen he did pretty well on the on-site voting so let’s hope he did even better at the online votes!
Also… Jisung what. How. Wow. I love this man so much and I’m a bit confused because when did he turn into a rapper he wasn’t a rapper before but he’s so good????? also his chemistry with Sanggyun (who I’m really warming up to, I’m not a fan of ToppDogg but he’s so precious I can’t help it) and just ;;;;;;;;; I really hope Jisung ends up in the final group because I LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH
also I just realized that before the dance break Jisung was dancing the girls’ pick me lol he’s so adorable I can’t
And baby Woojin looked so mature in this like ??? he’s still a baby but idk he grew up so much on this show I’m a proud mother ;;

I know you know - THE UNDERDOGS!!! ok so personally this was my least favorite song, but the performance was good and the boys all did so well and I’m really sad that they got such a low score :( They deserved way more than that ;; And I’m really worried for some of them now, especially Taedong, Donghan and Yehyun (who I have a soft spot for because he’s from Snuper’s company and they’re my underrated babies) and just ;;;;; I hope they’ll get more votes on the online voting, but I’m kinda preparing myself for at least half of them to be eliminated.. ;;
But can we talk about HYUNBIN’S RAP OH MY GOD the boy did such a huge mistake not taking the rap position last mission vafkdnjpvadoi I mean I loved him in downpour and it’s good he’s trying new things but why did it take so long to hear him do actual rap because he’s really good at that and wow??????
(sidenote, Moonbok’s hair looked PERFECT I’m jealous lol and it’s such a big improvement from the horrible braids he had last time, and the highlights at the tips wow whoever did his hair this time did such a good job!)

ok so! This was longer than I expected tbh but hopefully you enjoyed reading :) I’m always down to talking about produce so hmu if you wanna talk!
I’m not emotionally ready for the next elimination and I’m REALLY not prepared for the last episode ;; I’m excited to see who the final group will be but I’m so stressed about it kavfdnjpnovdis

Dear Followers, all 3,895 of you.

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I’m closing up shop for this blog again. I know this would be the second time I’ve said I’m going on a permanent hiatus, but last time it was for different a reason, this time I’m not likely to pick it up again in the future. Here’s the thing,

I’ve been absent for about a month and a half, this is partly because I’m on vacation, which is why I said posting was going to be spotty for awhile but it’s also because I’ve been doing some thinking. Truth is, I’m losing interest in being active in the fandom. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in Star Wars, or my favorite fictional couple of all time, it’s not that at all. But, I’m finding it’s a chore for me to upkeep the blog by looking for content in the very active community Star Wars has.

When I started, around the end of 2012 it seemed to me that the characters of Anakin and Padme had fans, and loyal ones at that, but they were scattered around the net. My only goal, was to round up all the art I could possibly find for them and showcase it in a way that would show how much love people had for this couple, and the Star Wars prequels in general. I also hoped that when people saw a bunch of fanart for them, they would be inspired to do their own, or be reminded of the prequels again if they had forgotten how much they used to love it.

After a year or so of blogging, like a train engine slowly picking up speed, I witnessed fandom growth, on tumblr and other social media platforms, for GL’s last three SW films and the recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated show. Year after year, more activity then the last. This now huge community, became a haven for fans and so many of them happened to be artists. It was a real surprise and delight that appreciation was merging with art. Fan videos, fan-fiction, fanart and just a plethora of things in general were getting uploaded everyday. Content you could find through tag searching was easily buried by new posts pouring in. I can’t say for sure if I helped at all, but numerous blogs sprung up and it was like the voices of those who loved George’s stories, embolden by other around them, decided to shout out their love too. Fans becoming no longer concerned of what geek media said or thought and others just tired of the constant irrational hatred against the movies.

But now that prequel appreciation has reached new heights of activity, the still-recent acquisition of Star Wars by the Disney Corp. is changing the atmosphere, at least in my view. New and different fans are jumping on board because they love what Disney will do with the property. Some fans who love all six films are positive about the future as well. But, personally, I feel the train stops for me here. New episodes or comics etc. may come out for my/our beloved couple, but the era of time I was in love with is kinda over. George is no longer at the forefront of his creation, or even credited by Disney going forward. Unfortunately, Dave Filoni doesn’t have a huge role to play either. I have not watched Rebels, I’ve heard mixed reviews, but honestly, my radar is on Anidala. As expected, their roles are near invisible since one character is dead and the other will always be represented as Darth Vader if Disney shies away from telling prequel-era stories. I guess, truthfully I’m just not interested in what Disney makes if George is gone. 

Now, I have stuck around for awhile, even after the cancellation of SW:TCW because the potential ending of our last source for new content didn’t/doesn’t deter me from fangirling over the pair. I could run this blog for as a long as I wanted, I’ve hoarded so much material. And even if nothing new canonically ever came out again, I would make or find more things to post, if my heart were still in it. Star Wars becoming disneyfied is not something I’m crazy about but this restless feeling I have is actually more about feeling like what I started out to do, has been accomplished.

There is so much love for Ani and Pad’s now, so much for the prequels, and all this acclamation from brand new fans who came in after watching the animated shows. Maybe this growth sensation is a mistaken feeling, depending on you you ask and it’s only an amplification because it’s just easier these days for every fan to be active voices through easy-to-use social media. Regardless, the fan-base definitely feels alive and well. And now, It just no longer feels necessary to prove that A/P are well appreciated. Others have also set out to do the same and I’m so thankful for that. My personality is such that I want to begin new things in areas that seem empty or in need of repair, but when a task is complete, it’s on to the next for me. For these reasons, I realize it’s time for me to move on. It’s also not fair to run a blog dedicated to what I love, with half-hearted enthusiasm.

So, it will be like before. kazaikos.tumblr will remain an archive, not deleted but not updated and my last update will be tomorrow. Heh, I never did get around to posting everything I collected, in fact I do have so much more, but for the past year or so, what I’ve been finding has been coming from tumblr anyways; or other platforms like instagram, facebook and twitter. Before, it was like scouring the net using word and picture searches and finding near-lost art on dead sites. I wanted to save and archive all of it before it was completely lost. Thankfully, with the trend of social media, it’s easier for art to get an audience and remain afloat.

And as to this blog itself, there’s maintenance I would have wished I completed before leaving, such as tighter tag organization but it’s energy I don't have. Hopefully, all my posts are searchable. :P

Please don’t feel the need to say goodbye again, if you already did so back in 2014, I don’t mean to appear wishy-washy, coming back again that time was unexpected but I realized I had a bit more I wanted to do, this time it’s final and hope to gracefully close the curtains. Much, much love to all those who followed and enjoyed the posts. I’ve enjoyed running the blog so much and salute the effort put in by the fans to keep the Anidala fandom vibrant.

You can still message me to this blog if you want, because I will still check my messages. I’m not gone as a fan, just as a blogger for this subject. 

You... Hi!

Originally posted by goldenryanross

Pairing: Fem!Reader x George Ryan Ross III

Request: Nope. I’m just bored and no one has been requesting anything.

Warnings: SFW || No warnings.

Masterlist: Here

Guys, I start school within the next few weeks, and I won’t have nearly as much time to write. So if you have a request, don’t hold back. Feel free to shoot me a message and lemme know what you want to read. Oh, by the way this is set in one of the eras where Ryan was still in the band, not specified which though. It’s unedited so there may or may not be typos, don’t hate me. Enjoy. xx

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Pac-man and the boy with the dark hair

A/N sooo this a human!Loki Au I decided to do, when I saw a perfectly normal prompt on Tumblr, and decided to waste my time with this instead of focusing on my main work.

warnings: FLUFF 

Please bear in my that English is not my first language, and I have never written in a style like this, so its all very new to me.

Summary: It’s hard to want to have the highest score on the Pac-man machine, when someone beats it every other day. Also know as the story where something plain like a machine brings t two people together.

Word count:  1397

Tony had always tried his damn best in life. He always made sure to get the best grades, and always be in the top of his class. Still nothing was ever truly enough, even if he got home with a sheet of paper that only had A’s on them, would it only make his father focus his attention on him for a second if he was lucky. So he had tried again and again to be the best, but sometimes even Tony Stark needed a place where, he could be good, just because he was good. That dream got ruined though, when some jackass started besting him. BESTING HIM. 

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