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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #33
  • Phil: ChiCKEn

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“Only because you’re like a fragile little Bunny lost in the woods searching for adult help and companionship.”

“HEY! I am practically an Adult™!”

“But do you look like one?”


Am i posting a ship manifesto for something that does not exist, no one ever discusses, and is completely made up in my mind? WHY YES I AM.

I’ve been waiting for someone else to do this but it seems I’m the only one driving this thing and I feel that should train so grab your bags, people and hop on board, the Crazy Train is leaving the station.

I’m going to preface this by saying I’m a big Jack/Anne shipper and an even bigger Jack/Anne/Max shipper. I love the three of them together, and Jack just loves Anne so much and I love Jack and I feel bad when he gets excluded. And Jack and Max have such an amazing, catty, competitive relationship that I think could develop into real affection and fondness for each other. PLUS Anne should get as much loving as she can. So. That ot3 is still my number one.

THAT BEING SAID, season 3 did not end with the lovely ladies together and I honestly can’t tell what’s happening with them in season 4. I have hopes, but who knows. So if it doesn’t look like it’s going that way, I have another proposition for y’all.


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Needs love. Nay. DESERVES IT. She’s been through so much and come out on top and she deserves a stable, committed relationship with a woman who is just as strong as she is.

Oh, look, I found one.

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Now. I never understand when people ship characters who have NEVER EVEN MET. BUT LET ME EXPLAIN.

Three reasons why Max and Madi being season 4 endgame would be amazing:

FIRST REASON: Like I said, they are so alike. They’re both QUEENS, first of all, and neither are rulers who are looking after themselves. They care about what and who they rule over, it’s not just about power with them (i mean, they’re both wanting power, and like what they have, but they aren’t cruel tyrants). They’d respect the hell out what the other has accomplished, and both understand the importance of collaboration. So I hope IF they do meet there’s no senseless power struggle over Nassau (power SNUGGLES on the other hand….) I’d see Max running the town and the shipments the way Eleanor used to, and Madi running the fort and protecting the area like a proper General, and live together as wife and wife running their island into glorious victory.

SECOND REASON: There have been four main M/F couples on this show, and if Max can STEAL YO GIRL in all of them I would die so, so happy (*casually drops headcanon that in the ten years pre-show when Miranda when stuck inland while Flint was out pirating, she was filled with so much fury and loneliness that she would go into Nassau to do something stupid but Max intercepted because she could tell Miranda was a good, hurting woman who needed honest, passionate love in her life and Max was all too happy to oblige* oh dear I seem to have dropped something, would anyone like to pick that up and write it for me?)

THIRD REASON: their ship name would be MadMax. Like. Come on, people.

@ Starz, make it so

Honestly couldn’t think of anything for day 29, so here’s a shitty spaceship 

Still version bc I couldn’t find a gif editor that didn’t massacre the quality:

Today at work it was so busy I didn’t have time to even open my Pokemon app. This should speak for itself. It wasn’t even shitty, it was just busy. Not as busy as it gets, but busy.
The main thing that annoyed the hell out of me was that because of our traditional problems with schedule, for the last four hours I was left alone with a girl who does her student practice in our place.
She knows shit. For real, she knows shit. I have no idea who in our office thought it would be a good idea to agree to take her (jk, I know damn well - this is what happens when you have “connections”). And, what’s even worse, she knows no English. She knows just enough to send people to me. So basically I had to work at two stands at once. Now I have no strength for anything but to lie down.
On the other hand, the universe kept buttering me up the whole day.
This one dude who’s been coming for like two months, came again and said he’s coming back to South America where he lives, and brought me chocolate as a thank you for all the times I had helped him (he also once said I was the most competent person there) (which is not true).
Then there were two calls and people were again like “omg thank you so much, you’ve been of so much help!”.
Then a girl from Greece came to say goodbye because she’s coming home after her Erasmus semester, and she also wanted to thank me for all the times I helped her, and she even wanted to take a photo with me.
Then some Italian wrote us an email and started “dear miss Monica” because I already helped him with something in March.
Thank heavens I have a day off tomorrow.
Also, may the city office burn, them fsuckers.

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All Mine.

Rick clamps his hand over her mouth to try and muffle her moans but a few escape through his fingers. It’s a heavenly sound. Michonne dips her head back as she rides him, her dreads dangling down her back, tickling her bare skin slightly. The sun beats down on their naked bodies, creating a radiant glow over her equally as radiant brown skin. Rick splays his palms against her back and hugs her tightly to him as his hips move in sync with hers. Their clothes are sprinkled in the grass in a halo around them but their weapons are just inches from her fingertips as she leans back and rests her fingers in the grass. They had been out on a run; a rare treat that it ended up just being the two of them. Usually Tara or Rosita would tag along but both were busy today. So it was just the Ringleader and the Samurai. They walked slowly, hand in hand, hips bumping into one anothers’ as they talked aimlessly. She nuzzled into him, breathing him in as he wrapped his long arm around her waist, pulling her even closer into him. They didn’t find much but it didn’t matter anyway; they just wanted some time away. So here they were, in the middle of the day, making love in the grass and sunlight.


Rick leans into her and plants kisses along the valley between her beautiful beasts. He runs his large, calloused hand along her mountains, cupping her softly as her nipple tickles his palm. She groans loudly again and he snaps his head up, his eyes frantically scanning their immediate area for any unwanted, undead friends, “You gotta be quiet baby.” He whispers roughly, secretly not wanting her to quiet down. Michonne throws herself back into his chest and wraps her arms around his neck as she mushes her breasts into his hard front. She tightens her legs around his sides as she digs her long digits into his unruly hair. Her head falls back once more as he sucks on her neck hungrily, moaning himself as she pulls unexpectedly at his tresses. She grabs his face in her hands and drags his head up to face her. She lowers her forehead to his and stares into those big, blue abysses. He stares back at her, reveling in the warm breath that washes over him as it rushes from her lungs. Passion unfurls in the pit of his stomach as she kisses him sweetly, “You are mine.” She whispers, her words getting stuck on his perfect, pink lips.


“All yours.” He mumbles back, nibbling at her plump bottom lip. He enjoys the claim she’s staked over his mind, body, and soul. He belongs to her fully; although at first, it was unwillingly. But as time went on and he got to know this magnificent creature, he gave himself to her with no hesitation. He wanted to be owned.


“All mine.” She moans in return, picking up her pace against him.