so taeyeon wtf are you doing


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it actually in general makes sad that artists can’t even freaking normal date or simply be in love but now it really really makes me 100% realize that it’s just too inhuman for words. it makes me sad hearing taeyeon gets so much hate on her IG that she even has to install that thingy to first be able to follow her before you can post a comment?.. like oh my god don’t even do that thing with the hate.. stop it.. i literally just went spamming her with support comments, she really needs that. how would it feel if you were in taeyeons shoes huh? or in baekhyun’s? Getting tons of hate just because you’re dating someone you personally know and really like and want to be in a relationship with and that person really likes her/him back? NO you can’t just try and block that person from such thing? Wow this world can be so cruel.. a person gets scolded because being in a relationship.. what the actual.. do you call yourselves “supportive” fans if you hate the person that makes the person you are fan of so happy? They already always work so so hard, even sing about love etc. etc. and they can’t be in love themselves? Well well.. well done well done. //claps sarcastically

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This issue is a bit of annoying as a fan. I’m not against their relationship and I’m neither fan of both but I really see their action as irresponsible

Being an idol has also some responsibilities and it would be burdensome if you don’t take care of your fans, because without them, you’re completely nothing. 

Nothing’s wrong with falling in love, but if you chose the career of being an idol then you should acknowledge that dating someone will butthurt your fans. I mean, you could at least wait for the right time, right? No one said an idol deserves to be lifetime single anyway.

Although tbh, SNSD are already veterans in Kpop industry so I guess it wouldn’t be really wrong if Taeyeon could already date someone. But wtf Baekhyun? Exo is just a 2 year old group. If he’s doing this then that means his fame is already getting on his head! Most idols aren’t dating when they are just starting because they are at the stage where they should only focus on the fan’s love so if Baek don’t feel that way, GOODLUCK ON HIS CAREER FOR NOT CHERISHING HIS FANS :—-)