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“So,” Even began with a cheeky smile, locked his phone and rolled onto his side to face Isak on their bed. “I have great and slightly maaaybe annoying news.”

Isak mirrored Even, an intrigued look on his face, eyes squinted and tongue between his lips as he waited expectantly.

“Good first.” Isak decided and Even leaned in to press quick and sweet kiss against Isak’s lips.

“You get to take me to the zoo tomorrow!” He murmured against Isak’s mouth as if this was all Isak could have ever dreamed of.

Breathing a laugh Isak mumbled “Lucky me.”
Added a kiss and then nodded once, bracing himself before he said “Ok, now the maybe slightly annoying news.”

Even pursed his lips once, a nervous gesture Isak grew very familiar with over the last few months, before the words left him in a rush.

“Mom asked if we would take Lise for two days, because they will have to go to my grandparents house and sort through their stuff to decide what to throw out and all that, now that they are moving down here and Lise would be so bored and also run around there and mom won’t have time to really look after her and… Yeah.” He finished inelegantly and searched Isak’s face for any sign of uncomfortableness or annoyance.

What he found, though, was a small fond smile and one of their signature eyebrow raises.

“Are you saying I not only get taken to the zoo, but also get to hang out with my favourite Bech Næsheim?” Isak mock-gasped “I’m in!”

“Excuse me, I’m your favourite Bech Næsheim!?” Even’s outrage was betrayed by the grin on his face.

Isak pulled a face and made a hmm, not really gesture with his hand.

“What!” Even huffed and shoved gently at the shoulder of a giggling Isak, before he scooted closer and tangled their legs together.

After a moment of soft smiles and hands being interwined, Even’s face sobered a bit.

“Are you sure? I could tell mom I can’t and you’re working or something if you don’t want to, baby.” But Isak was already shaking his head before he finished talking.

“No, I’m ok with it. I love how you are with her and it’s,” he shrugged with one shoulder, “always fun when it’s the three of us.”

And Isak really meant it - the first few intimidating moments of awkwardness aside - he really was gone for that energy loaded little girl. He loved spending time with every member of Even’s family to be honest, they always made him feel like he really belonged with them.

Even smiled at him in that slightly surprised and in awe way that made Isak’s stomach flutter when he leaned back in for more kisses.

After a while Even leaned back, just enough to press their foreheads together and enjoy the drunk-in-love look on Isak’s face for a second before he murmured “Say it.”

He nuzzled their noses together as Isak furrowed his brows a bit in confusion.

“Say I’m your fave.” Even explained with a grin and a kiss to Isak’s cheek. Isak finally caught on and a smile tugged on his lips as half lidded eyes locked with Even’s.

This was their usual playful banter, but Isak knew Even sometimes needed to hear his feelings out loud to get rid of that little voice of doubt.

So, instead of continuing with a drag, he brushed a lose strand of blond behind Even’s ear, before he pulled him in a bit to once again smush their foreheads and noses together.

“You’re not just my favourite Bech Næsheim,” he began in an almost whisper and stroked his hand up and down Even’s back. “You’re also my all time favourite person.”

The bright smile that took over Even’s face made his sparkly eyes crinkle at the sides.

“Yeah?” Even asked and Isak placed three hard pecks on Even’s lips before he answered.


  • <p> <b>Sub-Zero:</b> [comes walking around to meet Hanzo Hasashi.] Hmm, Frost isn't here. This calls for drastic measures.<p/><b>Hanzo:</b> [Nods, cups hands over his mouth like a megaphone] I'M A SHIRAI RYU AND WISH FOR PEACE BETWEEN OUR CLANS--<p/><b>Frost:</b> [appears from the other side] WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE SCORPION.<p/><b>Sub-Zero:</b> Found her.<p/></p>
Scorpio Races Themed Asks
  • Thisby: Have you ever visited an island?
  • Skarmouth: What is your favorite season? Why?
  • Puck Connolly: Do you have any siblings?
  • Sean Kendrick: What is it you want in life?
  • Peg Gratton: Do you fall in love easily?
  • Finn Connolly: Have you ever taken something apart and put it back together again?
  • Jonathan Carroll: Do you talk a lot?
  • Capaill Uisce: Does the sea scare you?
  • Dove: Have you ever wanted to own a horse?
  • Corr: Do you believe in the saying: "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it was meant to stay."?
  • Gabe Connolly: Do you have the overwhelming urge to live somewhere else?
  • Fathom & Sons: Do you like visiting tourist-y shops?
  • Annie: How good is your vision?
  • The Skarmouth Hotel: Do you like staying in hotels?
  • George Holly: What kind of an accent do you have?
  • Dory Maud: Is your handwriting messy, or neat?
  • The Tea Room: How do you take your tea/coffee?
  • Benjamin Malvern: Have you ever made up fanciful stories for your past?
  • St. Columba's: Are you religious?
  • Palssons Bakery: What was the last thing you ate?
  • Mutt Malvern: What's the worst thing you've ever gotten away with?
  • Gratton's: Does your family have a "family business"?
  • Brian Carroll: Do you have asthma?
  • The Black Eyed Girl: Where do you enjoy going out with your friends?
  • Tommy Falk: Do you have a best friend?
  • Puffin: Do you have any pet cats?
  • Hastaway: Do you live walking distance from anywhere interesting?
  • Father Moonyham: What color is your vehicle?
  • November Cakes: Do you enjoy eating sticky pastries?
  • The Races: What would you want your legacy to be?
It's been a good day.

Warning attempted Rape and Implied torture!!

Mentions of Billdip/Dc Au and Pines family fun
Rated +16 for cursing but if ur younger than that then eh, your choice brah…or sis… or cis o-o been a long time since i wrote a fic so tadaaa Visual novel training~

Thunder roared outside of the Arkham Asylum that dark cloudy night as the wind howls around the Prison and the sounds of a clashing metal could be heard through out the white and black colored walls. “ Get the fuck OFF ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER!” shouted a hoarse yet dainty voice belonging to a Mason “Dipper” Pines or publicly known as Pine Tree by the crime syndicate. He thrashed against the hold of his Captive, a masked Arkham prison guard that kept Dipper’s hands beside his head tightly as he kicked and screamed. “I’ll KILL YOU!! I’LL KILL YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND EVERYTHING YOU FUCKING LOVE!!! LET GO!!” the Captor Laughed and smelled Dipper’s freshly bathed hair. “ I guess they were right when they said the crazy ones were always the prettiest” Dipper scowled and snapped his teeth at the Guard, aiming his kicks towards the crotch area between the man’s legs “ What? You don’t think I’m good enough for a bitch like you. I bet Cipher has his way with you all night every night with that slut body of yours” he purred.


“ At least my CIPHER would be a better FUCK than your Tiny Microscopic Dick!” Dipper successfully hit the man’s Family jewels with his knee before scrambling to stand as the man rolled over to the side clutching his lower regions in self deserved pain. Dipper went to stomp the man on the head -repeatedly- before he felt a shock on his back, frizzing as his body was filled with electricity from the Taser shot by the Guard’s ‘back up’.


“Feisty one ain’t he?” the back up laughed. “ shut up Jackson, that son of a bitch kicks like a mother fucker” Dipper snarled from the ground limbs still too numb to move. “Better make this one quick before any of the other Villains come walking by”
“ Ha! Like any of them care of Cipher’s bitch”
“ You never know what they’d do to the people who disrespected the Queen of Gotham man, you might get castrated for it”
“ yeah, as if. This Slut is just a cum dump for Cipher, Aren’t you bitch” the guard said fisting Dipper’s hair in his hand as he lifted it up. Dipper looked around and spat at the man’s face before laughing manically. “ You’ll die and go to hell before you even get a taste of me you Shit” the man wiped the spit from his face and sneered “ Oh yeah and why’s that you crazy bitch? Last time I checked you’re the one stunned, drugged and on the floor. You can’t fight back even if you wanted to”


Unbeknownst to the two men below them small beads of seeds rolled towards their feet

-Don’t worry sapling help’s already there-

“ He can’t have to fight you, but I definitely can”

“wha-“ suddenly a large vine slithered around the two men and lifted them above the ground tightening around them to a bone cracking power

“ You made a Biiiiig Mistake trying to hurt my Bro bro” the perpetrator said walking towards Dipper lifting him to his feet and balancing his weight on her shoulder “ Thanks Mabes, I owe you one” Dipper said thanking his savior, Mabel Pines or commonly known as Poison Ivy.

“Nah, It’s the least I can do after you and Bill sneaked my babies into my cell” she said flipping her red auburn hair to the side the petals on it swished in the wind as the strands of hair moved.

“Pines stick together” they bumped fists and giggled before looking up at the wannabe rapists “ what should we do about these shit heads?”

“ I dunno, Bill never told me what the best punishment for rapists are since no one in our group actually has the balls to defy Bill’s rule of no non consensual sex, I mean we’re evil but we’re not that evil y’know”

“ oh yeah I totally get you “

The two rapists thrashed and screamed their piece as the vines tightened its hold “ YOU FUCKING BITCHES!! WAIT UNTIL THE WARDEN HEARS ABOUT THIS!! HE’LL FUCKING LOCK YOU UP FOR THE REST OF YOUR MISERABLE LIVES” by then a crowd had already circled the four amongst the havoc but slowly they made way for a man walking towards them “ What’s this about the warden?”

All four of them turned their heads towards the source of the voice. “GRUNKLE FORD!” the two villains shouted as the vines dropped the guards to the ground with a loud thud. “you two, what’s all the commotion about” he said lifting his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he faced his Niece and Nephew.

“ Those two attacked a member of the guard sir!” the ‘back up’ shouted pointing towards the villains, Stanford snapped his head towards the guards and scowled “ I wasn’t aware that I was TALKING to you Jackson Dean” the guard gulped and moved his eyes towards the ground.

“ O-One of the guards tried to rape Dip-dop Ford. I was just trying to stop them.” Mabel answered as the both of the villains dropped their heads in shame like children who were caught steeling a cookie from a cookie jar. “We’re sorry for making so much ruckus” they apologized in unison.

“I see, the course of action you took is understandable to say the least but TRY to be more subtle next time, we do not want to stir up the resting patients” Ford scolded as he was answered with a murmured ‘yes grunkle ford’ by the two before he faced the two guards and snapped his fingers. 6 other guards walked behind him waiting for his next command with their position on stand by.

“Take these two to Cell number 666, I believe he would decide much better punishment for actions such a this for this particular moment” the other guards showed no remorse as they grabbed and shoved the two rapists towards the cell, in fact their gazes held a Disgusted look as Cell mates threw food at the two in rebellion towards the actions against their Queen.

As they reached their destination the iron cell door opened revealing a blonde man with his hands tied together by a straight jacket and his mouth strapped by a muffler but you could see the excited gleam in the eyes of the mad man, Ford walked towards the man and ripped the muffler off making the man laugh in pain “ HA! PAIN! ITS STILL AS HILARIOUS AS EVER! By the way why are you back so soon after our session hm?” the man exclaimed “ Cipher, I do believe you know who these two are. “ ford said walking to the side to the two rapists. Intoducing Bill Cipher, King of the Crime syndicate of Gotham, controls the underground as the Mob boss to be feared and the Mad man of the millennium.

Cipher faced the two guards shaking in their boots a centimeter before wetting their pants. “Jackson Dean and Anson Craig, one a newbie to the GPFD and the other a old fucker from New York. Both annual cheaters of their wives and abusers of their children, 32 years of age-both of them- and they’ve escaped custody by the kind bribing of the judges. Yes I know OF them, why? Are they my new play things?” Cipher said grinning from cheek to cheek.

“I believe Dipper has contacted you about a certain situation which is why you started demanding to be let out in the middle of our Therapy session”

“ Yeah? What of it? Cause I’m not tellin ya what he told me” Cipher said still smiling though his eyes held the curious gaze of a child.

“ These are the men that Dipper had contacted you about.”

And at that moment The two guards had finally realized that they are royally and thoroughly fucked, because Cipher’s smile turned into a deep scowl as his head snapped towards the guards.

“Have fun” ford dismissed waving his hand as he pressed a button on his cuffs releasing Cipher from his Straight jacket.

“ Oh I will” Cipher responded as the two men ran towards the door but it was swiftly closed by the rest of the guards with a cold glare in their eyes.


“ Oh I don’t think I’ll ever be relieved from this position boys” ford said as he leaned his head towards the small rectangular shaped hole on the door for food purposes “Because I’m the only one who can reign in the criminals of this god forsaken prison and keep them here without any-well a lot of collateral damage” he slid the opening shut and walked away with a dark smirk plastred on his face while retched screams and begging shouts filled the dark halls of Arkham Asylum with thunder striking outside the windows of the prison. Ford walked towards his office where his brother sat reviewing the Taxes of the prison and sat on the chair in front of his aged sibling that saved his life from a death inducing illness.
“ So how was your day” Stanley Pines, the ex-Villain known as Mr.Freeze asked

“ It’s been good day as it always is“