so sxe

all I want is a cute pop punk relationship w someone who I can go to shows with and explore New York City together and look at the stars and cuddle and listen to citizen and basement and eat pizza and vinyl hunt and get matching beanies and state champs hoodies and wear matching vans and take v cute pictures like can I please get this omg

All i want is to date a cute pop punk straightedge boy who loves state champs and neck deep and real friends and we can cuddle and go to concerts, and longboard around the city together, and eat pizza, and watch the sunrise, stay up all night talking, go to new york city and explore. all i want is something real.


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So I went to my first warped tour July 18, 2015 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia Maryland. It started late because of travel and weather, but I met Patty and Ben from As It Is while waiting in line and even bought their album and was apart of Patty Walter’s sass and pinky promises. I was stuck in the mob of people waiting for gates to the journeys tent to open so we could get ptv passes. When we were let in everyone slipped on mud and I almost made it without slipping but as soon as I got in line I hit my head and got trampled (great times man).

Anyway, at 2 my friend, my mom, and I all got in line again to actually meet PTV. I basically forced my mom to go first, because 1. She loves them and 2. I was nervous even though I’d met ¾ of them back in February. This time around I made them a comic book with a drawing of their guitars and stuff on the cover (and I’m still wondering if they read it/liked it) but they were so nice and Jaime told me they’d never gotten a comic book before. Overall they were the nicest people and I’m proud to say they’re my heroes and my favorite band.

At 5 my friend and I rushed from PTV’s set to the pavilion to get to As It Is on time, after an amazing set from them we went to buy merch. Their tent was our first stop, and my friend ended up buying the Never Happy Ever After CD as well, just in case they could sign it. So while she was rummaging for a sharpie, I held her bag and we talked. I didn’t even notice Patty come up to us until I looked at him. He was super nice and very talkative. I’d been a huge fan of his YouTube videos for forever, and he’s the whole reason i got into the whole sXe community so it was amazing to get to take a picture with him and hold a conversation.

First warped was a success, even though my friend and I were never able to make it to the YouTube tent when all of you were there. It was amazing, and I’m looking forward to Warped ‘16!

Truthfully all i want is a straightedge pop punk boyfriend who i can eat pizza with, go on vinyl hunts, cuddle to neck deep with, and just be myself around. if i can’t get EXACTLY that….. i just want someone who i can make happy and they can do the same. and we’ll both know we’re ready to make this work. that’s all i want. is something real, nothing fake, and something that’ll last forever if possible because i don’t want a fling, i want an actual RELATIONSHIP. 

Dear future boyfriend,

i  sit here in awe wondering who you are and when you’d come by. the days go by and i wonder when you’ll i’ll get to meet you. when we met, we’ll both know we are meant to be. i hope you like going to concerts and traveling. we’ll be constantly going to your favorite shows. i’ll make sure to get up really damn early so you can be first in lie, and i will make it happen every time. i love making you happy, your smile lightens up my life. i will do anything i can just to make you feel better. your face lightens up when you see Neck Deep in front of your eyes, we see them preform, then we get to meet them afterwards. i get you their autographs and some pictures. i also buy you a beanie,vinyl and a shirt. we long board home on the rainy night in the city and we stop and get your favorite, coffee and pizza. i cannot believe i love you so much. you are my everything, i am so flawed and you’re so beautiful. what made you love someone like me? i want to hold you in my arms and love you and just never let go. everyone calls us so cute,and i smile because it’s true. i have your selfies that you think are so ugly as my favorites. i always text you every morning with a long paragraph that i know will light your heart up, in between the day i randomly call you and let you know i’m okay, and before i go to sleep, i let you know how much i love you and that i hope you sleep good. i care about you so much, you have no idea. i’d sacrifice everything in my life just to be able to see you. please be mine forever. i will give you my all, if you give me yours. 


All I want is a cute boy to cuddle with and hold and love and go on adventures with. I want to take him to New York City and take the train everywhere and go to fun pop punk shows and crowd surf together then after the show we go and get pizza and walk the streets of Times Square and just get lost.

In all honesty, i want my next relationship to be with another straightedge person. They don’t have to like my music, but it would be nice if they did. Just looking for someone who takes the whole relationship thing seriously, and pursues the same lifestyle as me.