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after two literal months, the first chapter of my taakitz & sweet flips bachelorette au is up! 

“‘thanks for all you do’ uh, thank you. I just… put on make-up and play pretend for a living, so..”

praying the day will come that jared realises how much more he is doing for people.

he started AKF. he helped so many people with that, people who got help, people who donated to great causes because of him. he inspired so many people and continues to do so. he is not just somebody who “plays pretend for a living”, he is so much more and he has such great impact on so many lives.

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Hi, just want to thank you on behalf of all the fandom that can't speak Japanese, because without your translations and little tips and details, we would not be able to understand the storyline as clearly and explicitly as the Japanese audience do! We are able to enjoy it more deeply thanks to you! Sending you all my love ❤

Waaaaaa, is this for real!? THANK YOU so much for sending me this super lovely message, I’m so flattered and happy~

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#2 from this prompt list: “You love me as if I deserve you.”

Suzy’s always been a bit of a light sleeper. She feels Dan’s weight shift off the mattress next to her, and her eyelids flutter open. On her other side, Arin is still out cold. She waits a few seconds, the sound of Dan’s feet padding gently to the bathroom drifting over to her, and then she carefully extricates herself from the sheets and follows him.

When she enters the bathroom, Dan is bracing himself against the sink, the thin fabric of his t-shirt stretched out over his shoulders as he leans forward. His head hangs low and she can see him breathing a little faster than normal.

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