so sweet with the tiger


happy genosai week  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is the only Beatles picture I have on my computer and I solely keep it because ringo is standing on his tip toes

and he has sweet lil tiger!!!!!! he and his puppy are so tiny

anonymous asked:

if you're still taking pride request's, Dick Grayson & Tiger are both trans & gay (Dick's bi) & unrelated but they're in love, also I love your art so much it's so cute/my aesthetic...I have notifications on your blogs (not to creepy) I just think you're cool <3 (I'm so srry if this comes off creepy)

anon ur ,,, so right ,,,, also ur ver sweet 💕 not creepy at all

You're insecure about your stretch marks. *5sos 4/4

Luke: “Babe. Babe. Baaaaabbbbeeeee.”, Your boyfriend Luke says repeatedly from the pool. “What Luke?”, you answer growing irritated. “Take that silly cover up off and come swim with me.”, he answers. “C'mon Luke. You know I don’t want to.” you tell him. Puberty was a rough time for you. You went back and forth between being chunky and thin and of course the result of all that growing caused you to get stretch marks.  You were at a normal size now but the scars from those days were still left on your body which caused you to be really insecure about showing some skin. After a minute of begging Luke finally backed off and let you be. Leaning back in your chair you continued to tan what parts of your body was showing when something blocked your light. You open your eyes to find Luke standing at the end of your chair. “Y/n, look at me. I know damn well why you won’t take that thing off. Baby how many times do I have to tell you that you’re beautiful and some little marks makes absolutely no difference? Now, take. It. Off.” You do as he says although you’re still feeling a little insecure about it. “Absolutely gorgeous.”, he says smiling while his eyes raked your body, “Nooowww will you go swimming with me?”

Michael: It was your first time spending the night with your boyfriend Michael. The two of spent your time watching movies, eating junk food and sharing kisses here and there. As the night got later you decided to go change into your pajamas. “Be right back”, you say to him while going to his bedroom where you had your stuff at. You slip off your pants and shirt off and start digging in your bag for the clothes. You hear whistling and turn around to see Michael standing in the doorway staring at you. You quickly grab your shirt and toss it back on. “Hey no need to be alarmed. It’s just me.” he says winking. “Michael can you please turn around or something. I really want to get changed.” you pleaded. “Its cool, its cool.” he says turning around, “So you’re going to let me see you with bed head tomorrow morning but you’re not going to let me see you without a shirt on?” You’re quiet for a second then respond,“ I’m just really insecure Mikey. I have these.. stretch marks. They’re really ugly and I just don’t want you to see is all.” All of a sudden he turns around and walks over to your still half naked body. Lifting up your shirt he says,“ These little things? Oh come on y/n. They don’t bother me. It actually reminds me of tiger stripes. That’s it. You’re a fucking tiger!”, He exclaims,“Now let’s see how much of a tiger you really are…" 

Ashton: You and Ashton were having a very steaming make out session that already had him shirtless. He starts tugging at the hem of your shirt wanting you to slip it off. You ignore the silent request and kept kissing him. "Take off your shirt.”, your boyfriend whispers in a raspy voice. “Shut up and just kiss me”, you reply playfully. “Not until your shirt is on the floor.”, he says back. “Not happening.”, you say. “Fine then mine’s going back on.”, he counters hoping you’d change your mind. Damn him knowing you couldn’t resist his body. “No no no no. Don’t do anything drastic now. I’m just really not that comfortable with my body.”, you tell him. “How’s that possible? You’re fucking hot babe.”, he says a little confused. “I have stretch marks all over my hips that I’m really insecure about. And you just have this perfect body and-”, you start to explain but he cuts you off. “Hang on just a second.”, he says leaving the room. He comes back with a red marker and begins drawing jagged lines on his hips. “Ash, what are you doing?”, you ask him. “Although I don’t care whether you have stretch marks or not, you obviously do. So with that I’m hoping that this will make you more comfortable if I have some too.”, he answers. You start laughing while he walks back over to you and makes you forget all about shirts, stretchmarks, and everything in between. 

Calum: After a long day with your crazy adventure filled boyfriend you two finally make it back to his place. “I’m gonna hop in the shower. Ya wanna join me?” he asks seductively. “No, I’ll just take one when I get home. "Aw babe pleasseee? I swear I won’t try anything sexual.”, he begs while pouting those lips you loved. “No Calum, it’s not that. I’m just really not a fan of my body.”, you explain. “Y/n. I’ve see your body all the time. We hook up practically naked most of the time.”, he says trying to figure out what’s wrong. “Exactly. Practically naked. Not completely. You have never seen me without panties on. In the light at least.”, you tell him hoping he would leave the matter alone. “And what’s so different about your stuff in the light?”, he asks. “Well, my butt kind of grew all at once one summer so there’s stretch marks on it. It makes me really insecure.”, you say while looking down. “Sweetheart. A butt is a butt. I love you too much to care. Stretch marks don’t bother me at all. Now from what I have seen in the dark is that you have the sexiest booty ever.” he says while walking behind you and slapping it..“ Now you and that sexy butt of yours come join me in the shower." 

This is a bit long haha. sorry that they sucked a bit. requests are still open so just send a message of something you would like to see. :)