so sweet i could barf

Wynonna Earp Fic- Tell Me Lies

Wynonna wants to know why Waverly is so cheery. All fluff.

Waverly quickly walked into the Sheriff’s Department break room and began brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Closely followed by a frustrated looking Wynonna.

“Come on Wave. Tell me.” The elder Earp begged, making sad puppy eyes at her sister.

Waverly sighed heavily and continued with the coffee. Wynonna had been grilling her all morning about why she had looked so cheery and doe eyed. Was it really that strange for her to look happy? Besides there was no way Waverly was gonna reveal that a certain tall, red headed officer may be to blame. No way.

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anonymous asked:

I love listening to Laura's breaths during the kisses. There's the little squee on the second one, and then her breathing on the last (the one she initiated) sounds to me kind of like she's crying or holding in a cry, in relief. So sweet :')

The whole thing was so cute I could barf <3