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Drabble Game, pick up lines:

  1. Are you a parking ticket? ‘Cause you’ve got fine written all over you.
  2. Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here.
  3. Did you fart? Cause you blew me away.
  4. Baby, you’re so sweet, you put Hershey’s outta business.
  5. What’s on the menu? Me-n-U?
  6. Lets make a fabric softener and 'Snuggle.
  7. Stop, drop and roll, baby. You are on fire.
  8. Your hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you.
  9. Do you have a band-aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  10. Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?

Your request should be sent in with both the pick up line number and the member you want. (exo, bts, ikon, got7)

Or you could also request for a scenario, i have a lot of free time (HEHE) !!!

Have fun requesting! I’ll stop the requests once it’s too much, though :(


Cold Cuddle


“It’s super late and I’m already in bed but you just got in and it’s below freezing outside and I love you enough to let you get under the covers with me and put your cold hands on my stomach underneath my shirt oh gosh your nose is so pink let me kiss it”

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So I just got home from grocery shopping and this was what happened.

I was walking down an aisle and stopped in front of an older man. He looked up and said “I always heard celebrities shopped here but you’re the first one I’ve ever seen!”
We laughed together and I was so flattered.

He said “My wife sent me out and told me to make someone laugh. I’m glad I did that for you.”

It was so sweet.

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can i get me some nabu x reader where nabu teaches u how to vape <3333

It’s Friday. You just got paid and bae is on his way to pick you up.

You check your outfit again, making sure that everything is in place. Your hair looks great. You feel great. You check your phone again. Where is he?

It’s not unlike him to show up late. Sometimes he doesn’t show up at all. But you forgive him. He’s so sweet and treats you like royalty. A real gentleman. A true Romeo. He’s bae. Not fam.


God, even just thinking of his name gives you chills. You’re so excited, just thinking about what he might have planned for the two of you.

You gaze with longing at the selfie you took together. It’s mostly just Nabu with some of your hair in the shot, but that’s fine. He’s wearing that stylish t-shirt with the pot leaves printed all over it. And that fake gold chain he bought from the vending machine- well, technically you bought it, but he said he’d pay you back. Ohh Nabu. Where is he!?

An aggressive pounding on the door snaps you from your reverie.

“Who calls?” You ask, startled.

“Bae, it’s me,” he answers.

You open the door to reveal your heart’s delight. “Nabunaga!” you squeal and pitch forward. You trust he’ll catch you, even though he’s missed a few times… But he’s a busy man, of course he’d be checking his phone. But tonight… Tonight, he catches you.

“Damn, Shawty,” he greets you. “Lookin’ hot. Even if you are gettin’ a l’il heavy. Nabu likes all types, ya feel?”

Oh, you feel. You can hear your own heartbeat in your ears as you blush at his compliment. “Nabu, what do you want to do tonight?”

Nabu looks up from his phone and looks contemplative for a brief, flitting moment before he tells you “I gotta hit up the Vape Shop.”

“Vape Shop?” You ask. “But Nabu, darling… I thought you smoked weed?”

“Yeah, well I vape now,” he answers, flashing a dazzling grin. His golden tooth gleams under the dim lamplight that flickers just outside your door. “Let’s move it before they close, ya dig?”

“Of course,” you say, exiting your abode with this absolute Prince of a man.

He leads you down the driveway to his chariot. “It might be cold, boo.” He explains, motioning to the passenger’s side door. “I had a leave ya window down so I could get the door open from the outside, but now it won’t go back up.” He motions to the door. “Ya gotta reach in and pull on the handle to get it to open.”

You hesitate, but reach inside to open the car door. Sweet Nabu’s hands are too busy, as he’s texting someone. Once you’re inside, you settle into the fine, stained cloth seats of dear Nabu’s Geo Prism.

He climbs in through the driver’s side window, starts the car with a screwdriver, and you two set off for a night filled with romance.

When you reach your destination, he insists that you wait in the car.

“I’ll be out in like…” He sucks on his teeth. “Twenty minutes.”

“Nabu,” you protest. “It’s quite cold. Can’t I please come in with you?”

“A’ight,” he agrees. So sweet.

You climb out of the car and hold his hand as you head into the store. Nabu releases your hand to check his phone and heads inside before you. You catch the door before it closes and follow him in.

“Ayyyy,” he greets the shopkeep. “I’m here for that pen I had on layaway.” He produces a crumbled 5 dollar bill and a handful of nickels. “That’s the rest of it, son.”

The kindly shopkeep picks Nabu’s cash up and gingerly places it inside the register. He sighs wistfully and hands Nabu a rectangular box. “Here’s your fifteen dollar vape pen, you scrub.”

“Don’t be talkin’ ‘bout Nabu’s boo like that, knowhumsayin’?” Nabu defends your honor. That shopkeep had no place calling you a scrub. Even though he was looking at Nabu when he said it.

“Nabu, please…” You beg. “Don’t do anything rash.” You hope he listens to reason and cooler heads prevail.

Nabu sucks his teeth elegantly and walks out of the shop with a slight limp. Has he hurt himself? Oh, Nabu! You follow him outside and he has already started the car. “C’mon, Shawty! Nabu ain’t got all night, ya dig?”

You hurry to the car and open it in its unique and charming way, apologizing as you sit down. Nabu peels out and you head back to your apartment because his “ma’s was home”. So sweet of him to care for his mother.

Once back inside your place, Nabu takes the vape pen out and puts what he calls “weed oils” in it.

“I’m gonna vape in here,” he announces and seats himself across your couch. His dirty shoes compliment your new throw pillows wonderfully and you tell him as much. “Whatever, boo,” he says on an exhale of vapor.

He looks so manly and refined. “Nabu…” You say. “Nabu, do you think you could teach me how to vape?”

“Okay, but just do it once, that weed oil is hella expensive,” he says.

You smile gently and take the pen from his hand. When you inhale from the pen, you cough some. You have the smallest lung capacity, and you’ve never really smoked much.

Nabu thinks you’re so adorable, though! He’s laughing so hard he’s in tears. “What a herb!” He compliments you before taking the pen from your hands. “Coughing offa one puff while vapin’, hahah… Ohh shawty. You make me laugh, man.”

Pleased you could entertain your guest, you blush a little. “Nabu, would you like to watch Fast and Furious?”

Nabu looks ready to answer you when his phone rings. He picks it up in a hurry and walks quickly outside. He’s considerate to take his phone call outdoors. He even speaks softly, so afraid to be rude. Oh, Nabu…

You watch him hang up and pump his fist while smiling. Must have been good news. ‘Good for him’, you think.

He comes back inside. “Yo, boo, I gotta jet,” he says. “I gotta go to… To work.”

“Oh!” You exclaim. “You’ve finally found a job? That’s wonderful.”

“Yeah, whatever,” he says cutely. “Hey, can you gimme twenty dollars. I can pay you back when I get paid.”

You open your wallet without a second thought. Anything for him. Anything for Nabu. “Of course.” You hand him the twenty dollar bill and he runs from your place out to his car.

“Catch ya next time, Shawty!” He hollers before speeding away.

And you smile. And already miss him.

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Hi! I really love the work you do on your blog! It's so amazing and I just--AAHH~ >v< May I request a scenario where Bokuto and Akaashi's s/o is a photographer and asked to come in to take pictures of the volleyball team when really they're just taking pictures of their boyfriend (volleyball shots, smiling shots, graceful shots and even derpy shots)? And then the boys find out? Thank you for your amazing work! Keep it up! :D

Ahh thank you so much for being so sweet! >////< Coming right up!

“Did you get that?” Bokuto called excitedly to his s/o the moment he landed from the spike, breathless and grinning. “Please tell me you got that! I bet I looked AWESOME!” They chuckled, glancing down at the camera’s screen and clicking through the photos. In truth, they’d “gotten it” three times, at various stages of the spike, and for once he wasn’t exaggerating much. The photos did look pretty awesome. They shot him a thumbs up and a wide smile in response.

“Can I see?” He started to jog towards them, but they held the camera closer to their chest, guarding the screen from his prying eyes.
“Not yet! You’re in the middle of practice, and I have to edit them anyway. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise!” He nodded slowly, sighing as he returned to practice and a scolding scowl from Akaashi. They shook their head with a grin, looking back down at the camera’s screen as they slowly scrolled through the photos. There was Bokuto waving to them, Bokuto begging Akaashi for a toss, Bokuto tossing the ball up for a serve, Bokuto in the midst of a story he’d been telling, and a good number of shots of Bokuto spiking. A pattern was beginning to emerge. They’d been tasked with taking photos of the team for the school newspaper, but the team’s ace had ended up being the focal point of the photos.

They didn’t realize practice was over until Konoha skirted past them, calling “I hope you got my good side!” over his shoulder. They laughed weakly in response, trying to remember if he even appeared in any of the photos. 

“Hey!” A freshly showered Bokuto appeared at their side, plopping down next to them. “Now can I see those pictures? Practice is over now…” They sighed, begrudgingly tilting the camera’s screen in his direction. They couldn’t help but smile at his exclamations, occasionally batting his hand away so he wouldn’t smudge the screen. “Can I see the pictures of everyone else now? I hope you got one of Akaashi picking his nose or something! I’ve been trying to get him to do something embarrassing like that for forever!” 

They coughed, and he raised an eyebrow at them. “Um.” They mumbled. “I… didn’t exactly get any pictures of anyone else.” They admitted, flush creeping up their neck. To their surprise, a cackle of laughter burst from Bokuto. 
“You’re kidding!” He gasped out. “All that time, and you only got pictures of me? Who knew you were so obsessed with me? I mean, I know I’m awesome, but-”
“Oi.” They jabbed an elbow to his ribs before he could duck away. “Shut it.”
He only grinned wider, pressing a kiss to their cheek. “I love you too.” He laughed, nuzzling his nose into their cheek. 

Akaashi swiped at the beads of sweat on his forehead, glancing over at his s/o on the sidelines. He was used to having them watch by now, but what was throwing him off was the camera in their hands. They seemed awfully intent on the photos they were taking. “It’s for the yearbook!” They’d assured him. “There’s going to be a whole spread on the volleyball team this year. I’ll make you look good, don’t worry.” They’d teased. 

He shook his head. Bokuto was milking it so hard for the camera he wondered if they were even getting any good shots. Every few seconds he’d flash another smile, begging Akaashi for just one more toss because if this was going to be immortalized in the yearbook it had to look perfect. Akaashi was just focusing on not looking like a sweating mess, especially since the shutter sounded a suspicious amount of times when he was tossing. 

“It’s not fair.” His s/o whined when he found them after practice, Raising a curious eyebrow, he peered over their shoulder at the screen they were examining to intently.
“Hm?” He hummed, resting his chin on their shoulder. Instinctively, they grasped the camera a little closer.
“I don’t think it’s possible for you to take a bad picture.” They sighed, slowly clicking through the photos so he could look at them. There were quite a few of him tossing, but they’d also captured him standing around, talking to Konoha and Komi, taking a drink from his water bottle…
Suddenly he narrowed his eyes. “Are these… all of me?” 
They blanched, glancing carefully up at him with a slow, sheepish grin inching across their face.

“You’re really photogenic?” Their voice tapered off, and they shrugged with a burst of laughter. “I don’t know! I mean, Bokuto is in the background of a few… and Konoha and Komi are with you in this one.” They defended weakly. 
A chuckle escaped through his nose. “Better not tell Bokuto.” He finally warned with a sigh. “You’re something else.” He leaned his head against theirs. “You’re coming back for more pictures, right?” He asked, straightening suddenly.
They laughed. “I don’t know, I don’t think I’d mind an entire yearbook spread of your face.” He only shook his head as the grin widened on their face.

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Sweet child, please educate me about imfact! I keep seeing them on my dash, but I also keep forgetting to actually look them up... whoops 😂

I GOT YOU. Okay so imfact are a 5 member group under Star Empire. THEY. DEBUT. TODAY. IM. CRYING.

-is the leader
-is a 93 liner
-don’t steal his food or else he will steal yours

-is also a 93 liner
-surprisingly has a higher pitched voice than you think he would have

Taeho: (or roodho as me and my friends like to call him)
-also a 93 liner
-Really good dancer
-So cute you just want to cuddle him
-His food is constantly being taken by Jian (in which me and my friends now platonically ship them for)

-aka the one who kills everyone
-can play the guitar very well
-A+ selfie taker
-95 liner

Ungjae: (or ughjae as me and my friends call him)
-98 liner
-super fricken talented
-wrote and composed (i’m 99% sure anyway) their debut song
-can play the piano
-has a surprisingly deep voice

If you go to the Star Empire v app channel you can watch all the teasers and everything there.
They also have a kinda mini series thing called Imfact Alive, its just a vlogish type thing.
Its really cute

I’m on mobile so I can’t link their yt channel but if you look up imfact kpop i’m sure you’ll find it.

Please love these beans. They’re about to debut and I can’t wait to see everyone fall in love with them like I have

Drunk Confession (Hyuk Fluff)

Anon requested: Hyuk fluff where the reader is VIXX’s stylist (they are the same age) and they like each other but they don’t know that and the reader confesses when she’s drunk to Hyuk at a party thrown by the stylist crew and the members.

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Thank you! That sounds so cute though. Not gonna lie, I always imagine being a stylist~

@hyongtae @taegijana @heliumdooly @alifeawayfromfailure @bangtan-fuck-me-up


Being VIXX’s stylist was hard. Not that you didn’t enjoy your job, to the contrary, you loved it too much. You always got to see them in their stage outfits first, doing their makeup and make them look even more perfect than they already were.

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I literally installed the game yesterday and got 2 visits from tubbs and collected 16 cats!! Im so happy omg. I opened the app like every ten minutes when the teacher wasnt looking at me lmao. Also what are remodels& how do i get them me is v curious

Sweet!! That’s really good progress ^^ haha we remember the first time we got into the game lol We stayed up all night and just took pictures and sending each other screenshots of the nekos we collected ahhhh such good times! :D

Welp remodels are when you can change the appearance of your yard and house’s overall style. Currently there are 5 remodels available: Original, Zen, Rustic, Modern and Western. You can view them by going to the Menu > Other > Remodel :3 They have to be purchased ofc! But before remodeling, you have to make sure you’ve already expanded your yard. The expansion can be bought directly from the Shop for 180 gold fish on the last page. Hope this helps!

~ Nekollector Nora

“You’re gonna run out of cigarettes
And we’re gonna run out of wine
We haven’t even started the good stuff yet
It’s OK, we’ve got plenty of time
So pull up a comfortable chair, baby
And put on those records that drive me crazy
You look so good in this light
Oh yeah, you look like nothing but mine

I wanna love you like the world’s gonna stop
Til the very last second, last tick of that clock
I’m gonna slow it all down and then take you from zero to ten
Oh, I wanna love you like I’ll never love you again

Let’s make this night last forever
Like honey dripping sweet and slow
Every kiss just tasting better
Every touch, every whisper, let go

I wanna love you like the world’s gonna stop
Til the very last second, last tick of that clock
I’m gonna slow it all down and then take you from zero to ten
Yeah, I wanna love you like I’ll never love you again
Ooh, yeah

I wanna love you like the rain on a roof
Stronger than a bottle of 110 proof
I wanna take love to places that love has never been
Yeah, I wanna love you like I’ll never love you again
And I’ll love you again
Oh, and again"💕

—  Carrie Underwood - “Like I’ll Never Love You Again”

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So I was in class today talking to one of my friends and I said fondly, "I love it when he smiles." And a girl a couple of seats up looked backed and cooed, "Aw that's so sweet! Who's the lucky guy?" It was Mahiru. I was talking about Mahiru from Servamp.

OMG ANON I LOVE YOU. This could probably happen to me too… if I had any manga-loving friends who didn’t live in different timezones… But seriously, you’re totally right! Mahiru’s smile is more gorgeous than that of any real guy I’ve ever met. That includes all my crushes X’D (sorry not sorry)

Love your little story, anon! Thanks for sending it to me~!
Closure -  Jill Scott

Whew! Who knows about that closure “we” (women get!!!

Verse 1]
In an hour when I wake up
I’mma take a little time and bring up
The fact that we did break up
And just for one night we made up

And we made love, and it was so good
That sweet, rough, that funky stuff

I can tell by your moans, you ain’t get enough
Maybe you are, but it ain’t my love

Don’t be expecting no breakfast in the morning baby
You got all you gon’ get, this is it, this is closure
This is closure, this is closure, this is closure, told ya

[Verse 2]
Now you’re looking at me with faces
Cause I went two different places
You’re thinking it’s a new beginning
When I know that it’s the ending

We ended our time for a reason
Our trouble was never pleasing

Each other we got the right seeds done
That ain’t enough to plant our dreams in
Oh I want some sugar in my bowl
A deeper connection baby
Don’t you want more?

I think it’s time that we move forward
I’ve hurted like a kid turned on you wrong
This is the last time I hope you enjoyed
Now would you mind leaving out the back door?

Don’t be expecting no breakfast baby
You got all you gon’ get, this is it, this is closure
This is closure, this is closure, this is closure, told ya

[Spoken Outro: Jill Scott]
Look homie, there will be no more homemade waffles, okay? With the fresh strawberries, you know the ones I put the agave in. There will be no more quiche and no more sausages, and don’t even think about my pepper jack grits, or my grandma’s buttermilk biscuits. (Told ya)

Hungry? You want something to eat? You want some of my time? You want some of my affection? You want my honesty? You want me to listen to you baby? Aw, is that what you want from me? Hah, you better get that backdoor, go on. Hell no (Told Ya)

[Spoken Outro: Male]
You don’t hear me out here knocking? That mean don’t come…You want me to leave right now? The closure start today? It’s good, I can still come back and wash your car if you need me to. For that breakfast and that guave sweetener, I, no more of that? And the waffle gone too? I’ll come inside so I can hear you. No? Okay, alright, okay, I’ll call you…don’t call you, call you, no, don’t call you, okay. One more thing, you calling the cops? I'mma leave

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This was important.
This man, right here, was the smallest adult that Nyx has ever seen.
He just wanted to…pick him up and spin him around.

But today was a good day. He hasn’t heard of any monstrous occurrences, perhaps Erebos was taking a break..
So Nyx was having a very good day.

“Excuse me sir, but I could not help to notice that you are so small and adorable!”
And..miserable-looking. But that was probably only because the other was old. He knew that the older people got, the grumpier they’d look and most likely act, but that didn’t happen all the time.

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Send a ✔ and I’ll randomly pick a blog I’m following and tell you what I like about them.

I used a random number generator for these.

….so, uh…the one that came up…yeah, just gonna list her main blog. @doodlebug-infestation. Shhh. I’m sure you know which one I got for the RNG. BUT! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS PERSON! She’s so super sweet and hilariously fun to talk to and listening to her troll her boy while we play League is literally the best thing in the world. 


Thanks, anon!

taken-into-stars asked:

hey! (:

1. First impression: NEW SPAQUA WRITER
2. Truth is: I’ve been privileged to witness and maybe help your growth in fandom and creative pursuits and look forward to seeing you continue ♡
3. How old do you look: I’m not even gonna try tbh
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes!
5. Have you ever made me mad: don’t believe so, you are sweet as pie
6. Best feature: you’ve got these really expressive, like… doe eyes
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nah man
8. You’re my: Raven (but also yes I hear you on the superbat thing IT WILL BLOW UP WITH THIS MOVIE MARK MY WORDS)
9. Name in my phone: you’re not in my phone to have a contact name, haha
10. Should you post this too? Already did

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hey hi!! i love this blog, it's a really comfy safe space. i was wondering if anyone could help me narrow down my species? i'm dogkin, but i don't know what breed!! i'm pretty low-energy and gentle, and i love to burrow and den with blankets and plushies, if that helps. thank you so much!

Aw gosh, thank you so much!

Well, because you’re low energy and like burrowing, it’s most likely that you’re a small dog, possibly a lapdog. Soo I looked up some breeds (and got sidetracked watching the national dog show) and I came up with a couple!

Corgi- a sweet smol doggie with lil drumstick legs and a happy attitude! They used to be herding dogs, because of their tiny legs that kept them low to the ground so it was easy to nip at cattle’s heels. These pups were also rumoured to be the steeds of fairies back in welsh legend!

Chow Chow- Honestly one of my fave breeds hehe…. Chow Chows are big poofy dogs with smooshed faces! They’re also sometimes called lion dogs. They usually dig in warmer weather to try and keep cool!

Basset Hound- another low-lying dog! This one was bred to dig into burrows and holes for prey, and they’ve got long floppy ears and cute droopy faces. They’re not exactly lap dogs, but they’re famous for cuddling up and looking around with those adorable sad looking eyes!

Cairn Terrier- Tiny angry pups. They’re terriers, so they love digging! they were originally bred to hunt and chase small prey like birds and squirrels.

I hope these might be what you’re looking for! You can try and do more research too, or if these don’t work then I can try and do a big more “digging” (get it) into your breed possibility!

- Admin Hainu

When I was in high school, my mom took my sister, me, and our friend Libby to see a musical. We were 15, so I’m sure I was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. During the intermission, we decided to hop into my invisible car and drive down to the bathroom. When we got there, I parked my car and they got out to go into the restroom. During that time, a guy in a suit holding a cocktail walked up to me and said, “that’s a sweet ride you go there.” My sassy ass responded with, “Thanks. I’m going to roll up my invisible window now.” And I did. I rolled up that invisible window and ignored him. He looked so awkward turning around and walking back to his friends.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

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My crush talks to my friends to find things out about me which I think is really nice, he's got kinda a nerd look to him with his hair and big glasses, but I think it suits him well, he dresses really nice which I appreciate, he's funny and I'm in <3

Aw! That’s so sweet! It’s really cute that he asks about you. Nerdy boys are the best! They should be loved and protected at all costs. :D He sounds so cute, nonnie and really sweet. I hope you guys end up going out! *sends you all the luck and warm hugs* 


“Thanks.” he said. “No I am single and dating my school work at the moment. Why are you looking for a boyfriend?” he asked looking up at her. “Or do you just hit on every random guy?”

“Just wondering that’s all.” She said with a sweet smile leaning on the counter. She wasn’t going to deal with any of the kind gentlemen ordering ice cream, that was Feuilly’s deal. He got all the lovers. “Think my dad would kill me if I brought home a boy friend, he ‘bout had my head over a car.” She said with a sly smile. “So a swell guy like you’d got his nose stuck in the books all the time? What ya thinkin’ about doing in the future?”