so sweet got me looking up to you


Here is the proof, Nonny!

The first was taken by a fan who saw Jensen out in public with baby JJ and snuck a photo.

The second is one of the first photos of West that Misha shared.

As a mother of three, IMO the most likely scenario is that Misha and Vicki gifted Jensen and Danneel the baby blanket.

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JIMIN IS SUCH I BIAS WRECKER I S2G. Like, I don't have a bias, because their all great, but I've never had as big feeling for Jimin as I had for say, the rap line. But like, his hair and eyes, and HIS PILLOW LIPS (they give me cute and dirty thoughts ugh). He's just so sweet and kind, but also flirty and I want to take care of him because he deserves it. He looks of cuddly and huggable I just wanna give him a hug! Ugh!!!!


i feel like his eyes can undress you, especially when he got that eyeliner on, oh MY GOD.

but really, theres no one like jimin in the kpop world. hes like the sweetest child to have ever graced this earth, willing to go to the end of the earth to protect anyone, says the most cheesiest lines with his cutie patootie face, but at the same time is ready to take you up against a wall and give you the time of your freaking life.


for this to come and stay and last

for this to come and stay and last; raven reyes, raven x clarke, raven x wick
post-s2 finale; after clarke returns 

After the battle, Clarke disappeared for two months, seventeen days and six hours. Or something close to that – you were unconscious for hours after you got back to camp, remember only fragments of that day.

(The taste of blood in your mouth, Wick holding you, light filtering through leaves and pain and pain and pain).

Later, Octavia tells you that Abby tried to treat the wounds on your face and arms, tried to keep the burn on your side from scarring, but there wasn’t any medicine or anything to work with. No infection set in, and you nod silently, because your looks don’t really matter here, not at all.

Octavia bows her head and you focus on her tightly woven braids.

“Did Lincoln do those?” You ask, and Octavia looks at you slightly surprised.

“Yeah,” she says, brushing her fingers over them, “He could do your hair too, if you wanted.”

No, you think, no, I belong to the sky, and you smile at Octavia.

“Sure,” you say, and she smiles back.

Everything is so fragile.

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I got so bored and I went and looked up Beyoncé's top singles and hits because I remember when Kid Rock said Beyoncé had no hits but after looking over them; Crazy In Love, Single Ladies, Check On It, If I Were A Boy, Halo, Irreplacable, Love On Top, Drunk In Love, Deja Vu, Baby Boy, Naughty Girl, Me Myself and I, Partition, Best Thing I Never Had, Party, 7/11, Flawless (Remix), Sweet Dreams, all dominated the charts. All her albums went straight to #1 there's not much more you can achieve!


Every time someone says Bey has no hits I have to laugh
They don’t call her Queen B for nothing ;)

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What made you fall in love with Greg?

Oh! Um… Well at first, I really liked his music. Then I got to know him and he was just… so sweet. So simple. And one day, I realized I could be anyone I want to be around him and he’d still appreciate me. I didn’t have to be some strong gem warrior. I didn’t have to be an idol for someone to look up to. I just had to be Rose Quartz… And that was enough for him. I still love him very, very much. 

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i need some advice so about two weeks ago i went out with one of my good friends and she brought some of her boyfriend's friends along i got along really well with one of them and we ended up hooking up that night and i lost my v card to him i don't know what to do should i hit him up or wait for him to talk to me so i don't seem crazy or thirsty i feel like i gave myself up too fast but i can't take it back now i wanna be friends with him cause he was super sweet when we met idk what to do

try to hit him up once and see how he reacts you won’t look thirsty if you do it just one time 

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Hey I have something I thought Id tell you! Theres this guy in my class whos a dead ringer for Ringo. Hes got the same nose and eyes, and even the hair (think a hard days night), and on top of that, hes sweet and funny and an all around great guy, looks aside, and he has a passion for photography. But heres the thing: his name is George. Anyway today after class he came up to me blushing and told me that hes had a crush on me for the last year. I nearly fainted! We're going out this weekend!

Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you!! Congratulations, and I hope everything goes well ❤️❤️


Sweets, you couldn’t ignore me if you tried

I got to see the breakfast club in theatres and i came out of it thinking Cyps would look real good in both these outfits

Oooh! Another story.

Up until now a pick from Robin had eluded me. But last night he saw me and recognised me and I got the opportunity to ask him for one.
So he got to the end of the song and tossed it to me over the barrier.
It zipped past me and fell under my chair. So I was rooting around for it like a rat under there and retrieved it.
I got back up and went to show Robin I got it, but he had walked away to change guitars and had his back turned.
I looked over at Tom and he said “Did you get it?” He wanted to make sure I got Robin’s pick.
How does he exist? He is so sweet he gives me cavities.

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Damn your man is fine! LOL you deserve someone as beautiful as you and what a beautiful couple you two make! I see the love you have. I follow you on instagram and I look forward to seeing you blow up. Please keep being you. You inspire me in many many ways Peachy!

OMG! Thank you so much! I’m so in love, and I feel like a showoff when i express that but I’m glad to inspire that in others! Thanks for the sweet words! Keep an eye out for me, I been goin through it lately but I got big plans. <3 

Murgan Wolfies Extras 1

Just felt like making a “side-series” with Murgan Wolfies because my style has changed a little bit and I wanted to show you. I was in school and drawing a wolf in a position similar to Danny’s, then I get home and the idea hits me and, this.

Heh, we all know what George is staring at and what he is covering up.
Speaking of which, sorry for my small and poorly-outlined handwriting. It says
Danny (Red): George, maybe you should make a Tumblr. Jay got me hooked up and I’m glad he did! Our fans here are so sweet, and one of them suggested I wear something like this to see if I could move around better than with skinny jeans and it’s turning out quite well! I also took a few pics in this outfit and now I’m getting flooded with compliments! A lot of them think I look very cute, too! Some even think I look attractive! Should I wear this more often, George?
George (Blue): Y-yeah, Danny. It looks very… v-very nice…
Danny: Hm, and maybe this skirt could be shorter… and I’m thinking, maybe, some fishnets? Would that make me look a li’l more… attractive?
George: F-f-fishnets? Oh— er— y-yes… Yes it w-would…

For the record, this took hours to draw, outline and color, and I was rushing with the pen. So if you are not a fan of the little screw-ups I made here and there (like the inaccurate hair color I gave Danny), do not complain.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [I have no idea how many that is].

He smirks and looks at him thinking lightly “ Hm, well, I guess you are not a complete asshole. And you haven’t killed me, yet so you got that going for you. “ He snickers and takes a drink “ You got purty eyes, and fuck you for having better hair. “ He chuckles and looks at him before looking down at the drink “ Just what the hell did you put in this? Not everyday I tell you you have a sweet ass as well..” He looks back up at him, the smirk widening “ You gave it to me, deal with it bro…”

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I know this is really dumb, I would love to be your friend but I am terrified that you won't like me :( I have looked up to you in a way for a long time, and that would totally crush me.

it’s rare for me to actively dislike people. takes too much energy ;) this is a very sweet message and it’s kinda surreal to get it because i’ve been terrified of so many people throughout my life! pretty much ALL of my closest friends have at some point (before we got close) terrified me.

are you local do we like see each other out sometimes? say hi :)
if not just come off anon and say hello.

i’m not always the best at keeping in touch cause i work a lot and i need solitude in order to do it but i’m definitely friendly.


I am very amused.  When I got one of Hakura’s side stories in Sweet Cafe, it was so cute it made me want his full route.  He’s from the game My Forged Wedding, where the theme is that you pretend to be married to a guy for different reasons, and eventually you both fall in love.  So I looked him up in the game and their description of him is “A delicate feminist, but a little bit evil.”

With that description I became a little wary, so I saved up Google Survey points to buy him instead of shelling out real money.  6 chapters in and I am having a lot of fun with his route.  Haruka is beautiful, graceful, and gentlemanly.  He also is a close talker and a tease.  His evil side comes from how he manipulates the protagonist into pretending to be his fiance instead of asking her when she’s in a neutral situation.  That is balanced, however, by the fact that he has weaknesses that the protagonist has easily figured out, putting them back on more even footing.

Both he and the protagonist are enjoying their little deception, teasing each other about it, and occasionally throwing each other off.  It’s cute, I find I don’t mind his evil side much at all.

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Aghhhh it was your birthday??? AhahhHHH feliz cumpleaños oyo! I just wanted to say i'm very proud of how far you've gotten after graduation .....i look up to you truly and i'm happy that you i got to know you cause you're such a sweet person. Hope you had an amazing day!

Omfg I am about to go to sleep right now and knowing this makes me so warm inside it ! ☺️ thank u thank u, I cannot express my feelings for this!

Omg I was literally stewing with anger because of how mad I am RN and I got up and left class to go to the bathroom to calm myself down and whilst in the bathroom this sweet little girl was like looking at me and she said “wow you can make short hair work” and now I feel so good 😊😊 still pissed but happy

My Day

Okay so I got up around 7 and Skyped with my bae <3

I ate breakfast, got dressed, did my make up and gathered my laundry while talking to him~~

Then my future mother-in-law came to pick me up for grocery shopping. She surprised me with an Ann Taylor skirt!!! I’d been talking about needing to get a skirt but I had no idea she would get one for me!!!! (I’m also very against spending money right now, I think she picks up on that — but still, so sweet!!!)

I tried the skirt on before we left (she got me a size 8) and it was TOO BIG!

So, we left and decided to make the mall our first stop. We went to Ann Taylor and looked through the skirts to exchange it. At first we couldn’t find a 6, so we grabbed a 4 and THEN we found the 6. But in my head I thought, ‘you know what, I still have weight to lose, even if the 4 doesn’t fit 100%, I should still get it’. 

This was a huge moment for me guys.

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Since my husband is back to six days a week, today is our only day off together. When he got home, he was so sweet. He woke me up and said, “baby, I want to spoil you today… Here’s the plan.”

We got ready, went and looked at a couple of houses, then to breakfast, and finally drove to the foothills to see if we could live outside of regular civilization. Turns out we can’t… The foothills where we were looking has a medium sized lake (with no water in it, thanks California drought), not very many people, and zero good internet access.

We looked at this gorgeous house that is well below our budget. It was 2,200 square feet, three stories, one wall full of windows on the back, granite, wood beams in the ceilings. It couldn’t have been more perfect— except it is out in the boonies. It made me so discouraged.

Then we went to visit my grandparents at the big ranch. My grandma needed help with all of her internet passwords. Now that she’s getting older, she’s having a hard time remembering different passwords to different accounts. Then she changes the password every time she logs in, and can’t remember the next one. I fixed everything for her. Plus, we checked out the guinea hens, hung out, and Winter had her first major accident.

She crawled away, into the kitchen, while my grandma and I were ordering their Easter outfits on Amazon. The next thing we knew she was screaming hysterically. When I ran on there she was hanging by her ring finger from the cabinet door. Literally, she was hanging by her one finger. By the time I got her out all of the skin had scraped off of the top and the bottom of her finger. Instantly it swelled, turned black and blue, and we were both traumatized. Luckily, she’s fine now. The skin has already started repairing itself.

Two blowouts, a trip to the grocery store, a movie, and some cleaning later— and I’m popped. I’m running a bath in the clawfoot tub and I’ve got a Popsicle ready. I’m about to live Mom Large.