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Ok, it’s just impossible not to fall a little bit on love with #tomhiddleston 😝😍 I mean, who can remember a conversation you had two years ago? Watch him in #kongskullisland on March 10th.  [x]


Gerard, Mikey and Ray hanging out with Krystal for Make A Wish

@gerardway Almost a full voltron with @ray.toro.official and @mikeyway (Frank is on the east coast) for @Krystaldunagan. It was so wonderful to meet you Krystal and your super awesome mother. You’re amazing! We had a blast. Thanks to @makeawishamerica and @thehuntingtonlibrary for making it happen, and for the fantastic tea. #makeawish #huntingtonlibrary#krystalrocks #thankyouforthespacemetal

@krystaldunagan I am in the Make-A-Wish foundation so that’s how I did this. So a lot of you guys are asking what the guys are like. Well, let me say this; they are the best. @ray.toro.official is a sweetheart, he likes classic rock and earl grey tea plus he has a kickass personality. @mikeyway is a cutie tbh he really is gorgeous inside and out. @gerardway likes the Pixies(great taste in music) he is a total teddy bear in all honesty. From the moment I saw him I felt totally welcomed by his aura! I got to chat with them while drinking tea and eating fancy food haha it was totally rad


O.M.G! this is one of the sweetest RicSyung’s moments!! ♥♥
Eric always raps this part to Hyesung! & finally his “make a wish” is granted!! received “♥♥” from Hyesung!! lol
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