so sweet

Day 2

When Sam and Cas get together, it feels like the stupidest thing. They were just in a bar, just casually chatting about bar peanuts of all things, Dean away picking up a new pitcher for the table and possibly a hook up. Sam was just fiddling with one of the empty shells on the table top, listening intently to Castiel’s recollection of humanity’s first experimentation with the plant, when a leggy blonde flung herself into his lap. 

“Hey there groges- gorgin- beutif- so so pretty,” she slurred, patting down his chest with one hand and sinking the other into his hair. Her manicure scraped his scalp unpleasantly and when she withdrew, her thin fingers knotted in his hair. Sam winced a little at the sensation and began an attempt at dislodging her from his lap. 

“Um, hi, Ms. but I think you might have me confused with so-“ 

"Ssshhhhhhsss,” she interrupted, aiming her fuchsia manicure toward his lips and thumping him in the nose instead. “Itssss, okay pretty, I know who you are! My next ride!” She burst out laughing at her own presumed joke and proceeded to bury her face in Sam’s chest to muffle her mirth. Sam glanced down at her helplessly, hoping that a friend of hers would do the responsible thing and drive their friend home. He began to ask Cas to look around for a group missing a very giggly friend when he jolted- she’d worked of his buttons open and began scratching the skin there.  

Castiel had finally had enough. 

“You are making Sam uncomfortable,” he ground out, fixing the woman with a glare; it proved ineffective. 

"Ohhhhh,” she attempted a whisper, I didn’t know you two were here TOGETHER! Well, I don’t mind sharing if you don’t.“

In that instance, Castiel realized how very much he would mind sharing Sam, provided they were together in the sense she suggested. It pulled the angel up short; human feelings were always sneaking up on him, but this was not the time to dwell on this new development.  

Sam interjected before Castiel could compose a polite way to tell her to shove off.
"Ah, no, it’s pretty serious,” he assured he with a shrug, “we’ve know each other for years, and there’s no splitting us up now.” He chuckled shyly as they waited for a reply. The woman staggered to her feet and pointed a finger at Sam again. Her face was the utmost of sincerity when she squealed “awwwwww, that is so sweet” before wandering back to a table of laughing women.  

Sam flitted a glance at Castiel, getting caught in his intense gaze.  

“She was right, Sam,” he confided, leaning across the table to straighten Sam’s hair, “you are very beautiful.” The blush on Sam’s cheeks more than made up for the tension from before, and Castiel became transfixed by the dig of Sam’s teeth into his pink bottom lip; he thumbed the mole beside Sam’s mouth.

“You know,” Sam began slowly, a shy smile setting off the hope and mischief in his eyes, “it looks like you and me are on our own tonight.” He nodded to Dean at the bar, giving the woman to his right a fiery kiss. Castiel considered them, cocking his head to one side.
“I suppose we should ‘get lost,’ then.” Sam’s smile blossomed into a grin, and Castiel’s thumb sank into one of his dimples.

When Dean made it back to the motel the next morning, he saw his best friend and his little brother entangled together, looking the most relaxed he’d seen either of them in years. He almost backed out of the room, when he realized, “That’s my bed, you animals!”


“I cant read that because I’m stuck in the back”