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Liam Payne Vocal Improvisation

Still 24K

Look at them, just….look at them. When I look at 24K now, I see men who have been through it all. I see how far they have come over the years. It hurts my heart to think of all the pain they’ve been through. Member changes. Injuries. A forced 2 year hiatus. Byungho’s messy leave. The fuckery Jinhong had to deal with about Double A (don’t even get me started on how the ball was dropped on that group). Every comeback, there was a new maknae, it seemed like (remember when this all started and DAEIL was the maknae?! Holy shit, can’t even believe that hardly now!) Everyone’s screaming because of how amazing they look in this new video. They do look amazing, as they always do. But to me, “Still 24K” is a rallying call for these boys who grew into men under a harsh spotlight, one where everyone whispered, “You aren’t good enough,” “You’ve been gone for too long, just disband already,” “Nugu group for life,” “Nobody cares about 24K,” “Adding members won’t help a group that sucks.” 

They heard all this and last year, they came back with new members and a new sound and a new concept and blew everyone away. They might not be the top group, but they have respect now. People see how hard they work, how much they throw themselves into every single promotion, because they want to make their name look good; they want to show their fans who have never wavered in their support that they deserve our adoration. “Still 24K” says, no matter how many members come in or how many take breaks (Daeil hasn’t left, fact check your info before you spread rumors), 24K will always be 24K, the group that never gives up, never ever lets their 24U’s down and never, NEVER backs down.

“Because I know my heart is made of 24K (gold)”

“They know we still 24K”

watching the dub

and vegeta’s hair just caught my eye

Ok folks, I didn’t know if I’d be able to post something soon, as the next few days are going to be pretty hectic!
But since I’m working on this Super Mario AU for a while, here a Super Mario Nina for now!

(This is kinda the better version of the doodle I did last week lol)


Mer!Requests part 1!!! More to come XD

Definitely gonna fix these up after I finish everything~

get to know: 24k

top picture (l-r): jinhong, hui, sungoh, jeunguk, kisu, cory, daeil
bottom picture (l-r): standing: cory, hui, kisu, jinhong, hongseop sitting: changsun, jeunguk

24k is a nine member* group under choeun entertainment who debuted on 12.09.07 with the song hurry up. their fanbase is called 24u

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Little bit of workout before farrier came

Such a pitty you had to kick him right in the forehead, you son of the ass

War Boy names: big vs smol

You know what, what if War Boys were like the Vuvalini in that they have a given name when they are small, but then they get to choose their own warrior, or ‘grown up’ name when they come of age?  Just a thought, as I’ve seen people discuss this regarding The Valkyrie and Furiosa, Keeper, etc.  

Imagine little War Pups with names like…”Buttons”…growing up to become “Fleshgrinder” or something.  A little War Pup with two missing legs called Spokes, but when he chooses his name as ‘big boy’ he becomes “Blood Chariot”… 

 I just like to think about young, excited boys thinking about naming themselves after incredibly hilarious things to try and outdo each other on the battlefield.  Older War Boys have to rein them in a bit.  

“No, Zipper, you can’t call yourself Shit Blood Bastard: Ripper of Valhalla.”  

“But whyyyyyyy????”



“Still no.”

recent(ish) kpop songs with insane beats & drops  (listen here)

super fly 24k // my number cheetah // dope bts // oh my gosh hwangtaeji (kwanghee, taeyang, gdragon) // hero monsta x // mtbd cl // bang bang bang bigbang // zero for conduct bastarz // rhythm ta ikon  // trespass monsta x // crazy 4minute // topdog topp dogg // eoeo uniq // i’m ill hello venus // good boy gd x taeyang // rush monsta x //

grampa-lion  asked:

If Bill Cipher tries to possess Dipper or Ford, I'm going to slap that little triangular assmunch until he starts bleeding out his metaphysical olfactory bulb. Protect the nerd boyz 2k15.

Everyone, arm yourselves with fly swatters painted with demon traps. We’re sending Bill back to Flatland.

My fav (what I consider to be) underrated groups. There are some parts that don’t go with this music, oops. And sorry it just cuts off, it took a really long time to make and I couldn’t do the whole song, I was too tired lol

Videos Used (in order):

  1. Topp Dogg - The Beat
  2. Uniq - EOEO (both normal mv and dance version)
  3. 24K - Super Fly
  4. B.A.P - Feel So Good
  5. Boyfriend - Bounce
  6. History - Queen (regular mv and dance version)

if you guys want me to do this with like a specific group and just do a mashup of the groups mvs or something, let me know! I love making these kinds of videos!

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell


Ah, the sundew. Truly the most yandere of plants.

These plants have tons of hair like tendrils that glisten with beautiful dew on the tips in the sun, they will unfurl and display themselves, trying to get Senpai-fly to notice what glistening beautiful plant they are. Those brilliant red orbs at the end of their tendrils produce an alluring scent and shiny glistening residue that looks like morning dew but acts like a super glue so Senpai-fly can’t leave them. All they want is little hug when Senpai-fly notices them, but those tendrils hug really tightly, and they are so sticky, The sundew doesn’t want anyone else to take away their Senpai-fly, so they completely envelope their prey, err, their loving partner. Of course they won’t stop trying to escape, so the sundew squeezes tighter to prevent them from escaping…. And Senpai-fly is suffocated.

In order to make it so Senpai-fly can never leave and will live on inside them, the sundew uses digestive acids to dissolve the insides of their love and absorbs the nutrients, using them to grow larger. And the undissolved exoskeleton falls out when the tendril unfurls itself,and ends up with the rest in their collection. It’s just so hard to find someone willing to be in such a commitment these days *evil laughter*