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okay so i just got finished reading new warriors vol 5 and imma need everyone who hasn’t already to read this comic!!! it’s only twelve issues so you can speed through it in one sitting like i did (tho seriously marvel only TWELVE issues??? why do you hurt me so)

it’s a super easy to get into comic for new readers or for comic book readers who haven’t read a new warriors vol before. literally the only thing i knew about the new warriors before picking up this comic was the ~samford incident which lead do the civil war thang~ and you don’t even need to be familiar with that cause this volume explains what went down so ya can just jump right in

the gang is as follows; 

  • robbie baldwin (speedball): “i’ve been insulted by the best.”
  • vance astrovik (justice): “you’re saying i shouldn’t kill him, right?” “…i’m thinking.”
  • kaine parker (scarlet spider): “hate my life, i hate my life, i haaaaaaaaate my liiiiiiiiiiiife—“
  • aracely penalba (hummingbird): “we are in trouble. i mean immediate trouble, not the general trouble we were in before.”
  • selah burke (sun girl): “we’re in college, jackass.”
  • mark sim (haechi): “no offense, but you seem really bad at this.”
  • sam alexander (nova): “yeah, i’m just hanging out! not taken prisoner or anything like that.”
  • faira sar namora (water snake): “warriors…defend!” “‘warriors attack’ or ‘warriors kill’ is much stronger.”
  • silhouette chord (silhouette): “we’re young, super cool…we’ve got a floating girl…”
  • jake waffles & mr whiskers: “see, mister whiskers?! we’re working together in harmony.” “will you shut up already?!”

this comic is super duper great guys!! it’s so funny that you’ll laugh out loud a LOT, tons and tons of shenanigans, kaine and vance get into a fight with a giant stuffed teddy bear while the rest of the group parties down at a rave in prague!! the joy that is waffles and whiskers cat and dog bffs!, the warriors mode of transport is a mountain controlled by a dog i mean how could you wanna miss out on this??

download links for your viewing pleasure so new warriors - - get your war on 


(I’m putting this loveliness under a cut since it’d get pretty long for a post on the dashboard, but please read it, because it is SUPER DUPER CUTE! - bali)

So I read your comics and I wanted to give a bit of backstory to the timeline where Sans “doesn’t like” Farris and they remember. So I wrote this because it came to mind. Sorry.


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