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How's chapter 8 of LLSHP going?

It’s doing alright! I made less progress then I intended due to the many things on my To-Do List and RL stuff, but muse is still rarin’ to go! Preview:

Wow, fantastic!

 Mari’s purring way of pronouncing certain words distracts Yoshiko, and she finds herself knocked flat on her bums by an especially strong Impediment Hex from Dia. Her rather loud fall inadvertently causes Hanamaru to turn her back on her opponent. Chuckling, Kanan easily disarms her with an Expelliarmus.

“Focus! Had we been actual enemies, the two of you would have been done for.”

Yoshiko really wants to stick out her tongue, but Dia’s unsheathed saber prompts her to sit up straight and listen. Still, she couldn’t help but glance at the lab benches from the corner of her eyes to see how her other friend is doing.

Ruby is good.

Yoshiko has always known that her friend is well-versed in every subject, whether practical or theoretical. In fact, Ruby has contributed a great deal of points towards Hufflepuff, which is now at second place for the House Cup and is only behind Gryffindor due to the latter’s achievement at Quidditch.

Whatever Kanan or Mari show Ruby, she would get the hang of it with enough practice. Perhaps that’s why Yoshiko could never feel envious towards Ruby’s innate talent because the redhead truly works hard. She’s driven by her desire to help her friends and older sister, and that makes Yoshiko proud to have a comrade like her.

Ruby feels hesitant about offensive spells but she would explain the concept to her two Muggleborn friends so they can understand easier. Yoshiko has no problem chucking Stunners left and right while Hanamaru would ensure they are well shielded with her yelps of ‘Protego’. They complement their weaknesses and work well to cover one another.

Well, it would be a long ways before they could reach the older witches’ level, but Yoshiko is quite pleased about their progress and teamwork.

Hey, thanks for all the super duper sweet messages about the comic I did! Gosh, 6,000+ notes in 24 hours is amazing. I’m also flattered that people thought it was official art! I hope that means I know my Puff stuff well enough! :,D

Might try my hand at making another comic later (but finishing this one was actually part of me motivating myself to do another thing that I’ll hopefully be able to share soon). I had another idea of something that would hopefully satiate anyone who craves new old PPG show stuff. But yeah! Thanks again! Nice folks like you folks rock!

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ok you also like transformers right??? so what continuity is you favorite?

Aaa there’s so many though? I have a lot of fond memories of G1, so its why I super duper enjoyed the IDW comics, so maybe the IDW comic continuity??? 

I haven’t caught up with MTMTE (I’m soOO BEHIND), but maybe I should start doing that instead of tripping further into the DC rabbit hole (guess who bought a bunch of Harley Quinn comics, it’s this fuckin gal right here)

I know I’ll get some flak, but I honestly like some concepts of the movieverse too. Maybe some of the designs and voices aren’t great, but the movies gave us a glimpse of Transformers in reality, you know? Seeing them interact with real humans was amazing.

I also really loved War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron! There were some fucking EPIC moments in them where I pretty much cried/sobbed cause I couldn’t process MY EMOSHUNS. METROPLEX HEEDS THE CALL OF THE PRIME

FYI some of my faves: Blurr, Perceptor, Wheeljack (the dorky engineer G1 version, badass Wheeljack was… an adjustment for me), Blaster, Soundwave, Cosmos (the poor lonely baby~), Jazz, Prowl, Bluestreak (love my nervous chatty baby <3), the Dinobots (Swoop is my fave, but Grimlock is sooo fucking badass hhh)

okay so i just got finished reading new warriors vol 5 and imma need everyone who hasn’t already to read this comic!!! it’s only twelve issues so you can speed through it in one sitting like i did (tho seriously marvel only TWELVE issues??? why do you hurt me so)

it’s a super easy to get into comic for new readers or for comic book readers who haven’t read a new warriors vol before. literally the only thing i knew about the new warriors before picking up this comic was the ~samford incident which lead do the civil war thang~ and you don’t even need to be familiar with that cause this volume explains what went down so ya can just jump right in

the gang is as follows; 

  • robbie baldwin (speedball): “i’ve been insulted by the best.”
  • vance astrovik (justice): “you’re saying i shouldn’t kill him, right?” “…i’m thinking.”
  • kaine parker (scarlet spider): “hate my life, i hate my life, i haaaaaaaaate my liiiiiiiiiiiife—“
  • aracely penalba (hummingbird): “we are in trouble. i mean immediate trouble, not the general trouble we were in before.”
  • selah burke (sun girl): “we’re in college, jackass.”
  • mark sim (haechi): “no offense, but you seem really bad at this.”
  • sam alexander (nova): “yeah, i’m just hanging out! not taken prisoner or anything like that.”
  • faira sar namora (water snake): “warriors…defend!” “‘warriors attack’ or ‘warriors kill’ is much stronger.”
  • silhouette chord (silhouette): “we’re young, super cool…we’ve got a floating girl…”
  • jake waffles & mr whiskers: “see, mister whiskers?! we’re working together in harmony.” “will you shut up already?!”

this comic is super duper great guys!! it’s so funny that you’ll laugh out loud a LOT, tons and tons of shenanigans, kaine and vance get into a fight with a giant stuffed teddy bear while the rest of the group parties down at a rave in prague!! the joy that is waffles and whiskers cat and dog bffs!, the warriors mode of transport is a mountain controlled by a dog i mean how could you wanna miss out on this??

download links for your viewing pleasure so new warriors - - get your war on 


(I’m putting this loveliness under a cut since it’d get pretty long for a post on the dashboard, but please read it, because it is SUPER DUPER CUTE! - bali)

So I read your comics and I wanted to give a bit of backstory to the timeline where Sans “doesn’t like” Farris and they remember. So I wrote this because it came to mind. Sorry.


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