so sunny shorts and no sleeves day!!!!!

I’m officially diagnosed with autism and getting a service dog! The dog I’m getting is the one sitting in my lap and his name is Waffles! I’ll probably be posting updates about him so stay tuned for that :)

Image description:
{A slender, trans masculine person with black short hair, black circle frame glasses, a light blue short sleeve t shirt, and black jeans is sitting on the grass with his legs crossed outside on a sunny day. In his lap is a 4 week old english cream golden retriever puppy and there is another one in his arms.}

Sunny Day Life. (Closed RP with askthomasthelucario)

Feli was sitting on a banch in the park. The girl ha planned something fun for her and Thomas, a friend of hers that she loved being with. She had planned the day just for fun and, of course, spend time with her friend.

She was waiting for him in the banch. It didnt mattered if he was late… If she got to spen the day with him everything would be just fine… But she wondered if it was alright to wear her hoddie… It was sunny, yes, but not so hot.

Her hair was tied in a side tail with a blue hairband. Her outfit was a pink short sleeved hoodie with “Love” written over the chest and a blue shirt underneath with “Caramel” writen on it. She was also wearing light brown shorts with red sneakers.

She took a book out of her bag, she started to read whule she was waiting for Thomas… She hopped that he was alright and it didnt happenend something horrible to him.