so stunning ugh

i drew this last month and now that you’re posting submissions again i thought i’d send this in! (watercolors are hard when it comes to glitching haha)

Xedra’s Notes:

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HoW ABSoLUTELY STUNNING!!! Wow this is fantastic, I’m absolutely adoring your style and Fatal is WATERCoLoRS!! I’m personally a huge fan of working in watercolors and I’m just so impressed because it’s tricky enough as is, much less when drawing such a glitchy fellow!! Thank you for painting him, you’re fabulous and so very talented :3

Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same (ch.1)

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This fic is meant to be read in connection with my Azriel-centric prequel stories. I would highly suggest reading those first to get the full reading experience of this fic. 

It’s finally here, friends! Chapter 1 of the follow up fic to my Azriel-centric prequels which you should definitely read before reading this if you haven’t already. This fic will span across and after the events of ACOWAR. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter, it will explain (almost) everything that has happened since the end of the prequels up until now concerning our dearest Lena. Enjoy!

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So I started my new job recently and I cant seem to muster the motivation to draw much so I’ve been playing FFXIV a lot instead

I got myself the tengu togi last week bc I am a sucker for this bad boy just look at it


Joshua Farris, Give Me Love || 2015 US Nationals (x)