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  • Shooter: /kills people in a night club/
  • Congress:
  • Shooter: /kills people in a theater/
  • Congress:
  • Shooter: /kills people in a university/
  • Congress:
  • Shooter: /kills people in a high school/
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  • Shooter: /kills people in an elementary school/
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  • Shooter: /kills random people in the streets every day/
  • Congress:
  • Shooter: /shoots at republicans on a baseball field/

Joshua Farris, Give Me Love || 2015 US Nationals (x)

lunarjumper  asked:

I've gotta say, your art work is so stunning and so UGH I can't explain it. I gotta ask since I'm in a pretty depressing episode over my art. Do you think someone who will be leaving secondary school this year, still be able to learn how t realistically draw people and apply that to their own style development now? I did the stupid thing and I didn't learn the basics before I drew my own style and now I'm a little stuck. Sorry, you're a pretty amazing artist so if like to know from you

Even if you feel it’s too late to study the basics, it’s better to start now than never. If you give up then you deserve what you only have now. I used to do the same too lazy to search for references, photostudy etc and now I regretted it because I missed so many useful stuff and sources which could’ve made me improved years ago but that’s the past which could be done now and for the future.

Also I don’t think leaving school means you stop improving, I didn’t finish school as well. That’s why I applied college sooner than the others. But wherever the path you go, you’ll learn something from it (what to do and what not to do) for the future. And I get to have more time to draw and hang out with some classmates with the same interest.
Basically everyone can improve but remember each person has their own pace and depends on themselves.

And this is a good source I found recently, it’s a compilation of anatomy, values, etc studies, each reference has the source link so you can explore deeper.