so stoked for this album

I think the universe is telling me something… 

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I am so stoked for a "diverse" album. I think it's incredible that 1989 feels like she sat down one day with one mindset, one standpoint, and created one single complete project. But I find it just as incredible that you literally have to pep talk yourself into handling some of the transitions between songs in red (looking at you, all too well into 22) also love the concept of not being able to pin point exactly who she is, because the whole point is no one really knows.

people are complex, our lives are complex. Tuesday might look nothing like Wednesday and Friday might be an entirely different experience than the first four days of the week. January and February might have been the *best months* but July might have been the *worst*, but they are all part of the same year. We might be having a great time at work, but a terrible one with a friend. Or happy with school, but trouble at home. Or outwardly seem like we’ve got our shit together, but internally facing demons. Life isnt always cohesive, maybe an album that reflects how life - or a year - or a person - is not always just ‘one thing’ how one ‘perspective’ does not define them - how their path does not flow down a crystal clear blue creek every day but rather gushes over rocks and careens off waterfalls and takes sharp twists and turns every once in a while, while at the same time having calm waters and peaceful lakes, would be more representative. 

I’m so fucking stoked for this album okay I really am like LISTEN if there are heartbreaking songs on here you know they’re going to be some of my favorites and I’m absolutely going to cry my eyes out to them BUT AT THE SAME TIME IM GONNA GET A LITTLE DEFENSIVE BECAUSE WHO THE HELL HURT THIS INCREDIBLE QUALITY HUMAN BEING OF A WOMAN I WILL FIGHT THEM IN A PARKING LOT

Owen Wilson should release an album and the songs will just be things he says like “Wow” and “Unbelievable” and “What’s goin’ on?” And it would be the album of the century no doubt


“We didn’t know what to do and I think we made the decision that it’ll be truly expressive . It’ll be like the pursuit of the truth. That’s why the album is called      I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it because we were scared of making a new record, and I thought, You know what ? I’m gonna make an album  about making decisions, making bold decisions. The record is kinda comprise with that attitude ,conviction and the truth .” - Matthew Healy