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A height comparison of the Arctorian Syndicate leading quartet~ I really should have used a height comparison tool, though. Really I just wanted to illustrate roughly who was tallest and who was smallest, as well as get their colors down, so I just grabbed the complete poses from the sketches anyway.

Tytrixan Salizar is the tallest, but not by a whole lot over Tuapterran Katarina. Kat has about a head over Vipaerten Selina/Circe, and little Possadaw Aureline is the smallest.

And not to brag on myself or anything, but I really do like the idea of making Salizar’s chest plumage into a “cravat” type thing. c: I do wish I had taken the time to look for the pistol models from the film so I could have put one in Kat’s holster, though. But suffice it to say she does have one and Zen just forgot to draw it? xD I’ve also never been so stinkin’ happy with an anthropomorphic form for Kat as I am with this one! And she’s had a few! lol
Colored lines are hard. o3o Leastways, the method I used made it seem so. There’s gotta be another way that doesn’t leave a one-pixel-wide stroke around the color blocks when setting the line layer to something like Overlay.

But yeah! Finally something with some color! 


My dad has had a prosthetic leg for about 18 years and he recently got a new one, it was spray brushed like Ironman’s suit leg with the arch reactor on the upper thigh

It’s been trending on Reddit which is awesome b/c I thought of the idea and I love Marvel so much and I’m really really REALLY happy that people love my idea and I wanted to share my dad’s super cool prosthesis with Tumblr

He didn’t get his Make-A-Wish when he lost his real leg to Osteo Sarcoma when he was 16 which was almost 28 years ago so PLEASE spread this so maybe RDJ sees it.

Please please please please reblog, it would make my dads life if RDJ or any of the Marvel cast saw this we’re both huge fans of Marvel and RDJ


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer gameplay video, featuring character customization + beginning house customization 

I am so here for this

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Something I just noticed when I saw a bunch of Gifs of the episode, but at the beginning of the episode Clarke asks Bellamy if he's okay, and he is closed off. He just responds "fine, when we all know he's not. Then the end of the episode he tells her he's not okay, and opens up to her, showing her his vulnerability. I just thought it was such a beautiful development from being closed off toward Clarke to then showing vulnerability to her without her asking. It was done in such a sublte way also

I know! And it makes my little shipper heart soar and makes it very difficult to be coherent. All I can think to do is squee, grin, clap, and jump up and down because I’m just so stinkin’ happy.

A WIP of a commission I am really excited about and loving every second of. Sailor Jupiter was my everything when I was in elementary school. I wanted to grow up to be strong and a good friend like her! So when someone commissioned me to draw her AND design one of my faerie outfits for her, I was so stinkin’ happy! <3