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okidoki this is the 2016 selfie tag. I was tagged by @artsy-hijabi @pettymoonshinebitch and @guluna fanku my loves

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My dash is now so empty with all those blacklisted fe14 post, so I thought it’s time to draw a quick fe13 character. Here is a Olivia sketch~

family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice


“.. If you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.”

Tsukishima Kei ,for my birthday girl Nad ♡


He thinks about Kit, some kind of warped, ruined saint with all her broken morals and shades of grey, surrounded by all of her foolish righteous holier-than-thou comrades, whiter than white, and he swallows heavily, because finally he understands what she meant. He doesn’t understand you like I do though, does he? he thinks, but she turns her back before he gets the chance to say it out loud.


steven has pretty cool aunties dontcha think?

// one day i will update again…one day

a quick doodle because i’m still shellshocked after plot developments and i also should be studying but my hands itched… i still love him so much and i still hate his hair…

Every time I see something with the concept of “Bill loses his powers and becomes a normal human after Weirdmageddon” I’m like “anything where he isn’t dead within a week just isn’t realistic.”

#HIDEWEEK - Day 04 [ ♠ ] Blue